Location Exact Location Items
Roxy's house In the garage, on the far end wall Crowbar
. In the mailbox, inside the package Oscillator
. Backdoor, on the door's knob Peek generator
. Study room, on the small round table Peek detector
. Study room, beside the computer Videotape
. Dining room, on the cabinet Camcorder
. Dining room, inside the left cabinet Weed killer
. Bedroom, right nigthstand's drawer Room key
. Laboratory, beside the dining room Head gear
Maggie's house Bedroom, inside the knick-knack basket Needle
. Secret room (garage), inside the trash can Puzzle
Edmund's vision Boat cabin, on the bench Sack of salt
. Under the icy lake Teddy bear
. On the lake ground Rubber duck
Bryce's nightmare On the bench (in the garden) Wooden heart
. Beside the steel door in the tree house White flag