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At the beginning, talk to Foulque Master located on the right of the part (place in front of this character, and press the Space Bar key to start the dialogue).
It should be noted that it is also possible to start a dialogue by clicking on the image.
To continue the dialogue, click on the image using the spinning cursor or press the Enter key.
Then go on the left (towards the gate) and choose one of the books :
The White Book to start the Paladin quest.
The Red Book to start the Celt quest.
Move towards the desired book and press the Space Bar key to take it.
Talk to Foulque Master.
Open the inventory bar and click on the book.
The quest starts.


Quest 6

After intro, head strait on towards ufington castle.
Enter, and speak to Elad near the main hut in order to get the subject "ghost". Find some ham on the shelves next to your home (the one bearing a red dragon on its door).
Go to the red dragon hill, talk to the shepherd about all subjects, then go to Lucius' villa. Talk to Fyanan the pict, you can give him the ham or a good fight, he'll accept to give you information about the ghost and Aren destination icon.

Go to ARDEN, to the former king's graves. speak to the boar. Do not try to attack him but talk to him about the ghosts. Use Fiachra's magic to break the spell, pick Gholistan's fangs, use them to open the cocoon not far away, releasing your ancestors treasure. Give this treasure to the ghost amongst the graves. Talk to the latter in order to get Ufington destination icon and a unicorn's horn.

Go to Ufington.
In the castle, enter the throne room (in the main hut), meet Fydia and speak to Elad who'll tell you you need to be crowned before becoming king. Speak to Fydia to learn about the crown and where to find it (talk untill you get Arden destination icon).
Go to ARDEN, meet Merlin next to his tree. Speak to him, he'll open the way to Rhianon altar for you. Get there and inspect the three raised stones down the mound. Three fairy sisters will appear. To reconstitute Rhianon's cup, you'll have to proceed as following : Pick Nael (using the proper magical stone on her), put her down in the pond, do that again with Gael, and finish with Jael. Once the three sisters are reunited in the pond, the first half of the cup will appear. Pick it up.

Take Jael (using the stone), put her down on the top of the mound under the dolmen. Do the same with Gael, bring Jael back to the pond. Take Nael, put her on the top, then finish with Jael. The cup is now in one piece. Pick it up and leave.
Go to the lake of offerings and put the cup on the central altar. The fairy of the lake appears, and when you ask her about the crown, she asks you a riddle in return. Answer correctly putting the "king" stone (yellow) on the the central altar and the other stones on the side altars. Talk to her again and she'll give you the crown.

With that crown, go and see your ancestor's ghost (king's grave, 3.), talk to him and put the crown on your head.
You wake un at the black rock with a dreadful headache, facing a huge brute. The latter tells you you've been cursed. Talk to him until he give you a sword and the mission to kill Gawain and bring his head back. Find Gawain near merlin's tree, talk to him, don't try to fight. You'll learn from him (using the subject "giant") that you're ancestors were known as giants killers. Go and see your ancestor's ghost (king's graves, 3.), talk to him about the giant so he tells you to piece together again the sword of three flames.

Find Fiachra at Rhianon's altar. She'll accept to reconstitute the sword on the condition you answer correctly her riddle (by giving to her the "fire" stone you'll find next to one of the raised stones down the hill). Take the sword, find the giant back and slay him using the sword !

Get back to UFFINGTON. Talk to Fydia who'll mention a cup (an other one, it won' be the last). Question Elad about it, he'll tell you he saw it at Lucius'. Go to Lucius' villa, inspect the cup you'll see in the courtyard on a pedestal. Come back to Fydia, talk to her about the cup, then show Elad your unicorn's horn, he tells you he once saw a statue that may interest you. One half of this statue is in the throne room, the other half is on the floor in your house. Talk to Fydia about the full statue, she describes a ritual you need to accomplish.

At St Georges hill, talk to the sheepherd's son and show him the unicorn's horn to fulfil the ritual. When done, go back to the castle. Listen to Merlin, and head towards the main hut to find the white stag.

Quest 7

This quest begins in Arden. At Merlin's tree, pick a rose in the clump and take the wild rose branch on the dolmen. Go to Rhianon altar and place the horn on one of the horse statue's nose.
Go to the lake of offerings, speak to the glowing stone (it's the fairy of the lake !!) to get the subject "fairy". Get back to Gawain (Merlin's tree) and question him about everything, especially about the fairy. Come back to the lake of offerings and brandish the wild roses branch in front of the stone to turn it back into a fairy. Talk to the fairy about every available subject (especially unicorns) and put a rose onto the central altar to obtain a second unicorn's horn. Take it and place it on a the other horse statue at Rhianon's altar.

Now, go under the dolmen, it'll teleport you to Avalon. Get to the tower of wind, climb to the top and speak to the winged fairy. She refuses to answer you and seems to be angry. Never mind, go to the tower of source and speak to the fairy about all available subject.

You learn from her that the winged fairy should accept to talk to you if you bring her the pied knight's heart. To get it, put some pollen (pollen you gathered at the giant's bridge) on the glowing stone near the knight at the circle of stone. Take this heart and give it the the winged fairy (tower on winds). She'll accepts to reveal you the pied knight secret if you answer correctly her riddle bringing her the "offspring" stone (it's on one of the side islands).

You thus learn the pied knight is your son Madog. Go and meet him at the circle of stone, talk to him about all available subjects until he gives you a red gem. This gem will allow you to get over the "Morgan's fire" at the tower of source on a side island. On this island, pick the three unicorn's eyes hidden amongst the bones.

Go to the circle of stones and head towards the white stag, you should be teleported to Arden.
In arden, get to Rhiannon,s altar. Place the three unicorn's eyes on the unicorns shapes on the mound. Spot a white unicorn silhouette on the ground, and pick a disk from it. You'll find two other disks at the king's graves and the lake of offerings. Once you have the three disks, come back to Rhianon's altar and get your unicorn's eyes back. Go under the dolmen to be teleported to Avalon again.
Go to the tower of source and use successively the three disks on the broken stone in the center of the side island where you found the eyes.

You're now on Morgan's island. Speak to Morgan until she gives you a flame. Use this flame on the idol of fire, then the black eye on the idol of earth, the green eye on the idol of air, and the blue eye on the idol of water (in that precise order). Go to the the center of the island (where Morgan was standing).

You're teleported to the labyrinth of destiny… Find the knight of the past and talk to him (don't try to kill him), then inspect the idol of the past (centre of the labyrinth, on the right). From the centre, head straight on and follow the third passage on the left. You should see a crown on the floor. Take it. Give it to Morganor's ghost for a sword. Use this sword to fight the knight, and pick a unicorn's eye on his corpse. Put it on the idol of the past.

Talk to the knight of present (standing at the same place as the knight you just killed), come back to the centre and inspect the idol of present (middle). From the centre of the labyrinth, take the second passage on the right, follow that corridor, take the first passage on your left and turn left. You find a lock of hair. Bring it to Gueniver (same place as Morganor). She gives you a sword you can use to defeat the knight of present. Pick a unicorn's eye on the corpse an put it on the idol of present.

Speak to the knight of future, inspect the idol of future, find some berries somewhere in the labyrinth (find them yourself !) and give them to Arthur (as usual…). Use the sword he gave you to kill the knight of future, pick the eye, put it on the idol of future.
You can explore (twice) the central stone to be teleported out of this hell back to Morgan's island. Speak to Morgan about the cup of knowledge, this will put an end to quest 7.

Quest 8

It begins in Arden (lake of offerings). Bradwen finds his squire again. Speak to him until he has nothing more to say. Go to Merlin's tree, walk round the tree to spot the white stag and follow it. You loose its trail in a forest near Tintagel. Alerted by battle noise, you find your old friend Cymeril being attacked by two brigands. Be merciless with them and kill them both. On their corpse, you'll find a horn and a royal seal. Talk to Cymeril until he dies and head to the castle.

Show the royal seal to the guard, get into the castle and meet king Marcus on his throne. Listen to him as he tells you he's ill and needs a holy relic to cure him. This relic is being held by a mysterious black knight who wouldn't return it unless he gets a ransom for it. Marcus begs you to get the relic for him. In the courtyard, you can find some ham, a log of wood, and an idol.

Once you've found these three items, get to the village. Speak to Cornelius, then find an aged woman. This woman is hungry, and in exchange for some ham, she'll accept to answer your questions. You'll learn among others that the black knight hides in the marsh of doom. With that information, just ask the way to the castle's guard who gives you a map, read this map to obtain the "black marsh" destination icon.

Go to the BLACK MARSH. In the marsh, head for the black knight's tent (roughly on your left…). Some green spirits should appear in front of you. Do not get too close and blow your horn to make them disappear. Cross the bridge they were defending to reach the black knight's camp. Talk to the black knight and give the ransom to him to get the holy relic.

Go to TINTAGEL, in the village. Enter the church and speak to Cornelius behind the altar. Give the relic to him so he can pray for Marcus' recovery. Unfortunately, it doesn't work. Inspect the shield on the altar, obtain the subject "prince". Use this subject talking to Cornelius. You can also use this subject with the old woman, but she doesn't know much about it. Go to the castle and question the guard and Marcus, then the guard again about the subject "prince".

You get the subject "talisman". Ask Marcus about this talisman and he scornfully gives the key of his son's room. That room is upstairs (left stairs in the courtyard). Enter the room using the key. Inside, inspect then pick a slate plate you'll place on the ground in the small pit (the nearest to the window). Inspect and pick a scum plate, place it on the opposite pit. The talisman should suddenly appear (if it doesn't, pick the plates again and try an other positioning).

Take the talisman and show it to the guard, then to Marcus. Talk to Marcus until you get the subject "Merlin". Climb the stairs to the right in the courtyard, you'll see a woodcutter busy destroying a wooden altar. On this altar, take an idol, then speak to the woodcutter about Merlin. He mentions the green mound but doesn't know where it is. Never mind, go and ask the guard to receive the "green mound" destination icon.

Go to the GREEN MOUND. Head straight on, climb on the mound, find a bracelet. Turn back until you see an altar surrounded by three pedestals (two of them are empty). Put an idol on each empty pedestal to "restore the circle" as an insolent crow enjoins you to do. Once that done, Merlin appears, and the crow advises you to "follow the guide". Catch this disrespectful crow, then speak to Merlin about all available subjects. He has a lot to say. Don't forget to show him the bracelet, the talisman, and even the talking crow. After that, you can come back to TINTAGEL.

Go to the castle. Show the bracelet to the guard, then to Marcus to learn it belongs to a guy named Guyon, former squire of the prince, member of the boars clan, one of the most powerful Cornish clan. You also learn this Guyon is hiding in the black marsh till his master's disappearance… Heading : BLACK MARSH (don't forget to take the boars banner before).

In the marsh, roughly on the right, spot some smoke above the trees : it must come from Guyon's shelter. There you'll need to follow the guide that's to say the crow. It opens a passage for you. Cross the bridge and inspect Guyon's house, then yield the banner. Surprise, Guyon comes to you. Speak to him about everything, show him the bracelet, talk again, show him the talisman. He tells you his master has become the black knight, and gives you a lock of black hair from his master beloved fairy Celidoin. Ask him what to do with this lock, he hitches it to the talisman. When he sees this talisman, the black knight vanishes 'poof !' (let's show it to him…).

Take the cup of knowledge behind the knight. Go to TINTAGEL's castle and put the cup on the half broken altar upstairs to cure Marcus. You can go and see him to listen to his thanks, then quickly come to get the cup back.
By the cup's magic, you're teleported in the "beast's belly". Find Rhianon downstairs, and chatter with her about all available subject. In this way ends the quest 8.

Quest 9

You're back in front of your castle in Ufington. Enter and speak to Elad in the throne room. He tells you all the inhabitants left to run away from the Saxons, and Gawain is in trouble because of them and their chief Cerdric. Go to the red dragon's hill (you should know where it is now…) to find Cerdric.

Don't fight him, just ask after Gawain. Cerdric tells you that he crucified him near Merlin's tree in Arden (you get the "Arden" destination icon).

In ARDEN, you'll note Cerdric didn't lie. Talk to the poor Gawain until he dies, then go to Rhianon's altar to get your unicorn's horns back where you left them twenty years ago. Go to the black rock, talk to the hidden king of Britain alias the dragon disguised as your father Cadfanan…Get the subjects "Rhianon's spear", "unicorns", "world of darkness".

Get back to UFINGTON, find Cerdric where you left him. Kill him using a unicorn's horn and pick the treasure on his corpse. Offer this treasure in ARDEN at Merlin's tree in front of the three raised stones to call upon Morgan. Speak to her about Rhianon's spear, the world of shadow and the unicorns.

Back in UFINGTON, at red dragon's hill, place the two unicorn's horns on the dragon's eye on the floor, a third horn should appear. Pick the three horns and put them on your throne in the castle. This will forge Rhianon's spear again. Take the spear and us it to kill the hidden king/dragon/Cadfanan at the black rock in ARDEN. Pick a fang on his corpse and find five other of them hidden among the rocks around.

With six dragon fangs, go to UFINGTON and place them in the dragon's mouth on the ground. You're teleported to the world of darkness.

In the world of darkness, head roughly to your right until you see two spirits appear in front of you (you get the subject "spirits"). Cross the only bridge you can cross (the middle one), et go to your right. You see your friend the fairy of the lake again. Talk to her about all the available subjects to obtain the subject "honour". Step back and follow the first passage on your right (facing the bridge) to find a big cauldron surrounded by three witches. Speak to them about all subjects util they ask you a riddle. Explore the island to find four skulls and pick them.

Cross the bridge again, find the spirits again, and make them disappear yielding the skull of evil (red) in front of them.
Cross the bridge they were guarding, get close to the sign on the ground and use the sword of three flames on it. You thus wake the dragon up, and he opens your wound up again.

You now play Corwyn the old squire. Cross the desolate moor where the dragon was asleep, cross a bridge and pick four lamps on pedestals. Go and see the fairy in her cage (you should remember the way…), and ask her information about the lamps. She tells you one of them can save Bradwen while the three others are mortal. How to distinguish them ? Don't panic, you have four ginea-pigs at your disposal (the fairy of the lake and Cerdric in their cages, and two lost spirits).

You'll have to test the lamps to know which one is the good one (it will appear in blue once you've found it).
Use the blue lamp on Bradwen to cure his wounds. He's now able to slay the dragon for good.



Quest 5

Go to Uffington and meet Olwen there.
Obtain the topic "the murderer", then head for Lucius villa to discuss it with the chief of the villa.
Speak to the child (receive the "Elad" clue, explore the fresco on the floor, then leave the villa: automatic combat.
Pick up the axe from the body of the Pict.
Give the axe to Olwen in front of Uffington Castle and use the "Elad" topic. Go inside.

Inside the castle, converse with the guard, the blacksmith and King Elad.
Pick up the Magovenium destination and go there.
Meet with Dionicus and speak to him of Elad.
Search the frescoes and pick up the "two crowns of the Atrebates" topic. Speak of it to Dionicus and pick up the "Cadfanan's letter" topic.
Descend into the catacombs and blow the horn outside the tomb.
Speak of Cadfanan's letter to the black knight in order to pick it up and then exit from the catacombs by praying in front of the statue.
Read the letter to pick up the "Salomon's Mirror" topic. Speak of it to father Dionicus.
Explore the mirrors of the monastery and have them inspected by the blind monk (room close to that of Dionicus, in the same corridor). In this way, pick up the true mirror of Salomon.

Return to the throne and use the mirror on Elad. Then speak of the crown to the dethroned Elad.
Meet once more with the drunken monk at the monastery and speak to him of the crown. Pick up the "blacksmith of Magovenium" clue and speak of it to the drunk. Now go to Uffington Castle to discuss it with the blacksmith.

Head for Lucius Villa. Speak of all the clues to the widow, then enter her store. Pick up a tin sword and exit to speak to the widow again. Receive 3 tin swords.
Go in the direction of Magovenium to use these 4 swords in the circus forge. Pick up 4 engraved tablets one after the other. Read the 4 tablets.
To pick up the crown of the Atrebates, find the fragments of crown by exploring the fresco at Lucius Villa, St George's Hill, the hole in the hill of the Red Dragon and the tree in the ruins of Magovenium.
Return to Uffington Castle and use the crown in front of the throne.

Speak with Dame Lutisse and use up all the dialogues.
Exit the throne room and speak of "Novelius" to Armenius. Pick up a parchment (Novelius's letter).
Read the parchment and leave for Arden.

Once at Arden, go to the burial mounds, where you will find Novelius prisoner. Use the sword of truth to free him.
Speak of the sword of truth, the crown, the curse, white hairs, Bradwen's wound, the dragon, Morganor and Novelius.
Go to the Black Rock to converse with the devil: pick up the "Queen Guinevere" clue and pick up the devil's sword.
Visit the Lake of Offerings to speak of Queen Guinevere to Lancelot. Avoid combat in order to speak of the queen. Then pick up the "Magovenium" destination and go there.

At the circus of Magovenium, use the devil's sword on Hell's Crevice. The door to the catacombs opens. Descend to the lowest level and pick up the sword of truth from in front of the mirror. Explore the statue, then use the sword of truth in front of it.

Find Novelius in the monastery and use up all the dialogues with him. Pray in front of the chapel altar and enter the circus to explore the white hart. Pick up the "White Hart" topic and speak of it to Novelius. Return to explore the White Hart.

Quest 6

Meet Merlin and speak with him of the great hunt. Join the great hunt to encounter the horned man and speak to him of the great hunt. Remaining there for more than 10 seconds will result in game over.
Head to the Black Rock and explore the rock at the centre of the pales. Use the sword of truth upon the rock, and then speak about the great hunt to the Doppelganger. Go back to where the horned man was and find the White Hart there.

In Avalon:
Encounter the knight of many colours and fight with him. Then speak to him of the knight of many colours.
Once in Hell, choose the stone on the left. Speak to the knight of many colours again before going to see Morgane the fairy.
Speak to Morgane of the knight of many colours.

At the tower of sighs:
Climb the tower staircase and speak to the fairy about the knight of many colours. Listen to the puzzle and position yourself on a teleport to access the answers. Once teleported onto the platform, pick the "stone of the father" answer and speak to the fairy.
Come down from the tower and speak to Madog about the knight of many colours. Use the sword of truth upon Madog and pick up the magic grains.

Go to the prison tree and explore the tombstone. Receive the "tree slab" clue and speak of it with the fairy.
Leave for the spring tower.

Speak of the tree slab to Kael and collect the three symbols (animal, vegetable and mineral) to solve the puzzle. Answer Kael and receive the spring cup. Return to the prison tree.

Use the spring cup on the slab. Go inside and wake St Joseph with the magic grain. Tell St Joseph of the curse. He will then fall asleep again. Use the last of Morgane's grains on St Joseph and speak to him of the curse.
Leave the tree and talk to Madog.

Facing Morgane: walk on the round slab in the shape of a maze. When you are inside, gather the stones and place them on the tombstones until you receive Morgane's third grain.

Go back into the tree and wake St Joseph one last time. Use up all the dialogues until he gives you the clue "ciborium of the divine grace". Then return to speak with Madog.

Quest 7

In Tintagel :
In the forest: find Corwyn and engage him in conversation until you obtain the following clues: horned snake, King Marc, St Joseph relic, ciborium of the divine grace.

Go and see the woodcutter and talk to him of the horned snake. Gather the three crosses from the bushes.

Find Cyméryll's dead body in an alley and pick up his shield.

Encounter his ghost and give him his shield.
Go to Tintagel castle. Place the three crosses on the slabs behind the throne room then pray on the middle slab. Take the head of the snake that appears.

Go to Tintagel village, enter the church and search the retable. Use the sword of truth on it and place the snake's head inside.
Search the left side of the retable and find the "devil's tongue" clue. Talk of it to the blind priest and get the "black swamp" clue. Talk of the "black swamp" to King Marc's guard and receive a map showing the "black swamp". In the village smithy, take a pair of pincers that are on a barrel. Leave the village and head off for the swamp.

Pick up the devil's tongue (near the children's hut) using the pincers and bring it back to the retable.
Read the right side of the retable, then search St Joseph's statue. Take St Joseph's cross when it appears. Return to the cursed swamp and use the cross on St Joseph's tombstone.

Cross the magic bridge and meet Melatus. Tell him of the horned snake. Receive St Joseph's relic. Go to the children's hut and pick up the "wild child" clue.

Return to the village and place the relic in the retable (right side) and search the new fresco. Search Meriadoc's tomb and take the wooden sword. Place it on the table in the wild child's hut in the cursed swamp. Talk to the child.

In Tintagel castle:
Take the ciborium and return to the village to use it on King Marc. Talk with him until he gives you the seal of the Kings of Cornwall. Take this seal to the child in the castle, then use the ciborium on yourself.

In the belly of the beast:
Use the sword of truth on the flames that are in your path. Search the White Hart and talk to St Epona.
Drink the ciborium to leave.

Quest 8

Villa Lucius:
Search the fresco and take the stars. Talk to the people in the Villa Lucius then go and see the blacksmith in Uffington Castle to get the gold belt.
Go to St George's hill to meet Naï. Use up all the dialogues until you get the map showing the way to Magovenium. Use the map.

In the monastery:
Find Lady Lutisse and tell her of the dragon and St George's lance. Receive part of Novelius' staff and the key to the monastery. Use it to open the door to the postern.

Go to the ruins of Magovenium and fight the black knight. Find Dionicus inside and use up all the dialogues until you receive Novelius' complete staff and the destination of the kingdom of the Attrebates. Talk of the prophecy to Dionicus before leaving for St George's hill.

On St George's hill, place Novelius' staff on St George's tombstone. Take the lance that appears.
Return to the monastery via the postern where you take of the bowl to Dionicus. Receive and use "Dionicus' writing" showing the places where the missing frescoes can be found .
The frescoes are hidden in the following places: the monastery storeroom, the altar in the chapel, the catacombs (first level), the tree in the ruins of Magovenium, the catacombs (second level), the throne room at Uffington, on the fresco at the Villa Lucius.
When you have found all the frescoes: place them in the monastery on the wooden wall, then take bowl n°5 (near the back). Put bowl n°5 in a hole in Red Dragon hill.

In hell:
Find Tudglyd and talk to him of the dragon. Find the "Tudglyd" topic in this way.
Find Cadfanan and talk to him of the dragon. Find Cymerill's ghost and talk with him of Tudglyd. Obtain the topic of the promise that you have to use with Tudglyd.
Next encounter Novelius' ghost and talk to him of the dragon to find out the order in which you should identify the dragon's teeth.
Go to the stone circle (to the left of the entrance that was previously guarded by Tudglyd) where you will identify the dragon's teeth (= action on the stones).
When the teeth (stones) are lit up, the "name of the dragon" object appears. Take the "name of the dragon" and go the place that Tudlyd was guarding. Use the name of the dragon on the place marked by a red dragon.

With the character of Corwyn :
Pick up the sword of truth and give it to the injured Bradwen.
Cross the rocky area and discover the dragon's tear. Take it.
Carry on until you meet Melatus who is guarding a passage. Challenge Melatus with the dragon's tear.
Whan you have slayed Melatus, cross the footbridge and Epona's lantern near the shield.
Come back to the prone Bradwen and use Epona's lantern.


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