Atlantis Solutions










The Spinning Top must be placed on the icons in this order:

Or if you prefer; number the icons 1 through 5 (left to right) and use them thus: 4-1-5-3-2.







































The quotations in the proper sequence:

  1. Osiris is Pharaoh; his sister is Isis. They rule Egypt.
  2. Set plans murder
  3. Set offers coffer to whomever fits
  4. All the guests try; only Osiris fits.
  5. Before Osiris can escape, he is thrown into the Nile.
  6. Isis searches. Finds it in a tree.
  7. She hides coffer in swamp. Set determines to find it.
  8. He cuts Osiris into 14 pieces and scatters them.
  9. Isis recovers 13 pieces.
  10. She puts the body together.
  11. She lies with him and conceives Horus,
  12. Who will one day avenge his father.



















The six corridor-clues in order are:

























Go to the Temple of the Ankh; approach the altar and release the scarab, which has turned to gold.