Developed and published by Himalaya Studios


Walkthrough by Rice burner

September, 2006




This is an adventure game that takes place in the fictional town of Anozira.  Al Emmo is not your traditional hero and there is a lot of comedy in this game.  Sit back and enjoy! 


As in any adventure game be sure to explore thoroughly, exhaust all dialogs, and pick up anything that is not nailed down.  There is a narrator that will occasionally give hints and witticisms.


ACT 1: Dude, Where’s Your Train?



Introduction:  Click on Introduction at the top left of the game screen to get a background of the story.  Al Emmo arrives in Anozira by train looking for a mail order bride.  He is to meet Ivanna at Kevin’s Saloon.


Train station:  After arrival talk to the station master at the ticket window.  He informs Al there won’t be another train for a week.  Talk to him about everything and ask him to refund your money for the return trip.  You have no money unless you get that refund.


Cemetery:  Head west to the cemetery.  Read the tombstones and chuckle.  Pick up the daffodil.  Go to the back of the cemetery and look at the hole, recently dug.  Pick up the human bone.  There is nothing else to do here so go back to the train station and head north to town.

Look at the animal in the enclosure.  Go to the Post Office and the Sheriff’s office and find the doors locked.


Kevin’s saloon:  Go west into town and into the saloon.  Click the hand icon on the bar stool so Al will sit on the stool.  Talk to Kevin about everything.  Ask him about a room and he will give you a key to the room upstairs.  After a cutscene in which Rita Peralto sings go upstairs and put the key in the lock.  Oh..oh…it broke!  Go downstairs and talk to Kevin again.  Ask about Rita, you want to meet her.  Kevin will give you a Rita flyer.  Read it and find out that Rita likes a flower from the Saguaro plant.  Before leaving the saloon go to the table behind Al and pick up the mustard.  Read the drink menu and order the Tequila (with Agave worm).  The drink lands on the floor……smashed.  Pick up the Agave worm and put it in inventory.  Go to the ashtray under the dartboard and take the cigarette butts.  Talk to Bill, the piano player, and discover that the piano is out of tune.  Something about a ‘wrong key’.  Hummm…….


Mayor’s house:  Leave the saloon and go to the large green building.  Enter by the door on the side.  Talk to the mayor.  Ask about the saguaro bloom.  He will tell you there is one in bloom out by the bull pen.  Look at the book on the table behind the mayor.  The book of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.  Go to the mantle and take an ammunition shell.  Look around a little more and exit.


West of town:  Go west out of town and see a small pile of rocks near a cactus.  Pick them up.  They will come in handy later.  Continue west and see a stick at the base of the tree.  Pick it up.  Go back to town.


Koko’s:  Go into Koko’s and look around.  Talk to Koko until all conversation is exhausted.  Go to the shelf and pick up Cost Mo’ magazine and a map of Anozira.  Purchase these two items as well as an empty glass flask.  The map can be found in the bottom left corner of the screen, not in inventory.  It can be used to travel instantly to another area of the game.  Nothing will be visible on the map until you have visited an area the first time. 


Dispensing machine:  Exit Koko’s store and click on the machine next to the stairs.  It dispenses wombat food.  Purchase some.  Let’s go back to the saloon and see if we can get a key for the door.


Saloon:  Use the ‘eye’ cursor on the piano keyboard.  Ah ha…Bill is using a key as a substitute for his missing piano key.  Try to take it.  No luck.  Talk to Bill again and he will tell you he is quite fond of a drink called Blazin’ Kev.  Go to the bar and pick up the matchbook.  Talk to Kevin about making a Blazin’ Kev.  He is reluctant to make one because it burned off his beard last time he made one.  However, he is willing to let you make one. 


Mixed drink puzzle:  First puzzle of the game.  See all the bottles on the shelf, each with a different name on it.  The name of the drink is

*B L A Z I N K E V*   so try the ingredients that start with those letters.  Once the drink is made use your matchbook to light it.  Be quick about it before the alcohol evaporates.  If you don’t light it fast enough just make another drink.  When you have the drink take it to Bill and give it to him.  He will tell you he likes it on the ‘rocks’, sooooo……go into your inventory and put some rocks into the glass.  When he drinks it take the key on the keyboard.  Be quick about it.  Once you have the key go upstairs and try it on the door to your room.  It works!  Look at the bed and under it.  Find a broken whip.  Pick it up for your inventory.  Exit the room and the saloon.


Mayor’s house:  Go back to the mayor’s house and see a young boy sitting on a pile of rocks next to the house.  Talk to him.  He is not very respectful.  He challenges you to take the flag from his dad’s flagpole to prove you are not dumb.  If you keep talking to the boy he will keep taunting you.  Go between the buildings and take the exit going north.  You will see the Hospitality House.  Take the path next to it and go around to the left.


Bubba’s barnyard:  Meet Bubba and see the red flag on the pole.  Talk to him and ask him to lower the flag.  He will only lower it for two reasons:  Cleaning or for someone who has departed.  Tell him someone has departed and ask him to lower it.  He wants proof of the departed.  He will accept hard evidence and an authentic paper from the mayor.  Go back to the fountain in front of the Hospitality House and use your empty glass flask on it.  Get water in the flask.  Use the water on the human bone in your inventory.  That will clean the dirt off it.


Mayor’s house:   Then go to the mayor’s house and use the hand icon on the book of Births, Deaths, and Marriages.  You forge the mayor’s signature and take the page.


Bubba’s barnyard:  Go back to Bubba’s and give him the bone and the page from the book.  He accepts both and lowers the flag.  Go over to the horse in the barnyard and pet him.  This will give you a lengthy horse hair.  Now we need to find a way to get the flag without getting caught.  How can we distract Bubba?


Town:  Go back to town and go west until you see the pile of rocks.  Take the path to the north until you see the cactus with the blooms on it.  Go west and see a wagon wheel.  Pick up the damaged horseshoe next to the wheel.  Use the map in the lower left of the screen and click on ‘town’ to get back there quickly.


Back to Bubba’s:   Go back to Bubba’s Barnyard.  Give him the damaged horseshoe and ask if he can fix it.  When he goes into the barn go to the flag and squirt mustard on it.  When he sees it he will take the flag down and go to the fountain by the Hospitality House to soak it.  He will leave it there.  Go to the fountain and take the flag.


Get cactus flower:  Go back to town (you can use the map if you like.)  From there go west and then north to return to the saguaro cactus with the blooms on it.  Put the red flag on the cactus and then open the gate where the bull is standing.  The bull will charge the cactus with the flag on it and knock it over.  When he leaves go pick up the saguaro bloom.  Go back to Kevin’s saloon and give the saguaro bloom to Rita.  Watch the cutscene………..”Poor Al”



ACT 2: Enemy of the Date


Al comes down from his room and Kevin gives him encouragement about Rita.  Leave the saloon and go back to Bubba’s.  Talk to Antonio Bandana, standing outside Hospitality House.  This will give you information about him.  At Bubba’s, pick up the hammer by the post.


Desert west of town:  Go back to town and west from there.  Head north until you come to the saguaro cactus, turn west until you come to the wagon wheel.  Go south until you come to a short barrel cactus.  Use your hammer on the cactus to get a Barrel-hook needle.  We now have the items in inventory to make a fishing pole.  Combine the broken whip, lengthy horse hair and barrel-hook needle.  Voila!  You have a fishing pole and hook.


Oasis:  Head back to the saguaro cactus by the bull pen, that’s north and east.  When you see the bull pen take the east path by the fence until you come to the oasis.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  Move Al next to the water.  In inventory combine the fishing pole with the Agave worm.  Cast the worm out on the water.  Al catches a Desert Mudpuppy fish.  The fish swallows the hook but no worries.


Desert exploring:  Go west, south and then east.  We are in new territory now.  Move east again and see a carcass.  Use the hand icon on it and get a cow bone.  Continue east, see a cave on your left, then north along the same path.  Then take the northwest fork until you come to a small plateau with non-spiny aloe vera plants.  Take a piece of the aloe vera plant.  Go back east until the fork in the road.  Take the northeast path until you see some oleander plants on your left.  Take an oleander flower.  Continue on the path around the bend.  Go east; past a fork in the road, and then south until you see a bear trying to get a prairie dog that keeps popping up from holes in the ground. 


Prairie dog puzzle:  Use the fish in your inventory on the bear.  He will move away to eat it.  The prairie dog complains that you got rid of the bear when he was about to get it.  He pops Al with a few bazooka shots, and then throws a few items out of his hole.  One of the items is a bear claw, proof that he has one.  Pick up the bear claw and talk to the prairie dog.  Oops, the prairie dog swiped Al’s glasses.  Use your hammer on the prairie dog with the red rag on his head.  Hit him three times, and then you can take your glasses.  Take the bear claw.  Combine it with the hookless fishing rod to get fishing rod & claw.


Prickly pear fruit:  Go back to the wagon wheel again.  You can use the map and click on the Oasis, then go west to the saguaro cactus.  Go west again until you see the wagon wheel.  Go north from there until you see an impassable gully.  Use the fishing rod & claw on the prickly pear fruit on the other side of the gully.  Now you have fishing rod & pear fruit.  Use your map and head back to town.


Talk to Rita:  Go into the saloon and talk to Rita.  Now you have a date for a ride and dinner.  Uh…oh, that means you need a horse.


Bubba’s barnyard:  Go to Bubba’s and talk to him about a horse.  He asks you three questions to determine which animal to give you.  It doesn’t matter what you answer because he has already determined what animal to give you.  A cutscene ensues when Antonio shows up and Bubba gives him the stallion that Al wanted.  Bubba gives Al a mule.  Bubba explains that the mule is not in good condition.  Use the hand icon on the mule.  Al gets on the mule and tries to get it to move, no luck.  Use the fishing rod & pear fruit from your inventory and now the mule will move.  Ingenious!  Exit the barnyard and head back to town. 


Rita’s house:  Once in town go east to Rita’s house.  Walk to the gate and open it.  Once it is open throw the cow bone from your inventory to the dog.  It will go away.  Walk to the door and knock.  When Rita opens the door Al gets trapped behind it.  Who should come along?  Antonio, of course.  A cutscene ensues with Antonio taking Rita for a ride on his steed.



ACT 3: Shallow Al


Next morning Al comes down from his room and talks to Kevin.  He suggests that Al needs a bath.


Oasis:  Use the map to go to the Oasis.  At the Oasis he meets Pammy Sanderson, the lifeguard at the Oasis.  Talk to her and tell her you came to bathe.  She will keep an eye on you but Al doesn’t want to bathe with her watching.  Talk to her until her sunburn comes up.  Maybe you can help her out with some sunscreen.


Koko’s:  Use your map and go back to town.  Go into Koko’s and talk to him.  Ask about sunscreen and give him the aloe vera leaf from your inventory.  He gives you the sunscreen.


Oasis again:  Use the sunscreen on Pammy.  She doesn’t like it, it smells bad.  She wants Al to make it smell better.  She wants natural ingredients.


Town:  Talk to the mayor about natural methods for making something smell better.  He tells you about some small yellow flowers that smell the best after the rain.


Desert:  Go back to the location where you found the oleander flowers.  REVIEW: Go to the Oasis, fill your empty glass flask with water, and then go west from there to the saguaro cactus.  Go south to the intersection, then east.  Go east again past the carcass.  Continue on and you will see the cave on the left side.  Continue from there until you see the intersection.  Go northeast until you see the oleander.  Keep going around the bend and you will see some bushes with small yellow flowers at the next intersection.  Pour some water from your flask on them and then use the sunscreen bottle on them to get fragrant sunscreen.


Oasis:  Use the fragrant sunscreen on Pammy.  Now it’s not smooth enough.


Hospitality House:  Use the map and go back to town.  Take the exit that goes to Bubba’s barnyard.  You will be at the Hospitality House.  Go inside and see a lube dispenser at the end of the foyer.  It costs a dollar so use your money pouch on it.  Then use the sunscreen on it to get smooth sunscreen


Oasis:  Back to Pammy.  Use the smooth sunscreen on her.  Now it’s too runny.


Bubba’s barnyard:  Go back to town and then to Bubba’s barnyard.  He has some molasses in the barrels in front of the barn.  Use the sunscreen on the barrel and now you have thick sunscreen.  “Just the way Pammy likes it.”


Oasis:  Use the thick sunscreen on Pammy.  She tells Al that Antonio is not royalty………..’hummm’….  She falls asleep.



ACT 4: The Torn Identity


Hospitality House:  Go into the house and knock on the door with the bull head on it.  Talk to Lou about a job.  He will hire you but first you will need a dress, makeup, fake bust and a wig.  Exit Lou’s office and go to the next door over (without a sign on it.)  Use the pointy stick in your inventory to get a dress on the clothesline. 


Oasis:  Go to the oasis and get some melons


Post office:  Go back to town and on to the post office.  Use the Cost Mo’ magazine on Al to get a makeup ad.  Go over to Rick, behind the counter, and talk to him about everything.  Then use the makeup ad on him and ask him to mail it for you.  He prepares it and tells you to put it in the ‘out’ slot.  Al hopes to get a speedy delivery.


Train station:  Exit the post office and go to the train station.  Talk to the FED UP guy, on the horse.  He throws your package on the ground.  You retrieve your makeup tin.  Talk to the cross dresser on the bench.  He wants to quit his line of business and go into construction, but he doesn’t have any tools.  Give him your hammer.  He thanks you and gives you his wig.


Hospitality House:  Go back to Hospitality House and go into the dressing room on the left.  When Al comes out he is dressed like a woman.  Go to Lou’s office and talk to him.  He gives you the key to Room 3.  The customer is waiting.  Use the key on Room 3 and go in.  Talk to Antonio.  He wants you to get to work.  Go to the right side of the bed and see Antonio’s clothes on the floor.  Move back to the end of the bed and use the hand icon on it.  Watch the action and follow Antonio’s instructions when you come out from under the blanket.  He will talk about building an empire.  When he falls asleep go back to his clothes and find Antonio’s business card.  Oh, what a fraud!  Now you have the proof.  Go back to the dressing room and shed those clothes.  Go back to see Lou and get paid for this job.  Lou pays you with an inflatable doll.  You now have a Drag costume and a deflated doll.


Saloon:  Go back to the saloon and give Rita Antonio’s business card.  Watch the cutscene.



ACT 5: Free Billy


Talk to Kevin.  After the conversation, go to the Sheriff’s office.


Sheriff’s office:  Talk to the sheriff about the Indian raid.  He tells you they took something from Rita’s house.  Rita is ok.  Ask to talk to the Indian.  The Indian won’t talk; maybe you need to get the sheriff out of the office.  Go outside and examine the gallows.  They don’t appear to be in great shape.  Go back inside and talk to the sheriff.  He won’t budge.  You need to find a distraction and a loud one. 


Saloon:  Talk to Billy.  He is depressed.  His wife left him and he wants to pack it in.  Hint about the gallows.  After three hints Billy doesn’t get it.  You suggest he hang himself.  Oooo….that’s awful.  Follow Billy to the gallows. 


Gallows:  You hope the sheriff is right about it not being able to support an adult’s weight.  Oh no… Billy added support to it and he is fixin’ to do the deed.  Use your matchbook on the ropes and then go inside to the sheriff.  There is a big thud and the sheriff goes outside to investigate.  Talk to the Indian, he wants out.  Al doesn’t trust him not to kill him if he lets him out.  The Indian gives Al his knife as proof.  Go get the key on the wall next to the sheriff’s desk.  Use it on the cell door.  Al tells the Indian to go.  The Indian hesitates because he is afraid the sheriff will see him.  An idea!  Give the Indian your drag costume.  After changing clothes the Indian comes out of the cell and picks up the sheriff’s gun from his desk.  He tells Al to keep his knife.  As the Indian is leaving he invites Al to come to his camp, he is always welcome.  The password is:  STOP THAT.  Put the key back on the wall and go outside to talk to Billy.  When he leaves pick up the rope



ACT 6: Indian, a Stone, and the Last Town Raid


Looking for the Indians:  Take the path to the east.  Keep going past the carcass.  Continue east.  Continue past the cave on the left. Then take the path to the northeast to the oleanders.  Keep going past the oleanders until you come to the bushes with the little yellow flowers.  Continue east until you see the small rocks with inscriptions.  Keep going east and you will see two Indians up on a high plateau.  If you go ahead they will shoot arrows at you.  Use the talk icon on them and shout the password:  STOP THAT!  Now you can move to the base of the cliff just below the small pointy rock.  Use your rope on that rock and climb up to the Indians.  Talk with them.  After several attempts they will understand you.  They tell you where to find the chief.  Go east to the tents.  Use the hand icon on the tent in the center and enter to meet the chief.  Talk to him.  The chief wants to trade the ancient stone they took from Rita’s house for some ‘cocoa acid water.’  Exit the tent and go back to the rope.  Climb down and go back to town.


Koko’s:  Talk to Koko about making you some ‘cocoa acid water’.  He calls it Koko’s Kola.  He will need the ingredients; an egg, prickly pear fruit, tobacco ash, and gunpowder.  We have everything we need in inventory except the egg.


Back to the desert:  Use the map to go to the Indian Plateau.  Exit there and go west.  Then go north at the bushes with the yellow flowers.  You will see a nest with an egg in it.  That cholla plant is mighty sharp.  We will have to find something to cushion the egg.  Use the deflated doll on the cholla plant.  Go up the path on the right to the point that overlooks the nest.  Use the rocks from inventory and throw them at the nest.  After five tries and several insulting remarks from the narrator you finally knock it down.  Pick up the speckled bird egg and the doll.  Exit the area.  Use your map to go back to town.


Koko’s:  Give Koko the egg.  Use your knife with the ammunition shell and give the white gunpowder to Koko.  Give the prickly pear fruit to Koko.  Give him the cigarette butts from the saloon.  He mixes it up and gives you Koko’s Kola.


Indian Plateau:  Visit the chief again and give him the Kola.  In return he gives you the stone half.  The chief holds a ceremony and tells Al of the Aztec gold.  You will need to find the other half of the stone.



ACT 7: Terminator – Rise of the Termites


Indian camp:  When you awake you see the Indian that you rescued still dressed in the drag costume.  Talk to him.  Exhaust all conversation. Go back to town.


Town:  You see a man setting up explosives around the mayor’s house.  Use the eye icon on him.  Then talk to him.  He is going to blow up termites around the mayor’s house.  Exhaust all conversation with him.  He pushes the plunger but nothing happens.  Go into the house to the foot of the stairs.  See the termite infestation on the wall.  Leave the house.


Desert:  Go back to the saguaro cactus.  Go west to the wagon wheel.  Continue west to the gorge with the broken bridge.  Use your knife on the rotting tree.  You get wood shavings which you put into your empty flask.  You now have jar with rotting wood.  Go back to town.


Mayor’s house:  Go into the mayor’s house and use jar with rotting wood on the termite infestation.  You capture all of them.  You now have termites.  Go outside and use the termites on Everett.  After the conversation he will leave with the termites.  Use the hand icon on the plunger and get dynamite.


Gorge with dead tree:  Return to the gorge with the dead tree.  Use the dynamite at the base of the tree.  Before Al can push the plunger a bird lands on the dynamite.  Watch as the bird leaves and Al will reposition the dynamite.  Before Al can move away the bird lands on the plunger and blows up the dynamite.  Ooooo………that hurts!  The tree falls across the gorge.  Walk across the tree and up the stairs.  See a miner’s cabin.  Approach it and look at the door.  There is a puzzle on it.  You don’t have enough information to unlock it so go back to town.


Rita’s house:  Knock on the door.  After the conversation with Rita ask her to show you Jacob Waltz’s room.  Pick up the flask on the table.  Go to the bed and use the hand icon on the pillow.  Find Dutchman’s journal.  Read it.  When you pick it up a piece of paper falls out of it.  Pick it up and get a paper with strange letters.  Leave the room and you will talk to Rita again.  “Friends, well that’s a start.”



ACT 8:  Bridges, Stones, Diaries


Post office:  Go to the post office and show the paper with strange letters to Rick.  Ask him to decode it.  He insults you but finally gives you a hint.  For each letter go back 4 positions.  So an ‘O’ would be a ‘K’ and so on.  Decipher the message using that code.  The message is different for each game so I cannot give you the answer.


Miner’s cabin:  Go back to the miner’s cabin and use the code on the front door.  The door will open.  Go inside and look around.  Pick up the shovel.  Look at the uneven floorboard.  Use the hand icon on it.  You pull it up and expose a locked chest.  It will need a key to open it.


Bubba’s barnyard:  Go back to Bubba’s and talk to him.  He will tell you about the mule he rented to Jacob.  The same mule he rented to you.  Bubba said when Jacob brought it back it had terrible indigestion.  Remember that there was an entry in Jacob’s journal about the mule eating Jacob’s key.  Go over to the mule in the barnyard and feed it the oleander flower.  It works, the mule spits out the key.  Pick up the chest key.


Miner’s cabin:  Go back to the miner’s cabin.  Use the chest key on the hole in the floor.  You get a Peralto journal, a half stone rubbing, and salted licorice.  Read Peraltos journal.  Then combine the half map rubbing with your stone in inventory and get a full map rubbing.  Al eats the salty licorice before leaving the cabin.  It is nighttime now and Al heads for the X on the map.  He arrives at the plateau where he got the aloe vera leaf.  He needs to get down to the lower level.  Try using the shovel to dig a hole.  Well, that didn’t work.  Head back to town.


Town:  Go to where the wombat enclosure is and see the wombat moving around.  Feed him some wombat food and then you can pick him up.  You now have a wombat in inventory.  Return to the plateau.


Plateau:  Use the wombat on the ground and he will dig a hole.  Follow him down to the lower level.  Exit to the north.


Mine:  You arrive at the cave which is the mine entrance.  Enter the mine.



ACT 9: The Peraltos


Mine:  Pick up the lantern and use your matchbook to light it.  Step onto the old elevator and use one of the ropes to make it go down.  Go west and pick up the pickaxe.  Go back to the east and through the tunnel.  You come to some tracks.   If you go west it’s a dead end.  Go east again and follow the track south.  The track stops at a cliff.  Find a way to get down.  Use your rope on the track and climb down.  There is a small plateau to the right but you can’t get up there.  You must find a way to get up there.  Go back to the rope and climb up.  Go east and see a mine cart.  Use the pickaxe on the switching mechanism next to the cart.  It won’t stay by itself.  Let’s look around for something to help.  Go east on the track and see a tar pit.  Use your empty flask on the tar to get jar with tar.  Go back to the mine cart and use the jar with tar on the mechanism and then the pickaxe.  Al will pull on the pickaxe and even though it breaks he feels that the track is switched.  Go on the east side of the cart and push it until you come to short track.  Give it one final push and it goes over the edge of the cliff, landing near the plateau.  Use your rope on the track and climb down.  Use the hand icon on the cart and Al will climb up to the plateau.  Go east and Al will see a fast moving river flowing east.  You have just the thing to float that river.  Go to your inventory and click on the doll. Then click the doll on Al.  He will inflate it and drop it in the river and jump on. Quickly right click through the icons until you have the hand icon.  When Al comes to the next set of stairs click the hand icon on them and he will go up just before the river drops down.  Go north and Al comes to what looks like a guy on a throne and a pattern of tiles on the floor.


Slider puzzle:  Below on the left is a picture of the unfinished slider.  The finished picture is on the right.  Click on the tile you want to move.  To place the last tile you will have to exit the puzzle and pick up the tile on the floor.  Then you can re-enter the puzzle and click the last piece on the empty space on the lower right corner.   




When you complete it an opening will appear below the face on the wall.  Use the hand icon on the button once. 


Looking for treasure:  Exit the scene and see that the river has stopped flowing.  Move to the bottom of the stairs and use the hand icon on the ladder. Climb down.  Go into your inventory and click on the stone half to make it available for use quickly.  Exit to the west and who comes in but Antonio. Listen to what he has to say.  When he finishes quickly cycle through your options and put the stone half into the hole in the Aztec face.  If you are not fast enough you will be able to try again.  When this is done a door will slide open and Antonio forces you to go through it.  Now you are faced by another door.  A voice tells you that you will have to answer five questions to see if you are worthy to pass through.  Most of them are common knowledge but the answers to the game related questions are:

With each correct answer the next door opens until you get through five of them.  If you flub up you will be able to try again with different questions.


Treasure room:  Al enters the treasure room and goes forward to pick up the Aztec treasure chest.  Antonio follows him into the room and the door slams shut trapping them inside.  This also wakes up the Aztec curse in the form of a skeleton with pistols.  Try to help Antonio open the door.  It doesn’t work.  Antonio sees a lever across the room and wants Al to activate it.  If you stay behind the rock where you are you are safe.  Now how can Al get to that lever without being shot?  Look behind Al at the statue.  Use the eye icon on it and Al notes that it would be a good place to hide.  Look at the altar where Al picked up the gold.  Move up the path until you are southwest of that, more west then south.  When you get to the right place the skeleton will stop shooting.  Wait there a bit and plan your next move.  Now take a small step forward until the skeleton moves behind the altar.  Turn around and run behind the statue when the skeleton just appears from behind the altar.  Remember to double click to make Al run.  If you time it right the skeleton will chase after you and spot Antonio.  If the skeleton stops before seeing Antonio move cautiously out from behind the statue just a few steps until the skeleton moves again toward Antonio.  When the skeleton engages Antonio you can run behind the altar and pull the lever.  As long as Al holds the lever Antonio can escape through the door.  After that when you release the lever the skeleton moves toward you.  Not to fear, the skeleton is really Peraltos ghost, who Antonio murdered.  Go into your inventory and get the Rita flyer.  Show it to the skeleton.  He lets you go so you can stop Antonio before he leaves the mine with the gold.  You will have to move quickly to get to the top of the ladder and stairs before the river starts flowing.  When you get there the river starts flowing again.  Go back to the slider puzzle and see that the tile next to it is broken now.  In inventory combine the tar with the broken tile and it is fixed.  Put it in place on the puzzle and press the button to stop the flow of the river.  Go back to the river and go west to the plateau.  Climb down the mine cart and see that Antonio has taken down your rope.  In inventory combine the rope with the broken pickaxe head.  Now you can throw it up and it will anchor to the top so you can climb up.  Now go back to the elevator and see Antonio going up.  In inventory use the fishing rod with hook in the elevator mechanism to jam it.  Antonio comes crashing down.  The elevator stops just above you.  Step under the elevator and Antonio will start shooting at you.  Move quickly back and forth under the elevator and it will start rocking.  Keep doing that until Antonio falls off and gets buried under a pile of rocks.  I found that if I clicked just outside the shadow of the elevator on each side it would start the platform rocking violently with Antonio’s movement.  Pick up the chest and watch the end of the game.  Also watch the credits to the end. 


I hope you enjoyed the game……I did.    Congratulations Himalaya Studios!



This walkthrough is the property of Rice burner and Gameboomers.  It is not to be altered or used in any way without the written consent of Rice burner or Gameboomers.

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