By Daedalic Entertainment

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   June 2011


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

The main menu has new game, continue game, load, options, save game, credits and quit.

The options menu has subtitles, speech volume, sound volume, music volume and full screen adjustments.

The interaction menu is seen when a hotspot is left clicked-hold on. The action selections to be done on that hotspot are seen. Right mouse click will close the interaction menu when no action is selected.

Inventory is at bottom of screen. It can be accessed and closed by right mouse click. There are scroll arrows at right and left ends of the inventory bar.

Additional help:

ESC key opens the main menu

A skip button-double arrow appears after 3 minutes on the mini puzzle.

Double click on exits will speed up the change to the next screen.

Dialogues can be skipped by enter key, left or right mouse clicks or period key.

Spacebar shows all active spots on the screen.

The + and - keys control the general volume.

The T key cycles from subtitles with voice, subtitles only or voice only during the game.

The M key turns the sounds off-on.

The Q key quits the game.

Other keys: F1-load, F5-save, F8-options, F9-quick save (one slot only), F12-quick load of F9 save.

The year is 2500, earth's surface is uninhabitable. Salvador and Delvin check the earth's surface and learn disastrous news. A meeting is held to decide a course of action. The earth's magnetic field is not capable of protecting the world. And the world will end in 2 weeks unless some action is taken. Salvador has an idea and is implemented - step back to the past.


At a Norwegian seaside, see Bent Svensson, a retired bioengineer. (A tutorial option is shown. It is recommended that you go through the tutorial.) Hear a loud sound.


Place the cursor over the shutter cover and select open.

Move the cursor down a bit to the motor and look at.

See that the belt tore. Take the V-belt.

In inventory, tie the belt. Left click to take and place the tied belt on the impeller.

Activate the fogger. The belt tore again.

Go down the stairs to the house. Go down to and open the basement door. It is locked.

Find the key:   

Open the house door and enter. Look around. Press the space bar to see all active spots.

Picture:    Look at the picture of Bent and his wife Meta.

Look at the team of Atlas 11. See the picture of the team.

Note the bulge at bottom right of the picture. Rip open the bulge. Take the key.

Find a belt replacement:  

Go out of the house and use key on basement door.

Enter and look around. Remove the cover at back center of room. Check Bent's home laboratory.

Open the dresser and search. Automatically take a screwdriver.

Open the ledge door at left. Look at bicycle and then bicycle tube. Use the screwdriver on the bicycle tube.

Fay:    See a helicopter land. That surprises Bent.

Bent talks to unknown woman-Fay. Select all dialogue.

Fix the fogger:    

Install the belt:    Go back up to the fogger. Look at motor. Remove the torn belt.

Place the bicycle tube on the impeller. The belt is too long and loose.

Remove the screw at bottom right. There's a hole now. Place the broken screwdriver in the hole. It stretched the tube.

Blocked disk:    Go right and activate the fogger. One of the disks is blocked.

Go down and talk to unknown woman-Fay.

Go upstairs to the house. Take the rapeseed oil on the shelf under the cupboard.

Go back to the fogger. Look at motor. Use rapeseed oil on the large impeller.

Activate the fogger to test it. Someone has to help hold the screwdriver to stop it from popping out.

Go down and talk to Fay. Ask for her help. Watch as they fix the fogger.

Fay and her reason for being here:   

The fogger kills the bird on the tree. Fay gets very upset at what happened to the bird. Fay buries the bird by the shore.

Talk to Fay. Fay chokes and asks for water.

Go upstairs to the house. Bent answers the phone. It is his doctor. Repeat after her: I am not responsible for the whole world.

Fay says that she is a Time Travel Pilot. After explaining her reason for being here, Bent says - I am not responsible for the whole world.

Fay explains what happened to earth 500 years from now.

Fay shows the picture of her team:   

Top row: Salvador who is also in Norway; Quadi the Commander is responsible for keeping the colony alive; Nigel is Fay's mentor and took care of her when her parents died; Fay and Delvin the prodigy.

Bottom row: Josep researched the archives to learn all about the world; Dina is eager to go to Europia to learn about Art; Sadi is Fay's best friend and went to South America and Hardy who went to Zweizelburg.

The team went to 2050 to stop the climate change.


Leaden Air


Fay and Nigel arrive in San Francisco on the surface of earth in 2050. Fay is to set up the time radio antenna to contact the others in the team that were sent around the world. The plan is for the team to convince the leaders of the world and take them to task to about the climate.

Set up the time radio antenna:   

Inventory has time radio transmitter and knife.

Go to the time capsule. Open the shutter between the chairs. Take the suitcase that has the time radio antenna.

Scale the steel beam on the left. Fay sees that the whole city of San Francisco is destroyed.

Place the suitcase on the plateau. Click on the drawing-manual on the cover of the suitcase. See the setup of the antenna.

Parts of antenna:    Click to open the suitcase. Take the foot (long tube) and automatically place it on the ground.

Click on the base of the foot and the tripod opens.

Take the antenna from the suitcase and place it on the ring on top of the foot.

Take the coupler, 2 cables and T-piece from suitcase and place them on the ground.

Take the fuse and click it on the antenna (flashing area).

Take the receiver from the cover of the suitcase and place it on the ground.

Construct the antenna:    Now, click the switch on top of the antenna to extend the antenna.

Place the coupler at base of extended antenna.

Attach the receiver on the coupler.

Attach the 2 red cables on the 2 plug sockets on the coupler.

Attach the T-piece on top of the extended antenna.

Click on the button at center of the T-piece to raise the arms.

Attach the ends of the 2 red cables to the plug sockets on the T-piece.

Automatically the t-piece arms extend to have squares for the cubes.


Install the cubes:    Take the cubes from the cover of the suitcase.

Fay says to install cubes that belong to same side.

Place a cube on a square and see button on the central part of the T-piece flash. Press that button and see the cube expands to show 3 panels.

Each of the cubes has 3 panels when placed on a square and the panels are extended when the appropriate flashing button is clicked on. Those 3 panels are positioned differently on the 3x3 grid.

The object of the puzzle is to place 3 cubes that will form a 3x3 panel on either side.

Check each of the cubes to see where the 3 panels for that cube are situated.

Then group 3 cubes that would fill 3x3.

On one side, (numbering the cubes on the cover of the suitcase as top and bottom) - place bottom left, top middle and bottom middle cube.

On the other side, (numbering the cubes on the cover of the suitcase as top and bottom) -  place the top left, top right and bottom right cubes.

Press the main switch and see the panel spread out. Fay would say if it is done.

bottom left cube   top middle cube   bottom middle cube   top left cube   top right cube   bottom right cube
Left side of the antenna   Right side of the antenna

Charge the radio transmitter battery:   

Use the time radio transmitter from inventory on the time radio antenna. It is out of charge.

Descend the steel beam to go to the time capsule. Look close at the time capsule.

Use the radio transmitter on the cylinders above the chairs.

See that Svensson capsule is in the middle between 2 other cylinders. Pull out-click on Svensson cylinder.

In inventory, open the radio transmitter to remove the battery.

Insert the empty battery on the Svensson capsule. Uh oh! The battery is recharged but the Svensson capsule's algae died.

In inventory, combine the battery with the radio transmitter.

Scale the steel beam back to the antenna. Use the charged radio transmitter with the antenna.

Disaster:    Hear the General trying frantically trying to connect with Fay. They are drifting farther away in the timeline.

See some reception on the transmitter. Click on a scene to see Dina or Josef. Click on all reception to see the destruction of the world. They arrived at the middle of the climate change. Sadi in South America said she found the source of the radiation.

They are all dead.

Look for Nigel:   

Descend the steel beam. Go down the stairs right of the time capsule. Check the ruins of the house.

Go right to the passage and hear Nigel scream. Fay drops down from a fire escape with a fallen neon sign.

Get to Nigel:   

Look around the landing by the water. See clothesline at right and ladder above.

Use the knife on the clothesline right of the landing. The ladder above is too high.

Enter the building. Check the doors.

Go to the stairs and break off the iron rod of the banister. Use the iron rod on the door right of the stairs.

Check the wallpaper on the wall inside the room. Remove the wallpaper and see the ramshackle wall. Use the iron bar on the ramshackle wall.

Utility closet:    Go through the hole on the wall. Be in a utility closet. Look around.

Open the locker. Take the dustpan (and soap) and broom. Go through the window-hole.

Ladder:    Go out to the balcony-landing. Use the broom on the ladder.

Fay lowers the ladder and uses the broom to prop it in place. Climb the ladder.

Be back on the landing with the fallen neon sign. Scale the fallen neon sign. One of the sign-globe falls off.

Nigel:   Be inside a library. Look around and check the reading devices on the table. The only working reading device is the one on the right.

Go right and see Nigel hanging on the edge of the balcony.

Nigel says to find the other San Francisco team: Salvador and Delvin. 2050 is too late. They have to make another time jump.

The cyanobacterium is our last chance. Nigel has entered the information on 2 data crystals: one dropped below when the floor caved in. The bacterium is the key. Cyanobacterium is the future fuel.

Give me your hand. Nigel hands one data crystal to Fay and falls.

Fay hears a message on the radio transmitter. Abort mission... Get yourself to safety...

She also hears a distress signal. The second SF team is still alive. They are 2 miles away. Fay needs a boat.

Look at the skyline of San Francisco at right.

Data cube information:    Go back inside.

Use the data crystal on the receptacle beside the right reading device. That's a lot of data.

Get to the other San Francisco team:

Get a boat:    Go through the window and scale the fallen neon sign.

Take note of the globe of the neon sign that hangs only from one hinge.

Go inside the building at left. Check the desk. Use the knife to pry open the desk.

Take the screwdriver. Go back outside at right.

Use the screwdriver on the hinge of the hanging globe. The globe falls down to the water.

Go down the fire escape ladder. Check the globe and see that you can use it as a boat.

In inventory, combine the iron rod with the dustpan taken from the locker.

Combine the dustpan handle with the clothesline taken from here to get a paddle.

Get in the globe. Fay paddles through the streets of San Francisco.

Find the other team:    Fay gets off the globe by the edge of a broken bridge. The capsule is very close.

Look at the abyss at right. See Salvador and Delvin. Talk to them. They are still inside the capsule that has fallen down the abyss and landed on a metal beam.

Save the other team:

Cross to other side:    Try to cross the acid water to get to the other side using the stone. There are gaps on the makeshift path.

Go back to the left. Take the board on the ground.

Check the truck at left. Try to remove the canvas. Use the knife on the canvas of the truck.

Pull out a barrel from inside the truck. The barrel floats and fills a gap beside the stone.

Go back to the stone and barrel. Use the board on the stone and then walk to stone.

Take the short board you just walked on.

Go to next stone and the next gap by walking on the long board.

Take the long board. Use the long board on the next stone-metal.

Use the short board on the next stone. Walk to the other side.

Pull up the team:    Look at the rope-harpoon on the ground that Delvin shot up.

Check the vehicle at left. See that the key is still on the lock.

Look at the mud on the back wheel of the car. Use the dustpan to clear the mud.

Take the wheel rim off to expose the rear axle. Take the rope and use it on the exposed rear axle.

Go to far right and look at the steel beam. Use the wheel rim on the steel beam.

Take the rope and use it on the wheel rim.

Go back to the car and activate it. Let's go.

Bent still does not believe Fay.

Chapter 2

A Night in the Global

Back by the ruins close to the time capsule, the 3 discuss the plan. Delvin needs the right point of time to calculate the next destination. Salvador takes Nigel's data crystal. Fay reminds him that there is another one that is lost. Salvador after some flexing of his muscle leaves to go to the library.

Ruins by time capsule:    Look around at the desk. Read the writing tablet to learn more of the plan.

Search the kitchen at right. Search Delvin's sleeping bag to get a battery.

Go right to the balcony. Scale the neon sign to go to the library.

Salvador:    Talk to Salvador completely. He would not let Fay rest.

Tell him about looking for data and then search the area.

He allows the probe to be used to search the area.

Search for the second data crystal:

Search the area:    Take the plasma drill from the case on the floor. Use the plasma drill on the debris blocking the door at left. A hole is made.

Take the probe from the case and use it on the hole made on the debris.

Fay uses the radio transmitter to track the probe. Click on the light bulb button at bottom left of the transmitter.

See Nigel and he moved his hand to cover the light. He's alive.

Boost the plasma drill:    Fay informs Salvador and Salvador ignores it.

Go back to the ruins. Talk to Delvin about boosting the drill and about Nigel. Delvin needs a blue filter. He doesn't believe her either about Nigel.

In inventory, open the plasma drill to get blue filter. Give the blue filter to Delvin.

Delvin gives the membrane that is needed to boost the plasma drill. She needs a power source and attach them to the drill. Fay has the battery from Delvin's sleeping bag already.

In inventory, combine the battery and membrane to get a charged membrane. Combine the charged membrane and the plasma drill to get a boosted plasma drill.

Go back to the library and use the boosted plasma drill on the debris. It's not strong enough; maybe because Fay took off the filter.

Filter:    Go back down the neon sign. Check the flickering letter.

Use the plasma drill on the flickering letter L to get a red shard.

In inventory, combine the red shard with the boosted plasma drill to get optimized plasma drill.

Go back to the library and use the optimized plasma drill on the debris. The debris is cleared.

Salvador takes the plasma drill from Fay and leaves her with the membrane.

Search for data crystal and Nigel:

 Data crystal:    Enter the opening made. Go down and look around.

Search the terminal by Fay. It might be the one Nigel was hanging on. Get a chip.

Go left under the overhang and try to take the green data crystal on the overhang.

Use the paddle on the data crystal and the runnel washed the crystal down.

Check the 3 sockets at left side. Activate them and nothing happens.

Go down to lower level:    Go right and check the twine. Use the knife on the twine-vine.

Fay goes up and cuts the vine-twine. The twine now hangs on the railing. Go down.

Lower level:    Search the runnels for the data crystal. It's not here. Check the display cases.

Look for data crystal:    Climb back up the vine-twine. Go around to the overhang.

Place the soap on the runnel where the data crystal was initially located. The soap falls down to the lower level.

Go down to lower level again. See the foam under one of the runnels. Inspect the foam to get the data crystal.

Automatically bring it to Salvador. He reads it and says that the crystal is broken. Fay wants to download the data again from where it was taken. Fay needs to look for a terminal. He gives Nigel's password - blue-green algae. Get the data crystal back from Salvador.

Use terminal to get data:

Terminal by railing:    Go back to the opening at left. Use the terminal by the railing. No power.

Open the maintenance gate at base of terminal. Use the screwdriver to open the gate. See fried chip.

Remove the fried chip. Use the chip taken from the terminal right of the overhang on the slot as replacement.

Use the terminal. Still doesn't work. Fay checks the cable behind the terminal and sees that it goes down to next level.

Lower level:    Go down to lower level. Enter the lit entryway at right side.

See the heavy reinforced door at right is ajar. Try to go there and it is slammed shut. Try to open, talk or peek on it. Hmm...

Check the soda machine. Check the electronic lock of the soda machine.

Terminal under the window:   Check the turbine room behind the glass window. The turbines are not working.

Open the shutter of the terminal under the window and operate the control panel. Fay wants all lamps to glow green.

Click on it and it resets to no light seen on top.

From left to right numbered 1-4 and clockwise only, turn the knobs below: 4 once, 1 once, 5 once, 4 once, 1 once, 5 once, 2 twice and 3 twice.

Fay pulls the lever and a short circuit happens.

Short circuit:    Exit to the left. Check the cable behind the left display case and see where the problem occurs.

Fay follows the cable to the door at right wall. Open the cover of the wall panel. Drag the plug at bottom right.

Fay automatically flips the lever of the turbine panel. One of the turbines turns.

Go back up to the terminal by the railing.

Terminal by railing:    Use the terminal. Click the data crystal on terminal. Use the terminal again.

Select blue-green algae password.

Use Quickie. Select dialogues several times until information about download of data is finally acknowledged. The response to dialogue requested doesn't match the question selected. There's a copy in the safe.

The safe is now opened. Malfunction occurred. Lamps in both slots should be lit in order to access the data.

Take the data crystal:

Sockets-shelves-safe:    Take the signal lamp from the floor left of the terminal.

Go to the 3 sockets by left wall. Activate them and see the shelves rise up.

The middle one has a lit lamp. Lower or activate again to lower the left shelving.

Use the lamp taken from the floor left of the terminal on the right side second from bottom row.

Check the active spots and see that the data crystal is second from the attached lamp at the meeting point of the 2 lit lamps.

Take the data crystal and the lamp back.

Reason for the climate change:    Go back to Salvador and give him the data crystal.

He learns that the reason for the climate change was Emilio Indez. He built a nuclear power plant at the Brazilian rain forest. The power plant blew up and within a couple of years the whole climate disaster occurred.

The Conference on global climate was going to make a decision on allowing Indez to build his plant. Since there was no alternative power, the permission was given.

Fay and Salvador argue about going to the Conference or to Brazil. Fay wants to present the algae as the alternative at the conference. Salvador wants the approach of preventing the accidents at the Brazilian power plant.

Bent and Fay discuss the reason for the disaster. Bent still does not believe Fay.

Find what is needed for the time jump:    Go back to the time capsule and talk to Delvin.

Delvin gives Fay some food pills. Delvin needs a magnetized atom from the time of the power plant explosion. The ideal specimen is the videotape of the Brazilian disaster.

Go back to Salvador and he gives the ID number of the video kept in the archive, ID# 2110-8321-00.

Get in the archives:

Contact the person inside the heavy reinforced door:     Go to the left and then down to the lower level. Go to the turbines and the heavy reinforced door.

Talk to the door again. Peek in and see an illuminated elevator inside.

Use the radio transmitter on the heavy reinforced door to contact the probe.

See Fay being watched from inside the door.

Press the light bulb icon at bottom left. The flash surprised the man inside to screech.

Talk to the door. Learn that the man inside wants food. He is hungry.

Get food:    The man doesn't want pills. He wants Fay to cook.

Check the soda machine and the electronic lock.

Use the membrane from inventory on the electronic lock. Then use the battery on the membrane covered lock to drain the power from the lock. Uh oh! The battery and membrane are destroyed when the lock blew up.

Reach into the coin chute to get coins. Use the coins on the slot at top right of machine.

Operate the machine for Fay to press the selection button. Take the red curry cola bottle from the machine.

In inventory combine the red curry cola with the chicken a l'orange pills to get curry chicken.

Use the curry chicken on the heavy reinforced door. The man will leave the door opened if he likes the food.

Fay leaves the curry chicken on the steps and leaves. Go back to door and see it open.

Get an atom from the time of the Brazilian disaster:

Find the video artifact:    Enter the dark room and talk to the survivor Sean Rattold. Look around.

Use the terminal at right of the survivor. Ask for artifact # 2110-8321-00.

There are 3 artifacts with those numbers: manuscript, camera and the video material of the Indez Catastrophe.

Ask for the video. The video is not accessible. Then ask for the camera.

The camera arrives in a glass case. Take the camera from the glass case.

Exit the close up of the camera. In inventory, activate the timer of the camera.

Place the activated camera back in the glass case. Automatically, Fay tells Quickie to take the camera back.

Use the terminal again and ask for the camera again.

Take the camera from case and see the picture taken after the 1 minute timer run out. It is a large case with the ID numbers on it. Beside it is the case with the video cassettes.

Place the camera in the glass case to return it.

Go to the video cassettes:    Use the terminal again and ask Quickie for the large container by giving it the number: 3476-8970-9987. It is empty but Fay asked for it anyway.

When the case arrives, get in the case and see that Fay fits inside.

Talk to the survivor. After promising to cook for him and his friends (rats), the survivor will do what Fay wants.

Get in the glass case. Talk to Sean, the survivor to send her-the box away.

Arrive at the storage area. Open the video glass case. Use the screwdriver on the glass case.

Take the video cassettes and see that it is one from the power plant accident and one of the conference.

Get in the glass case. Fay waited and she was not called back by the survivor.

Transmissions:    Fay calls Central and hears echoes from the past transmissions on her transmitter. One is of her voice saying that Bent Svensson is our savior.

Salvador is also contacted. Salvador will come get her now.

Fay arrives back to the room and gives the 2 video cassettes to Salvador. Learn that Salvador took care of the survivor.

Fay gives great reason why they should go to the conference first before trying to go to the jungle.

Salvador also told Fay that she will be left behind here because the time capsule can only carry 2 people.

Time jump:    Bent asks if she fixed the second capsule. Fay tampered with theirs.

Back at the time capsule, Fay wants to be sure that they go to the conference.

Use the conference video on the power plant video that is right end of the table.

Watch what happens to the jump. Delvin jumps out and is replaced by Fay. Delvin sends them through.

Bent gets angry and asks Fay to leave. When Bent opened the door, a man hits Bent.

Chapter 3

Rude Awakening

As Bent Svensson.

Escape the bathroom:   

Get untied:    Aboard the helicopter, see Bent tied to the handle of the shower.

Drag the curtain to drop the curtain to the floor.

Use the curtain rod on the handle Bent's hands is tied on.

Cupboard:    Look around the room.

Open the left cupboard and take the aftershave. Look at it in inventory, it is flammable.

Open the middle cupboard and take the comb. Look at it in inventory, it is metal.

Open the right cupboard and take the nail clipper.

Open the door:    Check the door and see that it is locked.

Look at the screw above the window. It is a Phillips screw and is used to hold something outside the helicopter.

Break the metal comb and it broke into 2. In inventory combine the 2 pieces of comb to make a comb cross (like the head of the Phillips screw). Use the comb cross on the screw above the window.

See something drop from top of the helicopter and is outside the window.

Open the window and drag the cable inside. Take the antenna arm which is now a crowbar.

Use the crowbar on the door. Exit the bathroom.

Find a way to get help:   

Look around. Check the books above the bunk bed.

Check under the pillow to get a Dictaphone and a plastic net. Play the Dictaphone and hear Oggy's comments about Fay.

Go right and close the bathroom door. See Oggy flying the helicopter.

Go left to the lounge. See Fay and Harvey, the blue rabbit.

On the left is the radio terminal room. That can be used to call for help.

Get Fay out of the lounge:

Look at the intercom speakers on the wall above Fay. Check the red cable under the intercom and follow it.

It goes to the bookcase above the bunk bed. Put away the albums to expose the cable.

Oggy:    Look close at cockpit.

Use the Dictaphone to record. Use the Dictaphone on Oggy.

Shake the fuses on the wall behind Oggy. Oggy gets mad and calls the helicopter names.

Move left and the recording of Oggy's rant is done.

Oggy's rant:    Go back to the cable of the intercom on the bookcase above the bed. Use the nail clipper on the cable.

Look at the Dictaphone and see that it is used with an earphone. Use the nail clipper on the Dictaphone to get bare wires.

Combine the clipped Dictaphone and the intercom cable.

Play the Dictaphone and nothing happens.

Look at the lounge and the intercom. The intercom is turned off. Hmm. We need to distract Fay.

Distract Fay:   

Check the books on the bed. Yank out the pages off the book.

Go back to the bathroom.

In inventory combine the paper and the aftershave. Stuff the notes soaked in alcohol on the fan at left wall.

Take the antenna cable that is sparking and use it on the soaked notes stuffed on the fan. It produces black smoke.

Go back to the galley and see that Fay noticed the black smoke.

Get to the radio room:

Turn on the intercom speaker on the wall.

Pull back and then play the Dictaphone. Hear Oggy's rant about the helicopter.

Fay gets angry and goes to the cockpit. Bent ,who is hiding in the bathroom, hears the scolding.

Exit the bathroom and talk to Fay.

When able use the crowbar on the door to hold the door to block Fay and Oggy.

Call for help:    Go to the radio room and automatically call for help.

Watch Bent call Mayday! Devin answers Bent's call and shows him the devastated San Francisco.

Bent sees the time capsule at behind the curtain. Fay and Oggy talk to a shocked Bent.

Oggy (Leif Oggersund) tells Bent his side of the story - how he was working and heard a noise behind the curtain. A time displacement was happening behind the curtain. The time capsule landed inside the helicopter. Out come Salvador and a coughing Fay.


Chapter 4

The Conference

As Fay.

Salvador leaves the diplomatic approach - convincing the protesters and the conference about the disaster to come to Fay. Fay has to join the conference to get her voice heard.

Look around the helicopter:   

Take the coffee cup from the table. Use the coffee cup on the coffee machine at left. Take sugar cube from the can right of the coffee machine.

Look at the spice rack on top of the wall. Take the can on the left - Zulu spice mix.

Go right to the bunk bed area. Look around. Use the camera on the bottom right shelf above the bed to get a picture of a surprised Fay.

Talk to Oggy hiding in the bathroom. He is a reporter.

Go left to the radio room. Search the drawer right of Salvador. Take scissors from second bottom drawer.

Push the button left of the door to exit the helicopter.

Enter the conference building:

See the demonstrators against the power plant outside the entrance.

Protesters:    Talk to one of the protesters. Learn about Dr. Braun. The protester hopes that the guard stays cool throughout. They do not want any problems. The doorman-guard wears earplugs to not hear the protesters.

Borrow the megaphone in exchange for the coffee.

Try to get inside the building:    Talk to the guard. The guard states that only the people inside are capable of deciding what happens to the power plant. And those people listen only to people like Dr. Braun.

Look at the sign left of the guard - Energy Oslo.

Try to get in and has to talk to the guard. Learn that you need a press ID to get inside.

Check the partitions on the building wall at left. There's a ventilation shaft behind the partitions. If the partitions are opened, Fay can access it to get inside the building. It can't be opened from the outside.

Get a press pass:    Go back to the helicopter and go to the closed bathroom door. Talk to Oggy again.

Use the megaphone on bathroom door. Oggy comes out and talks to Fay. Fay explains about Bent Svensson's alternative energy source - the algae which power the time capsule.

Oggy gives his ID-press pass to prove his occupation. Look at the ID in inventory - Leif Oggersund Freelance Journalist.

Alter the press pass:    In inventory, combine the scissors from the drawer with Fay's Polaroid picture.

Go to the lounge and look at the burner at right. It is on.

Use the sugar cube taken from can right of the coffee machine on the burner to get oxidized saccharide.

Immediately use the knife to scrape some off the burner. If too late, do another sugar cube.

In inventory combine the gluey knife with the cut picture of Fay. Use the gluey photo on the press pass.

Exit the helicopter. Show the altered press card to the guard and enter the building.

The Conference:

Speeches:    Dr. Burghart's speech is less than inspiring. He is followed by Indez. After the break, Dr. Braun, the inspector will give his talk.

Indez explains that there is no other alternative source for the demand for energy.

Fay tries to inform the conference about Svensson's algae. She was told to stop disrupting the conference or else she will thrown out.

Dr. Braun and Reception area:    There are 2 exits at left: to the reception and to the control booth. The exit to outside is at right side.

Enter the far doorway at left and see the reception room.

Dr. Braun is by the buffet table. He mistakes Fay as a worker here. He is eating canapés. Talk to Dr. Braun.

Balcony:    The glass door at left leads to the balcony. See the demonstrators below. Go back inside the building.

Find a way to get Salvador inside the building:

Lobby:    Go through the entryway under the Energy Oslo sign.

Salvador calls and asks that he must get inside the building unnoticed. He had a misunderstanding with the guard at the door.

Look around and see the elevator. Use the elevator and see that it goes down to the garage. Go back up.

Check the 2 doors at left. One is storage room and one is the toilet.

Go back to the left of elevator to be at reception room. Exit to the conference hall at right.

Control booth:    Go left and enter the doorway at front left.

Look around and talk to the electrician. He is in charge of the lights and play video tapes during the speeches.

Check the monitors and see he is watching the garage because of the protesters. He brags about his baby - his car. He is worried that the protesters might get unruly.

Look at the VCR on the middle shelf.

Look at the cupboard at right. It controls the ventilation shaft partitions at the entrance. Aha - the way for Salvador to get in. Try to open the cupboard.

Get the electrician out of sound booth:

Look at the car keys by the electrician's elbow. Exit the control booth.

Get the protesters riled up:    Enter the reception area at left. Exit to the balcony through the glass door at left.

See the protesters. Use the megaphone on the protesters.

Fay talks to protesters. Select dialogue: No reactor in the rain forest! Stop the clear cutting! The demonstrators chant.

Go back inside, right to the conference hall and right again to exit outside.

Remember that the guard stayed cool with the protesters because he wears earplugs.

Talk to the doorman-guard. He removes his earplug and hears the chanting. He gets upset.

Get the car keys:    Go back inside and enter through the front entryway at left.

Talk to the electrician and see him worried about the protesters.

He looks close at the monitor. Take the car keys by his right elbow.

Car:    Exit and go to reception area at back left. Go to the back under the Energy Oslo sign. Use the elevator to go down to the garage.

Check the rolling gate at left that the electrician watches on his monitor.

Use the car key ring on the lock at right wall.

Look at the car. Use the key ring to open the car. Operate the car. Whoops. That must be the self destruction mechanism. LOL.

Open the way for Salvador:    Go back upstairs and to the control booth. See that the electrician is gone.

Open the cupboard. Use the controls for the partition of the ventilation shaft by the entrance. It should be open now.

Fay calls Salvador to inform him of the opened access.

Bring Dr. Braun to Salvador:

Salvador:    Enter the reception area and then through the entryway at back.

Salvador calls Fay from inside the storage room. He wants Fay to bring Dr. Braun to him.

Look around the room. Open the cupboard behind Salvador. Look at and then take the orange juice. That orange juice is nasty. Idea...

Signs:    Exit the room and look at the signs beside the 2 doors: the storage sign and the toilet (hygiene chamber) sign.

Use the screwdriver on both signs to get them. Put the signs back up but interchange them. The toilet sign on the left and the storage sign on the right.

Dr. Braun:    Go to the reception hall and Dr. Braun.

Take a glass of wine cooler from the buffet table.

In inventory combine the wine cooler and the icky orange juice from the storage room to get spoilt wine cooler.

Use the blend of spices taken from the helicopter's spice rack on the canapés that Dr. Braun is munching on.

He starts choking. Immediately, give him the spoilt wine cooler. If too late, do the spices again.

Try to inform the conference:

Salvador as Dr. Braun:    See Dr. Braun run to the storage room aka toilet.

Hear the discussion between Salvador and Dr. Braun. Salvador comes out as Dr. Braun.

Salvador posing as Dr. Braun the International Inspector is announced to make his speech at the conference.

Fay is at the control booth. Place the video about the power plant on the VCR on middle shelf.

Watch Salvador's speech and subsequent arrest.

Go to the conference hall and look at the stage. Fay wonders how to get Salvador free.

Protesters:    Go to the reception hall and through the entryway under the Energy Oslo sign.

Enter the storage room. Search the Dr. Braun's briefcase on the table. Get the parking garage magnetic strip card.

Go down the elevator. At the garage, go left.

Use the magnetic strip card on the card lock at center island between the 2 driveways.

The protesters invade the conference. Fay tells them about Svensson Algae. She says that she can bring a sample in 3 days.

Chapter 5

Atlas, Part 1

See the helicopter land at the Atlas 11, the Svensson-Hinrichs blue-green algae (cyanobacteria) producing offshore facility outside Norway. Barney Flint, the Managing Director of the facility greets Bent and Fay. Duve, Bent's son is not happy to know that they are here.

There's a presentation scheduled now. The research funds were cancelled but there are 2 possible investors here and another possible investor that scheduled only yesterday.

Before being allowed entry here, they have to go through health check first.

As Bent:

Get health certificate:

The doctor has finished checking Bent.  Talk to the doctor.

Miss Fay is now being checked. Fay is not happy about the checkup.

Look at and read the Health certificate on the small cabinet beside the desk at center. Only the seal is missing.

Look at and see that the seal is on the ink pad on desk. Touch ink pad and see that the ink pad is dry.

Look around. Check the filing cabinet and search-read his record.

Check the pictures at right wall filing cabinets.

Open the drawer and take a blood sample. Use blood sample on dry inkpad.

Take health certificate and use it on the bloodied inkpad. Now it is stamped with red seal.


Building:    Exit the room. See the crosssection of the building. The medical and cafeteria are at middle level. The guest sleeping room is at lower level. The office and conference room are on top floor.

To get to a level, click on that level and come out from the doors at right.

Duve's presentation:    Talk to Barney. After knowing that the health certificate is certified, Barney went ahead to the presentation.

Watch Duve, Bent's son do the presentation. Learn that the blue-green algae need light, air and water. It can be grown on a balcony enough to support a household.

Indez is the main questioner of the presentation.

Bent arrives in the presentation. That unnerved Duve.

A break is called by Barney.

Take water bottle, bottle opener and snack from the table beside Barney.

Possible investors:    Talk to Barney.

Learn about Indez, Mr. and Mrs. Wagner from Canada, the Accountant from Middle East and Mike an intern. So 2 possible investors are checking up on the competition.

The only non energy producers are the White's. Talk to Mr. & Mrs. White.

Eavesdrop on the competitions:

Look at Indez and the accountant outside at the balcony. Eavesdrop on the 2 men outside. Bent can't hear a thing.

Open the top window behind the Whites. Eavesdrop on the 2 men outside again. Hear birds chirping.

Go outside to the balcony. Hear the 2 men talk. Use the snack on the birds above the air conditioner.

Go back inside and eavesdrop on the 2 men outside again.

Hear that they know that Bent is watching them. Close the curtains but the stopper is holding it back.

Take the pointer from the table.

In inventory combine the bottle opener and pointer to get rod with bottle opener.

Use rod with bottle opener on the stopper by the curtain. Close curtain.

Now - eavesdrop on the curtain - 2 men outside again. Hear what Indez plans. He will buy the plant.


The break is over and the demonstration is to be done. Bent takes over the presentation from Duve.

Check the lamp and generator on left table. The algae are on the right cart.

The algae will produce energy that will power the generator that will light up the bulb. Remember that the algae need air, water and light.

Air:    Take the weight off the tubes that connect the algae to the generator. It was blocking air or connection to the generator. Be sure that the balcony door is open.

Light:    Move the cart holding the algae to the right towards the balcony.

Water:    Use water bottle on algae container. The light bulb lights up.

Indez downplays the presentation and offers to buy the plant.

Trick:    Bent continues the presentation.

In inventory combine the net and the rechargeable battery. Place them on the generator.

The battery is charged and the light bulb lights up brightly.

As Fay:

How to get a good reception:

Fay gets a transmission from Delvin - attack... everyone will die... The reception was broken up. Fay had Oggy set the antenna up.

Room:    Look around the room. Read the welcome note from Barney on the dresser left of window.

Go to the bathroom (door in front of exit door) and check the beauty case on the sink. Get a nail file.

Exit the room.

Antenna:   Climb to top floor. Exit through door on the right.

Talk to Oggy. The reception is weak here. Learn that other wave signals may interfere with the signal. The transmission can be amplified by attaching it to a larger antenna.

Oggy leaves a cable on the ground.

Amplify the reception:

Look at the antenna at the corner of the landing.

Take the cable beside Oggy. Connect the cable already attached to time radio antenna to the upper rail of the ramp.

Open the chest beside the large antenna on the landing. Take the cable inside.

Use the cable on lower rail of the ramp. Connect the other end to the antenna at the corner of the landing.

Use the radio transmitter with the radio antenna. Still no reception.

Find and remove interfering signals:

Radio room:    Open the door of the radio room at the landing.

Talk to the radio operator. The man is gossipy. He will stop during noon break but is not going to because the cafeteria is a long way.

Get food for the radioman:    Go down to middle level. Enter the cafeteria.

Talk to the cook. Get rakfisk.

Exit and go back up to top level. Exit at right to radio room.

Open the door. Give the rakfisk to radioman.

Use the radio transmitter with the radio antenna. Still no reception.

Cafeteria:    Go back to middle level and cafeteria.

Talk to cook. Ask for apple pie. The pie is cold. The cook microwaves the pie.

Hmm.... microwave. In inventory, combine the file and the apple pie.

Talk to cook. The pie is still cold. The cook microwaves the pie with file. The microwave explodes.

Exit and go back to the helicopter.

Use the radio transmitter with the radio antenna. Sadi answers the call.

As Bent:

Investigate the algae problem:

Mr. White wants a sample as soon as possible so that they can test it themselves. Also, other scientists will have to reproduce the result.

Fay is heard wanting to talk to Bent.

At Fay's room, talk to Fay. Fay informs Bent about the call from Delvin concerning an attack to the oil rig.

Bent tries to put a good light on the presentation.

Fay is to find out about the attack while Bent investigates the algae problem.

When Bent leaves, Fay says that Sadi must be wrong.

Residential Buoy:

A bitter and angry Duve talks to Bent at the staff's quarters. Learn why Duve is angry.

Look around. Take the oven mitt and knife by the sink.

Check the tack board and look at the statistics left of the intercom. Use the intercom and Duve says he is waiting for a call.

The bunk for the research team is behind the door at left. Check the cupboard.

Go down to lower level using the stairs in front of Duve. Check the washing machine.

Operate the control for the lock. The airlock door opens.

Go through and down the base of the tower.

Try to open the H2 lab's iris door and see that it is locked.

Burolab - Research lab:   

Go right through the iris door.

Talk to Lissa Hinrichs completely. Lissa tries to dissuade Bent from checking on the algae problem.

Look around the lab.


Locker:    Open the locker close to the open hatch. Take the lab coat. It is Bent's and Duve wears it when he is cleaning up.

In inventory, sniff, read and search the lab coat. Get an algae sample.

In inventory look at and read the algae sample. It is D54-H, their most powerful algae.

Check the empty cupboard, microscope and refrigerator.

Refrigerator:    Search the refrigerator. The delta algae are not there.

File cabinet:    Search the filing cabinet for D-54H. After a while, no record is found.

See a mass spectrophotometer right of file cabinet.

Talk to Lisa about the delta algae file. Again she advises Bent to stop investigating.


Duve:    Exit the burolab. Climb back up to the staff quarters.

Check the washing machine that is on. See golden towels in the wash. Turn off the washer and search it to get the yellow towel from a 5 star hotel. It is from a hotel in Barcelona, Spain.

Climb up and talk to Duve about the file and the 5 star hotel. Use the algae sample and lab coat on Duve.

Open the staff bedroom left of the tack board. Duve did not like that.

Lissa:    Go back to the burolab. Use the algae sample and yellow towel on Lissa. Hmm...

Intercom:    Remember that Duve didn't want Bent to use the intercom. He is waiting for a call.

Use the intercom and call Barney's office first. Talk to Barney.

When the return plans is asked - ask to make a reservation at Hotel Le Comte Du Roi in Barcelona.

Du Roi is a special hotel for male clientele. It has a distinctive target of clientele. Hmmm...

Use the intercom. Call the radio room.

Ask for message and then page someone. Page my son. Tell him to come to the radio room.

Tell him nothing to just go to the radio room.

Now that you talked to Barney - select dialogue - his friend called.

Lissa asks when did Bent know that Duve is gay.

The radioman reports that he is on his way.

Staff quarters:    Exit the lab and go back to staff quarters.

Open and check the staff bedroom.

Search Duve's bed. Find the D54-H file. The data collection was discontinued on February 20.

Search Lissa's bed also.

D54-H:    Go back to lab and talk to Lissa about Feb 20th.

Learn about the accident. There were no samples taken during that day.

As Fay:

Find out about the attack:

Fay talks to Sadi. Sadi says that the algae are too weak. Talk to Sadi completely.

Phoenix Plan is a mistake. They are a curse wherever they go. Fay lost connection again.

Check the connection:   

Go back to top floor and the helicopter.

See that the cable attached to the large antenna is disconnected. Connect the cable to the large antenna again.

Sabotage plan:   

See a bald man come out from the door at middle level. Overhear the conversation.

The worker that is hired to sabotage the complex had an arm accident with a machine last week.

The bald man wants all algae be completely destroyed. The bald man throws a piece of paper to the wind.

Find the paper:   

Go down to middle level. Exit to the outside through the middle door.

Doctor:    Talk to the doctor. Fay threw up blood during the medical exam. Fay is ill.

The other side of the walkway are the worker's area, oil rig and the research area.

Paper:    Take the paper from the top of the walkway above Fay. The paper flies away and lands on the pipes below.

Go back inside the building and go below to Fay's quarters at lower level #24.

Open the window inside the room. Climb out and take the scrap of paper. It is a handkerchief with Kellerman & Parker, Attorneys on it.

Climb back inside.

Engine room and look for the saboteur worker:

Go to middle level and outside through the middle door. The doctor is gone.

Go right to the workers area.

Go down to the filter chamber at bottom left of the platform. The welder stops Fay from going to that area.

Welder:    Talk to Magnus the welder who is listening to melancholy blues music. Learn that he works well depending on his mood. The music is affecting him.

Lockers:    Go upstairs and enter the room above.

Check the toolbox and the 4 lockers. See that all 4 lockers are locked. Fay recalls the lockers of her friends at home.

Foreman-overseer:    Enter the room and talk to the foreman. The co-worker of the welder is at the cafeteria.

Get the welder to work:

Worker:    Exit the building. Go back to the cafeteria.

Go right and talk to the worker. His secret to get Magnus to work is to party.

Jacket:    Go left and see a jacket hanging on the hook.

Look at the jacket to see a key ring in the pocket. Read the jacket to learn that that the nametag is Apollo Langlo. Search the jacket and learn that it is the worker's.

Get locker keys:

Barney's office:    Exit and go to top level. Enter the office at left. Look around.

Take the pen on the desk. Check the fax machine and learn that Fay knows how to use a fax machine. Also learn the different keys where to send the faxes.

Take the paper from the floor beside the trash can. In inventory, read the paper. It is an instruction to the radio operator to send someone (Eric) to the storage depot.

In inventory, combine the pen and the paper. Fay changes the name of Eric and replaces it with Apollo Langlo.

Use the edited paper on the fax machine. Hear the radioman page Apollo Langlo.

Langlo's jacket:    Go down to the cafeteria. Search the jacket now that the worker is called away. Get a key ring.

Lockers:    Exit and go through the middle door to outside.

Be back to Engine room. Go up to the lockers.

Use the key ring on all lockers. Locker 1 opens. Take the tape on the floor of the locker.

Music player:    Go down to the welder and his brooding music.

Use the tape (party music) on the music player. The welder goes back to the work.

Sign of saboteur:   

Filter chamber:    Go to left corner and the filter chamber. See that the filter is blocked by a scrap of cloth.

Turn the valve to empty the filter chamber.

Open the filter chamber and take the scrap of cloth with initials MS. Look at the scrap of cloth; it is a sleeve.

Overseer's office:    Talk to overseer. Fay is not taken seriously. Fay learns that Bent manipulated the presentation.

As Bent:

Algae Farm:

Check the D54-H algae:

Control panel stand:    Go across to the other side of the space on the floor. Press the button and see the algae farm rise up from the ocean.

Lever:    Go to and press the lever to open the iris gate.

Opening:   Look at and inspect the opening on the damaged pipe. There is something at the end of the pipe but it is too far.

In inventory, combine the pointer and the oven mitt to get a dip net.

Use the dip net on the opening. Get a bottle cap.

Algae filter:    Open the algae filter by the iris door. Look at, touch, take and sniff the cork of the algae filter.

Use the knife with the algae filter to get cork sample.

Exit and be at the staff residence. Go to the lab.

Analyze the cork sample:    Inspect and sniff the cork sample.

Open the shutter of the mass spectrometer at left. Use the cork sample with the empty test tube.

Activate the mass spectrometer. The result showed that there was fire accelerant.

Open the shutter of the mass spectrometer. Empty the test tube to get back the cork sample.

Look for other items with fire accelerant:

Bottle cap:    Look at and sniff the bottle cap. It has a biting chemical smell. Bent remembers smelling something like this before.

Lab coat:    Sniff the lab coat. The right sleeve smell like the bottle cap.

Use the knife with the lab coat to get cloth.

Use the cloth with the empty test tube in the mass spectrometer.

Activate the mass spectrometer. The result shows that the fire accelerant is the same.

Duve:    Automatically, Bent is at the staff residence talking to Lissa and Duve.

Duve needles Bent. Bent confronts Duve about the accident.

Duve is hysterically laughing and said that it really was an accident. He is like Bent that doesn't think of himself but others. But that will now change.


Bent is met by Fay. There is a bomb at the H2 tower.

At the H2 tower, see the worker set the bomb and runs away.

Bent will try to disarm the bomb and tells Fay to catch the saboteur.

As Fay:

Catch the saboteur:

Go right where the saboteur went. A loose plank stops Fay from going farther.

Run back the other way around the tower.

Open the metal door and see that it is a panel. Close the door. The saboteur jumps Fay.

Both fall back to the loose plank and are now at the edge of the tower.

As Bent:

Disarm the bomb:

Bomb:    See the panel of the bomb.

The saboteur wrote numbers beside the digital numbers. Those are the numbers that the digital numbers should be changed to.

There are red and yellow clips on the left. The paper above states that the red is 1 and the yellow clip is zero.

Take a clip and then click on the space between the squares with plugs. This places the clip on.

The clips can be placed vertically or horizontally.

The aim is to get the numbers of the digital readout to match the etched numbers.

So row that should be zero should be all yellow. The row other than zero should have the amount of reds matching the numbers that are etched.

Insert the last red clip on the marked area of the picture.

Watch as Fay climbs over the saboteur to the top and then extends her hand to get the man back up. The man and the plank he is holding on to got loose from the tower.

The algae fields are burning.

Chapter 6

Atlas, Part 2

As Bent:

Alert the complex:

Use the intercom and talk to Barney. The complex is now being evacuated.

Search the cereal box right of the refrigerator to get a large sealer clip.

Check the left monitors. Bent wants to go to the breeding lab to collect the sample.

Check the right monitor and see a small bald guy at the H2 lab.

Open the airlock:

Go down to the lower level. Operate the controls for the lock.  Read the controls. The pressure is too high and they won't be able to open the door now.

Go left and try to open the door at left. Bent says that the he needs a key with a 4 square adapter.

Look at the antenna on the balcony. The antenna is mounted on a 4 square metal rod. Disassemble the antenna to get the 4 square iron rod.

Use the metal rod on the hole of the door. The door is opened.

Look at the pressure hose. Use the sealer clip on the pressure hose.

Operate the controls for the lock again. The door opens.

Open the hatch.

H2 lab:

Lissa's necklace:    See that the iris lock of the H2 lab is open.

Take Lissa's necklace on the floor in front of the H2 lab iris gate.

Go to H2 lab. Check the hatch. It leads to the breeding lab.

Go left of the hatch and see blood trail on the floor.

Fay is coughing now.

Open the iris gate at left. Lissa is dead. She was shot.

Search Lissa to get her key card.

Use the key card on the card reader of the hatch. Error.

Research lab:   

Exit to go to the research lab. See that all the specimen in the refrigerator are destroyed. They have to get to the breeding lab.

Use Lissa's keycard on the card reader of the hatch at right.

Get inside the Breeding lab:

See bombs situated all over the breeding lab.

There are 2 terminals by the exit doors and one terminal in front of the breeding lab at center.

Go to the alpha terminal in front of the breeding lab.

Find the password:    Operate the alpha terminal. It wants a password.

Look at Lissa's necklace. It has a dried out sample of the first algae in the necklace.

Remember the necklace and Bents says that Lissa gave the algae a name.

Go back to the research lab at left. Search the lab for any information about the password.

Place the necklace on the microscope. Zoom in the microscope and see the name of the first algae - Elvis.

Open the doors of the breeding lab:    Go back to the alpha terminal at the breeding lab. Operate the terminal.

Enter the password by pressing the numbered keypad that has the letters e l v i s:     3 5 8 4 7. Correct password.

Security level B is activated. They have to press the terminals located by the exit doors at the same time.

Fay questions Bent about risking his life for these algae since he's the only one left to do so. Bent states it is not believing but wanting to believe.

Place algae in a container:    Bent and Fay open the door. See that they place algae in a cryocontainer.

Kellerman, the bald headed man points a gun at them. Duve takes the cryocontainer with the algae generator. Bent tells Duve that Lissa was murdered.

Duve props the algae generator cryocontainer to keep the door closed.

Kellerman shoots the hood of the cryocontainer. It is now unsealed.

Open the door to get the algae container:

Open the door:    See that another cryotank is close to the propped container outside and the bullet hole.

Use the iron rod on the hood of that cryotank close to the door. The rod is inserted to the bullet hole.

Activate the cryotank with the rod. See that the cryocontainer pops up and makes a big hole on the glass.

Pull out the iron rod. Touch the bullet hole. Bent pushes the algae generator cryocontainer out of the way.

Push the button left of door to open the door.

Fill the algae generator with algae:

Exit and take the algae generator cryocontainer. Go back inside the lab.

Place the algae generator on the filling station at right.

Open the cryocontainer with the stem algae:    Look at the cryotank left of the filling station. The stem algae are in that cryotank.

Activate the cryotank to raise the tank inside. Take the hood from the cryocontainer by the door.

Use the taken hood with the raised cryocontainer with stem algae by the filling station.

Insert the iron rod on the hood of this cryocontainer.

Activate the cryotank to lower the cryocontainer with the rod. It breaks the top off the container.

Fill the algae generator with stem algae:    Activate the cryotank to raise the broken cryocontainer.

Take the hose from the other filling station at left.

Use the hose on the plug above the filling station.

Connect the hose and Bent places the other end on the broken cryocontainer with the stem algae.

Siphon the control panel right of the filling station. Take the algae generator.

As Fay:

Watch as the breeding lab explodes. The tunnel they are in tilts and is filled with water.

They rush to the end of the tunnel which is now vertical.

Turn the power off to get to the hatch above:

They need to exit to the hatch at top right. But electricity is blocking the way to the hatch. The power switch (a small blue box) is at top right, close to the hatch.

Go to the junk at left. Climb on the junk.

Open the filing cabinet drawers. Climb the filing cabinet.

Swing on the red cable.

Look at the heating pipe right of Fay. Look at and turn off the heating control below Fay. It is too far.

Look at the blue cabinet beside the heating control. It is close to the edge.

Move the rod protruding from the tower Fay is standing on. This pushes the blue cabinet down to Bent.

Bent climbs the cabinet and is now beside the heating control.

Turn off the heating control and Fay asks Bent to do so.

Climb the cooling heating pipe to the power switch. Turn off power switch.

It is safe to go to the hatch now.

Kellerman again:

Kellerman holds them at gunpoint again. He takes the alga generator container.

He says it will be an addition to his boss' orchid collection in Brazil. Kellerman says that Duve is with Lissa.

As Fay:

Find a way out:   

Talk to Duve down at the H2 tunnel. Bent and Fay jump down the H2 tunnel which is now vertical.

Bent drops above Fay and Duve. Bent will find a way out of here.

Fix Duve's leg:    Talk to Duve. Duve broke his leg.

Take the rod left of Duve. Search the dead Lissa to get her scarf.

In inventory combine the rod and the scarf to get a track. Use the track with Duve.

Way out of here:    Bent says that he found a way to get out of here. He produced H2 which is lighter than water and will cause them to float to the surface.

See the structure float to the surface.

The Atlas Facility explodes. Oggy's ladder hovers beside them.

Chapter 7

Bent Svensson is dead

3 days later, the helicopter flies over the rain forest.

At a bar in the rainforest, Fay loses radio transmission again. Fay wakes up a snoring Bent and tells him about the problem. Bent asks questions to be updated. They are 2 miles away from the Indez power plant. But the way is not navigable. Today is when the power plant blows up. They have to find Salvador because Fay explains about Predestination Paradox. Their being here might have caused the explosion to the power plant that they came to stop.

Simon is the barkeep. Fay wants Bent to find a way to the power plant.

As Bent:

Find a way to the power plant:

Bent takes the car keys of the jeep. Look at the jeep.

Take the toolbox from the jeep. Search the toolbox to get a screw (and nut).

Repair the antenna of the jeep and it will end up in inventory.

Take the staple gun from the crates stacked in front of the bar.

Simon at the bar:    Talk to Simon. Learn that the group is posing as the new technical team for the power plant.

Learn that the committee was going to shut the plant down in favor of the algae but they retracted because they learned that Bent Svensson and the algae blew up.

Learn that the best way to the power plant is by river. The only boat here is Jorge and Benicio's - the security patrol guys. The boat broke down and they are waiting for the repair guy.

Oggy:   Go right to see the card game. Oggy tells Bent about the plan to drink Benicio the other security guy under the table and steal his clothes. Oggy and Duve are drunker than the guard.

Talk to Oggy completely. Get coins.

Duve:    Talk to Duve. They made a melancholy and drunken goodbye.

Benicio the guard:    Look at the key ring in front of Benicio. It's a key ring with a bottle opener.

Talk to Benicio completely. Learn about Svensson and do-gooders. Learn that the card game is to guess which suit he is holding. They can't play without beer. Learn about Indez' private army.

Pass as a mechanic:

Swamp boat:    Go right and see the swamp boat at left.

Read the sign on the side of the swamp boat - C600.

Look at the book beside the guard and Bent memorizes the service hotline number.

Talk to the guard. Use the toolbox taken from the jeep on the guard.

The guard tests Bent to see if he really is a mechanic. What kind of engine does the boat have? Select any answer.

The guard says that Bent should know because all the boats they ordered have the same engine.

Use the phone:    Go back to the bar. Use the telephone on the bar counter.

If you don't have money yet - talk to Oggy completely and be sure to ask for money.

Show the coins to Simon the bartender.

Get the engine type of the swamp boat?    Use the phone. Ask about one of the engines.

It's an Amazon Buggy C-600.

It's a serial engine (since the guard mentioned that all their boats have the same engine).

Learn that the engine is a Drifter TX.

Fay:    Go left and talk to Fay using the radio transmitter.

Swamp boat problems:

Go back to the swamp boat. Talk to the guard.

 Answer the guard when he asks about the engine - Drifter TX.

Learn that the boat's exhaust is blocked; the wind rudder is ripped and the fuel hose leaks.

The boat exhaust is blocked:    Ask the guard about the exhaust.

Look at the exhaust pipe of the swamp boat. Try to reach in the exhaust pipe.

In inventory, twist the antenna taken from the jeep.

Use the bent antenna on the exhaust pipe. Get a snake. The guard is scared of snakes. Aha!

Wind rudder is ripped:      Look at the wind rudder at back of swamp boat.

Go right to the shack. Take the canvas covering the shack.

Use the canvas-tarp on the wind rudder.

Use the staple gun taken from the crates by the bar on the wind rudder.

Fuel hose leaks:    Look at the fuel hose behind the boat seat.

The top is worn out and needs to be clamped.

Go to the guys playing cards.

Look at the tin plate above Benicio, the guard. Take the tin plate and see a hole on the wall.

In inventory, bend the tin plate. Combine the bent tin plate with the screw and nut found inside the tool box to get a screw clamp.

Go back to the swamp boat. Use the screw clamp on the fuel hose.

Get the guard drunk:

Go to the guys playing cards. Remember the guard's keys, the type of game they are playing and the hole on the wall.

Wall lights:    Look at the 2 hearts (pink and red) on the right, the cross and the mirror.

Go to the shack behind the bar. Check the wall of the shack. See plugs.

Heart:    Use the top left plug to unplug it. Go around to the card game and see that the red heart is affected.

Spades:    Use the bottom left plug to unplug it. Go around to the card game and see that the pink heart is affected.

Use the coin on the screw beside the top left plug. Go around to the card game and see that the pink heart turned to look like a spade.

Clubs:    Use the top middle plug to unplug it. Go around to the card game and see that the cross is affected.

Diamond:    Use the bottom right plug to unplug it. Go around to the card game and see that the mirror is affected.

Use the coin on the screw beside the top middle plug. Go around to the card game and see that the mirror tilted to look like a diamond.

Start the card game again:    Take a beer from the case at right.

Give the beer to Benicio the guard at the card game.

Get the guard drunk:    The loser of the card game drinks beer. So get the guard to lose the game.

Go back to the shack. Peek on the hole. See the cards the guard is holding.

Use the:

top left plug - hearts

bottom left plug - spades

top middle plug - clubs

bottom right plug - diamonds

Those visual clues should help the drunken guys.

After 3 winning rounds, Bent says the guard is drunk enough.

Get the keys to the swamp boat:

Now that the guard is drunk, go around and open the beer bottle. The guard tells him to use the bottle opener on his key ring.

Take the boat keys from the table. Use the boat keys on the beer bottle.

Use the car keys of the jeep on the guard as replacement for the boat keys.

Fay and Salvador:

Go to Fay at the crates. Fay is talking to Salvador. The guards at the plant say that Bent Svensson is dead.

Get the swamp boat:

Bent tells Fay that they have the boat. They go to the swamp boat. Bent talks to the guard.

Use the snake on the guard. The frightened guard falls in the river.

Fay and Bent ride towards the power plant. Bent says:  The world won't end today.


Chapter 8

The Phoenix Plan

Fay and Bent are now close to the plant. It should be here since Fay can locate Salvador's radio transmitter. The accident is this afternoon.

As Fay:

Find a way to get through the electric fence:

Look at the fence on the other side of the fallen tree.

Go back to the fallen tree. Midway, break off the branch closest to Bent.

Use the branch on the electric fence. Go through the fence.

Find out what Salvador learned:

Search the tent.

1. Use the binoculars. After 3 minutes of gameplay, see a red skip button at top right.

Log 1: Hear Salvador's report.

Note a number inscribed at bottom of the grid - 14.95.


2. Change the number on top to 14.95.

Look for the square above the etched number one square at a time. Third frame up, Fay said Salvador left a message.

Then use the up arrow to zoom in. If there is something important, see a blurry picture and Fay will comment.

Click on each highlighted square to hear Salvador's notes.

Left square - all access point in sight of watchtower.

Right square - pipes are sealed. Impossible entry that way.

Press the speaker button to hear Salvador's report.

Log 2:    He will take a closer look at the watchtower.

See the next number at top left of the zoomed in shot - 35.91.


3. Change the number on top to 35.91.

Zoom out or use the down arrow to see the complex.

Select-click the top of the watchtower third frame from left at top row.

Zoom in or use the up arrow. See a close up of the watchtower.

Click on each highlighted square to hear the notes.

Top square - Guards have permanent contact with each other.

Middle square - The tower is manned around the clock.

Bottom square - Access point is too high and steep.

Press the speaker button to hear Salvador's report.

Log 3:    The watchtower is a problem. Guards are patrolling the inner areas. One patrol start at the garage, pass heliport on the left and ends at the bridge. He will take a look at the vehicles they pass on their way. Maybe he can ambush them there.

See the next number at top left of the zoomed in shot - 28.97.


4. Change the number on top to 28.97.

Zoom out or use the down arrow to see the complex.

Using Salvador's description in log 3, look for the area he mentioned.

Select the bridge area.

Zoom in or use the up arrow. See a close up of the dock.

Click on each highlighted square to hear the notes.

Left square - Indez and an assistant arrived in 2 boats.

Right square - Heliport guards watch all boats.

Press the speaker button to hear Salvador's report.

Log 4:    Indez arrives in a boat. Followed him pass the garage to the main buildings. The buildings intersect. That is where he has his office.   

See the next number at top left of the zoomed in shot - 11.52.


5. Change the number on top to 11.52.

Zoom out or use the down arrow to see the complex.

Using Salvador's description in log 4, look for the area he mentioned.

Select the intersecting building at top middle.

Zoom in or use the up arrow. See a close up of the office.

Click on each highlighted square to hear the notes.

Left square - His days are numbered.

Middle square - Aha - the algae container. I guess, this means Fay's plan failed.

Right square - The elevator is unsuitable for a surprise attack.

Press the speaker button to hear Salvador's report.

Log 5:     Found a way into the main building. A pipe system leads all the way to the reactor. It passes both cooling towers and the processing plant and ends at a small building that protrudes from the fence and can be access through jungle. A path leads to a door at the back. That must be it.

See that the next number at top left is in a code - AB.CD

The first number we got was: 14.95

The second number we got was: 35.91

The third number we got was: 28.97

The fourth number we got was: 11.52

Using the position of the numbers as ABCD: 14.95, 35.91, 28.97 and 11.52.

Use 15.92 as the next focus.

6. Change the number on top to 15.92.

Zoom out or use the down arrow to see the complex.

Using Salvador's description in log 5, look for the area he mentioned.

Select the small building close to the main gate.

See Salvador enter the small building.

Fay tells Bent that they found Salvador and they will go there.

Open the small building door:

Get in the small building:    Look around. Check the pipes.

Climb in the pipe that doesn't have water. Bent will stay outside and wait for Fay to open the door.

Water tower:    See that the building is made up of 3 water towers. Fay is at the top level of the left tower.

The left and right water towers have 3 levels.

The middle tower has a central control room that has a valve.

At the bottom of that central tower is a floating bridge. There are 2 levers located at bottom and top level (left side) of the middle tower that locks or releases the floating bridge.

The floating bridge is locked at the bottom level as shown by the lever in upright position.

The aim of the puzzle is to get to that central room and valve and drain the water so that Fay can get to the door at the bottom level of the right tower.

Control room:    Note that the left tower is filled with water on the bottom and middle levels. The right tower has water on the bottom level only.

Enter the door at the center of the top level left tower.

See the console that shows the situation of the water towers outside.

The left tower has blue lights on the bottom and middle level denoting that they have water.

The right tower has blue light only on the bottom level.

The red lights between the towers show that the connecting bulkheads are closed.

The valve turns the left or right depending on which tower is to be drained of water. The number of turns done will drain that number of levels.

Release the floating bridge:

Drain water from left tower:    The floating bridge is locked at the bottom of the middle tower.

Drain the left tower of water so that the door at the bottom of the left tower is accessible.

Turn the valve to the right twice. Note that the directions are opposite of the towers locations but is the direction where the water goes.

The right tower is now filled with water and the left is drained of water.

Release the floating bridge:    Exit the control room.

Enter the drain pipe on the left. Be outside and enter the bottom pipe.

Go down to bottom level. Open the bulkhead. Move the lever to undock the floating bridge.

Raise the floating bridge:

Leave the door of the bulkhead of the bottom level left tower open.

Go back to top level. Go back to control room.

Turn the valve to the left twice. See that left and middle tower is filled up to the second level.

Exit the room. Open the bulkhead.

Move the lever to dock the floating bridge to the top level of the middle tower.

Clear middle and right tower's middle level of water:

Close lower left tower's bulkhead:    Go to control room.

Turn valve to the right twice to clear the left tower.

Exit and go down to lower level of the left tower.

Close the bulkhead door of the lower level of the left tower.

Access main valve:    Go back to control room.

Turn the valve to the left twice. Now the middle tower is clear and the right tower has water only at bottom level.

Go to main valve at middle tower:    Exit the control room.

Cross the bridge. Open the bulkhead of the right tower.

Go down to middle level and go to middle tower.

Enter the main valve room. Turn the main valve to drain the water from the towers completely.

Go to right tower and down to bottom level. Exit through the bulkhead to meet with Bent.


See 4 guards are killed. Salvador did these.

See that Kellerman caught Duve and Oggy. Indez wants them to watch out for Bent and Fay.

Fay gives Bent courage to go on and not worry about Duve.

Get the algae generator:

Fay is at lobby of the main building. Above is Indez' office and the algae generator.

Hear Indez tells his secretary that he doesn't want to be disturbed for half an hour and to raise the temperature of the air conditioner.

Control the temperature inside Indez' office:    Pick up the wedge on the floor beside the ladder.

Climb the ladder and be outside Indez' office. See the algae generator inside.

Use the wedge on the French window behind Indez. That will leave the temperature in the office controlled by the air conditioner or heater only.

Get secretary away from her desk:    Look at ventilation shaft. It leads behind the secretaries table.

Break off branches on the tree close to the French doors.

Use branches with the ventilation shaft.

Go down the ladder. See Miss Buendia cleaning the branches.

Get Indez out of his office:    Use the knife on the telephone to cut the lines first. This stops Indez from contacting his secretary.

Readjust the air conditioner controls on the wall to get it cold in Indez' office.

Automatically, be at the balcony. See Indez ask his secretary to raise the temperature. He can't contact her so he goes down the elevator.

Open the French window. Take the algae generator.

As Bent:

Release the prisoners:

Bent is at the delivery dock. Go to the room at bottom right.

See Oggy, Duve and Salvador tied up. Kellerman is watching them.

Get something to cut the ropes:    Talk to Salvador. Salvador wants something to cut the ropes.

Take the glass pane propped behind Bent. There's a fence between Bent and the prisoners.

Deliver the glass:    Look at emergency switch that immediately shuts down the magnet crane.

Go back next door. Search the container-bin at other side of dock. Get board and metal lid.

Look at the control panel for the magnet crane.

Go to the chest-crate at left. Place the board on top of the chest.

Place metal lid on top of the board.

Place the glass pane on top of the metal lid.

Go to crane's control panel. Lower the crane. Raise the crane that is now carrying the glass pane and the metal lid.

Move the metal crane with the glass.

Go next door to the prisoners. See the crane with glass above Salvador.

Push the emergency switch to release the glass above Salvador.

Kellerman shoots at Bent. Salvador kills Kellerman.

Learn the truth about Phoenix Plan and the catastrophe.

Salvador leaves. Fay is here.

As Fay:

Stop Salvador:

See the reactor core - Salvador's target. Fay and Bent run to the moving reactor core. Fay and Bent jump onto the core.

See Indez inside a room in the reactor core. Talk to Indez.  Salvador stopped the reactor from moving.

He says to reactivate the crane at the second floor to get it moving again.

The reactor cannot be cooled. The emergency flooding mechanism will cool the reactor. To do that turn the valve at first floor.

Enter the middle door to go down to second floor. Move the crane control.

Salvador arrives and wants the algae generator. Give Salvador the algae generator.

Enter the door behind Fay. Turn the valve on the first floor.

While Salvador talks to Bent, go up to the second floor. Move the crane control.

The hot reactor core touches the emergency flooding mechanism and produces steam.

Steam not smoke.

Watch what happens and the epilogue.

After the credits, see a time capsule appear at the basement of Bent's house.

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