December 2000 - Witchen =O)

1. Place light blue, dark blue, red, and yellow dyes in the dye tray to the right of the shield.

2. Pick up a white feather from the container above the dye tray.

3. Dip the feather in the red dye and place it beside (left of) the blue feather, at the bottom of the shield, to complete the established color sequence.

4. Next, take a green feather from the upper left container and place it beside the red one you just positioned at the bottom of the shield.

5. Take another white feather, dip it in light blue dye and finish the color sequence at the bottom of the shield.

6. Pick up a daub of cotton from the bowl above the white feathers.  Dye it yellow in the dye tray.  Place it where the hole is in the left yellow background area on the shield.  Repeat this action one more time.

7. Use dark blue cotton daubs (13) to complete the dark blue outline between the red and yellow background fields, completing the geometric design.

8. Then use three yellow daubs, vertically, to complete the yellow area between the blue outlines of the design over on the right side of the shield.

9. Lastly, use six (6) red cotton daubs to complete the red background area on the left side.


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