Genre:          Adventure        

Developer & Publisher:      Denis Martin          

Released:        June 2015 (English)        

Requirements (recommended):

OS: Win XP


HDD Space: 500 MB

DirectX 9.0c & Visual Basic 2010



By flotsam


RoonSehv: Neterra

Denis Martin

Hands up those who like Myst. Or Riven. Or any of the others. Or any solitary exploration games where the whole world is really just one big puzzle (RHEM, Alida, Schizm). 

Me, me, me and me again.

And games where your obsessive/compulsive tendencies and your brain are in equilibrium?

(ok, perhaps [the first bit] is just me).

RoonSehv will feed those predilections.

As far as I can tell, itís a labour of love for all things Myst, begun in 2004 and picked up again in 2013. Reading Mr. Martinís blog, the Unreal engine was clearly a development boon, and I have played a number of games recently which use the engine, and from a playing perspective it offers a lot. If it offers as much from a development standpoint, kudos to it.

RoonSehv uses the keyboard to move and the mouse to look around. Left click to do almost the only thing you can ever do, which is interact with something. I only took one item with me anywhere, and having it caused it to be used, so you donít really have an inventory. You will though pick things up and use them in that place.

I do know that this completely free moving 360 degree panning gives some adventure players motion sickness. My advice would be take things slowly, tweak the settings at your disposal, and give it another go. In my view itís the most realistic way to play, and you may miss some games you really should play.

Like this one.

It does a very good job of anchoring things in the DíNi universe. Numbers are the obvious aspect, but it felt right. Get out your pencil and paper, write down/draw/take note of almost everything you see. Almost nothing is insignificant.

Which verges on a weakness. So much that you see is so very necessary for later puzzle solves, you are almost overwhelmed. If you pay attention, and have your brain tuned in right, what is necessary and what isnít is apparent, but I confess I missed things here and there. I also got to the stage where I stopped taking notes, waited until I thought I knew what the puzzle was asking of me, and then went in search. It led to some significant backtracking, but it became more manageable.

It might be apparent that it isnít an easy game. No highlighting hotspots, and you have to be near enough to them to interact with them. But the hotspot is the least of your concerns. What to do with it is the point.

There are some colour based puzzles, and a musical one (not so you have to recognise notes) and one involving switching on the right lights gets repeated more than once. Hope you like those sort.

Diaryís and a note or two fill in the backstory, further placing it in the Myst universe, but I tended to skim read these. If you play, you can discover itís place yourself. For me it was about the environmental puzzles.

I was a little pig in mud, albeit it brain hurting sticky somewhat confusing mud. It is at times almost too hard, but I peeked at a walkthrough and moved on.

And did I mention that it is free?

Give it a go if you like the things I like.

I played on:

OS: Windows 7

Processor: Intel i7-3820 4GHz

RAM: 12GB Ripjaw DDR3 2133 Mhz

Video card: AMD Radeon HD 7800 2048MB


Note: This is a free game that can be downloaded from the developer's website.


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