Talk to Brother Mark to learn about a spare key to the apartment building, but he won't give it to you. Also, if you speak to him after examining his car you learn he's very particular about it and that he's got a thing for the actress Lucy Chu.
Talk to Archie Lonsdale to learn that the spare key is under the pot plant to the left of the apartment doorway. Also note the loaf of bread behind him and that he cannot keep his eyes off Nico while you talk to him.
Try moving the pot plant to get the spare key, but Mark won't let you do this.
If you studied the surroundings carefully, you should have noticed pigeon 'droppings' in a number of places, particularly surrounding Mark's car. Perhaps you could attract the pigeons onto his car. You need to use Archie's bread to do this, but he won't let you take it. Asking Nico to distract him won't work, so instead, ask her to distract Mark. While Archie is totally engrossed in watching, pick up the mouldy bread. Note that the required dialog topic with Nico will only be activated after you've tried to move the pot plant and you might need to select it twice before she obliges. Sprinkle some crumbs from the mouldy bread on the roof of the car, then when Mark goes to chase away the pigeons you can move the pot plant to get the key and enter the apartment building.
The door to Anna Maria's apartment is locked, so you need to gain access through the window. Go through the door at the end of the hallway to get onto the balcony. Grab hold of the ledge above you, and as you can't get to the window by going left, go all the way to the right. From here, grab the pole and climb over to the building across the street. You must find a way past the nun standing on the balcony in front of the second door to her apartment.

Try opening the first door to the nun's apartment and she walks indoors to come and check the door. Quickly climb over the railing (do this by right clicking the railing) and sneak past to the far right of the balcony.

Now climb back to Anna Maria's apartment using the ledge at the far right on the building above the arch. Look through the open window and move the bolt on Anna Maria's door with your golf club.
Once inside the apartment, pick up the photo of Anna Maria on the mantelpiece above the fireplace and take the Metro ticket on her bed. After taking both items you can leave her apartment and make your way to the Vatican by walking to either end of the street below.
Take note that when you meet Mark in the hallway he tells you about the package for Anna Maria.


Read the plaque on the wall next to the guarded door to trigger the 'Holy Order of St. Michael' topic in your dialog with the nuns. Look through the window, talk to Sister Angelica to learn her name and examine the sheet of paper on her desk. Ring the doorbell next to the small door and Sister Serena comes to the door. Ask her about the 'Holy Order of St. Michael' to find out about the wafer factory.


After finding out about the wafer factory return to Anna Maria's apartment. Use the PDA to hack into the Vatican server and get the telephone number for the Sisters of Mercy Wafer Factory. A possible solution to this network puzzle is:

For a bit of fun try calling the wafer factory from Anna Maria's apartment. Also, try phoning the Hotel Alfonso again and ring the doorbells to other apartments on the street below.


Stand near the window where Sister Angelica is (but out of her line of sight) and use the PDA to call the wafer factory. When she goes to take the call, read the sheet of paper on her desk.

Talk to Sister Angelica when she returns to her desk and select the 'health inspector' dialog topic to gain access into the wafer factory.


After the guided tour go to the packing area in the far corner. Take note of the opened box of wafers on the table and that the white box at the top of the stack against the wall is precariously balanced.

Push the white box off the stack, then while Sister Serena replaces it put some mouldy bread in the opened box on the table.

Open the emergency box (containing wine and wafers) on the metal shelves in the packing area by cutting it with the knife and remove the miniature bottle of red wine. Go to the mixer at the end of the metal walkway, open the hatch and pour the wine inside. Walking down the metal staircase triggers a cut scene showing the result of wine being poured into the mixer.
Now that both nuns are occupied with cleaning the equipment you can leave the factory through the door at the end of the passage next to Sister Angelica's office.
Climb across the three crates to reach the ledge, then grab it and make your way left to the section of wall without railings. Climb over the wall and enter the monastery garden.


The entrance into the monastery is through the large door at the far end of the garden, so you must find a way past the monks to get to it.

Once inside, go to the cardinal's office at the left end of the corridor. When you take the file on Anna Maria out of the top right drawer of his desk, the cardinal enters his office.
On leaving the monastery Father Gregor gives you his business card.


Go to Brother Mark's apartment and show him Father Gregor's card. After this, talk to him about the package addressed to Anna Maria, and he hands it over. Open the package in your inventory to get an unmarked DVD. You can watch the DVD by inserting it in the laptop in Anna Maria's apartment.
If you didn't do so previously, pick up the airline ticket stub on Anna Maria's kitchen table.
After Nico leaves for Phoenix, return to Mark's apartment. Did you notice the pen on the table inside his apartment? Look at the pen to see that it's the same as the one you found in Anna Maria's room at the Hotel Alfonso.

Show your pen to Mark to learn about the Black Cat Club, then talk to him about the club to activate an option to go there from the street below. Also, offer Mark the photograph of Lucy Chu (his idol) to learn that he wants something more 'personal'.


Talk to the bouncer at the top of the stairs leading down to the club. He tells you that only members are permitted entry.


Before knocking on Mark's door, use the pen to forge an inscription on the photograph of Lucy Chu. Talk to Mark about his membership card, then again offer him the photograph and he agrees to give you his Black Cat Card in exchange.


Show the Black Cat Card to the bouncer to gain entry into the club.
Go to the shower area (in the locker room) and try taking the towel hanging over the soap dish. You need to find a way of getting it without being seen by the guy in the shower. Note the copper pipe on the wall below the towel. Trace the pipe all the way along the wall to a valve behind one of the plant stands. Move the plant stand, then turn the valve to increase the flow of hot water. The shower area steams up, and you can take the towel.
Make your way through the hallways to the steam room, where you find Duane. After talking to him, leave the steam room to trigger being captured.
A purple bunny and a man in a box? The solution to George escaping is kinda silly with no real logic to it, but it is fun!

Kick the plug in the wall to knock off the metal rod.


If you kick the plug again, the electrode on the right edge of the shelf falls off and shocks George.



Move the harness away from the wall, then use it to knock the electrode over. When you now kick the plug, a rather nifty chain reaction ends with a foldout bed being released from the wall. Note that the 'man in the box' moves out the way to avoid being hit by the bed.



George can't get out the way because the wheels of the chair won't slide on the carpet. This problem can be solved by knocking over the bottle of baby oil on the table.


After oiling the carpet, knock over the electrode again, then kick the plug in the wall.

Open the red curtain to see Spallacci and Cardinal Gianelli talking. Push the button on the left of the window to reveal a hidden door.
You hear Duane calling you from inside the steam as you walk past. Before entering, go back to the locker room and retrieve your possessions from the second top locker in the row of lockers closest to the door.
Duane is hiding beneath the drain in the centre of the steam bath. When you talk to him he tells you that he has a key to the laundry room for you. Attach the paper clip to the rosary, then insert it down the drain to enable Duane to attach the key. Use the key to enter the laundry behind the first door on the right in the hallway past the steam room.
The other door in the laundry leads back onto the street.


On entering Anna Maria's apartment you find a bomb...

You have exactly 10 minutes to defuse the bomb!



Nico arrives in one piece, and recounts her Phoenix adventure...