80 Days - Money for the Taking!

By drdel


I thought it would be funny to have a list of all the loot we found laying about on Oliver's journey. Really I think he might have been able to fund his whole trip without Uncle Matt's infusions; the only wonder is that the Scot's lads didn't pick it all up first! 

Lots of loot to be had in Cairo!

1. Across from the Harbor Courtyard where you sneak past the guards is an alleyway with money at the end.
2. Hotel Courtyard - to the side where the vehicles are, go up the steps and on top of the overhanging porch there is money.
3. Left and another left from the hotel is a tiled courtyard; on one side opening to the street there is a long narrow planter, with a picket fence; there is money in and around the corner there.
4. Right and right again from the hotel (I think! I get turned around easily hehe) is a stone archway; in one of the little cooking alcoves there is money.
5. Left from the market and then right, there is a lawn with palm trees, and a new building being built; there is money in there.
At the stone sea-fort (right from the street leading from the Harbor and up the long flight of steps:
6.There is a small stone cupola with open doors - there is money in there.
7. Continuing out of the cupola and towards the sea, there is a columned porch, looks like a sort of monument or crypt; up the stairs and to the left, there is money on top of the stone thingy.
8. Down the steps to the little balconies, on the first balcony there is money.
9. There is a shaded tiled courtyard, long and narrow, one side has a kind of timber fence with opening; across the street from one exit there is a little alcove with palm and bushes, there is money there on the ground.
10. the Caliph's palace joint, in the pool building, across from the five windows, there is money laying right by the pool ladder.
This, plus the 450 pounds Oliver picks up for bounty hunting is a tidy little 950 pounds possible for Cairo!

10. Up the long stairs, turn right and enter the door, find a cobra surrounded with lots of coins.


1. On first arrival on the dock, pan right and there is a single graceful tower. Go in through the wharf and hang a right all the way out and around; there is money laying right at the front door.
2. Sort of kittykorner from the Snake Temple entrance there is the Buddha on a platform, jump up and there is money behind the statue as mentioned in WT.
3. At the market, just around the corner in first stall to the left as mentioned in WT there is money.
4. Left from the hotel there is a building with stone elephants, just before entrance to Bollywood. Go up the steps, there is money on the landing.
5. Courtyard just before the Bollywood entrance (left of where the cop is standing) on the extreme right of the colonnaded porch there is money.
6. A second courtyard more or less across from the stone elephant building; at the center back landing of the colonnade there is money.
7. As noted in the WT there is money by the side of the house on seawalk leading over to Shankar's place, just turn left after going through the arch.
8. Last but not least, the money at the back of Shankar's house.


Hehe, this place was so neat and tidy don't you think? Compared to the trash on the streets and in corners that we saw in Cairo and Bombay, I guess that is rather realistic! One hardly expects there to be a blade of grass out of place, never mind bundles of cash and jewelry laying about!
However, after a run around the city starting from the wharf, the pickings proved richer than I had first thought.

1. The wheelhouse of the boat as WT mentions. This was interesting as if you hadn't taken the boat from Bombay to Yokohama, there'd be no reason for you to go over there, so it would be easy to miss. I was wondering if you left that money on the crate, you might see it when you finally got on the small boat to head for London?
2. The Red Bridge by one of the large Buddhas - to the right of that, before you go up on the bridge there is a house; go up the stairs and a little way along the landing to the left there is money.
3. At the temple with the open gate (across the river from the shark pool Buddha) where the standing, flame-colored Buddha is in the garden, go up to the top of the steps and there is money.
4. There is a building to the right of the road entry to the shark pool Buddha; go up the steps and there is money on the landing.
5. Facing from Shogun's palace, there are two raised ceremonial type mounds outside the compound to the large golden Buddha (the one with the drawbridge). The left mound is round at the top, climb up there and there is money.
6. There is a square shaped building between the Shogun's palace compound and the large golden Buddha compound; climb up the steps and walk round till you find money. (this is on the WT I believe)
7. In the Shogun's palace, in the same room with the letter, there is money in the opposite corner.
8. In San Saruto's house, in the room immediately to the right after entering through the front door, there is money. (Update: Oh man! I was so careless; there is also money in the left hand room. First time I only scanned from the door, but if you go right in and look behind the low table, there is also some money!)
9. During the prison break, just a bit past the ladder to climb out, there is money lying.


San Francisco
Okaayy! Quite a bit of money laying around San Fran; good thing as hotel rates are horrendously expensive here!
I'll list all the spots I know of (this'll include all that have been mentioned before in the thread and I think several of these are in the WT too).
I did a little street plotting as it makes it a bit easier to describe this. When you arrive at the central Station you are facing the city.
I call the main street, the one with the streetcars, going way up to a final dead-end, Centre Avenue; the street running right and left in front of the station, Station Street (hehe really original!); the second street up from the station if you go up Centre Avenue I call Library Street as the library is on that one; and the third street up from the station I call Hotel St since if you hang a left there you go up and curving around to the right, land at the Hotel Square.
If you hang a right at Library St the first right hand turn is Abel Avenue as Abel's construction yard is down that street; if you keep going on Library St to the end I'm calling that High Avenue (as you have to go uphill) and a left turn on that and to the end there will take you to the Western Indian Village place.

1. From the station turn left along Station Street. There is a double canopied building, sign with Free Rooms and just in between that building and the next one, there is money.
2. If you head up Centre Avenue and go all the way to the top dead-end, across from the Clothing Store, there is money.
3. At the City Library, two streets up from the station, there is money. Just go round to the side door and to the right on bottom shelf is money.
4. Head up from the station, turn right at Library Street and go all the way to the end, which is High Avenue. Turn left and go towards the Western village. On the right-hand side several houses before the Indian Square, there is a grey house with rusty colored banister. There is money on the veranda.
5. In the Western Indian village there is money on the veranda of the Scotch whiskey store.
6. There is money in front of one of the blanket and tom-tom arrangements in the Teepee village.
7. Going up Centre Avenue, turn right on the third street, Hotel Street. On the left side there is a pinkish colored house with wheelchair ramp. There is money on the veranda.
8. Going a little further along, on right hand side, there is a yellow duplex type house; there is money on the veranda.
9. On Hotel Street, going left from Centre Avenue up towards the hotel square, there is a grey house with rust colored banister on the left, there is money on the veranda.
10. Going up Centre Avenue, turning right on Library Street and then right again on Abel Avenue you'll come to Abel's Construction yard. There is money on the porch of the house to the left.
11. Same yard, through to back and over to the right of the yard, there is money on the ground.
12. There is money on Fix's desk in his office when you go in to clean (sometimes apparently, but not always!).



1. I only found the money on the upper deck as mentioned in MaGtRo's WT.
2. The middle sail mast; just look behind the little lift car that takes you up to the upper part of the mast.
3. By the aft sail mast; walk around the little lift car and look behind the strut to your right.
4. In the Phonoteque (however you spell that!) room; over to the left side of the room as you enter.
5. On the top promenade deck on the aft structure (that is the one covered with a sort of canopy, and the Phono whatever room is above that, reached by the elevator in the aft deck structure).
6. In the mid-deck structure, up at the very top promenade deck, there is money to be picked up.


The Goliath section is interesting.
When I play through on a new game, I only find money once in the three locations: Oliver's room, Conductor's room and by the shed up the left hand stairs when you get out to fix the water system.


So, the last location to mention is on the Leviathan.
I've found money in three locations:
1. On the fifth deck cabin level (where the Captain's and Bunsby's quarters are located) keep going aft and you'll come to a big lounge area with tables and bar type of place. To the right after you enter the room, laying on the floor is money.
2. On the second deck cabin level, go all the way forward and there is a sort of balcony which you'll see overlooks the large room below where the library and phonotech/message centre are. Toward the left corner of the balcony there is money.
3. When you get into the captain's quarters to lift the airship plans, there is some money lying on the sofa.


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