Climb into the psychopomp's ship to go to the High Priest. He tells you to bring the Feather of Judgement and the Symbol of Life. The map you got from the psychopomp is used to travel to all the various locations in Egypt. It's not necessary to return to the ship, as the map can be clicked from anywhere. However, the psychopomp does provide useful clues about particular objects, so talk to him whenever you can.



From the High Priest (1) travel to the Temple of Isis (2). The tiles need to be arranged to reconstruct the story of Osiris. The top tiles depict the story graphically and the bottom tiles are the actual storyline.

The correct sequence of the tiles is as follows:



01) Osiris, son of Earth and Sky, is Pharaoh and Isis, his sister, is Pharaoh's wife.
      He brings knowledge to Egypt.

02) Seth, twin to Osiris, is jealous of his brother and plans his murder.

03) During a feast, Seth offers a splendid coffer to anyone fits perfectly inside it.

04) All the guests try the coffer, but only Osiris can lie down inside it.

05) Before Osiris can leave the coffer, it is shut fast by Seth's servants and thrown into the Nile.

06) Isis seeks her lost husband. At Byblos, she sees the coffer caught in the branches of a tree.

07) She hides Osiris in a swamp, but Seth learns of her actions and determines to discover his
      brother's whereabouts.

08) He finds him and cuts him into 14 pieces, which he hides throughout Egypt.

09) The faithful wife succeeds in recovering 13 of the pieces.

10) She puts the body back together and prepares it with oils and perfumes.
      The she wraps it in bandages. He appears almost reborn!

11) After that, she lies with him and conceives their son, Horus, the Falcon...

12) Who one day will avenge his father, henceforth King of the Dead.



After correctly re-arranging the tiles you get a lucky talisman from the Priestess.


From the Temple of Isis (2) travel to the fishing beach (3). The boy on the beach is not having any luck in catching fish, so give him the talisman. Take the scale from his net and he also gives you a stone icon. The psychopomp provides clues for these two items. He tells you that the scale 'serves some weighty purpose' and the stone icon is useful for 'opening fresh possibilities'.


From the fishing beach (3) go to the Temple with a feather tomb (4). The stone icon, from the fisher boy is used to open the tomb, which, incidentally, has the exact same markings as that of Tutankhamen. Inside the tomb are nine different coloured feathers. Only one feather can be taken on the ship, so you need to find the heaviest one, i.e. it must be 'heavier than Pharaoh's soul'.
Hang the scale on the hook on the structure to the left. Initially place any two feathers on the scale, then remove the lighter one and replace it with another. Repeat this process, always removing the lighter of the two feathers, until you find the heaviest one. Note that this feather is always randomly generated, so the weighing process must be done to identify it.


Next, go to the Temple with the ankh chest (5). Open the chest and take the ankh.


Having got the Feather of Judgement and the Symbol of Life return to the High Priest's Temple (1). Place the feather on top of the pillar to the left. If the correct feather is used, Pharaoh will die 'successfully'. Next place the ankh on the right pillar to summon the bennu bird.


The psychopomp told you the scarab beetle would be needed so it's the key to exiting from Egypt. Return to the Temple with the ankh chest (5) and place the case with the scarab beetle (which has now turned to gold) into the chest.


The Skull Chamber has replaced the Sarcophagus Chamber you originally entered via the portal. Note the pedestal in the chamber and an Egyptian embedded in one of the pillars. Exit through the portal and leave the cave to learn that the Targui has been captured. After the cut scene, in which your captor talks about the skull, pick it up from the pedestal to 'travel' inside it.

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