Agatha Christie: The ABC Murders

By Artefacts Studio

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    2016


Gameplay:    This is a point and click third person game.

At start of game, make a profile. It is one out of 3 profiles available.

The main menu has play, bonuses, options, profiles and quit.

Bonuses have timeline, reconstructions and trophies.

Timeline shows the sequence of events of the case.

Reconstructions are replay of the event based on accumulated evidence. Select the actions that happened during the crime.

There are 50 trophies that can be obtained during gameplay. They are acquired by acting like Poirot.

Help can be obtained when the pause icon at top left is clicked on.

Saves are automatically done when the game is exited. There are no manual saves.

Options have the language, volume, video and controls. Credits are on all these frames too.

Language has voiced, language and subtitles choice. Voice has English or French selection. Language has German, English, Spanish, Italian or French selection. Subtitles can be ticked on or off.

Volume has controls for music, voice, and sound.

Video options have quality (high or low) and screen resolution.

Controls choices are for controller or mouse.

During gameplay, open the arrow at bottom right to see:

- the objectives-exclamation point.

- notebook has information about the characters seen during investigation.

- little gray cells are questions raised during investigations and answered by selecting deductions - evidence.

Inventory or items collected are seen left of the arrow at bottom right of screen.


Hercule Poirot and Captain Arthur Hastings are reading newspaper at Whitehaven Manor. The mail arrives. Poirot reads a letter that challenges him to solve the ABC case; starting with A - Andover on the 21st of the month. Poirot wants Inspector Japp to be informed.

See the challenger circles the A of the ABC guide book.

Poirot and Hastings ride the train to Andover.

Andover on 22nd of the month.

Go and meet Japp:

Chief Inspector Japp:    Go to Inspector Japp. Alice Ascher owner of the tobacco shop was killed yesterday.

Observations:    Click the cursor on character. Select the eyeglass icon at left to inspect the character. The the talk balloon is at right.

Click on Inspector for a closeup. Then click on areas that answers Poirot's observation.

Is Japp too relaxed? Click on hat, mouth for smile and body for relaxed attitude.

Say that it is too obvious.

Inspect the crime scene:

Enter the tobacco shop. Look around.

Newspaper and shelves at right:    Go to shelves by display window at right. Click on shelves, newspaper and floor.

Counter:    Turn items by click-hold-move of mouse.

Click on paper sack with strawberries, turned ABC train schedule (it has no prints) and counter full of prints.

Murder scene:    Look at the murder scene.

Click on matches; blood under head, floor with no other marks, Alice's head and body hidden from behind the counter.

Tobacco shelf:    Look at tobacco shelf. The tobacco shelf is messy.

Hastings mentions that tobacco shops do not sell ABC guides. He leaves to questions the neighbors.

Cash register:    Look close at the cash register.

Rotate the cash register by click-hold-turn.

Double click on active spots to look closer or to do an action.

Turn to left side of cash register to see the lock-unlock lever. A -5- clue is written under it.

Flip (click-hold) the arrow to the unlock icon.

Turn to the right side of the register. See another clue: 8 - -.

Look close at front of register. Double click the open button to open the cash register.

The register is full of money. See the third clue: - - 2. There is an orange tab under that clue.

Look close at the keys of the register. Press-double click the clues obtained: 852.

Take the key under the last clue in the till.

Inspect Mrs. Ascher's bedroom:

Check the door left of the shelves. Use (click-hold-drop) the key from till on the door.

Bed:    Examine the bed.

Click on blood on pillow, bloody handkerchief and turned picture frame. The picture of Franz and Alice Ascher's honeymoon.

Chest:    Look close at chest under portrait. See a chest that has knob that is blocked. There are 4 birds pictured in each corner.

The top has an intricate maze for a decorative flower at end of the lines.

Turn the second and third circle to make an unblocked path to the center.

Click-hold-move the flower to center.

Birds:    Look close at the birds on the top lid and see that they are clamped down.

Look close at the birds at door in front of chest.

Click-hold turn the birds until a click (not gears) is heard. The knob is unblocked.

Open the cabinet. Read the rejection letter from the Royal Bank denying Alice's request for a loan to buy the lease of her shop.

Examine the cough syrup with laudanum.

Kitchenette:    Go to the left and look close at the kitchenette. Click on old stove, modest crockery and simple tap.

Mirror:    Click on mirror to get Poirot to preen. If you see any mirror during gameplay - click on it to get Poirot to smooth his mustache.

Puzzle box on table:    Look close at the puzzle box on the table.

Examine the puzzle box. The aim is to slide wood slats to expose and press buttons.

Underside:    Turn the box and look close at the underside.

Slide the wood slat at right to top part. Then slide bottom slat to right; slide left slat down and top slat to left. Press the exposed button.

Long side:    Look close at long side with indented square.

Slide the bottom slat to the left. Press button.

Short side:    Turn to short side at right. Look close.

Slide the middle slat to the right. Press button.

Long side again:    Turn left to the same long side again. Look close.

Move the top slat to the left. Press button. The box is opened. That should do it.

Move the top cover to the left.

Examine the necklace with bright blue stones and the picture of a young lady. Turn the picture to see Mary Drower, Alice's niece.

Poirot asks Hastings to find Mary Drower.

Little grey cells:

Is the theft the motive for the crime? Check each statements said by the character at bottom. Click-hold-drop the appropriate evidence-character on the circle on top.

No objects of value for sale in this shop. The till is untouched and is full of money.

Answer:    Theft is not the motive.

Was Mrs. Ascher killed on site? Pool of blood near her head. No other marks on the floor.

Answer:    She was killed on site.

How do we explain the presence of an ABC guide on the counter? There are no fingerprints on the guide. Letter signed ABC announcing the Andover murder. No railway guide for sale in the tobacco shop.

Answer:    It was the left by the murderer as a signature.

Inspect the tobacco shop's surroundings:

Go outside the store to look around.

Nancy Bodley, Vegetable and fruit seller:    Go to Nancy Bodley selling vegetable.

Observations:    Examine the seller. Click on cigarette on hand, ashtray on stall and box of matches.

Interrogate Nancy in a respectful way while she is rude.

Question Mary Drower:   

Japp says that the victim's niece is at the back of shop.

Mary Drower:    Enter the shop, note that the body was removed. Enter Alice's bedroom.

Observations:    Select eyes, handkerchief and black dress.

Talk to Alice's niece. Be nice to her. (If you are not nice, she will cry). Ask questions that are not threatening.

Learn that Alice is not afraid of her husband and she gives him money - so money is not a motive.

Find Franz Ascher & Look at what Franz dropped:

Go to store area. See Franz Ascher brought in. He is drunk and became unconscious.

Corner of store:    Look close at the mess made by Franz when he stumbled in.

Select a box of new stockings. Check the ledger. See that Nancy Bodley owned money and that Alice gave money to Franz.

Find a way to sober up Franz:   

Go to Nancy Bodley next door.

Look at the bottle on the ground right of the stall. It is a bottle of vinegar.

Interrogate Nancy Bodley again:    Talk to Bodley. This time be accusing and threatening.

She brought strawberries to the tobacco shop at 6 PM.

Take the bottle of vinegar. It is what Alice use to wake her husband.

Grey cells:

Can we establish the time range during which Mrs. Ascher was killed?     The body was found at about 11 pm. Mrs. Ascher was seen alive at 5:30 pm.

Alice Ascher was killed between 5:30 and 11 in the evening.

Can we reduce this time range and why?     The fruit seller did not see anybody in the shop at 6 pm. Because of the counter, the body is not visible from the tobacco shop's door.

Alice was killed between 5:30 and 6 pm.

Question Franz Ascher:

Go back to the tobacco shop. Use the bottle of vinegar on Franz.

Franz Ascher:    Poirot updates Japp.

Observations:    Select black eye, split lip and ripped sleeve.

Interrogate Franz about his alibi. Make fun about the fight. Rodrick Tanner is his alibi.

Grey cells:

What was Mrs. Ascher doing when she was killed?      A cigarette packet near the victim's hand. Packets in a muddle on the shelf. She has one wound at the back of her head.

Answer:    She was taking a pack of cigarettes from the shelf.

Reconstruction of events:

Select the crime's course of events by selecting the actions that the killer may have executed.

Select:    Advance, ask for and turn around (guide).

Whitehaven Manor:

At Poirot's apartment, mail arrives again.

Read the newspaper on the table. See that the murder is reported.

Turn on the fan to get some cool air.

Go to bookcase left of dining table. Read the ABC guide. Click on Andover.

Look at the mirror to get Poirot arrange his mustache.

Read the letter:

Take, turn the letter and read the next mail sent by the murderer. The next crime will be in Bexhill-on-Sea on the 25th.

Compare the new letter with the first one.

Click on the desk to have a closer look on the 2 letters.

Click a defect on one letter, pull back and then click on the similar defect on the other letter. The defects will be encircled.

- double click the letter I on both letters.

- double click the A on both letters.

- double click on hazy w that is not printed properly.

Both letters were written on the same typewriter.

Grey cells:

What is special about the Andover murder?    Andover ABC guide. The first victim was called Ascher.

Answer:    Andover and Alice Ascher starts with the letter A.

What can we guess about the next murder? Letter announcing the Bexhill crime.

Answer:    The next victim's name will start with B.

Leave Whitehaven:    Exit home to go to Inspector Japp. Enter the taxi waiting for Poirot and Hastings.

Go to Scotland Yard:

Enter through the gates to be in Japp's office.

Japp's investing on his career:    Look close at the medals, etc on the wall by the door.

Click on medal board, Certificate of Merit and shooting trophy on table.

Check the map behind Japp:    Click on the red pins to see London and Andover.

Check Japp's desk or his person:     Click on piles of files, telephone off the hook and cup of cold tea.

Poirot tells Japp the bad news. The next victim's name will start with B. Poirot explains his deduction.

Japp's call:    Japp calls about the murder of a young lady on the beach.


Bexhill on the 26th:

Bexhill Observations:    Look at the police behind the barrier at right of street.

Click on Victorian house behind the police, modern bungalow on the beach and seafront (edge of beach).

Talk to Japp:   Go down to the beach and talk to Japp. The young lady was killed around midnight last night.

Examine the crime scene:

Look at the body behind the cloth barrier.

Click on face, neck, open empty hand, small key tied to wrist, ABC guide open to Bexhill, braided silk belt and feet.

Grey cells:

How was the victim killed?    She did not struggle. There was a braided silk belt. The victim has marks on her neck.

Answer:    The victim was strangled by surprise with her own belt.

What are the common points between the Andover murder and the one in Bexhill?    The ABC guide is open to Bexhill. Andover ABC guide.

Answer:    The killer signs his crimes with an ABC guide.

Are the crimes on Andover and Bexhill the work of the same murderer?    The press does not know that the ABC guide was found in Andover.

Answer:    The 2 murders are premeditated.

Identify the victim:

Find the victim's belongings:

Look close at the key taken from the murder victim. It has a #6 tag.

Check the modern bungalows on the beach. Note the sequence of the numbers of the bungalows: 9, 8, 7, 9, 5. They are all locked.

Look close at bungalow #9 between 7 and 5. Note that there is a padlock that needs a code.

Examine or look close at the 9 on the door. Click-hold-turn it right side up - 6. See numbers etched behind it - 715.

Look close at the padlock and enter the exposed code - 715. Use the key taken from the victim on the keyhole. Flip up and slide the bar.

Search her belongings:    Look at the picture on the wall of Betty's first day at work at the Ginger Cat Restaurant. The victim's name is Betty Barnard.

Examine her bag to get watch, lipstick and photo of the victim with a man. Check her shoes.

Go to Ginger Cat:

Photo location:    Climb the steps.

Examine the round structure with a cupola at the corner. Check the cupola on top of building and newspaper kiosk by the policemen. Click on the base of the beach wall to show the seaside.

Go left and check the store at the corner.

Inspect Betty's workplace:

Ginger Cat Restaurant:    Enter the restaurant. Look around.

Examine the well laid table and jukebox. Be sure to check the mirror to get more ego points.

Miss Merion, restaurant owner:    Look close at woman by the cash register.

Observations:    Select the woman's red hair, clothes showing strict appearance and the cash register.

Poirot orders some snack.

Check Betty's schedule:    Look close at the papers on the counter.

Look close at the schedule book at right. Click on Betty's name and her column on the 24th of July. She worked from 11 am to 7:30 pm.

Then click on Millie's name at first column to see that Betty was alone at 5 pm to 7:30 pm.

See who the customers are during the time Betty is alone:    Take the order bills on the basket at left and it will be spread out.

Study the bills. Click on the 2 bills that Betty served during the time she's alone.

Double click on bottom right (6:30 pm) and bottom left (7:20 pm) bills. They are from a family and a single man who ordered Whitehorse whiskey.

Miss Merion comes out and reprimands Poirot. Interrogate the owner based on her business and not know personal life of her personnel.

Go to Betty's house:

Exit and follow Hastings to Betty's house.

Megan Barnard:    Betty's sister lets them inside the house. She just arrived this morning.

Home:    Look around and click on piano.

Are the Barnards music lovers?    Check the piano, violin on table and worn couch.

Question Megan Barnard:

Observations:    Examine Megan.

What is she feeling? Select: eyes, photo frame she's holding and tense hands.

Talk to Megan. Concentrate of Betty's fiancé - Donald Fraser. Insist on the truth.

Megan has to answer the phone and gives permission to check Betty's bedroom.

Hastings leaves to find Donald Fraser.

Check the mirror above the fireplace.

Examine Betty's bedroom:

Climb the stairs right of exit door. Check the mirror on the dresser.

Look around in Betty's bedroom.

Check the bed with clothes, box of stockings and invitations. Click on menu, dance invitation and cinema ticket.

Betty as a music lover:    Check the small table at right. Click on metronome, microphone and music stand.

Go left and check the side table. Click on medicine and box. Get a small key.

Check the record sleeve taped on the wall between the windows. Betty recorded a demo.

Examine the clock on the drawer:    Turn the clock to check each side.

Open side panel:    Check the right side to see that it is blocked by a small piece of wood.

Examine the spindle at top right and the leg at bottom right. They are both movable.

Loosen the top spindle by turning it to the right. Loosen the bottom right leg by turning it to the left.

Look at right side again. Double click to open the panel. Take the winding key.

Open the top panel:    Look close at the small panel at top of the clock. Slide the panel down to reveal gears.

The top left and bottom right gears are covered by wooden panels.

Correctly position the 4 corner knobs on sliders to remove those 2 wooden panels:

- top left and top right knobs should be inwards facing each other (move left knob to right position and right knob to left position).

- slide bottom right and bottom left to middle positions.

The panels are removed.

Use the winding key taken from clocks side panel on top left, bottom right and then middle gears.

Use the winding key on the top keyhole above the clock face. The left side panel opens.

Letters:    Read the 2 letters hidden inside the left compartment. They are notes from D and Adrian.

Listen to Betty's record:

Look for Betty's record:    Exit the bedroom. Downstairs, look close at the gramophone and the stand its on.

Look close at the cabinet of the stand. Use the key taken from the box left of the bed on the keyhole.

Take Betty's record with a label of 78T. Study the solfege - graph of assigned notes.

Side panel of cabinet:    Turn the cabinet to look close at right side panel.

Double click the metal knob to open the drawer.

Turn the cabinet to look inside. Take the crank-handle.

Get the code:    Double click the drawer again to open the flap inside. See a code with icons similar to the graph seen with the record.

Study the paper graph. Note that the starting number at top is 4 (note icon) which splits to 2 of the next icon; which in turns splits to 1.

So 4 becomes 2 becomes 1 becomes .5 becomes .25. Note the icons that labels those numbers.

Looking at the code with icon at drawer; it shows that ? + ? + ? = 1. Try .25 + .25 + .5 = 1 or any combination that produces 1.

Click-hold-move to select the icons. Hear a click.

Identify the record to be played:    See a slot at bottom right of right side panel opens up. It has 2 letters and a number. Remember the label of the record - 78T

Enter 78T on the panel. This opens the small panel in front of the turntable.

Play the record:    Do this part in sequence. (I got a glitch mixing the steps up.)

There is a knob in the just opened small panel. Flip up the knob under the turntable. That raises the needle.

Place the record on the turntable.

Flip down the knob on small panel to lower the needle.

Insert the crank on hole at right side of the turntable. Turn the crank.

Press the T shape knob beside the turntable down.

Betty was stopped from recording by Donald. Betty was advised by the doctor not to strain her voice.

Continue questioning Megan:

Examine Megan again. Observation:  Select - eyes with tears, Betty and Donald picture and no wedding ring.

Talk to Megan again. Ask if Donald was in love with Betty. Ask for cooperation. Donald can be violent.

Hastings says that Fraser is at the restaurant.

Grey cells:

What had Betty planned to do with her evening?    Betty had probably planned to meet someone that evening. Betty was seeing other men as well as Donald. Betty lied to Donald about what she was planning to do the day before.

Answer:    Betty lied to Donald because she has a date with another man.

Did Betty know her assailant? Betty has marks on her neck.

What is Megan Barnard's behaviour hiding? Megan kept looking at the photo of Donald and Betty. Megan really liked Donald Fraser.

Answer:    Megan has a soft spot for Donald.

Did Megan Barnard have a motive for killing her sister? Betty was seeing other men as well as Donald.

Answer:    Megan was jealous of Betty.

Question Donald Fraser:

Exit the house. Poirot asks Hasting about Fraser. Fraser has no alibi. Go to the restaurant.

Observation:    Study Donald Fraser. Select: dark circles under eyes, crumpled clothes and Whitehorse whiskey.

Question Donald with care so that he doesn't lose his temper. Ask about seeing Betty that afternoon. Ask about Whitehorse whiskey. Ask for cooperation to catch the killer.

Donald relates his actions the night of the murder.

Grey cells:

Did Donald have a motive?     Betty used to go out frequently. Donald was a violent man.

Answer:    Donald has a motive - jealousy.

Does Donald have an alibi? Donald does not have an alibi.

Donald might have been at the beach and killed Betty? The two murders were premeditated and were carried out by the same murderer.


Exit the restaurant.

Reconstruct the crime:    Select - Advance to #6, change (Betty) and advance. Attack is done.

Go back to London:    Follow Hastings and enter the taxi.

August 30 - Prepare to leave for Churston:

Hasting takes the mail that arrives. Specify that it is 30th today.

Call Scotland Yard and Japp to warn him.

Learn the reason for the mail's delayed arrival:    Pick up the mail from the floor by the door.

Examine the 3 new inventory: The piece of envelope was mailed to wrong address - Whitehorse Mansions.

Read the note written by the post office on the other piece of envelope.

Book shelf left of dining table:    Observe the ABC guide book and Hastings hunting photos.

Newspapers:    Check the 2 newspapers on side table by sofa.

Packing suitcase:    Talk to Hastings who is packing the suitcase.

Point out that order is essential. Select: bath towel, pajamas, unprotected bottles, odd socks and badly closed toothpaste.

Compare the new letter with the other letters from ABC:

Look at the desk to compare the letters.

Select the same discrepancies as the previous 2 letters: I, hazy w and odd A.

Grey cells:

Why does the murderer warn us so late?  Letter C was sent at the right date. Piece of envelope with a wrong address.

Answer:    The mail was delayed because of an error.

Answer the telephone:    Sir Carmichael Clarke was killed during his walk. He is a famous throat specialist.



Examine the crime scene:

Sir Carmichael Clarke:     Examine the body: blood splatter, ABC guide, the neck and pants.

Items on blanket:    Look close at items on blue cloth. Check the watch with a dragon coin, wallet, signet ring with family's coat of arms and key holder.

Stone structure:    Go to the stone structure between the 2 bushes and bird. See a rabbit hole, wild flowers and the picturesque rock.

Bush by path:    Examine the only bush left of the path.

Cleared area by bush:    Examine the trampled grass right of the bush.

Grey cells:

What was Sir Carmichael's position when he was killed?    The zone soiled with blood covers a conical-shaped area which extends away from bush. There is a wound with a clear outline. The body was found in front of the only bush in the surrounding area.

Answer:    Sir Carmichael had his back to the bush.

Did Sir Carmichael see his intruder?     The victim has his back to the bush. The victim only had one wound. Trampled grass behind the bush.

Answer:    Sir Carmichael died without seeing his assailant.

Japp arrives. Answer him: The murder was carefully planned. The murder was very violent.

Question the victim's brother:

Go left and be in the drawing room.

Thora Gray:    Franklin Clarke introduces Thora Gray, Sir Carmichael's secretary.

Observation: light makeup of face, old dragon brooch and elegant clothes.

Franklin Clarke:    Talk to Franklin. The ailing widow can't talk to Poirot today.

Be nice in interrogating Franklin. Be understanding. Ask if the villagers knew.

Inspect the lounge:    Franklin leaves when Thora calls for him. Poirot asks Hastings to watch if the residents come back while he inspects the room.

Table:    Check the teapot, the dragon motif at center of table, the 4 plates (turtle, dragon, crane and tiger) and the private collection catalogue book.

Examine the Chinese map above 2 display cases at opposite wall (south is upward).

The right display case has a Chinese compass.

Go to the far wall.

Book case:    Look close at the book case left of the fireplace.

Book:    Read the book right of a colored discs puzzle. Note the colored bars surrounding the pictured dragon.

Chinese animals:    See discs with the Chinese animals seen on the table earlier (turtle, dragon, crane and tiger).

The next layer has blank colored discs and below that are larger blank colored discs.

The central knob on the dragon emperor rotates the top layer of animals.

The knobs at top left and bottom right rotates the middle layer of colored blank discs.

The knobs at top right and bottom left turns the bottom larger colored blank discs.

Start by placing the bottom larger blank disc in position similar to that pictured in the book: Red on top, white at right, black at bottom and blue at left.

Arrange the middle blank discs to match the bottom one.

Arrange the animals in their correct positions: Dragon at left, crane at top, tiger at right and turtle at bottom.

Turn the animals to have the dots facing the central dragon emperor.

The bottom cabinet is unlocked. Open the cabinet. See ceremonial daggers with one missing.

Read the letter that states that Lady Carmichael has cancer and has only one year to live. She is to be given morphine to ease her pain.

Thora Grey:    Hastings warns Poirot that the secretary is coming back. While checking the collection catalogue; examine Miss Grey.

Observation:    Check a flustered Miss Grey - partially removed lipstick, bright eyes and quick breath (click on book).

Interrogate Miss Grey. Ask about relationship, events version and think about Franklin.

Hastings saw Franklin kissing Miss Grey.


See the reconstruction of the crime. Select:  wait, admire (Carmichael), attack from right and cut throat.

ABC:    See Alexander Bonaparte Cust (ABC) read the newspaper. See the ABC guide on the table.

Whitehaven Manor:

Hastings gifts Poirot with a new pen.

Meeting of suspects:    Observe the guests.

Check Hastings and Sir Franklin Clarke.

Check Thora Grey and Mary Drower.

Donald Fraser:     Dark circles around eyes, shaving cut on chin and tense hand.

Megan Barnard:    Earrings, necklace and eyes looking at Donald.

Poirot talks to the people - be nice.

Grey cells:

Murderer profile:

Is the killer clever? Indeed. Let us look again at this murder if you please. You will see that the murderer carried it out to perfection. Clever.

Is the killer sure of himself? Killed when the street was packed with people. Self confident.

Is the killer a seducer? The man seduced Betty before taking her to the beach. Seducer

Does the killer like trains? A passenger time table! Likes train.

Is the killer impulsive? The killer is methodical and prepared his crime meticulously. Cold.

Is the killer generous? Without the ABC, we might have suspected Mr. Ascher and Mr. Fraser. Generous.

Mary cannot come just like that to London. Franklin helps Mary.

Franklin wants Poirot to come back to meet with Lady Clarke.

What do the victims have in common? Mrs. Ascher took a cough medicine. Betty had problems with her voice. Sir Carmichael Clarke was a famous doctor.

Answer:    All victims has throat connection.


Franklin and Thora are leaving Poirot alone at the mansion. Thora is leaving her employ. A nurse will be coming to give Lady Clarke her medicine.

Go and find Lady Clarke in her bedroom:

Lady Clarke:    Go upstairs and check on Lady Clarke.

Observation:    Check her dazed eyes, clenched fists and the painkillers on the side table.

Talk to Lady Clarke. She wants the nurse. The telephone rings.

Go down and answer the telephone. The nurse can't come to give the injection. Poirot will do it. The skeleton key is at the lion trophy.

Mirror:    Check the mirror on wall above the telephone.

Find the skeleton key:

Look close at the lioness head on the wall at foreground.

Check the label of the Sumatran lioness. Take the skeleton key. Read the label.

Give Lady Clarke her injection:

Go to the dresser and look around.

Use the skeleton key on the locked small medicine cabinet on the dresser. Automatically, Poirot gives the medicine.

Talk to Lady Clarke. Remind her of her invitation. Learn that she doesn't like Miss Grey. Lady Clarke falls asleep.

Wake up Lady Clarke and continue questioning her:

Combs:    Go to the dresser again. Take the bronze comb at left.

Pick up the silver comb from the floor by the bed.

Look close at the side table left of bed. Take the gold comb from table.

Dresser:    Look close at the dresser by wall.

Check picture of fun game in croquet, picture of radiant Lady Clarke and Lady Clarke and Sir Carmichael picture.

Musical box:    Examine the musical box in front of the pictures.

Double click the lid to open the box. See the workings of the music box. See that the spring is broken.

In inventory open the neversharp pen given by Hastings by using the hand icon at right. Automatically take the spring.

Place the spring on right end of the cylinder in the box.

Place the gold I, then silver II and lastly the bronze comb III at bottom part of the box.

Click-hold-turn the crank. When released, the music box plays.

Lady Clarke wakes up.

Question Lady Clarke. Carmichael likes Thora. Agree with Lady Grey.

Learn about the man Thora was talking to - man not a gentleman with plain face.

Answer the telephone:    The phone rings. Go down and answer the telephone. It is Hastings. Hastings admires Thora.

Inspect the mansion:

Sitting room:    Enter through door at left. Look around again.

Book shelf:    Look at book shelf again. Check the daggers, doctor's letter and valuer's report of Sir Carmichael's mansion.

Click on label of book to learn that it was made by the firm Donald Fraser works for.

Locked cabinet right of fireplace:     Use the skeleton key to open the cabinet.

It has Sir Carmichael's patient records.

Check the left side files - A to D. No dust on the files. Have been handled recently.

Check the right side files - E to Z. Lots of dust. Have not been handled for a while.

Check the display at the corner.

Check the book on the table by door. It is the Combeside private collection purchase book.

Check the map above the display again. Check the 2 display cases below it. One has the compass.

Check the table again. See items that Thora left. Read the letter. Look at the dragon locket and the ceremonial dagger.

The locket has a nice inscription showing that it was given by Sir Carmichael.

Foyer:    Go through door and look around at foyer.

Check mirror, phone, Sumatran lioness trophy and small table by door.

Small table by door:    Examine the Black dragon's curse book. Read the dedication on the book given by Lord and Lady C to Franklin who will never grow up.

Examine the arsenic sent to Thora.

Open Franklin's trunk:    Look close at the trunk.

Dials:    See 4 locked dials on the front.

Turn the trunk and double click-check the labels on the left side. Lift the handle and see the tag from China - 1927.

Look close at the front of the trunk to see the 4 dials. Using the number from the tag, enter 1 9 2 7 on the dials. The locks open.

Lid:    See a watch and 3 pictures on the lid.

There are numbers on the pictures that are not hidden.

Click-hold-move Franklin's travel pictures. Scroll to study the pictures.

The left set has picture #7 on the last hidden picture. The middle has no written number on the last hidden picture. The right pictures has 20 on the last hidden picture.

Turn the watch above to 7:20. Hear a sound.

Trunk:    In far view, turn the knob on the front doors to open the trunk.

Drawers:    Check the bottom right drawer to get Allen keys. The upper drawers are empty. Open the left door to see Franklin's whiskeys.

Top drawer:     See that the top lid under the pictures are locked. Look close to see a triangle.

Look close at the Allen wrench in inventory. Click the hand icon at right to isolate the wrench required.

Use the Allen wrench with triangle on the lock. The lid opens to show another cover.

Check the screws at top right and top left to note that it has hexagon indents.

Isolate the hexagon tipped wrench in inventory. Use it on the top right and top left screws.

Great Britain map:    A map in 6 rings is exposed.

Arrange the Great Britain map by turning the rings. One ring will affect other rings. The center circle is permanent and used as guide.

Turn ring 1-outermost to have the light brown part to the left side. This affects ring 3.

Turn ring 3 (from outermost to innermost) to have the light brown on the left side. This affects ring 5.

Turn ring 5 to correct position. This affects ring 4.

Turn ring 4 to correct position. This affects ring 2.

Turn ring 2 to correct position.

The red area is opened. Look close and open the small lid at center. Take Franklin's family signet ring with year 1587 on it.

Franklin's office:    Use the skeleton key to open the locked door left of stairs. Look around.

Chinese cabinet:    Examine the Chinese cabinet right of door. See a lock at center that has Chinese characters.

Lock clue:    There are 3 metal disks with Chinese characters at bottom and one on top. Look close at those metal disks.

Examine the left character at bottom. Turn the circle to get the character at left side position. This character right way around.

Examine the bottom right character. Turn the circle to get the character in second from left position. Position of the character looks right to me.

Examine the middle character at bottom. Turn the circle to get the character in third from left position. This character right way around.

Examine the only character at top. Turn the circle to get the character in rightmost position. Position of the character looks right to me.

Arrange the characters on the lock at center to show the clues on the arrange characters.

The cupboard is opened. Look at the 3 books (countryside, train and travel in China books) and the items at bottom shelf.

Trophies:    Go to left end of room.

Look at: rifle, tennis racket and shoes on shelf and head of animals.

Examine the head and label of Kodiak bear from Alaskan peninsula.

Examine the head and label of a Greater Kudu from South Africa.

Map:    Go to the map on wall. See a world map.

Open the square at bottom right corner. Use the signet ring on the slot.

The small squares on the frame open to show footprints of animals.

Change the footprints on the small squares that intersect the countries that Franklin used as hunting grounds

Lioness of Sumatra:    Change the small squares at top right, bottom right and middle of right side squares to clawed 4 toed feline footprint.

Alaskan Kodiak bear:    Change the top left, bottom left and top at right side squares to 5 toed clawed footprint.

South African Greater Kudu:     Change the top second from right, bottom second from right and bottom at left side to hoof print.

Safe:    The map slides to reveal a safe with 4 dials.

Enter the number seen on the signet ring from top left, top right, bottom left and bottom right: 1 5 8 7.

Check the contents of the safe:    gold sovereigns - stocks and certificates, Eton school report that showed Franklin is a good student.

Read the 2 letters from Lady Clarke and Sir Carmichael. Lady Clarke mentions Thora and knowing about her illness. Sir Carmichael mentions the comfort he receives from Thora.

Inspect the mansion's surroundings:

Exit to the garden using the door at the sitting room.

Poirot smells something horrible.

Flower boxes:    Go to right end of patio. See one of the flower box is not aligned.

Look close at flower box to see a dead rat beside brown pellets. Examine the flower box and Poirot realigns the flower box. Click on flower box to admire the work.

Formal garden:    Go down the steps. Inspect the fountain, the wisteria on pergola, trimmed hedges and greenhouse.

Wheelbarrow:    Check the wheelbarrow at bottom right corner of the garden. Take the burned documents.

Overlook:    Exit through gate and see a memorial to Sir Carmichael. Read the plaque from Lady Clarke.

Grey cells:

Why did Thora leave personal belongings behind at Combeside?     Thora left Sir Carmichael's gifts. Thora left a letter behind. A dagger is missing from Sir Carmichael's case.

Answer:    Thora does not want to be accused of theft.

Is Thora a poisoner?    There's a poisoned rat at the scene of the crime. Thora has ordered rat poison. Thora left a letter behind. Lady Clarke has one year left to live.

Answer:    Thora does not have reason to poison Lady Clarke.

Telephone Hastings:

Place the skeleton key back behind the plaque of the Sumatran lioness.

Use the phone at foyer to talk to Hastings. Poirot asks Hasting to order solvent to use on the burned document.

Talk to Donald Fraser:

Donald Fraser is waiting for Poirot at Whitehaven Manor.

Use the mirror to arrange the mustache.

Donald Fraser:     Look at Donald.

Observation:    unshaven, crumpled clothes and dark circles under eye.

Talk to Donald. Reassure him. Encourage him.

Grey cells:

How should Donald's dream be interpreted?    Donald was very much in love with Betty. Donald does not kill Megan in his dream. Donald really likes Megan.

Answer:    Donald is starting to like Megan and feels guilty. Learn that he like trains.

Talk to Thora Grey:

Remind her that she did not see anyone that day? She remembers a stocking salesman. He was hesitant and shy.

Ask her whether she resigned of her own free will. Thora knows about Lady Clarke's animosity.

Ask if she will return to Churston. Poirot asks if she will accept if Sir Carmichael proposes.

Grey cells:

Would Thora have married Sir Carmichael if he had lived?     Sir Carmichael had offered Thora a brooch. Sir Carmichael found Thora charming. Thora is evasive about her relationship with Sir Carmichael.

Answer:    Thora wanted to be married and would have done so if Sir Carmichael lived.

Is there another common point between the murders?     Mrs. Ascher's personal effects: a stocking box and an account book. Thora Grey saw a door to door salesman. Betty's mother is upset about Betty's new stocking.

Answer:    Each member has a stocking connection.

Telephone Japp:    Use the phone.

Mr. Cust tells his landlady that he has to travel for an engagement.

Collect the post:    Mail arrive. Hastings is disagreeable.

Compare the new letter:

Newspaper:    Check the newspapers on the table by sofa. Select statistic bulletin and the Daily Blague newspaper behind it.

New mail:    Pick up the mail. Read the new mail sent by ABC killer. The next murder will be in Doncaster.

Click on desk to compare the new mail to the old one. Click on the I, A and w. This was sent by the same person.

Poirot calls Japp to tell him about Doncaster.

Decipher the burned documents:

Go to the table by door. Talk to Hastings. Look close at table under mirror.

Put the pieces of burned documents to form the complete letter.

There are 4 pages. Look close at one set.

The piece on top of the screen is permanent. Connect the other pieces to that one.

Use the solvent ordered by Hastings

Use the bottle of solvent on the cloth.

Take cloth and use it over the pages.

Poirot reads the burned paper. It is the medical record of Mrs. Ascher.

Look close at the 4 pages on the table. Select each page and see that they are the record of Alice Ascher, Betty Barnard, Alexander Bonaparte Cust and  Dick Dudley Dunbar, owner of Black Swan in Doncaster.

Cust suffers from coughing blood, absences and amnesia due to mustard gas and head trauma during the war.

Grey cells:

Where do the burned documents come from?     Mrs Ascher's name is visible on the burned documents. Sir Carmichael's medical records have been consulted recently. All the victims suffered from throat afflictions.

Answer:    The documents came from Carmichael's patient medical records.

Answer the telephone:

Talk to Japp about Alexander Bonaparte Cust. Tell him to look at Black Swan hotel in Doncaster.

Marbury Guest House:

Hastings has a dental appointment.

Poirot takes the taxi to the guest house. Look around and then enter.

Question Mrs. Marbury:

Mrs. Marbury the landlady:    Talk to the landlady peeling potatoes. Learn about Cust's ailment.

Ask where the stains were - collar and buttonholes. She repaired Cust's bathing dress. After Churston, Cust started buying newspaper.

Take the key from counter. Check the register and Poirot noted a discrepancy. Talk to Mrs. Marbury

Observation:    welcoming smile, smooth movements of hand peeling potatoes and relaxed posture. Room 306 was rented while Mr. Cust was away.

Cat:    Look at the cat picture at end of counter. Select: picture, pillow and hanging cork toy.

Search Cust's room:

Check the mirror first.

Look down on the floor under the sink and see blood.

Check the shelf and take the bottle of laudanum and the bottle of sedative.

Desk:   Select:    ABC guide, knife, pencil scrapings, spilled bottle and letter.

Read John Milligan's letter about Cust's being hired to sell Silky Legs stocking. The company sent the typewriter, stockings and a schedule of his rounds starting at Andover. The rest was covered by spilled ink. Poirot has to prove that he went to Bexhill.

Typewriter:    Examine the typewriter. Poirot wants to get the ribbon.

Rotate the cover of the left and right reel of ribbon.

Look close at the center stretch of ribbon and metal clip. Click to remove the ribbon.

Look close at the ribbon. Rotate it to read what was typed.

Check the closet. Select: clothes, Bexhill's newspaper, bathing dress, other newspapers starting at Churston.

Check the boxes on floor. Select: ABC guides. Open the other box using Cust's knife and see stockings.

Grey cells:

Where was Cust at the time of the Bexhill murder?    Cust's room was rented to someone else on the 25th. Bexhill's local paper dating from the day of Betty's murder was found in Cust's room.

Answer:    Cust was probably in Bexhill on the 25th.

Talk to Japp:

Go down and talk to Japp. Japp wants to know if Poirot thinks Cust is not guilty.

Grey cells:

Was it possible for Cust to have killed the three victims?    Cust was in Churston on the day of Sir Clarke's murder. Cust was in Bexhill on the day of Betty's murder. Cust was in Andover on the day of Alice's murder.

Answer:    Cust was in all the town.

Are there any common points between Cust and the killer?     All the letters sent to Poirot come from his typewriter. He has a knife like the one used to stab Sir Carmichael. He has ABC guides at home.

Answer:    He could have committed the crimes.

Is Cust's behaviour suspicious?    He keeps the newspapers that talk about the murders. He lied about his destination. He had blood on him.

Answer:    Guilty.

Poirot explains about the blood on shirt and the newspapers.

Go to Scotland Yard:

Take the taxi to Scotland Yard.

Alexander Bonaparte Cust:    Look at Cust.

Observation:    shaking hands, crumpled jacket and lowered eyes.

Talk to Cust. Ask if he knows Poirot. After a while he coughs. Give him the laudanum. After the coughing, his shirt has blood.

Admit that you do not believe he's capable of killing. Talk about army. He likes to follow orders. Get him to believe he's innocent.

When Cust gets terrible headache, give him the sedative.

Talk to Japp:    Exit the room and talk to Japp.

Grey cells:

What do we know about Cust's health?     He suffers from hemoptysis. He has problem with his throat. He suffers from absences.

Answer:    Cust is mentally and physically weak.

Are there any clues that do not support Cust's guilt in the Churston murder?    Sir Carmichael was attacked from behind and the blood spurted out in the direction of the sea. Mrs. Marbury saw Cust's shirt with stains on the buttonholes.

Answer:    The murderer's shirt should be stained on sleeves not buttonholes.

Are there any clues that do not support Cust's guilt?    Newspaper article started at Churston. He did not recognize Poirot.

Answer:    There are several details that show that Cust was not guilty.

Can we say without shadow of doubt that Cust is guilty? He says that he did not write the letters. He had no reason to kill them.

Answer:    Not guilty.

Cust's profile:

Is Cust clever?    Army was the only place he didn't feel inferior. Mediocre.

Is Cust sure of himself?     He was hesitant and shy. Easy to influence.

Is Cust a seducer?    Medium size, glasses dark suit and felt hat. Without any charm.

Does Cust like trains?    He is always unwell on trains. He does not like trains.

Is Cust impulsive?    Gentle as a lamb afterwards. Cold.

Is Cust generous?    Cust is parsimonious. Miserly.

Go home:

Take the taxi. Hastings reads his newspaper.

Read the 2 newspapers on the side table beside the couch.

Bring the revolver to Hastings:

Gun case:    Go left of the couches. Look at the gun case.

Decision time:     See blank cartridges and real bullets. Decide which bullets to use on the revolver.

Answer the phone:    Japp says that there is no other clue found.


The suspects:

See the meeting of the characters in the case. They discuss the case.

Grey cells:

Why did the murderer make a mistake in the address?  The murderer always warned Poirot about his murders. The letter's arrival saved the murderer. The error in the address caused the letter to be delivered late.

Answer:    The mistake is intentional.

Why did the killer send his letters to Hercule Poirot? Poirot's address is not very well known.

Cust profile:

What do we know about Cust?     Cust was in the war and has never been quite the same in the head since. Cust was wounded during the war.

Answer:    Cust is mentally fragile and easy to manipulate.

How to explain Cust's presence at the crime scenes? Alice and Betty are in Doctor Clarke's medical records. The murderer found a way to access Doctor Clarke's medical records.

Answer:    Cust was manipulated.

Donald Fraser's profile:

Answer Megan Barnard. Say that just one murder is of interest to the killer.

Access to medical records:    Indicate that Donald's firm worked for Clarke.

Is Donald clever? He's a bright man with a promising career ahead of him.

Is Donald sure of himself? Since Betty's death, I have doubt about myself.

Is Donald a seducer? Women seem to like him!

Does Donald like trains? I'll sleep on the train. I like trains.

Is Donald impulsive? It was an awful scene...

Is Donald generous? He would have made Betty a good husband. He's attentive and generous.

Franklin Clarke's profile:

Is Franklin clever? School report.

Is Franklin sure of himself? Take Franklin: he's fallen for her sweet talking charm. He's a lovely boy, very plucky and sure of himself.

Is Franklin a seducer? Miss Grey is already being courted by Franklin Clarke.

Does Franklin like trains? The Railway book.

Is Franklin impulsive? Dear Franklin... I wish you a good start to a successful new year!....... .... if you weren't a real cool blooded guy.

Is Franklin generous? It is normal that people helping should be reimbursed.

The murderer:

Answer Franklin:    Say that Thora Grey bothered him.

No proof can be give; so - lie about the fingerprints found on Cust's typewriter.

The ending depends on the bullets used on the revolver.

See what happened to the other characters.

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