Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective



Genre:                    Adventure

Developer:               Zojoi

Publisher:                 Reverb Triple XP

Released:                 June 8, 2015

Requirements: MIN SPECS: 2.33ghz processor or better 512 MB of RAM

(1GB recommended) Win XP or Mac OSX 10.6 or better




By Oldmariner


Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective

The 2015 re-release of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective is an FMV game which uses filmed footage of live actors. Though it uses a point and click interface, gameplay is somewhat different from most point and click adventure games, and described later in this review.

The version being reviewed is the June 2015 revamp, currently available for digital download from Steam and through a Humble widget on the developer's website. I used the Humble version of the game for the review. This ran smoothly without bugs or glitches throughout all three “cases” provided in this release. The three cases are The Case of the mummy’s Curse, The Case of the Tin Soldier, and The Curse of the Mystified Murderess. These three cases are separate downloads which can be installed and played one at a time in any order.  I completed the trio of cases in about five hours.

An early version of the game was released for MS-DOS in 1991, which had low resolution graphics and fit on a single CD. In 1999 the game was re-released in high resolution, and in a format intended to be played using a DVD-player that plugged directly into a television rather than played on a computer. This version was controlled using a DVD remote rather than a mouse. The 2015 version also features high resolution graphics, but is intended for Windows and Mac.


The graphics quality is quite good, though ability to adjust graphics is limited. Under the Settings tab in Options you will find four choices. Game Audio uses a slider to adjust the volume of the background sounds, such as music. By default it is set at maximum. The second setting, Video Audio does not relate to graphics settings. This adjustment relates to the volume played back in videos. It too defaults to max. There are two other settings both using a check box method. They are to allow or not subtitles and the other to play in full screen or windowed mode. That’s the full range of adjustments that you have. The good news is the game ran well on Windows 7, presenting no glitches or bugs.

Full Motion Video

Perhaps it's more accurately called an "interactive movie" than an adventure game. The story is told by use of full motion video augmented with photos of pen and ink sketches. The investigation side of the game uses FMV, and allows you to play video clips of interviews that are conducted by Holmes. There are approximately thirty minutes of video per case. The acting of both Holmes and Watson is fairly good, as is Lestrade, though he is rarely seen. The bit players range from okay to pretty bad. The video quality is quite good considering its age. 

How do you play this game?

After selecting Play The Game, the game screen will appear offering you five choices. They are Newspaper, Directory, Note Book, Judge, and Menu. You read the newspaper to learn about your case. The directory is your game navigation screen. I've included a screenshot of the directory screen. You will note there are letter index tabs along the sides of the screen. When you locate a name you wish to visit, highlight it with your mouse, then select one of the three choices at the bottom.

Selecting "Send the Detectives" initiates a full motion video clip where that person is interviewed. If by chance the person selected is a wrong choice, you will see a pen and ink drawing screen, and hear a comment explaining why the person did not talk to you. You may decide to "Send an Irregular." This will generate another sketch screen showing a note from one of Holmes’ street urchins to provide you further information. However, if an interview scene is available, you may miss important information. 

The third option is to "Search the Files." This will reveal information Holmes has already learned about the person in question. This is how the game is played: You select one of the above, then watch the videos. When you've figured out who did it, you click on the judge. He will ask you four questions. You answer choosing one of four possible conclusions from the presented list. Get all four correct to solve the mystery.


“You can take the famous Baker Street detectives on the go, using a seamless save-game system that lets you easily sleuth the fog-filled streets of London.”  

This is the claim made by the developer on their website. For the gamer, this means you do not have the ability to make a manual save. The game auto-saves when you quit. The next time you play, it overwrites your previous save when you next quit. It disallows your ability to replay from a desired point using saves. Take heart, I have found a workaround for this issue. The auto-save is found on your computer in a subfolder of this location: \Users\User Name\Application Data\

For example, the save for  The Curse of the Mystified Murderess is found here: \Users\User Name\Application Data\Zojoi.Murderess\Local Store\Shared Objects\Sherlockmain.swf\SherlockMurderess.sol

Please note each case has its own folder within the "Application Data" folder. There will be three folders, one named for each case, and located following the same path. When quitting, you simply copy the auto-save and paste it elsewhere on your hard drive for use later. The save file is identified as such, (for example, sherlockmummy.sol, sherlocktinsoldier.sol or  sherlockmurderess.sol ). You can paste the old save file into game folder to restore a previous save. Just remember to back up the current save before you overwrite.

There is also a second issue which may not set well with adventure game players. The game tallies up points as you progress, reporting them in the magnifying glass seen in the game screen. The more you explore this game, the more points are awarded. The problem is, the more points you have, the worse you have done. The judge will tell you at the end of the game what a poor detective you are because Holmes solved this case with only forty points. The quicker you finish the game, and the less you investigate, the lower your score becomes, which equals the better you did. This runs counter to logic and will displease adventure game players who enjoy experiencing all the game offers. This game’s point system discourages that.

As is becoming all too common with digital downloads, no manual is offered.


The game style punishes Adventure gamers' natural desire to explore. The player has no ability to explore scenes and examine things. There is no inventory and there are no puzzles beyond solving the case itself. However the game does offer an entertaining story, albeit fairly short, offering one to two hours per case. Forewarned is forearmed you can decide if this game is for you or not.

Grade: C

Zojoi/Humble version played on:

Windows 7 Home, 64-bit

Intel Core i3 – 2100 CPU @ 3.10 GHz


Nvidia Geforce GT240 1.25 GB VRAM



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