Touche: The Adventures of the 5th Musketeer



Developer:   US Gold, Clipper Software

Publisher:   Avalon

Released:   1995

PC Requirements:   386, DOS 5.0, 8 MB, SVGA, CD-ROM, SoundBlaster compatible.


by syd

Touche: The Adventures of the 5th Musketeer
Clipper Software/US Gold
Point and click - 3rd person adventure game
Works in W95/W98

Thanks to Solman who is graciously floating this hard to find little treasure, I finally got to play it a couple of weeks ago. All I can say is shades of Monkey Island and Discworld. As a matter of fact, I swear the voice of the barmaid and a few other females in the game was the same person who did the voices of Granny-what's her name and the magic shop keeper in Discworld 2.

You play Geoffroi Le Brun, a new recruit to the musketeers. You arrive in Rouen and before you can even introduce yourself there is a cry for help and someone is stabbed right outside the tavern. You, of course, rush right over to see if you can help the poor unfortunate individual and wind up promising him (right before he dies) you will recover his Will (the murderers stole it from him) and return it to his son in Paris. And somehow you end up with a manservant named Henri (who "was" the bartender at the local tavern until he got fired by the tavern owner for moonlighting as a blind beggar again)

Both Geoffroi and Henri have their own inventory and you can move items back and forth between them. You just need to be careful and not give important stuff to Henri because there are times when he isn't with you and you won't be able to retrieve the necessary item.

There is also a map feature and as soon as a location is identified it "appears" on the map. Geoffroi and Henri amble along so it's a bit slow in getting them there but they eventually arrive.

Like Monkey Island you use verb icons that allow you to "take", "examine", "talk to" or "use" whatever is necessary. When you run your cursor over a hot spot, what it is appears on the screen - i.e.: if you run it over a candle and the candle is part of the action - you'll see the word "candle" and maybe even an automatic comment. You then right click, hold the button down and move the mouse to highlight the action you want. When you select "talk to" you will get different sentences to choose from - sometimes you'll have to repeat talking to someone because an item you examined after your first conversation with them will bring up the necessary conversation tree you need to continue. So if you get stuck - like I did - try re-talking to the person.

All in all I thoroughly enjoyed playing this humorous little game. No bugs, no crashes, no computer tweaking - insert disk, click play and go.

They just don't make 'em like that anymore.

copyright 2002 GameBoomers

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