A Quiet Weekend in Capri

(Un Tranquillo week-end a Capri)

Genre:   Adventure

Developer:    Silvio & Gey Savarese

Publisher:    Edizioni Oxiana

Released:   2003

PC Requirements:    Windows 98/2000/ME/XP, 700 MB hard disk, 64 MB RAM





by syd

A Quiet Weekend-end in Capri (Un Tranquillo Week-end a Capri)

Quick List of game characteristics

            Mouse controlled


            1st person point and click

            Save slots: only 3

            2 CD's - game plays from 2nd cd – no cd swapping

            Choice of Italian or English

            Help feature that highlights active areas

            Screen resolution set to 1025 x 768


You board your boat for Capri and walk to the rails, your eyes scanning the horizon.  In the distance you see the cliffs of the island looming ever closer.  Finally you dock and exit the boat with the rest of the tourists.  You hail a taxi and give the driver the name of your hotel.  He drives you to a turn around; you pay the driver and start walking down the crowded noisy streets, dodging people as you go.  You stop at a magazine stand and get walking directions to the hotel and also find out where you can get a map of the island.  After picking up the map, you leave and following the directions you are given, finally coming to the steps of the hotel.  Suddenly you’re sucked into some kind of whirling vortex.  When you come out of it the first thing you notice is the quiet, all the hustle and noise of the streets are gone, as are most of the people.  The second thing you notice is a sign on the hotel door telling you it’s closed.  You shake the fog out of your head and start walking down the empty streets.  The few people who are left all seem to know you – but how?   What a way to start a vacation……………….

Game Play

The game comes on 2 cds – one installation and one play disk.  There are over 4,500 still photos used to create the feeling of actual movement, be it riding in a taxi or walking through the streets and the movement is very fluid.  The few people you talk to actually speak Italian (there are English subtitles) which gives the game a much more authentic feeling.  Once the game is installed you pick your language (Italian or English), click on either video game (for the adventure game part) or sightseeing if you just want a verbal, virtual tour of the island.

There are only 3 save slots, which is kind of a drag, but since you can’t die it’s not that critical.  The game will also start you from where you left off or at one of your saves – you can choose.  There are two maps, a camera, a notebook that automatically records dialogues and my favorite feature that once activated, highlights all the active areas.  And believe me, with all the different directions you can go in this game it’s a necessity (at least it was for me).

Music and Sound Effects

Generally speaking I rarely pay attention to music in a game unless it’s totally annoying, at which point I turn it off if I can.  The music in this game however, deserves special mention.  The original soundtrack is by Silvio Savarese and is absolutely beautiful.   There was one particular piece that I love “Laguna al tramonto”.  I retraced my steps a few times just so I could listen to it over and over again.  If nothing else, the soundtrack to this game is worth the price of admission


The puzzles are your typical inventory; discover what is going on type.  Clues are scattered about the island, some you pick up like keys, batteries, produce etc. that will be use elsewhere and some are cryptic.  When you find an item you can use, you click on it and it drops into your “bag”.  You then use the item from there. 

In Conclusion

My personal finances will never allow me to physically visit the Island of Capri.  This is the next best thing for me and why I play adventure games – to visit places virtually that I will never be able to do in reality.   I am far from finished with my trip to Capri.  I am taking it slow and easy – just like I would do if I were actually there.

Played on:

Windows 98SE

Athalon 700 mhz

Soundblaster Live

GeForce4 MX 420 64 meg video card

As a side note:  There is a contest running at the present time.  First prize is a weekend in Capri (you provide your own airfare).  You can read more about it on the developers website.

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