Genre: Adventure

Developer: Digital Bounce House

Publisher: Phoenix Online Publishing

Release Date: Jun 9, 2016

Minimum Requirements as listed by Steam

        OS: Windows 7

        Processor: i3 or better, or equivalent processor

        Memory: 2 GB RAM

        Graphics: OpenGL 2.0-compatible with 128MB memory

        Storage: 150 MB available space


        OS: OS X Mavericks or later

        Processor: i3 or better, or equivalent processor

        Memory: 2 GB RAM

        Graphics: OpenGL 2.0-compatible with 128MB memory

        Storage: 150 MB available space


        OS: Ubuntu, Fedora, or Linux Mint

        Processor: i3 or better, or equivalent processor

        Memory: 2 GB RAM

        Graphics: OpenGL 2.0-compatible with 128MB memory

        Storage: 300 MB available space



By oldmariner


Tick’s Tales: Up All Knight


   Tick’s Tales is a retro style 8-bit quest adventure reminiscent of the early Sierra computer games. It is available as a download at Phoenix Online and Steam. My version of the game is from Phoenix Online. There are no requirements listed on the publisher’s website that I could locate. It is fairly basic and should not be demanding for most systems. The requirements listed were found on the Steam website. Setup is easy, at least regarding the file I received.

    The saves are placed directly into the game’s root folder making them easy to locate. It appears saves are unlimited. You access options from game play by clicking on a red X on the upper left of the screen. They are Continue, Load, Chapters, and Settings. These pretty much speak for themselves. Chapters allows you to begin a section to play over again, or go back to, but each chapter becomes an option only after you opened it in game play. In other words, you can’t jump ahead to a section you have not achieved through game progress.

   Settings are basic. You can adjust volume for effects and/or music. There is no voice acting, as conversation is displayed by subtitles on the screen. I experienced no glitches or bugs on my Windows 7 64 bit machine.

Game Play

   The game opens with your first puzzle. Tick is greeted by his Fairy Godfather who instructs him to choose his fate. The boy is offered a choice between grave digger or janitor because that is what he’s best equipped to achieve in his life. You have a shovel and a broom to pick from where a sword encased in glass is unavailable. Tick has a dream to become a knight to ensure the love of his life, Georgia McGorgeous, will see him as a hero. You begin trying to figure out how to get that sword.

    Your quest begins where Tick seeks to convince the town that he has the strength, courage, and wisdom to prove his worth and draw the legendary Sword of Blergh from the stone! But before Tick can win her heart, he will also have to save Georgia and his entire town from the clutches of the evil goblin Bloodclot.

    You play this third person quest adventure as Tick, moving through several locations and solving puzzles to achieve your dream and prove your worth. Puzzles are as you expect to find in this type of game. Pick up everything you can, mix and match as needed, and use on things or people to advance to the next challenge. Your inventory is located at the bottom right of the screen represented as a backpack. The game offers little assistance to guide you as hints are subtle. You spend considerable time trying to figure out what to do next. How do I get the cat out of the tree, is one example. Then there is the presentation of Tick himself. He is nothing like King Graham. He is designed to emulate a Charlie Brown character.

    I found one puzzle particularly onerous. It may present a dead end for many. Early on you encounter a combination lock you must open. In closeup you see five slots to click. It is up to you to decide the proper order. Each slot produces a musical note. You have to discover the correct tune. Once you discover the answer, applying it is the problem some of you will encounter. After hearing the correct tune you must race across four screens, take an action, then race back, and take yet another action before applying the combination. Do you still remember that tune? You’d expect once back in closeup Tick would simply apply the tune he heard. At the very least the notes would appear in you inventory. Sorry you are on your own. I admit those notes resembling midi files sounded the same to me. I needed a numerical sequence from the developer to get past this one. I understand in the future there will be an update correcting this issue.

   There is an ongoing riddle puzzle where another character presents Tick with riddles to solve. This is an inventory puzzle where you give the character the answer in the form of an object you picked up along the way. You do not have a tool to highlight interactive items on the screen and actionable items are presented by sweeping your mouse. It is similar to pixel hunting because the item’s subtle glowing is barely noticeable. The game drags because of constant wandering back and forth searching for clues, cues, or items you may need.


   Considering the budget price and the opportunity offered to play a retro game that emulates the old Sierra classics, Tick's Tales may be of interest to many. It is much longer than I expected it to be. Locations are limited and frequent head scratching (what to do next) likely contributed to length of game play. However for those of you who enjoy wry humor and don’t mind getting a bit frustrated, this game is a worthy challenge.


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