1954 Alcatraz

By Daedalic Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   March 2014


Gameplay:      This is a third person point and click game.

Warning:     This is an adult themed game with violence, blood and gore and sexual content.

The main menu has continue, new game, load/save, options, credits and exit.

Options have video selections for resolution, language text, quality settings, language voices and antialiasing. The audio volume selections are for overall, speech, effects and music. Gameplay options are fullscreen, subtitles, snoop key, vsync and 1954 mode.

Snoop key toggles the help - spacebar/active areas function.

1954 mode is noir setting while off mode has color.


ESC key or the tools icon in inventory accesses the menu. It also skips cutscenes.

Spacebar shows the active areas in the game.

Right mouse button looks at objects. Left mouse button does actions: talk, take and use.

Inventory is accessed by scrolling the mouse wheel or I key. The items taken are seen on the left side of the screen.

Change characters by clicking on their icon in inventory frame.

In Win7, the saved game files are in C:\Users\computer name\AppData\LocalLow\Daedalic Entertaiment\19654 Alcatraz\Savegames folder.

The game is non-linear. The walkthrough below is just one way of moving through the game.

A car is chased by the police. A man makes a stand when his car crashed. The stolen money burns with the car.

Joe plays the piano inside his place. Christine, his wife stands by the window. Detective Grassi kicks the door open and arrests Joe.

Joe is sentenced and incarcerated in Leavenworth. Joe escapes prison and is caught in the woods. He is sent to Alcatraz.


Joe's cell:

Joe talks about Hank, a prisoner that has been here for a while. Hank mentions an escape.

Find the shiv and the pain pills:   

See the task and help frames at top left.

Inventory has Joe's wedding ring. Read the newspaper and the honorable discharge certificate from the army on the back wall.

Shelf:    Check the books and secret stash on the shelf at right wall.

Get the pain pills from the secret stash at left end of shelf. The shelf also has letters from Christine and Dale. It also holds Joe's books.

Check the honeymoon photo below the shelf. Check the coat on the rack. Joe added more pockets.

Grate:    Check the sink. Look under the sink at the grate and get the hidden glass shiv.

Toilet bowl:    Examine the toilet bowl. Learn that Joe can talk to other prisoners in the pipeline if he drains the toilet.

Find the money and fix the shiv:

Bunk-mattress:    Examine the mattress on the bunk. Use the glass shiv on the mattress to get 20 dollars inside a cigarette - cigarette stash.

The shiv breaks. Joe says it can be fixed.

Guard call:   The bell rings and the cell door opens. The Mason the correction officer calls the prisoners to exit the cells.

Open inventory and combine the (broken shiv) handle and glass shard to make glass shiv.

Achievement - One of those days.

Learn about escape plan:

Prisoners:     Exit the cell. The prisoners are lined up outside their cells.

Move the cursor over the prisoners to identify - learn about them and the length of their stay in Alcatraz.

Behind Joe are: Hank Clement who has been here since the Capone days and Gas Pipe/Henry Quail who is dying to fight Joe.

On the other side are: The kid who works at the brush shop, Chiquita and Bumpy/Bruno Nardini.

Check the guards. There is one guard per 3 prisoners. Learn that Christine is visiting today.

Hank:    Talk to Hank completely. The project (escape plan) is for sale for 20 bucks or a bottle of pain pills. Pay Hank in the mess hall.

Learn about a loose window with access to roof. Joe needs another person outside for a pickup in the water or on shore.

End conversation and the bell will ring.

Buy the escape plan:   

They are in the cafeteria. Click on the tray in front of Joe. Joe eats his breakfast but takes a pancake.

Talk to Hank. Gas Pipe is eavesdropping. I'm interested but not here.

Talk to Bumpy right of Gas Pipe.

Talk to Gas Pipe completely. Gas Pipe says to give him a shove so that Joe can talk to Christine privately. Learn that Joe is in on a 100 grand armored car heist.

Exit and the bell rings.

Inform Christine:

They are in the visiting room. See and hear Gas Pipe quarrel with his wife.

Christine:    Talk to Christine completely. Use the scroll bar right of the dialogue box. Nothing else I can say.

Get guard away:    Click on Gas Pipe. Gas Pipe yells and threatens his wife. The guard takes Gas Pipe away.

Private conversation:    Continue to talk to Christine. Learn that Mickey is threatening Christine and wants the loot. She has until the end of the month.

What did you tell him? Choice: Lie or truth.

Learn that Joe helped Mickey fake the heist to hide the evidence. That was not real loot that burned up. Joe hid the money in a safehouse.

Joe wants Christine to get 3 keys - talk to Viv, Sutter and Bernadette. The plan is hidden in the globe at home - Mexico and Hawaii.

Christine will help Joe in his escape. Christine leaves.


Mickey:    Christine meets Mickey and his bodyguard at the dock. Act dumb or Act like you hate Joe. Learn that Mickey has a man inside Alcatraz that might do harm to Joe.

Mickey says to get info from the landlady. A writer told Mickey about a key Joe has entrusted.

Pier:    Look around at the pier. Look at Alcatraz and then use one of the viewing telescope. Check the boats and the poetry flyer on the lamp post at left. The poetry party is in Christine's place.

Inventory has a bobby pin and a letter from warden that allows Christine to visit Joe once a month.

  Go home:

Apartment:    Exit left to North Beach.

Read the sign from Vivian on the wall. The rent is going up. Check the toilet door and learn that the toilet is broken.

Examine the door at right. The lock has been gouged.

Enter the apartment and see that the place has been ransacked. Look around. Check the clock, it stopped at 2 PM. Mickey knows Christine is visiting Joe.

Left click the mess to get Christine to clean the place. Achievement - Squeaky clean.

Globe:    Christine checks the globe. Depending on Joe's choice of truth or lie during the visit; Christine will think good or bad about Joe.

Get the note and read it inventory. It's a diagram for a safe. The keys are with Viv, Sutter and Bernadette.

Items:    Look around again. Click on the clothes rack at left corner twice to get matchbook.

Take a bobby pin from the open upper drawer of the dresser.

Check the mail beside the phone at lower left.

See the cat sitting on the turntable that is off. Turn on the Hi-Fi and the cat goes round and round. (If the cat is not on the turntable, come back some other time to check. The cat moves around. Also do NOT turn on the turntable or else the cat will not sit on it). Achievement - Cat spin.

Take a jazz record right of the Hi-Fi.

Take sheet music from the piano.

Take inhaler-Valo from the Chinese lamp on the ceiling.

Dale:    Exit through the window-fire escape.

Talk to Dale. Choice:    Rebuff or invite Dale.

If you invite Dale inside the apartment, learn that Dale helped with the heist. He rigged the armored car to blow up and got his share from Joe already.

If you rebuff Dale, learn about the roof.

Fire Escape:    Look around at the fire escape.

Check the neighbors open window and then try to call him. He can't hear Christine from the sound of his typing. Check the pillows.

Examine and take the Lucky Lager can from the windowbox.

Examine the windowbox and take the money plate front.

Rooftop:    Climb the ladder above the windowbox. Look around.

Try to go to the roof on the other (above) side. Christine does not have a good reason (yet) to walk the plank.

Go back down and into the apartment. Exit through the door.

Contact the people Joe mentioned: 

Caffè Napoli:    See the map of San Francisco. Click on Caffè Napoli at bottom right.

See that the Caffè is closed by order of the police. Take the poster down.

Check the posters-flyers by the door.

Check the window and posters in the alley.

Sutter:    Talk to Sutter. He's in no condition to talk.

Door:    Use the bobby pin on the chain and padlock of the Caffè door.

Sutter and Christine are now inside the Caffè. Grassi sneaks behind Christine.

Detective Grassi:    Grassi interrogates Christine about her inventory.

Check the surveillance photos of Christine on the desk.

Talk to Grassi. Try to exit and Christine asks for her inventory.

Grassi wants to talk over dinner.

La Roma:    Examine all the items outside the restaurant. Examine the wine and bread on table.

Talk to Grassi. He says Joe's been cheating on Christine.

Yes, I know. Learn that the woman is Bee, the photographer at the club.

Things aren't uptight in our scene. No name is given by Grassi.

Grassi is obsessed with Christine.

Leave the restaurant via North Beach exit. Get the inventory back. Achievement - Friends instead.

Talk to Vivian Wong:

Jump to My landlady's apartment. Go upstairs of the restaurant.

See that Vivian is sick. She wants hot winter melon soup or she will ask for hot soup only.

Look around the room. Check the rubber gloves on the table. It's dripping wet with ink.

Check the upper drawer at right to get counterfeit plate/back.

Check the lower bunk by Viv's foot to get another bobby pin.

Get soup:    Go back down to restaurant. Go to the kitchen at left side of room. Look around in the kitchen.

Check the items on the stove at right. Take the ladle from the middle pot. The left pot-wok is steaming.

Use ladle on the wok-pot that is steaming on the stove to get bowl of delicious soup. For hot soup only - give this to Viv upstairs.

Winter melon:    For winter melon soup and later when Viv requests winter melon: go back to main dining room of restaurant.

Check the menu at middle center table twice to get the Chinese symbol for winter melon.

Go to the herbs and spices drawer at back wall of room. Use the symbol for winter melon on the drawer and get winter melon.

Combine the winter melon with the delicious soup to get winter melon soup.

Give soup:    Go back to Viv upstairs and give her the winter melon soup.

Talk to Viv about Joe's package. Joe gave her a radio. Viv gave it to her nephew that works at the Opera near the phone exchange past Fragrance Alley.

Viv says she will take the jazz records in exchange for rent.

In inventory, combine the 2 counterfeit plates. Give the counterfeit plates to Viv. Viv was in on the heist; she made the fake money that was burned.

Viv will make any forged paper for Christine.

Find the radio:

Exit the restaurant.

Opera:    Jump to Opera at left side of map. Look at the posters.

The grilled gate is locked. Use a bobby pin on the lock.

Enter the opera dressing room.

Talk to Xiaowen, the Chinese poet. The radio was lost at backstage cleanup. He's reading Camfield.

Look around. Take a bobby pin from the large trunk with mirror right of the ironing board.

Check the radio behind the middle amazing headdress on the shelf. Xiaowen stops you from getting the radio.

Talk to Xiaowen again about the radio. He wants Christine to prove that she is really beat.

Prove that Christine is beat:

Caffè Napoli:    Go back to Caffè Napoli.

See Sutter and Dale. Take the Evan Camfield manuscript-short story from the table.

Get Radio:    Go back to Opera. Give the Camfield short story to Xiaowen.

Now he wants ideas for his opera. Give the sheet music from the piano in the apartment to Xiaowen.

Take the radio behind the middle headdress.

Get key from Viv:

Go back to landlady's apartment. Give the radio to Viv.

Christine gets the V key from the radio. Joe must have hidden something in one of Viv's apartment he was renovating.

The apartment is at 1310 Grant St behind Christine's apartment. Exit the place.

1310 Grant:

Go to 1310 Grant.

Dale:    Talk to Dale. They enter the building.

See a seriously locked door. Knock on door and shots are fired through the door. Talk to Dale again and then exit.

Enter the writer's apartment:    Jump to My messy apartment.

Exit through the window to the fire escape. Check the neighbor's window again and see him typing.

Climb the ladder above to be on the roof top.

Go to roof on the other side and walk the plank at right side of the roof top.

Prove you're not square:    Evan Camfield points his gun at Christine who climbed through the window.

Select all dialogue. Camfield writes whatever Christine narrates. Learn about Dale and Christine and Joe.

After writing the chapter, talk to Camfield. Achievement - A living legend.

Christine reads the manuscript to learn what Joe narrates to Camfield.

Talk to Camfield completely again. Then look around the room.

Look at the pile of paper on the floor and Christine takes 300 pages of Camfield's manuscript.

Take volume IX book from the lower shelf. It has a stamp from the Lower Depths bookstore.

Fridge:    Check the fridge door. It is 2 fridge joined together.

Try to open the fridge. Camfield points the gun at Christine and asks for the pass phrase. We need a pass phrase.

Exit the room.


Change to Joe by clicking on his picture at the inventory frame.

They are in the prison yard. Gas Pipe says that his wife is filing for divorce. Gas Pipe and Joe fight. Both are placed in solitary.

Solitary:    Look around. Examine the metal plate. Check the lower left grate that connects to the cell below.

Lizard's plan:    Talk to the upper center grate. It's Lizard. Learn that the guard checks are every 2-3 hours.

Lizard advices to throw personal stuff in the water to fake drowning. To beat the head count, make a head on pillow.

To get past the tower guards, take one of the guard's wife hostage. To get through the swim, Lizard mentions the ghost.

The Lizard's escape plan is in inventory.

Go to bottom screen and talk to the guard, Mason. Mason the correction officer would not let Joe out. The guard needs permission from warden.

Change to Christine.


Confront Sutter Balog:

Caffè Napoli:    Go back to Caffè Napoli. Talk to Dale. Look around the Caffè .

Sutter:    Talk to Sutter. Sutter wants Valo before he talks to Christine.

Give the Valo taken from the Chinese lamp in the apartment to Sutter. Talk to Sutter again.

Sutter's boyfriend left him and is now at the park. Sutter is working on a love poem and gives it to Christine.

Exit the Caffè.

Sutter's boyfriend:

Washington Square Park:    Jump to Washington Square Park at middle of map (below the church).

See Grassi tailing Christine. Talk to Matty crying on the bench. He won't talk because of the cop.

Talk to Grassi and he leaves.

Check the bushes and talk to the boys in the bushes. Achievement - Bush supporter.

Matty:    Talk to Matty. He doesn't believe Sutter really loves him. Sutter just uses him for inspiration.

Give Sutter's love poem to Matty. Matty thinks Sutter will die soon because he's old.

King of the road:    Talk to the old man by the tree. Christine can't understand him when he's sober.

Give Lucky Lager from the fire escape to the man.

He saw the heist last year. He saw the bags of money burn. The driver run into the church. The driver is white, pale, looked scared and uptight. Sounds like Mickey.

Achievement - Queen of the road.

Check out Mickey's Club:

Mickey's Club:    Exit to North Beach at left to get the map. Jump to Mickey's Club.

Talk to the bouncer that won't let Christine inside. (There are 2 ways to enter the club - best to do the back door now).

Check the club's nameplate behind the customers. The club was formerly the Mermaid Club. Talk to the customers.

Back door:    Go right to go behind the club. Look around.

Check the locked doorway. Use a bobby pin on the locked doorway. Enter the club.

Goldie, the mermaid:    Christine enters the dressing room.

Talk to Goldie. Goldie's plans for the future hinges on her contract with Mickey. Christine got Goldie's promise to help Joe if she can get her out of the contract.

Learn about Goldie's captain, Mickey's cooking the books and buoys around Alcatraz. Some teenage girls swam the distance between Alcatraz and shore.

Ask her to take care of the cat.

Look around. Take the single red rose at left end of the screen.

Take bobby pin from the old trunk on the floor.

Exit through back door at the dressing room and then to the front of club. Go left to the map at North Beach.

Reconcile Matty and Sutter:

Washington Square Park:    Go to the park. Talk to Matty completely again especially about the "now".

To use a better symbol - give the red rose to Matty.

Get Sutter's key:

Caffè Napoli:    Matty and Sutter reconciled. Talk to Sutter. Joe gave Sutter an old diary that he sold to Lower Depths bookstore.

Lower Depths Bookstore:    Jump to store at the lower middle of the map. Look around the bookstore.

Look at the bookeeperess. Learn that her twin works at Mickey's. Goldie is her twin. Talk to her.

She wants an Evan Camfield manuscript in exchange for the diary.

Give her the manuscript taken from Camfield's apartment. Talk to her again and ask for the diary.

Christine automatically opens the diary and get the S key.

Meet Bernadette:

Automatically be at Caffè Napoli. Talk to Bernadette. Joe left her a key.

Bernadette's studio:    Bernadette will give the key if Christine poses for Bernadette.

Talk to Bernadette completely. Look around the studio.

As soon as Christine takes the flyer from the bed, they leave to check the studio.

Gallery:    Grassi hides while watching Bernadette and Christine go to the gallery.

Bernadette thinks that the key dropped out while she was here. Bernadette asks Christine to help her get a showing of her paintings.

Talk to the gallery owner. After convincing him to show Bernadette's work; Christine takes the B key from one of Bernadette's paintings.

Mickey:    Exit the gallery and Mickey accosts Christine. He wants the key. Give him one of the 3 keys.

Check out Mickey's club:

Mickey's Club:    Jump to Mickey's Club.

Show the matchbook to the bouncer and he lets Christine inside.

Inside the club:    Hear the new singer. Bee says that this man works with Joe.

Ralph Mason, the guard:    Talk to Mason and learn that Joe is in solitary. He forgot to get the warden sign the release form before he left. He has very nice things to say about Joe.  Get solitary form.

Bee the club shutterbug:    Talk to Bee the photographer. They move to the powder room.

Talk to Bee. Bee says that Mickey stole a picture she took of the priest from Sts. Peter and Paul Church.

Learn that she was paid to lie and be Joe's alibi. She and Dale are making it together. This helps Joe and Christine's relationship.

To get the goods on Mickey, Bee gives Christine the combination of Mickey's safe (37-23-36). The combination changes every month.

Mickey is obsessed with Goldie. Ask to take care of cat.

If you talked to Bernadette completely and checked her studio, ask Bee if she can model for Bernadette.

Drunk Girl:    Check and talk to the drunk girl on the floor. She is Mason's wife. Exit the powder room.

Open Mickey's safe:

Mickey:    Talk to Mickey at other table. They talk inside his office. Talk to Mickey. Lie about the number of keys.

After convincing Mickey to give Christine more time, look around the office.

Check-examine everything (pills, book, clothesline and cleaning equipment under the desk) in the office. Realize that Mickey is a germophobe.

Get Mickey out of his office:    Talk to Mickey. Whoa. I feel kinda woozy. Must have picked up something in the park or I think my cat gave me fleas.

Use the safe combination given by Bee on the old safe. The numbers are measurements. Christine turns the dial. It didn't work.

Red phone:    Check the papers on the desk in front of the chair. Take the ledger-papers.

Use the red phone and Christine realizes it is a direct line to the mob.

Exit the office and Mickey comes in. He walks Christine out.

Goldie:    Enter the dressing room at left of the club.

Use the safe combination on Goldie to realize that the combination is Goldie's measurement. She has put on weight. Get a second safe combination (38-25-38).

Get back in office again:    Talk to Mickey at the club. They go back to the office.

Talk to Mickey again. Must have picked up something in the park or I think my cat gave me fleas.

Mickey leaves.

Safe:    Use the second safe combination on the safe. The safe opens.

Christine takes 35 mm negative, Goldie's contract, gun, secret ledger and the third key that Mickey took from Christine.

Mafia (optional):    (If this is not done, Mickey will be part of the ending).

In inventory combine the ledger taken from desk with the secret ledger from safe to get combined ledgers.

Use the combined ledgers on the red phone. Christine blabbed on Mickey to the Mafia.

Warn the girls:

Bee:    Talk to Bee about Mickey.

Give Bee the 35 mm negative. She develops the negative and gives the blackmail photo and negative back to Christine.

It shows Matty and Sutter being married by the priest at Sts. Peter and Paul Church.

Goldie:    Enter the dressing room left side of the club.

(This will not be seen if the Mafia is not informed about Mickey's cooked books).

Christine warns Goldie about the Mafia. Achievement - Sisterhood.

Christine watches as the bodyguard kills Mickey. Achievement - Dial M for murder.

Give the contract to Goldie. Get her promise to help Joe and Christine.

Exit the club. Go to map at North Beach.

Go to confession:

Jump to St. Peter and Paul Church.

Use a bobby pin to unlock the gate.

Talk to the Chaplain and go to confession.

In the confessional, learn that the chaplain helps at the prison to censor the letters and magazines that comes in. Learn about Joe.

After the confession, talk to the chaplain again. He refuses to bring anything for Joe at Alcatraz.

Blackmail chaplain:    Show the blackmail photo to the chaplain. They go back to the confessional and the priest agrees to help Christine and Joe be in touch.

Outside the confessional, talk to the priest again. Christine tells him that Mickey will not be a problem anymore.

Ask him to get information from Joe. Tell him Evan guards the fridge.

Take a bible from the right side pew. Exit the church.

Get Joe out of solitary:

Caffè Napoli:    Go back to the Caffe. Check Bernadette's purse under the table. It is full of art supplies.

Get another bobby pin. Achievement - Pin me down.

Landlady's apartment:    Go to Viv at the Chinese restaurant. Go upstairs.

Use the solitary form on Viv.

Give her the warden's signed letter that allows Christine to visit Joe once a month. Get a signed solitary form.

Mason at Mickey's Club:    Go back to Mickey's club.

Give the signed solitary form to Mason.


Automatically be Joe. Mason releases Joe, prisoner #1229.

Get escape plans:   

Talk to all active prisoners at the yard.

Hank:    Talk to Hank, the old-timer at the steps. Hank is selling his escape plan.

Give either the cash hidden in cigarettes or the pain pills to Hank.

The plan is to get to hospital and check the loosened bar on the windows. The bars were replaced with faked bolts.

Look at the mess hall and hospital windows at shaded side of the building. The top floor is the hospital.

To learn which window; give Hank the cash in cigarettes or pain pills. Learn that window is in wardroom 3. Joe will need a bar spreader for the iron bars.

Next, climb to the roof and cross to here. Best to do that during fog.

Go down to the Spanish dungeon and go to the south end.

Use rope to caves. A raft or pickup from there. A life vest would help.

Learn about the 4 ways out of the island. Gas Pipe was fired from dock detail; he might be in power house.

Frank:    Frank calls Joe over. He tells Joe that that wardroom is the Birdman's.

Joe needs to get Stroud's Digest on the Diseases of Birds for the birdman. Frank gives the old library card.

Bumpy:    Talk to Bumpy-Bruno by the wall. Bumpy's stomach is grumbling.

Talk to Bumpy. He's on a hunger strike because they denied his parole.

Give him the pancake from the breakfast tray. He mentions that the Spanish dungeon runs under the cellblocks and practically get to the water's edge.

In inventory, the escape plan of the Lizard, Hank and Bumpy are combined into one - my escape plan.

Exit the yard.

Do maintenance work around the island:

Metal detector:    A new correction officer is banging on the 'scope. Look around.

Talk to the new correction officer. Joe tells him about the adjustable screw on the pointer of the machine.

Mason talks to Joe about jobs on the island. It will give Joe free access around the island.

Fix Chiquita's washer:

Laundry:    Mason tells Joe to fix the washing machine at right side by Chiquita. He gives a wrench.

Take a hanger from the open washer at left. Pick up the shoelace on the floor in front of the left washer.

Check the 2 other male prisoners: Bugman and kidnapper from KC.

Check twice the laundry box at center close to the kidnaper from KC to get another hanger and 8 ft of rope (2 sheets).

Check Chiquita's machine.

Talk to Chiquita. Chiquita tells about Dale the car thief and Christine. Chiquita wants ladylike things to make an outfit.

Learn that Mason is fighting with his wife. He lives in building 64, second floor.

Fix the washer:    Use the machine to see that a piece of fabric is clogging the drain.

Combined the 2 hangers together to get combined hangers. Use the combined hanger on Chiquita's hanger to get red bra-sexy lingerie.

Use the sexy lingerie with Chiquita. She likes it.

She wants 2 thick fashion magazines and she will make a knife proof vest for Joe.

Talk to Mason to say job done.

Map of Alcatraz:    See Alcatraz from above.

Mason will walk Joe everywhere there's work.

Fix Bumpy's machine:

Industries:    Go to Industries (gear icon) at tip of the island.

Look around. Take the oil can from the tool table at left.

Take the mechanic's magazine underneath the bench at left.

Talk to Frank, the new fish.

Talk to Bumpy. Check Bruno-Bumpy's machine. The cog needs to be tightened. The fan belt tore apart; it is thin as a string.

Use the wrench on Bumpy's machine. Joe tightens the cog.

Use the shoelace from laundry on Bumpy's machine. It's too dry. Combine oil can with shoelace to get oily shoelace. Use oily shoelace on Bumpy's machine.

Joe tested the machine - fixed. Exit the room.

Fix generator:

Power house:    Jump to powerhouse. See Gas Pipe make a killing gesture to Joe.

Mason says the generator is broken.

Take the projector bulb on the window sill.

Check the toolbox on middle table to get electrical cable, wooden brush, fan belt and wheel center.

Hidden pruno:    Check the hidden pruno-rock juice at rightmost yellow machine.

Control panel:    Check the control panel at back wall. One of the connector cables needs to be replaced.

Use the electrical cable on control panel. Joe checks it and still would not start.

Back of generator:    Go right to DC generator to see the back of the generator. Joe opens the lid of the small box.

Joe takes 2 gears that are misplaced. Someone removed the belt pulley. It also needs a gear to transmit the power.

Place the 2 gears back in the panel. One is too small and the other too big. They need to be worked on at the shop-industries.

Joe needs parts. Pull back and exit the power house to look for parts.


Jump to chapel.

Chaplain:    The chaplain talks to Joe about Christine's message - Evan guards the fridge.

Joe gives the chaplain the answer to Christine's message. Talk to chaplain again.

Speaker:    Check the cheap speaker. Joe fixed it and got wheel rim as spare part.

Projector:    Check the projector. The bulb burned out.

Use the projector bulb from the power house on the projector.

Hank:    Talk to Hank. Hank will look for a rope for something to perk him up.

He warns Joe about Gas Pipe.

Drawer:    Check the drawer of the altar. It has magazines confiscated by the chaplain from the prisoners during services.

Comics:    Take the Tijuana bible - pornographic Popeye comics.

Look at the comics and see it has Hank's name on the back.

Rope:    Give the comics to Hank. Hank gives 8 ft of rope.

Take Seagull egg from the nest by left window.

Exit the chapel.

Make parts for generator:

Industries:    Jump to industries.

Use the wooden brush on Bumpy's machine to get a wooden gear. Joe made something for himself.

Generator:    Go back to power house. Go behind the generator again; right to DC generator.

Use the wooden cog on the open panel.

Combine the wheel rim from chapel with the wheel center from industries to get a wheel.

Use the wheel on the wooden cog inside the panel.

Then attach the fan belt on the wheel.

Go back to the front - control panel. Use the control panel to start the generator. Good work.

Repair items at Mason's apartment:

Mason brings Joe to fix things in his apartment. Mason's wife is upset.

Mason says to fix the TV and record player.

Record player:    Check the record player.

Joe fixed it by removing the gunk that makes the turntable turn slow.

He also takes the New York fashion rag-magazine.

TV:    Check the TV. Talk to Mason about TV manual.

Mason's wife tries small talk. Mason gives the manual.

Use the manual on the TV to learn what is wrong. A vacuum tube blew out.

Talk to Mason about tube. Mason leaves to get tubes.

Mason's wife tries small talk. Mason gives 2 tubes and a piece of wire.

Check the tubes:    Use a vacuum tube on the manual in inventory to see if it will work. Do this for the other tube. The one on its side works but not the other one.

Use the correct vacuum tube on the TV set.

TV reception:    The TV now works but reception is bad. Joe mentions aluminum foil.

Mason's wife gives tinfoil. Use tinfoil on TV.

Fix the phone:

Phone:    The wife wants the phone fixed. Check the phone in the phone booth.

It gets a lot of interference from the power cables.

Power box:    Open the power box left of the booth.

The wires are corroded. Use the piece of wire given by Mason on the power box.

Interference:    Check the phone again. There's still interference. Joe needs to shield the phone again.

Use tinfoil on the phone. Joe wraps the wires on the phone with tinfoil.

Handset:    Click the payphone for Joe to improve the handset connection. Get phone resistor and dime.

Joe gives Mason a tip on how to get free calls. Follow the wire and close the circuit with something metal.

Get to the wardroom part of the escape plan:

Joe must have a long stay at the hospital.

Protect himself:    Go to laundry and give the mechanics magazine and New York fashion magazine to Chiquita.

Chiquita makes and gives a shiv/knife-proof vest.

Fight Gas Pipe:    Go to power house. Go right to fight Gas Pipe.

Hit Gas Pipe where he is not protected at that moment - head (neck), chest and belly.

Eventually, Gas Pipe is defeated and Mason arrives to take them both to the hospital.

Dr. Robert Kacmazek:    Talk to the doctor to convince him to put Joe in a safe place to heal.

Wardroom-isolation room:    Joe is sent to the wardroom. There is a glass shiv handle in inventory.

Check the room. The sink has cold water.

Check the window. Take the bent nail on the windowsill.

Check the bulb on the ceiling. The bulb breaks.

Check the bed to remind you of the Lizard's plan to put a head on the bed for the head count.

There's a panic button at right side of the grill wall. It will call the correction officer.

Get items to help escape

Open the cell door:    Check the crude old lock. Use the bent nail on the crude old lock.

Hallway:    Exit to bottom screen. See the COs standing outside the hospital doors. Joe crouches.

Operating room:    Enter the room at left. See the doctor taking a nap on the operating table.

Look around and check everything in the room.

Jack:    See the jack supporting the operating table.

Take the stool-chair by the door and replace the jack with it. Get the jack and handle.

Trash:    Examine the trash bucket at foot of the operating table. Get a bloody shirt.

Patient files:    Read the patient files on the bulletin board left of door.

Learn that Hank's dying of TB. Bruno has a bullet in his skull. Chiquita is scheduled for lobotomy.

Birdman is homicidal, obsessed with birds, obsessed with cleanliness and plays chess with his guards. He doesn't have escape record.

Exit the room.

Check the other room: 

At hallway, note that the isolation room (Joe's room) is beside the operating room.

The other wardroom at left side is locked.

Garbage and trash bags:    See black plastic bags at either side of door. Joe says he can use it later to make dummy.

Small hospital room:    Enter the far right door close to double doors. Look around at everything.

Towels:    Take the towels on the middle shelf of the broken table under the window. Joe makes 8 feet of rope.

First Aid box:    Open the first aid box. Take the cleaning fluid.

Check the power cables on the wall behind the first aid box.

Take the cleaning fluid-muriatic acid from top of the boxes at right wall.

Fuse box:    Examine the fuses, fuse list and power box. The power box is welded shut.

Take the TK421 - a phone jack from the fuse box at top.

Prepare the tools:

Jack:    Combine the jack with handle to get functional car jack.

Rope:    Combine the 3 ropes to get one rope (?16 feet of rope? - ignore the number, it will correct itself later in the game when all 4 8 feet of ropes are collected and connected).

Feedback device:    Combine the TK421 with the phone resistor to get feedback device.

Smoke bomb-screen:    Combine the cleaning fluid with the muriatic acid to get smoke screen.

Exit the room.


Enter the room at right front at hallway. See Hank's window.

Talk to Birdman Robert Stroud. He threatens Joe.

He asks for a tribute and he will show Joe what he wants.

Give the seagull egg to the birdman. He wants to see his book on bird diseases. Achievement - Sweet bird of youth.

Send message to Christine:

Go back to Joe's wardroom across the hallway - isolation room.

Enter the cell and press the panic button at right wall. Joe automatically closes the cell door.

Ask Mason to see the chaplain.

Talk to Hank. If you haven't yet - take the rope from Hank.

Chaplain:    Give the library book card (Stroud's book) to the chaplain.

Talk to Mason to go back to the wardroom.


Change to Christine.

Chaplain:    Go to the Sts. Peter and Paul Church.

Talk to the chaplain. He gives Joe's note and the library book card to Christine. Christine gets the password for the safe.

Check the card and note in inventory. Tell the Sphinx - Pack for Mexico. Use the B, the V and then the S.

Ask V to help us cross the line. Joe sends the safe password and wants passports.

Get the bird book:

Bookstore:    Go to the Lower Depths bookstore. Talk to Goldie's sister.

Give her the library book card from Joe.

Check the "interesting book" at bottom right of screen.

Give the old bible from the church or Volume IX taken from Evan's room to the bookeeperess. You can take any book in exchange.

Take Stroud's Bird book from lower right.

Chaplain:    Go to the church. Give the bird book to the Chaplain.

Christine asks for an answer to "the last cookie" from Joe to be sure he got the book.


Change to Joe.

Use the panic button. Ask Mason to go to the Chaplain.

At the chapel, the chaplain gives the bird book to Joe. The response for Christine is God helps those who helps themselves.

Ask Mason to go back to wardroom. Prayers said.


Church:    At the church, ask the Chaplain about the book and Joe's answer.

Get passport:

Go to Vivian the landlady's Chinese restaurant-apartment.

Go upstairs and talk to Viv about passports. Viv wants the rental payment first.

Pay the rent:    Remember that Viv wants Christine's jazz records. Give Viv the jazz record from home.

Talk to Viv again. Viv wants photos and #32 ink.

Get #32 ink:    Jump to Caffè Napoli.

Talk to Bernadette. Tell her about Bee at the club.

Ask about the #32 ink. Bernadette gives the #32 ink.

Get pictures of Joe and Christine:    Jump to Grassi's Office.

Look around. Check the papers-folder on table. There is a photo of Joe and Christine in the folder.

Talk to Grassi completely (use the scroll arrow).

When asked about old arrest report, Grassi looks for it. Christine automatically takes Joe and Christine's photo from folder.

Exit the office.

Give items to Viv:    Go back to Vivian-landlady apartment.

Give the ink or photo to Viv.

Viv wants blank passports. Open the lower drawer of the dresser at bottom right of screen.

Give the blank passports to Viv. Christine decides on US and Canadian passports.

Get 2 fake passports.

Get the loot:

Go to 1310 Grant.

Open the fridge:    Open the fridge and Evan points a gun on Christine.

Answer Evan with Joe's phrase - Pack for Mexico. Evan and Joe are now even.

Open the fridge. Achievement - Hole in one.

Use the B key on the open fridge. See the loot. Achievement - Got it!

Automatically change to Joe.


Implement the escape plan:

Birdman:    Exit Joe's wardroom. Go to birdman's wardroom across the hallway.

Give the bird book to the Birdman. The Birdman knows about Joe.

Birdman gives permission for Joe to enter his room. Use the bent nail to open the cell door.

Rope:    Click on bed to take bed sheets-rope.

In inventory combine all 4 ropes (if you haven't already) to make 32 feet of rope.

Window:    Check the loose window. Use the jack on window to get reminded to do the Lizard's plan.

Make a head for pillow (Lizard's plan):

Exit the Birdman's wardroom.

Take a black trash bag-garbage from hallway.

Combine the trash bag/garbage with the bloody shirt from the OR to get dummy.

Use dummy on Joe's bed.

Get out of building:

Loose window:    Go to Birdman's window across the hallway.

Talk to Birdman. Get gossip and tips.

Use the functional car jack on window. Climb the roof and cross it!

Take care of the guard:    See the guard on the watch tower. Look around.

One way:    Check the phone line, guard, spotlight and phone inside the tower.

Use the phone feedback device on the phone line with rotten insulation in front of Joe.

Watch what happens to the guard when the phone rings.

Another way:    Throw the smoke bomb to the guard. The guard chokes and lose consciousness.

Go down to the dungeons in front of Joe.

Go through the Spanish dungeon to the cave.

Spanish dungeon:    Click on the rusty locked door of the Spanish dungeon. Joe kicks a hole.

Enter and look around. See the rubble blocking the way.

Remove the rubble:    Turn the red valve wheel at right wall and hear water flow. The wheel broke.

The pipes has water flowing now. There's loose brickwork under the pipes at right and a wooden beam on the floor.

Break the pipe with water on right wall using the wooden beam on the floor below it. The water washed the rubble away.

Go down to the Spanish dungeon and go to the south end. Hear a noise. A shadow crosses right to left.

See Joe go over the fence. The patrol passes by.

Cave:    Joe uses the rope to be in the cave.

Fight Gas Pipe:    See Gas Pipe climb down the rope. Mickey paid him to kill Joe.

They fight. Finish Gas Pipe with the rock. Joe picks up the pipe.

Contact Christine:

Joe is seriously hurt and can't swim to shore. He needs a pick up. He is forced to contact Christine. Look at open water.

Find a way up to the top:    Climb up the cliff using the rope.

Check the loose brickwork under the burst water pipe at end of dungeon.

Use the pipe taken from Gas Pipe on loose brickwork.

Go through the hole to the old shelter.

Old Shelter:    Look around the 40's air raid shelter. See survival items.

Take the duct tape on the table at left.

Go outside:    Check the broken ladder leading to the top.

Check the way out at ceiling. It should place Joe at N or NE side of island.

Check the ladder piece. Use the duct tape on ladder piece.

Use the pipe to stabilize the ladder to hold Joe's weight. Climb out.

Get pass Mason:     See Mason smoking a cigarette.

One way:    Click right to get to public phone pass Mason.

Another way:    Kill Mason by pushing him off the cliff. Achievement - Payback time.

Fix the phone:    Mason's wife as gossiped by the Birdman flirts with Joe.

One way - Look at the phone. Use the dime on the phone. The coin gets stuck.

Remember earlier, Joe told Mason how to use the phone without paying.

Open the control box left of the booth. Look at open panel. Joe needs to bridge the connections with something metal.

Use the wedding ring on the control box.

Another way - Open the control box. Use the dime on the control box.

Use the phone. Joe dials Christine's number.


Christine is having her poetry party. Hear the phone ring.

Answer the phone. Joe gives the first line they spoke to each other.

Christine tells Joe to swim to the nearest buoy - at SW.  Hear Mrs. Mason yelling at background.

Talk to/check on friends in the poetry party. Talk to Camfield on the piano.

Cat:    Talk to Bernadette about the cat. She will take the cat. Christine gives her a grand. Achievement - Cat-astrophe averted.

Find a way to buoy:    Talk to Goldie. Learn that her sailor boyfriend will be at the dock.

Check Goldie's purse hanging by the dresser left of Dale. Get the boat key.

Exit the room.


Automatically be Joe. If used, take the wedding ring from the control box. Achievement - I just called to say...

Go left to the path. Go forward to the old shelter.

At the cave, go to the open water to swim.


Grassi and bodyguard:   

Without Mickey:    Automatically be Christine. See that Mickey's Mafioso bodyguard and Grassi are here to take the money and arrest Christine.

Talk to Grassi. Select the dialogue that appeals to his honor. Do this several times.

The Mafioso bodyguard wants to kill Christine. Grassi stops him. They are now pointing the guns on each other.

Click on the trash can behind Christine. This makes a sound and both men fire at each other. They are dead. Achievement - Two for one.

Take the loot. Use the boat key on the sailboat at right.

With Mickey:    If the Mafia was not informed of Mickey's cooking the books; Mickey will be here. The thug, Mickey and Grassi argue.

Talk to Grassi. Select the dialogue that appeals to his honor. Do this twice.

The 3 men argue who is in charge. Mickey wants to shoot Christine and faces off with Grassi.

Talk to Grassi. Christine makes him choose her and the cash. Grassi shoots Mickey. Mickey falls in the water.

Talk to the Mafia formerly a bodyguard. Bodyguard and Grassi face each other.

- Talk to Grassi. Grassi shoots the Mafioso.

- Hit the trash can and they kill each other.

Grassi's fate:    Grassi points gun at Christine and asks her to drop her purse. Christine points her own gun at Grassi.

- Decide to shoot Grassi.

- Decide to take loot and walk away.


Talk to Joe hanging on the buoy.

Different endings:   

- Leave with Joe. Achievement - Into the sunset.

- Leave without Joe. Achievement - Severed ties.

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