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            This Freeware game was developed  by Ben (“Yahtzee”) Croshaw and is downloadable at http://www.agsforums.com/games.php?action=detail&id=269 

            The game is of the ‘classic’ 2-D, 3 rd person (cartoon style), point & click, genre.  It is partially linear … but not completely so.  The interface is extremely simple and slick … the graphics are very good (for AGS made games).  There are 20 save game slots and the whole load/save mechanisms are very fast.

Although its download is only about 1¼ MB in size, this Indie-Freeware game is a reasonably long one.

All steps necessary to finish the game successfully are included in the walkthru.  You do not however need to stick to the order outlined below.  Of course some actions must be performed before you can expedite certain others … but apart from that, there is quite a degree of flexibility.

It’s worth while saving frequently!

            [  ( North = N’ …..….. East = E’ …....… South = S’ …….... West = W’ )  ]




[001]  The game starts with our ‘hero’ (“Trilby” … gentleman thief) breaking into the apparently deserted DeFoe Manor.  He has used his grolly to gain entry.  The grolly is a grappling hook launcher disguised as an umbrella (umbrella in colloquial English = ‘brolly’), and is in your inventory.

[002]  Look around the room.  Do what you can.  But there doesn’t seem to be anything you can do there.

[003]  Open the door.  You can’t!

[004]  Open the window where you entered.  You can’t, it’s stuck!

[005]  Again, open the door.  This time (for some reason) it opens.

[006]  Exit to the hallway.  Observe what happens when you do that! (somebody runs away).

[007]  You can explore all the rooms which are open, and the garden area outside … as much as you wish.  You can take any inventory items which are available.  They probably will not be necessary for ‘Day-One’ but will save you time taking them later on.

[008]  Try to open the 4 doors in the hallway.  They are all locked except the bathroom.  You can look around the bathroom if you wish … but it won’t help you at this stage.

[009]  Walk downstairs.

[010]  Pick up the newspaper which is underneath the telephone (not essential yet!).

[011]  Read the newspaper … it gives some background info about the DeFoe Mansion.

[012]  From the bottom of the stairs walk E’.

[013]  Open the door and enter the living room.  Continue by opening the door and walk E’ into the TV room. 

[014]  Turn on the TV and get some more background info.

[015]  Take the VCR extension cord (not essential yet!).

[016]  Open the other door and walk E’ into the trophy room.

[017]  Meet and talk to Philip Harty.  He will outline some of the strange goings on in the mansion.  He will also detail the others apparently trapped there … Simone Taylor, the youngster Jim, and (the previously seen) flighty “AJ”.

[018]  Return and go upstairs again.  Walk E’ and you will see the TV personality Simone.  

[019]  She is trying to open the furthest locked door  (excluding the bathroom).  Talk to her.

[020]  Go downstairs.  From the bottom of the stairs walk W’.  Open the door and enter the dining room.  (Notice the portrait).  Continue by opening the door and walk W’ into the kitchen.  Look around the kitchen.  Nothing to do in these places.

[021]  Continue again by opening the door and walk NW’ outside into the garden.  Look at and pick up the twig from the ground (not essential yet!).

[022]  Push the tree.  A voice is heard from somewhere.

[023]  Talk to the tree.  Jim jumps down from an upper branch and talks to Trilby.

[024]  Walking E’ all the time, return to the living room.  Join 3 of the prisoners there (Phil, Simone and Jim … AJ is absent) and discuss the situation.

[025]  Talk to all 3 and exhaust dialogs with each of them.

[026]  Phil gives Trilby a cut out article containing some history of the Defoe’s.

[027]  Read the article (whenever).

[028]  They all retire for the night.  Trilby has a nightmare, and wakes up to ………..




[029]  Return to the dining room.  The portrait seems a little bit different … but the significance of this is questionable!

[030]  Exhaust all dialogs with young Jim.

[031]  Continue into the garden and walk E’.

[032]  Investigate the swimming pool.  Seems there’s something down there … but the pool needs draining to find out what!

[033]  Continue E’ and look at the pipe.  Maybe that’s a drainage pipe?

[034]  Walk E’ again.

[035]  Talk to Phil and exhaust all dialogs with him.  You ask him to let you borrow his metal detector.  He will only agree if/when you can give him a map of some tomb.

[036]  Return to the house, and go upstairs again.

[037]  Look at the door closest to the top of the stairs.  Its lock has been forcibly broken.

[038]  Enter … it’s a library and Simone’s there.

[039]  Talk to Simone and exhaust all topics.

[040]  Notice the books at the extreme left 2nd row down.  The 6th and 7th from the left are yellow in color.  Take one.

[041]  Look at it.  It’s a map of the manor and grounds.  Note the comments.

[042]  Below these and a little to the right, on the bottom row, are several light blue books.  Take one (not essential yet!).

[043]  Read the tragic history of the original DeFoe’s.

[044]  Return to Phil … at the same place in the garden.

[045]  Give Phil the map and he gives you his metal detector.

[046]  Walk W’, towards the swimming pool.

[047]  Use the metal detector on the pipeline.  It leads you to a specific pile of dirt on the lawn near to the rear wall.

[048]  Poke the pile of dirt and it reveals a metal panel with a single unmarked red button.

[049]  Press the panel.  It doesn’t seem to do anything.  But ……………….

[050]  Walk W’.  The pool has been emptied.

[051]  There are stairs leading down the empty pool.  Go down … but only if you have fairly good nerves and are not too sensitive!  There are some rather gory cut scenes, leading to ………………




[052]  Return to the dining room.  The picture seems a little bit different again … but the significance of this is again questionable!

[053]  Talk to Phil who is sitting there.

[054]  Continue W’ and into the garden.  Jim is there looking at a red car which has mysteriously appeared there.  It’s Trilby’s car which he left at the front of the mansion!

[055]  Open your car and take the lockpicks from inside it.

[056]  Use the lockpicks on the toolshed and enter.

[057]  Take the pickaxe.

[058]  Take the two-man wood saw.

[059]  You can try using the saw to cut down the tree … but that’s not a one-man job (not essential!).

[060]  Return to the house and go upstairs.

[061]  Use the lockpick on the locked door to the right of the library.  It still won’t open.  “Probably a dead bolt on the other side”.

[062]  Use the lockpick on the locked door to the right of the previous one.

[063]  This door opens … so enter.

[064]  Open the wardrobe.

[065]  Take the green book from inside the wardrobe.

[066]  Read the book.  It is the unhappy diary of Sir Roderick DeFoe with entries dated around the early 19th century.

[067]  It would seem to be Sir Roderick’s room.  Notice the weird scratch marks under the window (not essential!).

[068]  Open the window.

[069]  Climb out onto the external window ledge.

[070]  Perhaps you can reach the window to the E’ and gain entry to the locked room?

[071]  Maybe the tree or its branches are in the way?

[072]  Leave the room and enter the library.  Jim is there.

[073]  Talk to Jim.  He offers to help and Trilby agrees.

[074]  Wherever Trilby goes now, Jim follows him.

[075]  Exit the library, go downstairs, and out to the tree in the garden … Jim following all the time.

[076]  Use the saw ( see [058] and [059] ) on the tree.  You succeed in cutting it down now since it’s a two-man job and you’ve got Jim to work the other end.

[077]  Return to the house, up the stairs and back into Sir Roderick’s room.

[078]  Tell Jim to wait for you in the library and climb out of the window again.

[079]  Now there are no branches or tree to hinder you, but how can you make it to the other window?

[080]  Look at the roof.  No apparent help there.

[081]  Notice a loose tile in the roof.

[082]  Use your grolly (grappling hook launcher) on the loose tile and swing yourself over to the other window.

[083]  Enter the room and look around.

[084]  Take the Victorian-era teddy bear from the bed.

[085]  Open the nightstand.

[086]  Take the red book … young Matthew DeFoe’s secret diary.

[087]  Read the sad diary.

[088]  You now leave Matthew DeFoe’s bedroom by opening its door (You don’t/can’t use the window any longer).

[089]  Go into the library.

[090]  See [042].  If you haven’t done so earlier, take a book on the ‘History of the DeFoe Family’.

[091]  Make sure that you have read the green, red and blue books, and also the cutting Phil gave you, and the newspaper.

[092]  If you haven’t obtained and read ALL of the above, then do so now.

[093]  Trilby will say “Maybe if I could find Matthew’s body”.  “Maybe there’s a book in the library that could help”.

[094]  Enter the library.  Look at the row of black colored books at the extreme right and second row down.  “Books on the occult (White Magic)”.

[095]  Take one of these black books (in inventory it’s white!).

[096]  Read the instructions in it, i.e. how to find Matthew’s body by making and using a ‘Matthew DeFoe-detector’!

[097]  You need a teddy bear ( see [084] ), a wooden twig ( see [021] ), and some extension cord ( see [015] ).  If you haven’t got every one of these, get them now!

[098]  In inventory, use the extension cord with the teddy bear.

[099]  In inventory, use the above combination with the wooden twig/stick.

[100]  Go to the kitchen. 

[101]  Look low down and to the left of the cooker and see a large bag of salt.

[102]  Dip your  ‘teddy tied to a stick with cord’ into the salt.

[103]  In inventory, look at your “salty bear + stick” … it doesn’t seem to be doing anything!

[104]  Go to Matthew DeFoe’s bedroom.

[105]  Wave the ‘salty bear + stick’ over Matthew’s bed.  You have now completed your  ‘Matthew DeFoe-detector’.

[106]  Look at your ‘Matthew DeFoe-detector’ in inventory.  It instructs you to walk downwards.

[107]  Repeat [106] until it leads you to some destination.

[108]  It seems to have led you to the kitchen.

[109]  Perhaps the wall?  But you can’t do anything with your bare hands!

[110]  Use your pickaxe ( see [057] ) on the wall.

[111]  It opens up a large hole. 

[112]  Apparently there’s a bricked up stairwell behind the wall.  Enter the hole and into a cellar.

[113]  Look at the manacles/chains (not essential!).

[114]  It seems that Matthew’s body is somewhere in that cellar.  Use your ‘Matthew DeFoe-detector’.

[115]  This may be a bit inaccurate but it will lead you to a point in the floor where the indicator is pointing straight downwards.  (If you can’t find it, walk to the following position :- There are 3 straight horizontal parallel lines on the floor stretching from the E’ wall.  Go to the W’ end of the most S’ of these 3 lines.  That’s the place.)

[116]  If you now look at the floor at or near that point, it will now highlight an ‘area’ where Matthew’s body lies.

[117]  Get Trilby to ‘operate’ on that area.

[118]  He uncovers not only the body of young Matthew, but also the body of an older man; presumably Sir Roderick.

[119]  He hears a loud crash which sounds as though it came from the other side of the house.

[120]  Go back to the kitchen and then E’ all the time until you reach the trophy room. [121]  Look at the smashed bell jar and the undamaged hideously ugly wooden idol on the floor there.

[122]  Touch the idol.  This sparks off another dramatic scene bringing about ………….




[123]  Trilby has been knocked out.  He comes to in the toolshed with almost all of his inventory removed.

[124]  Try to get out of the toolshed.  You can’t!

[125]  Talk to Simone who is the other side of the window guarding Trilby.

[126]  Keep talking to her on and on and on, until she very reluctantly unwittingly helps you.

[127]  The key phrases to use are :-

            (a)  “What makes you think I killed Philip, anyway?”

(b)     “I was possessed by the ghost!”

(c)     “It possessed me just like it did when I killed AJ.”

(d)     “I’m delirious with guilt most of the time.”

[128]  “Simone … let me have my tie back.”   She slides Trilby’s tie under the door.

[129]  Pick up the tie, put it on and take your hidden lockpick.

[130]  Use your lockpick on the door.

[131]  Open the door.

[132]  Exit the toolshed.  Nobody is outside.

[133]  Look everywhere for the remaining pair; Simone and Jim.  (The portrait in the dining room is completely altered now!).

[134]  If you can’t find them, wait outside the bathroom AND  SAVE !

[135]  Enter the bathroom.  Simone joins Trilby and agrees that he’s not the murderer.  They talk … and ……………

[136]  Enter … a large figure in an apron and welding mask and brandishing a machete.  If you don’t do something quickly you’re dead and have to restore a previous Save!

[137]  Wait just a few seconds until the creature (Jim dressed up apparently) is on the red bathroom floor rug (mat) and pull it … and you’re in ………………




[138]  Talk to Simone until you have worked out what all this seems to be about.  Pretty far fetched?  … it depends on whether you believe in ghosts &/or the supernatural. ( It doesn’t matter which dialogs you choose, the same full narrative will be revealed!).

[139]  Simone walks off.  Apparently Trilby needs to find the ghost and then exorcise it!

[140]  Enter Matthew’s room and see Jim sitting on the bed.

[141]  Exhaust all conversation with Jim.  You take from him a blacksmith’s leather apron, a blood soaked machete, and an old fashioned welding mask spotted with blood.

[142]  Enter the library.  Look again at the row of black colored books at the extreme right and second row down.  “Books on the occult (Arts of Black Magic and Necromancy)”.

[143]  Take one of these black books.

[144]  Read the instructions in it, i.e. “Summoning angry spirits to their bodies” etc.

[145]  Walk down to the living room and enter.  Simone is sitting there.

[146]  Look at the pair of scissors which have appeared on the dresser.

[147]  Grab the scissors.

[148]  Talk to Simone and exhaust all dialogs.

[149]  In inventory use the scissors on the apron to obtain a thin strip of leather.

[150]  Trilby needs to find the ghost by making and using a ‘Ghost-detector’!

[151]  In inventory, use the thin strip of leather with the welding mask.

[152]  In inventory, use the above combination with the machete.

[153]  Go to the kitchen.  

[154]  Dip your ‘mask tied to a machete with leather’ into the salt.

[155]  In inventory, look at your “salty mask + machete” … it doesn’t seem to be doing anything!

[156]  Go to the cellar.

[157]  Wave the “salty mask + machete” over the manacles/chains.  You have now completed your  ‘Ghost-detector’.

[158]  Look at your ‘Ghost-detector’ in inventory.  It instructs you to walk upwards.

[159]  Repeat [158] until it leads you to some destination.

[160]  It seems to have led you to the bathroom.

[161]  Apparently the spot is on the floor half way between the edge of the red rug/mat and the door?

[162]  If you now look at the floor at or near that point, it will now highlight ‘tiles’.

[163]  Try to find the ghost there.  But you can’t do anything with your bare hands!

[164]  In inventory, use your scissors to cut the leather holding the mask and the machete together.

[165]  Use the machete to pry up the tiles.

[166]  Pick up the heavily decayed remains of Sir Roderick’s deformed and unwanted second twin son.

[167]  Go down to the dining room and look at the portrait.  It’s a totally blank canvas now! (not essential!).

[168]  Go to the trophy room.

[169]  Place the remains of  the twin son on the floor in front of the fire (according to the occult book’s instructions).

[170]  From inventory, place either the apron or the mask or the machete onto the remains.  ALL THREE will attach themselves and ‘dress’ the ghost!

[171]  Go to the living room.

[172]  Talk to Simone and tell her to meet you in the trophy room.  She goes there.

[173]  Go upstairs to Matthew’s room.

[174]  Talk to Jim and tell him to meet you in the trophy room.  He goes there.

[175]  Go back downstairs to the trophy room.  All 3 remaining characters are now there.

[176]  Give the teddy bear to Jim.

[177]  Pick up the rifle from above the fireplace.

[178]  Give the rifle to Simone.

[179]  Give the black occult book to Trilby.

[180]  Trilby will read the incantation. 

[181]  A reasonably long and satisfying ending ensues.  T H E   E N D !!

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