Auryn Quest Walkthrough by The Fellowship of the Quest


To make your way through Auryn Quest, move the mouse to indicate the direction you want to go (you do NOT have to hold down the mouse button) and press the “W” key to go forward.  You may find movement easier if you first hit the F12 key each time you begin play – this gives you a standard orientation.  To acquire Power Balls or perform other actions, walk towards the object or walk through it.  To jump forward, press the “W” key and the space bar.  To run/jump, press “W”, Shift and the space bar.

To find out how many Power Balls you have in the current level, press the “P” key.  To go back to the Temple (opening) area, press “Escape” – be warned, though, that if you do this, all the Power Balls you collected up to that point in the level will be lost.  When you re-enter that particular level, you will have to reacquire all the Power Balls.  Once you  acquire all 10 Power Balls in a particular level and use the transport device to transport to the NEXT level, you have officially cleared the level.  The game continues to give you credit for having all 10 Power Balls even if you return to replay the level.

During your journey you will see blue pulsating lights from time to time.  These Blue Pulsars, though they aren’t really gamesaves, give you a location to return to when you fall and die.  There is no way to save your game in the traditional sense.

Jumping in Auryn Quest is affected by where you position the mouse and how long you hold down the keys – this will of course vary for each individual.  Where the walkthrough suggests a “jump” you may find that you need a “run/jump” or vice versa.  The mouse can be used even in the middle of a jump.  Particularly in mid-jump during “run/jumps” you may find that it’s possible to change the direction or length of your jump by moving the mouse.

Note from mjartisian:  “I've observed that usually when you get to a spot where you can jump, the surface you're standing on will bounce up and down when you stand close to the edge! A built-in hint?”

Temple of a Thousand Doors

After the opening cutscenes, you find yourself in an area called the Temple of a Thousand Doors.  Walk around until you find a grey rock cavern.  Enter, and walk into the sparkling lights – these sparkling lights are a transport device.  You will be transported to the game’s first level:  Mountain of Destiny.

Mountain of Destiny (Level 1)

You will see a brown-robed wizard in a red hat standing in front of the carved entry to his house.  Talk to the wizard and acquire Power Ball #1, which is near him.  Walk around the rock-island-in-the-sky.  Admire the surreal scenery and the interesting horizon effect.  You’ll find Power Ball #2 by walking through the opening in the rocks opposite the place where the wizard greets you.  Once you are through this opening, look to the right.  You must jump up in order to acquire the Power Ball.

Walk back around to the house façade and go up the stairs.  Approach the intersection where two paths meet.  The left path is the Wizard path.  The right path is the Stone Idol path.  Turn left toward the Blue Pulsar and acquire it.  (The Blue Pulsars give you a Return Location for whenever you die.)  Continue on down the left path after walking through the pulsar.  Walk down the ledge to your left.  Talk to the blue-robed wizard with the blue hat.  See a vision of the Old Gate with one latch opening.

Walk down the circular staircase to the dead end with the railing.  Look up.  Admire the geometric tile with colorful pattern on the ceiling.  Go back up a few steps.  Look left.  See a Power Ball suspended in mid-air. 

Return to the intersection.  Go towards the stone idol.  Around the bend is a free-standing stone.  Go forward past the free-standing stone and past two obelisks, towards the arrow sign.  At the arrow sign there are two paths: the right path is the Transporter Path and the left path is the Suspended Boulder path.  Take the right path to the transport device.  Walk toward it and jump to the boulder that supports it.  Be transported.

Here you are at the Old Gate, which you saw in the vision.  Behind you is a transport device that you will use later, after acquiring more Power Balls.  Acquire the Blue Pulsar.  Step onto the Old Gate.  Turn to your left to see a passageway.

Walk down the passageway.  The path splits here:  left is the Apparent Dead End path and right is the Stone Giant path.  Turn left and walk down the passage to an Apparent Dead End with nearby idols.  Walk to the end of the rock where it falls away into nothingness.  Look down on the right to see a narrow ledge.  Step or jump down to the ledge.  Walk around the ledge, past Power Ball #3 to the end of the ledge.  Jump up the slight incline.  Go up above the Power Ball and acquire it by stepping down and falling through it onto the ledge.  Return to the top of the incline if you wish to admire the view and to see Power Ball #4.

There is an alternate method for reaching Power Ball #3.  Instead of jumping down to the narrow ledge, turn towards the blue idol face on your right. Note from Glynn: “You can jump up and over the face on the right and get to a very difficult ball down on a ledge (nice little path going down to it) was almost impossible to jump that far from the rocks! I had gone "splat" a number of times before I went over the mountain...” [Smile] 

Once you have acquired Power Ball #3, return to the Apparent Dead End.  Make sure that it IS the Apparent Dead End – you should see idols but NOT an obelisk.  Once again, walk to the edge of the rock where it falls away into nothingness.  Run/jump down to the levitating boulders on your left.  Turn and jump down to acquire Power Ball #4.  You may now jump up the levitating boulders to reach the transport device.  Or you may jump off into nothingness and die.  Either action should bring you back to the Old Gate.

This time take the right passageway or Stone Giant path.  On your way to the Giant, first walk straight ahead past the obelisk and to the end of the rock and look down.  There’s a ledge immediately below that leads to Power Ball #5.  Acquire it.  Return, go almost to the obelisk, and walk down the stairway on your left to the Stone Giant. He has Power Ball #6 at his feet.  Acquire it.  Talk to the Stone Giant.  Walk back to the Stone Gate.  Use the transport device to return to the boulder near the arrow sign.  Walk back to the area with the arrow sign.

Take the left Suspended Boulder path near the arrow by jumping onto or over the suspended boulder.  Acquire the Blue Pulsar.  Go toward the blue column-like waterfall that seems to pour out of a hole in the space-time continuum.  Go up the circular staircase toward the next stone idol.  Turn.  Up more stairs.  See two more idols.

Walk out to the sliding segment bridge.  Walk across on the individual segments (this requires you to time your steps so that you walk forward when the next segment is correctly aligned with the segment you’re currently standing on).  Halfway across, look down to see the brown-robed wizard with the red hat.  Turn around to look back where you just came from, and admire the view.  Go up the circular stair.  See the spinning boulders.  Jump onto the first one.  Spin and admire the view.  Walk to the edge of the boulder.  Wait until the spinning motion brings the second boulder closest to you.  Run/jump onto the second boulder.   Walk over to the edge of the second boulder.  Run/jump to the ledge with the transport device which hovers over an ornamented brown tile.  Be transported.

Go through the Blue Pulsar.  You will then see two paths, the Wizard path to the left and the Obelisk path to the right.   Take the path to the right past the obelisk and toward a stone idol.  As you walk, keep glancing to your left until you see Power Ball #7 hovering over a rock island.  You will need to jump to this island.  This is just about the hardest challenge in this level.  Run/jump to the rock island.  You can do this by backing up and getting a good running start, then timing the jump perfectly.

 Note from mjartisian: “I did not back up and run. I found a spot between the 2 tall pillars of rock, before the fork, on the high path, where I could make the run/jump. (This spot bounces.)”

Once you’ve acquired the Power Ball, turn back towards where you came from and run/jump to the ledge below.  Turn right and walk up to the ledge until you can see the transport device.  Turn again to face the two paths.

Take the left path and talk to the purple-robed wizard with the blue hat.  Go to the end of the wizard’s ledge, near where the wizard was standing.  You will see a rough path/rock fall leading down.  Once down follow the ledge until you see a plank suspended between the ledges.  Step down onto the plank.  Walk across the plank, then turn left and step down to the ledge below.

You will see some rough steps leading down to the water.  At the bottom of the waterfall, see Power Ball #8.  Acquire it.  Look around to admire the view.  Get your feet wet in the water.  (Since the footfall sound doesn’t change, you may actually be walking ON the water.)  Directly opposite the waterfall, there is a rock with a smoothed-off top.  Jump up on it.  Jump up again to another pool.  The water splits into two streams.  You can walk along the left stream to admire the view.  Come back and walk along the right stream until you can jump onto the stairs.  Keep going up the stairs and along the ledge even when it narrows to nothing.  Power Ball #9 is near the end of the ledge.

Walk back until you reach the first set of stairs.  Return to the area under the plank.  Walk over to where you can see the sky.  You will see your friend the brown-robed wizard with the red hat.  He is sitting next to a transport device with a colorful geometric tile beneath it.  As you walk toward him, look up – admire the view of the sliding segment bridge.  Talk to the wizard.  See a vision of the Old Gate opening. 

Use the transport device next to the wizard to return to Level 1’s original location.  Go up the staircase.  Acquire the Blue Pulsar.  At this point, it is possible to go back to the Old Gate, which has now been opened.  Do NOT jump down the Old Gate yet – the Old Gate will send you to another world, and when you return you will have to reacquire all the Power Balls!

Use the stairs to go back to the wizards’ house.  Talk to the three wizards.  Turn to your left – a large stone trap door has opened.  Go down it.  Walk around to mossy interior.  Admire the odd creature behind the iron gate.

Across the room is Power Ball #10.  Acquire it.

An Easter Egg from mjartisian:  “When you see the 'creature' in the cage in that mossy area where ball #10 is, if you run into the corner of the crevasse right past and next to the cage, aim towards the bottom of that point and you can go through that wall and behind the cage. You'll see that the creature is a really beautiful Black Widow Spider!”

An Easter Egg from Rckasea:  “I just remembered that when I first ran this world, I got the PB by the spider and looked behind the cage, still had more PB's to find and went back up looking for more. I saw the spider floating/ spinning off the cliff from above. I went back down and the cage was empty. I think she is still out there.”

You can now transport down to the Old Gate and jump down it.   You will be transported to Gaya’s Lava Dungeon.  You must transport through the Old Gate and arrive in the Dungeon to retain all 10 Power Balls from the Mountain of Destiny level.  

Gaya’s Lava Dungeon (Level 2)

You are transported to a giant cauldron of bubbling green slime.  Jump out.  Walk forward to acquire the Blue Pulsar.  Walk down the metal ramp.  Admire the flame under the cauldron.  Power Ball #1 is in the corner.

Talk to Gaya.  A gate is now open, allowing you to proceed.  Run/jump out onto the metal walkway.  Look back to admire the view.  Run/jump to the rock walkway.  Continue on the rock walkway until it bends and on your left is a stalactite that glows partly green.  Look down to the right to see your next challenge.  Walk forward to acquire Power Ball #2.  Go back to the bend in the walkway near the partly green stalactite.  Look over the edge again and then step down to the ledge.  Walk along the ledge until you see Power Ball #3.  Acquire it.  You can continue along the ledge to admire the view, but there’s nothing else that you must do here.

Jump down to the metal extension that protrudes out above the lava.  You must walk along these narrow extensions, stepping and/or jumping onto the next one until you reach a rock cavern with a Blue Pulsar.  Acquire it.  Walk carefully along the zigzag path.  At the end is a cavern with Power Ball #4 nestled amidst some spiky rocks.  Acquire it.  Continue down the passageway towards the blue flame.  Walk along the ledge, hugging the right wall.  You will see a shooting flame.  Run/jump across to the opposite ledge immediately after that flame shoots up.  Walk into the cave.

On your left there’s a passageway – you can see a Blue Pulsar further on.  On your immediate left, near the passage wall, is a stone switch.  Use it.  Jump to the metal walkway.  Jump to the rock.  Acquire the Blue Pulsar.  Jump to the next metal walkway.  Jump to the rock.  Jump and walk along the series of rocks to the iron grated walkway.  There’s a giant blue chopper on the left of the iron grate that sweeps you back once you get about halfway across.  Hug the far right, using the crisscross walkways to stay as far to the right as possible.  Continue down the passage.  On your left is a gate that can’t be opened yet.

Past the gate you’ll see a giant gear and two metal rectangular arms.  Down the middle of the rectangles runs a beam-like support arm.  Line yourself up right above this middle support.  Place the cursor right on the support.  Run/jump onto the support as soon as it comes up flat enough to jump onto.  Run up the support and run/jump to the center pole  which has a circular platform.

Note from Kayc:  “When I got to the giant gears with rectangular arms, I lined myself up with the first one and when the arms were level, I got lucky and made a long run\jump to the center pole without getting on the first one after trying several times.”

Walk around the platform and get a good look at the other gear with a metal rectangular arm going around it.  Run/jump to the right portion of the rectangle and then run-jump to the ledge near the right wall.

Note from mjartisian:  “I jumped directly to the right ledge instead of on the moving rectangles, here too.”

Continue down the ledge and go up all the stairs and you will see a Blue Pulsar.  Acquire it.  Use the stone lever.  You will see a vision of a gate opening.  Continue back into the cavern to find Power Ball #5.  Turn around and go back down the stairs.  Take the ledge to your right (this is different than the ledge you came in on).  Jump onto the platform next to the wall.  Jump onto the wooden walkway.  Walk and jump around these wooden walkways until you make your way back to the other side of the cavern where you originally came in.

Walk back to the opening on your right.  The gate is now open.  Walk through the cavern with the blue/green floor.  Behind the large grey machine there is another stone switch.  Use it.  You will see a vision of changes in other parts of the dungeon cavern.  Retrace your steps until you are near the beginning of Gaya’s Dungeon.  You can now acquire the Blue Pulsar on the rock.

Walk toward the passage that you saw moving in the vision (it’s the only one you haven’t explored yet).  Walk along the ledge until it ends.  Run/jump across to the opposite ledge.  Run/jump onto the geometrical platform.  Walk along the supports from platform to platform.  Run/jump to the rock corridor.  When the corridor ends, run/jump to acquire Power Ball #6.

Retrace your steps back to where you were, just before you jumped onto the geometrical platform.  Face the platform.  On your left is a rock incline.  Run/jump up it.  You’ll land on the other side and probably acquire a Blue Pulsar as you land.  Head down the misty corridor.  There’s a squarish hole at the end.  Step down into it.  Look around for Power Ball #7, which is near you.

Go down the corridor until you see suspended beams, a ledge and Power Ball #8.  Go to the end of the ledge.  Step down onto a beam and walk and jump over to Power Ball #8 (you have to jump up to reach it).  After acquiring the Power Ball, walk back almost to the ledge.  On your right is a sharply inclined beam.  Run/jump up it.  Walk, jump and run/jump across the other beams until you can see Power Ball #9.  (This sequence is somewhat difficult because sometimes you are jumping onto beams that you can’t quite see.)  When jumping to the second and more difficult portion of these beams, jump to the middle board -- it’s flat, gives a view of those to follow, and is easier to proceed from.  Remember that you can use the mouse to change the direction of your jump even when you are in mid-jump.

When you reach the far rock ledge, walk along it to the Blue Pulsar.  Acquire it.  You will see that Power Ball #10 is out of reach for the moment.  Around the corner is a switch.  Use it.  Turn left and walk down the corridor.  You’ll find another switch – use that too.  Run/jump onto the switch and up to the ledge above.  Turn left.  Walk along the ledge and acquire Power Ball #9.  (You will have to jump up to get it.)  Walk back down the ledge past the switch in order to reach Power Ball #10.  Run/jump onto the ornamented support that is in front of you.  Turn.  Run/jump into Power Ball #10 to acquire it.   You will probably die when you do this, but will return to the location of the most recently acquired Blue Pulsar. 

Go back down the corridor and down the ramp.  Run/jump onto the blue platform.  Turn to your left.  Run/jump onto the next set of platforms and go up the stairs.  There is another switch – use it.  Go through the transport device.  Talk to Gaya.  Go through the Blue Pulsar.  Continue up to the fancy transport device.

You can now go through the fancy transport device.  You will find yourself in the Singing Trees Country.  You must go through this transport device and arrive in the Singing Trees Country to retain all 10 Power Balls from the Gaya’s Lava Dungeon level.

The Singing Trees Country (Level 3)

You transport in and find yourself in front of a rectangular carved relief.  Turn to your right to the two stone inclines – you’ll see some odd views if you run/jump up them.

Go through the stone corridor.  Look to your right as you pass the alien plants – you will be spending some time later down on this plateau.

Go partway down the steps.  On your right see Power Ball #1.  Run/jump to acquire it.  Continue downstairs and through the corridor.  Acquire the Blue Pulsar.  Admire the view of the Blue Pool area.  Jump down to the blue moving platform and jump across to the final ledge.

Note from Becky:  “Dying here is surprisingly easy.  Just think how much trouble you would have saved yourself if you had only learned to swim.”

See the crank.  Use it.  Run/jump to the wooden arm with Power Ball #2 on it.  Acquire the Power Ball.  Run/jump back to the blue ledge.  Jump to the moving platform when it touches the ledge.  Ride around and admire the view.  When the platform docks at the blue levitating stairs, jump to the stairs.  Jump up to the platform with the switch.  Use the switch.  Turn and admire the view.  Go through the door and acquire the Blue Pulsar.  Come back out to the ledge and run/jump to acquire Power Ball #3.  Step down to the moving platform and ride it back to the ledge with the switch. 

Go down the corridor.  Hear a voice.  Hmm.  A lever box with a missing lever.  Hey, is this a PUZZLE?  Admire the door.  Continue down the corridor.  Hear chanting.  See the open plateau with two Power Balls and an open corridor off to the far right.  Go down the corridor on the far right.  Approach the pig-looking things.  Hear voice.  See Power Ball #4.  Jump down very close to it and acquire it.  Go back upstairs, hugging the stairs as you go.  If you get too close to the swine they attack you.

Note from Becky:  “This is the quickest death in the game.  You don’t even have time to scream.” 

Once back on the plateau, approach Power Ball #6 near the crevice in the rock.  Hear the ghostly singing trees (yes, this is singing) and listen to the voice.  Turn around to see the rocks behind you.  Jump up on the low rock ledge.  Then jump onto the top of the rock.  Acquire Power Ball # 5.  Go to the four columns on the other side of the rocks.  These are real singing trees – or what’s left of them.  Walk up to each column until you hear a tone – if you are facing the columns so that on your left is Column #1 and on your right is Column #4, make the columns’ tones sound in the following order:  4, 1, 2, 3.  The whole place begins to sparkle.  You can now go back to the crevice in the rock and walk around it to acquire Power Ball #6.  If you like, get close to the crevice and look down to admire the view.  Another starry rift?

Behind and off to the side of the crevice are some levitating stones.  Run/jump across.  Acquire Power Ball #7.  Talk to the Grouchy Bark Troll.  Walk up the planks.  Go through the door (if you tried to go through this door before doing the swine sequence, the door will not open – the swine sequence triggers something that makes it possible to open the door).   Walk down to the moving blue rectangles.  Jump down on the rectangles.  There are corner ledges in the wall that will sometimes catch you if you miss a blue rectangle and fall (one of these supports is invisible and you find yourself standing on air!).  The last blue rectangle goes by an opening in the rocks.  Run/jump to the opening.  Acquire the Blue Pulsar.

Continue down the passage.  See the wooden elevator.

An Easter Egg from Glynn:  “I got on the base part when the elevator was up...Elevator came down…I was a "Pancake"!  (…I did this 3 times) you are actually stuck between the elevator and the floor…I managed to get out by moving the mouse around, run jump and whatever else keys I could hit….”

Note from mjartisian:  “…when you see the elevator floor is not level, it means the elevator is up.  You can jump on the base and trigger it, then jump back and wait for the elevator to come down and ride it without getting squashed.”

Step onto the floor of the wooden elevator when it is in the “down” position.  Turn and jump out at the top.  You are back at the Blue Pool.  Admire the face in the wooden floor.  See the crank.  Use it.  Step over to the device that has just risen out of the water.  A voice tells you that you now have water.  You need to get back to the Grouchy Bark Troll.  One way is to turn around and go back down the passage and jump up the blue rectangles that you recently jumped down.  Alternatively, you can jump across the Blue Pool as you did when you first entered the area, and make your way back to the Grouchy Bark Troll that way.

Talk to the Grouchy Bark Troll again.  He tells you that you can now get the lever.  Go back to the swine.  Hear a voice tell you that you have the lever.  Go back to the plateau and find the original passage in the rock.  Follow the passage until you get to the lever box that’s missing a lever.  Approach it to replace the lever.  The door opens – look up to admire the animation.

Enter the carved corridor.  Like wow.  Go to the end.  Turn around and look back down the corridor to admire the view.  Go through the carved columns and down the steps.  Acquire the Blue Pulsar.  Go to the end of the dock.  Admire the large lily, but don’t jump in it yet.  The lily becomes a transport device, and using it takes you to another world and you will lose all your progress if you haven’t collected all ten Power Balls (which, at this stage, you haven’t).

Go back towards the stairs.  There is a ledge on your right.  Walk along it almost to the smoking rock.  Do not get too close to the smoking rock.  If you do, magical water is released to fill the pool and you will NOT be able to get Power Ball #8 without redoing the entire level.  Look across the lake and see the location of the remaining three Power Balls.   Power Ball # 8 is beneath the dock.  Walk back toward the dock.  Partway there you will see a green light on your right.  Walk down this path framed by green rock until you reach Power Ball #8 under the dock.  Acquire it.  Continue on this lower path all the way around the pool until you see Power Ball #9.  Acquire it by run/jumping through it.

Continue around and jump up to the smoking rock.  Approach the smoking rock to release the magical water.  Watch the pool filling up (if you don’t get out of the way, it may reach you and you will die).  Also, observe the change in the Large Lily.  Go back out to the end of the dock.  On your right is Power Ball #10.  Run/jump up to it to acquire it.   Approach the end of the dock again.  Run/jump into the Large (now sparkling) Lily, which is a transport device.

You can now go through the Large Lily to transport to the Wandering Mountain level.  You must transport through the Large Lily and arrive at the Wandering Mountain to retain all 10 Power Balls from the Singing Trees Country level.

The Urwerk Gears in the Wandering Mountain (Level 4)

Jump out of the Large Lily and run/jump across to the ledge of the Wandering Mountain.  Talk to the “Witch”.  Go in the hut.  Look around.  Talk to the creature in the cage.  After jumping into the “Witch’s” brew to acquire Power Ball #1, go to the three swinging weights.  To do this, wait until the first weight moves to the side, then run/jump over the weights to the other side (this may take a couple of times, but it worked).  Down the steps and across the gears (easy) to the opening you see.   Next are the Revolving Rings.  You can jump or run/jump from one to another.  When you get to the last one, run/jump quickly to the platform or the ring will dump you off.   Use the Blue Pulsar to save here.  At this point you will notice 3 bars that you can walk on.  There are two different routes that you can take here.

Route A:  take the LEFT bar.  Near the end of the bar, turn left and run/jump to the stationary gear.  In front of you is the first Squasher.  To your left, higher up past the Squashers is a Blue Pulsar.  Stand at an angle (as to head to the second Squasher, then to the second stationary gear on your left).  Be ready to run/jump.  Just as the first Squasher comes down, run/jump onto the pad and just keep going to next stationary gear. 

Walk to the edge of that stationary gear, line up with the next 2 Squashers (you can see the Blue Pulsar ahead).  Just as the Squasher comes down to the pad, run/jump onto the pad, then run/jump all the way through to the tunnel and the Blue Pulsar (if you run/jump the second Squasher will miss you – you may not be able to pause at all between these two Squashers and the Blue Pulsar). 

Use the Blue Pulsar.

Alternate Route B (back at the point where you saw 3 bars to walk on):  take the MIDDLE bar to the rotating gears.

Note from Becky:  “Sometimes the toothed cylinders up above sweep down to push you off the bar – if you can see that this is about to happen, run/jump onto the tooth of the cylinder.  If you keep run-jumping the cylinder flings you across the room to your destination.”

Once across the middle bar, you will see an area straight ahead and an area to the left with Squashers.  Go to the right, where you will see an opening.  Go across the gears on the right, up the ramp and find a lever.  This will open the area you saw earlier on the left.  Run/jump over the railing to the first moving gear, then run-jump to the second moving gear.  From there, jump down to the stationary gear on your right.  Turn and face the Squashers (you will see the Blue Pulsar up and to the right through the Squashers).  Directly across from where you are now, through the Squashers you will see two more stationary gears.  Ignore the one that is slightly to your left.  Instead you will be jumping to the one that is slightly to your right.  Wait until the Squasher has just come down to the pad in front of you.  Immediately after the Squasher goes up, run/jump across to the closest pad, then turn slightly to your right and run/jump across the next two pads to the right stationary gear.

Pause and look around you (pant, pant).  Two more pads before the Blue Pulsar.  If you decide to use the pad to your immediate left, you will have to wait a bit to catch it at a time when it is lower than usual.  Time yourself across the two pads and go through the opening.  Use the Blue Pulsar.

Note from Becky:  “When you are on a stationary gear, it is possible, by aiming the cursor at the TOP of the Squasher just as it hits the pad, to run/jump ONTO the Squasher.  Then continue run/jumping over the Squashers to your destination.  It’s a wild ride, but results in fewer squashing deaths.”

Whichever route you used, now that you have the Blue Pulsar it’s time to go on.  Avoid the teeth of the giant gear by timing yourself.  Go down the ledge to the round post moving up and down.  Jump onto the round post.  Then just keep jumping on the next vertically moving object that will move you a little higher.  It is very easy to become disoriented here.

 Note from Glynn:   “This was confusing to me, I think I jumped on the same posts more than once!”  There’s another Blue Pulsar on one of the Star Shapes at the top, so you can get inside the entrance – long Jump!

Go down the ramp to the Ferris Wheel Steps.  Jump to get from step to step or run/jump to skip a step.  It is probably easiest to jump from the fourth step to the platform, skipping the fifth step.  On through the gate and the trap door opens.  You have escaped the Urwerk.  Once back in the hut, head straight for the bars.  The door starts to move.  Run to the right and see the opening.  Exit.  Whew!

On to the rest of the Wandering Mountain.

The Wandering Mountain (Level 5)

Go out onto the long bridge.  Jump up the floating tiles until you are on a group of semi-attached floating tiles.  Maneuver to where you can see Power Ball #2 back on the top of the bridge.  Line up across from Power Ball #2 and jump down onto the arch of the bridge to acquire it.  You will then either fall through the arch to the bridge or you will be flung wildly into space.

Go back to the semi-attached floating tiles.  Look down to your right to see a Pulsar (they have turned pink for this level).  Run/jump to acquire the Pink Pulsar.  Jump across to one of the rotating platforms.  Admire the view.  Run/jump and jump across to the next Pink Pulsar.  Acquire it.  Turn around.  To your left, after a series of floating tiles you will see Power Ball #3.  Run/jump and jump on the tiles to acquire it.

Note from Becky:  “Getting Power Ball #3 was definitely NOT the easiest part of the level.  I found the challenge to be a bit easier if I avoided some of the tiles by jumping back on the tile I had vacated before getting the Pink Pulsar, waiting for it to move into the best position, and then run/jumping across to the tile that is two tiles away from the Power Ball.” 

After acquiring Power Ball #3, jump to (or die and reappear on) the tile that had the most recent Pink Pulsar.  Next to the tile is another rotating rock, this time with timbers jutting out.  Around the rotating rock are a series of floating tiles.  You must figure out how to get to the top of the rock.  There are two ways to achieve this.

Method A:  Jump onto the lowest timber as it circles near you.  Turn around and jump onto the tile that is at the correct height for jumping onto from this particular timber.  Turn around.  Not immediately, but soon, a slightly higher timber will appear.  You must jump or run/jump onto this timber.  If you are too slow, the timber will sweep you off the tile.  Turn around where you are perched on the timber and wait for the next tile at the right height (you can walk further out towards the end of the timber if this helps you).  Jump or run/jump to the tile that is at the appropriate height (you can also jump to lower tiles, but then you have to repeat the whole process).  Turn around.  Wait for the next timber at the right height.  Continue until you are on the beam that is just below the top of the rock.  Jump onto the top of the rock.

Method B:  Note from Rckasea:  “I had found that to jump on a timber, spin, jump to slab, jump back to another timber was too much. I did this twice on my many reruns of the good mountain. Just to take notes, you see.”   Method B  requires you to ignore the lowest timber.  Instead, run/jump onto the second-highest timber as it circles near you.  [ITALICS]”…jump onto the second timber, go back to edge, point to the center above top and three key super jump right up there.”

You are now on top of the rotating rock.  You can see the timbers below you jutting out.  Look for the next Pink Pulsar.  Jump across the tiles to acquire it.  Walk down the ledge and jump onto the descending tile.  Look up and jump to acquire Power Ball #4.  Get back on the descending tile and jump back to the highest ledge.  Look out and see Power Ball #5 on top of the other rotating rock.  Walk out the metal arm or run/jump to the middle of the metal arm and finish walking out it.  The metal arm goes up and down, and the tile that takes you to Power Ball #5 moves too.  Wait until the right moment and jump or run/jump to the tile.  Ride across until you acquire Power Ball #5.  Jump back to the ledge or die and reappear there.

As you are facing out towards the metal arm, look to your left.  Edge out to the end of the ledge there.  Run/jump across to the next ledge and acquire Power Ball #6.  Run/jump onto the rock next to you or walk out the metal arm and run/jump onto the rock.  Jump or run/jump across the planks (it is possible to do this with a very long run/jump).  Observe the flames.  On your right you will see Power Ball #10, but it is (probably) unreachable from this position.  Time yourself and run through the flames.

Past the flames, look to your left.  Jump down to use the lever.  Jump back up.  Go upstairs.  Walk into the chain.  Next you will see a block moving up and down.  Jump onto it and see the circular platform, or turn slightly to your left and run/jump straight to the circular platform.  Slightly to the right/straight ahead are more stairs.  Jump down the stairs.  Look to your left and jump down to acquire Power Ball #7.  Go back up the stairs and run-jump to the circular platform.  See Power Balls #8 and #9.  Run/jump to acquire them.  Avoid the spiky gate as you do so.  Run/jump to the last door reachable from the circular platform.  Use the switch. 

Look down the hall to see the transport device with spider-like legs.  DO NOT USE IT YET.  Do not even get close to it, because it will suck you in if you get too near.  Off to your right are more floating tiles.  Power Ball #10 is on the last tile.  Run/jump to acquire it.  Run/jump back and use the transport device.

The Labyrinth of Time (Level 6)

Your goal is to collect all 50 Auryns.  When you enter you can get no. 1 through 5 by just going straight ahead and jumping the areas you need to get to them. You will see red moving lights ahead. There you will pick up no. 6 and no. 7. Continue ahead and pick up no. 8. Now you are going to do some sliding down. Move over to the left side on the darker brown edge. You need to stay on the brown edge as you go down.  There is an opening that you will have to run/jump over on the way down. You will pick up no. 9 and stop. (If you don't stop, you will have to jump off the edge so you can go back to the top and do it over.) You can now walk around the purple ring and get no. 10 and no. 11. Walk back down the other side of the dark brown ledge and get no. 12. Jump off and slide the rest of the way down and pick up no. 13. If you don't have the first 13 don't use the blue pulsar, because you can't get back to the top after you use it.

Go across the sliding steps and go down the blue ledge on the right and pick up no. 14. Continue on up the blue ledge. To your right is a brownish ledge that curves upward. (This was the hardest one for me to get.) Stay near the outer edge and use the shift key to run up and when you are almost there, jump up and turn your mouse to the right to go in that direction and pick up no. 15 and fall back down. This may take several tries to get it. By this ledge is spinning blocks with no. 16 in the middle. Jump through and pick it up. Continue forward and pick up no. 17. Now you have an area with a long ramp going upward and one going down under. Anytime you are going up the ramp and stop you will slide back down. Go up the ramp and pick up no. 18 and no. 19. Soon as you get no. 19, turn around and slide back down.

Now, facing the ramps, on your right is no. 20. Pick it up and go on down the ledge. Jump over in the middle and get no. 21. Continue on upward and pick up no. 22 and no. 23. You will pass two burning flames and see a dark brown wall with an opening in the middle. Behind this wall is 2 of the auryns. Go through the opening, turn left and pick up no. 24. Run to the other side and get no. 25. Continue upward and you will see no. 26 in the middle as you move up, jump over and get it. Continue on up either green ledge. You will see two swinging blades. Turn around and behind you is no. 27. Pick it up and turn back around and time yourself to go between the blades and pick up no. 28 and no. 29. ( I found it easy to walk up to the auryn on the left, pick it up, go back to the right side, use the shift key and run to the other one and on up the ledge.) After you get up the ledge, turn around and see a walkway over the top of the swinging blades. Go that way and pick up no. 30. Continue on up the green ramp and see 4 blue ledges with no. 31 under them. Go to the center of the blue ledges and drop down on top of it to pick it up. You will land back down where the swinging blades are. Go pass them again and go back up. Continue on and pick up no. 32 and no. 33. Don't go on pass the blue pulsar. Turn around and see no. 34. Go and pick it up. Continue on up the brown ledge. There is a cannon on top. Look down over the edge and see 2 more auryns. The outer ledges have something that will block you when you go down, so slide down one of the middle of the blue ledges. When you stop, turn around and see the two you saw from above. Move to the brown ledge and go up and get both, no. 35 and no. 36. Now walk to both sides of the blue ledges and get no. 37 and no. 38. Go to the blue pulsar.

Now you are ready to use the blue pulsar and continue on. You will see 2 spinning blades moving back and forward in front of you. You can use run/jump to get over them and get no. 39, no. 40, and no. 41. Go through the area with the spikes, they just block you for a minute and they won't hurt you. time yourself and go across the steps between the moving ledges and pick up no. 42. Now you can see no. 43 and no. 44. Pick them up. Now you can see three ledges with wheels going up and down. If you stay in the center of the ledge, the wheels will not knock you off. Pick up no. 45, no. 46, no. 47 here. On top is no. 48, 49 and no. 50. Pick them up and go through the teleporter and watch the ending.

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