Sam and Max: Hit the Road


Genre:     Adventure

Developer-Publisher:   Lucas Arts

Released:   1993

PC Requirements:   386, DOS 3.1, VGA, CD-ROM, 2 MB.



by gatorlaw

It has been quite a while since I played this with my sons - so this a tag team Mom/ son review of this great great classic Lucas Arts game.
First requirements. Very low as this was originally DOS. However my original play was on a Mac CD which played perfectly of course on a power Mac. I have since gotten a PC CD and it loaded well on my Win 95. Haven't tried it on the newer Win98 but have tried Full Throttle, DOTT and Fate of Atlantis and they all played well.

Lucas Arts games are notorious for not being buggy. I have never had a problem with any - including my $20 download of MI1 and 2.

Sam and Max is high camp cartoon pre-rendered graphics. It had the standard mouse driven interface. It also has the traditional LucasArts interaction list. You click on the icon to your left to determine what you do. If you want to look at something - click the eye, grab something - pick the grab hand... When you talk you get a menu list as in MI or IJ games.

Now for the characters. Sam and Max are two of my favorite game guy duos of all times. Think Fred and Barney, Abbott and Costello then add Sam and Max. Max is the best. He is a sarcastic, jaded little bunny who always has something to say. The best part of this game IMHO is getting every last living little wise crack out of his toothy rabbit mouth. This isn't the Easter bunny here folks. Sam is a hard boiled detective/ retired cop with a job to do and the will to use any means to do it.

On to the story. This game takes you to some of the most bizarre and homespun locations you'll find in a game. Hey always wanted to see the largest ball of twine - now's your chance. Never highway surfed - lets go. How bout a round of gator golf. Yep the water's fun - just watch those teeth. You will learn to be a yeti, see what the cat coughed up and gather clues where ever and I mean wherever you can. The one great thing about this game is that if you are stuck in one place you can travel other locations to complete other parts of the puzzle or take in a diverting side game. These are fun and are not your typical arcade side shows. Highway surfing is the best.

Now I won't say the puzzles are logical. Nope this is inventory collecting and combining at it's most whimsical. But the trip is always fun - because of the zaniness of the characters, the great dialogue and craziest side characters on this gaming planet. This is also by no means a short game, as the numerous locations and characters to interact with keep you going, in addition to the occasional side trips into the road games.

I found a classic archive collection available at LucasArts for 29.99. This is a great deal that includes Sam and Max, IJ and the Hunt for Atlantis (I think the best IJ game ever made) and DOTT. You can check it out here:

Sam and Max plus

It does state that it's not recommended for WIN98 - but I got DOTT to run no problem. Probably ask Jenny or some other of our more technically savvy GB's here - what the deal on this is.

Anyway - I highly applaud this game. It is definitely a gaming classic and one everyone should have on their game play list.

Review Grade:     A

Laura and Michael

copyright 2004 GameBoomers

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