Art of Murder: FBI Confidential

By City Interactive

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2008


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

At the start of the game, a game setting frame is seen. It has display, sound and about (information about the engine of the game). The display has display device, colors (16 or 32 bit) and antialiasing selections. The sound selection is for the sound device to be used.

The main menu has Start, Load, Game Settings, Credits and Quit Game. The Game Settings has volume control for music, fx, dialogues and master. Later the in-game menu has Resume and Save game.

ESC key skips intro, cutscenes and also accesses the main menu.

The main game screen has the PDA, Hints (magnifying lens icon) and Menu (briefcase icon). Labels of items are seen on top of the game screen.

The PDA has the phone, notepad, camera, photos and blue ledger of phone numbers. The Hints feature shows the exits or change screen area in the game screen.


Nicole Bonnet is a fresh graduate from the FBI Academy. She introduces herself to her new partner, James Scott while doing a routine surveillance in an abandoned building. Returning from being sent out to get coffee, James was shot. His last words to Nicole are Take the message to Nick. A red car is seen leaving the scene.

Note:    Double click makes Nicole run. Right click gives information about items seen. Use the hints icon to find all the exits and other hotspots.


Day 1

FBI New York branch, Downtown

Chief Chaser's office:    Talk to Leon Chaser, the chief. Learn about Nick Romsky, Nicole's new partner.

Front Office:

Exit the office and Nicole talks to Ruth, the secretary at the Front Office.

Nicole's desk:    Go to bottom right and to the first desk to type the report. Use the keyboard and learn that you need to consult with Nick first.

Find Nick:   Right click on the other desks and learn that the middle desk is James', the far one is Nick's and the one on the left is for a new recruit.

Cork board:    Look close at the cork board and see Nick's phone number; as well as Ruth and Chaser's.

PDA:    Click on the PDA and click on the blue ledger icon at the bottom. See a listing of phone numbers. Click on Nick's number and automatically dial the number. No one answers. Click on button at right of PDA screen to close it.

Talk to Ruth at the front office and she e-mails the new phone number of Nick.

Go back to Nicole's desk and see the e-mail with Nick's new number. Use the PDA and then blue ledger icon. Click on Nick's new number.

After Nicole's message on Nick's answering machine, see an SMS-message from Nick.


Nicole's desk:    To make the report, click on the keyboard of Nicole's computer. Click on the report on the screen and see that the printer is out of paper.

Storage room:    Go to the storage room at end of the hall. Check all the items there for future use but it does not have printer paper.

Mezzanine:    Exit the door on the left and look around. Take a ream of printer paper from the box at bottom left.

Go back to the office which is the door on the left.

Printer:    Go back to Ruth's desk and look close at the printer on the left.

Click on the bottom tray-paper feeder to open it. Take the ream of printer paper in inventory and place it on the tray.

Close the tray and the report is automatically printed. Take report.

Chaser's office:    Go to Chaser's office. Give Chaser the report.

He gives a new case. It is about ritual killing of 3 men:    Henry Fairbanks, Mark Chestum and Andrew Haig. The drawing of a knife used in the murders is in inventory.

Check the notebook in the PDA for the dialogues-information said to Nicole by various characters.

Talk to Chaser several time until he is finished.

Exit the FBI office through the mezzanine door. Go down the stairs and out the door to the street.

Go to the black car at right and automatically be inside. Click on the picture of the Museum of Pre Columbian Art.

Museum of Pre Columbian Art

Enter the museum. Talk to the Porter.

Exhibition room:    Go through the Exhibition room. Talk to Director Warren about sacrificial knives.

Look around at the different displays especially the one behind Warren. Check the golden figurines on the right display.

Go to the mummy at the back wall. Take the fire extinguisher from the floor.

Archives:    Go the bottom screen and enter the room on the left.

Look around; see the magnifying lens on the table and records in the bookcase. Exit the room.

Orangery:    Enter the door at right and be at the orangery.

Look around and note potting soil, vases and statue. Exit the room.

Porter:    Exit out to the front area of the museum and talk to the porter several times. Find out that he just packed things in crates for delivery to South America.

He gives Warren's phone number. Use the PDA and then the blue ledger icon. Click on Warren's number. Talk to porter again.

Storage room:    Go down to the Storage room. After finding out that the lights are out, talk to the porter again.

Go back down to the storage room again.

Light switch casing:    This puzzle is random.

Open the light switch cabinet. See that there are 5 switches. When the switches are flipped up they are blue and when flipped down they are red colored.

The aim of the puzzle is to find the right combination to have all 5 lights on: 2 on each side and one in the back of the room.

Nicole will not walk to that area if there is no light on.

Flip on the switches and see that some lights are on and some off. Keep on making variation on the flipped up and flipped down until all the 5 lights are on.

Search the room:    Go to the metal flight case on the middle shelf on the left side of the room.

Open-click the metal flight case in inventory and get an X-ray scanner.

Go to top left of room and take the dinghy from the floor beside the crate.

Crates:    Go to top back part of the room. Check and use the X-ray scanner on the crates at top of the screen. Click the 'off' button to exit the scanner. No knives are seen on the small crate and the big one on top of another crate.

Right click on screen and see a gap between the crates that was X-rayed scanned. Place the dinghy in the gap between the small crate and the one behind it.

Use the fire extinguisher on the inserted rubber dinghy. This exposed the crate behind the moved crate.

Use the X-ray scanner on the exposed crate. See that the knives are in pairs but one similar to the sketch is missing.

Return the Metal case:    Go back to the front part of the room. In inventory, place the X-ray scanner back in the metal case. Place the metal case back on the middle shelf on the left.

Go back up to the porter and talk to him. He shows the paperwork. Learn that the inventory states 2 ritual knives - yes; one is missing.

Exit the museum. Go towards the car and get an SMS-message from Nick. Learn that another murder happened; this time at Staten Island. It is John Rudolph, a stockbroker.

Stockbroker's Villa

Go to the car and click on the picture of the stockbroker's villa.

Talk to Jeff Macgregor, the policeman and learn about the murder. Enter the house.

Table:    Go to the coffee table at center of room. Check the items on the coffee table. See a folded newspaper that you can not pick up.

Click on right chair and Nicole moves it closer.

Pull back and take the business card that was under the chair. Right click the card in inventory and learn that it is Allan Branford's business card. His phone number is now in the PDA.

Annex:    Go to the hallway left of the door. Check the photos on the wall. Note a graduation picture at the bottom.

Pull back and take the umbrella on the coat rack left of the door.

Pool table:    Go back to the main door. Go to the right where the pool table is located.

Right click the pool of blood on the floor.

Look close at the pool table. Take the #2 ball from the ball slot at base of table.

Drop the #2 ball on each of the pool table's pocket. Find out that one of them (4th try) is blocked. The location of the blockage is random.

In inventory, click on the umbrella and get a spoke-wire. Use the wire on the blocked pocket.

Take the head of a Pre-Columbian figurine.

Exit the house and automatically end the day. Go to the car.

Nicole had a nightmare.

Day 2


FBI New York branch, Downtown

Enter the building and try to enter the Evidence deposit room left of the reception desk.

Nicole does not have a card.

Front Office:    Go upstairs and enter the office. See Nick's footprints on the floor.

Talk to Ruth at bottom screen. Take the blue magnetic key card from her desk.  Talk to Ruth again.

Enter Chaser's room and report to him twice or completely.

Check Nicole's desk and take the origami boat. Click on the origami in inventory and see the city plan with the place where James was killed and 4:30.

Evidence deposit room:    Exit the office and go downstairs.

Use the magnetic key card on the door of the Evidence room.

Note and check James' box at far second to bottom shelf.

Check the tailor's box at closer second to bottom shelf.

Place the head of the figurine on top shelf.

Exit the room.

Use the PDA and call Branford but no answer. Call Warren and make an appointment to see him. Branford is in the museum now.

Museum of Pre Columbian Art

Exit the building and go to the black car. Click on museum photo.

Exhibition room:    Talk to Warren about the sacrificial knives several times - completely. The crates are already on the way to Bogotá.

Orangery:    Enter the door on the right.

Talk to Allan Branford completely. Nicole expertly checked the alibi of both Branford and Warren.

Allan says Huaquero, a word that means grave robber.

Exhibition room:    Go back to Exhibition room.

Look close at the golden figurines in front of Warren. See that one is missing a head.

Talk to Warren to get the figurine. He wants paper works-permission.

Exit the museum and enter the black car.

FBI New York branch, Downtown

Enter the building and go upstairs.

Front Office:   

Go and automatically talk to Ruth.

Go to the storage room at back of the room with the desks. Take a white blank form from the shelf.

Give the blank form to Ruth.

Enter the office and talk to the chief.

Exit and take the completed form from the desk.

Exit the building and go to the black car. Click on museum photo.

Museum of Pre Columbian Art

Exhibition room:    Give the completed form to Warren.

Talk to the porter. Go back to Exhibition Hall.

Look close at the golden figurine case. Open the display case and take the headless figurine. The light blinks and makes a sound.

Talk to the porter again. Now he needs to guard the museum all night.  The display has to have weight so that the alarm stops.

Secure the golden figurine display:    This puzzle is random.

Go to the Orangery. Go to the vases on the floor in front of the statue. Take a vase.

Go to the left and get some potting soil.

Go back to the display. Place the vase in the display case.

Check if the red light stops blinking or making a sound and turns green.

If it doesn't stop making a sound or still blinks, take the pot out again and add the soil to the vase.

Place the vase with soil in the display case again.

Take more and add soil to the pot or get a new pot until the light turns green.

You empty soil by clicking the vase on the sack of potting soil. Replace the vase by clicking the empty vase on the floor in front of the statue.

Exit the museum and go back to the car.

It is time to meet Nick at the abandoned house. Click on picture of abandoned house.

Abandoned house:   

Enter the building.

Middle floor, far left apartment:    Go left to the hallway and enter the far left apartment.

WC:    Enter the WC (toilet). Take the plug from the floor left of the sink.

Bedroom:    Enter the bedroom on the left. Nicole mentions the hot cigarette. Take the wire brush on the table.

Middle floor, far right Kitchen:    Go back to the hallway and enter the far right room.

Take the whiskey inside the open refrigerator.

Look close at the counter left of the refrigerator. See a calendar that fell off the wall. Check the sink.

Hallway:    Go down the hallway and back to the stairs. Go to the hallway right of the stairs.

Number 9:    Enter the apartment at right. Enter the other room.

See Nicole surprise a drunk, Joel Tatum.

Talk to Tatum completely. Find out that Nick left him here to give something to Nicole. He needs some body fluids.

Get Nick's message:    Give the whiskey bottle to Tatum. He doesn't like bourbon.

Pick up the empty bottle with chipped neck under the table on the left.

Exit the apartment and go back to the kitchen.

Look close at the sink. Use the plug on the sink. Place the empty bottle on the plugged sink.

Turn on the faucet and take the whiskey label.

Use the whiskey label on the full whiskey bottle.

Go back to Tatum at #9. Give him the relabeled whiskey bottle. Tatum gives an origami bird.

Click the origami bird in inventory. Nicole flattened the paper and see James - mobile is written on it.

Click on doorway and Nicole talks to Tatum again. Tatum leaves.

Take the blown fuse on the couch. Exit the apartment 9.

Upstairs:    Try to climb the stairs to go up. It is dark up there.

Get light on stairs:    Go right of stairs. Look close at the fuse box on the wall across the stairs.

In inventory, click the wire brush taken from the bedroom and get a handful of bristle-wires.

Use the bristles on the fuse. Use the repaired fuse on the bottom empty slot second from right in the fuse box. It blows.

Go to the kitchen and look close at the counter left of the fridge.

See that the calendar was burned off. Unplug the destroyed cord off the wall using the flattened origami paper as protection.

Go back to the fuse box. Take the blown fuse.

In inventory, use the bristles on the blown fuse again. Use the repaired fuse on the slot again. Now it didn't blow.

Landing:    Go back to the stairs and climb up.

Mobile phone:    At the landing, look close at the floor in front of the radiator. Right click on screen to see the area with hole.

Look close at hole with a mobile phone in it.

Use the wire brush on the board with hole. The board is lifted.

Take the damaged mobile phone and then the wire brush.

Exit the building and go back to FBI building.

FBI New York branch, Downtown

Enter the building and then the Evidence deposit room left of the reception desk.

Evidence deposit room:    Enter the Evidence room using the key card.

The golden head is missing. Place the headless figurine on deposit shelf.

Look at James' box and take James' ID. Look at the tailor's box and take scissors.

Front Office:    Go upstairs and enter the office.

Talk to Ruth and get the result of the test on the golden head. Ooops!

Storage room:    Look for gloves to prevent mistakes. Go to storage room at back of the desk room.

Take battery, plastic bag and lamp from left shelf. Take luminol and gloves from right shelf.

Exit the office.

Laboratory:    Enter the door at far end of mezzanine. Look around. Take swabs in jar from the table closest to the door.

Mezzanine:    Exit to the mezzanine.

Look at the hanging wires on the left beam of the ceiling. Too high.

Take the ladder at bottom left. Click on the hanging wires. Use the scissors to cut some cables.

Front Office:    Go back to the office.

Fix James' mobile phone:     Look close at Nicole's desk.

Place the cables at bottom left of the desk (left of the keyboard).

Add battery to cable. Then use James' mobile on the cable-battery setup.

Pin number:    It asks for a pin number. Talk to Ruth. James' birthday is May 24, 1956.

Go back and look close at the damaged mobile on Nicole's desk.

Enter the numbers by pressing the keys. Use the blue top right button to backspace-clear errors.

Press the blue Okay button at the center when done.

The permutation of James' birthdate is not the pin number.

Use clean swab on James' ID and read it to get XFAD 8673.

Enter 8673 on the damaged mobile and then press the center blue button (Okay).

Clear a wrong entry by clicking 4 times on the button right of the blue button. Thanks, sierramindy.

James' data:    Click on the mobile's screen and it downloads a photo. The mobile blows.

Pull back and see a fuzzy picture on the computer.

Click on the picture on the computer and Nicole summarizes the information she deduced about Huaquero.

Exit the building and go to the car. Click on the thug's hideout's picture.

Thug's hideout:   

Go to the bottom left screen and check the door. See that you can not enter that way.

Enter the Thug's hideout:    Go back to right screen and enter the alley at top left.

See a truck. Go to the truck and pick up the crowbar by the rear left wheel.

Look inside the truck and release the handbrake. See the truck move down the alley.

See a fire escape ladder above it.

Use the crowbar on the fire escape ladder. Watch Nicole climb up.

At the landing, click on the left window and hear the thugs talk. They are looking for a key. Learn that the old knife is in a drawer. Huaquero leaves.

Look close at the air conditioner. Use the crowbar on the air conditioner fan.

The remaining thug opens the window. Enter the apartment.

Get the thug out of the way:    See one man sitting in the next room.

Look around the room and see a woman's bag on the couch at right side of the door.

Nicole will not go to the bag or she might be seen. Move Nicole left of the boxes closest to the door.

Click on the bag on the couch. Click the PDA and then click the camera.

Click the photo icon of the PDA and see the picture of the bag.

There is a paper with numbers on it. The numbers are inverted and are randomly generated.

Use the phone icon of the PDA and dial the number seen on the paper. Click on left arrow to backspace and erase an error. Then when numbers are entered, click on the phone button.

Hear the phone ring. The thug leaves the room.

Enter the room and look around. Check the wardrobe and click on the back panel.

Secret room:    It opens to a secret room. Look around.

Check The Cold of Morning picture on the wall and see a jammed hidden lever.

Check the middle drawer of the dresser and see the sacrificial knife.

Try to take it but gets hit on the head.

Untie Nicole from the chair:    Watch as Nicole tied up on a chair is interrogated by the thugs.

After diverting Huaquero to leave the room, see Nicole at center of the room. There's a table at top left that might help her.

This is a timed puzzle.

Move Nicole one tile at a time. Find out that if she lands on a creaky tile that the thug hears it and warns her.

After 3 warnings, the thug hits her. Saved game here.

Move Nicole as shown: 2 down, 1 left, 1 down, 2 left, 1 up, 1 left, 4 up, 4 right, 2 up 2 left, 2 up, 1 left and 2 up.

Watch Nicole untie herself.

Knife:    Enter the wardrobe. Look at the open drawer with the sacrificial knife.

Use luminol on the knife. Use the UV lamp on the luminol sprayed knife. Click the gloves on the knife. See the knife in plastic bag.

Trap door:    Lift the top left corner of the rug on the floor. See a trap door. Try to open it.

Click again on The Cold of Morning picture on the wall and see a jammed hidden lever. Click on the lever again now that the trap door is tried and see it move to the right.

Try the trap door again and see it opened. Go down.

See the thug try to follow but goes back up.

Shop:    Look around.

Door:    Check the door and see that it is locked. Check the lever on the right and see that it doesn't hold the blind up.

Key box:    Look left and see a key box. The key door is opened but cannot be pulled.

Go to the right and take the cherry can at bottom right of the screen (on the shelf). Open it and take a coin.

Close the can and place the tin can back.

Look close at key box and use coin on the door. Take a key and get all the keys.

Open the door:    Try different keys on the lock. The one that worked for me is the first one on the left.

Open the door and see that the blind is still down and that lever doesn't hold it up.

Look close at the panel above the lever right of the door.

Use coin on the 4 screws to remove them. Click on the panel and it is removed to show the gear mechanism.

Look at the ratchet at bottom left. See that the ratchet holding the big gear is broken.

Use the different keys on the bottom left ratchet to see which one will stop-hold the big gear. The one that worked for me is the fourth key from left.

Use the lever and the blind rises.

Uh oh! See the thug waiting. Yay! The blind falls down and hits the thug unconscious.

Take the gun beside the thug.

Go right and Nicole runs to the stakeout abandoned building.

Watch as Nicole warns the mysterious Nick and sees Huaquero handcuffed to the sink.

Chaser interrogates Huaquero. Ray? Chaser covers the mike and whispers something to Huaquero.

Day 3


FBI New York branch, Downtown

Front Office:    Ruth talks to Nicole.

Chief Chaser's office:    Talk to Chaser. He wants more proof.

Laboratory:    Exit the office and go to the lab.

Test the knife:    Take the blood test results of the victims from the small table left of the door.

Go to the work bench at back of room and look close at the analyzer on the left. Take an empty vial.

In inventory, take a clean swab and click it on knife in plastic bag to get dirty swab.

Place dirty swab (active sample) inside the empty vial to get vial with swab.

Use the vial with swab on the blue screen of the sample testing equipment.

Click the report of 234.56 mg on the blue screen and it should be sent to Nicole's computer.

Nicole's desk:    Go back to the office and Nicole's desk.

Look at the monitor and see blood tests results from Huaquero's knife.

Take the blood test results of victims in inventory and click it on the monitor that showed blood tests results from Huaquero's knife. Henry Fairbanks blood is positive on the knife.

Ruth's desk:    Go to bottom screen and Nicole reports to Chaser. Learn that Huaquero was killed trying to escape. Hmmm...

Check Evidences:

Check the figurines:

Go down to the Evidence deposit room. Look at James' box and take the key. Note the poster inside the box.

Take the head of figurine from top shelf and then the headless figurine from bottom shelf.

In inventory combine the head and body of the figurine. A click is heard and see a bag of white powder.

Go to the lab upstairs.  Look close at the analyzer at left.

Take an empty test vial. Use clean swab on white powder bag. Place the swab with sample in test vial to get active sample.

Go to right screen and place the active sample vial on the sample analyzer. Find out that it is uncut heroin.

Check Huaquero's picture:

Go to Nicole's desk. Click on the keyboard and see Huaquero's fuzzy picture. Click on the keyboard twice more to filter the picture. See a clear second picture of the storage room of the museum.

Museum of Pre Columbian Art

Exit the building and go to the black car. Click on museum photo.

Porter:    Automatically, Nicole talks to the porter. He does not allow Nicole to check around the museum.

Get the porter out of the way of the storage room:

Archives:    Enter the Exhibition Hall and enter the door on the left.

Take the lab magnifying glass from the table and the aluminum foil left of the blue-yellow cabinet on the back wall.

Exhibition Hall:    Go to the back part of the hall. Take the ceramic bowl from the right wall.

Orangery:    Note that hanging on top left of the screen is a temperature sensor.

Click the hints-magnifying lens icon and see a hotspot at base of statue.

Place the lab magnifying glass on the base of the statue first, then the bowl and lastly, use the aluminum foil on the bowl.

The temperature sensor is hit by a beam of light and blares an alarm.

Exit the Orangery and meet the porter. Hehehehe.

Storage room:    Go down to the storage room.

Go to the back part of the room. Nicole comments about the post with a poster at middle of room.

Look close at the poster on that post. James was also interested in this poster.

Use James' key on the small cabinet under the poster. It opens.

Take a clean swab from inventory and use it on the scale to get a sample.

Pull back and get an SMS from Nick. Subway workers found the next victim.


Tenement:    Go to the building (door) at back and between the 2 cars.

Check the closed door of the tenement. Take the wire of the doorbell hanging right of the door.

181 St Subway:    Go to the subway station at right.

Take the coke bottle right of the subway door.

Enter the subway. Talk to the policeman twice. The victim is Joel Tatum, the drunk met at the abandoned building.

Go to bench at right close to the wall. Take the lighter from the floor.

Go to bottom screen. Check the scaffolding at back wall.

Take gas can and the newspaper from the floor. See pliers on the scaffold and a grid on the wall.

Grid:    Look close at the grid on back wall.

Use the coke bottle on the screws. Take all 4 butterfly screws and then take the grid off.

Try to take the empty champagne bottle 1986 vintage but it is crawling with beasties insects.

Click on newspaper in inventory and they get rolled up. Use the rolled up newspaper with empty champagne bottle.

Use gas can on empty lighter. Then use lighter on newspaper on bottle.

Take the champagne bottle after the icky insects leave. See that there's a diploma inside the bottle.

Use the wire on the bottle with diploma to get rolled paper.

Look at diploma to find out that it is Joel Tatum's diploma of Fine Art from New York University.

Go back to the car.

Day 4

FBI New York branch, Downtown

Laboratory:    Go to the lab at mezzanine.

Take a test vial. Use test vial on the sample from the museum.

Go to right screen at the sample analyzer. Use the vial with swab on analyzer. It is heroin.

Office:    Go to the office and talk to Ruth. The Chief is not here. Ruth gives more info about Chaser. He lost his wife just before transferring here. Talk to Ruth again. All the victims graduated from NYU.

NYU Library:

Go down to the car and go to the library. Enter the library.

Reading room:    Go down to the bottom of the screen. Enter the door at end of the hallway.

Find the 1986 year book:    Go and talk to the librarian using a lens instead of eyeglasses in order to read.

Go right of the librarian and look close at the bookshelves left of the door.

Take the book from the shelf.

Go back to the librarian and give her the book. She says that the page is torn out.

Find the microfilm for 1986 yearbook torn page:    Talk to the librarian and ask about microfilms.

Talk to her again until she opens the drawers of the Microfilm room.

Exit the Reading Room and enter the Microfilm room. Look at the cabinet and realize that it is impossible to find the microfilm.

Go back to the librarian and she gives the catalogue number - 01-044-86. Go back to the Microfilm room and realize that the catalogue numbers on the cabinet is different from the number given.

Go back to the librarian and ask about the different numbers. Learn about the new catalogue numbers. Go back to the Microfilm room and check all the drawers on the left side that starts: with 001-044-1986#.

Open the drawer labeled 001-044-19867 (fourth from top at left side) and take microfilm. (Thanks, SirGraham!)

Repair the microfilm reader:    Go back to Reading room and talk to the librarian about the found microfilm.

Look close at microfilm reader on table at far right.

Take the reel on the left. Use microfilm on the reel and it gets wound on the reel. (Thanks, Rushes!)

Place the microfilm on reel back on the reader.

Turn the switch at left to on position. Click the fuzzy display on the reader and Nicole will say no lens.

Talk to Librarian again about the reader and lens.

Take the glasses on the table at bottom right. The librarian is using a magnifying lens because she has no glasses.

Give the glasses to librarian. She lays the focal lens she was using on the counter. Take focal lens.

Go back to microfilm reader. Place focal lens on the middle bottom part of the reader.

Click on screen and Nicole reads about the Amazon expedition.

Click the next page and learn that the leader Samuel Dickinson, Alice Dickinson, Noel Raches went missing in the Peruvian jungle and presumed taken by the Indians. Find out that Warren took over the expedition.

Get a list of the expedition members. Click the screen several times until Nicole finishes her deduction. Hmm... Only William Warren and Allan Branford are known to be alive.

Talk to the librarian and Nicole will call for a police car to drive her home.

Exit the library and go to the car.

Museum of Pre Columbian Art

Enter the building and the Exhibition Hall. Go to the Archives.

Talk to Warren. Show Warren the list of expedition members.

Talk to Warren again. Learn about Juan Alvarado, an archeologist in Cuzco was a late member of the expedition. Huaquero was also a part of the expedition.

Exit the museum and see Allan Branford outside. Talk to Branford. Learn that Alvarado was in town during the murders but has now left for Cusco. Branford lost the picture of Alvarado's house in Cusco.

Nicole calls Ruth to check on Alvarado's flight back to Peru.

Go back inside the museum. Go to the Archives and talk to Warren several times. Learn about Huaquero and blackmail. Chaser knew all about the problem with Huaquero.

Go to the Orangery. Pick up the photo of Alvarado's house on the floor beside the sack of potting soil.

Exit the Orangery and get a call from Ruth. Learn that Alvarado is back in Peru. Nicole asks Ruth to book a flight to Cusco for Nick and herself. Nicole calls and leaves a message for Nick.

Exit the museum and go to the car.

FBI New York branch, Downtown

Office  Talk to Ruth. Everything arranged.

Chaser:    Enter Chaser's office and talk to him. Listen to Nicole's psychological profile of the murderer. Interesting.

Talk to Chaser completely until he kicks Nicole out of his office.

Exit the office and talk to Ruth again completely.

Exit the building and see Nicole's flight to Cusco.

Day 5

Cusco, Peru

Hotel:    Talk to Diego completely. Learn about Alvarado.

Check the closet-hutch right of the stairs. Take the camera.

Go to the table right of the hutch. Take buckthorn leaves and coca leaves.

Exit through the entryway behind Diego.

Street:    See an ATM machine on the wall of the hotel.

San Martin Plaza:    Go right from the hotel and be in front of Alvarado's (archeologist) house.

Try to knock or enter the house. Check the windows.

Hotel:    Go back to the left and enter the hotel.

Talk to Diego again and he has decided to help get an appointment with Alvarado. In return he wants a favor. He explained about the loss of a rental car of one of his guest. Jose Santamaria, the rental car owner took Diego's Jeep as replacement. Diego wants Nicole to rent the jeep and park it in the hotel; the rest he will take care himself.

Exit the hotel.

ATM machine:    Look close at ATM machine.

Use the credit card on the slot at right.

Press any number on the keypad and get the card and money automatically.

Car workshop:    Go down to the street at bottom screen and be at the workshop.

Right click and look at the 62 Chevy Impala.

Talk to Jose. No jeep at the moment.

Find the jeep:    Look around and click on all the rusty cars.

Check the bicycle. Click on the garage.

Go back to the hotel and talk to Diego. Learn that the jeep is in the garage, for sure.

Go back to the scrap yard. Talk to Jose again to ask to get in the garage.

Jose says that he keeps her sister's photo equipment in the garage.

Talk to him again about having picture with him. Talk again about wanting a tripod.

Go to the garage and see the rusty jeep. Take the tripod and the bearing on the ground left of the opened garage door.

Picture taking:    See Jose on the Impala ready to have his picture taken.

In inventory combine the tripod and camera. Place camera on a tripod on the 'space for camera at end of the sidewalk next to the wall.

Automatically take a picture. Take the camera back.

Talk to Jose again about the jeep in the garage. He can rent it for 100 dollars tomorrow.

Give Jose the money. Talk to him several times until Nicole says that she will leave it under this metal thing. Combine the bearing and money in inventory to get cash under a bearing.

Place cash under a bearing on the bench in front of the house.

Hotel:    Go back to hotel and talk to Diego completely.

The photo of the house is the pass.

Leave the camera on the hutch right of the stairs.

Alvarado's house:    Exit the hotel and go right to the plaza.

Enter the house:    See a native seating on the bench.

Go to the door. Use the photo on the gap-slot on the door.

Talk to the man behind the door several times. He wants to look closely.

Show ID:    Nicole will mention that there's a small window above the man seating on the bench.

Notice too that he's continuously chewing and Nicole mentions coca leaves. Hmm...

In inventory combine the coca leaves and buckthorn.

Give the Inca the coca leaves mixed with buckthorn. That's not nice.

Watch as Nicole shows her ID through the small window.

Talk through the door again and eventually, Nicole enters the house.

Alvarado:    Enter the door at right.

Talk to Alvarado completely and learn about what happened to the Expedition to Akakor. Learn how Warren subverted Dickinson. Raches was in love with Alice. Branford initially stayed with the Dickinson but left. He was Raches' friend. Raches had a distinctive watch and that is how they identified him. Huaquero was also betrayed by Warren. When asked about where the treasure is now, Alvarado mentions about Warren's grandfather owning a tenement.

The jewels he owned taken from Akakor are hidden in a dry place that is password protected. He has a Google map of the way to Akakor. Alvarado finally agreed to take Nicole to the jungle.

Exit the house.


Day 6

Cusco, Peru

It is morning already when Nicole exits the house.

Go back to the hotel by going to the left.

Talk to Don Diego standing outside the hotel. He gives a sandwich.

Go back to the right and back to Alvarado's house.

Nicole comments about the absence of the Indian. Go to the door and find out that it is opened. Uh Oh!

Alvarado's house:    Enter the house. Nicole locks the door.

Jose's room:    Enter Jose's room. Find Alvarado dead.

Hear the police arrive with the Inca and they are trying to get in the door.

Go to the fireplace and take the knife.

Use the knife on the slit in the circle right of where the knife was displayed.

Take the 4 crystals:    dodecahedral crystal, cubic crystal, spherical crystal and tetrahedral crystal. Taken also is the map to Akakor.

Exit the room and enter the door to the courtyard.

Balcony:    Look around and see that there is a way out on top of the chimney on the other side of the balcony.

Click on the board at left and it will form a bridge to get to the wall and escape.

Ladder:    Now let's make a ladder with what we have.

The aim of the puzzle is to stack amphorae on the wall to make a ladder.

Use amphora that have a wide mouth and also have a base-bottom that has a rim. Also use ones with handles.

Place the biggest, tallest and most stable at the bottom and gradually stack the smaller ones on top.

See picture below:   

Move the amphora blocking #1 and place it on an empty space.

Place #1 by the wall beside the chimney at left.

Take #2 and stack it over #1. Continue until 5 amphorae are stacked up.

If a wrong amphora is taken, Nicole will say that she is too tired to climb.


Click on the exit on top of wall and see Nicole climb up.

Car workshop:    Nicole is at the scrap yard.

Talk to Jose several times and learn that the jeep is ready.

He will give a can of gasoline since there are no gas stations.

Go to the ATM machine at the hotel wall. Insert the card and push any button. The card was rejected.

Go back to Jose and talk to him again. After some dialogues, he agrees to take the camera as payment.

Hotel:    Go back to the hotel and enter.

Take the camera:    See the policeman is there with Diego.

Go back outside and enter the kitchen left of the hotel.

Pick up the matches on the table at the foreground.

Go to the fireplace at top. Take the jug over the metal sheet. Take strawberry and honey from the hutch at left.

Use the jug on the big jug that contains chicha left of the fireplace.

Place the jug with dough over the metal plate on the fireplace. Add strawberry and honey to the jug.

Use matches on the fireplace below to get fire.

Turn on the switch below the window to get the delicious smell outside.

Automatically, Nicole is outside the hotel. Enter and take the camera from the hutch cabinet.

Car workshop:    Go back to the scrap yard.

Give the camera to Jose. He gives the gas can.

Use the gas can on the fuel tank right of the front door of the jeep.

Watch Nicole drive through the Andes and later have an accident.


Day 8

Somewhere in the Andes

A day is lost after the accident.

Rope bridge:    Cross the bridge to the other side.

Jungle:    Take the tube-crowbar from the ground.

See that there's a tunnel just above it but covered by vines-liana. Use knife to cut the liana.

Use the tube-crowbar on the tunnel door. It still doesn't open.

Jeep:    Go back to the left and over the bridge.

Go left at other end of bridge and be at a wrecked jeep.

Take the chair. Open the crate at the back of the jeep with the tube-crowbar.

Take pulley and jack from the opened crate.

Rope bridge:    Go right and try to cross the bridge to the other side. Eek!

Pick up the cable from the ground. Combine the cable and the pulley. Use the pulley with cable on the chair.

Use the chair and pulley on the cable stretched over the stone archway.

Have a ride across the chasm.


Use the jack on the tunnel entrance. Enter and be in Akakor.

Entrance:    Look up and check the sign-symbols on the rock above the entrance.

See a blue disk on the left on the sign.

Check the 2 figures on the ground.

Go right to the main square.

Sun Pyramid:    Go to bottom path from the main square.

Look at the symbols over the entrance. This one is a red bar.

Go inside the pyramid and see plants growing. Water is collected on the plant's leaf.

Go back to the main square.

Small Pyramid:    Go to the small pyramid ahead.

Check the sign above the entryway. This is a yellow circle.

Enter the pyramid and see a tomb.

Look close at Raches' grave. Take the disk-cap on the floor.

The tomb cover is skewed but needs a lever to open.

Go back outside to the main square.

Main pyramid:    Enter the pyramid at right.

Nicole says that this is the gate that guards the vault.

Open the gate:    Look at hole in the wall the left of the gate and see a puzzle.

This is made up of geometric shaped holes, 3 of which are colored.

Above are the signs seen on top of the archways of the entrance and the 2 other pyramids.

The object of the puzzle is to place the appropriate crystals at the correct place.

The columns are identified by the sign on the top. So they are from left to right:    sun pyramid, entrance and small pyramid signs. The last must be this pyramid's sign.

The colors of those signs as seen outside are:     sun pyramid is red; entrance is blue and the small pyramid is yellow.

The shapes for each column are identified based on the colors seen on the panel:    sun pyramid which is red is a square (cubic); the entrance which is blue is an inverted pyramid (tetrahedral) and the small pyramid which is yellow is a circle (spherical).

Place the appropriate crystal of that shape in the column under the correct sign.

Place the cubic crystal on the square hole on the first column.

Place the tetrahedral crystal on the inverted pyramid on the second column.

Place the spherical crystal on the circular hole on the third column.

The last column must be for this main pyramid.

A panel opens on the dagger of the guard on the door.

Place the dodecahedral crystal on the appropriate hole (left). The door opens.

Vault:    Go inside and look around.

Pick up the not completely rusty sword on the floor at right.

Go back inside the main pyramid and the vault.

See flies buzzing on the right.

Go to left wall where the headless skeletons are located. Look close on the left wall and see a funnel guarded by a big spider.

Click on the fresco right of the passageway on left wall. Here the memory of the discussion between Professor Dickinson and William (Bill) Warren. (Thanks, SirGraham!)

Exit to the passageway on the left wall.

Airplane:    See an old airplane.

Pick up the empty jar with no lid from the ground at bottom left of the screen.

Look at right side of the plane.

Get rid of the snake:    Go to the metal cover at right side of plane.

See a snake lying on top of the battery.

Go back inside the vault area via the road to town. Use the sandwich on the flies. Place the fly covered sandwich inside the empty jar.

Go to the left wall. Place the jar of flies on the spider in the hole. The spider enters the jar. Automatically, the jar with spider is covered with the cap.

Take the funnel from the hole. Click on the funnel in inventory and get notes. Right click to read the notes. Learn that whoever wrote this borrowed the watch from Noel.

Go outside to the snake in the plane. Click the jar with spider on the snake's head. The snake skedaddles.

The empty jar is in inventory.

Battery:    Check the battery and Nicole says it dries up in this weather.

Go back to the sun pyramid and see the water accumulated on the frond.

Use the empty jar on the water and get a jar of water.

Small pyramid:    Go back out and go to the small pyramid.

Look close at the tomb and use the sword to pry the cover of the tomb. The sword breaks.

Look at the skeleton. Take the jaw of the skeleton that still has teeth. Take the watch that is the trademark of Noel Raches. So it is possible that the one in the tomb is Samuel Dickinson.

Go back to the battery of the plane and use the jar of water on it.

Plane hood:    Go to the hood at front part of the plane.

See and take the air filter. In inventory click the dirty air filter. The air filter is cleaned.

Place the clean air filter back on the hose.

Click on the propeller of the plane. Away we go back to New York.

Day 10

FBI New York branch, Downtown

The flight from South America took 2 days.

Office:    Talk to Ruth.

Chaser:    Enter his office and report. Nicole ended up being suspended and Chaser takes over the case. He inquired about Nick's progress in the case and wants a report. Nicole wants the suspension in writing.

NYU Library:

Go down to the car and go to the library.

Enter the library and talk to the librarian at the Reading room.

Learn that the page tearer might be from Nicole's side. FBI? The widow of Dickinson gave the papers to Warren.

Exit the building. Get an SMS from Nick:    He wants Nicole to check the stockbroker's place.

Stockbroker's House:

Go to the car and go to the stockbroker's house.

Enter and go left to the hallway. Look close at the pictures on the wall.

Click on the graduation picture. See a picture of hairy Raches holding a guitar. Click Raches' picture in inventory and see Raches' handwriting.

Museum of Pre Columbian Art

Go to the car and go to the museum. Talk to the porter.

Enter the Exhibition Hall. Go to the Archives. Look at bottom metal shelving.

Pick up Dickinson's dental records. In inventory, click the dental records on the jaw taken from the tomb. It is verified that it is Professor Dickinson.

Exit the museum and see Warren. Talk to Warren completely.

Go to the car and go to the subway.


Get a call at 181 St. subway from Chaser. Nicole states she followed Warren. Chaser wants the report now.

FBI New York branch, Downtown

Automatically be at Nicole's desk.

Right click the suspension letter-ruling. Nicole noticed the signature.

Click the signature of Raches' photo on the signature on the ruling. Leon Chaser - Noel Raches.

Talk to Ruth completely. Then she leaves.

Chaser's office:    Enter the office and look around.

Look close behind the desk. Check the center drawer and then open the bottom left cabinet of the desk.

Safe:   To open the safe, enter RACHES to replace CHASER.

The numbers on the dial are the positions of the letters: 1-6 left to right. Click on a number, the dial points to it and that number can be worked on.

The letters can be cycled up or down by clicking on the left-right arrows or dots on the outer circle of the dial.

Pull the lever to open the safe.

Check the plane ticket to Cusco, the torn page of the yearbook, car accident photo, another lanky guy picture and a picture of Alice Dickinson. There are 20 years old newspapers on top shelf.

Go downstairs, try to exit and Nicole calls Nick. She warns him of Chaser and Warren.


Go to the car and go to the subway.

Subway station:    Enter the subway station building at right.

Go to bottom screen to the scaffolding and take pliers. Exit the station.

Tenement:    Go left from the subway building. Enter the door of the tenement.

Check the elevator doors. Click twice on the grilled door to the basement at left and see that there's a light down the basement.

Go one floor up. Read the electrician notes on the elevator cage. The schematics states to bypass switch 20/07 WB for the elevator to work. Take the uninsulated wires hanging right of the elevator cage.

Go up to the elevator engine room.

Power box of the elevator:    Open the green box.

In inventory combine the pliers and wire to get the pliers to grip the wires.

Click it on bottom left blue metal box labeled 20/7 WB.

Go down until the lowest level.

Basement:    Use the elevator to be at the basement.

Take the skewer from top of the crate at bottom left.

Go to the other room. Check the abandoned platform hole at top of the wall. It's too high.

Use the pliers on the boiler knob at left and to take the knob-wheel.

Use the skewer on the barrel full of water to drain the barrel.

Nicole automatically places it under the hole. Click on abandoned platform hole.

Subway rail:     Exit out to the subway railway.

Enter the subway train thro ugh the door. Use the wheel on the brake post at left. Release the brake rod holding the wheel post.

Watch Nicole drive the subway train and the final meeting.   

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