Art of Murder: Cards of Destiny

Walkthrough by ronrob



Game Play:


1. There is an open case and a  ?  at the bottom right of the screen. The open case takes you to the Main Menu where you can Save, Load, set Options, etc. The ?  displays all of the hot spots in each scene.


2. Double left click to run.


3. Right clicking an item in inventory at the bottom of the screen displays the item in a large view. While in this view, you can left click, hold and drag to rotate the item.


4. Each time you acquire an item in inventory, it is a good idea to left click it to see whether it breaks down into something else and to right click it and rotate it in the large view for possible hidden information.


October 19: Nicole’s Flat in New Jersey


After a gruesome opening scene, you are at your apartment where you receive a package from a delivery man. You get a phone call from Ruth at the FBI Headquarters.


At the desk, pick up the green note paper and the package. Look at the package in the large view to see that there is no sender. Open the little drawer at the side of the chair and take the map.


Go to the table right of the green drawer and take the felt-tip pen.


Go upstairs to your bedroom and take the magnifying glass on top the cabinet on the right. Talk to Hoover, the cat, and note that his food bowl is empty. Look at your purse on the bed and take the nail file and the Alka-Seltzer package. Left click the Alka-Seltzer package to obtain two pills.


Use the nail file on the package to obtain three items: A metal box, the package wrapping, and a newspaper clipping. Look at the newspaper clipping to see your name and the words “serial killer.” Look at the package wrapping to see a strange symbol.


Look at the metal box and use the nail file on the lock. Inside the box is an old-fashioned bulb. Look at the bulb to see an inscription. Still in the large view, use the magnifying glass to see the inscription more clearly. Rotate the metal box until you can take a bolt. Look at the bolt to see another inscription. Use the magnifying glass, but the bolt is too rusty. You need to clean the bolt to see the inscription.

Go back downstairs and come forward to the kitchen area. Pick up the glass of water from the counter on the left. Place the two pills into the water and then place the rusty bolt into the glass. Left click the glass to obtain the clean bolt. Look at the bolt and use the magnifying glass to read the inscription.

Go back to the desk and use the phone to call Wang, an FBI lab technician. He will research the inscriptions on the bolt and the bulb. Now you need to kill some time.


Go through the green door out into the hall. Look at the small table with the roses and take the paperknife. Pick up the cat food from the drill press and go upstairs to fill Hoover’s food bowl. Wander around and look at other things until Wang calls. (If you get impatient, you might be able to just call him back.)


Wang gives you some addresses associated with the bolt and the bulb. This results in 6 green notes in your inventory. Go over to the table beside the green door and place the map on it. Now you need to place the green notes on the map. Look at each note to see what it says and then place it on the correct borough on the map. (“Yes, that’s the right place.”)


Because there is both a railroad and a movie theater at the Blake Avenue location in Queens, the package seems to be pointing you there. Go through the green door and exit the apartment.


October 19: Blake Avenue, Queens


Go to the theater entrance and see that it is locked. You need to find another way in. Go to the entrance of Gentle Bob and note all the motorcycles. These belong to patrons in the bar. Note what looks like a tool under the front wheel of the middle motorcycle.


Talk to the bartender, which triggers a long, idiotic dialog with the obnoxious guy at the bar. When that mercifully ends, look at the counter corner right behind you and take the fork.


Go to the ladies’ room at the back and talk with Patti. She speaks of taking the train to get home. Pick up the spray bottle on the floor next to the broom, and take the paper towels from the sink. Look at the window and click the handle to open it. You are looking at the yard at the back of the theater. Maybe this is how you can enter the theater, but the window is grated. There is also a padlock at the right edge of the window.


Go back into the bar and note that the bikers are gone. Exit the bar and now you can pick up the screwdriver you saw earlier.


Go back into the bar and talk to the bartender again. None of the conversation is very useful until the bartender mentions using the ladies’ room to sneak into the theater.


Look under the counter near Patti and see some gum stuck there. Use the fork in the gum to get a fork with gum. Look at the foot rest near the corner of the bar and see that there is a cap on the end. You don’t care about that right now.


Talk to Patti who has lost her batteries. Her car has broken down, so she needs to take the 7:00 train to go home. Walk over to the table where the bikers were seated and take the oil bottle.


Go back to the ladies’ room and look again at the window. This must be the window the kids used to sneak into the theater. Somehow you need to get through here.


Exit the bar and go back to the theater entrance. Pick up the batteries from the sidewalk. Return to the bar and talk with Patti. You give the batteries to her and than engage in more talk. She used to be a care giver for a man who was the projectionist at the move theater. Patti tells a long story about some kids’ mischief and a key to the grating. Now you are getting somewhere. She adds that the key was hidden inside the foot rest.


Look again at the end of the footrest and click the cap to remove it. You can’t reach what is in there, so use the fork with gum. Click the fork with gum in inventory to get a key.


Go back to the ladies’ room and try the key on the padlock. The lock is too rusty. You could use the oil bottle, but it is empty. Return to the bar and ask the bartender for some oil. Go back to the ladies’ room and, in inventory, use the oil on the key. Use the key on the padlock and click the grating to open it. Enter the yard behind the theater.


Go down left to the other side of the yard. Take the bucket, the bricks, and the rod. In inventory, place the bricks in the bucket.


Go back to the first side of the yard and climb the stairs. The door is locked and the handle is missing. Place the screwdriver into the handle hole. Then use the rod on the window to climb up and prop it open. Climb through the window to enter the theater.


Take a reel and the small screwdriver from the table at the bottom left. Take the key from the box right of the control room door. Enter that door into the projection booth.


Go to the work table at the left and look at it. Take the empty reel. Note the film container with your name on it! Take the film container and click it to obtain a reel of film. Obviously you want to view this film.


Open the rewinding machine above the work table and place an empty reel on the right side. Place the reel with film on the left side. Look at the crank to see that there is only a hole in the end and no handle. Place the small screwdriver in the hole and then use the crank to wind the film on to the larger reel. Take the large reel with film from the right side.


Look at the projector on the right and then look at the projector lamp cover. Click the handle and see that there is no bulb. You just happen to have one, so insert it in the bulb space. Close the cover and back away.


See that there are two reel spaces, one above the projector and one below. Look at the top one and press the left button to open the cover. Place the film on reel in this space and close the cover. Back away and, in the same way, open the lower reel space. Put the empty reel here, close the cover, and back away

You can try the switch, but there is no power to the projector. Back away and look at the amplifier in the upper left corner of the screen. Click the switch to turn it on.


Return to the projector and try the switch again. Ugh, nothing is ever easy. Back away and look at the other projector. Open the bulb cover and take the bulb. Return to the first projector, open the bulb cover, remove the old bulb, insert the new bulb, close the cover, and back away twice.


Note the small window in front of the projector. You need to open it. Look at the window and click the handle to slide the cover away. The window pane needs to be cleaned. In inventory, use the spray bottle on the paper towels and then use the soaked towel to clean the window.


If you now try the switch, you realize that the screen is covered up. Apparently the curtain in the auditorium is down, and you need to raise it. Leave the control room and descend the stairs on the right to the auditorium level.


Note: Even with the ?  to show hot spots, you can easily go crazy trying to find your way around this very dark auditorium level. I paused here, went to the Options/Graphic Settings, and temporarily set the gamma correction way up. Suit yourself.


Note that the curtain is indeed down. Go up to the back room. Take the flashlight from the stack of reels and pick up the large metal wheel. Look at the curtain mechanism on the left and place the metal wheel on the ratchet. Left click, hold and continuously drag the wheel clockwise until you hear a grating sound. Unfortunately, the wheel just slides back to its original position. You need something to hold it in place. Turn the wheel again until you hear the sound and then quickly place the bucket with bricks on the handle. The curtains part.


Leave the back room and come down screen to the hall. Enter the control room and look at the projector. Click the switch and watch the movie. If you have played the first two Art of Murder games, you will recognize many of the scenes. However, two clues appear in the film that are important. One was a large rectangular grid. The other was the symbol that you first saw on the package wrapper - - a rectangle inside another rectangle and an exclamation point. This time, though, the letters “V d” appear inside the symbol.


Note: It seems natural that you would want to retrieve the film from the lower reel space, but we get one of those exasperating situations Art of Murder is famous for. “I can always come back and get it later.”


Leave the control room and head back downstairs to the auditorium. Go to the theater exit on the right and look at the board to the right of the door. It is the seating plan for the auditorium. It looks like the grid you saw in the movie, and you also see the now familiar symbol. Because the letters “V d” appeared in the movie, they must be connected to this seating plan. Note that the rows are labeled with Roman numerals, so the “V” must refer to the 5th row. The seating plan uses regular numbers to label the seats in each row, but the symbol shows a “d,.” which must mean seat #4. Apparently there is something special about row 5, seat 4.


Back away, return to the auditorium aisle, and go to the Auditorium. You are now facing the seats just as you would with the seating plan. Count back 5 rows and click the 4th seat from the left. You get a piece of metal. Rotate it in the large view and see a train ticket attached.  Take the ticket and see that it is for today’s 7:00 train. There is something foreboding about that train.


Come down and left to the theater exit. Use the piece of metal on the door and exit the theater. A car has stalled on the train tracks, and it is crushed by an oncoming train.


Open the metal box in front of you and see a camera and some evidence bags. You can’t take any of this until you need them. Talk to Wang, the FBI lab technician, kneeling on the right. You don’t believe this was an accident. Take the block of concrete beneath the yellow police ribbon.


Talk to Williams, the uniformed police officer, and to Patti, who is not helpful.


Exit right to the platform. Go to the trash container at the right and take the copper tube. Go up to the tracks and notice the clock. Return to the platform and then exit down the stairs on the lower right. Go down at the lower right and see the train stopped with the barriers down.


Look at the end of the left barrier and see a card. You won’t take it until it has been documented. Look at the tall metal box on the left and see that it has a square lock Look at the manhole cover and see that there is a square shape in the center hole. Maybe you can make a tool.


Insert the copper tube into the hole and then wham it down with the block of concrete. Take the pipe and look at it in the large view. Perfect. Now use the tool on the lock of the metal box. Click the tube a couple of times to open the box. There is a clipping inside. You need that camera.


Return to the far end of the platform and talk to Wang. Open the metal box and take the camera and some evidence bags.


Go back to the rail crossing and take a photo of the playing card on the barrier. Then use an evidence bag to collect the playing card. Go to the metal control box, take a photo of the clipping, and use an evidence bag to collect the clipping. Take a photo of the symbol that is on top of the metal box.


You need a photo of the seating plan, so return to the theater and enter through the side door behind the police car. Look at the seating plan next to the entrance and take a photo.


Go through the auditorium and go to the hall. Enter the control room and retrieve the film reel from the lower reel space. Leave the control room, go back downstairs, and leave the theater.


Go back to the far end of the platform and place the camera and remaining evidence bags back into the box. Talk with Wang. Finally, talk with Patti to offer her a ride.


October 20: FBI Office, Bronx


Talk to Wang. He describes how the car could have been stalled electronically and how the doors could have been locked shut remotely. An expert confirms your suspicions that this was a murder. Wang hands you a paper found in the car. Break off your conversation and look at it: Holland Street 7 pm.


Resume talking to Wang. He hasn’t had time yet to examine the card found by the tracks. You want to scan evidence in the database, but you must process the information on your own computer.


Go to the work table left of Wang. Take the bagged playing card, some gloves, and some small bags. Move over to the scanner on the left and open the lid. Use the gloves on the bagged jack of hearts and place the card on the scanner bed. Close the lid and press the blue button to scan one side of the card. Use the right-click rotation to turn the card over and repeat the scan. Retrieve the card and place it in a small bag. Return to the work table and place the evidence back where you found it.


Leave the lab and meet Jason Emmerick, the expert Wang mentioned. He is certain the car was sabotaged. Emmerick will write an analysis. He wants your card to contact you, so you head for your office to get one.


Go to your desk at the right. Take your FBI card and the business cards, but they belong to your old partner, Nick Romsky. Go talk to him at the back of the office. He is packing up to leave. He is bitter and wants to set up his own private detective business. He packed your calling cards by mistake and gives them back to you.


Leave the office and head down the stairs to find Emmerick. You give him your card. Go back to your office and look around. Look at the map on the wall and use the switch along the left edge to turn the map light on and off.


Exit and come down to the secretary’s office. Talk to Ruth, who knows no more about Nick’s leaving that you do. She reminds you that you need shooting practice.


Go back into the lab and talk with Wang. You need to use his terminal, but he wants a favor from you: Do his shooting practice for him. You don’t have much choice, so you take Wang’s card.


Go downstairs and back to the rooms in the corner. Use Wang’s card on the door to the shooting range and enter. Look at the monitor and then enter the booth. Pick up the gun and observe the wavering motion to get a feel for when to fire. Keep firing until you decide you have done enough. Use the switch on the left to move the target forward and see how you (Wang) did.


You still need to do your own shooting so exit the shooting range and then enter again with your own card. Pick up a new target and flip the switch to send it back. Now use the gun to get off the 10 shots.


Go back upstairs to Ruth’s office and report that you have done your shooting. Exit and enter the lab. Give Wang’s card back to him.


Now you can use his terminal with the revolving graphic. Look at the monitor and click it to start the fingerprint scan. Press your ENTER key when prompted. At the upper left, you see the front and back of the playing card that you scanned.


Left click, hold and drag one of the images into the upper rectangle. Click the green ?  icon to analyze the image. Do the same for the other image. Left click one of the images in the upper rectangle to enlarge it in the center area. You can now see circles representing areas of interest. Do the same for the other image. You find that:


1. The back of the card has 4 areas of interest.

2. The face of the card has 5 areas of interest.


Right click any circle to learn what you are supposed to do. Left clicking a circle activates it, and left clicking it again deactivates it. Note that the magnifying glass icon at the upper right is now green, which means that a search for a match will be performed for all active circles.


Now things get tedious. Begin by making sure that there are no active circles on either card. Now activate one circle on either the back or face and click analyze. You decide that you need to select more areas, so activate a second circle. When you click analyze, you again find that you need to select more areas.


For the moment, skip over three active circles and try activating 4 circles. Click analyze and find the process so painfully slow that you give up on it. Obviously, you will get the same result if you activate all 5 circles on the face of the card. Therefore, you have learned one valuable piece of information: You need to activate exactly 3 circles.


However, there is a catch. You must activate a total of 3 circles on the two images! Here are the possibilities:


Face                            Back

   3                                   0

   2                                   1

   1                                   2

   0                                   3


The 3-0 and 0-3 combinations seem extreme, so it makes sense to defer trying those. Number the circles from top to bottom of the face 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. For the back, number the circles  top to bottom 1, 2, 3, 4. The two circles can be chosen in the following combinations:


Back: 1-2   1-3   1-4   2-3   2-4   3-4


Face: 1-2   1-3   1-4   1-5   2-3   2-4   2-5   3-4   3-5   4-5


Choose a single circle on the first image and then try all the combinations above for the second image. If that doesn’t work, change the single circle on the first image and then try all the combinations for the second image again. Keep going until you are successful or have exhausted all possibilities.


If nothing worked, then choose a single circle for the second image and try all the combinations above for the first image. I don’t know whether the solution is randomized. I can tell you that my solution was circle 2 on the back and circles 1 and 2 on the face. This solution causes 5 matches to be displayed. 


Read the reports of the five murders. The 4th report was depicted in the opening scene; the 5th report is yours and deals with the car hit by a train. The common thread is the discovery of a playing card at the murder scene.


Report your findings to Wang. Your hunch about a serial killer is confirmed.


Exit the lab, come down to Ruth’s office, and get permission to see the boss. Go into his office and talk to your by-the-book, image-conscious, humorless boss. You succeed in getting the serial killer case, but you can’t win the argument about Nick. Your new partner is Dick Parry. All you can do about your computer is to visit IT and get a replacement. You can’t leave the building for now because of a suspicious package found by the door.


Go back out and talk with Ruth. She will find the Card Man files tomorrow. Go to the lab and talk with Wang. He wants you to find out whether he should evacuate because of the suspicious parcel.


Go downstairs and out the front door to watch the sappers dealing with the parcel. Note that it is addressed to you! You automatically appear in the sappers’ office. Talk to the sapper to learn that the parcel contained a metal box with a combination lock. He gives you permission to play with the robot. Click the monitor and see the combination lock. You can play with the controls, but you don’t know the combination. Talk to the sapper again and then exit.


Go back up to the lab and talk to Wang. Get the parcel wrapping with strange doodles on it. If you haven’t already, enlarge the bloody message with gloves and place the message in an evidence bag. This frees up the gloves. Now enlarge the parcel wrapping and use the gloves on it to remove it from the bag.


Go to Ruth’s office and ask permission to use the photocopier. Use the gloves holding the parcel wrapping on the photocopier to obtain a copy of the doodles. If you can fold this paper the proper way, you might be able to read the killer’s message. Enlarge the copy of the doodles.


You should be looking at the gray side of the paper with “76G’ clearly visible. Click the left arrow of the right vertical crease. Then click the right arrow of the left vertical crease. You see a Q and a red heart, representing the queen of hearts. However, there are two partial symbols above the Q that need to be completed.


Click the reset button and then click the right arrow along the right edge of the paper (or the left arrow along the left edge) to flip the paper over to the light side. If necessary, flip the paper over so that “53G” is clearly visible.  Now make the following folds:

1. Click the left arrow on the right vertical crease.

2. Click the up arrow on the lower horizontal crease.

3. Click the right arrow on the left vertical crease.


You see 6, 8, Q, and the heart symbol. Recall that the sapper is trying to open a box with a 4-digit combination lock. Could 6, 8, Q, and the heart symbol be a clue? Let’s go ask him.


Go downstairs to the sapper room and explain your dilemma to him. He gives information about the face value of the queen of hearts: 10 or 12. It appears the combination is 6810 or 6812.


Click the monitor to view the robot and the combination lock. The handle moves the robot arm right, left, up and down. The left button opens and closes the clamps on the arm. The right button resets the arm all the way to the left. The clamps must be open to move the arm right or left.


Move the arm to the first dial. The clamps must grab the silver knob, not the dial itself. Close the clamps and move the handle up or down to rotate the dial to 6. Open the clamps, move the arm to the silver knob of the next dial. In this manner, set the dials 6812. (6810 doesn’t work.)


Talk to the sapper again and get permission to take the slip of paper and the coin that are in the box. Go through the metal door at the back and approach the detonation chamber. Open the door and look in the box. Use the gloves to pick up the token. Enlarge an empty evidence bag and place the token in the bag. The token appears to be associated with the entertainment industry.


Use the gloves to pick up the slip of paper. It looks like a highway toll ticket. (If you don’t have any more evidence bags, you will need to carry this around with you until you get more bags.)


Return to the sapper’s room and exit. Go up to the lab and, if necessary, get an evidence bag from the table left of Wang. Enlarge it and place the highway toll ticket in the evidence bag.


Now you need to scan this new evidence into the database. For both the token and the highway toll ticket, use the gloves on the bag containing the item. Open the scanner cover, deposit the item on the glass, close the lid, and press the blue button. (I believed that both sides of each item needed to be scanned, as was true for the playing card, but only one side showed up in the database, so maybe not.)


Go to the terminal with the revolving screen saver. Log in and follow the same procedure used for the playing card. For the highway toll ticket, only one field can be selected at a time. Select a field, run the analysis, and then search for a match. Solution: Exit 15, second from the bottom.


The token has only one field and the search returns the same result. See the second folder on the right for a map showing the location.


Talk with Wang. Your new partner, Dick Parry, arrives. You brief Parry, but you seem to have an attitude. Parry wants to hang back and analyze the evidence, but you want to get moving to the amusement park. Your blood boils over, and you announce that you are leaving, with or without your partner.


October 20: Amusement Park, New Jersey


You, Parry, and a swat team arrive at the amusement park. Talk to the swat commander who declares the area clear. The still skeptical Parry lets you check around on your own. Head for the alley by the clown face entrance.


You have a swat team member with you. Use the eyeball cursor to look around. Note that the park is being demolished.


Go to the photo shack on the left and take the crank with a square hole in the end.

Go farther down on the left to the shooting gallery.  Take the metal railing next to the trash container. Go to the shuttered entrance and then to the roller shutter crank at the right of the door. Insert the crank handle, but when you try to turn it, you find the mechanism blocked. Maybe you need a key.


Look at the mechanism high above the crank, but you can’t reach it. Use the metal railing on the shooting gallery wall right of the crank. Click the railing to stand it upright. Now look at the mechanism that might be seized up. You probably need a lubricant.


Leave the shooting gallery and go to the chamber of horrors front that is right of the crane. Take the spade at the far right. Check the storeroom on the left to see that it is closed.


Go to the ghost train control room on the right, click the door knob, and enter. Take the two keys left of the window. In the large view, they say “key berta.” Take the prop lying along the bottom of the window. The keys don’t work in the console. Look at the rest of the console and leave.


Go inside to the ghost train. Take the railing bar from the gate. Look at the backdrop scenery, then entrance and exit doors, and the train cars. Zoom in on the front car and look at the car axle. Zoom in on the car underbody and look at the rail and the drive wheels. Obviously there are things that need to be done here.


Leave Evil House and come down to the guardhouse on the right. Take the wooden block in front of the door. Enter the door into a messy compartment. Look at the key cabinet on the right wall. Your keys don’t work on the padlock.


Back away and look at the fridge and the padlock with the 4-digit combination. Look at the desk and open the top drawer. Take the bulb, the key, the tokens, and the circular can of air gun shot. Look at the key in the large view to see that it has no identification. Look at the tokens in the large view to see that they are the same as the one that was in the parcel to you.


Exit the guard house. Look through the binoculars that are closer to the door. They are aimed at the shooting gallery. Is the word “shoot” a message? Look through the other binoculars, but you need a token. Naturally the ones you have don’t work.


Go off to the right down the side alley. Pick up the oil can on the ground behind Dick Parry. Talk to him and then go forward to the barrels. Look at the barrels and the concrete slab.  


You have now toured the area and you have collected a number items. It is time to revisit these places and try to get things done that you could not earlier. Because you now have an oil can, a good place to start is at the shooting gallery.


Come back down the side alley and go to the shooting gallery on the left. Try the key with the wooden tag in the mechanism lock and turn it. Zoom in on the roller shutter mechanism and use the can of oil on it. You offer a lame excuse for not doing that.


Head back to the chamber of horrors and try the silver keys on the door. Click the handle and enter. It is too dark to enter, but there is a light socket inside the door. Zoom in on it, put your bulb in the socket, and pull the chain. Standing just outside the door, pick up the hammer from the floor. Go to the workbench and take the train car wheel. Take the string from the hook on the back wall and take the oil can from the back left of the bench.


Exit the storeroom and return to the shooting gallery. Use the large can of oil to fill the oil can. Then zoom in on the mechanism again and use the oil can to lubricate it. Back away and turn the crank to open the shutter door.


Enter the shooting area to see an air gun, a button to start the targets, and a slot for tokens. Take the plastic tile lying just above the button. Enlarge and see that it is all bent and warped.


Place a token in the slot and use your air gun pellets to load the gun. Press the button to display some stationary bird targets. Click when your bulls eye cursor is on target. After you have shot all the bird targets, moving rabbits appear. It is easiest to keep the cursor in one place and let the rabbits come to it. When you have hit all the rabbits, you get a witch doll.


Enlarge the doll and rotate it to see a key tag attached to the back. Take the key tag and rotate it to see an arrow on one side and an omega symbol and 9 on the other side. This key tag looks like those in the key cabinet in the guardhouse, so exit and return to the guardhouse.


Look at the key cabinet and zoom in on the upper right hinge. Pull the nail that was used as a pin. Then use the door frame to remove it. The keys are out of order, so you need to rearrange them. You can pull all the keys off the board and then put them back up in the correct place. Don’t forget to include the tag from the doll. When you are done with this task, note that the #2 key and the #9 key point to the #14 key. Maybe this is a clue for opening the lock on the fridge.


Look at the fridge and zoom in on the padlock. Turn the dials to 2-9-1-4, and the lock opens. Remove the padlock and open the door. Take the keys from the top shelf.


The keys have no identification, but the only remaining place that needs a key is the control console at the chamber of horrors. Go there.


Hold another heated conversation with Parry. He plans to leave and claims that your boss called you back, too. Parry and the swat team depart.


Enter the console room and insert the key. It’s probably not a good idea to try to start the train because you saw earlier that one wheel is missing. Look at the nail at the left of the window and use the railing bar to remove the bent nail.


Go back over to the workshop on the other side and enter. Use the prop as a substitute handle on the vise. Place the bent nail in the vise and turn the handle. Take the now straight nail. While you are at it, place the bent plastic tile in the vise and straighten it, too. While the tile is still in the vise, use the nail on it to create a hole. Remove the tile and use the string on it to create plastic with string.


Go back outside and into the center area. Zoom in on the axle with the missing wheel and place your wheel there. Insert the larger nail into the hole and then hit the nail with your hammer to bend it. Now the wheel won’t fall off. 


Zoom in on the carriage underbody and place the tile under the wheel. Now the wheel can’t be energized, and the string going up into the car will allow you to pull the tile when you are ready.


Go back into the console room and turn the key. Your objective is to turn on all 5 lights, but each button controls a different combination. By experimenting, you find


Button                                                 Controls Buttons

    1                                                              1,2,4

    2                                                              3,4,5

    3                                                              1,2

    4                                                               - -

    5                                                              4,5


From the table, you easily see that buttons 2 and 3 will do the trick.


Go out and zoom in on the front car. Pull the string and off you go. You get a queen of hearts card and you make a futile call to Parry.


Head back to your starting point and encounter a man on a motorcycle. Talk to him and learn that he is Archie Benson who does security for the demolition crew. You bribe him into giving you binocular tokens by giving him the combination to the fridge lock. Finish your conversation and go to the binoculars you couldn’t operate before.


Insert a token in the slot, pull the handle, and look through the lenses. You see a fuzzy image of the queen of hearts, but the barrels are blocking your view.


Go down the side alley and look at the barrels. Place the wood block on the concrete slab and use the shovel on the barrels. Down they all come.


Return to the binoculars and take another look. Now you see some kind of large industrial building. Go into the guard house and talk with Archie about the power plant. You drive there.


October 20: Power Plant, New Jersey


Go to the hippie minibus and take the pipe sticking out the front window. Look around and then go to the front door. Enter and see a mammoth gear being lowered and many red laser beams. Look at the vertical generator and take the fire extinguisher.


Go to the back of the facility and look at a second generator. Go into the workshop on the right. Look at the work bench and open the left drawer. Take the wrench, the flat file, and the screwdriver. Open the right drawer and take the triangle file, the round file, and the key.


Go back toward the first generator and climb the stairs to Level 1. Go right along the walkway and approach the ladder going to the top of the generator. Climb the ladder and see a tied up woman on top the other generator. She might or might not be alive, but the descending gear will do her in. You call to her to little avail and then call Parry for help.


Look at the turbine top cover and take the wire cutters.  Use your wrench to remove the three bolts. Look at the hole at the top of the cover, place the pipe in it and click the pipe to turn the cover. Go back down the ladder and head left along the walkway. Try the green door to Level 2, but it is blocked from the other side.


Go through the window out to a ledge. Look at the horizontal pipe. As you make your way over there, the window closes, so you can’t leave this way. Use the pipe and go to the grated platform. Go up the ladder to the next ledge.


Go to the window on the right and find yourself back in the building at Level 2.Go right and look at the laser device nearest to you. No matter which way you turn the knob, the bomb goes off. (Don’t worry about trying it because the game is automatically saved.)


Come forward to the platform and pick up the diagram. Enlarge and rotate it. Try the ladder that leads up to Level 3 and see that the laser beam is blocking your way.


Check your environment and see that the laser device nearest you is sending beams right and up. There is also an inactive  laser receiver directly across from you on the other side. If you could redirect the upward beam across the way, you would have access to Level 3. Look at the laser device and see that the upper diagram shows the current configuration (straight lines right and up) and the arrow shows the change that you want. Click the knob to the upper diagram.


Now climb the ladder to Level 3. Go back along the walkway and head out on the gantry.


Warning! You are about to enter a timed sequence and it’s very short! Your game is automatically saved, but you will need to do a lot of experimenting to get past this. If you prefer a solution, read on . . . .


Move to the crane on the gantry and see the bomb device. Use the fire extinguisher on the sensor at the top of the cover. This buys you a bit of time. Enlarge the screwdriver and use all three of your files on the end. Freeze the sensor with the fire extinguisher again and repeat as needed, although there is a limited number of times that you can do that.


Use the modified screwdriver to remove the screws. Then use the screwdriver on the right edge of the cover to lift it open. Use the wire cutters to cut the blue wire above the green blinking light (not the wire coming out of the light).


This shuts down the lasers, but you still need to deactivate the clock. Use your key on the four fasteners at the corners and lift the inner cover. Use the screwdriver on the clock mechanism to bring it to a halt. Whew!


Watch the cut scene of your trying to help the victim and your chase after the killer.


October 21: Local FBI Office, Bronx, New York


You are in the monitoring room with your boss who is not happy with you. Archie Benson, the security guy from the amusement park, is being questioned by Parry. You insist on talking to him, so enter the interrogation room and hold a useless conversation with Benson.


Exit and talk with Parry. He wants the victims’ files that Ruth was supposed to have for you today. Go upstairs, enter your office, and pick up the 5 files. Enlarge each of the photos for a summary of the victims.


Go back to the interrogation room downstairs and show the photos to Benson. He finally admits that he recognizes Jane Harrington. Talk to Parry outside and then head upstairs. You meet Ruth who gives Benson’s file to you.


You automatically go to see your boss. Benson is being released. His father is a big shot and Benson has an alibi. You review Benson’s first trial - - for murder - - and the fact that he was in possession of the deck of cards the victim used for fortune telling. He was acquitted, but all the current victims were jury members. You are unsure about the motive, but there are many possibilities and many perpetrators. 

Go to the lab and talk with Wang. Parry interrupts to tell you that the alleged murderer has called for you and will call back soon. You all gather in the monitoring room where Wang tries to trace the call. The murderer calls himself Paul. He describes how he baited his last two victims, but he hangs up abruptly when you ask about the king (of hearts). Wang will try to analyze the voice.

Your boss informs you that another parcel arrived for you. When you check with the sapper, you learn that it self-detonated. He does give the wrapping paper to you, though.


Go up to the lab and talk to Wang about the voice analysis and the wrapping paper. After he leaves, you can take a pair of gloves.                        


Go to the scanner and follow the usual procedure. Use the gloves on the evidence bag with the wrapping paper and scan it. 


Go to the database monitor and log in. Drag the wrapping paper image to the upper rectangle and analyze it. Click the image into the large pane and do a search on the one active area. You get a map of the locations in Louisiana. Send the map to the printer.


Go to the printer and take the map showing the office locations of the Louisiana Navigation Company. Look at the eleocharis rufilata folder to see the Louisiana parishes where it is found.


Now to examine the seeds. Go to the work table where the gloves are and take the tweezers. Back away and go to the microscope. Take a glass slide from the blue box. Enlarge the bag of seeds, use the tweezers to get them, and use the tweezers with seeds on the glass slide. Click the stage to slide it out, place the slide on it, and click it back in again. Turn on the switch at the bottom and look through the eye pieces. Bring the red dot on the manual focus knob down to about 4:00 to get a clear focus.


Now you need to assemble the five pieces. Left click to grab a piece with the pincers and move it somewhere. Right click to rotate the piece. Double left click to flip the piece over. The large light piece should be at the top with the tendrils hanging down. The three dark pieces fit together easily. Place the tendrils piece atop the assembled dark pieces. The result looks somewhat like a cat facing right with a funny hat. Finally, place the small light triangular piece at the bottom and pointing down. Press the red button to send the image to the database.


Log in at the database manager, click the seed image into the upper pane, and analyze. Now you need to match your image with those to the right. You get a match with the rightmost image of the top row. Click the search button and learn that the seed is eleocharis rufilata. A map of where the seed is found is displayed. Press the print button, then go to the printer at the far left to pick up the map that shows the locations where eleocharis rufilata can be found.


Go to your office and tell Dick Parry about your analyses of the wrapping paper and the seed. At least you have narrowed the search to Jefferson and Terrebonne Parishes, but Parry isn’t satisfied yet. He suggests that you perform the voice analysis. 


Head downstairs to the monitoring room, look at the one-way mirror and then at the monitor at the left. Press “Analyze” and them select the 1st range. Press “Filter” to remove interference from some of the recording. Press “Analyze” again, select the 2nd range, and press “Filter” to remove more interference. Press”Analyze,” select the 3rd range, and press “Filter.” Now you can press the play button, and you hear a radio station from Lafayette.


Now you have narrowed the three parishes down to Lafayette. Go up to your office and discuss your findings with Parry. He says the radio range is 60 miles, so draw a circle with a 60-mile radius around Lafayette. Look at your desk and take the marker left of the keyboard.


Look at the big wall map and use the switch on the left side to turn on the back light. Zoom in on the map and place both of your Louisiana maps on it. Use the marker to draw a circle. The location is the town of Detalion in Terrebonne Parish. Got you, Card Man! 


Talk again with Parry, who seems to be softening a bit. You agree to travel together to Detalion.


October 22: Detalion, Louisiana


You begin at the sheriff’s office. Talk with him and then go for a walk around town.


Have a look around at the scenery and talk with Parry. Come forward down the street. You are now at the water front. Look at the house where the company used to be. Come down to the pier.


Talk to the woman in the blue dress.   She recently took a stranger to the huntin’ cabin. Look at the air boat, but the woman gets fussy if you try to use it.


Leave the pier and approach the bar on the left. The bar is closed. Talk with the strange man on the bench. The sheriff took his mojo.  


Go back to the pier and talk with the woman in blue. She is Momma Morton mentioned by the old man, Aaron. The stranger who went to the steamer was not a lawyer.


Head back to the sheriff’s office and talk to him. You try to get him to take you to the steamer or to the cabin. You learn about Aaron, whose sister sings in the bar. The boat isn’t available, and the sheriff doesn’t want to take you to the steamer by car until Parry returns.


When he walks away, look at his desk. Pick up the scissors, the adhesive tape, and the old postcard. Enlarge the postcard to see what it is. Look at the cabinet with the trophy on top. Is that Aaron’s bag behind the glass? There is a nail sticking out on the right edge of the glass pane. Take the map of Louisiana from the back wall. Enlarge to see that the route to the cabin is marked in red.


Leave the office, come down the street to the pier, and talk with Momma Morton. You can’t convince her to take you to the steamer or to rent the boat. Leave Momma and get a phone call from Parry. He needs to backtrack to retrieve a file he left during the trip here.


Go to the bar and talk with Aaron. He will get the boat for you if you get his mojo back from the sheriff. Go back to the cabinet in the sheriff’s office.

Remove the nail you saw earlier, but the cabinet is locked. Use the scissors where the nail was to remove the glass pane. Take a metal coil and the mojo bag. Look at both in the enlarged view. Back away and pick up the glass pane that is leaning against the bookcase. Now it is replaced.


Come back down to the bar and talk with Aaron. He gives a packaged chicken to you. He breaks down and his sister, Momma Morton, arrives to tend to him. She agrees to let you use the boat to bring back the stranger. She gives you ridiculously complicated instructions for going to the cabin. You make no notes.


Go to the boat and climb aboard. Look in the tool box and take the funnel and brake fluid. Look in the engine compartment beneath the seat and see that the tube is leaky. Click the tube to

disconnect it. Use your scissors on the adhesive tape to get a strip of tape. Use the strip of tape on the tube and then click the tube to connect it.


Click the rudder lever and find that the rudders aren’t working. Look in the engine compartment under the seat again and disconnect the tube. Try the funnel in the end of the tube, but it’s too big. Click the old postcard to roll it into a funnel. Use the postcard funnel on the end of the tube and pour the brake oil into it. Reconnect the tube.


Click the rudder lever to see that the rudders are working now. Off you go. (I really thought we were going to have to navigate this trip, but the game gods were merciful.)


You arrive at the cabin with almost no fuel left. Look at the raised drawbridge on the right and the steamer in the distance. Go up to the porch, and you peek through the door. You capture the man sitting inside and cuff him to a post.


Talk to him. He says he is Arthur Blake, an author. He is here to meet someone named Turner to buy the cabin and the property, including the steamer.


After your talk with Arthur, try to enter the cabin, but it is too dark. Go around the left side of the porch. Take the deck chair and the boat hook. The bottle contains drinking water, but you won’t pick it up. Look at the battery and see that one terminal is not connected.


Look at the right side of the porch, but it is too dark.


Come down to the boat and call Parry. He and the sheriff will come pick you up, but meanwhile he will check on Arthur Blake. You automatically call Ruth to ask her to check the agents’ firm in New Orleans and Turner.


Head back to the cabin and get two immediate replies. There are no such agents in New Orleans, but Parry confirm’s Arthur’s identity. Parry notes the similarity of victims being led into a trap by the Card Man. He and the sheriff will be there soon.


Talk to Arthur and remove his handcuffs. He tells of his meeting with Turner at an office that might not actually be there. You discuss his plans for living here and repairing the steamer. Arthur has ambitious dreams. He has nothing in writing from Turner or his picture.


Go down to the pier and over beside the boat. Look at the middle post and take the piece of wire wrapped around the post. Go back to the porch and around the left to the battery. Click the wire in inventory to straighten it out and then place it on the battery terminal. Use your scissors to cut another piece of adhesive tape and use the strip to cover the connection of the two wires.


Enter the cabin and look around. Go into the kitchen, open the left door of the cabinet, and take the can of tea. Pick up the two mugs on the cabinet. Take the out-of-date calendar from the side of the fridge. Take the kerosene lamp from the desk.


Look at the stove beside Arthur and take the kettle. Ask Arthur about the camera.


Leave the cabin and get a call from Parry. He and the sheriff are stuck in the mud, and there is no telling when they can get here. You will need to spend the night here. Parry reports that the cabin and the steamer actually belong to Aaron. It appears that Turner is pulling a fraud because you know that Aaron doesn’t want to sell the property.


Go to the now lighted right side of the porch. Take the bucket and the axe. Use the axe on the broken crate and take the kindling wood.  Take the basin and the can.


Go back to the boat and look at that post where you found the wire. Dip the bucket into the water to fill it. You might be able to distill some fuel for the lamp.


Return to the cabin and open the stove door. Place the kindling wood and the old calendar inside. Ask Arthur for a lighter and use it to light the fire. (It seems as though you would close the stove door, but apparently not.)


Go out to the right side of the porch and use the kettle on the bottle of water. Go back in and place the kettle on the stove. Place both mugs on the stove, also. Use the can of tea on each mug to place tea bags into them.


Chat with the romantic Arthur and hear how he fictionalizes reality. He suggests tea and a cell phone rings. Step outside to discover that it wasn’t your cell. Go back inside where Arthur says the tea is ready. Take a mug from the stove and . . .  Oh no!


When you awaken, you find that Arthur has vanished. Go outside to the end of the pier by the drawbridge. It is lower than it was before. You find Arthur’s cell phone with a text message from Turner. Apparently Arthur has gone to meet him at the steamer. You explain the situation to Parry, who says he will form a special unit.


Use the boat hook to pull the drawbridge down and proceed across. Yikes! Recall what Aaron said about the alligator. Click the package of chicken to unwrap it and toss the chicken to the alligator.


You come to some poles sticking out of the water, but you need some light before attempting to cross them. Return to the cabin


Now you need to distill the contents of the bucket to make some fuel for the kerosene lamp. To do this, you need to make a crude distillery. Go to the stove and remove the cup. Left click the deck chair to obtain a piece of canvas. Use the canvas on the funnel and enlarge to see the result. Use the scissors on the canvass to trim it up a bit.


Place the funnel and canvas into the top of the kettle. Now use the bucket on the funnel to pour liquid into the kettle. Place the cup back on the stove. Use the metal coil on the spout of the kettle to connect the coil to the mug. Finally, use the scissors to cut off some adhesive tape and place the strip on the spout of the kettle.


Remove the funnel and watch the petroleum drip into the cup. Take the cup and pour the contents into the lamp. Use the lighter to light the lamp.


Go back out across the drawbridge to the end of the pier where the poles are. Place the basin in the water in front of you. Then place the can on the basin and place the lamp on the can. Watch the light scoot away and illuminate the area for you.


Now you need to hop across the poles. However, some of the poles are not safe, and if you go to the wrong ones, you become alligator food. Moreover, some of the poles depress and rise, so timing is an issue. You can’t dither. Therefore,


SAVE YOUR GAME !!                               (There is no auto save here.)


I don’t know how to get across these poles except by trial and error, taking note of poles to be avoided in your next try. Start with the pole on the left. Then:


Forward 3 times


Forward 2 times


Forward 2 times to the platform


Pick up the stick from the platform and use it to retrieve the lamp. Continue forward to another larger set of posts. Once again, there is no auto save here, and the same dangers await you.




Place the lamp in the water in front of you. Here is a route you can take:


1.  Forward once

2.  Use the stick on the board to make a walk-across

3.  Come down diagonally to the post left of the walk-across

4.  Forward

5.  Right

6.  Forward

7.  Right 3 times

8.  Forward                                              

9.  Left 3 times

          10.  Forward 3 times

          11.  Left

          12.  Forward

          13.  Remove the lamp, then place it on the post to Nicole’s left

          14.  Remove the can and the basin. Put the basin, then the can on the post in front of you.

          15.  Forward 3 times.


Continue right and see the steamer with a turning paddle wheel. Go forward across the gangplank to the steamer. Go up the stairs on the left to the middle deck. Go up the stairs in the upper right corner to the upper deck. Take the stairs up to the top deck.


Go right and see that poor Arthur has been tied to the paddle wheel. Take the clapper from the broken bell.


Come back down toward the bridge. Go to the bridge and find no way to use the door. Use the clapper to break the pane of glass. Reach inside and use the handle to open the doors. Enter the bridge house.


Take the hat that is hanging from the engine room annunciator on the left and get the king of hearts in addition.  Look at both in the large view. Use the handle on the annunciator to stop the paddle wheel.


Leave the bridge house and return to the paddle wheel. In the next scene, Dick Parry and some officers have finally shown up, and they have caught someone. Hey, isn’t that the guy who was in the bar next to the theater?


October 23: Local FBI Office, Bronx, New York


You are in the interrogation room with the suspect. Get ready for a very long conversation.


The suspect is Jacob (Jack) Rowling, and he is a journalist for the NY News. You saw him at the bar, the photo in the newspaper places him at the power plant, and now he was caught at the steamer. He got an anonymous email about going to the bar, and then he received an anonymous phone call about the power plant.


When you leave to get a soft drink for Rowling, you get a call from Wang. He has managed to get a fingerprint from the device that controlled the auto at the rail crossing. You can find it in the database.


Talk to Parry about securing Rowling’s evidence. Parry is targeting Rowling as the murderer, but you are skeptical. Parry suggests getting his fingerprints from the soft drink can. He still needs to talk to Rowling about Louisiana.


Get a cola can from the drinks machine and enter the interrogation room. Talk to Rowling and take back the cola can (without gloves?) when he is finished with it.


Leave the room and go upstairs to the lab. Talk to Wang about lifting the fingerprints from the can. You get a call from Ruth about your father calling. Go out of the lab and call your father. Troublesome news about your mother.


Go back in and talk to Wang. The fingerprints are now in the database. Log in at the monitor.


Drag the journalist’s print into the pane and do a search. The print is not found, so Rowling apparently doesn’t have a criminal record. Now do the same for the partial print from the car wreck. This time you are denied access.


Now place both prints in the pane. Before you start a comparison, be aware that the partial print has 8 orientations. In its present orientation, the print looks like a mouse with its tail to the right.

If you want to change the orientation, just left click the print, take it away somewhat, and then right click to rotate it.


Look at the partial print (in its original orientation) very carefully. One distinguishing feature is a dark “U” tilted a little to the right. There are also white lines on either side of the “U,” and they continue up left where they cross.


If you look carefully at the print on the right, you don’t see a configuration like that. If you want to check a match anyway, click the left print, carry it over the right print, try to line it up with something promising, and click. No matter where you put it, no matter which orientation you use, you never get a match. Apparently Rowling’s print is not on the crime scene device. He is looking more and more exonerated.


Back out and tell Wang what you have learned. He suggests that you check the military database and that you talk to the boss about access. Go to the boss’ office and talk to Ruth. Then talk to the boss who arranges access to the database.


Return to the lab and the database. Once again, drag the car device print into the pane and perform a search. Ten possible matches are found and the print images are displayed at the right. Click each in turn and look for that “U” characteristic. You will find it in the first print in the second row, and the orientation is even the same. Pick up the left print, carry it over to the right print, carefully line up the “U,” and click. You get a match for Paul Reed.


Report your result to Wang and leave the lab. The boss is out there, and you fill him in. Paul Reed is in Maine where he is working on a secret project named “Queen of Hearts.” It turns out that Arthur Blake, the writer, was on that same jury. Your hypothesis is holding up. The boss thinks the other potential jury victims are protected, but he isn’t sure about the judge, Wolsey.


You go to see Ruth who reports that Judge Wolsey in Maine has disappeared.


Go to your office and talk with Parry. When you tell him about Paul Reed, Parry reminds you that the caller told you to call him Paul. You talk Parry into driving to Maine with you.


October 24: Norwitch, Maine


Paul Reed’s House


You find Paul Reed’s house, but there is no sign of him. It appears he has been gone quite a while. You wonder whether the barn is used for Reed’s devices and maybe explosives. Parry doesn’t want to search the barn without a warrant. He outlines his theory of the relationship between the killer and you.


Parry receives a phone call - -  something about a lens. He won’t say more. He goes into town to get a warrant.


Take the blue mattress from behind the mailbox. Go toward the barn door and look at the stove. Take the pump. Remove the front stove door and take the bag of salt and the soap. Close the door and back away.


Check the barn door and see that it is padlocked. Go to the right behind the barn. You see an upstairs window that is open. Maybe that is your entry. Look at the conveyor belt and pick up the board on the left. Use the salt to melt the snow around the wheel.


Place the mattress on the hard ground beneath the conveyor. Then place the board on top of the mattress. Use the air pump on the mattress nozzle at the right end. Now the wheel is lifted out of the hole, but the conveyor isn’t moving forward. Apply the soap to the board and then click the bottom structure to move the conveyor to the window.


Take a peek inside the window and look around at all the incriminating evidence. Drop down into the workshop. Look at the elevator and then at the code panel. You see a row of squares with patterns. Your task is to set the pattern on the right so that the four patterns are in a logical sequence. The knob on the right can be dragged to change the display in the right window. When you think the right window is correct, press the button. If you are correct, a green light goes on.


I can’t give the solutions for the three sets of patterns because it is a near certainty that they are randomized. Fortunately, none of the puzzles is very difficult. When you get three green lights, the elevator door opens.


Go up into another workshop and look around at all the diagrams. Go back down, and you are confronted by an elderly couple - - a man in a wheelchair and a woman holding a rifle. In the course of the dialog, the woman calls the man Paul. You explain why you are here and tell them about Paul’s fingerprint on the device. You relate how the device caused the death of Edward Carter. Paul is becoming more cooperative than his sister, Fan.


He tells of designing the circuitry according to the specs of an unknown man who paid him but whom he has never seen. He received a number of such orders, and the pay always came from a different city. Paul starts to have some guilt about his creations and their uses for murder.

Fan is bitter and angry and suggests that Paul’s confinement was due to an accident. The accident was at a military lab, and it was caused by a man named Peter Douglas. Paul ended up in a wheelchair, and Peter ended up in jail. Paul can’t imagine who placed the orders, but he will look through his documents.


Paul and Fan passed Parry on their way home, and Parry reminded Fan of a man named Derek Finney. He was a local who was murdered in a church tower in a manner similar to your cases. The church pastor is still there.


Come down to your car and automatically call Parry to brief him. You then drive to the church.


The Church and Cemetery


Enter the gate and talk with the pastor. Question him about the murder of the pastor’s son-in-law, Derek Finney.


On the day of Finney’s death, he was meeting another woman in the church tower. The pastor relates the abusive relationship of Finney and the pastor’s daughter, Annie. The pastor believes that Finney changed for the worse when he became a jury member for the Benson trial. There is a suspicion that Benson’s rich and powerful father bribed the jury.


Finney is buried here in the churchyard. Finney had a nail in his hand at the site of his murder scene. Scratched floorboards were replaced.


Walk into the church and get a call from Paul, the Card Man. He taunts you, and you are sure he is preparing for another crime.


Look around the foyer. Take the paint brush from the seat of the prie-dieu on the right. The brown door on the left is locked. Go back out and ask the pastor for the key.


Go back inside, use the key on the door, and enter. It’s too dark to see, but recall that the pastor was holding a flashlight. Go back outside and borrow the flashlight. Go back to the church tower.


Look in the dark corner left of the cabinet and see an electric plug. Click the plug to make a connection and produce light. Go back outside and return the flashlight. Enter the tower again.


Take the lever from the post across from the stairs.  Look in the cabinet at the clock mechanism. Look at the loose floorboard by your right foot. Use the lever to remove the two nails. Use the lever again to remove the floorboard. The old floor is dusty, so use the brush on it. Letters appear that look like “D” and “P” - - Dick Parry?


Return to the pastor. He explains how Finney was killed, but it is believed that he was still alive when the police officer found him. The officer might have let Finney die. It was the same police officer who was trying to help Annie, Finney’s abused wife. The police officer was Dick Parry!


Go left to the church cemetery. Look around the graves. Finney’s is the one near the path. Look at the gravestone and see a deuce of hearts engraved on it. Go back and talk to the pastor. He says that the card was engraved on the gravestone a year after the funeral.


Head for the car and get a call from Ruth. She sent a fax for you to the courthouse. Another parcel arrived from the Card Man. It was detonated and the debris was glass, the kind used in Fresnel lenses in lighthouses. (Recall Parry mentioning a lens in his furtive phone conversation.)

You automatically go to the court house.


Court House


Come down screen and remove the spade from the trash container. Enlarge to see that it isn’t really a spade, just a handle.


The court house is dark, but try the front door anyway. Looking through the door, you see light at the end of the corridor.


Go around to the back of the courthouse and see a window with light. Try the middle window, which is slightly open, but it is too high to reach. Look at the advertising board and see that it is chained to the light post. Look at the light post and use the spade handle to break the chain.


Pick up the advertising board and place it against the wall beneath the middle window. Enter through the window and see indications that a burglar has broken in. Enter the door into the archives.


Look at the stuff on the shelves and then continue right to the rear of the room. Good grief, it’s Parry! He is rummaging through documents in pursuit of a lead on Peter Douglas, the colleague of Paul Reed. Peter Douglas has a connection to Archie Benson because they were in jail together. The murders began to happen a year after Douglas was released.


You confront Parry with his involvement going back to the Finney murder in the church. Parry claims to have broken in because of his concern about the disappearance of Judge Wolsey, but you don’t believe him. You accuse Parry of being involved in a conspiracy, and you make a futile attempt to arrest and cuff him.


You end up in a car chase that results in Parry’s death. His last words are that he was being blackmailed and tells you to go to the lighthouse.


Note: Is anyone else disappointed by all this? I kind of liked Dick Parry.


Lighthouse Hut


The lighthouse looks inaccessible from here. Take a look around at the environment and note in particular the cable car. Go to the hut on the cliff.


Look at the fort again and then enter the hut. Pick up the metal cover from the floor on the left. Look at the jacket on the left and take the jacket, the belt that is behind it, and the hook from which the jacket was hanging. Enlarge the jacket and take the cigarettes and the matches from the two pockets.


Pick up the flywheel and the reel from the floor. Take the board from the broken bench on the right. Look in the crack in the floor and see a wrench that you can’t reach.


Look at the engine and pick up the wing nut at the lower left. Place the flywheel on the axle and screw the wing nut on the end of the axle. Check the fuel tank and see that you need that wrench in the crack. Check the clutch to see that the lever is missing.


Check the cylinder head and take the shank. Enlarge the shank and look at the threaded end. You recall that this item was used to heat the cylinder head. Enlarge the pack of cigarettes and take a cigarette. Light it with the matches. Now enlarge the shank again and insert the burning cigarette in the end. Insert the shank back into the hole.


Attach the hook to the board and use the result to get the wrench from the crack in the floor. Look again at the fuel tank on the engine and use the wrench to remove the cap. Attach the cap to the metal cover.


At this point, you are still missing the clutch lever and you have no fuel. Leave the hut, go to the cable way behind the hut, and look around. Go to the container in the background.


Take the lever that is along the support leg. Place the metal container underneath the valve and turn the valve. Nothing happens, so remove the stone from under the container leg. The last of the fuel in the container begins to drip. Turn the valve and then pick up the metal container.


Return to the hut and use the metal container on the fuel tank. Enlarge the metal cover, retrieve the cap, and place the cap on the fuel tank.


Look at the clutch and insert the lever. You need to find a way to engage the clutch because you are the only one here. Click the reel to get some fishing line and use it on the lever.


Now use the belt on the flywheel axle. Click to start the engine. Go back around the hut and enter the cable car for a hair-raising ride to the lighthouse.


The Lighthouse


Go up to the platform. The question now is how do you get higher. It is especially useful to look at everything here. Zoom in on the metal ladder and click the hook at the end of the steel rope to connect it to the ladder. Jump to the two beams and then to the platform.


Continue forward on the platform and take the stairs up to the next level. Try the door, but there is no way. Take the long oar from the boat. Next to the steel rope that you connected to the ladder is another steel rope that drapes off to the right. You can’t reach it so use the oar to release the rope down to the other platform.


Go back down and hop across the lower platform. Look at the mine and use the steel rope to attach it to the mine. Ooops . . . Back away and pick up the beam that just fell. Look at the mine again and use the beam on it as a lever. Push on the lever to roll the mine down. The effect is to raise the ladder up to the next platform.


Go back up and climb the ladder to the roof. Go up the small brown ladder to the hatch and find no way to open the hatch doors without a crane. Go back down and then left to the lighthouse door. It, too, is locked. It appears that the crane is your only hope.


Go to the crane and look at the control panel in front of you. Take the joker card sticking up from the panel. Look at all the buttons and levers to learn their functions. Your task is to move the crane over to the hatch. After pressing the green button, here is a sequence that works:


1. Move the left vertical knob up to raise the crane arm.

2. Move the top horizontal button twice in either direction to rotate the crane.

3. Move the bottom horizontal knob left to extend the arm.

4. Move the right vertical knob down twice to lower the hook.


Go up to the hatch and click the crane hook to attach it to the hatch door. Return to the crane control panel and press the green button to turn it on. Move the right vertical knob up twice to raise the hatch door.


Go back up to the hatch and jump down into the storage area. You are confronted by Archie Benson who clears up much of the mystery. Peter Douglas is upstairs. You shoot Benson.


Look between the supports and take the bucket and the small wrench. Pick up the broom leaning on the left wall and the big wrench in front of the broom. Look at the duct and use a wrench on the handle to open it. Look at the toolbox right of the door. Open it and take the broken blade and the medium wrench


Look at the junction box on the wall right of the door. Use the blade to remove the screws and get the cover. Enlarge the cover and rotate it to see wiring instructions. Look again at the junction box. To attach a wire, click it and then click the terminal to which you want to attach it. From the diagram, blue on the left, brown in the middle, black on the right.

Back away and flick the switch. The water is pumped out of the duct.


Look at the duct and jump down into it. The fan blades are blocking your way.


Note: You might want to save here long enough to experiment with the wrenches. Once you get the hang of it, and you can load and start at the beginning orientation.


There are three sets of blades, one behind the other. The goal is to line up the three sets of blades so that none has a blade hanging downward. Each wrench controls certain blades. You cannot use any wrench twice in a row. Number the blades 1 through 3, front to back.


Wrench            Controls Blades

small                      1, 2

medium                  2, 3

large                       3


One plan is to work on the front blades first. Once it is set, work on the middle blades. Finally the back blades. When you have to change wrenches, always use a larger wrench than the one you are using to set a certain set of blades. That way you won’t ruin your previous work.


When you have all the blades aligned upward, crawl through the duct to a small platform. Most of the platform is uneven, but there is a stable spot at the left. The grating above you is too high to reach.


Click the bucket to remove its handle. Click the handle to bend it into a loop. Click the brush to remove its handle. Attach the loop to the handle.


Place the bucket on the stable spot of the platform and click the grating above you. You are able to see a door with a handle. Place the broom handle with the loop on the handle. Click the broom handle to move the door handle. Click the broom handle one last time to remove it.


Pick up the bucket and crawl back through the culvert to the storeroom. Back away and go to the storeroom door that is how unlocked. Go through the door and up the spiral stairs.


Watch the final confrontation.


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