Main Goal : Discover what has happened to Maggie's fiancee


Q : How could I unlock this bedroom door on the second floor ?
A :
After experiencing several spiritual visions, you'll know that someone (or ... thing) has put a room key on the right nightstand in the master bedroom. Go there and pick up the key. This will unlock the bedroom. This is the time to use your Peek Detector. Insert the Peek Generator on the doorknob. After a while, you could play some sound in your Peek Detector. A girl is calling you. Note: by this time, it is most likely the telephone will ring. Go downstair to the living room and answer the phone on the coffee table. It's Roxy ....

Q : How could I reach the girl from the Peek Detector ?
A :
Go to the bedroom and walk through the mirror. Welcome to Maggie's vision

Q : How could I solve the puzzle on the table ?
A :
You have to build the sound -- I Love You Maggie -- Look at this picture to help you. Click on 1,2,3,4,5. Hmmm..... you're Maggie. What is this ????

Q : Could I go somewhere else beside this bedroom ?
A :
Turn on the radio. If you tune in the channel, channel 75 will leads you to the kitchen. This room is marked by channel 62.

Q : Is there anymore room that I could visit ?
A :
If you listen the radio carefully, they will announce a new radio station launching on channel 128.9 at 7 pm tonight. That's the channel you should tune in to go to the other room. You don't have to be exact at the channel, 'cause when you could access the channel the room will be clear.

Q : How could I move the clock to 7 pm ?
A :
Remember what Maggie has said to you ??!! Doors are waste of time. Opening the double door in the kitchen will move forward the time by 30 minutes and the single door by 15 minutes. Check out the time at the clock box on the table. Notes: This part is really a pain in the A.. Sometime you need a patience before you could tune in the channel. One of the solution is you have to look at everything in every room first. But sometimes it doesn't work. So, patience is the key ......

Q : What should I do in this new room ?
A :
Check out the trash can. Arrange the pieces of the paper. Look at this picture to help you. Oh noooo ..... my fiancee has committed suicide.

Notes : After this you'll be transported back again to the bedroom. Remember, after each vision the electricity in Roxy's house will be shut down. Go back to the study room and pull down the electricity switch. Then you could see through your Peek Detector that an Amber picture shows up.