By &Wanadoo

Walkthrough by MaGtRo     February, 2002

Game Play: The movement in the game uses the arrow keys of the keyboard. The menu uses the mouse pointer. Pressing the space bar is the main Action key - speak to someone, open a door or pick up an inventory. For the space bar action key to work, Bradwen must face with his body slightly at an angle, the person to talk to directly or face the center of the object to interact with. (Usually pressing the spacebar twice opens doors). Using shift and arrow keys makes Bradwen run or the horse gallop and climb stairs. 

Clicking the right mouse button displays or hides the interface bar at the bottom of the screen. The circle on the left of the interface bar shows the activity at the moment such as location of the game play, the person to talk to or if combat is possible. Next is the inventory area that has the choice of items, represented by the hand icon that are picked up when Bradwen is on foot; the subjects, represented by the mouth icon that can be discussed when speaking to someone and the destinations, represented by the horse icon while on horseback. When a new item, subject or destination is obtained an automated transfer is seen on the top left of the screen indicating that it is placed in the inventory. When talking to a character, always exhaust all dialogues by pressing the action key/space bar and then open the subjects in inventory and talk about all the lit icons.

To the right of the inventory area, represented by a book is the storyline that summarizes the progress of the game story. Hints can be picked up from the storyline. The far right of the interface bar shows the green Menu globe that accesses the Save, Database and Quit choices. There are 10 save game slots and can be written over. There are 2 separate games, one Bradwen as a Paladin and the other, Bradwen as a Celt. To play the other game after finishing the first choice - select a new character and start a new game. Game always starts using CD1.

Items to be picked up. Subjects to talk about. Destinations to go to.

A young page asks Master Foulque tales about Bradwen. Facing Master Foulque, click on the picture on left bottom of the screen or press the Action key/space bar. Click on the picture of Master Foulque to hear his answer. There are 2 stories about Bradwen:  as a Celt during the time of Arthur when fairies, dragons and ogres are present and follows the old life that believe in the great goddesses or as a Paladin, the pious knight and defender of the cross. To choose which one, turn around and walk towards the door. There are 2 books on either side of the door, a red book for the Celtic story and the white book for the Christian story. Walk towards the selected story, face the book directly, click space bar/action key and see automated action of book going to inventory item. Walk back to Master Foulque, face him directly, right click to bring up the interface bar, click on book of spells, click on picture of Foulque to start the story.

This is the legend of Bradwen, the knight of the red dragon, warlord and bastard son of Cadfanan, the King of the Atrebates.

Bradwen the Celt (Red Book)

Quest 1

Check for Survivors:

Lucius' Villa - Ride forward to Lucius' villa to check for survivors after last night attack by the Saxons. Face the Saxon warrior in front of the gate, forward and automatically kill him. Now that you are unarmed pick up the Saxon's axe (press space bar). Turn to the gate, move close to the center of the gate and press action key to open the gate. Enter and see another Saxon under the tree. Talk to the Saxon. Fight the Saxon by clicking on the red sword and selecting the axe from item inventory. 

Time to check for survivors. Turn right, walk forward towards the wall and pick up an iron bar leaning on the wall. Walk to the opposite side of the villa, turn right, forward and see a large beam in a wood shack before the steps to the main villa. Move the blocking beam off the stairs with the iron bar. Go down the stairs and talk to Claudius. Claudius says that Anglemar/Saxons ordered the attack. Open the subjects in the interface bar and choose Saxons. Exhaust all dialogues. Climb steps using shift/arrow. Exit the villa. 

Report to the king:           

           Castle - Ride/gallop the horse back to the castle to make the report to the king. Go to the main road, turn left, left again up the hill and turn on the first right. Talk to Urgan the guard by the gate. Tell Urgan that the Saxons have done these evil deeds. Enter and walk to the Council House situated at the center of the castle compound. Enter. Report to the king, your father about the Saxons. Corwyn, Bradwen's squire has the message, a request for assistance that the King wants to send to Bishop Novelius at St. George's hill. Corwyn needs to be found. 

Exit the Council house. Turn to the right of the screen, forward and up the road to a house with a red dragon on the door. Enter. Inform Gwenn about Nia. Ask her about Corwyn and she says that he is at the blacksmiths. At the other end of the room is Madog, your son in a crib.

Exit your home, turn to left of screen and circle the compound until the smithy. Jan the blacksmith automatically fixes your sword. Corwyn must be at the stables. Go down the road and enter the stable on the right through a wood fence opening (not the one with the horse). See Corwyn fast asleep after ruthless combat with beer kegs. He gives you the message for Novelius. Exit the castle.

King's errands:

         St. George's Hill - Ride the horse outside the castle walls. Forward, turn right, turn left, turn right and up the hill. Walk forward and see Novelius. Tell him about the Saxon's attack on Lucius' villa. Give him the message from Cadfanan. He cannot help because of attacks on Magovenium and he gives an answer for the king. 

          Castle - Go back to the castle and the king. Give him Novelius' answer. He asks that you bring an offering, a chest to the fairies of the lake, to spare the Atrebates from famine. The king gives directions to Arden and orders to place the chest in the island at center of the lake. Pick up the chest offering on the floor by the blue picture. Go back to Gwenn in your home. She gives you a casket for Lebvella to be placed by the 3 raised stones near Merlin's tree in Arden, as an offering for protection for Nia. Go out of the castle wall and ride the horse. Choose Arden from the destination bar.

          Arden - Ride forward until Merlin's tree. Surrounding Merlin's tree are crystals that block the roads, flowers and wildlife. Walk towards the 3 standing stones on the left of the screen. Place the casket for Nia's protection at the center stone. The crystal on the right disappears. Walk to the now open road and ride forward until the Lake of offerings. Walk forward, right and see a bridge under the water. Walk forward between 2 upright stone carvings and cross to the center island. Place the chest of offering on the green stone table. Go back to the road and choose the kingdom of the Atrebates destination.

Cure for the King:

          Castle - At the gate, turn to the tower on the right, forward and talk to Morganor. The King is ill and Morganor ask that you go see Merlin for a cure/plants. The King cannot be seen as Morganor closed the Royal Hall. Inquire about the plants and tell him about the Saxons. Enter the castle compound and go home. Talk to Gwenn about the plants needed for the cure. Gwenn tells you to take a stone, stand on carpet of flowers by the tree and call Merlin. Ride the horse and go back to Arden

          Arden - Go to the cluster of flowers in front of Merlin's tree. Use the white stone of Merlin. Talk to Merlin and then ask him about the plants for Cadfanan. Lebvella the fairy grows them in the Other World and only she may give them. To call her, Merlin gives you a blue stone of Lebvella. Walk to the center great stone on the left side of the screen. Use the blue stone of Lebvella to call the fairy. Plead for the plants. Lebvella want you to find out the reason for her having plants as her sisters. In Hell, your conscience advises you to force the fairy by choosing the red heart but to be at her mercy, pick the white lantern. Choose the white lantern. She asks a riddle - I am the most precious of goods, yet even the beggar possesses me. I am long in becoming, but may quickly disappear. I am in the air, on the ground, in the water. I come in many shapes. Look at the 3 stones (red, white and gold) that appeared in front of the standing great stones. Pick the red stone of life and tell the fairy the answer. The reason is that life of a plant maybe worth as much as that of a human. But she gives you the medicinal plant since it is for a king, a guarantor of the land of his people. Go back to the castle at Uffington.

          Castle - Corwyn exclaims that Picts are at the gate of the castle. The Pict denies entry. Do not fight him or you will die. He allows you entry after telling him about the medicinal plants that you carry.  Enter and go see Morganor at the council house. He is now King and the Picts are his guards. Morganor blames you for Cadfanan's death and as punishment banishes you. Gwenn has fled after the old king's death. Go to your home. Find an engraved stone on the table indicating that Gwenn and Madog might have gone to Merlin at Arden.

          Arden - Ask help from Lebvella about contacting Merlin. She will help for one condition - for you to get the 3 pearls that are her transformed sisters. The crystal to the Lake of Offering banishes. Go to the Lake and collect the 3 pearls from each of the tables on the 3 outer islands. Go back to Lebvella and give her the 3 pearls (press spacebar). Look for Merlin's stone at the place of shimmering colors. Go to the cluster of flowers in front of Merlin's tree. Use Merlin's stone to call him. Inform Merlin about the dead king and Gwenn's disappearance. Merlin says that Gwenn went with Novelius to go to Magovenium. Merlin bids you to hurry but added a dreadful prophecy.


Quest 2

Find Bradwen's wife and son:

          Magovenium - Ride forward pass the pillar, under the arch and turn right. Ask the guard for entry  to the Amphitheatre. Only the Magovenians that carry the mark are allowed in. Approach Claudius standing at the right side. He gives you the bad news that Novelius has disappeared Novelius is accused of sorcery by a hermit and only bearers of the cross of the heresy of Pelagius can enter the Amphitheatre. You might get one from Brother Cornelius, a herbalist at the outskirt of town. Gwenn is inside and wants to leave for Arden immediately after getting salt from Cornelius. Ride the horse to the ruins to look for Cornelius. Ask him for a cross to enable entry to the amphitheatre. He gives you a cross since you are a good man. It also worries Cornelius that Novelius has disappeared. Go back to the amphitheatre and show the guard the cross. Enter. 

          Amphitheatre - The guard standing by the monastery door on the left side of the amphitheatre does not allow you entry. Get the tongs leaning by the opening of the blacksmith shop. The man on the right side of the main platform says to listen to the holy man. Go to the door with the cross and cup and find it locked. Talk to the man on the ground close to the steps about everything, Novelius and door. Climb the wooden steps to the flagellating masked man. He would not answer your question about Novelius and the accusation but does answer about the door - he dares you to brave the fire of hell to find the key to the door of the devil. Talk to the man on the ground by the green smoke about Novelius calling from the devil's well, Gwenn and door of the devil. Climb back to the main platform and turn left. Look down on the broken concrete platform - devil's well and see the green smoke emanating from it and fire burning below. Also see a key down there. Use the tongs on the key. Use the key on door with the cup and cross. Enter.

          Devil's well or catacombs - Hear the cries of Novelius. Go down the steps, forward, turn left and pick up key.  Go back to hallway beside the stairs and forward to closed door. While facing the middle of the door, use key on door. Enter and find Novelius. Novelius has some bad news - the witch killed Gwen. Look at Gwenn behind the wood planks. The witch with crow's wings killed Gwenn and stole Madog. This witch took up the appearance of the anchorite, the holy man in mask. Novelius warns not to attack her or the inhabitants will kill you. Merlin might be able to help in countering her sorcery. Climb steps (shift-arrow) and go out of the amphitheatre. Tell Claudius about Gwenn and that you are going to Merlin in Arden. Claudius warns about the Picts on the road to the Great Forest.

          Arden - On the way, the Picts attacks and one Pict is killed. It was good to heed the warning of Claudius. The other Pict says that Morganor placed a reward of a golden torc on your head.

Continue to Merlin's tree. Inform Merlin of the tragedies that has happened and describe the witch. The witch is the Witch of Winter and can be unmasked by the Cup of the Sea. The cup, a gift from fairy Dael to the Atrebates shatters when 3 lies are spoken in its presence and can thus reveal the witch for what she is. Galwich the giant stole it and it can be found at the Black Rock. The crystal that blocked the road to the Black Rock disappears. A black wolf guards this road.

Go to Black Rock. Turn to screen right and talk to Galwich the giant. Don't fight him or you die. Galwich stole the cup and has given it to fairy Nael, who desires it. Nael is one of the 3 sisters at the Spring of Rhiannon. Go back to Merlin. Merlin can summon Nael from the Other World but needs salt for the ritual. Go to Magovenium. In Magovenium, ask Claudius for the salt. Travel back to Merlin at Arden. Give Merlin the salt

At the Spring of Rhiannon, Merlin performs the ritual and Nael appears. Ask Nael for the Cup of the Sea. She wants you to greet her sisters for her and then she will give the cup to you. Go around and greet (spacebar) the other 2 carved rocks circling the Altar of Rhiannon. Nael gives you the cup.  Turn to the right and walk around to the shaded area on the left side of the spring to exit. Go back to Magovenium.

          Magovenium - Enter the amphitheatre. Warn the man on the ground close to the steps about listening to the anchorite. Talk to the anchorite/witch. She would not talk to you until you purify yourself. The man on the ground explains what the anchorite meant about purifying. Only a man that has flagellated himself publicly with a sacred whip can talk to the Anchorite. The whip is with the last repentant man.  Walk forward, turn left, up the ramp, turn right and ask the repentant man for the whip. He gives you the whip but does not want to believe what you said about the anchorite.  Go back to the anchorite and purify yourself with the whip. Then use the cup of the sea on the anchorite. The witch flies away. Merlin arrives and he will watch over Gwenn and warns about the Other World - Avalon.

Quest 3

In search of the witch:

          First island - Following Merlin's instruction you arrive at Avalon. After crossing the crystal bridge, pick up the blue moon stone close to the reeds. Pray (space bar) on the carved stone at the foreground. Walk forward and pick up another blue moon stone close to the giant guarding the bridge. Talk to Galwich the giant and he explains that he will not let you pass since he is the proud guardian of the bridge to Avalon. Giants have an ancient pact with Morgan, the great mother. Galwich saw the Witch of Winter fly overhead and could not do anything about it.

Pick up some white flowers to get pollen. Walk forward on the left side of the flowers and see a crow on a stone. The crow warns you not to pick the golden apple on the tree. Give the crow some pollen and he flies away revealing another blue moon stone. Pick it up. If you pick the golden apple, you turn into a pig - be warned. 

Go back and pick up some more pollen.  Go forward to the right of the flowers and see a fish in a stream. Corwyn states loudly that it is ugly. Look (space bar) at the fish and notice that it has shiny scales but looked starved. Give the fish some pollen. The fish turns into a fairy bewitched by Morgan after the fairy seduced Gawain. She then turned Corwyn into a mushroom for his reckless statement. Talk to the fairy about Gawain, Morgan and Avalon. The witch is at the circle of stones and because of an ancient pact even Morgan cannot touch her. She also said that Galwich has one weakness and she will tell you that weakness for the 3 hearts stripped from her by Morgan. Give her the 3 blue moon stones. Drink of the Rain nectar... and of the fruit the giant vanquished

Go back to the entry to Avalon and on the way pick up more pollen. Drink the rain nectar in a blue bottle on top of the carved stone. Now that the rain nectar protects you, pick the golden apple off the tree where the crow was.  Go back to Galwich. Do not fight him or you die! Give him the golden apple and he changes into a boar. Cross the bridge, ride forward to the next bridge, cross and get to the Stone Circle.

          Stone Circle Island - There are 3 stones that are covered in ice. Talk to the Witch of winter at the center of the stone circle. Do not fight or you die! To torment, she would not say where Madog is. Morgan is supposedly powerless against her because of the pact. After talking to the witch, turn left, forward to small clearing and another bridge. Talk to the fairy about the witch. Give her pollen and she gives you a red jewel but would not say what for. Go to the fire blocking the bridge. Use the red jewel on the fire and the fire is extinguished. Cross the bridge and ride to the last passable island by way of a shaded lane to the Tower of Source.

Exact revenge on the witch:

          Tower of Source - Talk to another fairy. Do not accept the wine offered, just ignore it - remember Merlin's warning. Ask her about Morgan and then explain about Madog, and she laughingly say that the witch violated the pact by stealing a man's child. Call the messenger and will find Madog. Go to the second outer island from the entry bridge and pick up a crystalline horn. Use the horn to call the messenger and a crow appears. Talk to crow and tell Morgan of the violation of the pact by the witch. Morgan says - Spring always triumph over winter. Look for the fairies of spring and the 3 blooming stones will imprison the witch.

          Fairies of Spring - Go to the outer circle in front of the wine on the ground. Pick up 3 engraved goblets. Go back to the fairy at the center island. Ask her about spring. Give her an engraved goblet to quench her thirst and pick up the spring flower. Do the same for the fairy that gave the red jewel on the bridge at the stone circle island. Ride to the engraved stone by the entry to Avalon at the first island. Do the same for this fairy but do not drink the wine she offers. Now you have 3 spring flowers.

Go back to the witch at the center of the stone circle. Use spring flower on each of the 3 stones covered in ice and in doing so hurts and finally paralyzes the powerless witch. Talk to the witch. The witch made a pact with Morganor who is a sorcerer to kill Cadfanan and Madog, who was given to the Picts as human sacrifice. In rage and despair, Bradwen changes into a wolf and kills the witch.

Transform Bradwen back to human form:

          Corwyn in Avalon - Corwyn is transformed back to human form. Ask the fairy about Bradwen. Go to Bradwen at the Stone circle. Face the wolf and talk to him (spacebar). Go back to the fairy that changed you to a mushroom at the first island and ask her how to change the wolf to human form. Make Bradwen forget his rage and he will be a man again. 

Now, to find out how to do that - Ride to the Tower of Breath (has 3 entry bridges). From first island, stone circle island, cross bridge where the fairy with red jewel was to another island, turn right, cross bridge, cross island to Tower of Breath. Climb the steps up to the main tower where you can see a fairy on top. Talk to the Fairy of the 3 Winds about the wolf. Find what is light as the whisper of a fairy, lives for only a brief moment and changes form in darkness. Turn to the right side of the screen and forward to the red circle platform to cross to the top of one of the stone tree. Here you will pick up white stone of snow and the blue stone of rainbow. Cross back to the main platform and go to the red circle platform at the left of the fairy to go to the stone tree platform. Here you will pick up the white stone of the clouds and the yellow stone of butterfly

Go back to Bradwen the wolf. Use the stone of butterfly on the wolf. A glowing blue butterfly turns to Gwenn. She speaks to the wolf - forget the rage and despair, forget me, be amongst the living and become the one I love and avenge us. Bradwen is transformed back to human form. With no known destination you cannot leave Avalon.

Free Gawain:

         Prison Tree - Cross the bridge where the Fairy gave the red jewel and ride to the very end island. The bridge to the Tower of Source is now blocked. Go to the newly opened bridge, forward and take the bridge on the left. Cross bridge, go around the island. At the side of the island see a man inside a cage of tree branches on the raised area at the middle of the island. Climb up and talk to modest Gawain, about knights, Morgan, Morganor and Arthur. He asks to be freed from the prison tree and he will knight you thus Arthur will back your cause. Gawain explains that he was on a mission to Mark of Cornwall but Morgan tricked him to Avalon. Go to tower of breath to find out how to free him.

          Tower of Breath - Talk to Fairy. Do not take the sacred torc unless you want to stay in Avalon forever. Talk to her about Gawain, Morganor and Arthur. The riddle for the Prison tree command - Neither the sun nor the moon can hear my cries. The moon gives me wings and the sun takes them away from me. At night, I am the daughter of the sun; during the day, the daughter of the moon. Go to the stone tree platforms and can gather the blue stone of will-o-wisp, white stone of firefly, brown stone of bat and white stone of owl. Only the white stone of firefly is needed. 

Go back to Gawain. Place the white stone of firefly on the outer branch of the prison tree that looks like a hand. Gawain knights you. You swear allegiance to Arthur and to fulfill the code of chivalry. Gawain entrusts you with a mission to Mark of Cornwall asking him for armies to help Arthur. Go to the Tower of breath.

Try to leave Avalon:

          Tower of Breath or Wind - Bid farewell to the fairy up the tower and ask for directions to Cornwall. She cannot and advises you to stay since Morgan is attracted to heroes like yourself. You cannot leave because of the guards, 3 enchanted warriors. Mortals cannot defeat these guards.

Guardians of Avalon - There are 3 warriors enchanted by Morgan in animal form (crow, boar and wolf). They can all be defeated by either of 2 ways -by first removing their invulnerability and then fighting them or selecting the red heart to obtain the secret of power and glory and then fighting them. Defeating all 3 warriors by one way only will ensure a defeat by the last warrior, i.e. it should be one way for 2 warriors and another way for one warrior. 

Go to the warriors - Crow, found at a side circle at the Tower of Source, Boar, found outside the circle of standing stones and Wolf, found by the bridge where the giant was. Then press space bar and they change to their human form, ask them again who they are and when they answer and their respective subjects are in the inventory box - the choice of how to defeat them can now be made.

One way is after the subject animal is in the inventory box, immediately leave and go back to the fairy at the Tower of Breath. She will give a riddle for each subject animal and you pick the correct stone from the stone tree platforms, then go back to the warrior and use the stone on the respective warrior. "With this stone ends your invulnerability."  Crow - What can disperse men's cries can harm him. What eludes even kings can harm him. What can make peasants and warriors alike fold under before its progress can harm him - White stone of the winds. Boar - What wrecks the stomachs of men and beast can harm him. What the knight, peasant and wise men cannot long bear can harm him. What the winter gives birth to and what gives birth to the pillagers can harm him - stone of hunger. Wolf - What lies hidden in the darkness can harm him. What can flow but will not quench will harm him. What burns but is not consumed can harm him - stone of gold.

The other way is after the subject animal is in the inventory box, talk to them by selecting their subjects - crow, boar or wolf - then a choice is presented in hell. Either to choose the red heart or white lantern. Choosing the red heart will give you the secret of power and glory and ensure a win over the warriors.

Defeat the warriors. Leave Avalon and proceed to Cornwall.

Quest 4

Talk to King Mark:

          Cornwall, Roman Road - Upon arrival at Cornwall via a Roman road, ride forward and meet Cymerill, King Mark's warlord. He does not let you see King Mark unless you defeat him in duel. Fight him but you cannot defeat him. You have to find his weakness. Turn around and ride back to the village.

Village - Go forward to the path at left of screen and look at a shield with Cymerill's coat of arms. Enter the open gate on the right and the dwelling with fire. Talk to the Clalia, Cymerill's sister and she says that Cymerill is under the protection of fairy Celidwen but abuses his power. She will tell you about his power but first bring wood to the old lady at the church. Go out of the open gate, right, forward until an opening on the wall with a birdcage across it is seen. Enter the blacksmith's shop. Ask Fergus the blacksmith about Cymerill and also some wood. Go out of the shop. Go forward, turn right on the opening on the right and ask the old woman about Cymerill. Give her the wood. Go back to Clalia and she says that Cymerill is protected from weapon forged by man. Go back out and talk to the blacksmith about weapons. Go out, turn to Bradwen's right and ask the shepherd for his staff. Go back to Cymerill and fight him with the staff. He gives you a note of safe conduct to enter Tintagel castle.

           Tintagel castle - Show the note of safe conduct to the guard. Enter the door to King Mark's tower. Ask King Mark about his promise of warriors to Arthur. Mark states he cannot do so because the kingdom is fighting an ogre. Mark gives you his seal to enter the hills where the ogre is and when you bring back the ogre's head, he will fulfill his promise. Go to the hills.

Kill the ogre:

           Slave camp - Ride forward to main road, turn to Bradwen's left and ride forward to guards on the right side of the road. Ask the guards about the ogre, whom they say has a pact with the Saxons roaming the forest.  To enter, show the seal to the guards. Go forward to the slave camp and talk to Anglemar, standing at the middle of the camp. You realize this is where your friends where taken. When he wants to fight, tell him later after killing the ogre. Go to the left of the screen and ride to another campsite. 

          Fydia's prison - Talk to the fairy Fydia, daughter of fire. Stone pillars, iron pillars and magic rings imprisons her. Promise to free her after killing the ogre. She says the ogre never lost in a game and that Anglemar sometimes enters the gate. She gives you the fire of Fydia to fight Anglemar. Go to the gate and find it locked. Go back to Anglemar's slave camp. Fight Anglemar using the fire of Fydia. Pick up the key from his body. Go back to the locked gate of the ogre's sanctuary.

           Ogre's Sanctuary - Unlock the gate with the key while standing at the center of the gate and then enter. Look at the skulls set in stone pillars and know that you are now at the ogre's sanctuary. Ask Fydia about the ogre's sanctuary. They are imprisoned souls in the skulls and can speak to them by calling their name. The ogre will come when his magic is used. Go back to the slave camp and look at the reindeer totem. Find a red, blue and white stone that has the symbols similar to that of the skull pillars. Show the stones to Fydia. The blue stone is Erwyna, an Irish princess, white stone is Gladius, warlord of Mark's grandfather and the red stone is Duldanaan, sorceress from Cornwall. Go to the skulls and talk to each of them by using their individual stones.  Ask Duldanaan about Tudglyd, the ogre of Cornwall. Tudglyd has a gift but also a geas - when the half moon the color of the sun, when the half moon.... The other 2 skulls would not talk nor give information. Exit but Tudglyd appears and blocks the way because you have invoked his magic. He gives you time to think about the challenge. Fydia says that the song of the geas has 3 verses and you have to find the other 2 to know Tudglyd's weakness. Go to the village.

Completing the song of Tudglyd's geas:

          Village - Ask the old woman about the geas but she is cold right now and asks for wood. Ask the blacksmith about the geas. He gives it to you a Saxon axe made of bronze like the color of the sun that he found. Ask wood from the blacksmith again.  Give the wood (spacebar) to the old woman and she recites the whole geas - When the half-moon the color of the sun strikes on the day that fire burns, the head of Tudglyd shall tumble. Go back to the Ogre Sanctuary. On the way, talk to Cymerill. Ask him about the geas and about the fires, Cymerill says that the day to challenge the ogre is on Calen Hae the day fires are lit. 

          Ogre's Challenge - Tudglyd is not at the sanctuary. The skulls are of no help. Ask Fydia about the ogre and she says he must be hiding in his den and that Anglemar had a map. Go to the slave camp, look close at the reindeer totem and pick up a roman map. Go back to the ogre's sanctuary. Ask Gladius (s-shaped marked stone), one who guards the way, about the map. A test must be passed before gaining access - I am visible all over the world, The wind pushes me and chases me away. I have many shapes by cannot be held. 3 stones (blue of water, light blue of dust and white of clouds) appear. Pick up the white stone of clouds and give it to Gladius. The boulders blocking the entry to the den disappear. Enter the den and face Tudglyd. After he tries to buy his way out, fight him with the axe. Pick up the ogre's head.

Go back to Fydia and she gives you a lock of her hair.  You promise to be back to free her. Go to Tintagel castle; show the ogre's head to the guard and then to King Mark.


Quest 5

Find Gawain:

          Camelot - While looking for Gawain in all the camps surrounding the castle, the Saxon's, Duc Sagramor's and even the Atrebates' guards would not let you in. At Mark's camp, enter, go by left path and go to red tent at corner. Cymerill informs you that Gawain was there and also looking for you. Talk to Cymerill about Gawain and Morganor

Go to the castle and look at the pennants standing on the snow and see Gawain's coat of arms. Enter the gate, go up the incline and turn left. Soon, Corwyn hears Baldwyn, Gawain's squire standing across from the guard by the main tower. Ask him where Gawain is but he promised to speak of it only to one who knows the name of the lady. To help, he described the coat of arms of the family - unicorn and a lion. 

Talk to Cymerill at Mark's camp about the coat of arms and learn that it is that of Lady Yvaine's, niece of King Mark. Go back to talk to Baldwyn at Camelot hill and he gives you a brooch to give to Avella. At Mark's camp, go forward to the tent at the right corner. Avella would not let you talk to Lady Yvaine. Show her the brooch and Gawain comes out. After the greetings, talk about Morganor and Arthur.

Go to the castle and talk to the guard by the main tower about Arthur. Enter. Remember - sword cannot be drawn at the Round Table. Talk to Morganor about the Picts and the witch. Enter the chamber of the Round Table and talk to Arthur. Ask for justice about what Morganor did to you. Arthur will settle it later but he wants you to find Merlin at Arden. Arthur was asked to give you grains and a message - not to refuse to give water or food to any creation of nature. Go to Arden.

Find Merlin:

          Arden - Look around for clues to find Merlin. All the crystals except the one for the Lake of the Offering, that block the roads are gone. Pick up flowers from the bed in front of Merlin's tree. 

Go to the road that has a black bird close by and ride to the burial mounds. Before entering the mounds area, see squirrels eating by a tree. Go around the back of the tree and pick up some hazelnuts. Go back to Merlin's tree. 

Go to the road that is guarded by a black wolf and ride to Black Rock. Take the path on Bradwen's left and forward to the ring of skull trophies where Galwich was. Pick up a dish on the ground beside a stand close to the forest. 

Ride out of Black Rock and take the first left, forward, left again to the Spring of Rhiannon. Use bowl on the mouth of the spring (close to rocks) near the entrance to get water. Exit, Ride forward and keep on taking the left path at splits of the road.

Walk forward and face a standing stone on the left side of the road that has the sign of Merlin. Press spacebar and hear Merlin's voice say "I am thirsty". Give it the bowl of water and it changes into a butterfly. Follow it to the lane on the left. The butterfly settles into one of the 2 dolmens. Give the flowers to the butterfly and it changes into a squirrel. Give the hazelnuts to the squirrel and it changes into a white falcon. Give the grains/magic seeds to the white falcon and it changes into Merlin.

Merlin explains what happened. Tell Merlin about Cornwall events and ask help in freeing Fydia. Fydia has 3 sisters. Find them and together they can free Fydia. Fiachra, the oldest and is in Avalon can burn magic. Ferdia, the middle sister and is at Black Rock can burn stone. She listens only to Fiachra. Fhola, the youngest and who is at the Camelot forge can burn metal. Go to Camelot.

Free Fydia:

          Three Sisters - Go to Camelot castle, enter, turn right and go to the blacksmith's forge. Talk to the blacksmith about Fhola. The shining light outside the smithy is Fhola. Talk to her about Fydia and prove you are her messenger by showing Fydia's lock of hairFhola transports you to Avalon. Turn to the left of screen and talk to the shimmering light of Fiachra. Use Fhola to talk to Fiachra. They then transport you to Black Rock. Walk to screen right until you hear a crackling sound and see a shimmering light on the lava pool. Let Fiachra talk to Ferdia. Now, the group is transported to Fydia's prison rings in Cornwall.

You are so happy to see Fydia. Fydia gives instruction how to free her. Go to the sorcerer's stone (brown rock) and call the sister by order of their power to burn the prison rings - Ferdia burns stone, Fhola burns metal and Fiachra burns magic. Fiachra will get the sword of 3 flames to protect Fydia and Bradwen and reseal the pact/ritual in Arden.  

Reseal the pact:     

          Making of the 3-flamed sword- In Arden, greet Fydia and talk to Merlin about the ritual. Merlin will help complete the ritual if you find the sword. Merlin tells you where to look. Go to Black Rock (road guarded by black wolf). Walk forward to the rock formation facing the entrance and pick up the sword's handle. Turn right and move forward until a big rock before the bridge. Pick up the sword's blade. Go to Galwich's ring and pick up the yellow colored sword's hilt on a stand close to the lava pool. The sword combines into unlit 3-flamed sword

Go back to Merlin and give him the sword. Stand in the middle of the flowerbed, press space bar and automatically hold the 3-flamed sword. Call Fhola, Ferdia and then Fiachra to combine with the sword to form a now burning 3-flamed sword.  Merlin bides you to thank Morgan for the help of the fairies of fire. Fydia will come back when you have gotten the justice you ask of Arthur. 


          Accused - Take the Black Rock road (black wolf) and go back to where you transformed Merlin back to human form (Great Hunt). Take the right path; pass the dolmen and cart to the red marked standing stones. Stand at the middle of the ring of stones and use the 3-flamed sword to thank Morgan. A Pict sneaks behind and gets killed by you. Search the dead Pict and get a jewel-encrusted scabbard. Gawain arrives and accuses you of tricking him. Excalibur has disappeared and you are the suspect. Show him the scabbard and Gawain recognizes one of the stones adorning Excalibur's scabbard. You surmised that if the Picts have the scabbard, they might have the sword. Gawain gives you Arthur's ring to gain entrance in Camelot as soon as you have proof. 

On the way out, talk to the fairy where Merlin's stone was. Excalibur would not be allowed by the lady of the lake to be taken by the Picts. A Doppelganger takes on your appearance by the order of a sorcerer. If you bring her flowers, the fairy will tell how to open his hiding place at Black Rock. Get some flowers from the bed in front of Merlin's tree. You can use the white wolf road. Give (spacebar)  the flowers to the Fairy of the wind. She gives you pollen from Avalon and instructions. Go to Black Rock. 

          Proof - Take the screen's left path at Black Rock and use the pollen on the large stone that block the pathway. Cross the bridge to the entrance of the Black Rock tower. Ask Ferdia to open the entrance to the tower. Enter and talk to the doppelganger. Morganor made him. Fight him with Fiachra and once defeated, it changes to a ball of clay. Pick it up as proof. Turn right and pick up Excalibur. Return to Camelot.

          Camelot - Go to the castle and show Arthur's ring to the guards at the main gate and the tower door. Enter and walk to Arthur. Give him Excalibur and tell him the Doppelganger had done the stealing and Morganor is responsible for the actions. Arthur wants more proof. Talk to Merlin about the Doppelganger and give him the ball of clay. Merlin brings the doppelganger back. When Morganor was sent for, the doppelganger asks him if he was going to thank it for its service. Arthur ordered a duel to settle the matter and Bradwen got his justice.

Bradwen became a Knight of the Round Table and King of the Atrebates.

Bradwen the Paladin (White Book)

Quest 1

Get Lord Elad's oath back:

          Castle - Arriving by the castle gate very tired, talk to Morganor standing on the tower on the right. After informing you of Lord Elad's rebellion, he orders you to bring back Lord Elad's sword as proof of his submission. Ask about the reason for Lord Elad's broken oath to King Cadfanan and the king's health.

         Red Dragon Hill - Ride down the hill, turn right, forward and see an anchorite. The hermit likens you to your Uncle Novelius that he accuses with heresy. Talk to the hermit about everything, Lord Elad and honor. Ride down to main road and turn left.

          Lord Elad - Try to convince Lord Elad to come back to the King. He has made a pact with the Saxons. Do not fight him but convince him by talking about his honor. Automatically defeat him and he gives you his fealty and sword. Anglemar, the Saxon promised the Crown of Atrebates for his fealty to Cedric. The Saxon prisoners were taken to Tudglyd, a sorcerer. Go back to the castle. 

King's mission:

          Castle - Give the sword of Lord Elad to Morganor. Enter and go to the Royal House at the center of the compound. Enter and talk to the King. Gwen, your wife keeps a coffer for Novelius. Report to King Cadfanan about the Saxons and he warns you of Morganor. In speaking about honor, the king's despair shows. On the way out, ask Olwen who is sweeping the floor about the King.

Exit; turn left and left again to reach your home with the red dragon mark on the door. Gwen, upset about the abduction of Nia expresses her opinion about the Christian God, your constant absence and Morganor's actions. Ask for the casket given by the king. Turn around and pick up the bell/doll from the table and give it to your son Madog in his crib. Outside the door, remind Corwyn, your shield bearer of his duties. 

          St. George's Hill - Ride down the hill, right, left and right up to St. George's Hill. St. George's sword is at the ground at the center of the hill. Talk to Novelius. He turns the alliance down because he needs his men to defend Magovenium. Ask about St. Joseph, King Cadfanan and anchorite. Give the casket to Novelius. Go back to the castle. Morganor asks that you get a healer since the King has lost consciousness. Go back to Novelius at St. George's hill. Novelius sends you to Magovenium to see Brother Cornelius. Ask about Cornelius and he gives you Bishop's seal. Once on the horse choose Magovenium as the destination.

Cure for the king:

          Magovenium, Monastery - Ride forward pass the pillar and the arch, turn right and go forward. Talk to the guard at the Amphitheatre. Prove that you are not a spy by showing the seal. Enter and walk towards the screen's right/Bradwen's left. On the way, pick up an axe leaning by the wall of the Blacksmith's shop. The blacksmith gives you direction to the monastery. Go forward to the door with the cross. Enter. Talk with Armenius, the drunken Brother. He will tell you where Cornelius is after you give him a jug of wine. Exit the monastery, forward, go down the main steps off the platform of the amphitheatre and go to the left side of the broken pillar. Get the jug of wine by the wall of the house. Go back to the monastery and give the jug of wine to Armenius. He says that Cornelius went to pick herbs but not know where. Turn to left, forward and get a ham from the wall. Exit.

          Amphitheatre - Go again to the ground off the main platform; go around the broken pillars, up the ramp, right and forward. Talk to Nai. Give him the ham. Ask about Brother Cornelius. Cornelius went down the catacombs, through the door marked by a cup. Climb back up the main step to the platform; turn left and approach the door with the cup. The door is locked. Go back to Armenius and get the key to the catacombs. Open the catacomb door with the key. Enter.

          Catacombs - Corwyn feels the heat and you hear somebody pray. Go down the steps and immediately turn to the hallway beside the steps. Forward to the locked door, use axe on door while standing in front of the center of the door. Enter and find Cornelius, who thinks you are a demon. Give him the seal of Novelius. Ask help for the King. He gives you medicinal herbs. Exit the amphitheatre and see the anchorite outside. Talk to him. Go back to Uffington castle at the kingdom of the Atrebates

          Uffington Castle - Corwyn screams about the Pict at the tower. Turn right and talk to the Pict. Enter and go to the Royal House. Enter and find Morganor on the throne. Morganor brags, blames you for the death of the king and banishes you. Gwen and Madog are driven out of the castle and are on the road. Olwen would not speak to you. Go to your home and find letter from Gwen. Read the parchment from inventory. Gwen left for Magovenium


Quest 2

Find Bradwen's wife and son:

           Magovenium - How do you find Gwen when the Saxons have attacked the city? Go to the amphitheatre. Talk to Anglemar but do not fight him. Turn to left, forward, right at end of street and go to the postern of the monastery. Get the torn letter from the door and read it in inventory. Novelius wrote that Gwen is here and safe and can enter through the postern.... 

Ride to the ruins, forward, right and left on second road on the left. Go through the arch and look at the tree. Forward to shack opposite the arch, go to the back room and find Armenius still drunk. Ask about Gwen and Novelius. Give him the seal and he gives you a key. Go back to the postern of the monastery. 

          Monastery - Use key on postern of the monastery, enter, forward and talk to guard. The inhabitants are rioting and want to destroy the monastery. Climb the steps and enter. There are side altars on Bradwen's right. Enter each of them to read (spacebar) about the life of St Joseph of Arimathea, how he defeated the devil and sealed him here at the monastery and about St. George at the very last side altar. Turn to the hallway opposite the first side altar, forward and enter the door. Talk to Novelius about the guilt laid on you by Morganor.  Ask about Gwen, Anglemar and Morganor. Also ask about St. George's gift from God that made him defeat the dragon - Faith. Exit. Note several mirrors on the wall all around the monastery.

Go forward, left and enter first door on Bradwen's left to enter the chapel. See the relic of St. Joseph of Arimathea beside the door. Go to the altar and pray (spacebar). Pick up St. George's shield that appeared on the altar. 

Go out to Anglemar in front of the Amphitheatre door. Fight Anglemar using the St. George's shield. After killing Anglemar, the bells stops (Thank you!) and the Saxons departs. The population is still rioting so cannot enter the main gate. Go to Novelius via the postern. Talk to Novelius and then the guard downstairs. Exit through the door to the Amphitheatre.

          Amphitheatre - Hear somebody say, " Our blessed tree will save us".  Talk to the man at the platform and then the man on the ground. Ask about the tree of St. Joseph.  Talk to the anchorite on top of the broken pillar. Talk to the woman on her knees and she also said that the anchorite accuses the monks of being with the devil. She saw the devil carried inhabitants to the catacombs. Ask about Gwen. Go to the door with the cup at the other end of the platform to that of the monastery door.

          Catacombs - Enter, down, left, forward and pick up Madog's toy/bell on the floor. Turn to look at the fresco - St Joseph slew the devil. Go back to Novelius. Talk about Gwen, tree, toy, devil (fresco locked the devil in the catacomb) and then the anchorite. On the way out from Novelius' room pick up the cross on the left side of the door. 

Go to the ruins and the tree. Look close (spacebar, body facing the branch) at the tree and realize it is the tree of knowledge. Then use the cross and pick the fruit of knowledge. Go back to the catacombs. The amphitheatre door can be used now.

Face the fresco of St. Joseph and then use the fruit of knowledge. The devil speaks with your voice. Enter and see Gwen. With her dying breath she said that the anchorite is the sorceress of winter and carried Madog off. Make a promise to Gwen. Look at the fresco at the left side - Truth will be the reward of the chosen one. Go back to Novelius.

Unmasking the anchorite:

           Monastery - Tell Novelius about Gwen, Madog and anchorite. Exit, forward, left, left at the hallway after the chapel and check the door at the end. Talk to Dionicus and then ask about the anchorite. Search for innocence and accept its gift. It will take you to the cross of renewal. The cross will strip the Witch of winter of her powers. Go out of the monastery using the postern.

Talk to the boy. Give him Madog's toy and he gives you his knife in return. Go to the tree in the ruins. Look close at the branch, use the child's knife on the branch and then pick up the branch in blossom. Go back to the amphitheatre.

          Amphitheatre - Go back to the anchorite. Talk to the anchorite. DO NOT ask about Madog or you die. Use the branch in blossom on the sorceress. She went to the other world - Avalon

Go back to Novelius. Talk to him about Madog and Avalon. He gives you a map to Avalon and some warnings. Away from Novelius, look at the map in inventory. Go to Avalon.

Quest 3

In search of the witch, first time:

          First island - At the first island in Avalon, see a giant sitting by the bridge. Talk to him about the witch. Walk to the left path of the clumps of white flowers and see Dap, squire of Knight Lancelot imprisoned. Talk to him about the witch, Lancelot and find about the sword Chastiefol thrown into the waters at the tip of the island. Walk out of the glade and forward to the stream. Corwyn sees something shining in the water. Stand opposite Chastiefol, the sword and pick it up. Go back to Galwich and fight him with Chastiefol. Pick up the key from the giant's body. Free Dap from his prison with the key and give him Chastiefol. Cross the bridge and ride until the Stone circle island.

          Stone circle island - See Lancelot's horse, the witch at the center of the stone circle and petrified Lancelot. Talk to the witch. DO NOT press spacebar at Lancelot or you will fall into the witch's trap. Walk forward behind Lancelot. See a fairy and she offers mead but while thinking about it, Corwyn drinks it and changes into a mushroom. Ask her about the witch. Find Kael at the Tower of Source. 

          Tower of Source - Go to the opposite end of the island and ride to the very end through a shaded lane. At the center of the Tower of Source is a warrior and the fairy Kael is inaccessible behind a wall of fire in one of the outer circles. Talk to Kael's champion about Lancelot and about the witch. Take the test. First test - lives between the water and land. Go to an outer circle, pick up stone of the toad and give it to the warrior. Father of bread - wheat. Finery of the ground - brown. After completing the 3 tests, the fire blocking the bridge to the fairy is gone. Talk to Kael about the witch. She gives you powder/gold dust to cancel the witch's power. Go back to the witch at the stone circle and use the gold dust. She escapes.

Search for the witch, second time:

          Prison Tree island - Ride to the very end of the islands. Take the left bridge to get to the Prison tree island. Walk around the island, climb the ramp to the center where a tree cage is situated. Hear the witch cackle but the tree slaps you down. Go to the other side and see the witch's wings. Go back to the shimmering light by the bridge. The light is now a fairy. Do not lie down and rest as she requests. Ask her about the witch. Yrshgul, the prison tree caught the witch. Her sisters might help. Ride out.

          Tower of breath - Ride to the first open bridge on Bradwen's left passing through an island to the Tower of Breath. Talk to the fairy near the bridge about the witch and the prison tree. Turn around and walk forward to an arch on the left. The steps up the tower are hidden by it. Climb and talk to Dwella about the prison tree. In hell, choose the white lantern/heart. Dwella's clue to Yrsgul's weakness is You meet me each day, but you cannot see me. The older you get, the more I bring you vigor, I am therefore the theatre of an impossible life. Turn to left of screen and walk to red circle on the edge of the tower. At the outer platform of a stone tree pick up yellow stone of sleep (press spacebar when the name of the stones are shown on the screen). Choosing the wrong answer will result in Bradwen staying in the other world forever. Go back to the prison tree. 

         Prison tree - Use the yellow stone of sleep on the slapping hand of Yrshgul. Talk to the witch about the witch's reason for what she did and about Madog. Morganor is behind all of this!!! When you kill the witch, she disappears but leaves behind a torc in the cage. Bradwen is now in a fit of despair.

Bring Bradwen back from despair:

          Corwyn in Avalon: Corwyn is returned to human form by the fairy. Talk to the fairy. Go look at Bradwen at the Prison tree island. Then go back to the fairy that turned you to a mushroom by the stone circle. Talk about Bradwen. Find the butterfly/Gwen to talk to her husband. 

          Butterflies - There are 4 glowing butterflies that can be found; a red butterfly by the bridge at the stone circle island going to the others islands, a green butterfly in a glade at the Tower of Breath close to the left bridge, a blue butterfly by the entrance to Avalon and a red-gold butterfly by the stream where Lancelot's sword was found. Talk to all butterflies and be sure to ask the green butterfly about Gwen. The Gwen/red-gold butterfly will not appear until the others have been spoken to. Talk to Gwen/red-gold butterfly about Bradwen. Go back to Bradwen and use the butterfly on him. Gwen implores with Bradwen and asks him to stop Morganor.

Free Lancelot:

Back as Bradwen, pick up the gold torc left by the witch in the Prison tree. Go back to Dap, Lancelot's squire at the cage at the first island. Ask Dap about Morganor and the torc. The torc is Lancelot's and the knight can help you gain justice. 

          Tower of breath - Go to the Tower of Breath and talk to Dwella about Lancelot and the torc. Give the torc to Dwella and she explains the torc by another riddle - It can be won or it can be lost. It can last a moment or an eternity; It can cause happiness but also bring suffering! Go to a stone tree via red circle on the ground. Pick up the red image of love. Tell the fairy the answer and she gives another riddle to understand the recipient of the love - She is unique in her country. She is no goddess, but revered. She commands men but has neither magic nor strength. Get yellow image of Queen and tell Dwella the answer. She explains the secret love between the Queen and Lancelot.

          Stone circle island - Go to Lancelot at the stone circle. Use the stone of Queen and then the torc on Lancelot's statue. After talking to him, ask about justice for Morganor. Lancelot knights you so that Arthur can hear your request. Lancelot gives you a mission to Cornwall - to stop Tudgyld, who fights Arthur.

Quest 4

Find Tudglyd:

          Cornwall - Meet Cymerill, champion of King Mark. Talk to him about Tudglyd and Mark. To let you pass either fight him or kill the little ogre, child of Tudglyd. Go to the road at screen's right. Turn to the road that goes up (a tree separates the 2 roads) upon reaching the second curve. Find a dead hunter in a clearing and pick up his horn. Go back to the road and ride forward until the coal burner's hut. Blow the horn in front of the hut door and out comes a "baby" ogre. Talk to Alglyd and then fight him. Pick up the collar/trinket as proof of victory. Go back to Cymerill and show him the trinket. He allows you to pass but the castle is still closed to you. 

          Village - Go to the village. Talk to the man close to the gate and ask about Tudglyd and learn that the ogre's children guard the hills. Enter the church/cemetery enclosure and talk to Father Johan. Give him Niul's horn and ask about Tudglyd. - He who finds the remains of the Saint woman will rid us of him. Go to the shrine at rear of the enclosure and read the inscription - Saint Ophelia. Talk to Father Johan about St. Ophelia. Go out of the cemetery and circle the village. Talk to the man by the dove cage about Saint Ophelia and the doves that are her children. The cooing of the doves frightens the ogre. Go back to the priest and ask for the doves. He gives the dove to you. Leave the village.

          Hills - Ride down the road until you see a black wolf on the screen right, turn into the snowy ground. Remember what the man in the village said - the ogre's children lay in ambush. Walk only by the grassy area under the trees, off the path close to the embankment by the main road. If you walk at the center of the path - 2 ogres will ambush you. Enter the slave camp. Talk to Nia, Gwen's sister about what has happened and ask about Tudglyd. Walk around and take the path to the north (left side of screen).

          Black Lord's camp - Go forward and talk to the Lutisse, niece of King Mark and prisoner of Lord Melatus. Ask her about St. Ophelia and Tudglyd. Talk to the Black lord about Lutisse. You cannot win the fight with Melatus. Go back to Lady Lutisse and ask her about the black lord. Only a valiant man armed with truth can beat the Black lord. The gate to the ogre's sanctuary is locked.

Go back to the slave camp and get a key from the reindeer totem. Tudglyd appears. Talk to him about Tudglyd (hunger never satisfied), Mark and St. Ophelia (remains in his sanctuary). Leave him and go back to the Black lord camp. Talk to Melatus about Tudglyd and St. Ophelia again. Go to the gate at the rear of the camp and use the key to open it. 

How to defeat Tudglyd:

          Ogre's sanctuary - Talk to the 3 skulls on pillars and ask them about St. Ophelia. They all say they are St. Ophelia. Go back to Lutisse and ask her about St. Ophelia. Only the cup of the sea can truth be known and Cymerill has it now. 

          Cup of the sea - Go back to Cymerill on the road but remember the ogre's ambush and walk under the trees off the path. Ask him about the cup of the sea. Fight Cymerill but you cannot win. Go back to Lutisse and ask about Cymerill. Cymerill draws his strength from trees. Go back to Cymerill and ask to fight him by the coal shed. After his defeat, Cymerill hands over the cup of the sea. Go back to the Ogre's Sanctuary. 

          St. Ophelia - Use the cup of the sea on each of the skull to find the real St. Ophelia. When you find her, she gives you remains of St. Ophelia. Go to St. Ophelia's shrine at the cemetery in the village. In front of the shrine, bury the remains of St. Ophelia. Only the Blood of Christ can quench the ogre's thirst and only the Body of Christ can soothe his hunger. Pick up the host and wine that appeared at the foot of the shrine. Go back to the Ogre Sanctuary (Arthur is in inventory). 

          Ogre Sanctuary - Stand at the center of the stones and press action/spacebar. Tuglyd is nowhere to be found. Exit but Tudglyd appears to block your way. Tudglyd is hungry - give him the Host and then Wine. Talk to him about Arthur. He will be in peace with Arthur, Cornwall, free the slaves and isolate himself. He returns a brooch for Lutisse. Give Lutisse the brooch. Search for the truth to free Lutisse and give your promise to be back. Talk to the Black Knight. Go to Camelot.


Quest 5

Lesson in humility:

            Camelot - Go to the castle hill at the center of the area. Walk to the pennants on the snowy area by the top of the screen. Look at the pennants and see that Lancelot is here. Talk to the guard about Arthur and then Lancelot. Go to each of the camps around the castle hill to look for Lancelot. Morganor's Pict guard would not talk to you. At the other camps, ask the guard about Arthur and then Lancelot. You will find Lancelot at Dux Sagramor's camp. Enter and talk to Lancelot, standing at the center of camp. Ask about Lutisse and then Arthur. He gives you a midnight colored shield/coin to allow you to enter the castle grounds. 

Show the coin/shield to the guard at Camelot hill. Enter and talk to Novelius standing by the left path. Inform him of all that has happened including Lutisse.  Truth is in God's hand. Walk pass Novelius to the Church's ground seen in the background. Stand and pray in front of the cross by the castle wall. Turn around and approach the man by the church. He said that the cross is new - only the humble will be saved. Walk pass the man to the very end of the path and see an old broken cross. Pray in front of it. Only the love of a mother can soothe the tears and suffering of her children. Pick the crown that appeared at the foot of the cross. Ask Novelius about the royal crown. He tells you to go see Dionicus at Magovenium.

          Magovenium, Monastery - Enter the monastery and talk to Armenius. Go up the stairs and see Dionicus. Talk to Dionicus about the crown of King Saul, Saul's pride, Lutisse and sword of truth (gift of the Lord to St. George when he defeated the devil in Magovenium). Exit.

Go to the grounds of the amphitheatre and talk to the "King of Magovenium". Give him the royal crown in exchange for the crown of thorns. Go to the catacombs.

Test in Hell:

          Catacombs - Look at the fresco close to where Gwen was. Use the crown of thorns on the fresco. Time for your test. Enter and realize that you cannot go back out. Hear the souls ask for help. Look at St. Epona's statue with tears coming down her face. Turn right, enter the alcove and see a gravestone with a blasphemous "You will know no rest" inscription. The adjacent alcove has a tower of brambles. Pick a black thorn. Go back out and turn left. Walk to the opposite side of the room from the entrance and face a black mirror with a flame stand beside it. Burn the black thorn on the flame stand. 

          Hell - Confront the devil. He tries to convince you to join him and become the greatest of his Black knights. Ask the Prince of Darkness about Lutisse and pride. He gives you an ebony colored cup, a means to vanquish him. Ask about the sword of truth, Morganor and the Tower of Brambles. The brambles guards the souls of knights who try to win the sword of truth. Pick up the white lantern on the left and find yourself outside the black mirror. Go back to St. Epona's statue. Collect her tears using the ebony colored cup and it transforms into a crystal goblet with tears. Go to the tower of brambles at the second alcove and use the crystal goblet on the brambles. The brambles disappear leaving a black rose. Go to the gravestone at the adjacent alcove and place the black rose on it. The devil cursed you for freeing his prisoners. Read the inscription - Rest in peace. You cannot get out of here. Pray to St. Epona in front of her statue. 

You find yourself at St. George's hill in Uffington.  Pray before the cross by St. George's marker. Pull out St. George's sword of truth at the center of the area. Go to your horse and ride to Cornwall.

Free Lady Lutisse:

          Cornwall - Ride to the Black knight's camp. Talk to Lady Lutisse and ask about the sword of truth. No lie can resist it and you are now God's champion in Britain. Go to Melatus and fight him with the sword of truth. Melatus comes back and thanks you for freeing him from the devil and gives you a horn to be blown on his gravestone in case you need his help. Talk to Lady Lutisse and she bids you to get justice in Camelot

Lancelot accused:

          Camelot - Ride to the castle. The guard says that you are not welcome here. Look at the pennants on the right and see that Lancelot's standard is not there anymore. Go to Mark's camp and talk to Cymerill. Ask about Lancelot. He is accused of carrying off Queen Guinevere. Sagramor and his soldiers witnessed the act . 

Go to Sagramor's camp and ask the guard where he is. Go to the Saxon's camp. Ask the guard for Sagramor and you can enter. Talk to Sagramor, standing on the left side of the camp about Lancelot. He saw Lancelot take Queen Guinevere in Arden Forest. Verify this by using the sword of truth on Sagramor. Go to Arden.

          Arden - Ride to Merlin's tree. Crystals block 4 of the roads going out and 2 of them are black. Go to the one on the right of the 3 standing great stones and ride to the Lake of offering. Walk around the lake and see Lancelot. Talk to him and then use the sword of truth on him. Continue talking to him and then ask about Sagramor, Queen Guinevere and then Morganor. Morganor together with Mark and Cedric plots against Arthur. Pick up the glowing tablet behind Lancelot and close to the forest. Use the tablet on Lancelot. Leave the lake and ride back to Merlin's tree. 

Check the 2 black stones and see that it bears the mark of sorcery. Go to the black stone with a white wolf nearby and use the tablet on it. The black crystal disappears. Ride forward, right and then left. Walk forward and then to the path on the right. Look at the cart by the dolmen. Pick up the black shield

Go back to Merlin's tree and then to Lancelot at the Lake of Offering. Show Lancelot the black shield. A knight in Morganor's camp carried the shield but it bears the marking of Melatus. Go to Magovenium

          Magovenium - Go to the catacombs and Melatus' gravestone. Use the horn Melatus gave to call him. Talk to Melatus and then show him the shield. It is the shield of Melatus' brother who is under the devil's power and is now a doppelganger. Show him the tablet and he says it is part of the enchantment of a doppelganger by a sorcerer. Pray to St. Epona to leave this place. Find yourself in the chapel at the monastery. Go to Dionicus and show him the tablet and he says it is the work of Morganor. As long as you carry the tablet it will protect you from the sorcery of the creator. Ask him about the doppelganger. 3 tablets are needed to make one and need all 3 to defeat it. Now, to find the 2 other tablets with Morganor back at Camelot

          Camelot - Go to the Atrebates' camp. Talk to the Pict guard and then show him the tablet. Enter and talk to Morganor about Lancelot, Arthur and doppelganger. Ask him also about the word of power. Use the sword of truth on Morganor. Go to Saxon's camp. Talk to the guard and then show the tablet to gain entry. Talk to Cedric, show the tablet and then ask about word of power and doppelganger. After some fast-talking, he says that Mark knows the word of power and gives you the second tablet. Go to Mark's camp. Again show the tablet to the guard to gain entry. Talk to Mark and show the tablet. He gives the third tablet gladly. Ask about the magic word. He recites the word - The Word created all things, in the name of the Word, open. Leave for Arden

          Arden - At Merlin's Tree, use the tablet on the Black stone beside the black wolf. Ride forward to Black Rock. Walk forward and cross the bridge to the Black rock tower. Use the magic word on the rock door of the tower. Enter and talk to the doppelganger. He reveals the main plot of Morganor on Arthur. Talk about Melatus (doppelganger), Queen Guinevere and Morganor. Use the tablet and then the sword of truth on the doppleganger. We come from the land of the dead. 6 we are, 3 to carry Bradwen off to the land of the dead and 3 to carry off his shadow. Get out of the hexagram, stand behind one of the brown sorcerer rock and use the sword of truth on it. Repeat this on the other brown rocks. 3 of the rocks disappear. Use the 3 tablets on the remaining rocks. The doppelganger disappears. Turn to Bradwen's left and go forward and try to pick up the rose, formerly encased in black crystal by the brown rock. As proof of your love, show the brooch of Lady Lutisse and the crystal rose can now be picked up. Go to Camelot.

          Camelot - Go to the castle. Talk to the guard about Lancelot. On the way to the main tower, hear a beggar at the foreground. Talk to him and then give the coin/midnight colored shield. Talk to the guard at the main tower. Enter and talk to Arthur about Morganor and Lancelot. Give Arthur the crystal rose. Arthur orders the Ordeal of the Duel. 

Bradwen became a Knight of the Round Table and King of the Atrebates.

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