Aurora: The Secret Within




Lexicon Entertainment/BluMiAL Studios


Walkthrough by Rice Burner      July 2008



The game manual can be found in the game folder.  It is a PDF file.  I would suggest you read it before playing the game.  It will give you the information you need to use the interface.  There is no spoken dialog but you will have dialog choices to click on at the bottom left of the screen.  The inventory is located at the top of the screen but you must put your cursor on the chest icon on the left to see the contents.  I would suggest you use the magnifying glass at the left of the inventory on all items as some of them will give you more information.  There are a few timed episodes.  You may need a patch if you use Vista or XP and experience a problem.  Get that from BluMiAL Studios at:  blumial@hotmail.comI experienced a ‘flash’ error when starting the game and again when loading a save but it didn’t interfere with the game if you click it off.  I played on Windows XP.  This game is in English but it is a translation from Italian.  There are several cases where names or places differ in spelling.  I have used one spelling throughout for consistency.


This walkthrough shows the way I played the game. There may be alternate ways of doing it.



Roswell, New Mexico 1947


Detective John Pileggi is investigating the disappearance of a local farmer which leads him to a secret government project.



Day 1


Boulevard Hotel:


Look around the room and see the closed chest.  It’s locked.  Go into the office and turn around to see a letter on the floor.  Read the letter from Allison.  Go to the desk to read the newspaper and documents.     Turn right and open the cigar box.  Get a code.  In the lower right of the desk open the top two desk drawers.  You will find keys and a purse in the top one and a note in the second one.  Use the telephone on the desk to call the sheriff and Allison.  Go into the bedroom and use the keys on the door at the foot of the bed.  Get a picklock from the shelf.  Close the door, back out of the scene and turn left to the chest on the floor.  Use the picklock on the chest.  Open the briefcase and get lens and handcuffs.  Leave the office and go down to the lobby.


Talk to the man with his back to you.  He is a reporter from Los Angeles.  Finish the conversation and then talk to the hotel manager behind the desk.  Turn around and leave the hotel.  Click on the map for the newspaper stand.


Newspaper stand


Talk to the man.   Look down and see two coins.  One in plain site and the other is behind the rusty leg.  Pick them up.  Use one coin to purchase a newspaper (click the coin on the man.)  Use the other to get information from the man.  Read the newspaper in inventory.  Use the lens on the top line of the paper to get address of editorial office.


Roswell Daily


Click on the Roswell Daily on the map.  You will be at the newspaper office.  Talk to the woman behind the window.  She will tell you about Colonel Marshall at the base and the reporter (Derek) at the bar.  Leave the office.




Go to the base on your map.  Talk to the soldier behind the window.  Ask to speak to the Colonel.  He will ask if you are a reporter.  If you are honest he will turn you away.  If you answer shamelessly he will ask for your pass.  Since you don’t have one he will tell you to leave.


Sheriff’s office


Listen to the radio on the desk.  You will hear a call to go to the Governor’s house.  You can try to enter the sheriff’s office but don’t do it more then once or the game will end.  Leave the office and go to Governor’s house on your map.


Governor Robertson’s house


Talk to the officer at the foot of the stairs.  Turn left and enter the door on the right to the guest room.  Pick up envelope on the table and open it in inventory.  You now have a record.  Look at the fireplace.  Pileggi will say, “There’s something here…..”  Pick up the candle on the right of the mantle.  Look out the window right of the fireplace and see glass on the ground.  Inspect the ground also.  “There’s something wrong in this scene.”  Move back from the window and look down on the floor.  There is no glass on the floor.  Turn around and see a gramophone, use the record on it.  Odd music…


Look at the piano on the right.  Click on the sheet of music and the piano keys.  Leave the room and go back to the officer in the foyer.  Talk to him about the glass.  He will leave and go to the guest room.  Go upstairs, move to the last door on the. right.  You are in the office.  Go left forward to the bookcase.  Open the top drawer on the left.  Take file with insurance policy inside.


Exit the office and enter the bedroom, last door on the left.  Turn left to the cabinet and take blue box.   Open it in inventory and get hat box frame.  Turn right and go forward to the left mirror.  Click on it and see safe behind it.  Click on safe and see it is empty.  Turn around and click on the bathroom door.  Pick up the bucket on the floor.  Use it on the water in the tub.  Now you have bucket with water.


Go back to the hallway and you will be facing the opposite direction.  Check out the two doors at the end of the hall.  The one on the left is closed.  The one on the right is a guest bedroom.  There is nothing of interest there.  Go downstairs using the door at the end of the hallway.


Move to the guest room with the fireplace.  Use the bucket with water on the fire.  Move closer and pick up burned paper.  Go back to the foyer and take the door to the left of the guest room.


You are in the wine cellar.  Go forward and look on the table.  Take matches and look at another hatbox frame.  Look at the matchbox in inventory to get three matches.  Put the burned paper, you got from the fireplace, on top of the hatbox frame.  Put your hatbox frame, from inventory, on top of the one on the table.  Put the candle, from inventory, under the burned paper in the frame.  Light it with a match.  You will see a list of debts and the word GABE at the bottom.


Go back to the guest room and the piano. Look closely at the sheet of music and see at the top:  A=la, B=ti, C=do, D=re, E=mi, F=fa, G=so.  Look down at the keyboard and starting with the first active key on the left, numbered 1 – 7, left to right, click on 5 – 6 – 7 - 3.  It spells out GABE.  If you have done it right the picture above the piano will move back exposing the missing jewels.  Aha….the governor was going to cheat the insurance company.


Sheriff’s office


Turn left into sheriff’s office and talk to him.  After the conversation you will have Billy House on your map.


Boulevard Café


Talk to Derek at the bar.  When he stops talking, click on his pocket.  Click on the glasses on the bar to get close up.   Click on the drink three times, and then click on ‘try to take pass’.  Now you have his ID card. 


Hotel Boulevard


Go back to Pileggi’s room and click on the pillow.  Go to sleep.


Day 2


Military base


Talk to the soldier at the window and show him Derek’s ID card.  Speak to him seriously.  He will let you in.  Talk to the colonel.  You can be either reporter or detective.



Billy Reid’s house 


Enter and turn right to the curtain into the bedroom. Turn right and click on the wardrobe closet.  Look at the items on the desk.  Click on the wastebasket right of the desk.  Pick up the pieces in the basket.  You will have to move the pieces of the letter until it is back together.



Leave the bedroom.  You will see two men in black suits through the window.  When you have control again turn around quickly and go back to the bedroom.  Open the wardrobe closet and hide inside.  If you don’t make it the first time, try again.  See the men move the rug on the floor and then slide it back again.  When they leave you can go move the rug and see a trap door.  Open the door and go below to the wine cellar.  Look at the shelf with the wine bottles.  Turn around and go back upstairs.  Leave the house.


Roswell Daily


You arrive at night at the newspaper office.  Move forward to the door.  Use the picklock on it.  Go inside.  Turn around and put Derek’s ID card on the small table to the right of the door.  Exit the office.


Boulevard Café


Talk to Maximilian, the bartender.  Go through the door on the right of the bar and another door at the end of the hallway.  Meet unknown man, he wants to help you.  He talks about the secret project, your wife Helene, and gives you a pass.  Look at it in inventory and click on it to turn it over.  There is a fingerprint on the back.   Go back to the hotel and sleep.


Day 3


Billy Reid’s house


Go inside to the bedroom and look at the table.  Turn around and face the small bedside table.  If you position your cursor near the bottom shelf of that table you will see a down arrow.  Click there and then on the rug to move it aside.  Go down to the wine cellar.


Move forward and be close to the wine bottles.  The leaflet we saw on the table upstairs shows that we should lower the first and fourth bottles on the top shelf.  On the bottom shelf lower the second and fourth bottles.  The cabinet moves and we have access to a secret tunnel. 


Move forward five times.  Take left passage.  Look at toolbox on the floor.  Open it and take a fuse head and a fuse.  Combine them in inventory.  Move forward once and see security box to the right of the door.  If you try to use Rodof’s card, access will be denied.  Go back to the location where you took the left passage.  Now take the right passage.  See the high voltage box and a fuse box next to it.  Insert the fuse in the top of the fuse box.  Back up and zoom in on the control panel with the green light.  The left button will move the trolley car forward and the right button will bring it back.  Click on the left button and quickly jump into the trolley car.  If you miss it just click on the right button to bring it back and try again.  The trolley will stop at the bridge.  Cross the bridge and find a vent on the wall.  You don’t have anything to remove it.  Turn around and look to the left of the bridge near the bottom of the second footing.  Pick up a hatchet.  Turn around again and use the hatchet on the vent.  Go forward once.


Area 51


Move forward and zoom in on the eye scanner next to the door.  We are in the A sector.  There are four doors that lead to sectors B, C, D and E.  Go into sector C and then to room 621.  It doesn’t open.  Try room 622 but there is nothing of interest there.  Go to room 623 and listen to the scientists.  Go to room 624.  It is closed but we need to find someone to open it.


Go to sector E and room 519.  Get white lab coat from the locker on the left.  Now we don’t look out of place.  Go to room 516.   Push on the green button on the far wall and it will lower the viewing screen.  Just to the right of it you can pick up a film canister.     Right of that on the counter top pick up a floppy disk.  It says ‘Pileggi files’.  Read the dossier (all pages.)   From the left counter top pick up the document of  emergency procedures.  Read the ‘confidential’ document on the large table in the center.  Use the film canister on the projector (cross piece just below the top).  Watch the film.  Now you can leave the room.  Go into door marked ‘WC’.  Pick up the card by the towel on the floor.  You now have an ID card for Todd Beckett.  Leave the room and go to sector D.


Go into room 508.  Use Rodof’s ID card on the scanner to the left of the door.  The security bars will open.  Before you go forward put the floppy disk next to the computer keyboard.  Now go in to the computer and you see a ‘login’ screen.  Type in ‘condor five’ in small letters.  Click on ‘login’.  In order click on:


  1. Database
  2. Technical
  3. Todd Beckett
  4. Change the photo
  5. Charge a new photo
  6. Print the photo


Now you have Todd Beckett’s ID card with your photo.  Exit the room.


Go to room 509 and talk to the soldier at the door.  Show him your new ID card.  The door opens.  Talk to the soldier at the computer.  He will unlock the door to room 624.  Go back to the C sector, room 624.  Look at the top of the switch panel labeled sector A.  Activate the switch in row 3, column 2.  Exit the room and go back to sector A.  Move forward to the eye scanner to the right of the door.  Click on the ‘eye scanner’ switch.  Your access is denied. 


Go to sector B, room 609.  Turn to the right and pick up the small blue bottle.  To the left are two machines.  Read the paper on the wall above the left machine.  It is the instruction for making lenses.  Put the small blue bottle in the right most slot of the machine on the right.   Click on Intelilab Advanced X.  Click on:


  1. Database
  2. Vince Rodof
  3. Imprinting
  4. Exit


You can pick up the lenses from the machine on the right.


Go back to sector A.  Move forward to the eye scanner.  Click on the ‘eye scanner’.  This time access is granted.  Go forward through restricted door to area 51.  Move forward to door marked area 51.  Look at the Aurora machine and at the monitor below.  Turn right.  Go to the elevator and press the down arrow.  Look at the monitor at the ceiling.  See Helene.  Go forward twice and be in darkness.  You hear shots, sirens and an explosion.  Now you are moving very fast.


New Roswell


You are in the desert.  You don’t recognize this place.  Move forward and look at sign for radioactive material.  Turn around and go forward to the house in the distance.  Go to the door… need answers.  Turn to the right and take the letter from the mailbox.  It is a poster for fuel.  Go into the house.  Go to the first door on the right.  Now you are in the garage.  Turn left and from the box you can pick up items to use for distilling.  Turn right and take small wood pieces from the box on the floor.  Take the tank from the shelf and a picklock to the left of the shelf. 


Go back to the inside and take the door on the left to the kitchen.  See the large pot on the stove and move down to the cabinet door, bottom left in the corner.  Open it and get some sugar cane syrup.   Go back to the hallway and forward to the end.  Open the left drawer of the cabinet and get car keys.  Open the door on the left to the bedroom.  Look at the notes on the board.  Look at the calendar on the right.  Now we know we are in year 1997.   Open the drawer of the desk to get lighter.   Inspect the lighter in inventory and get pin.   Look at the floorboard and use the picklock on it.  See the box in the hiding place.  Use the pin on the lock:





Get a bottle of rum


Go to the garage and turn left.  Go out through the door.  Turn around and look at the small table to the right of the door.  We will need to use the distilling equipment.  Go to the table on the right and use alembic from inventory.  Put small container on the left stand and the large container on the right.  Put cane sugar in the right container.  Put the cover (alembic) on the container.  Use the small wood pieces underneath the container and use the lighter to light it.  Pick up the small container with distilled sugar cane.


Go back inside the garage.  In inventory use the tank on the magnifying glass to get close up.  Use the rum bottle on the tank, then the distilled sugar cane.   Pour the tank contents into the fuel tank of the car.  Go to the left side of the car and use the car keys on the door.  Go into the car and you will be on the road.  The car will stop at an old gas station.  Go inside and look at the items on the shelves.  The prices are shocking.

Talk to the attendant about the price of fuel and ask about the nearest town.  Take a map from the counter.




Click on the map for the library.  Turn right and then left.  Go down the hall to the elevator.  Go up automatically.  Go down the hall and through the door on the left.  Turn around and click on the list by the door.  Exit that list and pick up the book from the bottom shelf, The Philosophy of Time Travel by Vince Rodof.  Read the pages inside.  Leave the room.  Turn around and try the archive door in front of you.  It’s locked.  Go back to the elevator and down to the main floor.  Move ahead, then slightly left to the information desk.  Look at the poster for a conference on Black Holes.  Click on the card for Igor Zabinsky.  Now you have his name, address and telephone number.  Talk to the girl at the desk.  Ask about the archive door.  You need to be a member to get in there.  Turn around and go slightly left to the telephone.  Call the girl at the desk.  She will leave so you can go back to the desk to find the key to the archive door.  Go forward to the file cabinets.  Zoom in and get the key from the box on the shelf.  Go back upstairs in the elevator.  Walk forward to the archive room door.  Use the key on the door and be inside the room.  Go forward and click on the bottom file cabinet.  Look at each of the four newspapers and read about the Russian soldiers and your wife Helene.  Go back to the main floor and go toward the reading room.  The conference is over and the professor has gone.  Leave the library through the door left of the main desk.




Before you talk to the professor save your gameThe professor will ask you three questions.  If you get them wrong you have to go back to a save game and try again. 


  1. It will never finish.
  2. Energy
  3. 313 (Type the answer, then click on the chalk)


If you answer them correctly he will give you the address of Professor Liebniz.


Liebniz House


Knock on the door.  Talk to the professor and he will tell you to come in.  Talk with him.  Tell him about your journey and he will tell you he is the son of Vince Rodof.  He gives you a file from his father.  Read it, it will explain what happened.  He will also give you letters from Helene.  He will tell you what you need to acquire to go back to your time.  You will leave the house automatically.


Old Roswell


Click on Old Roswell on the map.  Go into the Blue Moon bar on the right.  Go through the door left of the bar.  Turn around and talk to Yuri.  He will ask who you are.  Answer calmly.  Leave the bar.  Turn around.  Use the map to go to St. John’s.


St. John’s church


Go to the left of the church and read the headstone of the reporter whose ID card you took.  Go back to the church door.  Go inside.  Take the door to the left of the altar.  It goes to the cemetery.  You see the headstone of your wife.  Finally you know where she is.  Leave the church.


Point of impact


Use the map to go to the point of impact.  Turn right and click on the box with radioactive sign on it.  Pick up canalizing mechanism.  Turn around and go forward to the map.


Liebniz House


The police are there inside the house.  Try to enter.  Go back to the map.


Old Roswell


Enter the hotel.  See the owner asleep on the couch.  Read the yellow sign on the wall.  Turn around and go to the elevator.  Click on the up button.  The electricity is faulty so you try pushing the button until you finally get it to work.  Go down the hall to your old room on the right.  Enter and click on the pillow to go to sleep.  You dream…..


Central Park


Go to the park.  Go forward to the man on the bench.  Open the briefcase beside him.  Take the plutonium.  Go back to the map.


Liebniz House


Look at the document on the table.  Pick up the note.  Go to the time machine on the right and click on it.  It has no power.  Look up near the far left lever.  Go up the ladder to the top.  Pull the lever on the wall just to the right.  Now the power is on.  Go back down to the machine.  Put the two containers of plutonium in the center section.  Put the canalizing mechanism in the square at the top.  Pull the two levers on either side of the plutonium.  Turn right, push the red button and go forward through the doorway.  You go back to your own time.


Rodof’s house


You are in Rodof’s house.  Go through the door and see Rodof (Liebniz’s father) on the couch.  He is surprised.  Talk to him and show him the note that his son gave you.  He will tell you what happened at the military base and about your wife.  He will ask if you want to help him fix the mistake.  He will tell you what you have to do.  We need to find a car.


Boulevard Hotel


Speak to the owner.  He wants the rent before he will talk to you.  Go upstairs to the room opposite your room, number 15.  Open the door and go inside.  Turn to the left and go outside to the balcony.  Click the down arrow at the bottom right side.  See the car parked there.  Click on the car.  Go back inside and look at the framed newspapers above the desk.  Look in the four desk drawers.  Save your game here.  There is a timed sequence coming up.


Click on the coat on the rack.  Get a close up of the pocket.  Take the key from the pocket.  You hear the owner returning to his apartment.  Quickly turn around and go out to the balcony.  Climb up the ladder and then down on the other side to the car.  Use the key on the car and leave.  There is a slight glitch here.  When you click on Rodof’s on the map, Pileggi will say something about NOT having a car.  Just click a second time and it will work.


Rodof’s attic


Talk to Rodof and he will tell you about finding a letter from  Helene and he will give you a pass to the base.


Billy Reid’s house


Go inside the house and into the bedroom.  Open the trap door on the floor and go forward to the wine shelf.  Lower the fourth bottle on the bottom shelf and go into the tunnel.  Move forward until you come to the place of the left or right passage.  Take the left one.  Go to the security box to the right of the electrical panel.  Use the pass that Rodof gave you.  Open the electrical box and be in the tunnel.  Proceed to the control panel at the end.  Click on the control lever to the left of the danger sign.  Pull the lever down.  Exit from close up and look to the right of the panel with six clocks.  Near the floor you will find a pair of pliers.  Look at the danger sign on the panel.  See a digital lock on the left side.  There is a red wire leading to it.  Use the pliers to cut that red wire.  Save your game here.  Now you can open the panel.  You will hear a countdown.  Quickly get the pliers from inventory and cut the black wire on the bottom (it’s hard to see).  Get the pliers again and wait for the sound of explosion.  At that first sound of explosion quickly cut the red wire.  If you don’t get it done right then go back to the save and try again.  Just a note:  cut the wires in the middle, not the ends.  If you succeed the sound of alarms will be heard and you can leave to the left of the control panel.  Go down the tunnel to the door at the end.  You will be taken back to the Boulevard Café.  Watch the cutscene.



The End

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