The Artifact



A game by Johan Grinde


A Walkthrough by Chief


August 2012





- On the title page of the game, click on HELP to see how the game is played.


       - Right click to see the Inventory and the save-load-exit menu.


       - In the text, f = forward.


- Do not hesitate do go off road and see some nice sceneries.




….a noise at the door….Outside I found a letter.




The House


The game starts as you are in front of a round table: look at and read the message on the table.


“….a certain blade that has been hidden in your area”.


“….so I have hidden clues….”.


Let’s go to the church in Ljusnedal.


To go out of the house and to the door, go to the living room and click the diagonal left arrow.  At the door, turn left twice and pick up the car key next to the coat.


Go outside, turn right, f 2x to turn right to see the car.  Use the key (click and drag) from Inventory on it.


Click the Church on the map.




The Church


Turn around to have the car at your back and go f 4x to see a message on a bench: read it:   “The next one is hidden….”.


Back to the car, pan right and f 2x on the road.   Turn right and see lose dirt.   We need something to dig.

Back to the road and still f 1x and go right to the gazebo and see the message on the right:

“….have to get into the old building outside of town”.


Go back to the car and click the car to get the map.




Old Building


Click to open the green door: rusted shut.   We need something.  Back down from the door.




The House


Get in, click the right diagonal arrow at the living room to be in the kitchen: click to go right and by the sink, take the red oil can.  


Back to the car and the….




Old Building


Use the oil can on the door and go in.

As you enter, turn left and up the stairs.   Turn left and see two doors: open the right one and take the shovel.  


Go down the stairs to go outside and back down from the door.




The Church


Go back to that lose dirt on the right of the road and use the shovel on it: read the message.


“….next clue on the top of funäsdalsherget”.    Mountain path on the map.




The Mountain Path


Up we go: f 7x, turn left, forward toward  the big tower 1x, turn right and f 1x, left and forward 1x to be at a yellow cabin that you can go around to see the scenery.

From the cabin, turn right twice and up toward the tower 2x to a path.  Go f 4x to an observation point: turn right once and click the down arrow.  Turn right 2x.

See some planks and a message: “….another mountain top”.  Back down from the planks.


Click the big arrow on the right of the planks to be back at the observation point.

Go back down the mountain by going first toward the tower.

When you are at the bottom, turn around with the arrow and get the map.


Click on Mittaklappen at top left corner.






Forward 5x, turn left, f 2x, right and up the stairs and f 1x, right and f 1x, left and f 2x.


See a circle of piles of rocks.  Click on the bigger one to get closer.

On the ground, in the middle of the circle, use the shovel on the soft ground: see a hole. Try to go in.


We need a gas mask from a local factory.  


Go back down: back away and turn around from the rocks, f 2x, right and f 1x, left and f 2x, left and f 2x, right and f 6x to the map.




Local Factory


On the map, click the building on the left of the church.


Inside, forward 1x and pan right, forward 1x to the plastic strip door.  Try to go forward: we need a portable lamp from the cottage.  (in the center of the map)




The Cottage


From the car, pan right, f 1x and take the path on the left, f 2x, left, f 2x and go diagonaly right arrow, f 1x and hear running water (you can look at it by going right and/or left), f 2x to the fence.

Click the fence and then the door of the cabin on the right: we need a key.  Back down.


Pan left and click on the left of the flag post: take the key at bottom left.  Take the time to click right of the post.


Back to the cabin and use the key on the padlock.

Enter and be in front of a door with a poster of a waterfall.


Turn left and pick up the portable lamp at the top of the screen on the left of the door.


Turn left again and go back to the road and the car.




Local Factory


Enter, forward and right to the plastic strip door: use the lamp: hard to see anyway.


Let’s search for that gas mask:  not a bad idea to save here.


Forward to the red fire extinguisher and be at a desk: click to get closer and notice the number 512.    Back away from the desk 2x.

Now forward to the opening on the left passing the big box.

Forward 2x to another opening on the left under a black pipe: enter and click the diagonal arrow on the left.


Be in a corridor: f 1x and turn left and open the door.  See the spot of light on the wall of another corridor.


Turn left, f 2x and turn right to see red lockers: forward and see a padlock.

In close up, click 512 and take the gas mask.    Back away.


Turn left or right 2x and back to the corridor: go left and f 2x.   At the phone, open the door on the right.  Turn right, f 1x, diagonal left 1x, f 2x passing a grey door, f 1x (the forward arrow is a bit on the left)  to see the plastic strip door.  Exit the factory.






Go back up to the circle of rocks and use the shovel on the soft ground.


Use the gas mask on the hole.



Go forward 5x to a metal door: use the shovel on the mid right section of the door.


Get a black screen and then see the blade: click it.


Again another black screen: click the screen to read the text.



The End




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