Main Goals : Release Roxy from her trance


Q : What should I do now ? My Peek device is run out of power...
A :
Go to the study room upstair and turn on the light one more time. And .......

Q : How could I operate this computer ? What is the password ?
A :
Remember the dream you had just now. The password is 'WISDOM'.

Q : What should I do with this first puzzle: the gear ?
A :
You have to make them move in same rhytm. Use the button on the monitor to do that.

Q : What should I do with the second puzzle: the algorithm ?
A :
Use this picture to help you. The goal is to make all the tiles connect to each other and build a picture of connection.

Q : What now ?
A :
Go visit Roxy in the garage and put the headgear on her. Watch the ending .....

Author's final note : This game is too simple for a hardcore adventurer. Although the story is quite good and the graphic is awesome, but not enough tense for the player .....