our adventure begins with Anna Maria locking George's office door to avoid the goons inside the Bail Bond Offices. Take the golf club from the bag next to the door and use it to smash the lock on the storeroom door. Push over the filing cabinet (inside the storeroom) to barricade the door. Now climb onto the filing cabinet to reach the hole in the ceiling and get to the floor above.


While Anna Maria is holding the elevator door, wedge the golf club under the door to prevent it from closing. George cannot remove the grille covering the extractor fan on his own, so get Anna Maria's help by 'using' her (from the inventory) on it. Next, pull the extractor fan out of the wall, push it to the elevator and use it to keep the door open. As it's no longer needed to prevent the door from closing, remove the golf club. Climb through the hole (where the extractor fan was) to get to the outside of the building.

Back up against the wall, then edge your way to the metal ladder on the right and climb up onto the roof. You find a chain attached to the edge of the metal walkway on the loading joist. Drop the chain down the side, then snag the chain with the golf club to swing across to the next door roof. Turn the handle for adjusting the loading joist (on the right) to align both joists, enabling Anna Maria to cross.
Grab the piping on the left wall and make your way along the wall. Walk around the perimeter to the hole in the wall that leads to the stairwell. Go through the door on this level, noting it's tied open by a piece of string. Untie the string, then close the door and lock it using the sliding bolt near the top left. Now 'right-click' on the door and select the 'gear' icon to kick out the section of the wall surrounding the door.
Go down the stairwell to the next floor. Beginning at the wall on the right make your way around the perimeter, dropping down one level where the floorboards end. Walk along the planks to where you find some live cables. Try walking past the cables to learn that it's too dangerous to do. Return to the stairwell entrance and examine the breaker switch on the fuse box attached to the wall on the left. Get Anna Maria to hold the switch up allowing you to continue past the cables along the planks. Note that she won't hold the switch continuously until you've tried walking past the live cables. Move the crate blocking the door to the stairwell to enable Anna Maria to get down to this level.
Again enlist Anna Maria's help by getting her to turn the handle on the roller shutter door next to the stairwell. After she partially raises the door, hold it up to allow George and Anna Maria to leave.


You need to find a way to get through the security doors leading to the rooms upstairs. Speak to the hotel manager, Alfonso, about booking a room and he gives you a flyer. Examine the flyer (in your inventory) to learn the hotel telephone number, which is automatically entered into the PDA.
Go to the man reading a book in the lounge area. Look at the book to learn he's using a key card as a bookmark. By speaking to him you find out his name is Thelwell Minster and that he's expecting a telephone call.
Enter the toilet then use the PDA to telephone the hotel and ask to speak to Thelwell Minster.

When Thelwell Minster goes to take the telephone call, remove the hotel key card from his book.

Slide the hotel key card through the electronic card reader next to the security doors to gain access to the upper floors.
The guy standing outside number 23 (Anna Maria's room) won't let you enter, nor allow you to open the cleaning closet, behind which you hear a knocking sound. You must find a way of getting him to leave. Did you notice the sprinklers on the ceiling and the dry flowers in a vase on the table? What if you started a fire to set off the sprinklers? Have you seen matches or a lighter anywhere?
The stairs leading up to the third floor have been cordoned off due to the fumigation. Try moving the yellow warning sign to activate the 'fumigation' conversation topic with Alfonso. Also, no matter how gross it may seem, pick up a death watch beetle.
Go back downstairs to the lobby (using the key card to unlock the security doors) and if you haven't already done so, examine the grandfather clock. This will activate the 'clock' conversation topic with Alfonso. Alfonso's lighter is on the counter behind the glass partition, so you need to distract him in order to remove it. Talk to Alfonso, ensuring that you select the 'fumigation' and 'death watch beetle' topics. Next, put the death watch beetle on the grandfather clock, then tell Alfonso about it.

When Alfonso goes to check the clock, slide the glass partition open and take the lighter.

Now that you have the lighter go back upstairs. The guy outside Anna Maria's room won't allow you to set the flowers alight, so you need to distract him. Go to the window at the far end of the corridor and wait for him to do his Elvis routine (as shown in the graphic below) - then open the window.


When 'Elvis' goes to close the window, use the lighter to set the flowers in the vase alight.

Enter the bathroom in Anna Maria's room. Use the control switch on the extractor fan to turn the fan off, attach the string to the fan blades and then turn the fan on again. The fan short circuits and falls out of the window allowing Anna Maria to enter her room.
Pick up the pen lying on the floor next to the bed. Go to the cleaning closet, then slide both the flyer and pen under the door. The receptionist (locked in the closet) returns the flyer and pen after having written down the combination on the flyer. Pick up the flyer and pen, and then enter the combination on the numeric keypad next to the door. After untying the receptionist in the closet you head back to the Bail Bond Offices.


Pick up the pack of Italian cigarettes left on the desk in George's office, then go back to the hotel.


After talking to Officer O'Halloran about the 'tattoo', show him the pack of Italian cigarettes. He tells you the cigarettes are illegally imported by the Martino gang. Talk to him again, selecting the 'docks' conversation topic and you will now be able to go to Martino's Meat Packing Company.


The goon standing at the factory entrance won't allow you in without an apron. Go into the shop and note the apron hanging on the wall behind the counter. After talking to Chico offer him the cigarettes and take the salami in exchange. Leave the shop and hide behind the wooden palettes until you see him go out the back door.


While Chico is smoking outside, enter the shop and take the apron from behind the counter.

Make your way through the factory to the waste disposal area. You can hear music coming from an air vent high above the forklift. Remove the machine safety keys from the bone-crunching machine in the factory and insert them in the forklift. Push the large green dumpster onto the forklift, then use the forklift to raise it up to the air vent. Now climb up on the rear of the forklift, then onto its roof, and finally onto the dumpster. Look through the air vent to see the manuscript being filed in the cabinet. Also note the comments about Toni having been killed and 'hanging' somewhere.
Go to the smoker room (there's a green light above the doorway) on the left of the carousel with the boars hanging on it. You cannot open the smoker doors with your bare hands, so use the fire proof blanket that can be found hanging on the wall in the room with the conveyer belt.

Using the fire proof blanket open the door to the smoker on the left. Again use the blanket to pick up the smouldering log on the floor next the fire. Examine the meat hanging in the smoker and note the dripping fat.
Place the smouldering wood (from the smoker) in the air vent into Fingers' office. Although it lets off some smoke into the office, it's not enough. Did you notice the ice in the back of the freezer truck at the factory entrance?

Take a cube of ice from the truck and place it on the smouldering wood in the air vent. This must be done before the ice melts completely.

Due to the smoke the goons decide to leave the factory and go to their club. Watch closely as they leave to note they come through the storage room behind the blue door. Open the first aid kit on the wall in the storage room to find an electronic card reader inside it. Go to the carousel and press the control panel on the left - Toni's dead body hanging on a meat hook! Search the body to find a Meat Packing Company key card. Slide the key card through the card reader in the storage room to open a secret entrance to a staircase leading up to the office.
Open the middle drawer of the desk and take something wrapped in a silk hankie. Examine it in the inventory to get a photograph of the film star Lucy Chu. Look through the open window (nearest the cabinet) to see the bone-cruncher down below. This activates the 'push' option when you right-click the cabinet. Try pushing the cabinet though the window to learn the wheels are rusted and will have to be greased.
Remember the fat dripping off the meat in the smoker? Return to the smoker room (note that after opening the secret entrance, the roller shutter door in the room with the conveyor belt is open and it leads to the smoker room via the kitchen area) and put some of the grease from the meat onto the silk hankie. Use the grease soaked silk hankie to 'grease' the cabinet wheels, then push the cabinet through the window into the bone-cruncher. Note that this can only be done if you've looked through the window and seen the bone-cruncher below.
Fetch the machine safety keys from the forklift and put them back into the bone-cruncher. Now use the bone-cruncher to open the cabinet. After picking up the MP3 player and manuscript you go back to the Bail Bond Offices.


Examine all the hotspots on the manuscript as there are vital clues needed to solve puzzles later in the game. Note that the manuscript can be looked at in the inventory at any time and translations of the latin phrases are recorded in the PDA. You must examine the latin header, latin parts 1 to 4, the idol in the fortified city (on the right) and the angel (bottom right corner) before you can exit from the manuscript screen.
After giving the MP3 player to Virgil he'll be prepared to talk to you. Discuss the 'PDA' topic with him to get a flashcard that allows you to hack network firewalls.  Use the 'connect' option on the PDA to log into Andre Lobineau's Private Server. The diagram below illustrates one possible solution to this network puzzle.

Read the downloaded data in the 'notes' section on the PDA ensuring that you follow the links to the following: Baphomat - Knights Templar - Philippe IV - Clement V
Examine the manuscript again (in your inventory or on the table) and ensure that you click on each of the following hotspots: Holy Man (in the Fortified City) - Fortified City - Knight (St. John)
The above triggers George and Anna Maria going to Istanbul when they leave the Bail Bond Offices.