by House of Tales

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   July 2010


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

The main menu has new game, load game, save game, settings, quit game and continue playing selections.

The settings option has music volume, sound effects volume, speech volume, picture brightness and subtitles adjustments.

The main menu is accessed by the ESC key.

A map is at bottom left of the screen.

The in-game menu can be accessed by placing the cursor over the arrow above the map icon at bottom left.

Save game (arrow in drive icon) can be labeled and overwritten.

Load game (arrow out from drive icon).

The main menu is the picture of the intro at top.

The inventory bar can be accessed by placing the cursor over the arrow at right of the map icon at bottom left.

Pressing the space bar shows the active areas of the screen. Double click on a destination arrow speeds up the transition to that place.

Click on an item and an action selection is seen. Select the action you want done on that item.


1st July 2009

Happy Birthday

Loft at Docklands London, morning:

Cathryn Hope

Meeting room:

In a loft in London, Cathryn encounters Mike. Bernie is at the meeting table. The guys leave. Cathryn drinks tea and checks the meeting area.

Newspaper:    Look at the newspaper. Learn of the mysterious death of Foreign Minister James Henston. Read about the theft of the 12 digits of Big Ben.

Cake:    Look at the birthday cake on the table. Note that Big Ben's digits are around the cake.

Cathryn's cell phone is in inventory.

Answering machine:    Check the answering machine on the table at left.

Listen to messages. Listen to Dad and Tom wishing Cathryn a happy birthday.

Bernie's room:    Go left and upstairs.

Enter Bernie's room and talk to him. Learn about the birthday gift and a surprise that Mike is preparing.

Take the magnifying glass on the desk. Look around the room. Check the small bronze sculpture and house of cards on the desk. Look at the wine rack, vase and the Math diploma. Exit the room.

Mike's Room:    Go to the right on the loft and check Mike's room.

Cathryn's room:    Enter Cathryn's room on the left.

15 minutes later, Cathryn is called. Take the compass from the desk. Look around the room and see flashlight, climbing wall, unfinished picture and bookcase.

Exit the room and go downstairs.

Meeting room:    Talk to Bernie. Learn that there's a new rich African client. They are going to meet the contact at the Eye.

Mike has a new gadget that he made. It is in his room.

Mike's room:    Go upstairs and enter Mike's room. Look around Mike's room.

Take the transmitter on top of the makeshift table over blocks at bottom right of room.

Exit the room and go downstairs.

Meeting room:    Talk to Bernie. Learn about the transmitter. It can control the Ferris wheel (Eye). Cathryn is to meet the client while Mike controls the Ferris wheel.

Use the phone. Select call back Tom. Talk about job, father and family. Mike overhears part of the conversation. Learn about Professor MacBride.

Go to Mike's room and talk to him.

Go downstairs and exit through the promenade door. See Mike at the promenade. Open car door (van).

New Job

London Eye, afternoon:

Learn that the guy contacted Bernard and has counterfeit passports.

Cathryn goes to meet Mr. Odila the guy in the white suit.

Mike Mensforth

Calibrate the transmitter:

See the screen of the transmitter. The object of the puzzle is the make the bottom wave match the top wave of the Ferris wheel.

Use the left Frequency +- to spread the bottom wave pattern to match the one above.

Use the right Frequency +- to change the height of the bottom wave pattern to match the one above.

Use the right Amplitude +- to change the middle part of the bottom wave pattern to match the middle lower part of the wave above. (The picture shows one click before getting the correct pattern).

There is a timer at top right. After the timer finishes, the green Disconnect button can be pressed to skip the puzzle.

Cathryn talks to Mr. Odila. Odila talks about termite metaphors. He wants the group to get a picture of Winston Churchill hanging at London Modern Museum. He leaves the suitcase with 2M pounds as down payment. 3M more upon completion of the job.

After the talk, open the van again.

Prepare for the job

Loft at Docklands London, afternoon:


Enter the loft. Cathryn hides the money and looks for Bernie.

Bernie arrives and states that Professor MacBride is not well. The job depends on whether the Professor can make a copy within the week.

Mike's room:    Enter and talk to Mike.

He wants the USB stick. Look close at monitor table at left. Take the USB stick in front of the keyboard. Talk to Mike again to give him the USB stick.

See the monitor screen.

Select Ryzoom browser at Task bar at bottom left.

When the browser window opens; type Winston Churchill using your keyboard.

Read the first link about Winston Churchill's life. Then click on link at end of text: Ryzoom Art Library! Voila! See the portrait of Churchill.

Shut down the computer at bottom left of the screen.

The USB stick is automatically in inventory. Cathryn says that she needs to talk to MacBride.

Exit the building. Open the van. Cathryn decides to leave the van for the guys.

Artists' Quarter Soho, London, evening:

Enter the studio. Cathryn talks to Robert.

Use the USB stick on the projector on top of the ladder. Listen to the comments about the painting.

Talk to Robert again. Learn that he thinks someone was here when he leaves the studio. Things are moved. Talk to him about money and painting. He will get items needed from the university storeroom. Cathryn asks if the painting of her father is still at the storeroom. Robert burned Jessica's painting.

Look around.  Exit the studio, use the map and jump to the Loft.

Loft at Docklands London, evening:

Talk to the guys about Robert and museum plans.

New assignment

International Police USA - Stern's office, morning:

Special Agent Jack Stern

Jack talks to his Chief. He is asked to investigate the death of the British politician and find if there is any relevance to US security.

Look around the room. Go behind the desk. Take the International Police ID badge. There's a cell phone in inventory.

Use computer.

E-mail:    Click on Thunderbolt. Read the mail from Sam Thompson re: Henston file. The London contact is Jordan Bellicoe.

Read the attachment.

Click on the Post Mortem report at end of text. Learn about the heavy organ damage and internal bleeding in the stomach intestinal tract.

Read the Results of tests. A cause of death from natural causes is however excluded. Close all pages.

Browser:    Click on the IceBear - Ryzoom browser.

Using your keyboard, type in James Henston. Read about Henston. Learn about scholarship from Rhodes Trust and the Akembi Mining Consortium. Check the link at end about Rhodes Trust. See a portrait of Cecil Rhodes.

Exit the computer.

Bellicoe:    Use the cell phone in inventory and phone Bellicoe.

Jack will get a surveillance van. It will be parked at the airport. The password for the key left at the check in is e-mailed.

Use the computer and click on Thunderbolt. Read the e-mail from Bellicoe to learn the password.

Airport:       Use the cell phone and phone airport. Jack gets a seat at the next flight.

Use the computer and click on Thunderbolt. Open the e-mail from United Airways. Jack printed the ticket.

Close computer. Take the air ticket form the printer on desk behind Jack. All right then!


2nd July 2009

Investigate the death

UK Central Airport - London, morning:


Talk to the receptionist at counter about keys. After the password dialogue, Jack gets the van keys.

Exit to car park. Use the van key on the dark van. Drive off by clicking on the exit ahead.

Foreign & Commonwealth Office, afternoon:

Talk to Bellicoe about rules and Henston. Enter the Foreign Office building.

Henston's Office:

Look at everything. Check the oil paintings on wall. Check #1 blood stain.

Take #2 diary. In inventory, look at the diary and learn of his meetings with Nancy Jenkins and the next day with Laureen Myers. There was a meeting with ArtTrans in his office.

Click on the arrow at bottom of screen (after space bar) and investigate the oil painting at back wall. It is Cecil Rhodes as seen earlier in the internet research.

Surveillance Van:   

Exit the building. Enter Jack's van.

Use the computer:    Open IceBear - Ryzoom browser.

Type in Nancy Jenkins. She's a model and actress. The phone number is seen.

Type in Laureen Myers. She's from Alibi Service, Hotel room by the hour.

Type in ArtTrans. It is an art transport service.

Use the cell phone:    Call Nancy Jenkins, Laureen Myers and ArtTrans.

ArtTrans returned the Cecil Rhodes portrait to his office. It was brought by 2 men. He can check the London Museum release papers about the 2 men.

G8:    Jack mentions G8 meeting.

Use computer. Open IceBear - Ryzoom browser. Type in G8. Drive off.

Case the joint

London Modern Museum, afternoon:

Cathryn will check the painting. Bernie will check the cameras and Mike will get the plans.

There is a guard and the 2 splits up. The guard follows Cathryn.

Bernard Dwaele

Security cameras:

Take the museum brochure from the desk. They need to get to the surveillance room. It might be at the ground floor.

Check the fingerprint activated lock right of the main door at left. Only certain guards can get in-out.

Use the museum brochure on the security camera on the top of the wall behind the desk and the one at middle wall. Bernie marks the brochure.

Go to the stairs at end of the hall. Use the museum brochure on the security camera at bottom of stairs and the one at back wall right of door. It has a red light.

Meet a guard. Go back upstairs.

Enter the room at right. Cathryn leaves the room and the guard follows. Check the painting of Churchill.

Use the museum brochure on the security camera on all 4 corners of the room.


Museum plans:

Use the computer. Click on LeetRoute-Hacking tool icon.

The object of the puzzle is to go from the computer at bottom to the mainframe at top using a route with a low total latency of less than 24.

The reset button is at bottom right. The green button - Disconnect at top right skips the puzzle.


Go back to the room at right with the Churchill painting.

Talk to Tony the guard about information and learn about the man that was let off. He is at the pub getting drunk. He changes the disks on the hard drives. Cathryn gets invited to pub hop. Exit the museum.

Fine Arts London Pub, afternoon:

Cathryn goes to the pub. Enter the pub.

Talk to the bartender and learn who the 2 customers on the bar are.

Cathryn talks to Stevens and orders a Guinness. Listen to Stevens. He goes to the bathroom.

Take Cathryn's glass. Use Cathryn's glass on Steven's glass to swap them.

Exit the bar. Use the map to jump to the Loft.

Loft at Docklands London, evening:

Meeting room:    Mike leaves. Cathryn talks to Bernie about her thoughts concerning the situation.

Mike explains the museum's architectural plans.

If you haven't taken the magnifying glass from Bernie's desk - do so now. Use the magnifying glass on the architectural plans.

See a door at middle bottom of plan. It opens to the Thames River. Click on the door.

They leave to check access to the museum. Go down to the pier at left.

Prepare for museum entry

London Modern Museum, evening:

Underwater:    See a grill underwater on the side of the wall. Click on the boat to dive down.

See the grill. Go forward and get a close up of the bottom of the grill

Tie a rope on the bottom part of the grill door. Cathryn tells Bernie to drive forward. The door is pulled off.

Enter the London Museum.

Underground of the museum:

Investigate the lock cylinder at right side of the grilled door. The writing is too small.

Use the magnifying lens on the writing.

Meantime, Jack Stern arrives at the museum and decides to look at the Thames. He talks to Bernie and later with Cathryn.


Enter the museum and talk to the guard about ArtTrans.

Exit the museum and Jack automatically goes to the pub. He meets Stevens at the door.

Enter the pub. Talk to the bartender about Stevens.

Investigate the newspaper. Talk to the bartender again about the newspaper. Learn about the CCTV.

Jack mentions that he should talk to his Chief.


3rd of July 2009

Loft at Docklands London, evening:

Mike continues to get upset with the other two.


Go upstairs to Mike's room. The empty beer glass is in inventory.

Look close at the workbench right of the computer.

Find the fingerprint:

Take the silver nitrate spray can. Use the silver nitrate spray on the beer glass in inventory

Turn on the UV lamp. Use the empty beer glass on the UV lamp. See a fingerprint on the glass.

Take the fingerprint.

Transfer the print:

Go to the sink right of the door. Take the rubber gloves.

Use the gloves on the lifted fingerprint to get artificial finger.

Go down and talk to Cathryn about the fingerprint, guard on duty, Bernie and message.

Cathryn did not listen to the answering machine.

4th of July 2009



Bernie finally comes back. Go to meeting room. Investigate the projector screen. Cathryn lays out the plans.

Exit the building and automatically walk to Robert's studio.

Enter the studio. Talk to Robert. He wants to stop what they have been doing for 5 years. Learn that Bernard borrowed money from Robert.

See and take the Churchill painting from the easel. Exit and jump to Loft.


At the loft, they each wished everyone good luck and go their separate ways.

Go down the stairs at left to be at the pier.

Talk to Bernard.

Do the job


Cathryn checks with everyone.


Cathryn is by the grilled gate underground of the museum.

Use the cell phone to phone the security guard. Bernard should enter the museum now.

Use the bump key on the lock cylinder.


Bernard enters the museum.

Use the artificial finger on the fingerprint activated lock on door right of the reception desk.

Mike turns off the camera and Bernard enters the control room.

Go to the blue panel left of the filing cabinet. Separate the recording cable. The monitors are turned off.


Go through the passage door and up the stairs.

Enter the room at right. Use the packaging tube with Churchill's painting on the oil painting on the wall.

Cathryn takes down the heavy painting.

When Cathryn is at the cellar, the painting drops from the wall and sets off the alarm. Cathryn hurries to get to the boat and escapes.


Jack reminisces on what he has found out. The wife of Henston is happy about his death and might contest the will. The assistant is not intellectually capable of murder and the rest of the suspects look okay. The guards at the ArtTran look sick; one has an expensive watch.

Jack hears the noise at the Museum and decides to check it out.

Jack talks to the guard and was eventually knocked down to wait for the police.


5th of July 2009

Another job offer

Loft at Docklands London, evening:

The bickering continues. Bernard is not going with them for the handover.

London Eye:

Mr. Odila is happy with the idealists. He gives them a new job for 10M. It is in Paris.

Prepare for new job

Loft at Docklands London:

Cathryn hides the money. Enter Mike's room and talk to him.

Open the IceBear browser on the computer and type in Washington.

Check the link at end of text. See the painting of Washington.

Mike downloads the picture to the USB stick.

Fine Arts London Pub, afternoon:

Jump to the Soho Studio. Enter and talk to Robert.

Cathryn's father called Robert. The father thinks that they are all in danger. It looks like he knows something about the group's employer. Cathryn says she will call Tom to find out what he knows.

Use the USB stick on the projector.

Loft at Docklands London:

Jump to the loft. Talk to Mike upstairs. Bernard was informed about the new deal. Cathryn wants to leave tomorrow and asks that they clear out the loft just in case.

Go downstairs to the answering machine. Phone Tom.

Later, another argument arises. Bernard has taken the money and has given it to the cause.

They then leave in the van after taking care of the loft.


6th of July

Follow up the museum theft

Museum, morning:


After sorting out the problem with the police, Jack decides to call his Chief.

Enter the van. Use the cell phone in inventory and phone Thompson.

Jack asks for the CCTV record of the museum from 11 PM to 1 AM.

Use computer. Open Thunderbot and select the CCTV London mail.

Open the attachments. See the license plate of the group's van.

Close the pages and click on RegPol (registration number search). He needs a login data.

Use the cell phone and call Thompson.

Check your e-mail. Close e-mail and click on RegPol again.

The License plate might be altered. Click on Search for keeper button right of the license plate.

Click on each letter-number to change it to one that is similar.

If you get an error message - Deviance from source data too great - means that you need to work on fewer letters or numbers.

Change CR03 PXW to EP08 PXW. See that it is registered to Mike Mensforth.

Loft at Docklands London:

Enter the loft:    Jack tried to open the door. Investigate the lock.

Check the Police badge ID. Jack gets a bump key hidden in the passport case. Use the bump key on the lock.

Search the loft:    Enter the loft. Look around. Check the meeting room. Nothing important is found.

Then go upstairs and enter Bernard's room. Look around. Check the diploma on the wall. Nothing important is found.

Go to Mike's room. Look around. Take the business card tack on the monitor of the computer. It is from a Miss Winkler of Megabase.

Check the mysterious travel notes on the desk at left monitor. Someone has gone to Paris.

Go to Cathryn's room. Look around. Go to bottom screen. Check the faded photograph on the desk by window.

Exit the building. Go down the pier and see the boat. Enter the van.

Look for Mike:    Use the cell phone and phone Megabase. Get Mike's cell phone number.

Use the cell phone and phone Mike.

Use the cell phone and phone Thompson. Thompson will put a locator on Mike's cell phone.

Check your e-mail. Check the e-mail and find out that Mike is outside Muse de Paris.


 7th of July 2009

Check the museum

Paris, France

Muse de Paris, morning:

After getting an idea about the fireworks display during the holiday on the 14th, they entered the museum.


Look at the brochures on the stand at right.

Go down the cellar left of the brochure stand.

See 2 blinking red light of the security cameras on the ceiling.

Use the stopwatch on the 2 security cameras.

Go back upstairs. Use the stopwatch on the 3 security cameras in this hallway.

Enter the side gallery-exhibition hall at far right.

See the laser ports close to the floor at both walls. Mike leaves to study about the lasers.

Use the stopwatch on the security camera here. So that's all of them.

Check the George Washington portrait at end of the hall.

Exit this hall and enter the other hallway.

Talk to Bernard about the monitoring room.


Kids sets off some fireworks.

The security guard talks from the window. He states that the firecracker can set off the sensitive alarm. When there is a pressure change, the whole alarm goes off. The system is turned off during the fireworks display.


Enter the far hallway. Talk to the guard that scolded Bernard. Learn about the catacombs and the American display.


Use the laptop. Open Icebear and type in catacombs. Learn that the catacombs opened to the public are at Rue Antoinette.

Look for an entrance to museum

Catacombs, evening:

Go to ticket counter and automatically buy a ticket.

Enter the through the middle catacomb door.

Go around until Cathryn enters through a dark catacomb passage. Use flashlight on the dark wall.

See a graffiti. After some discussion, the graffiti has Club Electronique written at the bottom.

After more discussion, they decided to go to the Club to learn about the catacombs.

Muse de Paris, evening:


Look around. Go back inside the van.

Use the cell phone to call Thompson. Find out that Mike is at St. Marten's quarters.

Jordan interrupts the call and talks about Amy being in jailed since the G8 meeting last year.

Get a map of the catacombs

Club Electronique:

The trio discusses who goes inside the club. The men left to talk to the bouncer while Cathryn stays by the van.

Talk to the bouncer, twice. He still won't let the schoolteacher and young boy in.

The guys return to Cathryn. They see a drug deal happen at the entrance.

They formulate a plan. Talk to the bouncer again. After the siren, the bouncer runs off.

After another botched conversation attempt, they talked to Francois, the owner of the club at the room by the window.

Francois is from Surinawa. The dictator is Elengi. Learn about the massacre and the catacombs.

The catacombs were once home of the resistance.

When Francois leaves to talk to Gerard, he instructs them not to take the map.

When you have control of the cursor, use Mike's cell phone on the map on the table. Mike takes pictures of the map.

Leave the club (not disco). The group returns to the catacomb.


Jack arrives at the Club. Talk to the bouncer about your close friends. Jack got a message for his friends.


8th of July 2009

Check out the catacombs

Catacombs, morning:

The group enters the catacomb.


Go forward until the sacrificial bowl.

In inventory, combine-use the tourist map with Francois' map of the catacombs to get combined catacombs plan.

Go right to the dark area of the catacombs.

Open the map at bottom left. Study the layout of the catacomb. See the Muse at top left.

Go forward to the passage.


An overhead view of Cathryn is now seen. The compass is at bottom right. The compass can be turned.

These directions are based on Cathryn's left or right or forward.

To the museum:

F F (wagon wheel) L R F L F R F F.

The room is now in regular view. The museum wall is granite.

To the resistance room:

Go back to catacomb entrance by clicking the icon on the map. Go back to the passage system.

F F (wagon wheel) R L R L L R.

Use the flashlight. Use the light switch at middle right of screen. See the grenades left here.

Cathryn lays out the plan for getting the portrait. Bernard will go back to London to pick up the copy of the painting.

Enter the van.

13th of July

Do the job

Muse, morning:

Bernard arrives and informs the others that someone has been in the loft.

Catacomb, night:


Use the map at bottom left and jump to opening - museum wall at top left of the map.

Cathryn needs to figure out the best places to drill.

Flick switch of the flashlight. Cathryn places it on the ground.

Press the space bar and see several possible holes. Investigate the holes and Cathryn will say if they sound good.

The selected areas changes color on the wall. Three markings should be enough.


Bernard is in the storeroom. He has cell phone, ball point pen and pipe wrench in inventory.

Look around to check what can be used. Take the metal tube at foreground.

Go to workbench at middle back. Take the crowbar from the workbench.

Look at the ammunition box left of the workbench. Use the crowbar on ammunition box. Automatically get a grenade.

Use the grenade on vise. Use the pipe wrench with vise-grenade to get opened grenade.

Use opened grenade with metal tubes. Bernard will now go to Cathryn.


Use the drill from inventory on the single drilling location-marked hole on the wall. Right click to find it.

The fireworks start. Bernard carries the explosives to Cathryn's location. You haven't what?

Go to portrait room. Go forward and up the stairs. Go to exhibition hall at right. Now the lasers...


Use the laptop. Open the Laser unit configurator.

Click on the question mark at top left to find out what to do.

The aim is to get the laser beams shoot directly to the one opposite it (not diagonal as it is now).

Test the lasers to see which ones is A B C D.

When done click on assign button. Assign only when there are A B C D on each side. 2 of the letters can be used twice on the set up.

The puzzle has the skip green Disconnect button.

One solution:

Watch as Cathryn moves through the laser beam.


Bernard is outside the museum.

Go under the window left of the museum entrance - the one where the security guard scolded Bernard. Click on window.

In inventory, use zippo lighter on firecracker. Use firecracker on window.


Use the packaging tube with Washington's copied portrait on the one on the wall.

15th of July


Loft at Docklands London, morning:

The group is back in London. They check the loft.

Mike didn't find the business card tacked on his monitor.

Bernard and his luggage are gone.

Go downstairs and use the phone to phone Bernard.

The cause that they were to give the money to is reported in the newspaper to be broke and about to close.

Another Prime Minister died with a painting in his office also. Check the newspaper.

Cathryn decided to stop their work.

Phone rings. Talk to dad.

Enter the van to go to the meet.



After being in the hospital, Jack reads the newspaper about the new PM's death.

Enter the van and be in the museum. Enter the museum after talking to Cedric Duval.

He shows the destroyed wall in the cellar. Learn about the young woman and the fireworks talk with a Belgian tourist.

Enter the van. Use the cell phone and phone Thompson.

Use the cell phone and phone Bellicoe. Drive off.


The meet becomes dangerous. Cathryn escapes from Odila. Mike was saved by Jack.

Mike and Cathryn go to Robert's studio and finds it ransacked. Odila kidnapped Robert.

Jack arrives to arrests the two. Bernard arrives to knock poor Jack.

Investigate Jack to take the van key. Exit and enter the van.

At the airport car park, Bernard explains his connection with Odila and what happened to Robert.

Using the van's computer, they found where Dictator Elengi is located. They found the connection between the Elengi and the killed Prime Ministers. The trio travel to the Pacific.


19th of July

Find a way in to the Villa

Provisional Republic of Surinawa, midday:

Talk to the guard standing by the shack-checkpoint. Learn that Britain is an enemy state to the benevolent dictator.

Ask him when the curfew is. It is 2200 on the dot.

Climb the steps right of the guard. See the watch tower, petrol pumps and tanker.

Continue to the right and see soldier, barriers and checkpoints.

Go left road where the guard is located and be at the Villa.

Villa:    The gate is closed and there are barbed wires on the wire walls.

Go back to the crossing where the sign post is located. Cathryn talks to Mike.


Go to the beach. Talk to Alfred, the man sitting at right side of the beach. He is a fisherman.

The local waters are mined by Elengi. Hear about Elengi's cruelty.

Go back to town and get called by the guard. He asks about accommodations.

A stranger talked to Cathryn and the guard.

Go back to the fisherman and talk to him about accommodations. He leaves to go back to his home.

Phone Mike. Go back to the village.


20th of July 2009


Cathryn talks with Alfred. Alfred told her about mines last night.

Go back to the beach. See the guard patrols.

Go right to where Alfred the fisherman was sitting. Look around.


Take the contact mine on the sand in front of the wrecked car.

Go right of the guard house. Wait until the guard patrols and then climb the stairs to the watch tower area.

Use the contact mine on the pool of petrol on the ground left of the left petrol pump and right of the watch tower.

Go down to the main road and go right to the crossing.


Talk to the stranger of last night. They go to the villa.

Find Robert

Villa, evening:

Dictator Elengi:    Check the spiral staircase. It goes to the landing pad of the helicopter.

Investigate the sea map right of the window in the background. Elengi says that the added notations on the map are the mines that he had placed.

Go bottom left (left of the tree) and see the sculpture, curtain to adjoining room and tree.

Check the curtain to the adjoining room. Elengi will show the next room after dinner.

Dinner is served. Talk to Elengi. Learn about his art collection and old Surinawa. Elengi has an arms manufacturer partner that has a daughter that became a criminal.

Art Collection:    Elengi shows Cathryn his art collection.

When Elengi retires for the night, look at the paintings.

Go right and see a metal door. Try twice to open it and Cathryn mentions a remote to open doors.

Go back to the left, left again through the curtains and right to the spiral staircase.

Go right again to the sofa area. Take the door opening transmitter on the coffee table in front of the sofa.

Go back to the art collection room and metal door. Use the remote on the metal door. It opens the door.

Cells:    Enter through door. Hear cries for help.

Look close at the first door on the left. Investigate the door. Talk to Robert and Jack.

Look at the control panel at right. Open the control panel by clicking on the big wheel on the left.

Look at the first door. Open the cell door.

Talk to Jack and Robert. Learn how Elengi kills using the paintings and Plutonium.

Escape:    Go back to the sea map with the mines notation by the window left of the spiral staircase.

Use the phone and call Mike. Cathryn tells Mike what to do and how to navigate through the mined waters.


Go forward to the watch tower petrol area. Place the cell phone left of the petrol pump.

Go right to leave and be at the villa gate automatically.


Go left and join the others. Watch what happens.

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