9 - Organ Puzzle
by Leland and Arleigh leland@ozsome.com

Organ puzzle and work sheet mini walkthrough.There are six different variations to the game.Yours will probably be different from ours. The best I can do is to tell you how to solve your puzzle.

Here's how to complete your KeyboardChart.

  1. Take the chart into Paint and erase the letters from the second chart.
  2. These letters are to show how we had to move the A-Z sequence up the keyboard 5 notes to match the sheet music on the organ in our game.
  3. Print the chart or draw or make another one (actually two) for your puzzle.
  4. Go to the Wheel of Fortune and put the A-Z sequence on the first chart starting at the left with the symbols drawn in above the letters. (note that there are two letters missing, the "M" and the "R", don't worry about that.)
  5. Now you should have the WOF laid out flat over a set of organ keys.
  6. Now go to the sheet music on the organ and look at the right-hand page.
  7. Look at the first symbol and find it on that chart you just drew up and remember the letter below it.
  8. Look back at the sheet music and see which key the symbol points to.
  9. Now write the letter you remembered above the corresponding key on the SECOND chart. Fill it in.
  10. You should have a chart that has moved up or down the keyboard to match the sheet music.
  11. Play your music clues from this chart.

You also need to complete the worksheet from the tool shed in the garage, because you will need it later. Here is the mini walkthrough for that:

  1. To start with, the right side overlays the left, so that you have one chart with little totems across the top row and down the left column.
  2. You also will have arrows across the second row and down the last column (the arrows indicate how many keys you have to move up or down the keyboard.) You should have only four empty spaces.
  3. The second column (usually one of the music clues from the sheet music from the organ) must be filled out, but will not be played to get a coin. i.e. look and see which one of the totems it is (the shaded boxes) and convert the first symbol to a letter (via your Keyboard Chart) and write that in by the little totem on the worksheet.
  4. Then count the keys (white and black) to the next symbol and see if it matches the number of arrows already in there.
  5. Then count the keys (white and black) to the next symbol and write that number (with a < or > indicating up the keyboard or down) in the next blank spot below.
  6. Repeat this for the last symbol.
  7. Now look and see which music clue is indicated in the next little totem and do the same.
  8. This should fill in all the blanks and complete your worksheet.

You won't play the last column either, just the middle column and the three rows.  Notice this completes the music clue from the car in the garage which is the bottom row.

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