Adam's Venture 1: The Search for the Lost Garden

(2012 release)

by Vertigo Games BV

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   April 2012


Gameplay:    This is a third person keyboard controlled game.

The main menu has resume game, new game, options, achievements and quit game.

The options menu has display and audio adjustments. The display options are for resolution, full screen, world detail and texture detail. The audio options have sliding bars to adjust master and music volume; and subtitles selection.

The achievements frame shows actions that are noted in italics in the walkthrough.

The chests with the codes are not necessary to finish the game. If you want - fill in the complete code at http:/./ for bonus content using the codes seen in the game.

The saved games are done automatically. See a check mark at bottom left when a checkpoint save occurs. Going back to a previous game is not possible.

The items picked up are seen at top right of the screen. The item is used automatically when the appropriate action is entered.

The keys used in the game:

ESC accesses the menu page.

Shift makes the character run.

Ctrl makes the character crouch.

Space bar makes the character jump.

Enter key tells the game to do the action.

Toggle to remove the key action.

Thanks to PolloDiablo's walkthrough for some of the locations of the optional chests.


Feb 12, 1928. Luz, France: During the excavation of an old church, Adam found a scroll that has Templar symbols.

Adam deciphered it to show the location of the 4 rivers mentioned in the Book of Genesis: the Pishon, Gihon, Tigris and Euphrates. Where the rivers meet is the Gate of Eden.

March 24, 1928: With the funding of Clairvaux Corporation and skill of Professor Jacques Saint-Omair, they flew to the site and established a base camp at the Gate of Eden.


At the Gate of Eden

Gate of Eden:

Go forward and enter the cave. Climb down and go forward to talk to Evelyn. The plane left because of a sandstorm. Adam brought his cap and torch.

Evelyn gives a radio (seen at top right of screen). She says to see the professor who needs Adam's help. Adam comments that there is a strange device in front of the gate.

Find the professor:    Go left and climb the ramp at side of the gate. See a blocked side entrance.

Talk to the professor. He says that the strange device in front of the gate is missing some essential parts. He noted the rocks blocking the way to a tunnel.


Go back in front of the gate and pass Digger the dog.

Talk to Digger - optional:    Go to the dog and talk to him.

Mix the explosives:    Go to bottom of screen and see a stand with small barrels at left. Use the stand to get a close up of the puzzle.

See 3 rows of small barrels. The top row has 4 barrels with labels-symbols at bottom of each barrel.

The symbols on the frame at left shows the amount of powder from each barrel at top row needed to make the explosives.

Study the amount released by the barrels on top to the middle row; then middle to bottom and finally from bottom row to the dynamite.

The top and bottom row release fixed amounts of powders.

Check the solution by using the lever right of the stand.

Top row releases fixed amounts of powder to the middle row: triangle -100; square splits (160) 80 to left and middle barrels; circle - 120 to middle barrel and diamond - 40.

So the middle barrel contains: left barrel = 100 triangle + 80 square; middle barrel = 80 square + 120 circle and right barrel has 40 diamond.

If we do the middle barrels to release: left barrel at half only; middle barrel at full and right barrel at half only = the bottom barrel at left will get 50 triangle + 40 square and right barrel will get 80 square + 120 circle + 20 diamond.

The bottom row barrels release: half of left barrel and quarter of right barrel.

So the end mixture has at left barrel: 25 triangle + 20 square and the right barrel: 20 triangle + 30 circle + 5 diamond.

Solution:    Turn the middle row: left barrel to half; middle barrel to full and right barrel to half.

Pull lever at right of the stand to make explosive. (Checkpoint.)

Blow up the rocks:    Go to the fire stand in front of left statue. Ignite torch and see Adam hold a lit torch.

Go back to the rock blocked opening by the professor.

Ignite the blocked tunnel. Run. Enter the tunnel.

Swinging blades:

Another blocked area is seen. Go there and Adam falls down to see a tunnel with swinging blades. Evelyn and professor are left behind. (Checkpoint.)

Run (shift + arrow key) through the tunnel with swinging blades when the blades are hidden by the wall while standing on opposite side of the hidden blade. If not successful, another chance from checkpoint will be given.


The Search Begins

Lower tunnel:

There is circular hole at center of the large flat rock. See the lower level passage.

Go right and inspect an alcove on the wall across the gap.

Go back to the left. Jump (spacebar) to go forward.

Crouch (ctrl key) through the next passage. Toggle back (ctrl key) to stand back up.

Go forward until the end in a cavern.

Jump up to a ledge and shimmy to the right. Ctrl key to jump back down.

Bats fly out of the ledge. Evelyn calls on the radio. Hear a hissing sound.

Shifting sand:   

Look around. See a locked gate at left and a passage blocked by a table.

Drag the table out of the way.

Crouch through the low passage to the large cavern seen earlier. Look around and note the hole at center of the flat rock.

Alcove:    Go right to inspect the alcove seen earlier up on the higher level.

Use the alcove and Adam pushes the stone to raise the locked gate at the shifting sand area. (Checkpoint.)

Go left and see green lights flickering at a far cavern.

Locked gate:    Go back to the left, crouch through the short tunnel and back to the shifting sand area.

See that the gate is raised. Crouch through the tunnel with rats and go forward.

Sand waterfall:

Look around. Go to the back of the sand waterfall and see the flickering green light seen earlier.

Find the Gate of Eden secret- optional:     Inspect the chest and get the Genesis code. The code is creation.

Raise the lift:    Go back to the sand waterfall. Note the alcove above at right.

Go to the left where there is a box like object. Jump up twice and go to the alcove.

Use the alcove and Adam presses the stone. See the cage fill with sand and counterbalance to raise the stone at center of the flat rock.

Go to the left and jump down.

Go to lower level tunnel:

Exit the area through at right. Crouch through until the area with the table. Go through the right entryway to the flat rock.

Get a phone call from Evelyn and professor. The professor warns that the caves where Adam is located are made to hinder mankind from going back to the Garden of Eden.

Stand on the circular lift to go down. (Checkpoint.)

Go to the tunnel opening with dead vines. Ignite the vines.

Faith, Hope and Love:

Go forward and enter a cavern. Adam talks to Evelyn but the interference is present here. It is a form of flying dark something - black smoke.

Explore Faith, Hope and Love:     Look around. Check the anchor and cross inside a heart drawing on left wall.

There are 3 gates at back wall that are locked.

Text stand 1:    Go to the center stand and see a stand with 3 rings of text.

Select a ring and rotate it using the enter key.

To check if the text is arranged correctly, press the check button at top of stand.

So these three things remain,

Faith, Hope and Love.

But the greatest of these is Love.

The gates to the 3 caves (Faith, Hope and Love) at back wall rise.

Check all the caves. The stand is a clue. If you enter the wrong cave, Adam dies. Another chance is given.

Find the Faith, Hope and Love secret- optional:      Enter the Love cave at right. See what happens to the flying dark something. The gate drops down and prevents the flying dark thing to enter the Love cave.

See green sparkles left of the steps. Jump up to that shelf while standing at top of the steps of the Love cave.

Open the chest. You have found the Day 1 code. The code is light.

Go down to the central cave and look around.

Missing part 1 - X (10) stand:    Go to the stand at left.

See the 3x3 panel. At top or at side; see 10 or X. So the row and column of squares should total 10.

Use the arrows keys to select a number and scroll through the numbers using the arrow keys.

Arrange the squares to total 10: VIII + I + I.

The stand opens and the first missing part (1/7) is obtained. Checkpoint).

Adam talks to Evelyn. Evelyn is hungry.

Leap of Faith:

The gate opens. Go through the tunnel. See that this area has the anchor and cross inside a heart on the wall drawing. There is a locked gate at end of the right wall.

Ignite the unlit fire stand and the gate opens.  Go forward.

See 3 gates at end of the 3 bridges. The 2 at the ends have waterfalls flowing on the bridge. The torch is-will be doused when you pass through. The central gate is locked.

Text stand 2:    Go through the left bridge and the torch is doused.

See a stand. Use the stand. Arrange the text of the 3 rings on the stand.

Then press the check button at top to see if it is correct.

Everything can distract you.

Look beyond the material world.

Take the leap of faith.

The 2 waterfalls stop flowing. Go back to the central fire stand. Ignite the doused torch.

Find the Hidden Key:    Go to the right gate. Ignite the unlit fire stand and the metal door opens.

Enter the gate at right. Go to the end of the tunnel. Get a key on the floor at end of the tunnel.

Go back outside and go to the middle gate. Use the key on gate.

Find the Leap of Faith secret- optional:     See gushing waterfall and large gap to the other side.

Go down to the ledge on the side (facing you) to be on the water. Walk down and around to the water below.

Go under the waterfall and then right to be under the ramp. See a drawing on the wall of a man leaping over a gap.

Go left and see a chest. Open the chest and see the Day 2 code: firmament.

Go back up to the ramp above.

Take the leap of faith and run-jump (shift + spacebar) to the other side. Jump to the other side.

If you fall to the water below, climb back up and around to the right side to be on the ledge again. Good luck.

Go forward to a sunny area. See the black smoke on the other side of the waterfall. It does not want to go through water. Adam talks to Evelyn. (Checkpoint).

Go forward; pass the bridge to see another stand.

Missing part 2 - X (10) stand #2:    Go to the stand at left.

See the 3x3 panel. At top or at side; see 10 or X. So the row and column of squares should total 10.

Use the arrows keys to select a number and scroll through the numbers using the arrow keys.

Arrange the squares to total 10. The stand opens and the second missing part (2/7) is obtained.

Jump up to the ledge and shimmy to the right. Fall down to the wooden bridge and go forward. (Checkpoint).

At the end, go left and around to another tunnel. This one has water falling from top and crystals on the walls. The end is blocked.

Go back to the walkway and then go left. Climb the ladder on the left.

The dark smoke entices Adam to "Taste the apple - the forbidden fruit".

A Full Spectrum

Crystal room:

There is a fire stand at left of the ladder. Ignite a torch to get a lit torch.

There are 3 circular plates on stands around the room:  yellow (front), red and blue (by the crystal enclosure at left).

There is a crystal enclosure at left with a stand inside.

There is a stand with something missing in the middle of the room.

At right wall is a container with orange crystals. To the right of that is a closed metal door.

Text stand 3:    There is a stand at back of the room.

Arrange the text of the 3 rings on the stand. Then press the check button at top to see if it is correct.

I am the light Who follows me

Will never walk in darkness

But will have the light of life

Crystal enclosure:    The gate to a stand inside crystal enclosure is lowered.

Go inside the enclosure and see an unlit fire stand.

Use the lit torch on the fire stand to light it. See colored lights coming out of the circular plates.

Arrange the circular plates so that the colored beams of light hit the stand at center of room that is missing something.

Missing crystal:    Go to the stand platform at back of the cavern.

Jump into the water and go to the back area. Pick up the crystal on the ground.

Go left to jump down the hole where water flows down to be at the end of the blocked walkway below.

Go to the front and around to the left. Climb back up to the crystal room.

Ignite the torch to get a lit torch.

Orange crystals:    Place the crystal on top of the central stand. See white light hit the orange crystal on right wall.

Remember orange color is made of red and yellow.

Move the blue circular plate so that it does not beam a colored light to the central stand. See orange light focus on the orange crystal at right wall.

Hear a voice: Leave, this cannot be. The black smoke flies off. The metal door opens.

Adam calls Evelyn. (Checkpoint).

Rock wall:

Go through the door and then left at the other side of bridge.

Go to the stand at the left end.

Missing part 3 - Diamond switch 1:    Study the vertical diamonds to see how the diamonds are calculated.

Change the color of the diamonds in the 2 squares to show the progression or calculation result of the diamonds that are horizontal.

For example on the left and right sets - vertical: gold + gold = gold; gold + red = gold; red + red = red.

The stand opens and the third missing part (3/7) is obtained.

Recessed steps are pushed out at left. Go down and the steps are again recessed.

Go left to the ladder. Go down and continue to the left.

Find the A Full Spectrum- optional:    At the end of the path, see an opening at right side. Crouch to enter the opening and inspect a chest.

Open the chest and get Day 3 code: vegetation.

Locked gate:    Go back outside. Go around the path and down the ladder. See a locked gate at right.

Go left and ignite the fire stand. Immediately run to the raised gate and exit. You might need to do this over and over. I did! Good luck.

Hold on to your Belief

Go to the white stand:

Endure the long climb:    Go forward, pass the bridge into a new chamber. (Checkpoint).

Hear the black smoke talk to Adam.

See a white stand on top of a rock pillar and sparkles on the rock pillar at right. We want to go there.

Go to the open (no fence) ledge at right. Walk down to be on rock slope and then walk to fall down to lower path.

Walk around this rock wall.

Walk down to the next lower level.

Walk around this rock wall to the ladder.

Climb the ladder (note the rope above). At the top of the ladder, jump (space bar) and Adam will jump to the right rock structure. Jump up to be on the ledge.

Go to the front-right part and be on a platform with a rope above.

Go close to the fence and jump up to shimmy on the rope.

Shimmy around to the rock pillar with a chest with green sparkles on top.

Continue to the right and next rock pillar. See Adam raise his knees. Move twice more to the right and immediately jump to the right to the lower rope at right. You might need to do this over and over. I did!

Shimmy to the end at right. Jump up to the ledge.

Go to the end of the path. Jump to the rope and shimmy to the left. Turn the corner and go to the end. Ctrl key to go down.

Go to the right and jump up to another rope on another rock pillar.

Shimmy to the right until the end.

Jump to turn around above the gap and be on the pillar close to the one with the white stand.

Jump up and go to the white stand. Use the white stand.

Text stand #4:    Arrange the text of the 3 rings on the stand.

Faith comes by hearing

And hearing by

The Word of God.

See pillars rise and the cave across the gap opens.

Chest - optional:    Go to the right and jump to the next rock pillar with the chest.

Inspect the chest to see Day 4 code: seasons.

Run-jump back to the rock pillar across the gap. Walk pass the white pillar and go forward to the raised pillars.

Enter the next cavern. (Checkpoint).

Green light cavern:

The raised pillars go back down.

Go forward pass the waterfall into a chamber with green light.

At the end, jump across the gap.

Missing piece 4 - X (10) stand #3:    Go to the stand by the closed gate.

See the 3x3 panel. At top or at side; see 10 or X. So the row and column of squares should total 10.

Use the arrows keys to select a number and scroll through the numbers using the arrow keys.

Arrange the squares to total 10.

The stand opens and the fourth missing part (4/7) is obtained.

Enter through the now opened gate. (Checkpoint).


The Lion and the Snake

The earth shakes. Adam talks to Evelyn.

See the black smoke enter through an opening on the wall. It closes and the rock cover shows a spiral-snake.

Go forward and see a lion's head on the wall with a ladder on the ledge in front of it.

Go down to the water.

Find the Lion and the Snake- optional:  Go to extreme right.

Crouch down and enter the low overhang.

Inspect the chest by the right wall to see day 5 code: creatures.

Exit and go back to the fire stands.

Open the snake and lion doors:

Text stand 5:    Go to the back alcove.

Use the white stand. Arrange the text of the 3 rings on the stand.

See the Lion of Judah

has triumphed. He is able to open

the scroll and its seven seals.

The central fire stand is lit. Ignite the torch. There are 2 unlit fire stands by the wall.

Left fire stand:    Light the fire stand left of the white text stand.

It opens the snake door above. Remember that the black smoke entered there. The fire is doused after a short time.

Right fire stand:    Light the fire stand at right of the white text stand.

It opens the lion door above. The fire is doused after a short time.

Light the fire stand at right to open the lion door again.

Immediately climb the ladder to jump to the opening where the lion head was.

Crouch to enter and go forward. Bats fly over and the entryway is sealed by fallen wood.

Go forward and down the ladder. (Checkpoint).

Go to next location:

Go right and drag the table close to the ledge with low overhang at right.

Jump on the table; crouch and go right to the next cavern.

Go to extreme right and ignite torch to get lit torch.

Go back to the left and climb the ladder.

Go left and see spiderweb covering an opening. Ignite the spiderweb. Jump twice on the ledge at right.

Continue to the right until a ledge with 3 white slabs. Jump down from this ledge to go to the lower level.

Go left and forward to the next hallway.

Missing piece 5 - X (10) stand #4:    Go to the stand by the closed gate.

See the 3x3 panel. At top or at side; see 10 or X. So the row and column of squares should total 10.

Use the arrows keys to select a number and scroll through the numbers using the arrow keys.

Arrange the squares to total 10.

The stand opens and the fifth missing part (5/7) is obtained.

Enter through the now opened gate. (Checkpoint).

Find the Sound Belief secret - optionalGo forward pass the ledge that goes right to left.

At the turn to go down, go left where the plants are located.

Go forward. Inspect the chest by the right wall to see Day 6 code: image.

Exit this nice sunny area.

Continue forward until a large cavern with water flowing on the walls.

Go around the central pillar to pass through a bridge into an open area. (Checkpoint).

Sound Belief

See several holes on the floor and 3 machines.

The machines are musical instruments: one with ram's head, another with an angel and the other has trumpets.

Text stand 6:    Use the text stand left of the white circular door at back wall.

Arrange the text of the 3 rings on the stand.

The wind blows where it will

and you hear its sound

So it is with all born of the spirit.

3 of the holes on the floor release air.

Drag the machines over the holes that release air.

See if the machines react:

The angel wings spread out.

The ram's head moves back and forth.

The trumpets rise up and down.

The musical instruments produce music and the circular door at the back moves to show an opening.


Full Circle

Go through the opening on the wall.

Ignite the torch.

Go to the top right corner and ignite the web covering the stand.

Missing piece 6 - Diamond switch 2:    Change the color of the diamonds in the 2 squares to show the calculated solution of the diamonds at left.

Use the clues of the vertical diamonds. The left set is different than the right set.

For example for the left set: gold + red = red; gold + gold = gold while the right set has red + gold = gold.

The stand opens and the 6th missing part (6/7) is obtained.

A stone bridge moves out to connect the 2 ledges. Go across and climb down the ladder at right. (Checkpoint).

Go forward and cross the bridge.

Text stand:    See a text stand with a missing top ring.

Continue forward pass one pool. At the next pool, see a rock wall blocking the way.

Green flickering light is at top of the rock at left.

Find the Full Circle secret - optional:     Jump up the rock wall and drop down to the other side.

Climb the rock wall at right and up to the chest.

Inspect the chest and see Day 7 code: rest.

Go down from ledge. If you fall on the front side of the rock wall, climb over it again and continue forward.

Missing text ring - Fire stand:

See 4 unlit fire stands around the room and a central lit one.

See a locked gate at back wall. Inspect the locked gate and see the missing text ring inside.

Open the locked gate:    To open the locked gate, all 4 unlit fire stands must be lit.

Light the fire stands and note which one stays lit longest or shortest time.

Run (shift + arrow) to light the fire stands. I just kept running and lighting the fire stands until smoke filled the cavern and the gate rose.

Enter through the raised gate and take the text ring.

Text stand 7:    Go back to the text stand on the bridge and waterfall.

Use the text ring and arrange the rings correctly. Press the check button at top.

Ask and it will be given


And you will find

The bridge turns to another cave left of the original one. Go forward.

Close to the surface:

Adam enters the cave and climbs down a ladder. (Checkpoint).

Adam calls base camp but another voice is heard. The voice is trying to discourage Adam.

Swinging axe:    Go forward and see a passage with swinging axe again. Run across.

Find all seven missing pieces - Solve the final puzzle:

Go forward to the stand by the ornate illuminated door.

Missing piece 7 - Diamond switch 3:    Use the stand.

Go through and then left.

See that the side gate is opened. Evelyn and the professor are waiting outside.

Try opening the Gate of Eden:

Evelyn says the place is going to collapse and they should hurry to leave. The professor shows his true greedy colors. He orders Adam to open the gate or he will shoot Evelyn. The black smoke is here. (Checkpoint).

Go to the door and try to "use" it.

7 stands:   

Check the 7 stands around the main circle - take note of the pictures depicted.

From top stand going clockwise:

On the first day, God created light.

On the second day, God separated the waters.

On the third day, God separated water and land.

On the fourth day, God created the sun, moon, planets and stars.

On the fifth day, God created birds and sea creatures.

On the sixth day, God created land mammals and humans.

On the seventh day, God admired his creation.

Activate the gate puzzle:    Study the main circle on the floor.

There are 2 outer rings with symbols. Using the arrow key, select and ring and then use enter key to turn it.

Arrange the large symbols on the 2 rings to match the symbols on the stands across them.

The central stand is activated.

7 days of creation:    Now that the central stand is activated - use it.

See that a wedge on the stand is highlighted. Place the correct missing piece on that wedge

See the collected missing pieces are shown at top left of the puzzle screen. Scroll using the arrows to select (enter key) the correct piece.

Take note that the small symbols just above the red ring of the puzzle starts with the sun at NE position and ends at the top position - going clockwise.

1 at NE position   2   3   4
5   6   7


Complete the full game:

Run to follow Evelyn.

Cross the bridge at right.

Climb up the crates at back area.

Climb to the hanging platform with crates.

Jump down to where Evelyn is standing.

Run outside.

Watch it, watch it all!

Watch the credits.

Eden here I come!

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