Amber's Blood: Carol Reed Mystery 8

by MDNA Games

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   February 2012


Gameplay:    This is a first person point and click game. Before the game starts, see the game settings: display and sound selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and run in window choices. The sound has a choice of sound device.

The main menu has continue, new game, load, save, options and quit selections.

The options menu has speech, music, effects and subtitles adjustments.

The tutorial on how to play the game can be selected at start of the game.

There are 100 save slots available.

There is a very good hint system in the game. The hints can guide the gamer without the need of a walkthrough.

The game is non-linear. This walkthrough is just one sequence of gameplay.

The main menu is accessed by the ESC key.

Carol Reed reminisces while beautiful sights in Sweden are seen.


Stina's favor:

Carol's house:

Bedroom:    The alarm clock wakes up Carol. Click the bottom part of the alarm clock to turn it off.

Get out of bed and look around the bedroom: hanging clothes and bed.

Click to arrange the bed covers. Turn right from bed and exit the bedroom.

Kitchen:    Turn left from the main door. Look around the kitchen: window, fridge and dishwasher.

Check the wallet on the dining table and see the card for Lunda Wheel.

Take some cash-Kronor from the right side of the wallet.

Exit the kitchen.

WC:    Turn right twice to see the WC. Look around if you want.

Living room:    Go forward from the kitchen to the living room. Look around.

Go forward twice to the windows. Turn right and see the charging cell phone.

Take the cell phone. Click to read the text message from Stina. She wants a favour.

Turn around three times and enter the door to the study.

Study:    Wow, what a collection of games. Look around.

Turn right and see the computer desk. Look close and take the lipstick right of the wine glass.

Click the lipstick in close up and see that it is a ballpoint pen.

Turn right and see a miniature house.

Check the small cup left of the house. Take the ballpoint pen refill.

Exit the room and turn right to exit through the main door.


See the map. Jump to Stina's kiosk.

Stina's Kiosk:    Go forward to the closed kiosk.

Read the note and learn that there was an accident. Exit to the map.

Stina's Home:    Enter the no.2 building. Talk to Stina. Learn that she sprained her ankle.

Stina was checking her father's things and found an obituary of Alfons Larson who died on October 1, 1999. The service was in St. Paul's Church in Norrköping.

Stina ask that Carol check more about Stina's grandfather because she was told he died when she was a child.

There is a banana box at Stina's attic #8 that is still unchecked.

Exit to the map.

Stina's attic:    Turn left and forward to the end of the hallway.

Enter #8 at right. Turn right and see the banana box on the shelf.

Click on the box and Carol says she's too short.

Turn around and take the toilet bowl. Place the toilet bowl on the floor under the shelf.

Click the box. Check the top of the box and see a strange photo of men around a gazebo.

Check the medical license of Alfons Larson MD dated 4th of June, 1933. It must be real since Freddie Pharkas signed it. :D

Click on the square at bottom right of the license to see a close up of Norrköping Board of Medicine issuance. This will place a new site in the map.

Check the blue box with numbers lock. We need more information.

Exit the room. Go forward and then right to exit the building.

Learn about the license of Alfons Larson:

The Board of Medicine:  

Use the map to go to the Board of Medicine.

Talk to the receptionist. Learn that there is no information about Dr. Larson. The license might have been revoked and information is found at the archives in the basement.

Get access to the basement:    Learn that only guest researchers are allowed at the archives in the basement.

Ask to check information about the medical license again.

Take the paper on the counter while the man is working on the computer. See a list of guest researchers.

Use the lipstick ballpoint pen on the close up of the paper. The pen needs to be refilled.

In inventory at top of page; combine the refill taken from Carol's study with the ballpoint pen to get recently refilled lipstick ballpoint pen.

Use the refilled ballpoint pen on the paper to add Carol Reed's name.

Pull back and tell the man about the guest list.

He allows Carol to go to the archives and mentions a code.

Gain access to the archives:    Be at the basement.

Turn right and see a numerical keypad right of the archive door. We need the code.

Check the basement:    Turn left and go forward to the storage area of the basement.

Look around. Go forward to the shelves with a blue tin at far end. Get a desk key.

Turn left and see a suit coat hanging on a stand. Check the pocket and see a Tinnitus card.

Go around to the other side of the coat and check the other pocket. See a paper with pictures of numerical sign language. We need to know what those mean.

Turn right and go forward; then right. Enter the metal door to be in another storage area.

Desks:    Check the desk at right. Open the top right drawer and take the blue sticky stuff.

Go down further and see locked wooden file table. Use the desk key taken from the blue tin outside on the lock of the file cabinet.

Open the blue sign language book and see the sign language pictures.

The sign language numbers on the paper found in the suit pocket are: 2 5 6 7.

Open the archives door:    Exit the room and go right, forward and right to the hallway.

Go to the keypad on the left at end of the hallway.

Press 2 5 6 7 on the keypad and hear a click. Enter the archives.

Open M cabinet:    Go right and see the L-M locker. Click on the wheel. Carol doesn't know what to do with this.

Go left down the hallway. Turn left again to the table at far end.

Check the table. Open the green folder and learn that the information about revoked licenses have been moved to box file 0460 in section M.

Continue to the shelving at end of the hallway. See a blue paper inserted between the file binders.

It shows directional arrows for C, F and M.

Turn around and go forward to L-M cabinet.

Click on wheels in the directions shown on the blue paper: right wheel, right wheel, left wheel and right wheel.

Check bin 460 on right shelf.

Learn that Alfons Larson, MD's license was revoked on May 21, 1935.  A copy of the decision was sent to the Broxtowe Hospital. Click on the paper to get Carol mention the hospital.

Learn about Broxtowe Hospital:

Exit the archives and then the basement. Talk to the receptionist about Broxtowe. He advises to check the library.


Go to the map and then select library. Enter the library.

Check the book on the left bookcases:    From Bones to Stones. It is a brief description of local tourist attractions.

Check the book on the right bookcases. Learn that Broxtowe Psychiatric Institution is for the criminally insane. It closed in 1997 and the inmates were transferred.

Gazebo picture:    Click on the picture of the building with a gazebo at bottom right page.  It is drawn by Julian Milius and his work is now in exhibition. It is the same place as the strange photo from Stina's banana box. Carol wants to check that exhibition. A new place in the map is seen.

Exit the library.

Learn about Julian Milius:

Julian Milius Exhibition:    Jump to the exhibition in the map. Read the note on the door of the building.

Right click the cell phone in inventory. Click on "call 0011-46 28 66".

Talk to Henry Milius about the exhibition. He gives his address.

Turn right twice and the MDNA Games building. :D Exit the area.

Henry Milius:    Use the map to go to Henry Milius. Click on gate.

Talk to Henry, son of Julian Milius about Julian's stay at Broxtowe. He gives the keys to the exhibition.

Go back to the exhibition.

Julian Milius Exhibition:    Use the keys to the exhibition on lock.

Look around the exhibition displays.

- Newspaper:    Turn right and read the newspaper. Learn about what happen to the building and get the address of Broxtowe.

- Calendar:    Turn right. Check the calendar and see that June 5, 1935 was the first day he spent at the institution.

- Abstract Shapes:    See colored abstract shapes in a painting of Julian.

- Biography:    Turn right twice and read the biography of Julian Milius, the insane painter. He was a close friend of Alfons Larson, wife killer and arsonist. Alfons was institutionalized the day after Milius, his best friend.

Exit the building.

Track Alfons Larson:

Stina's attic:    Go back to Stina's attic. Go left and forward to #8. Check the banana box again.

Open the blue box:    Now that we know that Alfons entered Broxtowe the day after Julian Milius was admitted, open the blue box using his date of incarceration.

Click on 06 06 35.

Read Alfons Larson collector's card. He murdered his wife by using an axe on her and then set her bed on fire. He also set fire to the Miranda Hospital where he worked. The Miranda Hospital is now in the map. His daughter recovered from polio several days before the crime.

Read the release of Alfons Larson newspaper article. Click on the article and learn that Alfons moved into an empty windmill.

Find the empty windmill:

Stina's Home:    Go to Stina's home. Talk to Stina.

Stina marks the map to show the 2 windmills in the city.

The 1st Windmill:     Jump to the 1st windmill in the map. Enter the windmill.

See that the access is too high. Pick up the orange plastic bin and place it over the red plastic bin. Climb up and look around.

Climb the stairs to go to the next floor. Look down on the small table under the large wooden gear. Pick up the loop bolt.

Climb the ladder to the top level. Before going back down; pick up the blue computer floppy diskette left of the stairs.

Exit the windmill and the area (seen just outside of the windmill; right side while facing the door).

The 2nd windmill:    Go to and enter the 2nd windmill. Look around and climb the stairs.

Go to the window and look out. Turn right and check the bird's nest on the floor. Take the ring.

Turn right and see the other window. While standing here, move the cursor to top of screen to look above and see another large gear.

See rectangular thing on the beam. Use the loop bolt taken from 1st windmill to get the Extra key East windmill.

Exit the windmill and area.

Carol's home:    Use map to go to Carol's home.

Go to the study left of the living room (go close to the window and turn left twice).

Use the floppy diskette taken from 1st windmill on the tower under the table.

Read-click on the text on the monitor and learn that there is a third windmill - Eastern windmill.

Exit house.

Eastern windmill:  

Use map to go to Eastern windmill.

Use the key taken from 2nd windmill on the lock of the door. Look around.

Bottom level:    Turn left from door and take a sketch of 4 stones from windmill from the grain box.

Go further inside and turn right from the locked door.

Go under the beam and climb the stairs.

Middle level:    Turn left and see a packet secured by wire. We need to work on this later.

Turn around and see a burned sofa. Take the letter from under the sofa. Read the message of Alfons to Julian. Julian was to keep Alfons' personal stuff.

Alfons started coding this letter as seen by the symbols on the right side page. He needs to replace planks and test substance on a B+ subject.

Turn right from sofa and see the ladder that needs planks as stated by Alfons in his message.

Exit the windmill and area.

Examine Alfons' belongings:

Henry Milius:    Talk to Henry and learn about the storeroom.

Henry Milius' Storeroom:

Go to Henry's storeroom.

Locked box:    See a box behind the white pot at center. See that the metal box has an arrow lock. The arrow on the lock can be turned.

Take the flashlight right of the right blue pot.

Letter:    Take and read the letter inside the left blue pot. It is a letter from Alfons to Julian. He mentions that important items are left in Broxtowe. He thinks he left some clues about hiding his formula in one of the towel dispensers. He will encrypt his letters from now on.

Check the card behind the letter and it gives information about polio.

Picture:    Check the picture tucked left of the red plastic basket. It is a picture of cruise ship Legend.

Check the hospitals:

Miranda Hospital:    Jump to the Miranda Hospital that Alfons supposedly burned down.

Go forward until the very end. Turn right and see-take a brown roof tile on the ground.

Exit the area by turning right and forward until the meadow.

Broxtowe Psychiatric Institution:    Jump to Broxtowe. Check the sealed main door.

Turn left and forward until the end. Turn right and forward to the white wall.

Turn right and see-click on grilled windows. We need a ladder and something to cut the grill window.

Get inside Broxtowe Hospital:

Exit the area after seeing the window and get a text message from Jonas.

Craftsmen's Cafe:    Jonas sends an SOS. Jump to Craftsmen's Cafe.

Talk to Jonas. He talks about the Lunda Wheel he and his friend are turning to a museum.

He lost the key to the place at Linnea Shore. He wants Carol to find it.

He has a ladder that Carol can take from Lunda Wheel.

Linnea Shore:    Go forward and down the steps.

Enter the cave at right. Turn right and see a crumpled paper on ground. It is an old picture of the shore.

Back up and turn left twice. Go forward to the shoreline.

Turn right and follow the path to the end. Turn right twice and see a dark cave.

Use the flashlight taken from Henry Milius' storeroom on the cave.

Pick up the key from the ground. Exit and go back to the other cave via the shore line.

Exit the area.

Lunda Wheel:    Jump to Lunda wheel. Use the key picked from Linnea Shore on the gate's padlock.

Turn left and go forward to the brick building. Enter the building.

Turn right and forward to end. Turn right and enter the room. Take the ladder.

At the hallway, go down the steps. At the left side of the landing, pick up the hacksaw blade.

Exit the area.

Carol's Allotment:    Turn left and forward to Carol's allotment.

Turn right at end of path. Turn right before the blue shed.

Look close at the hanging basket on the fence. Take the keys to the shed.

Go to the 1st door of the shed. Read the note from Willy. Use the keys on the padlock.

Check the furnished room. Exit the room.

Turn left from the blue shed and forward to the garden.

Turn right, forward, right to the 2nd door of the shed. Use the keys on the padlock.

Enter the tool room. Turn left and take the hacksaw without blade.

In inventory, combine the hacksaw without blade with the hacksaw blade from Lunda Wheel to get hacksaw with blade.

Turn around and check the rubber boat given by Stina on the shelf.

Exit the area. Exit the shed, left, forward, left, forward, right, forward, left, forward to end and then right.

Broxtowe Psychiatric Institution:    Jump to Broxtowe.

Turn left and forward until the end. Turn right and forward to the white wall.

Turn right and go to grilled windows.

Place the ladder under the grilled window. Climb up.

Use the now combined hacksaw with blade on the window. Enter the building.

Search Broxtowe Psychiatric Institution:

1st floor:    Look around for any clues to important items left by Alfons.

From the window, go forward 5 times. Turn left and see the exit to garden and the stairs to go up.

Gazebo:    Exit to outside. Turn right and see a small bathroom.

Turn back to left and forward to the gazebo Alfons built.

Turn right and pick up a bicycle pump from the ground.

Turn around and go back inside. Turn around at hallway and climb the stairs.

2nd floor:    Look around.

Turn right from the yellow room across the stairs.

Go forward twice and look left. See a locked metal door.

Continue forward twice from metal door or 4 times from stairs.

Bathtub:    Turn right and see a bathtub. Look inside the bathtub and take the hammer and nails.

Towel dispenser:    Turn around and see a towel dispenser in the room across the hallway. It is locked.

Continue forward once. Turn right to blue room. Pick up the towel dispenser key on the floor beside the radiator.

Go back to the towel dispenser. Use the key to open it.

Take the carton tube inside. Open the tube and examine the contents.

See a coded note and a transparent film with letters and numbers.

Decode the note:    Remember that we got a letter from under the sofa at the Eastern windmill that has the start of decoding. Use that as reference and decode the note.




This looks like a combination to a lock.

Turn left, go forward 4 times and turn left to the stairs.

Go down and turn right and forward to the window. Exit the building and area.

Find the cruise ship:

Brown box - Henry Milius' storeroom:    Go to Henry's storeroom.

Pick up the brown box with the arrow. Using the decoded note's message, open the box.

Move cursor on top to get clockwise arrow and move cursor below to get counterclockwise arrow.

Do 4 clicks clockwise; 2 clicks counterclockwise and 4 clicks clockwise. The box opens.

See a picture of the Legend cruise ship. Read the note at back of picture.

Alfons asked Julian to keep his things in different places on the boat.

Henry Milius:    Go talk to Henry at his home.

Learn that the boat is at a boat graveyard. Henry marked the place in the map.

Boat graveyard:    Jump to the boat graveyard.

Go forward and click-see the boat ahead. We need a boat to get there. Where did we see one?

Carol's Allotment:    Jump to Carol's allotment.

Turn left and forward to Carol's allotment. Turn right at end of path. Turn left before the blue shed.

Go forward, right, forward, right and enter the tool shed.

Turn right and get Stina's rubber boat.

Exit the shed: forward, left, forward, left, forward, right, left and forward twice and exit right.

(If you haven't yet visited Miranda's Hospital; do so now).

Boat graveyard:    Jump to the boat graveyard. Go to the water's edge.

In inventory combine the rubber boat from the tool shed and the bicycle pump from the gazebo at Broxtowe to get inflated rubber boat.

Click on water and Carol says she will not swim. Use inflated rubber boat on water.

Click on rubber boat and Carol says she needs something to row with. Click the roof tile taken from Miranda Hospital on boat.

Search Legend cruise ship for Alfons' belongings:

Look around the cruise ship.

Blue hatch:    Turn right and check the blue hatch. It is rusted shut.

Bottom level:    Go through the broken window left of the ladder.

Go to the door at left of the back wall. Enter and see another door.

Enter and see that this is the submerged part.

Turn left and see a safe with a circle with 4 colors. We need the code.

Go back to the front of the ship.

Top level:    Climb the ladder. Enter the upper deck via either of the 2 side doors.

Go forward towards the back and turn right to the steps going down. Take the blue crowbar.

Continue forward and turn right at the small counter. Look close at the small table and take the rusty scissors-clippers.

Continue looking around and then exit the top deck via the left door. Turn right, diagonal forward, turn left and go down.

Blue hatch:    Go to rusty blue hatch. Use the crowbar on the hatch.

Take the black trash bag. Open the trash bag to get a GPS receiver that needs charging and a cardboard with square holes.

Julian Milius Exhibition:     Enter the exhibition.

Turn right twice and look close at the abstract shape painting.

Use the cardboard taken from the cruise ship over the painting.

Turn it counterclockwise twice. See green, black, red and blue abstract shapes inside the square holes.

Cruise ship:    Go back to the cruise ship using the boat and the roof tile to row.

Enter the lower level via the broken window left of the ladder.

Enter the lock door at back and the other white door.

Safe:    Turn left and look close at the safe.

Open the safe using the clue seen on the abstract shape painting: press green, black, red and blue.

Take the black trash bag and get a blue clock.

Go back outside and row to the shore.

Ouch!     Go to the exit. Someone strikes Carol.

Upon waking up, go forward and realize that the clock is taken.

Then turn around back towards the water.

Turn left and look behind the stone with hook. Take the magnetic strip card.

Collect clues to find Alfons' belongings:

Eastern windmill:    Go to the Eastern windmill and climb up to the top.

Use the rusty clippers taken from the cruise ship on the wires holding a packet.

Open the box and take the items inside:

- A note that shows blood types of different people: Amber is A+.

- A tour ticket to the Loredum Stones.

Library:    Check the left bookcases and read the From Bones to Stones book.

Learn where the Loredum Stones are located. The stones might function as a clock. Umm.

Exit the library.

Loredum Stones:    Go to Loredum Stones. Look around.

Turn right upon arriving here and go to the end of the fence.

Pick up the planks left of the steps.

Go back and check the Loredum stones.

See the upright stones and a flat stone at center.

Go behind the central flat stone and turn around. The layout looks familiar; just like the transparent film.

Top level of Eastern windmill:   

Go back to the Eastern windmill and climb up to the top.

Ladder:    Use the hammer and nails taken from Broxtowe and automatically the planks are nailed to the ladder.

Climb the ladder.

Transparent film:    See a drawing similar to the transparent film on the wall. Use the transparent film on the lines.

See that the lines-stones are now labeled with a letter and number. Note those letters-numbers and the locations of the stones-lines.

Turn around to go down the steps and see a paper stuck under the plank at right.

Pick up the paper. Well, well, well. Amber is the A+ noted by Alfons.

Look at the back of Amber's er advertisement. Get an address.

Find Amber:

Sundown Rd 42C:    Go to the address seen at back of Amber's ad.

Try the door of 42C. Talk to the janitor-handyman-etc. Hahahahah. Love this guy.

Amber left a box on top of the shelf.

Get to Amber's box:    Enter 42C. Look around. Go to the end of the hallway and go right to the living room.

Take the plastic container of dog food behind the sofa. Exit the living room.

Enter the white door across the hallway. See the box on the top shelf.

Place the dog food plastic container on the floor.

Place the roof tile over the plastic container.

Open Amber's box:    Pick up the box on top shelf.

See different colors of the dragon's fins. When a color is clicked on; a letter is seen.

Press the colors that spell AMBER: green, red, purple, pink and brown. The box opens.

Check the match box at top left.

See a schedule of her clientele. Get an address for Roy's cabin at Rawberry Rd 3.

Take tile; you might need it later. Exit the apartment.

Amber's client's cabin:   

Go to Roy's cabin. Knock on the front door.

Look around the cabin to find a place to enter the cabin.

Check the right side of the house and see the blue basement window.

Enter through the window. You can look around the basement if you want.

Turn left and go to the next room. Turn around and climb the steps.

Go through door and be at hallway.

Bathroom:    Turn left and enter the bathroom.

Check the 2 bags on the window. The left is a ladies' kit and the right one is a man's kit.

The man's kit (Roy's) has a ballpoint pen that can be changed to different colors at the tip.

Exit the bathroom.

Upstairs bedroom:    Turn left, forward and climb the stairs.

Look around the bedroom with 2 separate beds.

Check the drawer right of the door. Open the top drawer.

See a picture of Roy. Look behind the picture and take the cover off.

See and take Amber's picture invitation.

Another bedroom:    Exit the room and enter the left door. Climb to the loft right of the red drawer at far end of room.

Go to the end of the loft and turn around. Pick up the key from the floor.

Cabinet:    Go back down and check the locked tan closet by the door.

Use the key from the loft on the closet.

Read Roy's wife's letter. Learn that Roy watches the Hot Oxes' games.

Hot Oxes:    Go downstairs and right to living room.

Turn right and enter the dining room.

Check the writing table right of window. Read the Charity Soccer leaflet.

Note that the Hot Oxes' colors are red black, green and red.

Kitchen:    Turn right and enter the kitchen.

Go forward to the sink. Turn right and check the trash basket on the floor.

Take the old charger.

Bathroom:    Turn right and forward to the bathroom at end of the hallway again.

Open Roy's kit on the window shelf. Click on the colors at tip of the pen in the order of the Hot Oxes' colors: red black, green and red.

Click on the bottom part of the pen to remove the cover.

See, click and read the rolled paper. Get Amber's GPS coordinates. We need the GPS.

Exit through any door.


Home-GPS:    Go back to Carol's home. Enter the living room.

In inventory combine the GPS taken from the cruise ship hatch with old charger to get GPS receiver with charger.

Go forward to the windows.

Turn right and click the old charger on top of the socket holding the cell phone plug.

Pick the GPS and click on it to automatically get Carol to enter the coordinates. Click the GPS again to get Amber's location in the map.

Amber's apartment:    Go to Amber's apartment. Have a conversation with the lady that is not supposed to talk.

She wants to see an invitation. Tell her you have Amber's picture invitation.

Amber:    Talk to Amber about Alfons.

She wants something in return for information. Give her the ring picked up from the first windmill.

Learn that Alfons wants only Amber's blood for an experiment.

Alfons took her to a place with stones and that is depicted in a painting she left in her old apartment.

Sundown Rd 42C:    Go to Amber's old apartment.

Talk to the janitor about the painting. Hahahaha.

Go through the yellow curtain at end of the hallway.

Turn right and see the painting of Loredum Stones.

Check the back of the painting and read the address Knoel St 24b.

Amber:    Go back to Amber's apartment. Ask Amber about the address.

That address is where the doctor draws Amber's blood.

Find information about Alfons' experiments:

Knoel St 24b:    Go to the address on the painting.

Go forward and then right through the open gate. Turn right and forward to the orange building.

See that this is 24A. Go to the right side of the building and see that 24B is not here.

Go left and around 24A. Look through the broken window and see a piece of paper on the floor of the empty building.

Get paper from floor:    Go back to the right, left, right and out the gate on the left to be back on the road.

Once on the road see a yard sale on the other side. Go there.

Look at the items for sale. Take a hockey stick right of the rug hanging on the fence.

Go to the bar counter left of the entrance and use the cash taken from Carol's wallet on the "pay here" basket.

Go back to the broken window of the 24A building across the road.

Look through the broken window again.

In inventory combine the hockey stick with the sticky stuff taken from the basement of the Board of Medicine building to get sticky stick.

Use sticky stick on paper on the floor. Learn that the other junk was delivered to the electro junk workshop at Ludd St. 12. Get a new place on the map.

Exit the area at end of the main road outside the fence.

Electro Junk Workshop:   

Go to the workshop. Go down the step. See a magnetic strip reader right of the door.

Use the magnetic strip found behind the cement block at the boat graveyard on the reader. Click on door handle to enter.

Look around. It's a computer repair shop.

Yellow cabinet:    Turn left and open the yellow cabinet under the worktable.

Take the carpet knife. Read about David Larson and learn why his license is revoked. David is the grandson of Alfons. Chris Brendel is the reporter!

Read Alfons' letter behind the news-clipping. David gave Alfons access to a lab.

Read the other letter and learn the disillusionment of Alfons with his grandson and refusal to give him his life's work - a cure for polio.

Speaker:    Turn around from the cabinet and see a speaker on top of a computer tower.

Move the speaker and take the key hidden under it.

Wood cabinet:    Turn left and enter the next room.

Turn right and open the wood cabinet under the counter. See the GameBoomers logo on the door of the cabinet. Yes!

Take the blue clock.

Turn left and see a white metal cabinet. Use the key taken from under the speaker on the lock.

Take and open the metal box. Take the pistol.

Take the manila envelope. Use the carpet knife to open the envelope. See the letter-number code for clock positions. Ah! Let's get out of here.

Carol's home:    Automatically be in Carol's home. Carol leaves the clock on the study table.

Clock clue:

Remember the clues taken and seen from the Eastern windmill: the transparent film-wall showed letters-numbers and the positions are similar to the Loredum Stones. Also there is the sketch of 4 stones taken from the bin at lower level of the windmill.

Loredum Stones:    Go to the Loredum Stones.

Go forward pass the flat stone at the center. Turn around.

See that the layout is similar to the transparent film we placed on the wall of the Eastern windmill.

Study the sketch of the 4 stones taken from the bin at the lowest floor of the windmill.

Look for those 4 stones out of the 13 stones seen.

Use the tallest pointy stone located at center of the "row" of stones as reference. There are 6 stones to either side of that middle tall pointy stone.

Then locate the positions of the 4 stones in the sketch on the row of stones.

The 4 stones of the sketch (based on position from the central pointy stone) are seen in Loredum stone:

- second right from the tall pointy one at center.

- third left from the pointy one at center.

- turn right and see the last stone (13th).

- fourth right from the tall pointy stone at center.

Mindful of the position of the stones on the sketch (left to right); find the appropriate letters-numbers of those stones from the transparent film on the wall.

Using the transparent film and the letters-numbers; the 4 stones on the sketch are: B2, A3, B6 and B4.


Now that you have 4 letters-numbers; use the clock code taken from the manila envelope at the junk workshop.

Using the code from the manila envelope; the letters-numbers have the clock positions: 11, 5, 10 and 9 o'clock.

Open the clock:    Jump to home. Go to the clock in the study.

Move cursor on top to get clockwise arrow and move cursor below to get counterclockwise arrow.

Turn to 11 clockwise.

Turn to 5 counterclockwise.

Turn to 10 clockwise.

Turn to 9 counterclockwise.

The clock opens. Take and read Alfons' letter to David.

Letter:    Learn that Alfons left important information (how to open the chest) in a towel dispenser at Broby Sanitarium.

Also Alfons left his chest at the attic at Broxtowe. The chest has the formula for the polio cure.

Learn that the daughter was the one that killed Alfons' wife because the side effect of the untested polio cure Alfons gave his daughter was insanity.

The location of Broby Sanitarium is now in the map.

Find the clues left by Alfons:

Broby Sanitarium:   

Go to Broby Sanitarium. Turn right and go forward until the end. Go left and enter the back door of the white building.

Towel dispenser:    Enter the room (?8) across room 7 at left and after room 10.

See a towel dispenser. Use the towel key on the dispenser. It is empty BUT there are 4 screws holding it up.

Locked room:    Go further down the hallway. The room across the stairwell has a key on the lock but Carol says he can't turn it with her bare hands.

Go to room 1 at far end of the hallway on the left. Pick up the pliers on the counter.

Turn around and go to the door across the stairwell.

Use the pliers to turn the key in the lock. Enter the room.

Take the envelope on the rack on the wall. Open the envelope.

Take the extra fire door key for both Broby and Broxtowe hospital.

Exit the sanitarium and the area. Turn right, forward, right and go forward until the next building. Turn left and exit.

Broxtowe Hospital:    Go to Broxtowe. Enter through the window.

Go forward 5 times and turn left. Climb the stairs.

Turn right and go forward twice. Turn left and see the fire door.

Use the key taken from Broby on the door.

Carol wants protection before climbing up. Exit the hospital.

Get helmet:    Jump to Craftsmen Cafe. Talk to Jonas.

Take the helmet from the table.

Towel dispenser:    Go back to Broxtowe. Go to the fire door at second floor again.

Go through the fire door. Immediately turn right at foot of stairs. Pick up the screwdriver.

Go back to Broby.

Go to the towel dispenser in room across room 7. Open the towel dispenser using the key again.

Use the screwdriver on the screws of the open towel dispenser.

Read the clue left by Alfons: Ceiling lamp left corner 1st floor lunch room Broxtowe.

Lunch room:    Go back to Broxtowe.

Go forward 4 times. Enter the room on the left.

Turn left and see a hanging light fixture. Click to open the light fixture.

Take the key inserted behind the wire connectors at bottom.

Find Alfons' chest and formula:

Climb to the second floor one door down.

Go through fire door. At top of stairs, turn left.

Go forward to end of the burned attic. Use the flashlight on dark room at end.

Turn left and see Alfons' chest. Use the key taken from the light fixture on padlock.

Check the right banana box. Open the black folder. Take the formula.

Mysterious call:    Exit Broxtowe.

Get a text message about missing something at Miranda Hospital.

Miranda Hospital:    Go to Miranda Hospital and go to the very end where you found the roof tile.

Turn around. Carol is confronted by the baddie. Listen to what he says.

Take the gun from inventory and then look up. Use the gun on the bricks.

Then go pass him to automatically escape.

Carol writes a letter to Stina explaining what she found out.

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