Antique Chronicles: Episodes 1-3

by DistantStar Productions

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   September 2007


The main menu has New game, Save, Load, Option and Exit.

The Option menu has video, audio and controls selections.

Michelle Galloway is an archeology student. Prof. Vincent Von Drossi calls her about an important discovery.

Vincent is kidnapped.


Episode 1: The Encounter


Michelle says 'I have to find Marta's Store'.

Go forward and see a guard behind the gate. Try to enter the gate and the guard says he wants wine.

Go right, forward and right to the crates. Take the wine bottle.

Go back and give it to the guard.

Book Store:

Enter through the gate. Go forward and right. Go straight to Marta's Book Store.

Enter and look around. Marta cannot be interacted with. See her make a book fly to the shelf.

Look inside the bookcases area behind the railing. See a child that disappeared.

Enter that area and a dart hits Iraq on the map at back wall.

Look left and take the book between elephant book ends.

Read Vince's note, cuneiform tablet of Babylon map and map of the Garden of Eden and the 4 rivers that go through it.

Go to the bookcases close to Marta. Click on red book - Wicked Path, orange book - End of the Road and check the Old Clock Not Just Timekeepers.

Go to the crystal globe at the railing. Get a clue from the crystal globe.

Click on the Old Clock Not Just Time Keepers and it will be the cursor.

Place the book on the counter by Marta left of the candle.

Click on the book and see a picture of a clock underneath it.

Take the transport picture and click it on the grandfather clock.

You are now transported.


Go to the backpack. Take the matches and Vince's note.

Throw a match from inventory in the fire pit. Throw the old clock transport picture in the fire.

Take pail under the poster on the tree. Get water from the pond. Use the pail with water on fire. Pick up new transport picture.

Go right and back of the pond to see the mound in the transport picture.

Click the transport picture on the mound. Enter through the door that appears.


Go forward and see a jeep trying to run you over.

The jeep automatically crashed.

Turn right towards the crash site and see an etched ball come from the hill.

Climb the hill and get divining rod.

Go to crash site and see a cuneiform tablet. Use the divining rod on it and water will come from the ground to raise it in the air. Take the cuneiform tablet.


Enter the rail car and go forward. See a boulder that blocked the rail.

Back up the rail car to the start of the rail. Go forward and hit the boulder. Do this 3 times and the boulder is pushed out of the way.

Go forward until you are trapped by two rock walls.

Exit the rail car. Go back to the other rock wall and take the hammer.

Use the hammer on the wood covering of a big pipe on the side of the rail.

Exit Gate:

Go down the ramp and then turn right to the star on the wall.

Click the green circle at the center and see the glyph that needs to be turned.

Move the hand cursor to the right side point of the star. Try to turn the star so that the glyph at the center is in the correct position.

Check the glyph, move the right side until the door at the end of the ramp opens.

End of episode 1.


Episode 2: Close to Eden


Turn right and forward to a house. Read the note on the door.

Look down and move the welcome mat to get a key.

Enter the house and look around. Take the submachine gun from the wall.

Read the poster on the wall and the picture from the table.

Exit the house. Go right and around to the watchtower.

Cross the bridge below the watchtower and see a mineshaft. Try to go down the mine shaft.

The guard shoots you. Go back to the house.

Take the axe. Use the axe on the chest and get a bomb.

Go back to the watchtower and use the bomb on the box of the watchtower.

Open the ammo box and get machine gun ammo.


Cross the bridge. Enter the mineshaft. Someone from below threatens to shoot Vince.

Use the rifle and now that you have ammo can fire back.

Go down the rope ladder.

Go forward until it gets dark.

Go back and take the blue flashlight behind a right side wood beam support. Pick up 3 batteries from different parts of the mine tunnel.

4 stands:

Go forward until the cave with 4 stands.

Use the flashlight above the front left stand. A white beam comes out from the top.

Use the submachine gun above the back left stand. A red beam comes out from the top.

Pick up the rock at the center of the room. Move the cursor above the back right stand. The rock will be placed on top of the stand and a blue beam of light comes out.

Touch the empty space above the top of the front right stand.

The 4 beams join and the back door opens.


Go forward until a door with 4 sets of 3 boxes on the ground and boxes in pigeon holes: scroll, crucifixion, treasure chest and Knights Templar.

The object of this puzzle is to pick up a box and place it in one of the pigeon holes. No similar pictures should be placed horizontally or vertically.


When done, the wall is removed and you go forward to an empty cavern.

Go forward to another entryway to a chamber with pillars.

Go forward and enter a room with a sarcophagus at the center.

Open the sarcophagus. Take the mummy out and then take the ankh.

Put the mummy back and the cover.

Exit the mummy room, the pillar chamber and out to the empty cavern.

Go to right wall and see an ankh indentation. Use ankh.

Go back to the room with the sarcophagus. See stairs when the sarcophagus' pedestal was moved.

Try to go down and hear the baddies talking, shots fired.

Go down and episode 2 is ended.


Episode 3: Now or Never

Treasure room 1:

Michelle is knocked down after finding Vince.

When you wake up, use the match in inventory to burn the ropes.

Exit to the right and follow Vince.

After talking to Vince, go to the back left of the chamber and take the mace.

Face the column beside where you got the mace. Use the mace on the column to topple the columns and block the hole in the wall.

Treasure room 2:

Enter the left hole in the wall.

Go forward to the wall with the treasure glyph.

Go back to the wood beam support midway down the tunnel. Look up and see an active spot center of the overhead beam. Click on it to open the wall. Thanks Geo.

Use the flashlight all the time and enter the room. Go around and enter the treasure room.

Pick up 4 candle holders from the floor. Take 2 bracelets and necklaces from the open treasure chest.

Exit the room and pass Vince studying a wall.

See hieroglyphs on the wall. Michelle translates it as needing gold to pass through the wall.

Go back to the treasure room and open the gray chest at right. Take the King's crown.

Go back and pass through the wall back to Marta's book store. Vince is left behind.

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