Ankh 3: Battle of the Gods

by Deck 13 Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   March 2009


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The manual of the game is found in the installed game folder.

The main menu has new game, continue game, load game, save game, settings, credits, hints and quit game. The main menu can be accessed by the ESC key during gameplay.

To save a game, select a game slot and then click on the 'save' text. The saved game can be overwritten or deleted.

The setting options are for brightness, resolution, shadows, full screen effects, degree of detail, music volume, sound volume, speech volume, subtitles and fadeable inventory.

Use the left button to control movements and look at items; while right mouse button is to perform actions. The text at the bottom of the screen shows the description or action depending on the mouse button clicked.

The inventory can be seen at top of the screen. Items can be combined using the right mouse button hold of an item and drag it over another item. To use an item on the screen, right click it and drag it over another item.

Press Tab to see the task list.

Press X key to see all the active spots on the screen.

Space bar skips intro or cutscenes.

There are actions that can be done only by either Assil or Thara. It is best to change character by clicking on their picture at bottom right to see who can do those actions.

Double clicking makes the character run.

A peaceful night in Cairo:

Stars in a constellation brighten up. Volcano, the fire eater exclaims that it is the constellation of the Camel. He awakens Take Tut Cashum, the clairvoyant who verifies that the Battle of the Gods that was foretold has begun. There is only one person that can avert disaster. They sneak up to a sleeping Assil, the Guardian of the Ankh. They awaken the Ankh. The Ankh in turn awakens Assil and Thara. The Ankh is a God so it was awakened for the Battle of the Gods.


Chapter 1: The sleeper awakens

Inside Assil's and Thara's house:

Escape from the burning house.

Sundeck:    Thara and Assil watch the meteorites fall. One of the fireballs enters the house through the staircase. Assil runs down the burning staircase and leaves Thara stranded on the sundeck.

Build a safe spot for Thara to land on:    Look around. Press the X key to see what items are active in the screen.

Take-right click the mattress from the bed. Combine-right click-use it with carpet at center of the room.

Take dirty laundry at bottom right and use it with mattress.  Talk to Thara and she jumps down.

Bedroom:    Learn about the Battle of the Gods from the Ankh. It is a grand tournament and Seth is the favored winner. The Ankh states that he is the only one that can stop Seth.

Any of the following actions can be done by either one of the characters. Click on the picture at bottom right to change character. Any item picked up by the other can be transferred by using it on the character. There are some items or actions that can only be done by one character. Change to the other and see.

Preferably Assil: Go to the balcony at left and take the fly trap hanging from the awning. Check the awning extender and see that it doesn't have a crank.

Take handcuffs with plush trim and obelisk on the shelves at right side of the room. Take Assil's slatted mattress support and Thara's mattress support from the bed. Take Nile Crocodile fan glove right of the bed.

As Assil:    Take the dirty sock on the floor.

Go down to next level:    Talk to Thara and have the idea to get to the window in the bathroom.

In inventory, use a mattress support with handcuff. Use mattress support with handcuff on the other slatted mattress support to get rope ladder.

Go to the burning staircase. Use the rope ladder with remains of stairs.

Bathroom:    Use the rope ladder to climb down. Bring the other character to follow to the bathroom.

Look around the room. Open the bathroom cabinet at the corner. Take fake shark fin, lime scale remover and bath oil.

Put out the fire to climb through the window:  

Look at the drain on the floor of the basin. Use obelisk on the drain. Use fly trap with obelisk on the drain. Now it's plugged.

Look at the head overflow. Use dirty sock on overflow. That blocks the overflow.

Go to the sphinx like structure left of the room. Use faucet and see water overflow the room.

Get Assil across the water:    Learn that Assil hates water.

As Thara:    Talk to Assil and find out why he's scared of water. Swim in water to go to the window.

At the window, take the ironing board at right. Swim back to Assil. Give Assil the ironing board.

As Assil:    Use the ironing board with the fake shark fin to get surfboard.

Use surfboard on water and see Assil surf to the window. Exit through window.

Get Thara to swim back to the window and exit through window.

Ledge:    Go to the right and see a big falcon statue.

Remove the falcon:    Look at the falcon sculpture and see that it is wobbly.

Use lime scale remover with falcon sculpture. Use bath oil with layer of powder (lime scale remover).

See that it weakens the sculpture and it falls off the ledge.

Climb down to next level:    Look at and walk to the prickly Nubian vine around the corner.

Use the Nile Crocodiles fan glove with prickly Nubian vine. Use the cleared trellis.

Go around to the other side. Bring the other character down to join you.

Use the sliding shutters of the kitchen. Both characters open the shutter.

Kitchen:    See that the kitchen is smoky. There is a nest with chicks blocking the chimney.

Let the smoke escape:    Take sack of flour from the floor by the window. Use the flour with fire-flue of the chimney. See that the nest flies up but the nest settles back on the chimney.

Take the crank right of the window. Take chair left of the stove.

Go back to the bedroom by going out the window, up the trellis, enter bathroom, surf on the water, climb the rope ladder and be at the bedroom.

Go to the balcony and use crank on awning extender without crank. Use awning extender to furl the awning.

Use the chair with balcony table. Use chair or use awning to get the character to climb up to the sundeck.

Take clothesline hanging on other side of the deck. Look around.

Go to bottom left of deck and see the bird's nest with chick.

As the other character:    Take sack of flour from the floor by the window.

Use the flour with fire-flue of the chimney. See that the nest flies up and this time the other character catches it. The smoke in the kitchen clears up.

Bring the other character down to the kitchen.

Look around the kitchen. Go to the left side of the kitchen. Take the wooden spoon hanging on the wall. Open the pantry-cabinet and take melon.

Remove pet snake:    Get Thara to walk down the stairs. She sees that the stairs is destroyed and the path is blocked by fire. Take the fire insurance policy on the wall. Get Thara back up the stairs.

Try to get Assil go to the stairs. Thara's pet snake stops Assil from getting close.

Use the melon with Thara. As Thara, use the melon with Thara's pet. See the bowl roll down the stairs and stops by the door. That is an idea.

Empty the jar:    Look at the giant supply jar with maize and see that it is filled with maize.

See that there is firewood at bottom left of the giant supply jar. Use the fire insurance policy with firewood.

Use wooden spoon with flue or with fire on the counter by stairs to get burning spoon.

Use burning spoon with firewood. Fresh popcorn anyone? That lightened the jar.

Cool the jar:    Use supply jar with maize and find out it's still too hot.

Open oven and take roast fowl from oven. Use roast fowl with clothesline to get roast fowl with tied neck.

Go to the bathroom upstairs. Use roast fowl with tied neck on water to get roast fowl filled with water.

Go back to the kitchen and hot supply jar. Use roast fowl filled with water on burning firewood under the supply jar to put out the fire.

Use supply jar to tilt it. Use opening of jar.

The 2 guards as part of the fire brigade arrive outside the burning house.

See Take Tut Cashum and Volcano arrive to join the crowd. A discussion ensues between the Ankh and the others. Volcano and the clairvoyant are part of the Secret Brotherhood of the Preservation of Balance

They state that there is a hotel in a dimension between the worlds. There's a portal to the Hotel of the Gods in Luxor.

Thara will go to the oasis to get the 3 revolutionaries. They will meet at Luxor at midnight


Chapter 2: Off to Luxor

Outside Assil's and Thara's house:

Find a ride to Luxor.

Look around. See the toppled falcon sculpture, ugly garden gnome and a small meteorite.

Go left and see a sign prohibiting something. The sign is planted on a heap of earth. There's a sand pump by the gate. There is a big meteor at bottom of screen.

Sand pump:    Use (your) right lever of the sand pump. It will point to the left.

Use pump grip and see that it hits the large meteor and baked the sand into glass. Another idea there...

Use (your) left lever twice to make it point right. Use the pump grip and hits the sculpture.

Go left and talk completely to the 2 firemen. The small fireman describes the pump, camel and all the stuff he carries. He has moles that digs tunnel. Anything that helps in fires, they try out. Hmm...

Talk to Take Tut Cashum and learn that his soothsaying talent is still limited. Take Tut Cashum can pretend to tell the firemen when the fire will occur.

The firemen do not believe Take Tut Cashum because he doesn't have a crystal ball.

Get a crystal ball:

Get moles:    Use bird's nest on small fireman. Select any response. The small fireman gives the crate with moles in exchange.

Use the crate with moles on heap of earth holding the sign. The moles loosened the earth. Take sign prohibit something.

Get small meteorite:    Use sign prohibit something on sculpture. Use the pump that has been turned to face (pump's) right. It hits the sign and then the meteorite which changed to glass (crystal ball).

Give crystal ball to Take Tut Cashum.

Stage a fire prediction:    Take Tut Cashum talks to the firemen and they want him to predict a fire.

Talk to Volcano and convince him to make a fire: set something on fire for fun and begin to think he can't do it.

See Take Tut Cashum predicts that the gnome will burn. Burn - Right NOW!

The firemen leave the camel now that they can predict when fire will occur.

Go to the camel and use the firefighting camel. Oh my!

Thara talks to the 3 revolutionaries.


Chapter 3: Viva Luxor

Temple forecourt in Luxor:   

Assil is robbed by a girl.

Run-down neighbourhood gate:    Go left to follow the girl.

Talk to the superintendent. He is suspicious of Assil. He lost his bellows.

Take note that there is a drunken cart driver sleeping over a broken cart of a sarcophagus delivery service. Try to take the first aid kit.

Fountain:    Look and open the saddle bag on the camel. Get a lunchbox and an issue of Cairo Times.

Open the lunch box and get a banana and a cherry. Read the issue of Cairo Times. See a love story with the depiction of the pharaoh's daughter and Assil.

Snack Bar:    Go to the cafe with overturned tables at bottom left of fountain.

Open louvered panel over the counter. Talk to the chef completely. 

Learn about box of otter noses and that he wants baby crocodiles for his pastry. He gives a cookie cutter.

Camel parking lot:    Go to the lawn right of the camel and fountain. See a camel treat vending machine. It needs money.

Well to do neighbourhood:   

Enter the gate at right. Turn the corner and see a sign. Look at the sign that states that it is a crocodile farm.

Continue to the right and look at a noble cat on top of a tree right of the crocodile farm.

The gate flanked by dancing statues is locked.

Red Sea Shipping:    Continue right and see Red Sea Shipping. The superintendent is keeping his eyes on Assil.

Open the letterbox left of door and take this month's issue of Camel's Friend.

Left click-read the Camel's Friend. Learn how to use a whistle to call a camel to water.

Right click-use the month's issue of Camel's Friend and get part of a whistle.

Enter the shipping office and see Assil's old friend Red Sea Aquarium. He wants a shipping order out of Luxor (to get away from wife).

Learn about getting his name and his whole family's name. He got caught in an excuse to deliver otter noses to the pharaoh.

Take last month's issue of Camel's Friend from the counter at bottom of screen. Left click Camel's Friend and learn more about the whistle. Right click the Camel's Friend and get another part of a whistle.

Temple forecourt in Luxor:   

Fountain:    Go back to the Temple forecourt and the camel by the fountain.

Whistle:    Eat the cherry taken from the lunchbox to get a cherry pit.

After getting the 2 parts of the whistle from the Camel's Friend magazine, use cherry pit with a part of the whistle to get part of whistle with ball.

Use part of a whistle with part of whistle with ball to get whistle.

Use whistle while standing beside the camel. See the camel take a drink. Automatically get a firefighting camel badge.

Look at firefighting camel badge and see that it has the picture of the camel on it.

Temple entrance:    Go forward through the path flanked by elephants to the temple entrance at top of the screen.

See a dancer talking to a guard.

Talk to the guard and learn about his high tech suit of armor.

Talk to the dancer and learn that her cat, Mrs. Chippy is the one up the tree. She also lost a toy mouse.

Proof:    The dancer wants tangible proof that Assil is a professional cat rescuer.

Use cookie cutter with Cairo Times to get Assil's portrait.

Use Assil's portrait with firefighting camel badge to get fireman's badge.

Use fireman's badge on dancer. She gives the garden key and windup key.

Well to do neighbourhood:   Go back to the gate right of the fountain.

Save the cat:    Go forward until the gate with the dancer statues.

Use the garden key with door. Take toy ball at the steps.

Go to merry go round. Look at chariot axle (left wheel) of the merry go round.

Look at scar of the tree. It's too close to merry go round.

Note that there is no gate to the crocodile pond next door. Hmm...

Get sundial:    Go back to the fountain at the Temple forecourt.

Use the toy ball with sundial. Take sundial.

Go back to the merry go round. Use sundial with chariot axle. Use the merry go round. Poor tree.

See the cat hanging on the limb of the fallen tree. An entrance to the crocodile farm is also made.

Take the dip net and use the dip net with cat.

Go back to the dancer at the temple entrance. Use cat with dancer. She gives a gambling chip.

Get a baby crocodile:    Go to the camel parking lot right of the fountain.

Use the gambling chip with camel treat vending machine to get camel chewing gum.

Go back to the crocodile farm left of the merry go round. Use the camel chewing gum on baby crocodile.

Get otter noses for Red Sea:    Go to snack bar at the temple forecourt.

Use baby crocodile on chewing gum with chef. Ah - a misunderstanding. He gives a box of otter noses.

Go back to Red Sea Shipping. Use box of otter noses with Red Sea.

They will meet at the boulevard tonight and he will help Assil go to the poor quarter.

Meanwhile... Isis, Ra and Anubis reminisce the past. Seth arrives and in his suit of armour.

Chapter 4: The Casino

Run-down neighbourhood gate:  

Get to Run-down neighbourhood:

Assil sees Red Sea drunk at the snack bar. Take note of what Red Sea Aquarium looks like.

Talk to the superintendent guarding the gate about spotting a suspicious character.

Select the description that matches Red Sea Aquarium:    White cap, reddish brown hair; a well groomed moustache and a red nose.

The superintendent leaves. Take the first aid kit: bandages and plaster.

Catch the thief:    Go forward to the run down neighborhood.

Go forward, left and then forward to the end. See the young girl thief at end of the road.

Talk to the girl but she runs away. Follow her: use ladder, use dangling rope and use canopy.

She runs away again. Go through the process again but this time after use ladder, use guy line holding the ladder to untie the ladder. Continue with use dangling rope and use canopy.

Assil catches the young girl thief when she falls off the ladder.

Talk to the young girl. She gives today's loot.  She also states that she can get anything that Assil wants as long as she gets a drawing of the item. She gives superintendent's notepad.

Right click today's loot and get toy mouse (lost by the dancer) and bellows (lost by the superintendent).

Go back down the path and see the superintendent still watching Assil.

Badawi:   Enter through the rickety door one screen from the young girl at right side of the path.

See and talk to Badawi. Learn about his plans but he does not want to talk about being an embalmer. Learn about the Lotsaluck Casino.

Get new clothes:    Assil meets Thara at the camel parking area. They go to the temple entrance but not admitted. They need new clothes.

Go back to rundown neighborhood. Enter through opened rickety gate and be at Badawi's place. Take deflated football from the table.

Exit the area and go left of the young thief to the pawnbroker's.

Talk to the pawnbroker twice. He can't sell clothes because Assil does not have money.

Look around especially at the football rankings scroll at side of the cabinet. It has the 1st to 10th place as Nile Crocodiles. The pawnbroker is an avid fan.

Football:    Look at deflated football in inventory and see that it has a hole in it. Use deflated football with plaster to get patched deflated football.

Use patched deflated football with bellows to get football. It even has the autograph of Moses on it.

Use football with pawnbroker. He allows Assil and Thara to select clothes.

Temple - Lotsaluck Casino:

Assil and Thara enter the former temple. Thara leaves to look for the 3 revolutionaries.

Go forward see a side door that is boarded up. Go forward again until the VIP area.

Talk to Halima, the high priestess. Learn where the chamber of sacrificial offerings is located.

Only lavishly decorated offering goes through to the chamber of sacrificial offerings. So Thara says that Assil needs to be a mummy and get a lavishly decorated offering.

Get a sarcophagus:    Go to the men's lavatory, left of the aquarium left of the stairs.

Enter men's lavatory and look around. Enter the empty stall and take oversized gambling chip from the seat.

See that the other stall is occupied. Exit the lavatory.

Exit the temple and look at the broken cart and sarcophagus at the gate to the run down neighborhood.

Use the oversized gambling chip on the cart. Automatically the sarcophagus is at Badawi's place.

Talk to Badawi. He said the sarcophagus needs pomp.

Go back to the temple - just walk right pass the guard and enter the VIP area behind the priestess.

Look around and see a guard at left. See the dancer with a nice gem on her belly button. Use the superintendent notepad on the dancer but the guard stops Assil from taking pictures.

Get picture of dancer's gem:    Go down the stairs and go right to Thara.

Enter the women's lavatory and see what happens.

Use the wind up key with toy mouse and the mouse is ready.

Use the wound up toy mouse with women's lavatory.

See the guard come. Immediately run up to the VIP area.

Use the superintendent notepad on the dancer. Assil gets the drawing of dancer's gemstone.

If caught, repeat the process by taking the mouse from the waste bin outside the women's lavatory.

Go down and exit the temple.

Go back to the young thief at the run down neighborhood. Give her the drawing of the dancer's gemstone.

She comes back and gives the valuable gemstone.

Go back to Badawi and use valuable gemstone with the sarcophagus.

Disguise Assil as mummy:   

Talk to Badawi. Use bandage and Badawi says it is not enough bandage.

Comedian:    Go back to the fountain at the temple forecourt.

Talk to listless comedian in mask at top right of the fountain. See a crowd listens to the comedy act of Assil, Ankh and listless comedian. Assil gives his camel to the comedian. He gives his book to Assil.

Read the gripping novel of Ali Baba and the 40 Virgins twice to learn the ending of Ali Baba dying of a poisoned date.

Get toilet paper:    Enter the temple-casino and go forward to the men's lavatory left of the VIP staircase.

Talk to the closed lavatory door. The occupant is reading a gripping book and he won't come out until he finishes it.

Talk to the door again and tell it the ending of the book. Spoilsport!

Take the toilet paper.

Go back to Badawi at run down neighborhood.

Use the toilet paper with the bandages. Use very long bandages with Badawi.

Badawi makes Assil a mummy. Watch Assil the mummy. Thara and Badawi end up at the VIP lounge.

The gods are chatting again. Osiris arrives to join them. The Ankh was the fall guy in the cutting of Osiris.


Chamber of sacrificial offerings:    Look around the place.

Take scroll at left foreground. Look at the scroll and Assil can't decipher it.

Take the dictionary on the rear right pile. It is a book that translates ancient Egyptian to old Egyptian.

Find the answer to Authentication question:    Use the terminal in front of the middle statue. The Ankh answers the terminal. The authentication question is what is my favorite food?

Use scroll with dictionary. Then use terminal again - Flambéed strawberries.

Obtain Password:    Take the stone tablet. Look at the stone tablet and learn the password - nail varnish remover. Use terminal again.

Take the trophy cup of the last football game.

Chapter 5: The Qualification.

Hotel of the Gods:

Portal:    Look around at the portal. See that the terminal stand is beside the traveler's sand container.

The traveler's sand balance of each god is stored here.

Nordic section:    Go right and then left to the Nordic section. Try to enter.

Bar:    Go right pass a giant locked wine cellar door.

Go to the bar and talk to George.

Egyptian section:    Turn around from the bar and go forward. Enter the Egyptian section.

Talk to Anubis, Ra and then Isis. Learn what happened at the last battle. Talk to Osiris.

Talk to the parrot, the referee about the Battle of the Gods. Say yes that you are ready for the qualifying round.

The qualifying round is to go through the Labyrinth of Thousand Paths to get to a secret room and bring an exquisite El-Am Brusco wine from Nubia. The referee gives a decanter.

Find my way out of the maze:    Assil finds himself in several floors of varying arrangements.

1. Assil is at the bottom level. Try to walk the floor towards the yellow door and see spikes rise from the floor.

Open hatch on wall and see broken sandstone cogwheels. Take sandstone from floor by right wall.

Use the sandstone with cogwheels. This stops the rise of the spikes.

Take note of empty space after the stairs on the left. Exit through the yellow door.

2. Assil enters through the blue door at top level.

Hermit and Robert:    Walk over to the hermit at right. See that the hermit is held on to the chair by a seat belt.

Talk to hermit completely. We? Robert is the sponge on the table. It has a great power of absorption.

Gravity is always where the visitor is!

Try to take Bob, the sponge. Look at mirror.

Statues:    Walk up the stairs to the 3 statues: male, female and pharaoh.

Note that there is a golden egg in front of the pharaoh statue. The pharaoh and male statue are tied together by a guy line. The guy line holds the table down.

There is a lever at left to turn the torso of the statues. The torsos can be removed.

Fill space beside stairs at bottom floor:

Move golden egg:     Take and interchange the torso of the male and the pharaoh. This will give the pharaoh the torso with the extended arm.

Use the lever at edge of platform. The statues turn and the pharaoh's arm moves the egg.

The egg falls down the stairs and breaks the mirror.

Get heap of shards:    Go down and get a heap of shards. They are too sharp.

Talk to the hermit about the bright side of breaking the glass. Robert won't clean the mirror anymore.

The hermit gives the chamois. Use the chamois with heap of shards to get extremely sharp-edge shard.

Release the altar-table:    Climb the stairs and use the extremely sharp-edge shard on the guy line between the pharaoh and male statue and holding the table down.

Pink door:    Go down the stairs and walk around to the pink door at top left. See that door hinges are rusty.

3. Exit through the blue door and through the yellow door at bottom level.

The changed in gravity drops the altar-table of the statues to the bottom level.

Now Assil can walk up the stairs to the orange door of the second level.

Seth arrives and taunts Horus the Ankh.

Walk up the stairs to the orange door. Enter through the orange door and now Assil is sideways.

This moves the big box to the left and covers the green door.

Go to the olive plant and take olive (tree) to get olives.

4. Exit through the blue side door and then exit through the yellow door at bottom level.

Exit out at the blue door of top level.

Get oil:    Let's use gravity here.

Climb the stairs to the statues. Use olives with altar that had the golden ball earlier.

Go down. Exit through the blue door and be at bottom level.

See that the altar-table falls down on the floor.

Go through the yellow door again and exit out the blue door at top level.

The altar-table is back with the statues. Climb the stairs and try to take puddle of oil.

Also note that the big box that blocked the green door at middle level drops behind the statues.

Get Bob the sponge:    Try to take Bob the sponge from the table by the hermit. Don't you touch my friend!

Again, let's use gravity again. Hehehehe.

Exit the blue door at top level and out the yellow door at bottom level. Enter through the yellow door and exit through blue door. Do this several times (2 -3 times) until the hermit gets sick and runs off.

Immediately take Bob. The hermit comes back. Rooobert, why oh why have you left me!

Climb the stairs and use Bob the sponge with puddle of oil to get oil drenched sponge.

Go to the pink door at same level and use oil drenched sponge on rusty hinges.

5. Enter through the pink door now that the hinges are oiled.

Exit through the yellow door at right wall and see that the box that covered the green door moves to the right.

Enter through the yellow door again and be out the pink door.

Now see the big box drops to top level by the hermit.

Exit through the blue door and out to bottom level. Go forward to climb the stairs

See Seth drain the wine keg that has the El Am Brusco wine.

Climb the stairs. Go through the orange door and out the blue door at left.

Climb the stairs and enter through the green door.

Exit through the orange door of the middle level.

Go to the main Exit at center of middle level.

Bring the referee a decanter of El Am Brusco wine:    Look around.

Look at barrel at right and see that it is El Am Brusco wine vintage 36. Use decanter with barrel and see that it is empty.

Look at all the other barrels, Mongolian plum wine, mead and Macedonian Plonk. The only barrel that is not empty is the Macedonian Plonk.

You do not need to fill the decanter with the Macedonian Plonk but if you do, you can empty the decanter on the feeding dish of the referee parrot in the Egyptian section.

Get El Am Brusco wine:    Climb the ladder to be outside the wine cellar door.

Go right and forward to the Inca section pass a locked circular door.

Take the wedge holding the blocks of a ?statue left of the stairs. Uh oh! The blocks topple down.

Go back to the wine cellar left of the bar.

Take the sledgehammer in front of the Macedonian Plonk wine at left.

Use the wedge on El Am Brusco wine barrel at bottom right.

Use sledgehammer on El Am Brusco wine barrel. This tilts the barrel forward.

Use the empty decanter on the tilted barrel of wine to get decanter filled with superb wine.

Exit up the ladder and enter the Egyptian section across the bar.

Use decanter filled with superb wine with feeding dish of the parrot. You're qualified!

Alternative solution by Sir Graham (Thanks): Simply fill the decanter with Macedonian Plonk and let the parrot drink it, then repeat twice - the parrot gets drunk and qualifies you.

Seth pushes Assil into the portal and empties his traveller's sand.


Chapter 6: Northern Lights

Viking Village:

Assil lands in a small room. Use the terminal at left. There is not enough traveller's sand available.

Thor:    Enter the next room. Meet Thor. He wants Assil to prove that he is a real man with all the trappings.

Horus the Ankh advices to be like Thor: have a full fledge beard, helmet and a weapon.

Plateau:    Use crank and take the red flag of the Viking village.

Village:    Go down the steps to enter village.

Talk to Freya at the vegetable garden. Be manly. That didn't work out well.

Go right and take the blue pillow from the window at right.

Go down and talk to Frida making pottery. That didn't work well also.

Talk to Isolde sitting on the porch. She lights the fire at 1PM as shown by the sundial.

Go inside the hut and look at cauldron, unicorn head and other items. Exit the hut.

Go right of hut and outside the village. See a snowman with a carrot nose.

Get a Viking beard:    Go left of the gate. Look at shorn sheep right of the hut.

Right click the blue pillow and get black sheep's wool.

Enter the cellar left of the sheep. Look around at the shelves named after men.

Look at puddle of mead on the floor. It sticks like crazy. Use the black sheep's wool on the puddle of mead to get absolutely manly beard that Assil is now wearing.

Make a Viking Helmet:    Go left to the sundial. Cross the bridge at left. Look at the statue of Eric the Red left of the water fall. That's what a real man looks like.

Helmet:    See a reindeer. Look at emotionally unstable reindeer. Look at warning sign left of the reindeer. Note the reaction of the reindeer on red and blue color.

Go back to the sundial at right. Use either the red flag of the village or the blue pillowcase with the sundial.

If red flag is used - Watch as the reindeer goes berserk. It also hits the sundial and made it 1PM.

If blue pillowcase is used - see that the reindeer calms down.

Go back to the left. Take fodder bucket. Assil uses it as his helmet.

If red flag is used - Take reindeer tether. If blue pillowcase is used - use the red flag on the sundial to make the reindeer ran wild. Then take the reindeer tether.

Horns:    Go left of the reindeer place and talk to Sigrid cleaning fishes. She can't stand Isolde. Tell her you're the new cook. Take the blowfish. Try to take the salt.

Go back to Isolde sitting at the hut. Talk to her about Sigrid. She said to tell Sigrid about the unicorn.

Enter the hut and use the fodder bucket with the unicorn head. Assil makes 2 holes in the bucket.

Go back to Sigrid cleaning fish. Talk to Sigrid about what Isolde said concerning the unicorn. She said take the salt and ruin her lunch. Take sack of salt.

Exit the village right of the black sheep and out to the snowman. Use sack of salt with snowman.

Take carrot. Use bucket with holes with carrot. One horn down.

Use bucket with one horn with banana. Hahahahah! Now Assil wears a real Viking helmet.

Get a weapon:    Go to Frida making pottery.

Spiked ball:    Talk to her about finding what she's doing quite exciting. Be nice Assil. Say reminds Assil of home. Frida allows Assil to take clay.

If you haven't taken the blowfish from Sigrid yet - tell her you're the new cook and take the blowfish.

Use clay with blowfish to get a lovely imprint-casting mould.

Go to Isolde. Now that the reindeer moved the sundial and ask her 'nothing to do and what does clock say'.

She comes back and lights the fire under the cauldron.

Enter the hut. Use trophy on cauldron now that it is lit. Horus doesn't like that at all.

Use the casting mould on the cauldron. Assil tilts the cauldron to pour the melted trophy and get golden ball with spikes.

Handle:    Talk to Freya at the vegetable garden. This time - be nice.

Use dialogue that makes Freya like Assil. I'm a plant lover; have a cactus and stroke a few reindeer. Talk to her again about magnificent village and ask for little wice - I mean rice. She gives wice-rice and the little rod-stick to cultivate it.

Weapon:    Use golden ball with spikes with reindeer leash to get golden ball on a leash.

Use golden ball on a leash with rod to get a morning star.

Prove manliness to Thor:    Go up the plateau and inside the building to the altar to Thor.

Talk to Thor. Seeing Assil made him laugh. Take Thor's drinking horn at right railing. That's potent stuff.

Thor tells how Seth got him drunk. The key to the prop room disappeared. Thor gives the mysterious key.

Desert Island:    Assil finds himself in a desert island. Look at the ferry in the water. We need to catch the attention of that ferry.

Use palm tree at right. Right click the palm tree. Take rubber chicken that fell off the tree. Take pen from tree trunk. Take flints from sand at bottom right.

Go left side of island and see treasure chest at other island.

Take hollow log in the pool. Take the embroidered piece of cloth with X beside pool.

Use pen with embroidered piece of cloth to write 'any' message you want to get SOS message.

Use SOS message with rubber chicken. Use rubber chicken with message with hollow log.

Use rubber chicken launcher with flints. Watch.

Thor:    Thor sends them off.


Chapter 7: The battle

Hotel of the Gods:

The battle is to have more sworn believers than the other contestant. Seth has already 7814 sworn believers vs. 1 believer for the Ankh. The site of the match is at Luxor.

Assil checks the game rules. The gods except Anubis use the terminal to go to Luxor.

Assil can not use the terminal because Horus' traveller sand container is empty.  Look at the traveller's sand container and see that Seth made a hole in it.

Left click the game rules and Assil can't read it.

Get traveller's sand to be able to use the portal:

Go back to the bar and talk to George. He will not give a drink since Assil does not have a room here. See that there is a bottle opener on the counter.

Go back to the Egyptian section. Talk to the referee.

Talk to Anubis. Anubis will help after Assil gets him a drink. He gives a beverage coupon.

Assil faces the Egyptian map and asks help from the clairvoyant for a translation of the game rules.

Take Tut Cashum at the moment is using the outhouse with no toilet paper. His prayer is answered. Uhm, thanks.

Go back to the bar and order a drink. Order anything with ice so that George will use the freezer.

If a mistake is done, give it to Anubis anyways and he will give another coupon.

As soon as George has his back turned, take the bottle opener from the counter.

George is forced to bite off the cap of the bottle and a tooth falls off. Take the half rotten molar.

He can not open the bottle and gives the caffeinated soft drink instead. Anubis doesn't want the soft drink.

Go to the terminal. Use the molar with the terminal to plug the hole.

Use wice - rice... rice... on the plugged sand container. Use the terminal.


Temple forecourt:    Assil is thrown out by the guard. Go back to the temple forecourt.

Go to the others that are at the camel parking area.

Get a leather guard:    See a falcon circling above and lands beside the characters. Look at falcon and Assil says it carried messages.

Talk to Thara about the falcon. She needs a leather guard to call the falcon.

Go to the snack bar at bottom left from the fountain.

Talk to Isis. She thinks that she needs a stronger perfume since her musk perfume might not be working with the young man she is attracted to.

Talk to the chef. The chef has fallen for Isis. Tell him Isis doesn't fancy him much because of his leather apron. He gives his leather apron.

Go back to Thara and give her the leather apron. Thara calls the falcon.

She gives Assil the message - translated game rules.

Left click the translated game rules and learn about rule of exception - a contestant wins if he manages to double the number of his believers. Since Horus-Ankh only has ONE believer, he needs only another one to believe in him.

Get another believer:    Talk to every one here to believe in the Ankh. Thara can't since she's an Arab, the 3 Israelites (Ephraim, Schmuel and Shalom) believe in one God. Shalom gives his locked suitcase in case that might help Assil. Talk to Ra also.

Go to snack bar. Talk to Isis and the chef.

Go to the run down neighborhood entrance and see Seth. Try to talk to him. Look at the toothpaste poster at left. Take the toothpaste poster.

High Priestess:    Go to temple entrance. Talk to high priestess. Learn that Seth's disciples (include the guard) have taken over her temple. Ankh needs to give her the temple back as well as an apology and she will believe in Horus again.

Badawi:    Go right of the entrance and talk to Badawi. He tries to believe.

Embalming room:    Enter the embalming room behind Badawi. Use the lever to move the shelf.

Chase the crocodile off:    Look at the crocodile. Remember that he lost his teeth because of Assil.

If you haven't taken the toothpaste poster yet, go back to the stand left of the entrance to the run down neighbourhood and pick it up.

Use the toothpaste poster of a crocodile with gleaming white teeth with crocodile. The crocodile's ego is bruised and moves away. He sheds crocodile tears. Take crocodile tears.

Take taxidermist tools from counter at right beside mysterious body (Tut-Faw-Tit)

Use taxidermist tools with suitcase to get Moses' jersey, travel brochure, Frisbee and cuddly toy.

Go to the other side of the counter at back part of the room.

Use right bottom drawer and take perfume research report.

Use bottom left drawer and take bandage research report.

Use top left drawer and see jackal trap. Use cuddly toy on jackal trap to close the trap and get jackal trap.

Use jackal trap with crocodile. I'd say we're even now. The crocodile hits the lever on his way out to trap Assil inside.

Use Frisbee with lever (move cursor to tip of lever). The shelf moves to the side. Badawi comes in.

Create the perfect perfume:    Left click the perfume research report and learn that an irresistible perfume is made when sweat of a true hero is mixed with the glandular liquids of an animal.

Since Moses was the hero of the football game, use Moses' jersey with crocodile tears to make perfume with refined scent.

Concoct the secret remedy:    Left click the bandage research report and learn indestructible material is made from something and musk.

Exit the building and go to the snack bar by the fountain. Use perfume with Isis and get the musk perfume in return.

Go back to the embalming room and use musk perfume on Badawi. He makes the secret remedy - water bomb.

Temple entrance:

Win the Battle of the Gods:    Exit and go back to the high priestess and the guard that keeps throwing Assil out.

Use water bomb on guard. The guard stiffens. The revolutionaries will take care of Seth's disciples.

Now we need only an apology from the Ankh. Talk to the high priestess; selecting the 'Ankh deserves all the credit" dialogue. Say it, go on say it!  Yes!

Hotel of the Gods:   

The Ankh is declared the winner. Seth refuses to accept that and proceeds to stomp Luxor on the Egyptian map.

Prevent the destruction of Egypt:    Exit the Egyptian section and go right from the bar.

Use the mysterious key given by Thor with the small room - circular locked door just before the Incan section.

Enter and talk to mysterious voice. Ask for props from Seth's stage performance. Take Seth's saw with "Sor" instead of "Saw" written on it.

Go back to Egyptian section. Talk to Osiris and automatically give Seth's saw to Osiris.

Select "wrote show sor instead of saw" dialogue and "He stole the key from Thor".

Seth admits sawing Osiris. Osiris drops his spoon on Luxor when he confronts Seth.

Demolished Lotsaluk Casino:   

Ra sends Assil back down to a destroyed temple. Assil should trap Seth in a sacred object.

Defeat Seth:   

As Thara:    Talk to Assil. While Assil and the Ankh blame each other, enter the men's lavatory left of the aquarium.

Take the fizzy stick vending machine itself (the fizzy stick tube is taken).

Exit the lavatory and go to the ruins outside the temple. Try to climb up to get nearer the 2 fighting gods.

There is no path. Look up and see the broken statue of the high priestess. It is held by a pole.

Go to the base of that pole. See that the pole holds the statue, the spoon dropped by Osiris is at left and the 2 Gods fighting.

Use caffeinated soft drink with crack on the rock holding the pole. Use fizzy stick with crack in rock. That widens the crack and breaks the pole.

Climb up now that the statue serves as a bridge.

At the balcony, go the giant spoon wedged on a rock. Use Thor's drinking horn with giant spoon. Thara calls Assil.


Seth sees Assil and moves towards him. Oooh noooarrrghh!



Let him surprise us.

Children... Three at least.

Watch Ankh after the credits.

I am not a bottle opener!

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