Initially George will be at the left end of the nearest hedge, marked (1) in the graphic.


Wait for the monk patrolling the nearest path to walk past the gap in the hedge (2) then move George to position (3) in the graphic, where he won't be spotted. The easiest way of doing this is to hold the cursor at position (3) and then click your mouse.


Study the routine of monk (4) to note that he patrols around the central pillar, alternating between walking clockwise and anti-clockwise around it.



When, during an anti-clockwise patrol, he's at position (4) and there's no monk standing at position (5) move George to the far left corner (7) of the inner garden. Start by clicking the mouse with the cursor at position (5) then move it to position (7) and click again.


Note: Depending on your timing previously, there may always be a monk at position (5) when monk (4) gets to the position in the graphic. If this happens, wait for his clockwise patrol, then move George when the monk is at position (6) in the graphic. Again, ensure that you only move George if there's no monk at position (5) in the graphic.



Wait at position (7) until there are no monks visible, then move George through the door marked (8) in the graphic. Do this by hovering the cursor on the door with the 'door' icon visible and then clicking the mouse.