American Girl: Julie Saves the Eagles

Walkthrough by nickie

April 2008



Notes:     The lower right hand icon of your game screen has a diary. Two pages in Julie’s diary will fill with a list of things to do. Look at it to see what still needs to be accomplished in the game.

There is also a place in the diary called “My notes”. Here you can type your own notes on the game if you wish.

In the upper left hand corner is your map icon. New locations will appear in it as you do certain things in the game. In the bottom left of the screen is Julie’s backpack, which you click on to access inventory items. The top right icon is what you click on to save, load or exit the game.

This walkthrough does not contain everything you can do in the game, but rather the steps you need to take to finish the game. If you only follow the walkthrough, you may miss out on funny and interesting comments you can receive by using inventory items on different people.

There are two mini-games that can be played during the game. You don’t have to win or even play these, as you choose.

You may have to move Julie to a different position on your screen to enable clicking on a certain item or person. She also can get stuck if she runs into Ivy. Just move her in a different direction, and back to where you wish her to be.



The game begins with Julie finding a note from her friend Ivy. The note says that Ivy has a new game for Julie in Chinatown. Ivy’s note is now in inventory.


Click on the map icon to go to Chinatown. Walk to the right and look at the dragon arch. Click on it to automatically make a note of it, and get dragon gate motto in your inventory. Go through the arches and to the dress store. Talk to the shop person there to ask if she’s seen Ivy. Ivy appears! Use the dragon gate motto on the shopkeeper to get an explanation “Everything in the world is in just proportion”.


Go back through the dragon gate and talk to Gung Gung, Ivy’s grandfather. Gung Gung has a bellyache. In talking further to him you find out that an herbal tea made out of some root would help him. A traditional Chinese herbal pharmacy is right around the corner, next to where you met Ivy.


Go back through the dragon gate to the pharmacy and talk to the man. His cousin the pharmacist isn’t there, and he is just helping at the pharmacy. He doesn’t know about herbal remedies, and he doesn’t know what the Chinese characters on the items in the shop mean. Julie is going to have to do her own research.


Use the map icon to go to the school library. Go left through the fence and see Julie’s friend TJ playing basketball. Talk to him and then go past him to the library. Click on the book which is titled “Traditional Chinese Medicine”. Click on the pages until you read about Ginger, which is good to heal nausea and abdominal discomfort. A note will automatically go into inventory about Ginger. Click the small “x” to close the book, and click the arrow in the left hand corner to leave the library.


Go to the pharmacist in Chinatown and give him the Ginger note. He matches the Chinese symbols, and gives Julie a box of ginger root. Give the box of ginger root to Gung Gung. Gung Gung in turn gives Julie a dollar and tells her to buy something sweet.


At this point in the game or afterward, you can play a board game with Gung Gung, but you don’t have to win or even play to finish the main game. However, one very easy way to win the mini-game is to let Gung Gung go first and lose the first game. The second time you play the mini-game, elect to go first and copy exactly what Gung Gung did the first time.


Since Gung Gung gave you the clue to buy something sweet, now go to the new location on your map, Golden Gate Park. Talk to the little boy flying the eagle kite. Walk left to the candy cart, and talk to the candy seller to find out about Earth Day. Ask about the lollipops, and use the dollar in inventory to buy two lollipops. No matter what flavor you select, you will wind up with a blueberry lollipop in inventory.


Walk past the stairs to the flower conservatory (it’s closed), and then to the right by the pretty flower beds to talk to Mrs. Woodacre. She’s watching birds and butterflies with her binoculars. At this point there is a cut scene, which shows a rare blue butterfly landing on the blue lollipop. Must have mistaken it for a blue flower. Learn from Mrs. Woodacre that this particular type of butterfly is endangered. She encourages Julie to learn more about the butterfly herself.


Go to the library to see a new book “Butterflies of Northern California”. Find out that the rare butterfly Julie saw in the park is the “Mission Blue” and a last remaining habitat is the San Bruno Mountain. A name of butterfly note will be placed in inventory.


Go back to Golden Gate Park, and click on the bush in front of the boy flying the kite to find a baby bird.


Go to Mrs. Woodacre, and use the name of butterfly note on her. Mrs. Woodacre would really like a photograph of the Mission Blue butterfly. Ivy remarks that Julie’s Dad has a camera. This time at the park has opened up two new locations on the map, the rescue center and North Beach, where Julie’s Dad lives.


Go to the rescue center (which is part of the museum) and give the baby bird to the rescue worker, Robin Young. Click on Robin to find out that the baby bird is an owl, he’s sick, and the vet isn’t there.


Go to the library to read the book “Warning: Pesticides!”  Julie will make a note about DDT poisoning. Sounds like this is what is wrong with the baby owl.


Go back to the rescue center, and give the note about DDT poisoning to Robin. Robin can now help the baby bird.  Ask if other birds are being cared for there. The back room that says “staff only” is now open, and so go inside. Click on the baby eagle, and on the big eagles. Leave the room and talk again to Robin. Find out that construction workers cut down the tree where the eagles had their nest, and that the museum needs money to build a hack tower for the release of the eagles and for fresh fish to feed them. The birds need to be released into the wild before they become too accustomed to being in captivity, but it will cost a thousand dollars. Ask Robin what they can do to help, and Robin will give Julie museum brochures. Robin will have a booth at the Earth Day celebration later, giving out brochures and asking for donations.


Go to North Beach and talk to Julie’s Dad to ask about the camera. You can borrow it when he finds it, but it’s in the attic and there’s no light there. If Julie brings him a flashlight, he’ll look for the camera.


Go left down the street, and say hi to Ivy’s Mom. You learn that Julie used to live in this neighborhood. Go down the street and talk to the fishmonger. Ask for fish, ask for fish for free, and ask about donating the fish. Use the museum brochures from inventory on the fishmonger. He says he might donate some fish if he knew more about the eagles.


Go to the library, and click on the bicycle and the headlight. Talk to TJ and ask to borrow the headlight. You get the headlight but it isn’t working. TJ says the batteries must be dead.


Go to Julie’s street, click on the blue whale balloons and talk to the musician. Find out that blue whales may become extinct, and that the musician raised a lot of money selling the balloons. Julie says that people will give money if it’s for a good cause.


Go across the street and talk to Julie’s Mom. There’s another mini-game here to play, but it is optional. You don’t have to win or even play the mini-game to finish the main game.


Go further down the street and up the steps to be in Julie’s kitchen. Open the refrigerator and take the batteries. Open the cabinet beneath the sink and take a bucket.


Walk past the camera shop to the kite shop and talk to the owner. Look at the eagle kite. Find out that he has a hundred extra eagle kites. Ask if he knows about the museum, and if he’ll donate the kites to help the eagles. He says that normally he would, but he just had a fortune cookie that told him to be frugal.


Go to North Beach. In inventory, combine the batteries and the headlight (click on one and place it on the other and click to combine them). Give the now working flashlight to Julie’s Dad. He says he will be back in a second. He doesn’t actually leave the screen – just click on him again to receive the camera. Julie will have to find some film for it though.


Go to Chinatown. Walk right to the bakery, and talk to the shop owner. Click on the “Make your own fortune cookie” sign. Select the fortune “Generosity is the Royal Road”. The fortune cookie automatically goes into inventory.


Go to Julie’s street, walk left and talk to the photographer at the camera shop. Use the camera in inventory on the photographer. Talk to him again, asking if he’ll donate the film. You may have to click on him several times, but eventually he’ll donate the film. In inventory, combine the film and the camera to have a loaded camera.


Continue down the street to the kite seller. Give him the fortune cookie from inventory. Click on him to ask if he will donate, and he gives Julie the box of a hundred eagle kites. Thanks Mister…Kite!


Go to the rescue center and give Robin the box of a hundred eagle kites. Robin tells Julie that she should learn more about eagles. It will be easier to persuade people to help. Go to the backroom and take a picture of the baby eagle, and another of the big eagles with the baby eagle.


Go to the library, and look at the book “The Bald Eagle”. Find out about them being endangered, and get a note about eagle facts in inventory.


Go to North Beach. Show the note about eagle facts to the fishmonger. Click the bucket from inventory on the fishmonger. He gives you bucket of fish.


Go to the rescue center, and click the bucket of fish on Robin. Go to the back room, and click the bucket of fish on the baby eagle. Robin tells you that the baby eagle has to be fed using an eagle puppet which goes into your inventory (you have to use your imagination, as the puppet and the fish won’t combine in inventory). Leave the back room and ask Robin who is responsible for destroying the eagle’s nest. She says a construction company in Marin County. A new location is added to the map, an arrow to Marin County.


Go to Marin County. Click on the logs, and click on the scrap lumber. Julie says they’ll find a use for the scrap lumber later. Go past the pit, and up the screen to find the foreman. Talk to him about the eagles, and learn about “tree huggers”. Julie says she cares about people, and she cares about eagles too. Continue the conversation until Julie can ask the foreman for help. Show him the museum brochures. He wants to see a picture, so show him the eagle photo and/or the eaglet photo. Show him the note about eagle facts. Click on him again to ask him if he doesn’t care about the eagles. He says to show him some evidence that the public cares about the eagles, and they can talk.


Go to Julie’s street and talk to Julie’s Mom, tell her ‘There’s a big problem”. Julie’s Mom reminds her of what they did when Julie wanted to play on the boys’ basketball team. A petition! Julie asks her Mom if she thinks that will help. Julie’s Mom gives Julie a petition. Click the petition on Julie’s Mom to have her sign it. Click the petition on Ivy to have her sign it. Ivy!!!


Time to take the petition around. You may want to show the eagle puppet to various people for amusing comments.


Go to the following locations and have the petition signed:

Julie’s street: the musician, photographer and kite seller

North Beach: Julie’s Dad, Ivy’s Mom, the Fishmonger

Library: TJ

Chinatown: Gong Gong, the Pharmacist, the Dress store owner, the Baker (the last won’t sign until she sees a brochure)

The Park: Mrs. Woodacre, the Candyman (he won’t sign until he sees the eagle photographs). The kite flyer won’t sign until he asks his mother (and you don’t need the signature).

The Rescue Center: Robin Young


Go to Marin County and give the petition to the foreman. He’s sorry about the eagles, but people need houses too. Continue talking to him until Julie can ask about the scrap lumber. The foreman will talk to his boss about the forty feet of lumber they need. Julie thanks him and asks him where San Bruno Mountain is. The foreman tells her, and a new location is added to the map.


Go to San Bruno Mountain. Look at the blue flowers, lupines. Use the blueberry lollipop in inventory on the lupines to get a cut scene of a mission blue butterfly landing on the lollipop. Use the loaded camera to get a butterfly photo of the Mission Blue Butterfly. A new location is added to the map, Earth Day.


Go to Earth Day. Walk around and talk to all the people having a good time. Talk to the foreman, and he gives them a letter from his boss saying that the company will donate wood. Give the letter to Robin at the “Save the Eagles” booth. Ask Robin how they’re doing towards their goal.


Give Mrs. Woodacre the butterfly photo. Mrs. Woodacre says there must be something she can do to reward Julie’s kindness. Ask her if she will buy a kite to help save the eagles. Mrs. Woodacre gives Julie a $500 check. Umm…you made a mistake on that check. Give the $500 check to Robin at the Eagles booth. Click on Robin again to ask her how long it will take to build the hack tower for the eagles. Watch the cut scene to end the game.


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