Alpha Polaris

by Turmoil Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    August 2011


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

When the game is opened, the game setting frame is seen. Here the display (display device, colors, antialiasing) and sound device can be selected.

The main menu has new game, load game, options and exit game.

The options have the audio volume, graphics (font size and shadows) and gameplay (hints and bag-inventory auto-close) selections.

The hints can be obtained by clicking on Rune, the main character.

Pressing the space bar shows all active spots in the screen.

ESC key accesses the game menu.

Enter key will skip dialogues,

I key or left click it opens and closes the inventory bag.

Double click on large arrow will skip walk and automatically leave the scene.

To save a game; click on a slot, save and then type in the description of the save.

Greenland: See Al Schaumann arrive in a chasm in the iceberg.



Check the station:

Rune's room:    Tully calls through the window of a sleeping Rune Knudsen, the Norwegian guy. There's a polar bear to stun. Select any response. Rune says he will get his things.

Look around the room. Right click the active items to get information on those items.

Computer:    Check the computer. Double click the Text Viewer icon to learn about Rune's thesis. He is studying whether the changes in polar bear pattern correlate with sea decline. He uses a GPS collar to record location and activity of female polar bears. This project is supported by the Euler Petroleum Greenland Expedition.

The proxy track icon has a map of the East Ketek plateau.

A triangulator program can be used to track a polar bear.

Inventory bag:    See a bag at bottom left of screen. Click to open and see that there are: multitool with compass, notebook and lighter.

The notebook shows bear thesis notes on sedated bears. Read the checklist. Click on the notes and photos tab to read an interview clipping of Rune.

Exit the room.

Corridor:    Look around and see the different doors with nameplate.

Rune's room is #3. Across the hallway is #2 - Nova Anawak's (micropaleontologist) room and #4 - Al Schaumann's (exploration technician) room.

Bulletin board:    Check the bulletin board left of Al's room.

Check the birthday card for Nova for tomorrow February 9 (note postage is stamped for 02/08/11) and the 3 station keys.

Living room:    Go right. Nova is on the radio with Schaumann. Al reports that he found oil at the crevasse and also something strange which he will report personally. Al said to report the oil discovery to Thule.

Learn that Rune has a crush on Nova. Rune will fix something for tomorrow, Nova's birthday. Look around.

Kitchen:    Go to the kitchen and look around. Exit the kitchen and living room.

Garage:     Go through the double doors at end of corridor. Look around and check the equipments.

See Tully's tent at left corner. Go through double doors at left.

Get the polar bear gear:

Lobby:    Check the drying closet where the coats are kept.

The lab door is on the left and the basement is reached by going down the spiral staircase.

Basement:    Go down the spiral staircase and see the food supply for the station. Go back up.

Laboratory:    Enter the lab at left.

Check the blueprint of the Alpha Polaris station on the left wall. Learn where the rooms are located.

Check Nova's, Al's, Rune's and Rune's work areas.

Take sedative needles, oximeter, tracking collar and reversal agent by clicking on Rune's desk at right with a teddy bear on the shelf.

Lobby:    Take a tranquilizer rifle from the wall at right.

Take the rope from the floor at foreground.

Exit through the double doors and automatically take a coat from the drying closet.

The polar bear:

Outside:    Talk to Ted "Tully" Crean, the mechanic. Tully says the bear seems to stalk him and he wants to kill it.  The bear is just around the corner.

Climb the ladder behind Tully.

Roof:    Look around.

See the 200 kg female bear on the yard. Rune can use the tracking device on a female but not on a male.

Stun the bear:    In inventory combine the sedative needles and the rifle. Hear a click.

Use the tranquilizer rifle on polar bear. See the bear get hit above the shoulder.

Check the bear:    After a while, Rune and Tully check the bear. It stinks.

Check the bear's mouth. One of the fangs is infected and the infection is spreading.

Use the oximeter on the bear's mouth. The pulse is little over forty. That is normal.

Place the tracking collar on the neck of the bear.

Take the tranquilizer dart from the bear's shoulders.

Place the bear in the sleigh dog cage:    Rune will contact the veterinarian and in the meantime will place the bear in the cage.

Open the door of the sleigh dog cage.

Snowmobile:    Go right to station west. See a snowmobile. Check-right click and see that Tully has the keys. Take the rachet strap from the back of the snowmobile.

Go back to Tully at left and talk to him. Type in - snowmobile - left of the "suggest" on the frame.

Tully brings the snowmobile closer.

Use the rachet strap on the bear.

Take the rope from inventory. Click rope on cage pillar (above the open cage door); then click on strapped bear and lastly click on back end of snowmobile. The text should read: tie rope to strapped polar bear - cage pillar - snowmobile.

Automatically the bear is placed in the cage.

Wake the bear:    Use the reversal agent on the bear.

Go to next screen and then go back. Click on the bear that is now moving. Rune says that there should be an antibiotic somewhere.

The empty syringe is in inventory.

Go to the left, pass the generator to go to the front. Enter the station.

Laboratory:    After automatically removing coat and return the rifle on the rack, go to the lab.

Open the medicine cabinet. Click-take the Silamycillin antibiotic, liquid penicillin from top shelf.

Rune calculates that she needs 1000mg/day.

Al's find:

Al arrives and relates his discovery of oil oozing down a deep crevasse. The find was without any detection equipment usage.

Al lowered himself down the crevasse and found something else that he places on the table.

In a cave, he found human bones and hide with writings on it.

Select dialogue - that it is not his field. Tully and Al wants this news to be kept quiet.

Nova comes in and announces that Alistair Euler the son of the boss is coming. Nova is upset and goes to her room.

Rune asks Al if he knows what the effect of his discovery will be.

Hide:    Look at the hide and bones on the table.

Starting from top to bottom:

Symbol arc:     Looks like the sky is bleeding.

Cartouche symbol:     There are 3 symbols inside the cartouche.

Decomposed surface:    There are markings.

Two markings:    V shape and a human shape.

Muddled symbols:    Messy symbols, almost like they were intended to look bad.

Bones:    Check the humerus and femur. They are both mineralized.

Take the humerus and femur.

Go to fume hood at top right corner. Open it and click to take the container (tray - see it attached to cursor).

Click the tray-cursor on the table at foreground right.

Place the bones on the container.

Pick up the blue distilled water bottle on the left and use it on the bones.

Pick up the acetic acid on the left and use it with liquid and bones in the container.

Pick up the container with bones and diluted acid and click it on the fume hood.

Rune places it in the fume hood. That should work on the calcite.

Bear and antibiotic:

Prepare the syringe:    In inventory combine the empty syringe and the antibiotics to get Silamycillin syringe.

Exit the lab. At the lobby, take an EPGE flag (used as markers).

Take the packaging tape from the crate left of the stairs.

Go right to the garage. Use the EPGE flag on the table saw on the work bench right of the 6x6 utility vehicle to get a wooden pole.

In inventory combine the wooden pole with the syringe (unfinished pole syringe) and then with the packaging tape (pole syringe).

Inject the antibiotic:    Go outside, forward to yard and then go right to generator. Go to cage at back.

Use pole syringe on polar bear. Rune tells the bear that the next shot will be tomorrow. He leaves the pole syringe beside the gasoline tank.

Go around to the front and then inside the station.

The other people in the station:

Tully:    Go right to the garage. Talk to Tully. Learn what he thinks about Nova.

Al:    Go right and to the kitchen. Talk to Al completely. He found the artifacts in a glacial cave at the bottom of the crevasse.

Nova:    Go to Nova's door and knock. Talk to her through the door. Their date is still on.

Rune's bedroom:    Enter Rune's room and click on the bunk. Automatically Rune enters today's work in the computer.


Rune:    Rune dreams of the aurora borealis, a meteor?, explosion by the station and the bear wanting to get out of the cage.

Rune hears garbled radio and rises from bed. Exit the room.

Nova:    Knock on Nova's door and hear her crying.

There is no answer on Al's door.

Radio:    Go to the living room and radio. It is blaring something.

Tully:    Tully arrives still having a walking nightmare. Talk to Tully completely. Learn that the beasts are the ones in Maine. He dreams of beast, glaciers, polar bears, wrong sky. He mentions spirits under the ice.

The radio might be electromagnetic malfunction.

Al:    Go to the lab pass the garage and lobby. See Al watching the aurora borealis show.

Talk to Al. Al took a reading and he says that it's close to a geomagnetic event right now.

Learn about the previous ion storms in 1859. Learn that the Cree calls it the Dance of the Spirits.

Agree about the meaning of the light show in the sky. Al advises to look closer on the subconscious meaning of the dreams; spiritual ones - like get in touch with oneself.

Rune will have to treat the bear himself since the radio might be down for several days.

Rune's bedroom:    Go back to the bedroom and click on the bed to go to sleep.


The Bear:

Rune's bedroom:    Tully wakes Rune again. Tully found something interesting and he wants to talk about last night.

Bear cage:     Go outside and go to the back of the station.

See the cage door ripped open and blood on the snow. There is flesh on the door.

Talk to Tully. He thinks that the electromagnetic storm messes everything with a brain. The magnetometer shows that the worse is still to come.

Rune borrows the snowmobile.

Go back inside the station.

Go to the lab and talk to Al completely.

Go to the kitchen and talk to Nova completely.

Track the bear:

Rune's bedroom:    Go to Rune's bedroom.

Take the computer and the triangulation device from the desk. In inventory combine the computer and the triangulation device.

Go to the lobby. Take the TACS-12 rifle from the rack right of door.

Exit the station.

Triangulate:    Open the notebook in inventory. See that 19.4 is the bear with infected tooth. On the chart at top of left page, see that the collar ID is ALO339.

Go to the yard. Stand either left or right of the yard. I stood on the left close to the snow plow.

With my back on the snow plow and open space in front, right click the multitool with compass in inventory. See that you current heading is ~199. The reading varies depending on where you stand. Note your heading.

Open the computer with attached triangulator. Double click the Triangulator program.

Collar ID:    Type in ALO339.

Heading: 199 or your compass reading.

Click on Plot 1 button.

See the status note: Take 15 steps to your current heading.

Use down-back up arrow to go back to top view of Rune.

Now click in front of Rune and count off 15 steps until Rune is farther down the yard.

Open the computer again and the triangulator program.

Click on Plot 2 button.

Despite the radiometric interference, Rune is getting a position. The bear is 1.5 kilometers NE of here.

Find the bear:    Go to the snowmobile left of the station (kitchen side).

Click on snowmobile to automatically ride out.

Rune checks the bear tracks. The bleeding bear attacks Rune. Rune fires the rifle and kills the bear. Rune takes the tracking device-collar. Rune is devastated.

Plot the bear's journey:    Go to Rune's room.

In inventory, combine the laptop with the bloody tracking collar.

Use the laptop. Double click to open the ProxyTrack program.

Click on the Map at top left to get a dropdown menu. Select East Ketek plateau/EPGE. See the map of the exploration area.

Click on Import at top middle to get a dropdown menu. Select USB ALO339. See the path taken by the bear at 6 different points.

Click on Datapoints and select each CP to see the latitude and longitude of the track point.

When CP5 is checked - Rune notes that the bear wandered 20 km NW before turning back. It is Lat5440.916, Long88265.40.

Examine the bones:

Decalcified bones:    Go to the lab. Take the container from the fume hood and automatically the bones is placed on the table.

Femur:    Look close at the bones. Use the multitool on the cleansed femur that still has calcification midway the length of the bone. Rune scrapes it off and sees 2 symbols. Men dancing and feasting.

Check the deep cut at bottom end of the femur. The marrow has been extracted. Was it eaten?

Al:    Talk to Al.  He still doesn't want any academic studies done on the basis of what Rune found on the femur.

Nova:    Go to the kitchen and talk to Nova. Cannibalism is taboo for the old Inuit.

Nova leaves to get an article and gives it to Rune. She will find another article about the mythological side of Inuit cannibalism.

Open the notebook, then click on the article tab. Read (click on page for close up) the Anthropophagy article. It states that the Greenland Eskimos believe that a race of cannibalistic men called Toonijuk inhabited the Webb Island NE of the mainland in ancient times. Learn about Ashten, the spirit of solitude possession and the spirit's subsequent return to the far north with some men. Note the symbols at the bottom of the page.

Hide:    Go back to the lab and examine the hide.

Cartouche symbols:     There are 3 symbols inside the cartouche.

Click each of the cartouche symbols. Type in an answer based on Nova's article beside the "suggest' text.

Cartouche symbol 1: Similar to west on the article but reversed. Type in east. Click suggest.

Cartouche symbol 2:  Looks like a rock in the sea. Type in island. Click suggest.

Cartouche symbol 3:  Looks like 3 men. Type in tribe. Click suggest.

East - island - tribe Cartouche means ownership or signature. This is made by the violent tribe that migrated here from the east - Webb Island.

Bake Nova's birthday cake.

Talk to Al about using the 6x6 to take the bear carcass away. Al reminds Rune about the Bombe Alaska that Nova loves.

Talk to Al completely. He tells Al about the Toonijuks. He is working on Tellurics.

Open the notebook. Click on the Bombe Alaska tab and read the recipe.

Ingredients for Bombe Alaska:    Exit the lab and go down the spiral staircase to the basement.

Take the sponge cake from second from bottom shelf.

Take the meringue powder from second from top shelf.

Ice Cream:    Check the ice cream box on the left wall. It is empty. Rune reads the label: ice cream made by traditional dry ice method.

Ingredients are: high fructose corn syrup, fine sugar, double cream.

Take the maple syrup from the second from top shelf.

Take the fire extinguisher from behind the stairs.

Brandy:    Go to Rune's bedroom. Take the verte absinthe from the floor at foot of the bed.

Prepare the Bombe Alaska:    Go to the kitchen. Rune automatically takes a bowl and places it on the table.

Take the sugar from the counter left of the fridge. Open the fridge and take the household cream from top shelf.

Place cream, sugar and maple syrup in the bowl.

Use the fire extinguisher on the mixture in the bowl to freeze it and get ice cream.

Place the sponge cake on top of the ice cream in the bowl.

Use the meringue powder on the water tap to get mixed meringue.

Place the mixed meringue on top of the sponge cake in the bowl.

Flip the bowl over by clicking on it. Rune places the flipped over cake on a plate.

Use the mixed meringue on the cake.

Pour verte absinthe on the cake.

Use the lighter on the alcohol drenched cake.

Click on the cake and select It's ready.

Rune automatically sets the table. Nova arrives and they have their dessert.

The cake is a success.


A helicopter arrives. Alisteir talks to Tully outside. He asks about Al.

Alisteir enters the kitchen and orders Nova to show him the lab.

Lab:    Go to the lab.

Alisteir will go to the site tomorrow. He dismisses the 2 employees and tells Rune he wants to see his research.

Glacier map:    Look close at the glacier map above Al's computer.

Click on Schaumann 3. See that the new find-Schaumann 3 where Al found the artifacts is the same point as CP5 of the bear tracking or where the bear turned around.


Rune:    Go back to the bedroom and click on the bed.

See the aurora borealis from the ground at bottom of the crevasse.

In the cave see a shadow chopping. Nova's door has bloody palm prints and the living room symbols written in blood. The kitchen has Nova's beheaded body. The head is in the sink.

A noise - rifle shot wakes Tully up.

Nova:     Exit the room and see Nova crouched in a nightmare. Rune tries to wake her up. It is dark and she sees Ashten, the spirit that stands for everything bad in the Arctic. Talk to Nova.

Another shot is heard and Rune leaves Nova.

Tully:    Go to the lobby. Take the tranquilizer rifle from the wall.

Go outside and see Tully shooting at the beast of his nightmare. Calm Tully down.

Alisteir arrives with a gun. Try to calm both of them down.

When that does not work, Rune stuns Tully.


Hallway:    Exit the bedroom. Knock on Nova's and Al's door.

Kitchen:    Go to the kitchen and see Nova, Al and Alisteir in conference.

Alisteir blames Rune for pandering Tully's obsession.

Talk to Al. Al denies what he said yesterday.

Nova denies her nightmare and refuses to give Rune the article about the mystical meaning of Eskimo cannibalism. Nova leaves the kitchen.

Rune suggests to Alisteir that he be the one to go down the crevasse and get oil samples.

Al disagrees but eventually talked down by Alisteir. Al tells Rune what to do to go down the crevasse.

Get the article from Nova.

Garage:    Go to the garage and see Tully. Talk to Tully completely. Al and Nova might more afraid than Tully.

Tully defends Nova and Al. Tully recommends that Rune gets the article. Tully has blank keys and tells Rune to make a master copy. The blank key is in inventory.

Master key:    Go back to the hallway and the bulletin board.

Check the station keys tacked on the bulletin board.

Look at the 3 keys. The keys are made up of pins and spaces that make 9 parts.

The only common pin of the 3 keys is the middle one with spaces on both sides.

The garage key has pins (top to bottom): 1, space, 3, space, 5, space, 7, 8, space.

The lab key has pins (top to bottom): space, 2, 3, space, 5, space, space, 2 and space.

The third key has pins (top to bottom) 1, 2, space, space, 5, space, 7, space, 9.

In inventory, use the multitool on blank key.

Place the cursor on right side of the key stem. See that part is highlighted.

Click to remove the highlighted area.

Remove 1, 2, 3, 4. Leave 5 untouched. Remove 6, 7, 8, 9. Get cut key, roughly shaped station key.

Nova's room:    Use the cut key on Nova's door. Look around.

Check the suitcase with a numeric padlock on it. Rune says that the numbers are probably easy to remember.

Recall that Nova's birthday was yesterday. Remember the birthday card on the bulletin board.

Enter 0209. Click on the padlock. It is opened.

Take the article from the suitcase.

Read the article in the notebook in inventory. It is about the Witiko/Ashten Myth.

Click on the article to read closer. Witiko has hatred for humanity and is trapped in the Boreas, behind the Northern Lights.

Prepare to go to crevasse.

Go to Rune's bedroom and take the crampons hanging left of the calendar and door.

Go to the lobby. Take rope left of the crate; the oil probe left of the drying closet and the tranquilizer rifle. Rune loads the tranquilizer rifle.

Go to the garage and click on the 6x6.


In inventory is the winch remote.

Take the crampons out of inventory and use crampons on Rune.

Use oil probe on winch of the 6x6.

Click the rope on oil probe and then click on Rune. The text should show tie rope to oil probe - Rune.

The rope is tied around Rune and the oil probe/winch.

Take the winch remote from inventory and automatically Rune lowers down the crevasse.

Oil sample:

Rune is on a platform outside a cave.

Use the winch remote to lower the oil probe down the bottom of the crevasse to get a sample. Hear a sound.

Use the winch remote again to raise the oil probe after getting a sample.

Use the multitool on the oil probe and get oil container.


Examine Al's footprints on the ground of the platform. Enter the cave.

It is dark in the cave. See a cup-ceramic pot on the ground.

Use the oil container on the cup. Use the lighter on the cup with oil. Now there is light.

Go to the second cup at right and fill it with oil and light it.

Check the ceiling and Rune says that is permafrost. The tunnel was probably formed by water.

Check the mummy on the ground. She has a gaping hole on the chest.

Mural:    Check the mural on the wall. It has ancient symbols similar to the hide.

Deeper cave:    Go through the tunnel at right.

Oil the cup on the ground to get light.

Toonijuk. Check the bones that littered the floor. It is marked like the one in the lab. Check the walls that are curved.

Check the icy seat. It has weird proportions. There are antlers on top of the throne.

Mural:    Go back to the outer cave.

Look close at the mural (click again). See East-island-tribe on the top cartouche.

From bottom to top:

Symbol 1 - It is humanoid shape. Type shaman and then click suggest.

Symbol 2 - It is closed shape with possible ice emanating from it. It looks like the icy seat in the other cave. Type in throne and then click suggest.

Symbol 3 - Like 2 shapes on top of each other. Remember the Witiko article taken Nova's suitcase. Type in Boreas and then click suggest.

Symbol 4 - It looks like a mutilated corpse. It has antlers. Type in Witiko or Ashten. Click suggest. Rune calls it Wendigo.


Rune says they tried to summon Ashten-Witiko down from the sky.

See Rune touch the mural. Rune peeks at the throne and see Witiko appear.

Rune is chased by the spirit and runs to entrance of the cave. He goes up the winch cable and drives to the station while the ion storm is happening. The 6x6 turns over when Rune avoids the spirit.


Lab:    Rune dreams that he lost both his hands and Al says the spirit took his hands.

Rune wakes up with both hands bandaged.


Look around. Check the wrecked monitor. Something happened here.

Take the hide and bones from the table. Exit the room.

Look for the others:

Garage:    See that Tully's tent is destroyed.

Living room:    Hear Alisteir and Nova. See that the radio is damaged by a weight.

Kitchen:    Go to the kitchen. Nova asks about Rune.

Alisteir says that Tully went berserk and he had to shoot him with morphine. Now Tully and Al are missing. Alisteir blames Rune for drawing that "thing" here and that Rune owes his father for the crashed 6x6.

Nova wants to find a way out of here. Alisteir wants to understand and help.

Lab:    Go to the lab and talk to Nova. Nova apologizes. They talk about Witiko.

Witiko is here because Al brought the bones.

The ion storm is the portal; Witiko cannot physically be here and using it to invade them.

The cave is a ritual chamber that has evidence of violence and cannibalism.

Since they cannot return to the cave to bring the bones; it is best to destroy the bones.

Destroy the bones:

Burn the artifacts:    Rune decides to disintegrate the bones and hide. If you haven't yet, take the hide and bones from the table.

Talk to Nova again about the missing men and the destroyed lab.

Go to the garage. Take the gasoline in the red jerry can by the crates right of the left door.

Go to the lobby and exit.

Place the hide and bones in the barrel at corner of the building at left.

Use gasoline on barrel. Use lighter on barrel. The fire burns down quickly.

Make a thermite fire:    Alisteir says he needs a hotter fire to burn the bones. He would need aluminum powder and oxidized metal as fuel and magnesium to ignite it.

Magnesium:    Enter the lobby and go down to the basement. Check the sacrificial anode of the furnace at right. It is either zinc or magnesium. Use the multitool on sacrificial anode.

Go to the garage. Use the sacrificial anode on grinding machine left of the work table on right wall. See the anode dust on the floor. Use the broom right of the red tool box (left of blue door) on the dust to get magnesium dust.

Oxidized metal:    Check the rusty barrel at bottom left of the screen. Use multitool to scrape the barrel and get rust (oxidized metal).

Aluminum powder:    Go to the kitchen. See Alisteir watching TV in the living room. Talk to Alisteir.

In the kitchen, take the frying pan from the stove.

Go back to the garage. Use the frying pan on grinding machine left of the work table on right wall. See the frying pan dust on the floor. Use the broom on the dust to get aluminum dust.

Go back outside to the barrel that has the hide and bones.

Use aluminum dust, rust and magnesium dust on the barrel.

Use lighter on barrel. It burns and melts the barrel. No traces of hide or bones.

Look for Al and Tully:

Tully:    Go forward to yard and then left (kitchen side) pass the snowplow to the snowmobile.

See a dead Tully. He was shot.

The body was moved to the basement. Alisteir and Rune talk. Nova should have seen Tully.

Al:    Check the lab. Talk to Nova.

Check Al's door in the corridor. It is locked. Use the cut key on Al's door.

Look around Al's bedroom.

Read the crumpled paper on the desk. I unleashed it and I am to blame, maybe I'll draw it out with me. Don't try to follow, Al.

Alisteir:    Go to living room and talk to Alisteir.

Nova:    Talk to Nova in the lab and tell her about Al.

Rune's bedroom:    Try to enter Rune's bedroom. Nova invites Rune to her bedroom. Stay the night.

Nova's bedroom:    Rune wakes up after a nightmare. Nova is still in the grip of the nightmare.

The power is off. Exit the room.

Get the power back on:

Exit the station. Go to the yard and then go right to the generator.

See the generator cabinet and the pipe to a valve.

Check the valve and note that it is closed. Open the closed valve.

Open the generator cabinet. Check the different parts of the generator panel.

See that B2 fuse is missing but it is not for the generator usage.

Pull the lever down to O position.

Pull out the choke at bottom (right of red switch).

Turn the red starter switch.

Push back the choke.

Push the lever up to 1 position.

Hear the generator run and the gauges work.

Out in the cold:

Automatically, Rune walks to the front of the station.

Alisteir is having his nightmare. He says that Rune killed Nova. He fires at Alisteir and then leaves Rune outside to freeze to death.

See Al drag a bloody Nova inside the lab. Rune calls to Alisteir.

Find a way in:    In the top view, see a vent on the roof of the garage. We need to go there. The roof is covered with ice.

Go left to the snowmobile. Pick up the crampons on the snow beside the snowmobile.

Go back to the front of the station.

Climb the ladder to the roof. See the icy roof at left. Use the crampons on Rune.

Climb the icy roof. See the hatch. The lock is frozen shut. Go back down.

Enter through hatch:    Go back down to yard and go right to the generator.

Open the generator cabinet. See antifreeze pipe at top right of the panel.

Go back to the animal cage around the corner.

Take the empty pole syringe. Click on the pole syringe to separate it to syringe and wooden pole.

Go back to the generator cabinet at left. Use syringe on the antifreeze pipe at top right of the panel to get antifreeze syringe.

Climb back to the roof and then up the icy roof at left.

Use antifreeze syringe on hatch (lock). Open the hatch.

Enter through hatch.

Disarm Alisteir:

Go to the shelf right of the big garage door. It has tools. Take a wrench from the shelf.

Climb the ladder at right corner. Automatically Rune hides behind the crates at top platform.

Bring Alisteir here by throwing the wrench on the glass window above the garage door.

Alisteir enters and fires at the garage door.

See Rune jump Alisteir. Alisteir is dead. Take the revolver from the floor.

Look for Al and Nova:

Symbols:    Go to the lab. Take and read the crumpled paper from the bloody floor. It has symbols from the hide.

See a fuse on the floor also. It is the missing B2 fuse.

Decode the symbols (bottom to top):

Symbol 1 - interlocking V shapes. Type in cave or crevasse. Click on suggest.

Symbol 2 - heart. Click on suggest. Human sacrifice.

Cave - heart - shaman - throne - Boreas - Wendigo. East - island - tribe.

Where is Nova?

Blueprint:    Check the blueprint of the station.

See that B2 is the water pump. We have not been there. Al removed the fuse to that place.

Water Pump:    Look at the crumpled paper again. Click on Where is Nova?

Type in water pump or B2. Click suggest.

Go down to the basement. Check the mutilated body of Tully. His hands were cutoff.

Pump lid:     See a metal hatch-pump lid in front of the boiler. Click on it.

Take the meat hook at right wall. Use the meat hook on the pump lid.

Go down to the water pump. Watch what happens.

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