After retrieving the Omega you return to the skull room. Take the Omega from your inventory to take one last visit into the skull maze. In the same way as before (heading towards the main pod), find the dolphin. This time, in addition to the one you always used previously, there's an alternate exit bubble to the right of the dolphin. The alternate exit bubble takes you to the archaeological site.



Take the torch from the roof of the tent-like structure on your left. Use the torch to knock out the guard. Take the keys from the unconscious guard and the knife lying on the ground next to him. Use the knife to free the Targui. Speak to the Targui (selecting any dialog topic) and he talks about the vehicles, a clue to your means of escape.
Although there are two jeeps, you can only get to the one on your left without being spotted. Use the key you took from the unconscious guard to start the jeep and drive off. Unfortunately the guards give chase and their rocket launcher puts paid to your escape. Can you think of a way to prevent them chasing you?
You needed a key to start the jeep you took, so without a key for the other jeep they cannot use it. When standing next to the unconscious guard, face towards where you entered - the other keys are hanging on a wooden post. Take these keys as well and then drive off in safety.