The Lost Toy

by Norman Vezey


Walkthrough by MaGtRo     August 2003

Gameplay:     The game is a freeware that can be downloaded at a temporary site - The download size is 80.5 MB. It is a point and click adventure game. Turn the volume up to listen to Norman's music. Right click on game screen show the main menu at top bar. The main menu has the Exit, Options, Load and Save. The Options has the toggle for Transitions and Realtime effect.

The inventory is kept in the Toy Box on top of screen. To pick up an item, drag the item the toy box. To combine objects, drag the item over another item and click. Sometimes the icons will not appear on active sites. Save Often! Use the map often to see where you are and where you need to go.

Alfie is a happy 18 month old boy. But he lost parts of his favorite toy. Without the four key parts the toy is useless. This is where you come in, you need to visit all the places Alfie has been and find those 4 parts.


The Woods


The game starts in the woods. A teleporter crash landed scattering parts all over the wood. Find and assemble the parts to enable moving from one place to another.




Box puzzle (2) - Open the box. Click on right of box to take pocket knife and get cut. Ambulance puzzle ensues. Back to the box puzzle, take the pocket knife. Go to Toy Box inventory and click-drag pocket knife on box. Since it has a sliding mechanism, move cursor to top of box, click on arrow cursor on top of box. Take map (right bottom corner) and coin (stored in chest bank at left corner). To exit bank, go through open door.

Ambulance puzzle - Open the door handle of the Ambulance. Select the correct treatment for problem. If wrong choice is selected, the doctor will do some procedure and let you continue with the game.

Beehive (12) - Click on beehive to get pot of honey.

Rabbit hole (1) - If you clicked twice on Alfie by his car, learn that he lost the car keys. Use spade from 19 on hole. Give honey to bear. Take rope, car keys, coin and ladder.

Spider at 11 - Give poison from 9 and get coin.

Bucket on 4 - Use ladder from rabbit hole.

Well at 11 - Combine rope and bucket in toy box and drag it on well. Get Alfie's toy part.

Ambulance Choices:

Knife cut - plaster

Bird seed bag - bandages

Burned hand - water glass

Heavy teleporter - painkillers

Fatal choices:

Bitten by poisonous spider found in puddles at 5, 13 and16.

Taking the electric cable at 20.

Eating poisonous mushrooms at 6 and 9.

Drinking green liquid at 7.

Death Choices:

Heaven - can go back and resuscitated or do 'Find Alfie's Toys'.

Hell - game over

Side games:

Rabbit game - Hit rabbit as he pops his head out of the ground. The reward is a coin on certain rabbit holes.

Find Alfie's Toys - find 8 toys among loads of toys

Teleporter parts to put together at 14:

Teleporter part 1 stuck in ground at 21 - Use car keys from rabbit hole on car. Get trowel and use on teleporter part.

Hot teleporter part 2 by burning shed at 17 - Take teleporter and go to ambulance. In the ambulance: take fire extinguisher, use water glass as treatment and use it the burning shed.

Heavy teleporter part 3 hidden at shrub in 23-24 - Use barrow-dolly to lift it up.

Teleporter part 4 up a tree at 18 - Throw rock from 23 to dislodge it.

Teleporter part 5 under a bird at 10 on a nesting ledge - Give bird bag of seed.


Assemble Teleporter parts at 14. When completely assembled, it will need Teleporter fuel. Go to hedgehog at 20. The hedgehog is now awake. Click on hedgehog and take key he was sitting on. Use key on locked shed at 25. Take teleporter fuel and use it on assembled teleporter.

Alfie's Home

Click on window at second column fifth from top at the side building. Alfie wants help to find his toy.

Cranbrook House Entrance:     Go left and see the entrance. The teleporter is now at bottom left of screen. Look close at red mark at bottom of panel left of door. You need a key. Look back up at Alfie's window and he will give you the electronic key. Use electronic key on slot, note that the number of the floor is 48 and then open door.

Elevator:     Press button. Enter lift, press G to open the elevator door. Look at sign to find out what floor Apartment 48 is on - 8th Floor. Press 8 on elevator panel.

Room 48:

You need a key to unlock the door. Go back down and outside the building. Enter the lift by facing the wood door and backing into the elevator.

Go back down, look at main door lock and press button to exit the building. Turn around outside the building and again click on Alfie's window. He will give the door key. Go back up and use the door key on door lock of #48. Enter, turn around and forward.


Click on Alfie by door - He wants Larry the lamb toy.

Bathroom left while facing the exit door - See a tile that is not properly grouted.

Bedroom - Check dresser on right. Open bottom right drawer and get coin. The jewelry box on top of dresser is screwed down.

Alfie's Room - Look close at the toys by the window and open toy table. Take coin that is then added to your inventory. The game below the toy table is 'Hit the Pop-ups' game - There are 6 coins to collect. You have to hit the green button for a pop up to appear. Good luck!

Family room - Open the door at end of the hall. Look at the family photograph left of door and meet Norman's family. Open the drawer on stereo stand. Take piece of plastic from back of drawer. Get one pound coin by stereo receiver and it is placed in inventory. See a frame that needs a picture.

Kitchen - Look close at cooking pot stand and take coin from middle pot. Look close at stove. Note that the handle of the oven is broken. Use the piece of plastic on oven door. Open the oven door and take Larry the lamb. Take coin from washer. At right end of the counter, look at letter and take the pier ticket. Turn right and open the closet door. Take the screwdriver on the floor. Give Larry to Alfie and he runs off.

Bedroom - Use the screwdriver on jewelry box atop the dresser. Take off 2 crews and get a red key that say Dry Riser Cabinet.

Entrance - Go back down and outside the building. Turn around and use the red key on red panel right of the entrance. Take the tile-removing tool. Go back up to room 48.

Bathroom - Use the tile removing tool on red tile. Take genie's lamp.

Family room - Click on Alfie and set the genie's lamp on coffee table. The lamp needs to be lit. Turn around and check the lit cigarette by phone. Click on TV and find out that the shed in the woods is burning again.

Shed in the wood:     Click on transporter and go to #17. Use fire extinguisher on fire. Take the lighted match. Go back to Alfie's Home.

Living room - Use lighted match on genie's lamp. Click on lamp and click on genie that appears. He wants 5 coins. Click 5 coins on genie from inventory and bank. Click on lamp and take Alfie's Toy puzzle part 2.

Brighton Pier

Give the pier ticket to the man and go forward.

2 ways to get caught stealing:

1. Getting the backpack of the man seen leaning on post as soon as you get in the pier.
2. Taking the wallet of man looking out the water right after the arcade building

To escape from holding cell:     Click on bars and note that one of the bars has an electronic sensor. Get the electronic card from inventory and click it on the bars until the cell door open. Be quick and get out. This is a random puzzle.

Coin collecting:    Back at the pier, continue to the building. Go forward 3xs and take coin from Jumbo machine coin slot at right of screen.
Go forward until you see a trap door by the Fish & Chips booth. If you do go down the water, answer yes to able to swim.

Take a left by the Fish & Chips booth. You can have your fortune told by the Fortune Teller in the green caravan.

Take the coin by the 'Just Married' sign. Go forward once and take note of a red box and a coca cola machine on either side of the boardwalk. Go forward until the next building.

Fish collecting:    Play the Tele Tubby fishing game for 2 coins. Catch 10 fishes by clicking the fishing rod (pixel hunt). 5 fishes caught are enough for continued gameplay.


Enter the building. As soon as you enter, the cursor will be active when it lands on the hexagonal purple Royal Casino arcade game, take the coin from slot.

Fire call:    Go forward and out to the Rides. Turn left and talk to Norman, the security guard. Turn right to ride the helicopter back to Alfie's home. Outside Alfie's home, meet the woozy man and he will say that the bank was robbed. You lost all your money. Enter the building.

Alfie's home:     Look at the cigarette burning by the phone in the living room. We need water now. Go to the kitchen and get the tumbler from the cabinet above the washer. This is a speed puzzle - turn on the tap, drag tumbler from inventory and release on running water. Whew! Once you have the tumbler filled with water, pour it on the cigarette. Go to the balcony and take the teleporter back to the pier.

Pier:     The teleporter needs fuel. Turn right and time to get some money. Place 5 fishes (bottom left of screen) caught on metal tub. Take 5 coins from Stuart.

Go left, face the transporter and visit the coke machine by clicking 5xs at bottom of the screen. Turn right at coke machine and click on Sandra. Give her 5 coins and take the third toy puzzle part.
Use the red key on red box on the left. Take the transporter fuel. Go forward 5xs. Turn right to Stuart and exchange leftover fishes for coins. (This part might not be necessary because you can find enough coins at the Kursaal). Turn left and refuel the transporter.

Southend Kursaal

Go forward and see a man wanting an admission ticket to enter the Kursaal. (kursaal: German word for a public hall or room, for the use of visitors at watering places and health resorts).

Street Dancer:    Turn left and pick up the coin on the road. Go forward and see a street dancer. Place a coin in his hat and he will dance. Click on dancer, and place another coin in his hat to get a treat after another dance - admission ticket.

Kursaal:    Go back to man at Kursaal and give him the admission ticket. Enter and go up the stairs. Turn right and talk to Marcus. He wants you to find the wallet he lost. Take coin on balcony, left of Marcus. Go back down and out of the building.


Take coin from stand just outside the door of the building. Go right, forward 3xs and take coin from base of post. Move the cursor to yellow store sign on the right and then go there.

Arcade:     Place a coin on 'Prizes' machine left of arcade entrance. Get an ugly monkey. Click on Photo Ride and take a picture of Alfie.

Wishing well:     Go back to the road and go forward 5xs. Go right at end of walkway. Go right at 'Road Construction' sign. Go right, up and pick up walking stick. Go back down to the red wishing well. Look down the well and use the walking stick on wallet.

Go back twice, forward once and go to the Adventure Ride building - the one with the yellow Grand Opening Sign across the street. (If you click immediately upon backing up from well, it will be closed). Take the ride back to Kursaal.

Kursaal:     Enter the building, up the stairs and give the wallet to Marcus. Marcus rewards you with a book with drawings of levers. Go back down and note that the teleporter to the right of screen run out of fuel again.

Adventure Ride:     Go back to adventure ride again - across the street from the well. The ride is closed but the sequence to open the door is seen from Marcus' book. Flip levers (L-R) 1, 3, 4 down. Press green button.

Alfie's living room:     Click on Alfie. He wants a present. Give him the monkey and he cries from fright. Have to go back and get a new toy. Place the picture of Alfie at the picture frame. Click on down arrow.

Arcade:     Use another coin on machine and get a cuddly lamb. Go back to Alfie using the adventure ride building.

Alfie:     Give Alfie the lamb. He gives you the final piece of the toy.

Watch the toy in action. Alfie is happy and can not stop dancing.
Thanks, Norman and Alfie!

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