3 Skulls of the Toltecs


written by  Mr. Bill

Game produced by Revistronic Industrial Programs (1996)

INTRODUCTION&QUOTWhat is this darn game about?  In a previous adventure our hero was known as the Man With No Name but, after realizing the problems of having such a cool name (getting authentic looking ID, being taken seriously by members of the opposite sex, getting party invites, etc.), he changed it to Fenimore Fillmore.  He's an average kinda guy from Arizona of 1866...tall, dark, handsome: well perhaps not so tall, dark or even that good-looking, but he is charismatic and a good shot (not necessarily in that order though).  He's got a talent for cards and doesn't mind a drink, but above all else he's honest and well intentioned...well, sort of.  We start the adventure on that lonely and perilous search for personal wealth and excess: there's big money to be made prospecting for Cubic Zircona, a fabulously rare and valuable jewel that the rich and shameless of New York pay big bucks for.  En route to stake his claim he heads towards a nearby dust bucket called Big Town, only intent on stopping to water his horse (and maybe himself too!), when he's alarmed to hear gunfire coming from a close by canyon.  From a vantage point atop the ravine he realizes that another lone traveler is in big trouble: it's time to lend a hand and get involved!&QUOT.....(taken from the manual for the game).  Developed (1996) by Revistronic Industrial Programs and published by Warner Interactive International.

Please Note!

Whenever I say TALK to someone do it to the point of exhausting all of the possible areas of conversation.  You never know when something new might show up in the conversation as a result of something this person says or someone else has told you earlier.  Don't hesitate to go back to that person and talk to them again after someone else tells you something new.

Also if you RIGHT CLICK (use the right mouse button) on a person you will begin a conversation with them.  If you RIGHT CLICK on an object you will either look at, or look inside, or look through the object depending on what that object is.  You might even take something when you look inside the object.

Remember to LEFT CLICK on everything that goes into your inventory.  You will be given information about that object that provides clues for its use later in the game.

I would also recommend that you select the text option (subtitles) so that you can read all of the dialogues.  Certain characters have such distinctive accents that you just might miss out on some of this game's unique humor if you don't use them.

One last thing to take note of: you will find a map in the lower right-hand corner of the screen (within your inventory).  If you click on it now you will find only one area highlighted, The Canyon, because you are there now and you have not been anywhere else yet.  As you visit new areas they will be added to this map so that, when you wish to go to an area that you have visited before, all you have to do is click on the map in your inventory and then click on the area where you wish to go.


Our story begins in Arizona in the year 1866.  You, Fenimore Fillmore, have successfully driven off the bad guys that have shot an old man on a wagon.  The wagon has crashed and, in your haste to help the old man, you give him a bottle of his poisonous hair tonic instead of a bottle of his elixir.  Oh well, at least he lived long enough to tell you about the &QUOTThree Golden Skulls of the Toltecs&QUOT and the great treasures that the skulls can lead you to.  Wow!  We could be rich!  So you take the Golden Skull and start to ride away when suddenly a bullet creases your own skull.  Leaving you for dead, the bad guys take your Golden Skull and ride off.  You regain consciousness, drag yourself into the bushes, and overhear Friar Anselmo and Friar Bacon discuss the dead man and the whereabouts of the Golden Skull that the old man once had.  Then Friar Anselmo rides off.....



Canyon (2nd time)

Big Town

Indian Village



Fort Apache

Indian Village (2nd time)

Cemetery (2nd time)

Fort Apache (2nd time)

Big Town (2nd time)

Forest (2nd time)

Indian Village (3rd time)

Big Town (3rd time)

Canyon (3rd time)

Monastery (2nd time)

Canyon (4th time)

Revolutionaries' Hideout

Big Town (4th time)

Fort Apache - Last Time


Canyon (5th time)

Revolutionaries' Hideout (2nd time)

Big Town - Last Time

Canyon - Last Time

Revolutionaries' Hideout - Last Time

Inside Monastery Walls

Fenimore Has Riches   


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