Art of Murder: The Hunt for the Puppeteer

by City Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   March 2009


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game. The DVD disk is needed in the drive to play.

The main menu has start game, load game, save game, graphics settings, sound setting, movies, credits and quit game.

The graphic settings are selections for shadows & FX, background animations, subtitles and save the screen ratio. The sound settings are adjustments for music, fx, dialogues and master volumes. In movies, cutscenes seen in the game can be replayed.

Bottom right of the main game screen has: the notebook that has dialogues, journal and documents; cell phone, question mark that shows the active spots and exits in the game screen and briefcase that accesses the main menu. ESC key skips intro, cutscenes and also accesses the main menu.

Labels of items or actions that can be done on an item are seen on top of the game screen when the cursor hovers on that item.

Left mouse click does actions and right mouse click shows a close or give information of an item. Right mouse clicks of items are helpful in giving hints.

To save a game, select a frame and wait for the text that states the game is saved.

New Orleans 2-8-3007:    A swat team arrives in an abandoned hangar. Inside they find a gruesome scene of a dead man hanging in the rafters.


Paris, France

15 April, 2008

Ballet rehearsing room:    Nicole Bonnet comments that the scenery looks like a Degas picture. In inventory is a camera with a flash and business card with mobile number.

Read the documents for the old police reports of the puppeteer's murders and psychological profile.

Victim:    A ballet dancer (danseuse, Elizabeth Soupalt, age 30) is seen murdered and held by strings in a pose at right wall.

Talk to Inspector Pety about the case and the murderer. Nicole Bonnet, FBI agent was sent to Paris to help-observe the new murder by the Puppeteer. Inspector leaves.

Table:    Go to the desk at far left corner of room. The cell phone rings. It is the FBI boss.

Open the middle drawer and take:  sheets of paper, adhesive tape, stapler and plastic sleeves. Press the hidden button at right side of desk drawer to unlock the right drawer.

Open the right drawer that is now unlocked and get:  pipe cleaning tool, matches, cotton wool and list of people renting the room.

Danseuse:    Go back to the victim.

Chair - Check the knocked over chair right of dancer.

Mirror - Right click the shattered mirror behind the danseuse.

Pictures - Use camera on the danseuse. Nicole takes 2 pictures.

Doll - Look closer at the dancer again. There's a doll at the foot of the dancer. Use a plastic sleeve on doll to get doll in evidence bag. See a flash of the murderer and the danseuse in the middle of the room. The doll is a ballet dancer.

Crystals - Look closer at dancer to examine her face. Right click the driven-in hook holding her up. See crystals close to her mouth.

Collect crystals:    In inventory, combine match and cotton wool to get swab of cotton.

Use swab of cotton on the crystals by her mouth to get dirty swab.

Use dirty swab on plastic sleeve to get swab with crystals in a plastic sleeve.

Window:    Go close to window. Look close and see an open window at top and a lower window that has fingerprint.

Policeman - Exit the room and go to the policeman sitting by the exit door.

Talk to the policeman. Nicole asks for a pencil.

Fuse - Check the fuse box and see that there are missing fuses. Talk to policeman again about the lights.

Door to Ballet rehearsing room - Take the mop left of the door. Check the light switch right of the door.

Go back inside.

Swinging window - Use mop (changed to mop pole only) to close the swinging window.

Take picture of the cross mark on the window.

Lower window with fingerprint - Take a picture of the fingerprint on the window.

Take fingerprint:

Combine pencil with stapler to break it open.

Use crushed pencil with paper to get powdered lead.

Use powdered lead with fingerprint on window.

Use adhesive tape on fingerprint.

Use adhesive tape with fingerprint with paper.

Floor:    Move back and look close at the middle of the floor. The cross mark on the window produced a shadow on the floor.

Check the cross mark:   

Look close at the place that has the cross marked shadow. See a loose plank.

Use the pipe cleaning tool on the plank.

Take a picture of the plank with 1793 written on it. (1793 is the start of the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution).

Use plastic sheet on plank to get floor plank in evidence bag. You can also take picture of this evidence in inventory if the plank on the floor is not taken.

List of people renting the room:   

Right click the list taken from desk in inventory.

Pull back and then take picture of list of people renting the room.

Policeman:    Exit the room. Talk to the policeman again about the evidences.

Exit through the door at left.

Read the journal for a summary of what was done.


Reception desk:    Talk to Pierre, the hotel owner at the reception desk.

Room:    Go left and up the stairs to room. Look around the room.

Send the pictures to main office:

Get the antenna to work:

Go to the desk at the corner. See the laptop, plug, lamp, adapter and antenna.

Check the plug on the wall. Nicole needs an adapter. Remove the plug and try the adapter plug. Nope - no go.

Check the adapter of the antenna. Turn it over and see that it has input of 110 V. That cannot be used here.

Look close at lamp. Turn the lamp off by pressing the switch. Click on base to turn it over. The input is 230 V.

Take the halogen bulb off the lamp. It is 12V. Hmm, same as the output of the adapter of the antenna. So the output of the lamp is 12V.

Click on the right plug of the adapter thus unplugging the cord of the antenna. 

Look again at the turned over lamp without the bulb. See that the socket of the bulb and the end of the antenna cord don't match.

Cafe:    Exit the room and hotel. Outside the hotel, go right to the cafe.

Talk to Pierre. Meet Sylvie Leroux of Chronicles of Mystery: Scorpio Ritual fame. Ask Pierre for help and charger.

Talk to him again about piece of wire (now that you saw the unplugged end of the antenna, the 12V output of the lamp and adapter). Sylvie gives a hairclip.

Connect the antenna cord to the socket of the lamp bulb:

Room:    Go back to the room.

Look close at lamp again. Click on hairclip and it is snaps to 2 pieces.

Use snapped hair clip on bulb socket of the lamp.

Click on the plug of the antenna and it is automatically attached to the wires of the bulb socket.

Turn the lamp upright and then press the switch.

Pull back and see the antenna has now green light.

Open the antenna. Pull back.

Laptop - Attach the camera to camera cord left of laptop.

Click twice at bottom middle part of laptop to start sending data.

Automatically talk to Ruth at main office. Nick is gone.

Take camera.

Exit room and go down the stairs. Get a call from Inspector Pety. Another murder has occurred. It is at Montmarte Rue de Nouveau No. 5/13.

Reception:    Go to exit and see the door is locked.

Go to reception desk and take-read the car rental leaflet. Look right of desk and ring the bell.

Talk to Pierre about walk, rental and cab. Exit the hotel.

Montmarte Rue de Nouveau No. 5/13:

A man watches Nicole as she goes to the apartment.

Jack Dupree's apartment:    Enter the building and go one more floor up from floor with trolley.

Talk to police officer. The murder occurred in the apartment of Jack Dupree.

Enter #5 apartment.

Talk to Inspector Pety. Jacquelin Lorrain, another dancer is the victim. The MO is not the same - there's blood and no doll.

The witness is the woman in the apartment below. Inspector Pety gives his business card.

Take the picture of the desk and the ropes with hooks.

Right click-look around. Inspector Pety stops Nicole from touching the desk and the wheel.

There's a tool box in the middle of the room. Exit the room.

Witness:    Talk to the police officer about the witness, Agnes Grouchet.

Get the witness to talk:     Go down and ring the bell on the door right of the trolley.

Talk to Madame Grouchet. She doesn't want to talk.

Use Inspector Pety's business card on the bell of the apartment.

Talk to her about the murder. Something fell from the suspect as he runs away.

Exit the building.

Sewer grate:    Look close at the sewer grate at middle bottom of screen.

See a gold bracelet in the sewer. Nicole doesn't want to touch the sewer grate.

Get bracelet:    Go back inside and talk to the police officer about toolbox. He refuses to let Nicole look inside the toolbox.

Go downstairs and check the mailbox of Madame Grouchet. Take the newspaper from mailbox.

Go back up and talk to police officer about the newspaper.

Open the toolbox and take screwdriver, fingerprint foil and evidence bags.

Exit the building and go back to sewer grate.

Use screwdriver on sewer grate. Use evidence bag on gold bracelet.

Get a call from Pierre and was told that a nervous American left a letter for Nicole.

Hotel:     Go to reception desk and read the letter.

Jack Dupree wants to meet Nicole at Pont des Invalides at 11 PM.

Try to exit the hotel and Nicole wants her laptop to take down Jack's statement.

Room:    Go upstairs to room.

Send the 2 new pictures on to HQ. Attach the camera and then click twice at bottom middle part of the laptop.

Take the laptop case from foot of bed and click it on the laptop to get laptop in a case.

Exit the room but Nicole wants to change clothes. Nicole changes to jeans and jacket.

Talk to Pierre and then ask for a taxi. Exit the hotel.

Pont des Invalides:

Nicole talks to Jack Dupree. He mentions that someone is framing him and that it all started with letters received in New Orleans.

He has the letters in his apartment.

A motorcyclist passes by and fires at Jack. Nicole hits him with her laptop. Nicole picks up the gun and fires at the motorcyclist. Jack falls off the bridge.

Inspector Pety is not happy. He had a police officer take her back to hotel and will wait to take her to the airport.

16 April, 2008


Reception desk:    Talk to Pierre. A Louis Carnot wants to talk to Nicole.

He gives the car rental keys to Nicole.

Escape the police officer:

Make diversion:    Go outside and talk to the police officer about driving her car rental to the airport.

Go back inside and ask Pierre about another entrance.

Go outside and talk to the police officer about coffee.

Talk to Pierre again about kitchen - coffee and croissant. He leaves to get the snack.

Go to the right side of the reception desk and try to get the key. It's too far.

Get to second exit:    Go to the stairs and take the bamboo stick on the plant left of the stairs.

Go to the cabinet right of the stairs. Open the cabinet and take kerchief, champagne cork from top shelf and the metal hook at top corner of the door.

Use the hook on the bamboo stick to get bamboo stick with hook. Use the bamboo stick with hook on the back door key in the cabinet right of the reception area.

Use the back door key on the door left of the plant by the staircase. Exit.

Nicole doesn't want to go any further and goes back inside automatically.

Exit through front door and back in again. Pierre is back at his desk.

Sabotage the police car:    Take the croissant and coffee from the reception desk. Pierre takes a phone call in the office.

Go outside and talk to the police officer about coffee.

Go back inside and out through the back door.

See Nicole go to the police car and block the exhaust pipe of the car with the kerchief and champagne cork. Automatically be inside.

Exit through front door and talk to the police officer.

Nicole drives off ahead the police car. The police car stalls.

GPS:    Click on the Montmarte flag on the GPS inside the rental car.

Montmarte Rue de Nouveau:

Find another entrance:

Enter the apartment and go up. See that Jack's apartment is taped up. Another entrance needs to be found.

Go down to the lower level. Go through the window. Oops!

Go the lit window with railing at left. Look close at the broken railing.

Take 4 bars: 3 bars that are still attached (two at bottom and one at top) and a loose bar on the ledge.

See a wire at the left corner. Click on it for Nicole to use and climb to the next level.

Go to next window-Jack's and look close. It is blocked.

Open Jack's window:    Go right and take 2 planks from broken box.

Look close at chimney at right corner. See 4 holes on the wall.

Place the 4 bars on the holes and lay the 2 planks on top of the bars.

Pull back to far view and click on the antenna on the roof.

Get aluminum antenna wire. The top plank breaks.

Go back to the left and to the window that is locked.

Look close at window. Use the aluminum wire on lock. Nicole says to bent it.

Left click the aluminum wire in inventory to get aluminum wire, properly bent.

Use the aluminum wire, properly bent on the lock of the window. Enter through the window.

Jack's apartment:    Look around.

Bicycle - Go to the bicycle wheel at right. Take loose spoke.

Desk - Take the keys with flashlight.

Map - Look at map and note that the wind rose's cardinal directions are written in colors.

Drawer - Look close at bottom drawer. Use the key with flashlight to get light.

See a hole at right side. Pull the drawer open more. Use the spoke on the hole. The spoke has space to be turned.

Automatically get an Allen wrench and a paper with colored numbers.

Hooks:    Go to the left of the desk between the windows.

Open secret compartment:     See hooks on the wall with Roman numerals under them. The 5th one is missing a hook.

Place the Allen wrench on the 5th hole.

Based on the wind rose colors and the colored numbers on the paper, get the direction to turn the hooks.


Order of hook number to turn


Direction to turn hook to:

















Box and letters:    Take the letters from Marc Taine of Paris to Jack in New Orleans. There is a tied up box with notebook.

Click the box with notebook in inventory to separate them to box and notebook.

Read the notebook by left clicking it. Learn that Jack's roots are here in France. His ancestor is Gerard Louis de Bougainville. Bougainville changed his name when he arrived in New Orleans.

Thug:     Saved game automatically done.

Nicole hears someone coming. Immediately, enter the cabinet with the dress.

Watch as Nicole hides just in time as someone with a gun enters.

The man opens the cabinet and Nicole rushes out while being fired at.


Click the hotel flag in the GPS. Enter the hotel.

Reception desk:    Louis Carnot talks to Nicole. He wants to know about Jack Dupree.

He gives his business card. He thinks that Jack has been arrested and says he met Jack in New Orleans several months ago. He knows about the documents.

Nicole gives the box to Pierre to be kept in the safe.

Exit the hotel. Go to the car. Click on the Moulin Rouge flag on the GPS.

See the puppeteer making another doll.

17 April 2008

Moulin Rouge

Front of theatre:    Enter the theater at right. Look around.

Check the door and try the keys taken from Jack's apartment on the door.

Pick up the canvas tape from the pole at left. Take the poster that is on the floor at left.

Back of theater:     Exit the theater. Go to the road at right and be back of the Moulin Rouge Theater.

Look close at the sand pile with wheelbarrow at left.

Take the leaky bucket and wheel rim of the barrow. Take the pipe sticking from the sand pile.

Go to the entrance at right. Check the door. It is locked.

Check the hatch right of the door. Try to open the hatch.

Use the pipe on the padlock of the hatch. Open the hatch again. It is too heavy.

Open the hatch:    Use the rim on the hook on the wall above the hatch.

Use the canvas tape on the hatch handle.

Go left to the water conduit box. Open the box.

In inventory combine the leaky bucket and the poster to make bucket with taped up hole.

Place the bucket with taped up hole inside the water conduit box. Turn the valve. Take the filled bucket.

Place the filled bucket on the tape hook of the rim-tape setup on the wall.

Pull the filled bucket to raise the hatch.

Backstage:    Enter the hatch opening. Watch as the hatch closes because the bucket leaked the water.

Go back and try to exit through the hatch, Nicole cannot push the cover.

Check the exit door and see that it is locked.

Dressing room:    Go to bottom screen. Try to open the door at left. It is locked.

Use the keys with Moulin Rouge taken from Jack's desk on the locked door. Enter the dressing room.

Look close at the left side of the makeup table.

Press the blue button on the phone and hear the message of Louis Carnot. Hmm.. So Jack's mistress Jacquelin is a plant.

Look close at the right side of the makeup table.

Check the bottle behind the cookies. Left click the bottle to get aspirin and crucifix

Pull back and open the drawer under the costumes right of the makeup table. Take envelopes. Right click the envelopes in inventory to see that they are sent by Mark Taine.

Take the mannequin arm at right. Left click the mannequin arm in inventory to get a ring.

Backstage:    Exit the room.

Exit the theatre:   

Check the axe box right of the costumes.

Use the mannequin arm on the box. Take the axe.

Hear the baddies talking. There's an urgent need to exit this place.

Take the fire extinguisher on a trolley on the floor beside the box.

Go to the exit door at end of corridor. Place the fire extinguisher on a trolley on the floor in front of the door.

Use the axe on the valve of the extinguisher. Wow!

Enter the red rental car.

Nicole has a guest inside the car as she drives away.

Hotel room:   

Talk to Rene Fourier, the detective (private investigator).

Learn about Jack and why the detective is here. Jack's ancestors are the Bougainvilles. They fled to Americas during the Reign of Terror and Carnot was one of the people they dealt with. A lot of the Bougainvilles did not make it. Hmm...

Go down to the reception desk. Ask Pierre for the box. Go back to room and talk to the detective.

Open the Box:    In inventory, left click the crucifix to get a weirdly shaped key.

Open the box by placing the weirdly shaped key on the box.

See scraps of paper and diary of Jack's ancestor.

Map pieces:    Right click the scraps of paper.

Piece together the papers. Right click of each piece turns the paper.

Once the paper is attached correctly to another piece they cannot be manipulated anymore.

When the map is put together, immediately use the adhesive tape on the pieced together map.

If it takes long, the put together pieces separates back to scraps and the puzzle needs to be redone.

Take note of the picture of a coastline at the bottom. Nicole thinks it's a port enroute to America.

Talk to the Detective again.

Mark Taine's Apartment:    Use the GPS and click on the flag.

The detective picked the lock.

Here's the base of the puppeteer. They saw a wall full of info on the victims. The dolls are witnesses.

The Detective found the next victim in Azarra in Pyrenees.

Take pictures of the 2 boards of victims' info.

Work table:     Take a picture of the puppet making table in the foreground.

Look close at the table. See pictures of Nicole. See the unfinished doll.

Use fingerprint foil on the coffee mug at bottom left to get foil with fingerprints.

Open the secret door:    Take the unbolted monkey wrench from the floor of the kitchen across the table.

Go to the locker (file cabinet) at the corner left of the victim board.

Open the top drawer of the locker. Take Mark Taine's driver's license.

Click on the locker again to move it away from the plaster wall.

Use the monkey wrench on the plaster wall. Nicole says that the key needs bending.

Place the wrench back in inventory and then left click it.

Use the monkey wrench on the plaster wall again. Hit the wall 4 times.

The door is locked. Use Mark Taine's driver license on the lock of the door.

Secret room:    Look around the room. See blood on the glass wall.

Check the bucket filled with water beside the freezer.

Open the freezer. See Mark Taine. Take a picture of the corpse.

Go back to next room and Detective.

Escape the fire:    See the room on fire and the puppeteer bending over the detective.

The murderer sees Nicole and escapes.

Take the blanket at right of the room. Use the blanket on the bucket full of water.

Click the wet blanket on the door and see Nicole outside the apartment.

Go to the car immediately. Go to Spain.

Azarra, Spain

18 April 2008


Talk to Raul and learn where the antiquarian is located.

Exit to bottom right.

Antiquarian bookshop:   

Enter the door at the building in the foreground.

Talk to the Antoine Sourian, the Antiquarian and explain about the murders.

Develop the photos:

Exit the book store. Go to center of town. Try the door at left after the Cafe and the sign on the wall is Raul's Tienda. It is closed.

Go back to the Antiquarian and tell him the shop is closed. Try the garage.

Garage:    Talk to Raul the mechanic. He is also the shop owner. Nicole gives the camera to him.

Grocery store:    Go right to center of town and enter the grocery store - Raul's Tienda.

Talk to Raul. He wants 68 Euros and be paid now.

Find money:

Fountain:    Go across the Tienda and forward to the fountain.

Click on the water until you get all the coins: one 1 pound, one 50 cents, one 5 zlotys, two 500 yens, four 2 euros, one old coin, two 5 euros and five 1 euros.

Grocery store:    Go back to the grocery store.

Hot cash:    Look close at the slot machine.

The machine needs 2 Euros per game. Insert Euros until you win.

Look down and take the game winnings.

Talk to Raul. Get the camera and developed photos.

Antiquarian bookshop:    Go back to bookstore and talk to the Antiquarian.

He has a list of the people involved with the aristocrats fleeing the French revolution. The ones involved didn't get any money. Hmm...

Task that the antiquarian needs to do before leaving is to repair of grandson's  motorcycle that is in the garden in back.

Go to the garden:    Go right to the office and try the door to the garden. It is locked.

Talk to Antoine. He mentions that he was reading a book by Proust (can be random) at the time. He can't remember. If it was not for his young bull...

Go to the book shelf in the back. Look for the book by Proust (can be random). The location of the book is random.

Get the garden key.

Go to the office at right and use the old garden key on the door.

Motorcycle:    The motorcycle is missing a wheel and it is on the ground.

Take the flat key-wrench on top of the wood at right.

Talk to Antoine again about the motorcycle. After he leaves, look at his desk and take the marker-felt tip pen.

Fix the motorcycle tire:

Garage:     Talk to Raul. He wants Nicole to get a tube and see if it is not punctured and bring him the wheel and the tire iron.

Take the damaged motorcycle wheel-tire behind Nicole. Look close at the bowl-tub in the foreground. Take the tire iron.

Talk to Raul to give him the wheel and tire iron.

Check if the tire has a puncture:   

Go to the right and look close at the blue compressor. Take the tube without air right of the blue compressor.

Turn the compressor on by pressing the green button close to top of the machine.

Attach the tube without air on the compressor pistol. Ah this one has a hole; see it deflate in inventory.

Find the hole:     Fill the tube with air again.

Immediately take inflated tire, pull back, go right to town and run to the fountain. Use the tube in the fountain. She will say when she sees the hole.

In inventory, use the felt tip pen to mark where the hole is located - click felt tip pen on tire to get marked hole in tube.

Go back to garage. Talk to Raul about the marked hole in the tube.

He needs a piece of rubber to use as patch.

Get rubber patch:    Go back to the garden of the Antiquarian.

Right click the gray part-patched hole of the roof above the door. It is a piece of rubber.

Try to take it and Nicole can not reach that high.

Go back inside and talk to Antoine to borrow the umbrella leaning on the ladder.

Pick up the piece of rubber but the umbrella is stuck.

Go back inside the office. Look close at the desk-table. Take the scissor.

Go back to the garage and talk to Raul again. He wants the piece of rubber cut.

Use the scissor with piece of rubber.  Talk to Raul again. Sigh!

He finally gives the fixed motorcycle tire without air.

Turn on the compressor. Then use the fixed motorcycle without air with the blue compressor pistol.

Take the fixed motorcycle tire.

Antiquarian bookshop:   

Antoine:    Go back to the antiquarian shop.

Oh my! Use the evidence bag with the doll on the floor. Look at the doll - a notary?

Open the safe:    Go to the office at right. Look at the safe and Nicole noted that the safe has been moved.

Look at the young bull statue left of door that Antoine mentioned.

Click to turn it on its side. See numbers. These numbers are random - could be any number.

Go to the safe right of the door. Look close at dial. Turn the dial left-right-left... to the numbers seen under the bull statue. Click-hold-turn and release the dial only when the correct number is under the red dot at top of the dial.

Sound need not be heard when numbers are placed under the red dot. In my game, I didn't hear a sound when the correct numbers are under the red dot.

Numbers are counted off from zero.

The reset button is at center. Click on the handle to open the safe.

Take the safe wheel.

Move the safe:   As noted by Nicole, the safe has been moved. Let's check.

Place the 2 wheels at the front right and back right bolts.

Try to move the safe. Nicole says to lever the safe.

Go back to the bookstore proper. Take the rapier on the wall behind Antoine's desk.

Go back to the safe. Use the rapier on the safe handles at top of the safe.

Click on the rapier handle. Take the wooden block under the safe.

Click on the rapier handle again to move it away from back wall.

Secret compartment:    Look at secret compartment. Pull the twine.

Take the list of people-conspirators and the motorcycle keys.

Carnot's ancestor is listed as a conspirator.


Fix the motorcycle:  


Look at the table and take the stool.

Go to the garden. Look close at the motorcycle.

Left click the stool in inventory to remove the seat.

Place the stool without seat at the motorcycle back.

Use the wrench on the inserted stool without seat to raise the motorcycle back higher.

Place the wooden block under the bottom center of the motorcycle.

Use the fixed motorcycle tire on back wheel. Automatically the stool is removed.

Take the wheel cap from the pan-bowl.

Look close at the wheel. Use the wheel cap on the thread of the bolt.

Use the wrench to tighten the wheel cap. The wrench is too big. Place a coin above the wheel cap. Then use the wrench to secure the wheel cap.

Push-click the motorcycle to dislodge it from the wooden block.

Use the motorcycle key on the motorcycle.

Marseilles, France

19 April 2008

Road:    Look around. Nicole is parked in front of Carnot's palace.

Gate:    Look close at gate. Ring bell and talk to the guard. Leave the gate.

Get into the palace.

Wall:    Go left and look at the broken part of the wall at far left.

Phone booth:    Enter the phone booth.

Take big stone, small stone on top of phone and container for film.

Harbor:     Go back to the right and down to the harbor.

Look close at the destroyed boat. Take green plank used as bridge to boat. Take rope, big bucket and small bucket with punched out bottom.

Left click the big bucket to get screwdriver.

Enter white boat:

Tie the rope on the hook on the harbor. The rope is attached to hook and back of boat. This steadies the boat.

Use green plank on rope. Pull back and enter the boat. Automatically, Nicole takes the anchor.

Take the green plank and rope again.

In inventory left click the film container to get film container and hanger with rubber sucker.

Use film container with seawater to get container with water.

In inventory combine hook and rope to get rope with anchor.

Distract the guard:

Go back to the destroyed top part of wall at left. Try to use the rope with anchor on the wall. Nicole worries about the guard.

Go close to the gate. Look close at gate.

Place the big bucket on the spot under the wall or pull bell right of the gate on the ground.

Place small bucket with hole above the big bucket.

Place green plank over the buckets.

Look above the bell and click on the cornice for a close up.

Place the big stone on the cornice.

In inventory combine the film container with water and aspirin to get a closed container with fizzing aspirin.

Place closed container with fizzing aspirin behind the big stone on the cornice.

Time starts. Go to far left and the break on the wall.

Wait until the bell rings. Then use the rope with anchor on the break on the wall.

Jump down to the right.

Enter the Palace:

Look through the main entrance and see a sleeping guard.

Go right to the basement window. Nicole wants to open the window discreetly.

In inventory, combine screwdriver and hanger with rubber sucker. Add the ring to make a glass cutting tool. Smart, eh!

Use glass cutting tool on window. Click the tool to turn it and make a circle.

Use small stone to push the circular cut glass.

Click on the space made to open the window. Enter.


Talk to Jack. Nicole removes the silver tape from his mouth. His family owned this palace before. (Remember that his ancestor is an aristocrat that fled the Reign of Terror. Now Carnot a descendant of one of the conspirators owns it). Learn more about the staged assassination on the bridge.

Louis was in the apartment with a dead Jacqueline when he came home.

Search the palace:

Check the kitchen at left.  

Go to the corridor. See the sleeping guard.

Tiptoe and get the newspaper. Check both doors.

Climb the stairs. Check both doors. It is locked.

Go back down to the basement and talk to Jack about key.

Get the key:    Go to the kitchen at left.

Right click to see slots at bottom of stove. Left click the newspaper to make a tightly rolled newspaper.

Use tightly rolled newspaper on all the slot until the key is located (random). Take key and coin (1 Euro).

Library:     Go back to corridor, up the stairs and the locked door on the left.

Use the key on the locked door. Enter the library.

Game saved automatically. Close-click the open door. Use the key on door. The key is left on door.

Go to library proper.

Fireplace:    Look at-right click the painting above the fireplace. Just like the danseuse victim.

Look close at fireplace. Take the fake statuette.

Look at photo. See that Louis has a brother and he's wearing a bracelet similar to the one taken from the sewer grate.

Take the square with ornament hidden behind the photo.

Hidden door:    Go right to the bookcase-rack.

Look close at shelves. Remove all the books from the middle bookcase. Click on the shelf to push it.

See an ornate wood carvings. Look close at the slider puzzle.

Slider puzzle:    Arrange the mosaic on the right to be similar to that on the left.

Use the square with ornament on the last square when the rest are arranged.

This puzzle is random.

Secret room:    A secret room is revealed.

Look at the table and see a copy of part of the map.

Piece of map:    Take the map piece in the box.

In inventory, combine the newly taken map piece with the other piece of map put together.

Right click to see a close up. Combine the 2 pieces and then use adhesive tape to hold them together.

Note the picture of another coastline at top right.

Exit the secret room.

Protect the map:     Nicole says that she hopes nobody catches her with the fragment of the map. Best to secure the map then.

Timed sequence. Save game here.

Use the map with statuette to get statuette wrapped in map.

Use adhesive tape on the statuette wrapped in map.

Use the statuette wrapped in map on the window. Nicole throws it out the window.

A nightmare:    Nicole is caught by the guards. They will let the dogs chase Nicole. They even bet on it.

Nicole runs and on the way to the wall picks up the statuette with map.

Nick saves Nicole. Nick gives Nicole a number to call to get to Havana, Cuba.

Phone booth:    Use the phone booth and Nicole automatically calls the number.

After the call, go right to the motorcycle. Use motorcycle key on motorcycle.


Havana, Cuba

20 April 2008


Read the note on the door of the Archives. The clerk is at La Catedral.

Get archive clerk back to the office:

La Catedral:    Go left to street. Continue left pass the blue Tenement building. Go across the street to the yellow bar - La Catedral.

Talk to the man drinking coffee. He will return to work if he gets cigar.

Talk to the blue shirted citizen of Havana.

Find cigars:     Cross the street to the corner of the hotel that has galvanized sheets around it.

Take the carrier bag with a hole on the ground beside the trash can and the gloves in the trash can.

Enter the hotel through the galvanized sheets.

Go forward to the elevator ahead. Take the tin can from the elevator floor.

Click the tin can in inventory twice to get tin can, tobacco leaves and cigar.

Go across the street again and talk to clerk at the bar to give him the cigars.

Get lighter:    The clerk needs a lighter.

Cross the street, continue to the right until the archives and take the road on the right.

See an abandoned blue car. Look close at car hood. Take the lighter on top of the radiator.

Go back to the left 4 times and be at the bar. Talk to the clerk about the lighter. It is empty.

Go to the little table behind the clerk. Use lighter on lighter loader to get lighter with gas.

Talk to the clerk again.

Enter archives and look around. See that the citizen followed Nicole and is eavesdropping.

Talk to the clerk. He warns about being observed. He is also listening to the radio.

Try to exit and talk to the citizen.

Get rid of the citizen that is following Nicole.

Take a good fuse from the box right of the door. The power is lost at the desk.

Take the rubber band, batteries attached to the radio and clothes peg attached to the antenna.

Exit the archives and go back to the abandoned hotel.

Hotel:    Go left twice and enter the hotel at the corner.

Fix the elevator:

Go behind the pillar at left.

Check the fuse box behind the pillar. There are no fuses.

Place the good fuse in a fuse socket that works the elevator. The correct slot is the second from right bottom row.

Turn the switch and see that the elevator door closes.

Trap the citizen in the elevator:

Pull back. See that the citizen has followed Nicole and is peeking at the entrance.

Turn back to the fuse box. Turn the switch back on to open the elevator doors.

Take the bricks on the floor left of the pillar.

Go to the elevator. Look close at elevator.

Place the bricks on elevator floor. Place the metal can on top of bricks.

Place batteries inside the metal can.

Use rubber band on the lighter to get a lighter that is lit.

Use lit lighter on metal can. MacGyver eat your heart out!

Go back to Archives and talk to clerk.

Learn about the Montoute family. It is in Las Tunas. Learn how to get there. He loans his car to Nicole and he gives the car keys.

Get to Las Tunas:

Go left until the bar.

Fix the clerk's car:    Check the car left of the bar. Enter the car.

Use the keys on the ignition. Turn the key twice.

Open the car hood.  Check the radiator and see there is no plug or water in the cooler-radiator. The accumulator is dead.

Get water for the cooler:    Go right twice to the blue tenement building. Look close at the fountain on the wall of the building.

In inventory combine the carrier bag with hole with the clothespin.

Use the fixed carrier bag on the faucet. Turn the valve and get carrier bag filled with water.

Get plug:    Go right twice to the blue car right of the archives. Look in the car hood.

Take the plug from the cooler-radiator.

Get accumulator:    Try to take the blue battery-accumulator. It is heavy as lead.

Go left and use the rickshaw. Watch.

Look in car hood. Take the blue battery-accumulator. Watch.

Repair the clerk's car:

Open the car hood. Use the carrier bag filled with water on the cooler. Now it has water.

Use the plug on the hole of the cooler. The plug is too big. Use the rubber gloves on the hole; then use the plug.

Enter the car. Look right at glove compartment. Take the wrench and a cap.

Open the car hood again. Use the wrench on the brown battery. Take the blue battery from rickshaw and automatically it is placed in the car.

Enter car and use the car keys on ignition. Turn the key twice. Wow - that is some driving.


Montoute Estate, Cuba

21 April 2008

Montoute Estate:   

Enter through the gate and see the ruins of a once majestic estate.

Enter the building. Look close at left and examine the grindstone. It needs a belt.

Check the tree at right and see a ripe soursop. Check the ground under the fruit. Nicole says it needs something to catch it.

Enter the room on the right. See a lemon balm plant on the ground.

Look close at the secret compartment on the wall. Click to see that it is empty.

Exit the estate.

Meet Manuel trying to fix his tricycle. He needs a cap. If you haven't yet, take the cap from the glove compartment of the car. Give him the cap.

Learn where to get information about the Montoute Estate - Madame Budoe at the village.

Shaman's house:   

Go right from the Estate. Go forward until the Shaman's house.

Go up to the house and talk to Ines. The fan is broken.

Get to see Madame:

Fix the fan:

Look close at the standing fan. Open the cover of the fan. Turn the switch on and off.

Take the fan brushes. Right click the fan brushes in inventory. It is worn out.

Pull back and take the pillow from the floor.

Talk to Ines about repair. Exit the area.

Get fan brushes:    Talk to Manuel and get engine brushes.

Go back to the fan and see if this engine brushes fits the fan. It is too wide.

Go back to Manuel and ask if he has smaller brushes. Also try to borrow the stick.

Go back to the Estate at left and forward to the grindstone. Click the left side and center of the grinder where the belt should be - Nicole says it won't work if it doesn't have a belt.

Go back to Manuel and ask for the wedge belt. He wants something to drink; sousop would be good. Borrow the stick.

Go back to the Estate. Go forward to look close at tree. Place pillow on the ground. Use the stick on the fruit.

Take sousop and stick leaning on the right.

Go back to Manuel and talk to him. Get the belt.

Go back to the Estate at left and forward to the grindstone. Place the wedge belt on the left side of the grinder. Use the engine brushes on the grindstone. Click grindstone. Take the ground engine brushes.

Go back to the fan at the Shaman's place. Place the ground engine brushes on the brush socket. Turn the switch. There you go.

Talk to Ines.

Madame Budoe:    Go right and talk to Madame.

Sacrifice to Lazarus:    Madame says to offer Salvia, Toranjil and thymus.

Collect herbs:    Ask Ines about the words and learn that they are lemon balm, sage and thyme.

Go back to the Estate. Pick up sage right of the gate.

Enter through the gate. Take vegetation - thyme beside the fountain.

Go inside the building and enter the room at right. Take lemon balm from the ground.

Go back to Madame. Talk to her about the collected herbs.

She says to crumble and burn thymus. Place the thyme on the mortar at the table at bottom left.

Go outside and talk to Ines. She gives matches.

Go back to the room. Use matches on the thyme in the mortar.

Talk to Madame. The Bougainville agrees to give Nicole the map. Madame gives the map.

Only Bougainville will stay. Oh No!!!.

The attacker emptied Nicole's pocket - no map.

Use evidence bag on the doll on the floor. The doll is a male symbolizing the Montoute ancestor.

Exit the room and see no one is around. Strange! Go to town - it is also empty.

Go back to the car and use key on ignition.



22 April 2008

Open the gate and go to the Palace.

Enter the Palace. See that no one is here.

Go down to the basement, pick up Jack's message and read Jack's letter. He is taken to the Montmarte Cemetery and wants Nicole to save him.

Go back outside. Look close and then use the motorcycle key on the motorcycle.


Montmarte Cemetery


Enter the cemetery. Go forward once and see 2 trash cans in front of a mausoleum on your right. There's a bottle of oil in front of it. You might need it later.

Go forward until the end of this path. The path splits right and left.

Take the right path. Note a garden hose on the left. Go forward until the end to the older part of the cemetery (inside).

Jack and Louis:    See Jack held by Louis' thugs. Click on them for Nicole to eavesdrop.

Hear that Jack kept the tools needed to find the entrance. The dagger is hidden in a picture and the key is in a box between the windows in Jack's apartment.

Louis sends one of the thugs to get the items. Follow the thug. Watch as Nicole follows the thug.

Jack's apartment:    Go upstairs and see the thug breaking in Jack's apartment.

Report the thug:    Go downstairs to the witness' apartment and ring the bell.

Talk to her to report the break in.

Watch as the thug is lead away by Inspector Pety.

Get the tools:    Go back to the apartment and enter.

Click on the Moulin Rouge poster above the TV. The poster turns over.

Take the Misericorde-broken dagger embedded in the back.

Check the compartment under the hooks between the windows.

Nicole has already taken the box from the secret compartment under the hooks. The box is in the hotel.

Go back down to the motorcycle. No matter what Nicole says, click the keys on the motorcycle.

Cemetery:    Nicole says that she took a detour to the hotel and got the box. See the box in inventory.

Enter the cemetery and go forward to the end. Go right and forward again to the end.

Nicole talks to the men. She convinces Louis to let them go after she finds the entrance to the catacombs.

Find the entrance to the catacombs:

Talk to Louis. Louis gives the piece of the map. Study the map and see that this map pictures a skull.

Turn to the right mausoleums. Go close to the columned chapel-mausoleum with a crow on the roof at right.

Look at the door and click on the sign. See the same skull featured in the map.

Open the door of the chapel:

Try to open the door and see that it is closed (locked). Look and right click the hole at the base of the posts flanking the door.

Go back to the path at right and go forward until the split in the road. See Nicole at far end of the main road going to the entrance.

Go left (instead of forward). Go forward and see a memorial with a bust of a man and has a wheel barrow with leaves in front of it. The fence around it is being worked on.

The tool box, rag, and axe are still on the ground. Take a bar from the fence.

Go back down, right and forward until the end to be back at the skull mausoleum.

Place the bar on the hole of one of the post. It is stuck and won't turn.

Go back to the right and down to the main path going back to the entrance.

Take the oil bottle in front of the 2 trash cans.

Go back to the chapel. Use the oil on the hole.

Insert the bar on the hole and click to turn it once. Remove bar.

Do the same to the other post. Oil the hole, insert the bar and twist bar. No grease, no go.

Open the door.

Open the entrance to the catacombs:

Enter the chapel-mausoleum. See a circular plate (lock) above the skull.

Place the Misericorde-broken dagger on the circular plate. Try the dagger blade and note that it is sharp and cannot be turned.

Go back to the bust that has the broken fence and where the bar was taken. Go back to the path at right and go forward until the split in the road. Go left (instead of forward). Go forward to the memorial with a bust of a man.

Pick up the rag on the ground at right.

Go back to the chapel and the broken dagger.

Wrap the rag on the dagger blade. Turn the dagger and the facade with the skull opens. The entrance is revealed.

Take the dagger-Misericorde.

Talk to Louis. He doesn't know the way in the catacombs. Nicole will have to mark the map. The rest of the map is given to Nicole.

Map:    In inventory use the pieces of map together.

Right click to look close at the 3 pieces of map.

Right click the pieces to turn it. Put together the map.

Use adhesive tape to keep them attached.

Find the route in the catacomb:

In inventory, left click the box to open to raise the lid. Use the Misericorde-broken dagger on the open box. A slit on the cover of the lid is done. The key is inventory.

Study the map in close up. Place the key on the map. Note that the decoration on the key matches the ornament at the center of the map. Position the key right on the design and Nicole will say that it is in the right place now.

Rotate the key by right clicking it and look for the pattern in the map that matches the shape of the lines at the end of the key. When the key and the map matches and are on top of one another, a red line is automatically made and Nicole will comment about it.

Continue to turn to find the other end of the line.

Take the key off by clicking the Misericorde-dagger over it. Note that the 2 triangles of the hilt match the black arrowheads pointing to center design. Position the dagger over those arrows and center design by right clicking until they match and Nicole will say it is in the right place now.

Note the small knob on the handle of the dagger. Place the key on the map. Move the key to get the center of ornate handle of the key over that knob.

Then turn-right click the key until it matches another set of lines and red line is made.

Turn the key until the other end of that line is found and both lines (1st and second) are merged.

Talk to Louis. Louis leaves Nicole to be watched by the other thug. Louis with Jack left to find the hidden stolen treasure.

Watch what happens to the thug.

Catacombs:    Enter the secret entrance in the chapel and be in the catacombs.

Go down:    Click the worn out stairs and see that the path going down is destroyed.

Go back out and back to the other area of the cemetery. Take the rubber hose on the ground at left.

Go back inside the chapel. Use the rubber hose on the metal hook on the ceiling of the catacomb.

Climb down. Look around and pick up rope and plank from the ground.

Take the stairs going to the lower level and waterways.

See that the water stops progress. Note a break on the ledge.

Cross the gap:    Use the rope on the bar sticking out at top of the column.

Use the plank on other end of the rope.

Turn-click the plank and forms a 'drawbridge'.

Go right and forward. Watch what happens.


I am trying to clear us of this odium.

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