Art of Murder - Sztuka zbrodni

Walkthrough by Myst32


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And no, it's not written in Polish, although it is for the Polish subbed game.

This is the "unpolished" walkthrough so expect another refined version coming later.


The game:

Alright it's a simple point and click, and in this one you play an FBI agent who's partner has just been killed while you were out getting coffee. -Coffee kills- apparently.


The controls:

As said point and click, with no surprises.


The walkthrough:

Alright let's get to it, and know that this is my first walkthrough there is not going to be indexes and other flashy things, and properly not any funny comments either.                     

But let's start:


Day 1: FBI bureau, Chaser's office:

The case starts in the boss's office (he's the dude behind the desk looking bossy and grumpy), talk to him and he tells you that's just how it is in this business and even though your partner died in your arms you have to write a rapport, he calls Ruth the secretary to ask if your partner nick is in but he isn't so you have to write the rapport yourself. Make sure you talk to chaser all that you can before leaving.

When you leave Nicole (the leading role and the one you play) will continue to bitch about the partner's death to the secretary Ruth. Talk to her and go on scene to the right, then walk out the door on the left side, for the polish subbed game it's the antrisola, or something like that. Now you should be in the main hall, run to the left bottom of the screen to the box's (don't go down the stairs), on them there is printer paper take it and run back to the offices, and that's the first door on the left of the 3 upper doors. And look closer at the printer on the bottom right corner of the screen, pull the feeder out and put the paper in, and then close the feeder.

Exit the printer screen and look at the message board next to the far door (magazyn), on the message board you will find your partner Nick's number, try to call him and no one is answering, talk to Ruth and she mails you he's real number so go to your PC the one closest to the printer. The number is shown on the pc screen, close up on the pc and you have Nick's number, without leaving the close up call him again. You get his machine, now leave that close up and you should get a sms from him. Exit the PDA close up on your computer again and click on the keyboard and then on the pc screen to start printing.

Here is a quick over view of the PDA:

Take the printed paper and go to Chasers office and give him the paper, and he puts you on a new assignment against your will of cause, seeing that you want to catch the one who killed your partner. But now you're on another case, talk to Chaser all that you can and you get a piece of paper with a drawing of the murder weapon. Leave the office's and go back to main hall, go down the stairs and out of the front door (ulica), next to the pc's. on the outside click on your car, it's the black one on the right side of the screen, and drive to the museum.

Go inside the museum and talk to the porter behind the desk, and then go one scene up past the guardian statues, in here you will talk to Warren, after you're done talking to him look at the knifes in the middle of the room after that exit the knife scene and go one scene up (mumia), and take the fire put-out-thingy (can't remember how to spell it) and go back to the porter. Try to go downstairs on the left of the screen and the porter says that you can't, he gives you Warrens number so you can get permission from him. Call Warren and find out that he turned off his mobile, talk to the porter again and he says that you can look around downstairs. When you get downstairs you can't see much.


So look at the box in the middle of the screen and switch the switches so that in look like the picture. And pick up the things circled in the upper picture and go one scene up also marked (that's the arrow). Take the rubber thingy you found and put it in between the two boxes on the left of the broken statue on the right side of the screen. Take the fire-extinguisher and put it on the rubber thingy. Now click on the metal case you picked up and Nicole unpacks it and finds a portable x-ray. Use the x-ray on the box that you just made visible, and see that there are pairs of knifes and that there is a knife missing. Go back and talk to the porter and he shows you a shipping list and yes there were supposed to be 4 sets of knifes, and there is one missing  -suspicious? You betcha-. Now you get a sms form Nick. Someone has been murdered and you need to go there, so go back to your car and drive to the house.

Talk to the cop in front of the house and then go inside, on the inside look at the table in front of you click on the right chair and Nicole pushes it back in place. Exit the close up and look under the chair now a business card is visible pick it up and go one scene to the left and pick up the umbrella. Click on the umbrella and you get a wire, now go two scenes to the right and look at the billiard, pick up the blue ball at the bottom of the scene and put it in the top right corner (if that doesn't work just try all the holes) the ball gets stuck, use the wire to get the head of a figurine. Exit the house and you will automatically return to the FBI after talking to the cop.

When you return to the bureau go inside and Nicole says that you should put the head in the evidence department (that's the door on the left in the entrance/main hall of the FBI Magazyn dopzytow), when you try to enter you find out that you can't without a card key. To up stairs to the offices and take the card key from Ruth's desk, then go to your pc and pick up the weird paper that nick left for you, click on it after you pick it up and see that it's a map. Go and rapport to chaser, then leave the offices and go down the stairs and use the card key on the door to the deposit (you have to do this every time before you enter the deposit) go inside and place the head on the empty space on the shelf. Now click on the business card you found in the house and you get Brandon抯 number try to call him but he's not answering, call Warren and he says that Brandon is at the museum and you make an appointment with Warren. Exit the FBI and go to the museum.

Enter the museum and go to the main hall (past the statues) and talk to Warren talk to all that you can and he tells you that Brandon is waiting in the room to the right, go there now and talk to Brandon. After that go back to the where you talked to Warren and look at the glass case with the two figurines on his left, Nicole notices that one of the figurines is head less (We might know where the head is), and she wants to take it but you need to get permission from Warren, so talk to him and find out that he wants you to get official permission from the FBI. Guess what? Yes we have to back to the bureau. Back at the FBI, go up stairs and talk to Ruth then go to the closet (magazyn) next to the message board and pick up the papers (formulaze or something like that), go back and give the papers to Ruth, then go and talk to chaser and then go back and pick up the papers on Ruth's desk. Now go to the museum and give the papers to Warren and he tells you that the porter can help you with the figurine, so go and talk to the porter and he opens the glass case from behind his desk. Go to the figurine and take it notice that now the light that was green now turns red, it's because the weight of the figurine is gone so we have put something in there to replace the figurine. Exit the close up and go one scene to the right, now we are in a room with vases and big statues. Look at the three vases in the bottom of the screen, take the vase to right and pick up some dirt from the bag on the left and put it in the vase and then pick up some more dirt but don't put it in the vase. Go back to the glass case and put in the vase and if the light doesn't turn green then take the vase and put in the extra dirt and put it back in the case. If this still doesn't work you just have to try this with all the vases I think this puzzle is random so I can't be sure what vase you have to use.


When that is done just leave, go to your car and drive to you next destination. When you arrive go in through the door with police tape, you're now in a building. All you can do right now is go left so do that, go left again at the end of the hall and check the bathroom (this is where your partner James died) and pick up the sink plug laying on the ground next to the toilet, exit and check the room on the left of the bathroom to the bedroom. After Nicole comments on the many cigarettes Nick has smoked in here pick up the come on the table in the bottom middle of the screen and click on it and you get a lot of little needles. Go back to the hall way and across from where you turned left to get to the bath and bedroom and you end up in the kitchen pick up the whisky bottle and exit back to the hall. Go one scene down past the stairs here you will see a fuse box that we will play with in a while, go through the door on the right and then through the next door, in here you will talk to a bum called Tatum. He has something for you from Nick but can't remember what, talk to him all that you can and then try to give him the whisky/bourbon you picked up in the kitchen but he doesn't like it and don't want it, so pick up the bottle from under the little table and go back to the kitchen (you see where this is going?). Look at the kitchen sink and plug it with the plug from the bathroom put in the empty bottle from the bums room and then fill the sink with water, pick up the label and smack it on the filled bottle go back and give it to the bum. He gives you some folded paper, click on it at see a message from Nick try to leave the room and Nicole send Tatum away, when he's gone pick up the fuse on the coach and go back to the fuse box. The fuse you picked up is blown so stick in a needle from the come and plug the fuse in to the fuse box, puff and the fuse is blown again, go back to the kitchen and see that the reason for this is a cable plugged in the wall look at the cable and use the paper on the cable to plug take it out. Go back to the fuse box and take the fuse, fix it and plug it back in go one scene to the left and up the stairs. Look at the hole in the floor, use the come to hold the board up and take James's mobile. Now just go back to the FBI bureau.

When you're back at the bureau go to the deposit and drop of the body of the figurine in the empty spot on the shelf, Nicole comments on the missing head (if you bother to talk to Ruth she tells you that it has been taken for analysis). Open the two boxes in the room and take the scissor and James' badge, exit and go up the stairs. Click on the ladder under hanging cables to move it look at the cables and cut some of with the scissors exit the close up click on the ladder again and go to the laboratory (3rd door to the right on the top floor of the main hall), in here take the earsticks on the table in front of the door, click on them to take one out of the pile and use it on James' FBI card, Go the offices. Go in the storage (magazyn) and pick up everything you can exit and go to your pc, place the mobile, cable and battery under the telephone (Blat), the pin for the mobile is 8673 the same as the number on James' card, click ok and then click on the mobile抯 screen. After that the mobile short-circuits, exit the close up and click on the pc screen after you抮e done enhancing the picture exit the FBI and go to your car.

At the gangster neighborhood go two scenes up and take the crowbar under the truck, look inside the truck and click on the handbrake Nicole drives the truck a little down the alley, once you抮e out of the truck, use the crowbar on the ladder over the truck. Look at the fan in the window and jam the crowbar in the blades, this makes the gangster open the window to get fresh air, click on the open window and you will hear the gangsters have a conversation, after they抮e done talking crawl through the window. In side go as close to the door as you can, open your pda and take a click on the camera to take a picture of the bag with a telephone number, call the number (it抯 upside down). Now the 创guard创 leaves and you can exit the room. In the next room look at the closet (szafa) and click on the back of the closet to open a door to a secret room, go in and it will auto save after that go to the (komoda) and open the second drawer from the top, when you try to take the knife in side you get knocked out, after the FMV of the gangsters talking to you. You have to get out of the chair you抮e tied to.


I got this picture from the polish walkthrough so credits go to who ever made it.

After you have gotten to the end Nicole will help herself free of the chair, when you抮e in control again go back to the secret room and Nicole locks the door behind her, look at the open drawer and use the luminol, the UV light and then the gloves on the knife to take it, exit the close up and click on the left corner of the rug to reveal a trapdoor click on it to see that it抯 locked. Click on the second painting from the left click it again to move it then finally click on the handle to unlock the trapdoor. Go down the trapdoor to end up in a little shop, pick up the tin can in the right of the screen and click on it to open it and again to get a coin, look at the shelf to the left, use the coin on the case and pick up the keys exit the close up and look at the door.

Use the little key on the door then look at the panel above the handle, use the coin on the screws, and you will see that there is a piece missing that should hold the metal curtain up, use the long key as a replacement. Now click on the handle to open the metal curtain, Oh no a gangster, but the metal curtain takes quick care of him, exit the shop pick up the gun on the ground and go one scene to the right, and Nicole runs to the building where you partner died, Nick has already taken  care of the other Gangster.

After the FMV you are in Chasers office, talk to him and your next objective is to get some solid evidence to nail the gangster you brought in. So exit the all the way back to the main hall and go to the laboratory and take the papers on the table next to the door, take an earstick and use it on the knife to get some blood. Go to the analyzers in the middle of the screen -we want to use the left one- and pick up a test tube next to the machine and put in the earstick, then take another test tube. Put the tube with the earstick in the analyzer and press the blinking play button to send it the results to your pc, then go to your pc and use the DNA papers from the laboratory on the pc screen, then go to Ruth抯 desk and talk to Chaser and Ruth when chaser leaves exit and go to the main hall, down the stairs and in to the deposit. Look in James抯 box and take the small key in here. Take the head and body of the figurine and combine them to reveal a small bag of powder in the head, click on the head to take out the bag, take an earstick and use it on the bag now there is powder on the stick put it in the tube, and go to the lab. Analyze to tube on the right analyzer to reveal that it抯 heroin (does Warren know this?). Let抯 see if we can get more info on that, go to your pc and use it to look at the picture from James抯 mobile (where have we seen that poster?). Exit the FBI and drive to the museum.

We you enter the museum the porter doesn抰 want you to go downstairs, so you just have to get him away from the desk. Go to the room with the knifes and go to the mummy (mumia) and pick up the plate hanging on the wall, go one scene down and the one to the left into the archive (archiwum), in here pick up the magnifying gals on the table and a roll of aluminum foil (folia) on the floor under the maps. Then exit the room and go to the right in to the room with the big statues that looks like a jungle.

Place the glass, plate, and foil on the spot of light marked on the picture. When the alarm goes of exit the 创jungle创 and talk to the porter, while he is busy with the alarm you can go downstairs.

Go back to the entrance and then downstairs to the cellar, go one scene up (if you can抰, play with the light switches until you can) look at the pillar, use the key on the key hole to open and see a weight with white powder on it, use an earstick to get a sample of the powder exit the close up and get a message about another murder. Go back to your car and drive to the 181 street.

Go one scene to the left and pick up the thingy at the door (drut), then go to the right and pick up the cola before entering the metro. When you get down you can see that the body on the ground is Tatum the lovable bum from the old building (if you want you can talk to the cop). Look at the bench and pick up the lighter, exit close up and go one scene down. Pick up the fuel and news papers on the ground, click on the papers to roll them up go one scene up and use the cola on the screws on the grate, then take of all the screws and the grate. Put the rolled papers on the on the flask, use the fuel on the lighter and then use the lighter on the papers to light it on fire and scare all the cockroaches out of the hole, pick up the flask and use the long thingy (drut) on the flask to get Tatum抯 diploma (he graduated from NWU?). go back to your car and you automatically return to FBI when you click on it.

Go to the lab and put the earstick in a test tube taken from the left analyzer and use the tube on the green analyzer. Surprise, surprise.  It抯 heroin, go talk to Ruth about Tatum and she gives you the idea of going to the library to check the connections between the killings, so go to your car and drive to the library.

Go inside and one scene down, here there is a door on the right but you don抰 need to go in there now. Go through the other door and take the glasses from the table on the right of the screen and give them to the librarian, talk to her about students and she tells you to look at the yearbooks, there left to the grandfather clock. Take the red book (the only book you can take), and give it to the librarian. She tells you that one of the pages is torn out, talk to her all that you can and she tells you about the microfilms in the other room. Go back into the entrance hall and in the door on the right, click on the microfilm shelf and Nicole gives up on beforehand about finding the microfilm she need from the many there are, so go back and talk to the librarian again, she has the kind enough to fin the catalog number for you -01-044-86-. Go to the micro film room and look at the microfilm shelves, open the drawer with the number -00104419867- it抯 the 4th form the top and take the microfilm. Go back to the room with the librarian and look at the microfilm machine on your right, take the left reel and use the micro film on it put it back and crank up the machine (that means turn it on), you抣l now notice that you can抰 see what it says, click on the blurry picture and Nicole says that there is no lens, talk to the librarian and she gives it to you go and put it in the microfilm machine, then look at the pictures until you get a copy of the last page. Talk to the librarian again and Nicole calls a cop to take her home as thanks for helping.

Leave the library and drive to the museum and go inside, go past statues to the main hall and through the left door. Use the copy of the microfilm on Warren to get him to talk, after you talked to him (all that you can) go outside to your car and talk to Brandon and he tells you about Peru and Alvarado, another person from the expedition, and Nicole gets the crazy idea that she has to go to Peru, after you talked to Brandon go back inside (Nicole call Ruth to book a flight first). Go back and talk to warren again, then exit the room he抯 in and go to the room on the right of the main hall and pick up the picture on next to that bag of dirt, exit the room and Nicole tries to call nick but to no surprise he抯 not answering. Go back to the FBI and talk to Ruth then go and talk to chaser about the trip, but he tells you to get some sleep first and he抯 not too happy about you going to Peru. Exit to FBI after you talked to chaser and you will end up in Peru.

When you抮e in control again you抮e in Cusco Peru. Talk to Diego and Nicole talks about the Alvarado, but Diego tells you that he doesn抰 want to talk to anyone. He tells you that he needs to think about helping you, look at the cupboard on the right of the screen and take the camera then look at the table and take the leafs and combine them. The exit the hotel (the blue door on the left of the screen), then go to the right, cross the plaza and knock on the right door you抣l see that there is no one home, go down the alley and talk to the man at the car lot. Go to the right and you抣l end back at the hotel, go inside and talk to Diego and he tells you that he抣l help you, but you need to do something for him since he doesn抰 want money. He tells you that the car dealer has taken his jeep because of a misunderstanding and that you have to get it back for him, go outside of the hotel and look at the ATM machine on the wall, put in your credit card and press any bottom to get money (yay money!!!). Go down one scene and talk to the car dude, he says that he has no jeeps left for rent (but we know it抯 in the garage), go back to Diego and he says that the jeep is in the garage. Go back to the car dealer (Jose) and talk to him,  Nicole says that she wants to take a picture with him, he says that his sister has camera stuff in the garage. Open the garage and see the jeep (told you it抯 there), pick up the metal thing on the ground and the camera stand, combine the camera with the stand/tripod and place the camera stand/tripod on the ground next to the wall by the car. After picture is taken talk to the car dealer and Nicole asks if she can rent the jeep and the dealer says that that it will first be ready the next day. He asks if Nicole can put the money in his pocket for him (but is that gonna happen? No.), combine the metal thing with the money and put it on the bench that the dealer sat on earlier, go back to the hotel and talk to Diego. He has contacted Alvarado and made an appointment; he tells you that you have to use the picture of Alvarado抯 house as an invitation/permission card. It抯 getting dark and taking a camera would not be to smart so Diego holds on to it for you, exit the hotel and go to the plaza. Go to the door on the right (the one you knocked on earlier) and use the picture of Alvarado抯 house on the mail slot, talk to Alvarado to find out that he is a paranoid bastard, he says that he need evidence that you are who you claim to be, Nicole tries to show her badge to him to he can抰 see it through the door.  Nicole notices the small window in the door, give the leafs to the inka on the bench and after FMV go inside go through the door on the right and talk to Alvarado (finally), after some talking Nicole convinces Alvarado to go back to the jungle and after a LOT of talking you can exit and to back to the hotel. The next day you抮e out side of Alvarado's house go back to the hotel and talk to Diego and he gives you a sandwich. Go back to Alvarado抯 house, go to the room where is, or you could say he was because now he dead, look at the fire place take the knife and put it in the hole to open a secret compartment, take everything in here (oh, by the way now the local police is on your ass, exit the room and go through the other door (not down the stairs). Now you抮e on the balcony and it抯 time for a little puzzle.

Take the vases in order and place them on the marked area and then climb them. Now you抮e at the car dealers lot again, talk to him and find out that there is no gas on the truck (great service right?), go back to the hotel (one scene right) and use the ATM again just to see it eat your credit card, go back and talk to the car dealer and Nicole offers her camera for the gas. Good now you just have to get your camera so go back to the hotel to get it, But when you go inside you see that Diego and a cop is talking, darn it, oh well then we just have to lure them away. Go outside of the hotel and to the left into the kitchen (left of the ATM), in here take the matches in the bottom of the screen and then go to the fire place and take the pot on top of it, use the pot on the big vase next to the fire place and then put it back up on the fire place, take the strawberries and honey from the little cupboard on the left and put it in the pot, then turn on the fan using the switch under the window. Now Diego and the cop goes away and you can get the camera, take it and go back and give it to the car Dealer, take the gas and use it on the back of the jeep, and you抮e off to the lost city or whatever it is.

After the FMV go over the hang bridge and take the rode/crowbar on the ground, go back over the bridge and a scene to the left, take the chair out of the jeep and use the crowbar to open the compartment and take the stuff in here. Try to cross the bridge again and you抣l almost fall down. After FMV take the rope and use it on the (bloczek) and then use it on the chair, and finally on the hanging rope to make a slide. Once on the other side use the knife on the vines to cut them down and the red thingy on the door to get it open, go through. Inside go scene down and inside the middle pyramid, look at the hole on the left wall.

Place the stones a shown and then put the last one in the door where it fits. On the other side of the door use the sandwich on the flies on the right and pick up the sword on the ground, go back out to the pyramids and go in the one on the left, look at the grave inside and use the sword to get it open, take the thing on the ground, the jawbone and the watch. Go back to the middle pyramid and use then through the door on the left (if you want to you can 创hear创 thoughts if you click on the painting on the wall), here you will see a plane pick up the jar on the left corner of the screen and use the fly-sandwich on it to get flies in a jar. Go back to the place where you picked up the sword, and look at the hole in the wall on the left, use the jar on the spider to trap it in the jar, (a spider in a jar, a most have for all the ladies) take the paper and read it, go back to the plane and look at the rear, use the jar on the snake to make it go away then exit and go back to the pyramids and go down a scene and inside the pyramid. Use the jar on the water, go back to the plane and use the water on the battery, (it抣l charge in-flight, let抯 hope it does) look at the part right next to the propellers and take the air filter, click on it to clean it put it back in and click on the propellers.

When you抮e in control again go to chasers office and rapport in to him, after all the yakkity, yak, yak, go to your car and drive to the library, go inside and talk to the librarian, go outside and you get a sms from nick. Drive to the house, inside go to the left and look at the picture on the wall. Click it to turn it and take the hidden picture with writing on the back, go back to your car and (yes you guessed it) drive to the museum, go inside and talk to the porter behind the desk, then go to the archive (archiwum) and look at the shelves on the left, look at the box at the bottom take the dental plan and use it on the jawbone, to back outside and talk to Warren.

Drive to 181 street where Chaser will call you as you see Warren go inside a building. You end up back at your pc, use the picture from the murder house on the letter on the table and see that the handwriting is alike, go to chaser抯 office and look at his desk, open the little door on the left to see another puzzle.

The number control which letter you operate, and the little button changes the letter. This puzzle is simple just make it say "raches" instead of "chaser".

Open the safe and see that "Chaser" has just been in Peru himself, now we have to hurry, go down to your car (Nicole calls Nick first but as always he doesn抰 answer) drive back to 181 street and go to the metro where Tatum抯 body was and go one scene down to where you picked up the fuel and take the wire cutters, go back outside and to the left go inside the building and up the stairs, look at the note on the left side of the elevator and take the wires hanging out on the right, go up the stairs and use the wires on the wire cutters then look at the metal box on the elevator. Use the wire cutters with wire on the 20/7 metal piece and go all the way down to the bottom and use the elevator. Pick up the sword on the box抯 and go up a scene, use the wire cutters on the handle on the machine next to the stairs and the  sword on the barrel, climb through the hole and in to the train, use the handle on the mechanism. Watch the last FMV and enjoy the credits.


Okay so this was my first walkthrough so I hope I get some credit for it, and if anything is missing or not understandable you can always find me on, great site, great members, see you there.

Thanks to:

Me (Myst32), for destroying my fingers typing all this.

Who ever made the Polish walkthrough, I use some screenshots from that walkthrough in this one so a lot of credits to the Polish dude. I'll just add a link to the original walkthrough here, you know if you can read Polish or something like that.


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