Uru Extension Pack


Genre:   Adventure

Developer:   Cyan

Publisher:    UbiSoft Entertainment

Released:  2004

PC Requirements:   Windows 98SE/ME/2000/XP,  Pentium III 800, 256MB RAM, 8X CDROM. Video Card: 32 MB NVIDIA® GeForce™ 1, 2, 3, 4, or FX; ATI® Radeon™ 7000-9800 or better, 800x600 16-bit display, DirectX 9.0 compatible video card, Windows compatible sound card, keyboard, mouse.





by lasanidine

Uru Extension Pack 

It is hard to describe the gloom that settled on the people who were deeply involved in playing Uru Live when the announcement came that it would end. People were upset, some cried while others started petitions, and hope was dipping and rising faster than the roller coaster ride in an amusement park. Finally hope died but before the end came the sorrow was tempered by the promise of the Extension Packs. From the moment that we heard this promise we were living in suspense and expectation.

Of course there are gamers who did not play Uru. There are those who played it and did not fall in love. There are those who were lucky enough to get into Uru Live at the beginning, I among them, and those who never had the good fortune to play Uru Live or got in too late.

To tell the truth there should be a different review written for all the above groups. Since I cannot do that let me try to tell my thoughts about the first XPack.

This is really not the place to tell you that I loved Uru that I loved Uru Live even more, that I made many new and lasting friendships, that I had a ball and that I was heart broken when they called it quits. I just cannot help myself.

After the inglorious end came and we went out with a whimper I was desolate. I lost a lot I had in my Relto, I lost the interaction with my friends and “Yeesha” deserted her adopted tribe, me along with it.

March 22nd came, it was just another day in the calendar for many but to us Uru infected it was “The Day” the first pack was to hit the broadband. Luckily compassionate souls put up mirror sites and our cravings for the pack were satisfied quickly. If you have broadband, cable or DSL, the download does not take up too much time (for me it was less than an hour). It is, of course, a different story with a modem. There is help in that area too such as: http://bittornado.com/download.html

“Ok, Ok” you say, “quit the chitchat and tell what is in the Pack”. From now on I must operate under the assumption that you have played the game and that you understood what it was about. You were called to your spiritual home at the beginning of Uru. You met a fat man with a fat book cooking a fat burger he gave you fat hints.

You got into the tree and started the voyage of discoveries according to Yeesha. Her teachings took you through the ages so you would understand why the D’ni Empire has fallen. She told you what happened when pride overruled compassion and when the “lesser” were exploited for easy gain. (This seems to be a universal lesson for us all).

The installation of the XPack did not interfere with your saved game but you had to start at the desert again and make your way to the tree.

The D’ni Restoration Council that closed up the city for lack of funds decided to open it again for a few lucky individuals, and you were one of those.

Now you know that your Relto (if you get there) is always your starting point. You have your age books there and you have your avatar definitions there. From your Relto you start the rest of the journey.

For the people who have never been in the Relto all I can say is do get there and have fun. You can play the XPack even if you have not finished the Prime game or you can start the whole experience at once. It is better if the Prime is finished first because you will have to go back to it for clues to future puzzles and the game-play is easier if you know your way around.

So you are back in your Relto. You got back the things you lost. That means that you who did not know it from before have to look for things called Yeesha pages.  Furnishing your Relto is great fun. Eventually you have to find your way into the D’ni A’guira that is the city age. As soon as you get there you realize that there were some who never left it.  You have to look for clues in places you have visited in the Uru Prime game. These clues are well hidden and I must admit that being an Uru Live veteran makes it easier to play the XPack.

I do not want to give the game away because I am sure that there are a lot of people who have not played it yet. However once you find the first and most significant clue that leads you to the next puzzle the wondrous new age of the city will open for you. The story is that DRC allows a few people to return to calibrate the Great Zero that is the significant center of all and, activated, acts as the heartbeat of the city.

This pack gives us two Neighborhoods, a secret place, the D’ni A’guira, and the GZ. There are the personal logs, scientific journals of the DRC to peruse and the detailed history of the D’ni Kings to read. You can look for several pieces of reward clothing. To advance you must solve the puzzles that are not always easy or obvious so you must be observant. The first puzzle opens the way to new places and eventually to the city. There you will behold the wonders of this underground world. Finally you will engage in what is called the “Marker Hunt” that will take you all over the place and will enable you to calibrate the Great Zero. Your KI that you have to activate in Gahreesen is a great aid to that. Once you do all that you will get a very interesting hint concerning the future of the game. You guessed it, the next XPack and I can hardly wait.

It is my opinion that there could have been a little better introduction to the Pack for those who have not played Uru Live. The Pack itself is not that new for the veterans but still gives plenty to do and affords an interesting game play. The Cyan quality we are used to is maintained in this pack. I have found no glitches or bugs albeit be warned for this to be true you need a high-end computer to play the game with a powerful video card. The minimum requirements are just that, minimum.

I played this game on:

Windows XP/Pro

Pentium®4 CPU 2.26GHz

768 MB Ram, XP/Pro

RADEON 9500 Pro / 9700

RADEON 9500 Pro / 9700-Secondary

Creative Audigy Audio Processor (WDM)

DirectX  9.xxx


Review Grade:     A-

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