Anna's Quest, Winfriede's Tower walkthrough

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Anna's Quest is made by Krams Design. You can buy the game for only $ 5,-- here. Is it worth it? Well I can be short about that. It is worth every penny you pay for it and even much more. To be honest with you... it is a very long time ago that I played a game that I loved that much. Read my review about the game to learn more. So my advice... get the game ASAP!

Chapter 1: A Little Experiment... ummm... Exercise

Look at the stuffed animals at the floor to your left. Pick up the blue ball next to you. When the witch interferes tell her that you are tired... hungry... When the session is over ask her 'Powers? Really?... Telen-ken-eus?' Take your spoon from the plate with the green soup on the table. In your inventory use telekinesis on the spoon. Use the bent spoon on the camera.

Look at the pillow on the bed. Pick up the pillow from the bed. Pick up the scissors from the table. Pick up some art stuff. When you look at your inventory you will notice that this art stuff exists of a blue crayon and the yellow paint. Now you will hear someone or something keeping on mumbling things as *What should I do...?* *Oh no... oh no...* etcetera. Talk to the Teddy bear. Exhaust all dialogs with him.

Look at the head gear. Use your scissors on the blue unicorn. In your inventory use telekinesis on the unicorn horn. Use your scissors on the ball. Use the unwound horn on the half ball. Use the bent spoon on the head gear. In your inventory use the magic beads on the helmet. Use telekinesis on the camera. Use telekinesis on the door. Go to the hallway. Go downstairs...

Chapter 2: The Great Escape

Opening the basement

Take the lens from the chair. Use telekinesis on the speaker above the door. Use your scissors on the curtains. Take some stuffing from the unicorn. Go to the hallway. Take the witch's hat. Talk to the rat high up at the ceiling. Look at he bottle on the shelf above the sink. Also look at the box next to it. Go downstairs. Lift up the red carpet. Reach into the drain you just revealed to get some green mold. In your inventory use the yellow paint on the smelly mold.

In your inventory put the stuffing into the pillow. Use the velvet on the pillow. Look at the painting of the wicked old witch. Open the left drawer of the table to get a long line of string. Open the right drawer too to get a heart-shaped key and a paperweight. Try to take the collar from the black cat. Try to go back upstairs. Exhaust all dialogs with Joringel. Go upstairs.

Give the cheese to the rat that is still high up at the ceiling. Go to the bedroom. Use the heart key on the box next to the door to get an old recorder. In your inventory use the speaker & mic on the broken recorder. Talk to Ted once more and exhaust all dialogs.

Go to the hallway. Go downstairs. Use your velvet pillow on the black cat. Pick up the collar from the cat. Use your key on the huge painting of the witch. Talk to the door (witch) to the right. Tell the witch that you are not sure that it is a good idea to open the door. Ask her if there is a password for the safe. Tell her that's enough talk for now. Use the fixed recorder on the door. Use the recorder with voice on the safe. Use the diamond on the safe...

The basement

Exhaust all dialogs with the magic mirror. Read all the books at your left. Be sure to pick up the book 'Party Tricks'. Look at the bottles on the upper shelf. Also look at the spell ingredients. Search through the clothes beneath the books. From the table with the skull and the opened book pick up the gold ring. From the table at the right side of the room take a cork from the bottles. Read the parchment above the table. Go upstairs to the ground room.

Go upstairs to the hallway and enter the bedroom. In your inventory read the blueprints. Use telekinesis on the weak spot of the ceiling above the head gear. In your inventory use the Party tricks book with the witch's hat. Combine the paperweight with the handkerchief chain. Use the  weighted chain on the roof hole. Climb up to the attic.

On the attic

Take the mirror in front of the cage with the running dragon. Open the cage. Climb up the roof. Talk to the raven. Use the amulet on the moon. Use your lens on the moon. Notice that Anna puts the lens on top of the chimney. Use your amulet on the lens. Use the mirror on the raven. Climb down to the attic. Use telekinesis with the crack in the roof. Look out onto the roof to get a feather from the raven. Climb down to the bedroom.

Back to the basement

Go to the hallway. In your inventory read the book of spells. Look at the sink. Go downstairs. Open the pipe next to the stairs. Put the cork into the pipe. Go back upstairs. Turn on the tap above the sink. Wait a little until you get the hair of the witch from the sink. Go downstairs and talk to the skeleton. Exhaust all dialogs with Joringel. Use the gold ring on the skeleton. Go downstairs to the basement.

Back in the basement

In your inventory use the crayon on the dragon. Put your raven feather into the cauldron. Add the witch's hair to it. Look at the cauldron. In your inventory combine the string with the bent spoon. Use telekinesis on the drain at the left bottom corner of the room. Look down the drain. Notice the huge hand holding a handkerchief with the letter J on it.

Use telekinesis on the thumb, on the pointing finger and on the little finger. Yep... that's right... you must leave the middle finger alone! Use the spoon on string with the handkerchief down below. Return to the basement. Go upstairs and back into the bedroom. Talk to Edd once more and exhaust all dialogs. Put your handkerchief on the bed...

The Great Escape

The next morning go to the hallway. Go downstairs. Go downstairs to the basement. Use the fiery dragon on the cauldron. Use the charged amulet on the cauldron. Go back up into the bedroom. You will talk to Ted once more. Tell the witch that this is just another part of your plan! As soon as you can use telekinesis on her magic wand. And off you go with Ted on search of the little village of Wunderhorn to get your grandpa's medicine...

The End...

I hardly can't wait for the next part of this great game! But as Anna explains... our waiting isn't as hard as hers :o)))