An archaeological site in the Hoggar Desert, 2020.
After being rescued by the Targui head toward the archaeological site. Select only one dialog topic when speaking to the guard - any more leads to instant death. Climb the mound to the right and the Targui again comes to your aid. Go through the arch rock formation and take note of the cabling leading into a cave.
The portal inside the cave needs to be activated. The drawing on the floor is the key to activating it. First assemble your two inventory items. Place the disk on the drawing, then attach the little stick to it, making a spinning top. Place the spinning top on each of the five body parts at the top of the drawing (head, two hands and two feet) and take note of the pattern formed by the top, the five points of a pentagram. Also note that if the top passes over a point previously created, that point is erased. Therefore, start with the last point, i.e. the one with the most lines drawn, ending with the least lines. The foot on the left (1 in the diagram below) has the most lines. Place the top on the body parts in the sequence shown in the diagram.



Pick up the wooden bird on the floor against the base of the pillar to your right. On the left wall is a star inscribed with 'the eye of Horus', the Egyptian symbol for healing and protection. On the opposite wall is a hieroglyphic diagram. The star in the diagram refers to the star on the wall and the arrows below it are the directions for turning the star.

To turn the star, click the left and right sides. Follow the directions and turn it left, right, right, left and then right. Note that the 'eye of Horus' must be level to begin with.
The psychopomp (a mythical leader or guide of souls) inside the sarcophagus gives you a small case with a dying scarab beetle inside. He tells you the steep passageway is the way out, and if you ask him about the wooden bird he answers Will it ever fly out here?
Climb the steep passageway while holding the wooden bird to exit the room.

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