Arabian nights

Walkthrough by

Julia Tiemann  & Glynn Voyles


Episode 1 Melissa’s Letter

Arabian Nights starts out with a movie, following the movie you will be in Episode I.  Ali is on his way to meet his girl friend Melissa at the cemetery.  Episode I will help you learn the keys needed to play the game.

Tab key- to view inventory

V – B keys – to move items in inventory

Space bar – to draw weapon 

Ctrl. Key  - to kick, hit or swing weapon or to open doors etc.

# 1 key on keypad – to block a blow from opponent

Arrow keys or mouse – to guide Ali

Shift key twice and hold down – makes Ali sneak and walk

F1–To use bolt magic

F2- To use bolt of magic

F3- To protect Ali

F4- Shield

F5 – For quick save.   

Key # 1 to throw knife reg. keyboard

Key # 2 to throw bomb reg. keyboard


Some of these things will not work until later in the story.


Instructions show up on the screen to help you along.  The first thing to do is to turn around and check out the vase in the corner, use the Ctrl. Key to break it and find a bomb. Then start heading in the other direction. Learn how to make Ali jump and flip.  Jump to the tombstones to the left and look around I found a rat to kill and a dagger. On the right I found some gold coins. Now jump up by the tomb stones at the end of the walk, stand by the one with the glitter near the ground then use the Ctrl. key to push the tombstone over and just walk over the item and you will get a jewel fireball it will automatically go into your inventory. Instead of going to the door right away, go the other way and kill the rat and get some more bread. Then do an about face and go through the doors. Push the Ctrl. Key to open the door.  You will here someone calling “Ali’s” name.  Draw your sword, and move toward the voice.  With a very sexy voice she is trying to draw you near her. When you do get close she removes her cloak and she isn’t the person you were expecting. I think you must have scorned her because she and her two goons are out to kill you.   Kill all of them, and pick up the fruits of the kill. There should be gold and maybe a knife. Follow down the path and see a little room to the right. In there you should find a phial of life.  Leave the room and walk across to the other side. Jump up and pull yourself up toward the stain glass window. Climb up to the window and again use the Ctrl. Key to break the glass.

Cemetery Building

Jump down into the room.  Walk towards the room to your left, and you will pass by a smaller room. In this room is a bowl of life water, help yourself. Continue on into the next room someone is trying to break the door down. You have two choices here, wait for them to knock down the door and fight them or you can push the pedestal with water in front of the door and stop them from entering. Save your game and try both ways and see what happens. If you kill them, be sure to pick up the items they left behind.  Go back into the other room, and there is a brown box on the wall that has a bag of gold then push the pedestal and get a key. Now go back to the room with the altar, and open the brown box on that wall. You will get a phial of life. Look around in this room. In front of you is a cement altar with some writing on it.  Stand in front of it and Ali will read what is says, and then speak it in English. (Duo Brachia Armata Ducunt Caelum) Two armed men lead to heaven. Now go over to the statue near you and stand in front of the sword, and use the Ctrl. Key. Ali will move the sword.  Now move to the other statue and repeat the process. A movie will show a door opening. Go in the new room and check it out.  There is a vase in the corner behind you. When I broke it I found a loaf of bread. Before you climb the rope check your life and replenish it if necessary.  Now climb the rope a short clip show a man cutting at the rope with a knife and laughing a dirty laugh. When you see the ledge turn Ali so he can swing sideways and land on the ledge using your side arrow key along with the Alt key.  Good luck, I fell on my first attempt.  Once you make it to the ledge go through the door and read the stone to your left.  It explains about the fountains in the next part of the story.

Red – Source of Light etc

White – Purity etc

Pink – Magic Spell  

Blue – Sleepy spell and dreams

Yellow –burns your body and soul

Green – fear etc 

Black –sick and bad things.

Gold Windmill Rooms

Go through the door, your job is to find the seven gold windmills and turn them on and drink from the blue – pink – red – white fountains.  Red is life and you can turn that one on twice if you need more life. The white one will turn on twice also. There are three enemies that you have to deal with one is a guard shooting magic arrows at you he is in the other area. 

There is a dude on a roller board in the same area. You can see the roller man from up high to your left, before you move down. You can shoot some magic at him from up here, or fight him on the ground. In the room you are in there is a old man in the small building you will be able to see him from the last roof before you get to the ground. Throw a knife at the old man, you better take care of the others before you use the gold windmills. Walk slowly toward the next room and look for the archer. Use magic on the archer on the roof. Now that all of the enemies are taken care of go back to the first room and go to the far right upper corner, and look around by the tombstones. You will find a key on the ground in that room. Turn on the windmills one at a time. After you turn one on find it and take a drink. Remember do  not drink from Yellow, Green or Black.  On the flat roof near the stairs, you can climb up on a tombstone and then on up to a ledge and then to a flat roof pick up some knives. When you are done looking around, the key you found opens the gate next to the stairway. There is a tombstone area to your right after you go through the gate. You can find some goodies up there.

Brown Doors Area

Shoot the guard once you drop down and get to the doorway. He is in front of you up on the roof. Use some magic (F1) key. Try to open the doors that are brown.  Some will open some won’t.  The room with the empty phial has lots of good things up on the ledge above the door. Climb up there and fill your inventory. After you have searched everywhere go to the wall with the vine growing on it. You will have to climb this vine.    The other guard is up higher and blends in with the background and is very hard to see. Use some magic on him. Check your life and replenish if necessary. You guessed it you have to do a tightrope dance across the board to the other building. Save your game when you make it because there are two more to cross. When Ali starts to lose his balance, correct by only hitting the button once or you will over correct and he will so he just walks across the boards.  Jump through the opening in the roof on to the ledge down to the next ledge and on to the vault.  Then jump to the floor, use the arrow key and the Ctrl. Key to push the broken pillar and enter. This ends Episode I.

Episode II Sacred Tombs

Cloaked Creatures and Rats

You will find yourself in a complex of rooms with some jumps to make.  There are 4 cloak creatures plus numerous rats you will have to contend with. The cloak creatures are hard to kill, you have to kick or use your sword to finish them off. If they hit you with  the bubbles they spew out of their mouth they will poison you. This will cause a skeleton just above your red heart. To get rid of the skeleton you must have a Phial of Antidote. Let them see you then quickly move to the side of a pillar and use your sword.  They sometimes drop some gold coins.  There are also rats that are hard to kill so if you aren’t good at killing them with a kick, save some of you knives for them. The best way is to keep your distance and throw knife at them. I found I had to put the icon just a hair above them in order to kill them. Some or the rats are rather aggressive.  There are green rivers to jump if you miss and land in it get out quickly as it will poison you. Here is a map of the area you are in. I have marked where you can find the things you need and where the villains are.   

Burial Vaults with Gems

The burial room is at left section on the map. You have to push the broken pillar to enter the vaults. When you walk through you will find a parchment about the burial vault.  Open your inventory so Ali can read it.  It says to look at the pillars and only open the vaults that match the pillars.  After you look at the parchment walk through the doorway.  The game goes into a movie clip and you see some servants cleaning and one taking a snooze on the job.  Move to the left on the ledge, you can see the sleeping man use some magic and narrow down the odds. Check your life, and draw your weapon.  Jump down, the servant that is cleaning runs to sound a warning. The other two come out from the vaults and will also come after you.  I moved to the area by the top of the steps and fought them off.  I got two things after they died. One was a key to the vaults and the other was a Phial of Antidote. If you have a skeleton head on your screen by your heart, this Phial will cure you. Look at the four pillars on the platform. Copy down the symbols, you will need them in the vault rooms. Now to get to the vaults climb the stairs to your left.

Vault Room 1 

The stairway to your left goes to a room with a revolving floor. You will have to jump down and run across to the other side and climb up into the other doorway. There will be shooting beam coming out of the walls you have to avoid as they sap your life. What makes it worse, is that the floor changes direction and throws you off course. Watch the floor, jump when it is moving so it will carry you towards the other door and then start jumping and be ready to grab hold.  Look at your drawing or the map to see what tombs to open. After you get the jewels, close both tombs. Save you game here and then open the other vaults and watch the green water come out of the nozzles in the center of the room it will trap you in the room and kill you while you search for the correct vaults.  Go back across the revolving floor to the main room and place the gems in the pillars.

Vault Room 2

Now go the other way and there will be another challenge. When you jump down a double blade start whirling around and moving toward the floor. No problem getting to the other side, but there is a boulder blocking the way. You will have to go back and climb back up to where you entered. This time when you jump down, turn to your right and push the square next to the doorway.  Then run across to the other side and push the square with a thin fingernail moon it is just about opposite from the first one you pushed.  Number 3 is to left of the second one you just pushed.  The fourth one is on

the right side of the second button The 5th button is to the right of number 4 and the last is to the right of the enter door. Good Luck. Oh, and by the way don’t think you can jump up and then back down after you do a couple, if you do it will reset the game. When you complete this task, go into the vault room and look for the correct vaults to open.  Here is a map for solving the moon puzzle.

Puzzle drawn by Bill Voyles, thanks Bill

Look at the drawings above the crypts if you open the wrong ones you will have some cobras coming after you, so beware. Be sure to close the crypts after you get the jewels or the bridge will not lower.  Just for the fun of it, save you game, and open the wrong crypts and see what happens. Now go place the last jewels in the pillars. The pillars will lower into the big platform, a smaller platform will rise in the center and there will be a ring for you. This ring is called a ring of “Ring of Slowing Down.”  After you take the ring, jump and pull yourself up to the platform you originally started from.

Back to the Cloaked Creatures & Rats Room 

Retrace your steps back to the room where you jumped the green river to use the potion to cause dreams. In that room is the gold chain hanging from the ceiling in a corner. Just below it there is a brown box vault that you can pull out to climb up on to jump to the chain.  Climb the chain and use the alt side arrow to jump off the chain on to the ledge. You end up in a room that looks the same as the room you got the empty Phial from. Open the door, and it will show a clip of Ali sneaking up towards three guards and their boss.

Saving Melissa

The head guard is talking about you and telling them to beware of you that you are dangerous.  When they split up, use your number 2 key and throw a bomb at the three guards, if you are lucky you could get all three of them. If you don’t kill them all with the bomb use your magic on them you can’t get near them to use your sword. To the right of the door you came through is a gold gate with 3 cobras in there.  They are not that hard to kill, try just using your foot or if you have a lot of knives throw them. One other thing you can do, is lure one cobra out through the gate and then jump over him and go though the gate and leave him for later.  Kill the other two cobra with a your knifes or kick them. You will get three bombs in the back corner. There is also a knife by the small tree. Then you can lure the first cobra into the enclosure jump over him and out the gate and you will have him trap in the compound again. Be sure to check out the cemetery there are some goodies up there that you will be able to use. Across from the side cemetery is where the head guard is. He can be one hard dude to kill. I used knives if you can hit him with 3 you will usually do him in. If you don’t have any knives you can use a bomb just be careful where you throw it. Remember use the number 1 key from the keypad to block his blows if you have to use your sword. After you finish him off, he will drop a key. Go inside the compound and turn to the next gate, and find Melissa’s sitting in her cell. 

 (Now personally I was disappointed in this part of the game). Oh well, on with the game.  She gives Ali a peck on the cheek, and she magically is transferred back to the palace with her daddy the Sultan. Poor Ali has to find his own way there so they can tell the Sultan they want to get married.  After she pulls her disappearing act go back past the cemetery and to the gate on the opposite side. 

Lowering The Moat Bridge

There are two enemies in this section both are to the left. One is a guard  and you will have to use magic on him. The other is an old man. When they are taken care of search around for some goodies in vases. Go down the stairs that were in front of you to find a vase. There is a vase on a high ledge you will need to push the box over and climb on it to get at the vase and you will get some knives.  Use the Ctrl. Key and the arrow key to push the box. Those are the only things I found in this area. Now go through the door on he opposite side of the room. Take care in walking up the steps as there is a moat. The first time I went up I fell and made a big splash and needless to say drown. There is a glitch here in the game, if you walk to the side of the stairs and jump into the moat you won’t die from the fall but you can’t get back out and there is no water. When you get to the top of the stairs, you have to throw a knife at each of the ropes under the drawbridge to cut them and lower the bridge. When it come down walk across it and through the door. You will find yourself at the top of a spiral staircase.

Entering the City

You can see a vase to your left, climb the ledges and see if it contains anything. Mine was empty. When your turn around you should be able to see a guard. Get close to he edge of the ledge you are on, or climb higher to get a good aim at him and use the F1 key and throw some magic at him. Climb back down and go to the other side and climb up on the ledge, you can see some vases down there. I think there are about 15 of them I went down and only found a miserable rat. Go back to the stairs and walk down them. When you get to the bottom of the stair you will see a watchtower and that is where you need to get. You will also see a bell hanging on a post, don’t ring the bell as it will bring more guards and they are difficult to kill and they waste a lot of magic because they move around so quickly. There are three vases to your right and I found a Phial of Life there. Turn around and go towards the hanging light in the archway and there should be a vase with a Phial of Magic. The door by the bell in locked. Climb the slant cement walk just to the top where it levels off. Turn to your left and jump up and pull yourself up into the room.  Stay near the edge and run along the edge and jump onto the roof. Climb up on the cement wall. Walk across the top of the wall toward the lookout. Look to your left and you will see some ledges and there will be a guard how will start shooting arrows at you. Take care of him and then line yourself up with one of the ledges. You need to jump to one of them if you miss its curtains for you. Line yourself up, and move as far back as you can after you push the keys for the jump let go of them if you keep your fingers on them Ali will jump a second time and probably die. I found it best to have him jump diagonally to the far ledge. Be sure to save your game before you make the jump just in case. Good Luck, this is a difficult jump to do.

Outskirts of the City

When you reach the ground climb the tower and get the Phial of Life. Turn around and use the Ctrl. Key to make Ali climb back down. There is a vase in the other corner that has a puzzle piece. After you get the puzzle piece, climb on the wooden beam to the right of the pathway. Walk halfway down it and climb up and you will find a vase with loaf of bread. Get back down on the beam and walk to the end and climb up and climb up again and find puzzle piece #2. Climb back down to the beam and look down the pathway and you will see a guard. Use some magic on him. Some more guards will come, throw a bomb at them. Or you can use knifes. Pick up the goodies left behind. Walk down toward the arch that crosses the path turn to the left and you will find a vase with an apple. Take care as there are a lot of guards in this area. Move slowly, and look up and watch for more guards. Climb up on the arch where the guard was there is a vase on the other end of the archway.  Save your game often.  The third puzzle piece is up by the palm trees. Climb on the ledge to the right of where the guard was. Walk around the corner and break the vase. Turn around and line yourself up with the striped awning. Run and jump to the awning and then to the palms and you will find Puzzle piece #3. You can get back down by jumping to the awning and then to the ground. Now walk forward into the open area notice the rope over head. There will be guards shooting arrows at you so take care of them. Turn to your right facing a palm tree and there will be a another guard up on the roof take care of him. To your left is a alcove with two vases check them out. When you turn to leave still another guard will be shooting at you, use a little magic on him. Now go back to where you climb to jump to get puzzle piece #3. This time stand where the vase was and line up a jump to the wall with the pink and white stripes. When you make the jump take your fingers off the jump key or Ali will keep jumping. After you make the jump you will see the rope in front of you. Ok, it is time for the circus act, walk across the rope using the shift and arrow keys. Then turn left and walk across the 2nd rope. When you get to the other side you will find a vase and when you break it  you will get the Jewel Binding.  When you turn around you will see a fountain where you can get another vision of a princess. Run and jump to the pool and see a vision of Princess Spiruline.  After the vision jump to the ground look forward see a ledge with four striped arches in front of you climb up and find a vase with a loaf of bread. Climb back down onto the arch and walk across to the other side and climb up on the ledge.  Walk across the floor to the lighted window.  To your left is a roof you have to jump to. This is a difficult jump so save your game. When you get down there walk around the corner and get Puzzle piece #4.   Turn around and back off of the roof using the Alt Key so Ali will grab the floor edge and then drop to the ground. Turn around and climb the cement ramp by the curved windows. Turn right and you will see another guard up ahead. Use your magic and then walk up another ramp and then down a ramp. Climb the stairs to the right and you will see a door to your right with a fancy gold fence just above it.   Walk straight over to the brown slab then turn to your left. Across the opening you will see a building with some pillars on the roof. You need to run and jump over to that building.  When you get there use your shift and arrow keys to walk across the narrow path to Puzzle piece #5.

Now, you need to go to the area where you can use the puzzle pieces. Jump through the hole in the roof backward and lower Ali to the ground. Now retrace your steps back to the stairs you climb to get puzzle piece #5. When you get to the top of the steps, turn around and up the small ramp jump up and shimmy to the right and climb up. Walk straight ahead and down the steps. Turn and walk down another flight of steps. Make another turn and draw your weapon. When you get about ½ way down these steps you will here the clomping of an old man that wants to kill Ali. This man is very strong, I jump off the side of the steps before I got to the bottom. After the fight break the vase and get a Phial of Life. Then carefully go over by the hole in the floor.

Snake Pit

If you look down you might get a glimpse of a cobra or two. Drop a bomb down there and then jump down landing on the box.  Look for more cobras before jumping to the floor. When you turn the corner some more cobras will be coming. Throw another bomb or use some knifes. When you are done you will find where to place the puzzle pieces. When you are done placing them the game goes into a movie and shows a Genie talking to Ali and thanking him for releasing him.  This ends Episode 2

Episode III Gates to the Rich City

Outside of the City

This episode starts with a movie clip showing Ali walking through a door and climbing some stairs.  There is a sign directly in front of him. Go read the sign. It says “Gate to the Rich City, Closed at Night”. When you turn around you will see a vase to your left.  Go break it you will get a bag of gold coins. Climb up on the wall next to where the vase was and move to the back as far as you can get and move forward toward the steps as far as you can. When you look half way down the hall on the opposite side there is a nitch in the wall and a roller bad guy waiting for you. Take good aim and shoot a bolt of magic at him. If you kill him you will hear some gold etc. falling to the floor.  Now run, jump diagonally to the ledge kitty corner from where you are. Stand there and look down to the far wall and you will see another roller man. Give him some of your magic.  The third roller man you can’t see yet but if you move down farther on this ledge he will come out. Throw a bomb at him or a knife or two when he is taken card of go pick up the goodies they left for you. These guys are dangerous and if you let them get near you they will throw bombs at you. They are very hard to kill. One of the goodies you will get is the Smuggler’s Parchment. When you get it be sure to read it. It tells you where to look for the window to knock three times on and that it is near the Potters Shop. Try hard to conserve your inventory. If you waste a lot of your items here replay and see if you can do better. Climb up the stairs next to where the roller man was against the wall, and then climb onto the railing, and walk toward the corner of the railing.  Jump to the window and use your foot to break it. Draw your sword.

Opening the Gate

There is a guard in here and they are well protected and are also very hard to kill. I used a bomb on him; he is standing on the right side. When you kill him a cut scene will show a boss crocodile man telling two guards to see what the commotion is all about. When you see the door open, throw a bomb towards it and you should wipe these two out. Again pick up the goodies, now is the hard part. Move down the stairs slowly, when you get about half way down you should see the crocodile man.  I did a backward flip back up the stairs and threw two knives at him and that finished him off.  He is one fast dude and really, really hard to kill so you must move fast. If he gets near you he swats you with his tail. When he is taken care of go to the controls by the windmill. You have to move the levers to open the door to the Rich city.  Numbering the levers from left to right you would move the handles in this order 2 1 3. The game goes into a move show the gears coming together causing the gate to open. When you have done that retrace your steps and climb out the window and run down to the other end and you will see the gate is open. Now the real fun begins, as there are a lot of enemies in here.  Lots of guards patrolling and others up high shooting arrows when you get near them.

Inside the City

Move straight across up on to the narrow ledge toward the right. Turn left and jump and pull up. The guards should come, and you can use magic on them bombs or knives.  Some times the guards will cluster together and if you are lucky you can throw a bomb at them and kill them all at once. After you kill them go down and pick up the items they left behind.  Climb back up on the little ledge again and keep going up until you see the vision pool. After you see the dance, climb back down and move through the area. You will find another staircase a littler farther ahead, near the staircase there is a sign that says “Sultan’s Gardens” etc., keep this area in mind. Go down the two flights of stairs. There will be more guards down here, and also a guard up high that will shoot arrows at you. After you kill the guards, look around, next to the bottom of the stairs there are some purple colored arches and there is a vase in there with 87 gold pieces in it.  Save all your gold, you are going to need it. Walk toward the green palms and climb up. Climb up to the other palms. There are two sections on each side of this and each one has a scorpion on it.  Jump over to the phials, but when you jump take your finger off the button so Ali won’t go any farther.  Walk around carefully and get the other phial. Now jump back by the palm.  Climb back down.  Across from the bottom palm there is a door behind some pillars.  Here is a map of the area.


Go open that door and head up the steps.  About half way up the steps you will see a bunch of boxes on the right, climb over them and you will see a button on the wall.  Push the one box out on the steps then push the button and run like crazy up the steps to get through the door.  Once you get through the door it will remain unlocked.

The Crazies

After you pass through the door you will see two men standing by some pillars.  Shoot some magic at one of them and get a big laugh.  Glynn named them the “Crazies”, I think it is a good name for them as they certainly do go crazy.  Be careful here as there are guards on the roof and they will shoot arrows at you.  Each of the crazies has a key, and you need to get them to enter the door to the Mosque that they were guarding.  Watch them closely, one runs around the building and the other just runs in a large circle.  Stand near the pillar and when he comes your way swing your sword and kill him and get that key.  When you have done that go stand near the side of the building where you can find a narrow spot and when the other crazy come running at you swing your sword again and get his key.

Ring of slowing Down

Enter into the room and walk to the right on the outside of the pillars, the last pillar on the right has a button on the side that opens a door behind you and you will get a Ring of Slowing Down.  Continue around the pillars and you will find another pool of vision. Watch the vision of another Princess and then keep going past the pillars and find a bag of gold. (Note: My game has an error mode in this section, but I just kept pushing the enter key and managed to get past the error. There is another room attached to this room but there is nothing to do in there right now. But as long as you are here check it out and see what is in there. Go back out side and walk towards the door you originally came in. While facing it turn to your right, there is another door down at the end of the walk.

Map of new area


Scorpions Galore

When you enter there will be an old man to take care of. Walk down the hallway and you will see a gate that is locked. Turn to the right and open the wood door. There will be another old man to fight.  Down past him is a cobra pit so beware.  Climb the stairs and walk down the wide hall stay to the left side because the other end of the snake pit is there and difficult to see. Walk over to a wood beam and cross a scorpion pit.  Run and jump forward to the cement slab roof in front of you. When you get to the other side run down and jump to the roof that has 4 vases on it. The vase in the far left corner has a scorpion in it. But just in back of that same vase is a bag of gold waiting for you. From this roof jump to the other roof with a bunch of scorpions you will have to do some fancy footwork to break those vases gather the goodies and not get stung. When you accomplish that run and jump back. Believe me it can be done. When you get back to the other roof jump back across to the slab with the beam on it.  Run the opposite way and jump to the roof of the building the crazies were guarding.  Be careful there could be a guard up here yet. On the other side of the large dome is a vase with some gold in it.   Go back to the other side of  the dome and look to your right, you should see a brightly lit area.  Run and jump over the fence to that area.  There is a small room with a button on the wall. Push the button and the doors on the floor will open. Careful there are a lot of scorpions guarding tons of gold. Drop a good old bomb on them and wipe them out jump down and run your finger through those bags of gold. Climb back out of the pit and carefully walk along the ledge to the left. You will see some more vases guarded by another scorpion. Ignore those for now and keep going along down to the other end where there is a vase with a key in it. You will need the key. 

Scorpion Map


Then turn around and go back by the scorpion guarding the vases.  Find a good spot and throw a knife at him after you kill him back off the ledge catching Ali and lower him to the floor and have fun breaking some more vases. Run and jump off this ledge toward the fire pot and then head down by the door the crazies were guarding. Standing with that door behind you there is another door across the way. Go over to this door and open it. This is where you use the key you found in the vase. Follow the passage to a box, push that box and get a bag of gold. There is another door at the top of the steps but it will not open. Now we need to find the Smugglers window. Go back to the double stairway that you climb by the Sultan’s Garden sign (refer to the map on page 8), stand with your back to the stairs, look up and you will see part of a door. Climb up to the door and enter in carefully, there are some stairs in here. Go down the stairs and there is a vase with another goodie in it. See the sign hanging that is the potter’s sign, so the window by the other door is the one you have to rap three times.  The window will open and Ali has to bargain to gain entrance.  Ali drives a hard bargain. He sure chewed him down.  Don’t you just love Ali’s expressions??

Smugglers Tunnel

After you walk through the door, there is a hall to the left with a hole in the floor. You can drop down through the hole if you want. I went the other way and walked down three flights of stairs. I didn’t find anything useful in this area. When you get to the bottom of the stairs there is another hole in the floor. Jump down in the hole and you will be in a tunnel, with two scorpions waiting for you.  You can kill them if you want, but I just jumped over the first towards the right, then jump over the second one towards the left ran up the stairs and turn to the right jump and pull yourself up.  You are now outside of the Palace.

Outside the Palace

 There are four guards on the balconies in this area, and another Crocodile man. You can walk around here and not worry about the guards until you attack the Crocodile man. I checked out the doors at this end and couldn’t enter any of them. So I followed up the slant walk towards Crocodile man.  I climb up on the two ledges to the left so I could use some magic on the guard across the way. Then I crossed to the other side and took care of the other one.  When you get down to where the street curves there are two more guards.  Now climb back up the two ledges and take card of them. Go to the right when facing towards the palace there are some vases over by the pillar. I found a Phial of Magic and some knives.  Those are the only goodies I got except for a couple of gold coins that one of the dead guards left behind.  Now climb up on the ledges next to where Crocodile Man is sleeping.  Nail him with a couple of knifes. He will leave a key to the palace door.

Map of Palace and grounds starting from Smuggler’s Door



Enter the palace and head right up the curving staircase. Do not kill the guards at the top by the steps as they are friendly at the moment.  The game goes into a movie and you are granted an audience with the Sultan the Grand Vizier and your girlfriend Melissa are there. After the movie, the audience with the Sultan is over and you have to leave. He tells you that you can’t marry his daughter until the other princess’s are rescued.

Searching the Palace

When you get back out by the guards turn to the right and go check out that part of the castle you get a nice view of the entrance area. There is nothing over there but it is a good idea to get the lay of the land. When you finish looking around go through the doorway on the other side and check that area out. You get to see the entrance area from this side. Go down the other way there are four vases around the pillar in the room. I got a bomb and an apple. The door next where you entered into this room is lock, but go try the next one.  Guess who?

Genie Puzzle

Our friend the “Genie” is here. Draw your sword before you enter this room it will save you a second or two with this puzzle. He wants you to smoke vapor from the Orient to see if you are worthy. You agree and a short movie clip shows you sit down and indulge. When you stand up Ali will draw his sword providing he had it in his hand when he came into the room. Turn Ali slightly to the right and have him back flip to the area by the door he came in.  Now start slashing at the ghostly heads floating around. You must destroy them all before the timer rungs out. Good Luck, this is a hard part of the game. When you succeed, the Genie will reward you a ring. 

Eunuch Area

After you get the ring go back to the previous room.  There is a small staircase and a locked door. You will have to get the key for this area. Go back the way you came and go down the stairs by the Sultan’s door. Go to the doorway on the left. Turn right and you will see some vases and get an apple. Turn around and go the other way. It takes you to a locked gate with a Eunuch. I wonder what he is guarding?  Leave this area for later. Go back to the main room and go down the hallway on the other side.  There are some more vases and you will get Phial of Magic and of Life.  Now go the other way.

The Plot Thickens

There is a footbridge to cross, and you can find some gold coins in the water but watch out for the crocodiles.  When you get into the next area you will see a block for chopping people’s heads off. Jump into the hole there is a gold piece down there, and the Grand Vizier and his execution henchmen will have a meeting right above you.  They are cooking up a plot and I think the henchman would like to try his axe on your neck. When they leave go back the way you came. When you get to the doorway stop, use the shift key to make Ali walk then use the side arrow key to make him move sideways toward the main room. Save your game just in case.

Killing The Execution Henchman

The henchman is in front of you against the wall and in the corner. If you are careful you can get out far enough to see him and he won’t see you. You can then throw a bomb at him, be sure to aim the bomb high so it gets close to him. When he is dead, you will get the key that opens the door up the short staircase near  the Genie. 


Be prepared when you open the door there are some guards here.  One will come down the hall toward you, throw a knife at him. A second guard will come from the doorway on the right let him have a knife also. Pick up the goodies and then head up the stairs where the second guard came from. There are three flights of stairs here.  When you get to the top of the third set of stair there will be another crocodile man.  Two knives will take care of him. Then go into the room he was guarding.  There is a picture on the right wall open it and get a bag of 100 gold.  Jump on the bookcase to the left of the door and get a Magic Parchment and a Phial of Life.  Read the parchment, it give you clues how to play the carioca drums.


  First drum is next to the second.

  The second drum is between two others.

  The third drum is not next to number 2 and is not the smallest drum.

  The fourth drum next to only one drum

  The fifth drum is right next to the 3 on the right.

Figure out the clues and give it a shot. If you get the answer the rays that are protecting the flute behind you will disappear and you can retrieve the flute.  Give the puzzle a try, I am sure you will be able to figure it our on your own.  If you can’t figure it out the answer is down below.

Answer to Drum Puzzle                               

Did you give up?  The order is 4 – 3 – 5 – 2 – 1.  Now go back down stairs to the footbridge.


When you get back go to the footbridge.  Up on the balcony in the next room there is a guard.  Use some magic on him, and then get your flute out and stand by the rope on the ground.  The rope will rise and you can climb to the balcony and collect a key and some other items. Climb back down the rope or jump. The key fits the gate to the Eunuch’s area.

Eunuch Puzzles

Open the gate and fight off the Eunuch, he is very hard to kill, if you have some knifes and the time, throw one of those. Use your mouse to control Ali, the arrow keys just won’t turn him fast enough and these guys really move around.  Check around the area, there are more of them.  After you take care of them you will have to do some sprinting to complete this part of the game. You can sprint by pushing the arrow key twice rapidly. Here is a map of what you must do.  Be sure your health is filled up. And when you make it to the next area be sure to save your game right a way as there will be more Eunuch’s to fight.



Sprint over the floor pads in number order. Save your game before you start. Good Luck!     Start with # 1 got past # 4 then step on # 2 on to # 3 on the way back go past #2  and step on # 4 then run like mad for the exit.

It helps to memorize which side of the floor the pads are on. Good Luck again, I did this several time before I finally made it.                                      



With this puzzle you must start at 1 turn the corner jump the water and hit number 2, 3 and 4 jump the next body of water and get through the gate.  This is a very trying puzzle but just keep at it. You will make it with a bit of luck. 


When you make it quick save your game. There are two really tough Eunuchs to fight. When they are taken care of you can enter the Princess’s bedrooms. That is who they were guarding except they aren’t there right now.


There are a few vases in this area to check out, then go into each bedroom and approach the bed. You will see a vision of each of the Princess’s.  They will talk to you also. When you get to the 4th bedroom from the left, you will find a “Letter from the Grand Vizier”.   He has the hots for this princess, and has set up a meeting with her. (Yea sure, he is just after the palace and the riches and he is after her money)  Now you must work your way back out of this area.  When you leave the bedchamber area walk until you come to a wall there is a button on it that will open this gate.  You will have to run over some more floor buttons to get out of here.  Give it a try it is not as hard to get out of this area as it was to get in.   There is a map on the next page just incase you get frustrated.


Read the letter from the Grand Vizier again. After you enter his room go to the picture of the dove on the left side by the gate area.  Throw a knife at the dove’s eye.  You will here a door opening on the other side of the room.  Go to the other side of the room and enter and you will find the Princess dancing. She tells you what the different dance steps are and you must have Ali copy her

            Kachak:  Right              Kindul: Backward


            Odisso: Left                  Amala: Jump


            Jajadoo: Forward

Keep dancing the way she is, and she will come out of a trance and take you to the palace and tell her father she wants to marry you. A short movie clip starts and when it is done this will end Episode III.                                        

Episode IV City of Akhaba

Streets of Akhaba

In this Episode gather all the goodies you can and go kill everyone you can. Build up your inventory.  First turn around and go through the door behind you. There are two guards in there kill them and pick up what ever they left behind. There are two vases in this area, one you have to climb to and the other is on ground level. I got a knife and an apple. I couldn’t find any doors to open here. Go back out and take care of the people standing under the awning. Pick up the items they leave behind. Look forward and to the right there is a guard standing by some steps. These are the steps you used after you figured out the windmill puzzle by the crocodile man. Use magic on him he is carrying a long spear and it is difficult to get close to him to use your sword on. I used magic on him. Go back by the awning and climb the steps there. There will be two more people to do away with. Continue on and you will come to the door and the sign that says “Rich City Close at Night.  There is another sign on the other wall and it says “Looking For Apprentice Gardener”. This area should be familiar to you. Look by the steps to the right and there will be some vases one has 40 Gold pieces. Climb the two flights of stairs. Follow the man and whack him when you get close. He is carrying tons of Gold. Now go back to the three arches to the right of the steps when you face them.  There are some people standing in there, take care of them and gather the goodies. Walk around until you get to the palm and climb up. Then climb up to the second. Climb to the section that had the scorpion on it.  There is a dead crow there, pick it up. Climb back down. You should be standing by the door that is behind some pillars. Go through that door. Climb the stairs and go through the next door you will see some people talking and a man walking around.  Do not harm the man walking around.  There is a guard by the building you got a ring. Use some magic on him.  Go over and use your sword on the people and gather the gold they drop.  The man that is walking around will approach you and ask for some gold and he will tell you a story. Answer, “YES” and listen to his story. When he finishes, leave this area. None of the other doors you used before when you were here will open now.  When you get back to where the palm is turn to your left and walk that way.  You will see 3 doors to your left. Only the one in the middle will open.  There will be 3 roller guys here and they will throw bombs at you so when you get in there run straight ahead and climb up on the ledge then climb higher.  If you have some knifes (I think I only have one at this point) use them. Or you can throw a bomb. (I was out of these to).  Or you can use magic. This is a good place to save your game in case you blow yourself up.  After you pick up the goodies. Make your way to the Snake Charmer refer to the second map on the next page. You have to climb up to get to him.  There are some vases in this area also. Look around maybe you will find something I missed.  This area is safe so search at your hearts content. There will be a map on the next page of this area. I hope it will help you to find the things you need. After you find the snake charmer, he will request 5 dead crows and 50 in Gold to tell you some magic words.  Leave here, and go back to the Mosque.  Stand down towards the end of the building opposite where you entered.  Watch the crows flying around eventually 3 or 4 of them will land on the fire pedestal when they do shoot some magic at them to kill them and go pick them up.  When you have 5 of them go back to  the Snake Charmer. He will then tell you about the princess.  

Map of Akhaba.                                                                                                                              

Enlarged area of Snake Charmer

When you are finished at the Snake Charmers, go to the room with the Red Moon. Stand on the pedestal by the moon. Touch the moon and Ali will speak some words, and the moon will move and open a passageway.  Jump down and turn to your left and see a hole in the floor. Jump down again.


You will enter a maze of passageways with a lot of guards. These guards fight back with only a knife so they are easily defeated.  Directly in front of you is a guard, go fight with him or use some magic, I opted to use magic. Move forward and turn to the left, and follow the circular ramp down to the bottom.  Around the corner there will be another guard so have you hand on the Ctrl Key to start swinging your weapon. Keep going forward the passage goes two ways, but I want you to turn to the right, and then to the left, there will be another guard down a little farther. When you kill him you should get a Phial of Life.  Keep going forward to find a pool of Vision and see a princess. After you watch that go through the doorway next to the Vision pool. It turns to the left and then to the right. Keep going and it will turn to the right just ahead an then you will have to turn right again and there will be another guard to take care of. Keep going and then turn to the left. There should be a staircase then turn and climb another staircase. The walkway should go both ways again. If you look around, you will see a guard to your right and another closer to you to the left. Fight the dude to the left first seeing he is so close.  Then you can shoot some magic at the second one.  Walk towards where the second one was. There will be a small room to your right that has a statuette on the floor, pick it up. Walk across the bridge and keep going, the tunnel will turn to the left and then it turns to the right. Keep going forward and it will turn again to the left, there will be another guard kill him. Keep moving on and turn to the right up the ramp and then to the left and up some more stairs. Turn to the left and climb up those steps move on forward and you will see some stairs to your right. This is the spot you started from. Go on past here back to the circular ramp and down, this time turn to the left and then to the left again and climb the steps. There will be an opening to the right with a pit, don’t jump into the pit you will either die, or not be able to get out.  Go on past there and the tunnel turns to the right there will be another guard there so be prepared When he is dead walk to the end and on the left there will be another hole in the floor that is a pit trap. Retrace your steps back to the bottom of the stairs turn right and you should pass the steps that are at the bottom of the circular ramp on your right. Move forward and turn left and move on down the passageway you should see the vision pool ahead. Pass through the doorway next to the vision pool follow around the next two right turns then to the left and down two flights of stairs. You again should see the bridge to your right. This time go to the left and then take the first right.

Five Deadly Traps

In this room there are two guards on the right. The first is in the 2nd alcove, and the second guard is in the 4th alcove, be prepared with your sword.  In the 5th alcove you will find another statuette.  On the wall behind you are 6 rooms and 6 buttons. Save your game here, as some of these rooms are traps.  Have some fun and see if you can get any of the goodies and get out of the room alive. The fourth room from the entrance is the safe room. You can get in there and grab that bag of gold and not get tortured. Also there is a magic wall at the back you can walk through.  Don’t you think that is kind of neat?  After you walk through the wall turn around and you will find the 3rd statuette  the right wall there is a handle, go turn it and the big cement slab will move to the right revealing a place to put the 3 statuettes.  Did you read the parchment that you picked up earlier, if not read it now and follow the instructions. The statuettes go in this order See no evil – Hear no evil – Say no evil.  If you place them in the correct order a wall will move up and you can exit from this area.  There are 3 gem buttons to push on the wall, when you do this, the pedestal area opens and you get the Jewel of Lightening Bolt. Go into the next room, there is a doorway that looks like a green and blue cloud walk through it and you will be in the Sultan’s gardens.


Walk around the building and follow the path, you will come to some rolling plant carts. You have to move these so you can continue on. There is a scorpion on the ground, pull the rolling cart toward the scorpion.  Then go to the other side and push it toward the scorpion. Pull the second cart out run  far enough so you cn get around and push it to the spot where the first cart was. Follow the path until you come to the Princess sitting on the bench.  Before you go talk to her go up to the fountain and get the gold out of the water. Then run around on the grounds and pick up the three apples.  There is an aggressive flower so watch out for it. Chop it with the sword if you want, you will meet up with many more of these flowers.  Go talk to the weeping Princess. Before you go by the Princess, put your sword away.  She says she is suppose to marry the first man that comes past her, and she doesn’t want to marry the first man that passes her. She said she needs 5 flowers one of them being the Flower of 1000 scents.  After the movie clip go through the other arch.  To the right is a locked gold gate, so take the other path that will lead you to some tall wooden doors.

Barracks Area

There are three guards in here, one is on the roof and the other two are foot soldiers marching around. First deal with the one on the roof with some magic, he is on the left side, you should have no trouble spotting him. When you are done with him,  move to the right or left wall and hide so the soldiers won’t see you. When you here them getting close, throw a bomb out and kill them. Be sure to aim up high so the bomb gets close to them. If you don’t get them both, wait for him to come back and then get him. I only found some gold where the archer was standing. Go past the gold gate to the hall just in front of you. Follow the path under the bridge, you should then come to a covered bridge. Keep going and you will see some brown on the left side in the bushes. That is another rolling cart. Go push the cart until you can get by it.

Scorpion Pit

 Follow until you come to an opening with a lot of scorpions.  What you need to do here is jump across to the other side using the small brick pillars.  When you get to the other side, draw you weapon at there is another Crocodile man and he is one really hard one to kill if he gets near you. He has a very long tail and knows how to use it.  This is a good place to save your game just in case.  I hope you have some knives left if you do take aim and throw a couple, you don’t have much time.

Singing Reed

 Now for some more jumping, the lake is full of crocodiles and you must go in it to find the Singing Reeds.  You can go either side of the huge boulder in the lake just keep your eye out for the crocs. You will hear the Singing Reeds when you get near to them. They look something like a Cat Tails if you know what they are? There are logs and boulders to jump on.  After you get the Singing Reed you must return the way you came over the Scorpion pit. Save your game again. When you get back to where you climb in the bushes you can go back the way you came, or go the other way. You will have to back off the ledge, and then have Ali grab hold with the Ctrl. Key and drop down to the ground. You will be right near  to the barracks area and there are more guards. So use your magic again. I climb on the railing so I could get better aim at them. They left the door to the barracks open so go in with your weapon ready.


Move slowly down to the first room. You will find one guard, with his back toward you. If you don’t have a lot of bombs or knives walk quietly by him and go on to the next room.   In the second room there will be three guards after you do away with them you should find a Phial of Life, some bread and a knife. In the third room there is one guard.  After he is out of the way, you will find a button on the back right wall. Push the button and it unlocks the golden gate in the courtyard. Go through the gate and draw you sword out as there is another Crocodile Man walking around a small building. If he sees you he will come charging. When he comes throw a couple of knives at him two or three should do it.  I had only one knife, so I had to use magic.  Pull the rolling cart toward you so you can run around the building and continue on. Ahead of you is another aggressive plant, chop it up with your sword. Oh no, more carts to move around. Push the cart in front of you forward so you can move the cart to your right.  Push the cart to your right back far enough so there is room for another cart next to it. .  Pull that cart back toward the entrance, then run around and push it the rest of the way. Then go to the other side so you can place in by the other cart.  Then go pull the third cart, run around and push it out of the way so you can get past it and continue on your way. 

Guard Area for Greenhouse

Next you will come upon an open-air building with two guards. Move slowly until you get into range and throw some of your magic at them. If you are lucky you will kill both of them with one shot. Notice the trunk, you can’t open it right now but you will be sent later to get something from it so remember where it is.

Greenhouse’s & Gardens

Put your sword away, and go talk to the gardener. He is whistling a song I use to sing when I was a kid. Do any of you recognize it?  The game goes into a clip and the Gardener will tell you to go find some Pear Pips.  He will give you some magic works to say so you can enter the fruit garden area. Don’t worry about the magic words,  Ali will say them when the time is right.  Look around, break the vase and get a Phial of Life.

Fruit Garden

Go to the building across the way, turn to the left and knock on the door, the guard will open the door and let you in.  There is an archer on the balcony of the building that will shoot arrows at you. Do you magic trick again and eliminate him.  You can eliminate the guard that opened the door also. This door will remain open once you pass through it.. You can’t get the pear out of the tree so leave this area. Look around if you would like, there is a tiger on the other side of the gold fence, but it is locked. There is a vase in this area I got a knife from it. Go across the courtyard and go through the other tall wooden doors.  There are some 3 guards at the other end of the room, use your magic again and then pick up the leftovers. There are a lot of vase in the side yard so go break them and you should get a Parchment of Seed. Read the Parchment.  The gist of the parchment is a puzzle you will have to figure out later.

                        Twice as many Jasmine Seeds than Pear Pips

                        Less then 10 Jujube Seeds

                        More Rose Seeds than Pear Pips

                        ½ as many Patchak Seeds as Jujube Seeds

                        At least 3 Jasmine Seeds

Cactus Garden

Leave this area and go back to the courtyard, there is a small wooden door. Go check it out. There is a guard in their so treat him to some of your magic. There is a bucket on the ground pick it up and leave this area and go back to where the pear is in the tree.

To open the door, you have to set the bucket down. Then open the door then pick the bucket back up. Are you having problem setting the bucket down?  To put the bucket down, use your space bar. I got stuck there for a long time, never thought about using the Space Key. Repeat this process at the door where the pear is growing.

Fruit Garden 2nd Visit

 When you get to the fruit garden fill the bucket with water at the fountain. Walk over to the farthest container hanging on the fence from where you are. Pour the water into the container. Fill each of the containers doing the one closest to you last of all. This should unlock the gate with the Tiger. This ends Episode 4.

Episode V The Black Moon Sect


The game goes into a movie clip and you will see the gate open and the tiger showing his teeth. When the clip is done you will be in the area with the tiger so use your mouse and wheel your sword and kill that tiger even if he is endangered specie.

Pear Pips

When he is dead, go to the pear tree and jump up and grab that delicious looking pear. Walk back to the other area, and pick up the small pear that fell out of the tree.  Open your inventory and eat that small pear so you have some pear pips to give to the head gardener. You will find the gardener in his workshop at the top of the ladder.

Movie Clip

The game goes into a movie clip and the gardener complains how slow you are and also how small the pear pips are. How things were different years ago.  Ain’t  that the truth?

Guard Area 2nd Time

He gives you a key and tells you to go fetch his hoe. The key fits into the trunk we saw earlier. When you get out by the trunk you will be attacked by bees, the only way to kill them is to use your sword. They sure are nasty and hard to kill but keep at it and you will hit them.  In the trunk besides getting the hoe, you will get a phial. Take the hoe and go find the gardener he is in the cactus greenhouse area. When you talk to the gardener be sure you don’t use the action key. If you hit the action key by accident, you will get struck by lightning. Save your game and go ahead and try it. See, I told you. When you give the gardener his hoe there will be another movie clip about how he had invented a cactus without any prickers on it,  and that he had given it away. He asks you to find the watering can. The watering can is out in the main room where you first talk to the gardener. After you find the watering can go back to his workshop and stand at his workbench. You now have to make the flower of 1000 scents.

Flower of 1000 Scents

Did you figure out the clues?  Go back and look at the clues and see if you can come up with the answer. Look them over carefully; it is not a hard puzzle to figure out go-ahead give it a try.  If you can’t figure out the clues, I will put the answer on the next page. Good luck fellow gamers. Use the up down arrow keys to choose the number you want, and use the side arrow keys to move from one type of seed to another.

Secret Door

Be sure to pick up the Phials in the gardeners workshop. Then go exploring. In the room in the back there are some large crates, you have to move them around to find a hidden door.

Irrigation Complex

When you open the door you will be in the irrigation complex. Again you will have to fight off some more bees. What a pain they are. Go check out the vase, I got a bomb. Go up on the platform, you should find a crank.  The gold gate is locked, so move to the next area.  There are a couple of scorpions.  If they bother you, give them a swift kick. Do not use the crank yet. You can find the first jewel without making any changes to the irrigation system. When you open the door you will be in the irrigation complex. Again you will have to fight off some bees. What a pain they are. Go check out the vase, I got a bomb. Go up on the platform, you should find a crank.  The gold gate is locked, so move to Area 1. There are a couple of scorpions in Area 1.  If they bother you, give them a swift kick. You can find the first jewel without making any changes to the irrigation system. Move on to Area 2, there are two cobras there take care of them Now push the pedestal over to the ledge and you will be at Area 3 Go get the first jewel right away. The jewel is called Jewel Magna. Look on page 25 at the picture of the 3rd area.  Jump to the pipe like it shows in the picture and then jump into the pool and pick up the jewel. Be sure you have full life before making any jumps. The jewel is in the center of the pool and you can see it glitter.  Now move on to Area 4 , to do this you have to climb on the tree stump, and jump to the ledge. Pull yourself up and then slice up the two nasty mean flowers. Then climb up the next ledge. You will have to back off the edge here and have Ali grab a hold and shimmy past the narrow place. When he gets to the wide area pull him up. Now go as far as you can and then back off this ledge and catch Ali again and drop to the ledge below. There will be some cobras so have some knives ready. You will have to drop down off this ledge also, use your F3 first as there is a long tailed meany down there and he will be coming at you the minute your feet touch the ground. When he is dead, walk over by the pond. This is where you will get the Rainbow flower after you change the irrigation system.   There are pipes that control where the water is going. The crank you have is used to divert the water.

Answer to the Flower with a 1000 scents

2 Pear Pips

3 Rose Seed

4 Patchouk Seeds

4 Jasmine Seeds

8 Jujube Seeds    You have to have the watering can if not Ali will say, “I forgot the watering can.”



Irrigation Complex

The letters on the squares are showing

The position of the water flow when you

First get to this area. D=down U = up

Area 2 Red squares are cobras.

Push pedestal to either  ledge And climb up

Area 2

When all the enemies are taken care of you can concentrate on solving the irrigation problems.  Look for careful ways of climbing up and climbing down. In the picture above, there are two ways of getting to where Ali is stand right now. One way is to push the pedestal close to the ledge, or there is a small brick chimney type stones in the left hand corner from where Ali is standing. Just climb on the water diversion close to the wall aim Ali toward those bricks in the corner. Be sure to back him up as far as you can then run jump at the same time and he will grab the ledge and pull himself up.

Area 3

From ledge jump to pipe going over the pool where the jewel is, then down to pick up the jewel.  Jump from stump to first ledge, climb to second ledge shimmy past narrow spot and then climb up go to far edge. Back off the ledge using Ctrl. Key to catch Ali then drop to lower ledge.



Sultan’s Private Garden

There are two guards on the ground and an archer on the balcony across from where you are standing.  Use your magic on the archer and then the foot soldiers should come running over by you. They move around quite rapidly so the best thing to do is drop a bomb on them. If you don’t have a bomb you can try magic or throwing a knife. Good luck.  After you have taken care of that nasty business be sure your life is filled to the top because it is a long ways to the ground.  Climb down backwards like before, turn Ali around and back him up using the Enter Key and the down arrow. When he is in position push the down arrow by itself, and then quickly hit the Ctrl. Key so he will catch himself. Then you can drop to the ground, hopefully you will preserve some of you life that way. Look for some vases here also. Here is a map of the area.

When you climb the rope, you will have to jump sideways. On the table you will find a cactus plant and you will get a Passport. To get off the balcony, I jumped to a ledge on the wall, turned backwards and backed up and then grab ledge then drop to the floor. I tried to jump to the rope but I didn’t make it.

When you get back down to the ground play the flute again so the rope will go back into the basket. Then push or pull the basket to the “enter” area. Get your flute back out and play it again (Say your getting pretty good at playing the flute.) climb the rope and go back the way you came. Now you have all 5 senses. Go find Princess Spiruline and offer the gifts. She accepts you as a husband and then plants a kiss on you and the Genie does the rest. There is a cut scene here showing Ali talking with a guard. The guard tells Ali about the Black Cult Sect and to speak to another guard to get more information. Ali shows him his passport and the door is opened.  Well, this place looks familiar. Read the sign, it says “No Entry By Order Of The Grand Vizier”. Climb on the ledge behind you then jump to the ledge on the other side. Run to the other end and the 3 enemies will show up. Drop a bomb on them or use some knifes. Pick up the goodies and then walk the other way there are 5 vases on a ledge. I got 2 bags with 10 gold.  Now go climb the steps at the far end.  Look at the window you broke in earlier.  Wow, they had to board it up way to go gamer you did good work. Go through the doorway and see some people talking.

Looking For Irma

Follow the path down the stairs to the left. Notice the banner, it has thread on it so this must be the Tailors Shop. Just remember it is to the right of the drummer man. Do not kill the drummer man. If you do you will die. Save your game and try it. There are other people in this part of the story you shouldn’t kill besides the drummer. They are the lady of the night, the fencing instructor who you must defeat and there is a man that wants to tell you a story, pay him and listen. Once you do and you talk to the lady of the night the race is on. When you defeat him he will give you a real classy sword, makes you old one look really cheap.  Look for vases and climb around and look for merchants. Before you buy anything check the prices and compare get your moneys worth. There are a lot of enemies. You know the drill, do away with them and pick up the spoils from the kill. Get all the gold you can, and when you find a merchant buy some life and magic you will need a lot of it soon. There are several things you must do in this area. As you walk around, try to become familiar with area, later you will have to find a lady named Irma, and you have to sprint to make it.  When you find the Lady, there will be some roller men and some old men. They seem to be more aggressive than they were before. There is a doorway to the left of the drummer there will be enemies in there watch out for them. By one of the stairways there is a vase by itself. It has a scorpion in it so don’t bother breaking it. Before you can talk to the lady of the night, you have to talk to the storyteller. He tells you to go find Irma so then you can go talk to the lady. She will tell you that Irma has gone to see the guard at the watchtower. She will also tell you that you will have to hurry to catch her. When you get to the watchtower the guard starts talking and the game is in a movie clip. He tells you that Irma is on her way to see tailor. Now you have to sprint and try to find Irma at the tailors.  When you get to the Tailor’s and she isn’t there you can talk to the drummer and he will tell you she went to see her brother To get to Irma’s brother house you have to go up the ramp like you did when you had to place the puzzle pieces by the cobras. There is a long hall and he looks like a bad guy but he isn’t so don’t try to kill him. After you talk to her brother he will tell you that Irma had to leave to go back to work. Then you have to go see the lady again she sends you to see the guard at the tower, and the guard tells you to go to the Tailors Shop and you keep getting the run around. So sturdy my map and follow the path.  Oh by the way, there is no way you can sprint from Irma’s brother to the Lady, so don’t even try. Do your sprinting from the guard to the Tailor Shop. After you talk to Irma, she will tell you that the drummer man use to be a member of the Black Moon and you should go talk to him. Before you do, go to one of the Merchants, and load up on Life, Magic and some knives. From this part of the game, do not run out of these things.   Down past Irma there is a passage to the right. There is a sort of small picture on the right wall. The Drummer opens it and then he is killed and you will have to fight a very tough enemy from the Black Moon.  Here is a map of the area maybe it will help you with the Irma puzzle.


When you push the button a passage opens and you now are in the sewers and there will be a lot of Black Moon members to fight. This ends Episode V.

Episode VI The Magic Cave.

After you push the button on the wall where the drummer was before he got killed, you will find yourself in the sewers where there are a lot of enemies. The best way to help you through this area is with a map.



Slime Canals

When you go through the first door, you will descent two sets of stairs.  The guard will be towards the left. They are not to hard to kill, but the throw knives at you so you have to run up to them. If you have a lot of magic, you can us F3 to protect yourself. After you kill him pick up the items he left behind. There is a narrow walkway going to your left follow it at the end of the walkway you will have to jump across the slime canal. If you fall in the slime you will get a skull and crossbones. This slime water also steals your life.  You will get a lot of phials of antidote in this area I guess the creators of this game new we would need these. Follow this walkway around to the other side. There you will make another jump. Move slowly along this walk because there is an opening there and a mean rat and another guard will be waiting for you. You should eliminate the rat first as he can bite you like mad and steal you life away rapidly. Again pick up the leftovers, and then go through the door.  This is a short hallway and then another door. When you open the last door there will be a guard on the other side of the canal and he is mighty fast at flinging those knives. I found the best way is to open the door and run like mad and jump the slime canal and beat the tar out of that dude. After that pest is taken care of there are two things you can do now. If you are low on life in your inventory, you can go the opposite way of the caged walk to the end.. You will see a vase to your right jump over and get it. Your choice if you need it or not. The other thing you can do is move slowly toward the caged area, there are 4 guards down there lurking behind the bars when you get close to them they will start throwing some knives at you. Back up and wait for them. If you have a lot of knives of your own, wait till they start coming toward you and fling a few back or you can also use your magic.  I guess the best thing to do is look at your inventory and see what you have a lot of.  When you are done with that business walk to the end and jump kitty corner to the ledge.  There is a door to your right that is loaded with guards.  They are not too hard to kill. If you have a lot of magic and are low on life, use your F3 key, and Ali will take care of them in short order.  When you get to the end of this passageway you will end up at Slime Lake.  To the left of you in the corner is a large rock. Also on the wall is a big white button. When you push the button it cause a large platform to rise from the slime.  When you step on the platform, it causes other platforms to rise.  When you step back off the platform the other platforms sink. So now your job is to go find some more large stones.  There are three more you need altogether.  When you look at Slime Lake to the right you can just make out an opening in the wall. That is where rock number 4 is.  Retrace your steps back to where you enter this area. 


As you walk out the last door, turn to your left and move to the end then turn around.  You have to move down there so the door will close. After the door closes walk to the opposite end, jump across turn to you right and walk around this wall. When you get to the other side, you will see another large rock to your right. Back up close to the wall, do a forward jump and let go of the keys then pick up the rock. Stand so you can do a backward flip to the wall and then walk back to the other side.  To your right there is a door.


Jump over to that door. Be prepared, there is a ton of rats in there and they are very aggressive.  If you are loaded with knives start flinging them and killing the rats. There are to many of them to try kicking them.  Another thing you could do is open the door and throw a bomb in.  What I did one time is lure a rat out, run down by the caged area and when he came that way throw a knife at him. Went down got another and did the same thing.  If you have a lot of life, you can open the door run in and grab the rock in the top right corner on a pile of rubble and then run out again.

Platform Jumping Puzzle

Now that you have the three rocks, go back to the other door and get yourself back to the lake. Now the real jumping starts.  You should have three rocks in your inventory.  Place the first rock toward the right hand top corner of the platform. Don’t go to far or you will drop it into the slime.   Placing that rock will make the other rocks stay up.  Now run and jump to the tall platform to your left. If you get a good running start he will jump to the top, so take your fingers off, or be prepared to push the back flip so he doesn’t fall in the slime and die.  Place a rock on this platform. Now jump back to the original platform and then go back to where you picked up the first stone by the button.  Line yourself up so you can run between the ceiling columns to the platform that is in front of you.  With this jump I think Ali will catch the side and you will have to pull him up, just in case be ready with a back flip.  When you get there you will see another small platform to your right and down a little lower.  Line your jump up and jump to that platform. Place a stone here, which will cause a tall platform to rise near where you will pick up stone number 4.  Save your game as you move along, sometimes it is hard to make these jumps.  Jump across to the platform climb up on the tall platform and claim your prize of stone number 4. There is a map on the next page if you are having trouble following my directions.

Placement of Stones

 Jumping Back

Now you must jump all the way back, but on your way, pick up stone number 3, the last stone you place before getting stone number 4.  Place one of the stones you are carrying on the tall platform. Then jump back to home base. Turn to your right and jump to that platform. Pick up this stone. Then jump to the platform next to the wall. Place a stone on this platform and then jump back. When you are back to where stone number one is jump to the platform to the right when facing the lake. Then jump to the platform next to the other wall and place a stone there. You should now have a way to cross the lake.  Save you game as you jump. Once you get there all the platforms behind you will sink back into the slime. Good Luck fellow gamers.

 Rock Placement for Crossing the lake

Slime Canals 2

Good job, glad you made it across. Open the door and guess what? Some more canal jumping.  After you jump across the canal turn to your right, follow around the corner there is a vase on the other side of the canal.  It was empty when I went over there. There is a door by the boat, enter that door and you will find a guard there waiting for you. These guys are much harder to kill they seem to have some pretty good armor on. After you kill him you should find a key that he leaves behind. I didn’t find anything else so I climb the staircase. To your right is a vase and I got three bombs. Go on through the next door and down some stairs and you will have to make another canal jump. There are iron bars to your right, so go to the left and follow around the corner. Jump across to the other side and head to the next corner. You should get a movie clip showing the guard you will have to defeat. After you make the next jump go to your left. Use your sneak approach. You sneak by pushing the Shift Key twice really fast. Peak around the corner, where his face is it should be black it if is that is the back of his head. Get right up behind him, and then let him have it.  Pick up the goodies and jump across again. This time go to the right, and sneak up on the next guard, be sure to save your game some of these guys are really tough dudes.  If you have a lot of magic, use the F3 key for some help. Now you have to make another jump and when you get to the next circle, go to your left again. This time you don’t have to sneak. As you approach the opening there will be a guard to your left who is throwing knives.  Make sure your life is full, and jump across and run down and get that dude.  After you are finish with him across from where you are standing there is a jewel in the slime at the end of the walkway.  Check your health again, aim a jump grab that jewel and get out of there.  This jewel is called, the Jewel of Paralysis it is very important because you won’t be able to finish the game unless you have it. There is a map below of the area you just read about.

 Map After Lake Jump




Maze of the Black Moon Sect.

Across the way is another door and now you are getting close to some of the more important Black Moon Sect. Open the door but be prepared there are 4 guards in here and they are tough. Take care of them in Ali fashion. Now move down the hall and turn left then take a right move slow as there will be another guard at the next left turn. Before you move to fast toward the door in front of you to the left will be a second guard so you better take care of him also. When you are done with both of them open the door.   

Larder Room

Wow, three more doors but good doors the one directly across from you holds three vases with a phial of life and magic. The last door to your left has 2 bombs and 4 knives and the first door gives you your favorite meal 2 loafs of bread and 3 apples. Now that you are well taken care of off to the business of clearing this area of the enemies. Turn left after you leave the larder the hall will turn to the left again. The next turn is to your right and you guessed it, another guard.  You know the drill, kill him. Be sure to check out everything these dudes drop, you should be finding some relics that some of these guards drop. Across from where you are is another door, but I think it will be locked, so we will have to go find a key someplace. Turn around from the locked door and turn to your left walk on down and there is a hall way to your right. Another guard, but he has a key so let him have it so he will let you have it.  This hall is square so if you want to look at the same scenery just walk around the square. Now if I didn’t make a mistake, if you go back to the door that is locked there will be a guard in there. Go ahead and kill him, but do not go through the next door.  The big guy is in there, and you aren’t prepared to take him on yet.  Leave this room and turn to your right, the hall then turns right again. When you get to the next intersection there should be a door to your left. That is the library there is two guards in there, and there is a henchman on the balcony.  When you collect all of the relics you have to place them on pedestals on the balcony. If you want to go in the library now go ahead sooner or later you will have to might as well get it over.  When you are done looking around the library. Walk straight ahead pass the two turn offs to the end of the walkway and then turn right there will be a guard around the corner. Again, take care of him.  There is a map of the area below if you need it.


Upstairs Room

There is a door just past him, and there are three flights of stairs to go up. When you get close to the top this will be a good time to use your F3 key push it once to get the figure, when Ali has the little white beads surrounding him then push F3 again and it will put a shield in front of him. There is a guard on the left as you reach the top of the steps.  After the first guard, walk straight across down the steps into a sunken room and then up the steps on the other side of the room and then take a left. Hurry down to the end of the hall and turn left and enter a big room with 2 guards. I think it is kind of strange that while you are fighting the first guy, the second one just stood there for me until I started picking on him. You should get a couple more relics on these dudes. There is another guard just around the corner now he might just enter the fight if you get near him so take care of him too. When you are done with them smash all the vases and load up on phials and other good things. Now go back to where the sunken room was and look through the fancy decorated wall, you will see the head Black Moon guy and he has a lot of magic so you have to prepare yourself for him. Before you can fight him you must go back to the library and place all the relics. After you place them on the pedestals a jewel will appear on the main floor that is necessary to have in order to fight the head of the Black Moon Sect.  Do you have all of the relics? There are 8 of them. Here is a map of the area we were just in if you are having trouble following my instructions. Now that you have all 8 Relics, go back to the Library and place them on the pedestals on the balcony. After you do you will get a gem on the main floor, just jump at it and I will go into your inventory. This is the Jewel of Protection.  Now go to the bad guys fancy room. The game goes to a movie clip and you see Ali entering the room on tippy toe.  The door slams shut behind him and problems will now start. Pull out your sword, and go get behind a pillar so you can use your F4 key so you can protect Ali. The image will go from white to a gold , that is what you want. When that happens go out and swing your sword at him, he will disappear, and then appear some place else.  Jump behind a pillar and replenish your life and magic if you need it. When you see him go after him again and again you have to hit him about 5 or 6 times to defeat him. This is quite a challenge gamers good luck to you.  When you have defeat this wizard, go back to the upstairs room.  Go to the bookcase in the other room, there is a book sticking out and you must move it to open another passage. After you move the book, the bookcase in the room with the Black moon will move revealing a new area to explore.

Button Puzzle Moving Walls

Enter the new area and make right turn, there will be a white button on the wall to the left. Push this button and the wall will slide to the side and you can move on to another button. When you push this button, the wall will again move revealing a third button.  The wall directly to your left will move back opening another passage that goes to the right.  Follow this passage to the end and turn to the right and lo and behold GUESS WHAT?? Another button.  When you push this button it opens a passage in the hall that you just came down.  Go down to that passage and enter it. As you walk there will be an opening with a button to your left. Ignore that button for the time being. Follow the hall to the end and it jogs to the left and to the left again and then a dead end.  Go back to that little room that you ignored. Push the button, and it closes the doorway you enter this section from. Go back down the hallway and instead of turning left, turn right and push that button and this reopens the doorway that closed. Now go way back there and this time when you go though the doorway turn to the right and push the first button you come to. This should open the passage where you got the dead end before and there should be another button by the dead end to push.  When you push this button, you will hear something moving but don’t leave this spot in a second or two the wall in there will move back. I think they delay it to get gamers to go looking and then they push some other buttons and are trapped forever. Here is a map of the button puzzle.

When you leave this are, you will come to another door there will another guard to fight so go to it and fix him up with a long nap. Open the next door and move down the hall, there is a door on your left go ahead and open it there is gold there and other good Thing so help yourself. After you have filled your pockets leave this room and turn to your left.

Swinging Blades & Rescuing the Princess

OH! OH! Look what is ahead some swinging blades, and you have to get by them. Line yourself up in the middle of the bridge take some small steps to see if you are walking straight. Then run and jump all the way across, easier then you thought wasn’t it??  Whew that’s a relief. Go though the next door and there will be a guard right around the corner. Use your F3 again and take care of him. There are two doors in this room go to the door opposite the one you came in. There are two guards in there also and two more doors. The door in front of where you enter from has a Princess in it. Go give here one of Ali’s magic kisses and send her back to her papa Sultan. Leave this room and turn to the right and open that door. There are some vases with a phial of life and a phial of magic. Return to the other room and you will see a very tall dude with at very long weapon that you will have to defeat. Good Luck!  Prepare yourself with some F4 and open the door.  Throw a couple of knives at him and move closer throw another one and when he is down really tear into him. When he is done for again there is another door.  I didn’t find anything is this room. There is a map below for this area if you need to refer to if or if you need more help more

Guard Outpost
After you look around this room open the other door and it leads to a teleport that takes you to a guards outpost. There are some occasional visiting groups of people you need to kill for there valuables. There is a merchant in this area to but some phials from. Buy all the magic and health you can afford, and some knives will come in handy if your inventory is low. Be sure to save 40 Gold Coins though. Move forward and you will see three people talking. Take care of them. Move on down and you will come to the Ramparts. There is a gate directly in front of you and Ali will ask the guard to open the gate and he will tell you that you need a pass to leave the compound. Turn around and take care of the 6 people there. Read the sign, it tells the hours for hearing a lecture on the ramparts. There is a walkway by the sign, go down it and climb on the wall there are two cobras you can throw knives at. Jump down, and put your sword away. There is a scorpion there lure him toward you and then give him a kick. Draw your sword out again and go investigating, the old man will come running out take care of him and be sure to read the Parchment of Mogamba that he dropped. There is a vase near where the scorpion was. After you have searched this area well, climb up on the other wall. There is another cobra over there you can throw a knife at him, or just jump over him climb the hill and break the vases and get some goodies. Then just jump over him on the way back out. Read the sign that has a picture of a camel on it. Then put your sword away and go talk to the camel merchant.  Did you here what he said? 5ooo Gold, that is highway robbery, where in the world will we get that kind of money?? While you are there, if you want to have a “hoot” go climb on the camel and enjoy.
Merchants Shop
Go back the other way and you will pass some white poles, turn to the left and there is a door you can
enter to buy your phials. Check your inventory so that you can have an even amount of magic and life. Load up and buy some knifes with your spare gold unless you already have a lot. But do  save out a few gold pieces just in case you need them. I know, you have to have some gold for the camel, but right now the magic and life and the knives are more important. Save at least 40 Gold coins. Continue on and you will see a sign ahead that reads Military Area.
Military Area
Before  you get to close to the door, use your F3 key and turn on some protection. There are four guards behind
the door waiting to get even with you.  When you are prepared move closer to the door and the game will go to a movie with Ali telling them to open the gate that he has to see the captain on orders from the Sultan. They open the game and the guards are order to kill you so grab your sword and fight like mad.  Pick up the goodies again, and go all the way to the end of this part of the military area. There are some vases down there and you will get two apples. Now move back the way you came an on the right there is a crocodile man guarding a door. You know, he reminds me of Reptar on the Rug Rats cartoon. Now all those knives will come in handy, you need to throw about four or five of them to take him down
you don’t have to many knives, find another way to destroy him. He will drop a key to the door behind him that takes you to the Captain Barbeck.
Open the door and again a cut scene will show the Captain using the ball and chain on a roller man. Wow has he ever got a temper, and we have to fight him??  After the cut scene hit the downward arrow  key and flip Ali away from him. Push your F3 key for some protection, and then push the F4 key if you have time.  Now if you are getting an error message in this part of the game like a lot of gamers did just keep pushing the enter key and move away from him. He is fast but you can defeat him. You have to use the spell of blinding and when you succeed, you will have to run up to him and slash away. The spell of blinding is F2. When he comes out of it move away and load up on your life and magic and use those keys again. He is one hard dude to kill. You will know if you get the spell of blinding it will show some eyes on your screen and the screen will get white. Good Luck fellow gamers I know you can do it. He is a real challenge.  After you finish him off you will get a Permission to Leave. Allowing you to leave the area. After he is dead, go back to the ramparts.
Ramparts 2nd Time
There will be a man there that will tell you the history of the ramparts for 20 Gold pieces.  Answer yes, and the
game will go to a movie and Ali will listen and enjoy the lecture. When he is done, walk away from him and then walk back to him, he will ask again, and you will say “yes” again. He will then tell you that you are the 1000 customer and that you won a camel with all expenses paid for one week. He gives you the camel And you can be on your merry way. This end Episode VI.

Episode VII The Great Fortress

Movie Clip

This episode starts out with a movie clip showing Ali riding the camel to the cave. Ali says some words and the very large bolder rolls out of the way so he can enter.

The Magic Cave

Move forward through the cave, watch out ahead there are three rats, you can kill them, or just run and jump over them and continue on your way.  Don’t move to fast, or you might miss the pits, some of them blend in with the ground. Be sure to save your game after some of these hard jumps.  There are two jumps to make and then you should come to two ledges to climb. When you get up there one way is a dead end so naturally go the other way.  Move slowly and when you come to a cross walk there will be two of Mogamba’s tribe that will attack you. You can use your F3 key for some protection. Make sure your life is full. The tribesmen you fight in this part of the game look like they are far away, but they run fast and it is hard to prepare yourself. Always keep you sword in your hand. Sometimes you can use magic to kill them before they see you. After you kill these two go the opposite way there will be another jump to make.


After the jump you will come to a big cavern.  There are two archers up on the mountainside and one guy on the ground. You will have to use magic on the archers. When he is dead look down there is a ledge you can jump to. Then jump towards the left to the side of the mountain to get to the cavern floor. The third tribesman is on the ground around the corner of the rock formation. Take care of him and then climb around on the rocks where you can and pick up the gold and knives that are left behind.  There is an exit up on the rocks on the right side of the cavern with a big boulder in front of it. You can’t get past it right now, but later you will have to come back to this area. There is a map of this area on the next page.

Map of the Cave Trails to Cavern


After you search around this area climb through the opening at the other end of the cavern and continue on. Soon you will come to a fork in the trail, go to the right. Follow this path and you will come to and intersection. Move slowly, you will see some tribesmen just ahead of you.  You can throw some magic from here and do away with a couple of them. There will also be a tribesman to your right. He is guarding some vase with goodies in them, but first take care of business. There are 5 or 6 tribesmen in this area. Your F3 key comes in handy fighting them. Sometimes when you get close to them they scoot so fast you can’t hit them with your sword so the best thing is to put some distance between you stock up on life and magic and then go looking for them again.  While you are fighting with them you will her a rumble that is that rock falling down in the cavern.  After the work is over, go down the path to your right if you are not sure which one it is, it will be a short one with a jump where the one tribesman was. Jump the opening pick up what they left and then jump down the ledges to get the phials.  The vase on the left where there are two has a scorpion in it.

Map leaving the Cavern 1st Time

Climb down for phials




After you climb back up from getting the phials, go straight ahead, and jump the gap and keep going straight.  There will be a cutoff to your left but angle to the right. You will come to another split trail this time go left there will be a jump to make up ahead and then two ledges to climb. By the way, save some of your knives don’t use them all up.

Treasury Room

When you get on the second ledge you will see Mogamba who has many spells and two of his tribesmen. Use your F3 key to protect yourself climb up and run and jump your way to them before he throws a spell at you. He is easy to defeat if you get to him fast. If he unleashes a spell it can change you keys, when you want to go forward you will go backward etc. Everything does the opposite. Did you ever see so much gold in all your life. There are 5 little bags of 400 gold pieces hidden among the barrels.  Be sure to find them, you will need all the gold you can get.


Rescuing Princess Guarana

Head back to the cavern and climb up to where the big round boulder came from this is your exit to rescue the Princess Guarana from the dangerous Madusa. Right away when you enter this new tunnel there is a jump to make, keep following the path and you will come to slime lake. There are some poles sticking out of the water that you will have to jump to. Line yourself up and go for it, when you make it save your game. Line up for the second jump and save again. The third jump is to a tall tree you can broad jump here.  Now jump to the tree to the right and then the one to the left. Down below you is a very long island. Take a running jump to it.  Now back up as far as you can and line up to the next tree. When you land on this one it will start to sink turn and quickly jump to the next one and it will start sinking, jump to the third and then to some solid ground.  WHOA, what is that? Quick start throwing some of the knives that you saved. That is the only thing that will kill that monster.  He sure was an ugly monster.  


If you didn’t save any knives you are out of luck, nothing else will kill this monster.  Did you see those teeth? WOW!

Now that he is dead go to the right, and there are about a few more jumps to make. No more sinking jumps, once you get out of this area there will be six ledges to climb and two more opening to jump that are rather close together so be careful. Two more ledges to climb and one more jump and you will be at Medusa’s Cave.

Medusa’s Cave

There will be a cut scene showing Medusa coming out of her lair or cave whatever it is. The Princess is tied to a stake.  Now you must be very careful. You can move ahead and hide behind 3 rocks. You can’t let Medusa eyes see your face or you will become a statue.  Use your F3, and hold it down until you turn to a gold color. Then give it another tap so you have a shield around you. Run up to here and start chopping Medusa into pieces. Before you give the Princess one of  Ali’s kisses so she can return to the Sultan. Fill your magic up and your life if you need it.

Castle 2nd Time

Ali will go to the Magi Shop to buy some supplies. Spend your money on Magic and Life. Buy some more knives also spend it all just to be safe. There will be another cut scene showing Ali entering the Sultans chambers. The Grand Vizier is there and he tells you that the Black Moon people have kidnapped the Sultan.  He also say he thinks you are the cause of all the problems around there and he is in charge now and he is going to take care of you.  When the clip ends, do some fast flips backward out of the room and then do a side flip so you get out of the doorway.  Use your F3 key to turn to a yellow color and then click it again so you get a shield also. Go back into the room and go get him. He can be difficult to get near but when you do stike him as many times as you can. After he is dead, he will drop some Parrot Seeds. Pick them up along with the other items. Take care of the two guards and the Crocodile Man on the main floor. Leave the Sultan room and go to the left. There will be another Crocodile man down the hall and he has a key you will need.  When he comes at you fling some knives at him, it will take about four of them. Pick up the key and then go to the others wing on the other side. Go down the hall to the short staircase and open the door. There will be a guard around the corner and some more guards down in the far room with another Crocodile man. Use your F3 key again the same way and go take care of that bunch. Now go up to the Vizier room.

Secret Room

The bookcase on the wall moves, so go give it a push. Enter the room. There is a skeleton hanging on one side of the room, go over by it, there is a jewel in one of it eyes. Give the skeleton a karate kick and you will get the jewel. This is the last jewel you will get and it is called the Sphere Of Light Jewel.  Open your inventory and find the Parrot Seed. Leave your inventory open and push the Shift key and give the seed to the parrot. He will say some words to Ali and the game will go into a movie clip and it will show Ali stepping on the magic carpet and going for a ride. It looks like a lot of  fun don’t you think?

Searching for the Sultan

The clip ends and shows Ali standing on a balcony. Go down the stairs and go to the door. There will another Black Moon enemy there so to make the fighting easy, use some F3 and take care of him. Turn the corner and there is another one so start swinging that blade so they know who is boss. There is a door to your right with another B.M. man in there and he has a key so you have to fight him also. Move on down the hall and you will come to another door. Around the corner will be another B.M bad guy. This is getting to be old stuff but you have to take care of him too. When you open the next door there will be 5 or 6 guys in there so load up on some magic and health and use your F3 key again twice.  While you are moving around in this large area DO Not walk on any of the blood stains on the floor, some are booby traps. Kill all of  them. You will get a key that goes to a door down a little farther. Guess who is in this room, our old friend the Gardiner. He is H.R. After the movie clip, back flip to the door you came from, use your F3 key again for protection. He used some magic to cause the vases to rise, and they will steal your life if they hit you. So run flip forward and then flip backwards dodge the vases when they come toward you. Keep doing this until they are all done. Be careful so you don’t run out of magic or life while you are doing this. When all the vases come down, the magic curtain that was blocking the other doorway will disappear. There will be some more guards to fight and then you will come to a door that has floor puzzle in it. When  the puzzle is correctly solved it will be a picture of  the Black Moon. To move a piece jump up and the piece will move. One of the pieces is sunken and when the others are in the correct position the floor will open and reveal a key.. Try solving this puzzle by yourself, I have an answer but I am not saying it is the fastest answer. To use my cheat for this puzzle stand by the opening so the door you came through is behind you. I have number the squares as follows. As you follow the numbers for the cheat, the number will represent whatever tile is in that position. I hope you can follow this O.K.

The answer is on the next page. Good Luck fellow gamers.

Floor Puzzle Answer.

Move the squares using the following numbers, be sure you are standing with the keyhole door in front of you.. Good Luck! 

Answer: 6-5-2-3-6-9-8-7-4-1-2-5-8-9-6-3-2-1-4-5-2-3-6-5-4-7-8-5-6-9-8-7-4-5-8-9. Now if I did this right the floor should open revealing a key. You need this key to get through the exit door. After you get the key, open the door and watch out for the guards. You will have to fight about four of them before you to the final fight with H.R.

Fighting the Gardiner H.R.

When you enter the room he is chanting to the moon. The story goes into a movie clip and he threatens to end your life. He tells you the Black Powers will take over and he will be in charge of the kingdom again. When the clip ends do some fast backward flips to the doorway you came from. Use your F3 again to turn yellow, and then punch it again so you have a shield for protection.  He will change into some type of flying whirling thing. He will throw discs at you. You have to look for him on the wall. Keep your eye on him you have to hit him with magic several times to kill him.  When he comes at you hit him with your sword. Move back by the door to build up your life and magic. This is a difficult part of the game, and the hardest fight. After you hit him several times he will turn to a statue. The floor in the center rises.  Climb up the ramp as far as you can, then run and jump to the building roof.. There is a teleport that takes you to where the Sultan is. You are standing on a balcony, and you can here someone begging to be released walk over to the basket and get your magic flute out to make the rope rise. Climb the rope and jump off when you get to the next floor. There is a push turn style pole that will lower the Sultan’s cage. 

The game goes to a movie clip, where he thanks you for rescuing him and asks you to embrace him with a kiss so he can be return to the palace with his daughters. He appoints you Grand Vizier.  Now watch how happy Ali is riding his magic carpet back to the palace.                    

 The End.

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