Black Mirror II

by Cranberry Production

Walkthrough by MaGtRo   May 2010


Gameplay:    This is a third person point and click game.

The main menu has new game, load game, options, extras, credits and exit.

The options menu has:

Gfx option has Gamma, screen resolution, screen refresh rate and graphics quality selections.

Sfx option has overall, music, speech, effects and environment volume selections.

Game option has display dialog subtitles; use hardware mouse pointer, original Black Mirror 1 mouse pointer, additional game help, display tips and activate Big Head mode.

Save the changes using the save selection at bottom of the screen.

Extras have the pictures, videos and mini-games already viewed during gameplay.

New game has a selection of easy and normal game mode.

Easy game mode offers additional game help, the option to skip special puzzles and to receive further tips from the diary.

Normal game mode has no additional game help. But additional game help can be selected while in this mode.

The in-game menu is accessed by pressing the ESC key. Back, menu, load game, save game, options and exit selections are seen.

Another set of in-game menu is seen when the cursor is moved at top right of the screen. Here, see load/save game, the main menu, diary and show all hotspots icons.

The save page shows the picture of the location. The title of the saved game can be entered after pressing the save button. Then press the green arrow below it. The saved games can be deleted by clicking on the torn paper icon at left of the frame. Saved games can be overwritten.

The diary has Darren's journal and tasks to do.

To activate a collected item in inventory bar at bottom of screen, right mouse click the item.

Helpful Hints:

New diary entry is alerted by a flashing book icon at top left. The diary is accessed by using the icon at top right or by the D or J key.

To see all the hotspots in the screen, press the space bar or H key or the hotspot icon at top right of the screen.

The items in the screen that are for information only are deactivated after clicking-learning about them.

Right click on a character to get information about them.

The tab key skips cutscenes.

After the location has been accessed by going there, the postcard can serve as a 'jump to' map.

When the easy mode is selected, all mini-puzzles have a skip choice after time is spent on the puzzles. The mini-games can be replayed using the extras at main menu.

You can die in this game - save often. There is an autosave when you die also.

1969, Black Mirror Castle, Willow Creek, England:

Samuel is seen running through the forest. He arrives at Black Mirror Castle.

Inside the castle, his wife Cathryn is in search of Samuel. At the library, she reads an open book. Samuel hits Cathryn and inadvertently burns part of the castle and his wife. (This is the fire that burned the tower in Black Mirror 1.)


The first left click describes an item; the second left click gives additional information or does the action if needed on that item (take, press...). So click until the cursor is grayed out or disappears.



1993, Biddeford, Maine

Fuller's Photo Store:

Read the diary and learn that Darren is on his 3 weeks of semester break. He is working at the Fuller Photo Store.

The inventory has a postcard of Biddeford that can help to 'jump to' locations and camera.

Get the power on:

Go to the crammed shelves on the wall at right. Take the carton of fuses at bottom shelf.

Right click the carton of fuses in inventory at bottom of the screen and get a fuse

Open the fuse box left of the shelves. Take the cover of the second from left fuse - the one with no screw at top.

Take the broken fuse and click again to get Darren to discard it. Place the new fuse on the holder.

Pull the lever of the main switch at bottom right. Now there's light.

Look around and see items that can be used later. The items that are for information only are deactivated after clicking-learning about them.

Put advertising sign on the street:

Go upstairs. Take the advertising sign at right. Darren takes it out.

Angelina, a lovely British lady arrives to have her picture taken. Darren is enthralled.

Fuller sends Darren on an errand so that he can be the one to take Angelina's picture. Darren is told to get a collection note for a package at the mail counter in the store on the harbor and deliver a letter for Mrs. Biba.

Collect a package from the mail:

Jump to locations:    Right click the postcard in inventory and see the different places in Biddeford. After the location has been accessed by going there, the postcard can serve as a 'jump to' map.

Right now, take the road to harbor promenade. Check the red convertible parked outside the store.

Talk to the woman standing at the end of the harbor. She has a friend named Carrie that committed suicide by jumping to the ocean. Her picture is at the Fuller's Photo Shop window. The picture is now at dialogue bar.

Take the metal bar that broke from the railing behind Darren.

Talk to postmistress:    Enter the souvenir shop-post office and see the postmistress gossiping with a blonde who was given the red convertible by her husband. Talk to Rosie and get scolded. We need to get them to stop the chatter.

Exit the store and click on the red convertible. Darren 'activates' the car alarm. Immediately enter the shop so that the women can hear the alarm.

Talk to Rosie now that she is alone. She gives the package for Fuller. She also informs Darren that there is another package here for Fuller. She needs another collection note to release it.

See and try to take blank collection notes from the counter.

Talk to Rosie about all the dialogue pictures. Talk to Rosie again about package for Darren. While she's looking for a package, immediately take a blank collection note. Exit the store.

Hand over Fuller's letter to Mrs. Biba:

Go right to side street and continue to the main square. At the square, go right to the Biba's Diner with a red convertible in front of it.

Check the bubble gum machine, neon and string of lights outside the diner.

Enter the diner. See a stranger talking to Mrs. Biba and bumps Darren on the way out.

Talk to Mrs. Biba. She got upset about the letter.

Try to exit the diner and be stopped by Dr. Newhouse sitting in the booth. Darren's mom was supposed to meet him about her paintings to be hung at the Center.

Call Mom:

Exit the diner. Right click and use the postcard and jump to the Photoshop.

Talk to Angelina. Fulton groped her. She asks that Darren bring her pictures to West Coast room 5 where she is staying. See the stranger from the diner tail her.

Fulton calls Darren inside and gives him a bunch of orders.

Enter the door to the back room left of the door to the basement.

Use the phone on Fuller's desk. Fuller arrives and mentioned that Darren's mom called saying the words Adrian and Mirror.

Darren goes home and finds mom on the floor unconscious.

Call for an ambulance by clicking on the phone.

Mom's medications:

Dr. Newhouse tells Darren to get all of his mom's medications. Learn that mom had back pain. He needs to get family doctor's number for medical history and insurance card.

Insurance card:    Check and open the handbag on the chair to get the insurance card.

Medications:    Take the pill dispenser from the coffee table in front of the chair.

Enter the bathroom. Check the bathroom cabinet's to get medications.

Check the painting of the lighthouse in Willow Creek left of the bathroom. (James' lighthouse?)

Family doctor's number:    Enter the bedroom at left. Open the bottom drawer of the side table. Get the locked address book.

Check the pot plant on the window sill. Move the pot and get a small key. Use the key to open the address book.

Right click the address book and find out Dr. Wakefield's number. Use the telephone and talk to the doctor. Learn more about mom's back and burns.

Exit the house and be outside the hospital left of the main square and in front of the police station.

Mom's health insurance:

Talk to the receptionist at the desk. Darren gives the medications and insurance card. Darren waits and waits.

Learn that the insurance company says that the last payment was not made. The receptionist gives back the insurance card and asks him to look for a bank transfer that says that mom paid the insurance.

In mom's room, Darren was told by Dr. Newhouse that she is in a coma. If she was discovered earlier she won't be in this state. Darren gets mad at Fuller.

Check mom. Take the stethoscope on the bed and the laxative in one of the drawers beside the bed. See a scale under the bed. Exit the room.

See the stranger talking to the receptionist. Talk to her completely. The stranger is British. Finish the conversation by clicking on the X.

Go home using the postcard. Click on the cottage at left.

Willow Creek Church Slider:

 Go to the bedroom and look close at bureau. See the slider puzzle lock of the bureau.

This is a random puzzle.

In easy mode, a skip icon will appear at bottom right of the screen after several movements of the tiles.

Take the casket-wooden jewel box and the get also the bank transfer book. Right click the bank book and learn about the last insurance payment. See a letter from C and learn about payments of 1500 dollars a month from Willow Creek bank.

Go back to the hospital and talk to the receptionist about the insurance card.

Go to mom's room and talk to her. She grabs Darren and warns him.

Listen in on Fuller and stranger:

Go to Fuller's and try to enter through the door. See the stranger talking to Fuller.

Go to gate to backyard right of the photo shop. Check the window.

Check and then take the dog's water-drinking bowl from the dog cage.

Check and then take the fishing line from the tool shed.

Check and then take the tow rope from the old car at left.

Check and then take the bucket left of the door. Darren takes the handle only.

Combine the fishing line and the handle to make fishing line with hook.

Use fishing line with hook on the pivoting window above the door. Done it!

Open the door and see Darren eavesdrop. The stranger asks about Angelina and Darren. The cuckoo clock cuckooed.

Tell Fuller what you think of him:

Darren sees the men leave. Enter through the door again.

Check Fuller's office. Take a ball point pen right of the phone.

Go to sales area. Go down to the basement in search of Fuller.

See a secret door behind the photo backdrop. Try to open the door and Fuller comes out.

Darren and Fuller have a confrontation. Darren is fired.

Get photo paper:

Darren decides to develop Angelina's pictures.

In inventory combine the ball point pen from Fuller's desk and the blank collection note to get a completed collection note.

Go to the post office at the souvenir shop. Talk to Rosie completely. The note needs the mailman's signature before she can give the photo paper package. Learn that the customer looks like a photo model.

Willow Creek:    Learn also that there is info about Willow Creek here at the shop. Go to Travel guides right of door. Check and read about Willow Creek, Samuel Gordon and the death of 12 yo Victor.

Get signature:    Jump to hospital and go to mom's room. See flowers and cards on the bedside table.

Look close at the cards and see one signed by P. Puck, the mailman. Take the greeting card.

In inventory combine the greeting card and the completed collection notice. Darren forges the signature to get signed collection note.

Go back to the souvenir shop. Give the signed collection note to Rosie and ask for the package of photo paper.

Draw Fuller out of the store:

Talk to the blond customer (Jason's wife). After that lame tale about him writing a story and Fuller being a serious photographer, go back to the hospital's reception area and take the glossy fashion and car magazines at the waiting area-chairs.

Go back to shop and show the blond the magazines. She leaves to call Fuller about a photo shoot.

Go back to Fuller's and see him lock the shop.

Get the film with Angelina's pictures on it:

Enter through the back door of the shop. Go to his office.

Open safe:    See a safe beside the microwave.

Use the stethoscope taken from mom's room at the hospital on the safe.

The safe has a timer and needs 5 digits.

In easy mode, a skip icon will appear at bottom right of the screen after several movements of the dial.

Left click to turn the dial counterclockwise. Turn until a click is heard.

Right click to turn the dial clockwise. Turn until a click is heard: 90, 50, 70, 20, 20.

Do this until Darren says that sounds good and pulls out of close up.

Open the safe and take Angelina's film can.

Develop Fuller's film:

Go to sales area at right. Go down to basement.

Pull the boards below the shelving. Take the photo developer.

Go back up and enter the curtained doorway to darkroom left of the door to back room.

Pick up the distilled water in front of the cabinet by curtain.

Take the fixer solution behind the water dish. Alright, I have everything I need to develop a picture...

Pour distilled water on water dish. Darren turns off the light first and pours the water.

Pour distilled water on developer dish at far left. Pour developer solution on the developer dish with water.

Pour some developer solution in the developer container.

Place film in the developer container. Darren shakes the container.

Click on developer container when Darren says he is done. He pours the solution out.

Pour fixer on the developer container with film.

Click on container to get the developed film.

Make photo prints:

There is a paper basket at corner for discarded papers.

Right click the photo paper package to get photo papers.

Enlarge picture:    Place the photo paper at base of enlarger at right.

Click the developed film on the enlarger above the paper.

Click the enlarger to start the process.

Watch the clock at beside the paper until it reaches 5 seconds - then immediately click on the enlarger to turn it off. Get exposed sheet of photo paper.

Develop the prints:    Place the exposed sheet of photo paper in the developing solution in the developing dish at far left.

Wait until you see a clear picture of Angelina and click on the paper to take it out.

Place developed picture in water dish.

If a mistake is done, repeat the process. Darren will tell where the problem lies: too light - lengthen the time in the developing solution. Aha! The brightness and contrast is correct...

Get print of first photo.

More prints:    Repeat the whole process again to get another print. Darren will then automatically develop the rest of the film. Get copies of Angelina's pictures.

Read Mrs. Biba's letter:

Hear the doorbell ring. Darren goes out and talks to Mrs. Biba.

She gives a letter to Fuller. Darren decides to open the envelope.

Go back home to the cottage. Go to the kitchen.

Take the empty tea kettle from the stove. Use the empty tea kettle on sink to get full tea kettle.

Place the full tea kettle on stove. Click the stove to turn it on.  It's steaming. Use the letter on the tea kettle.

See 1500 dollars that might be blackmail money.

Go to Fuller's and place the letter in the mail slot.

Take Fuller's photos to Angelina:

Go to souvenir shop area. Go to the end of the dock. See a sign to the Wild Coast Hotel. Follow the sign or use the jump to postcard to get to hotel.

Talk to the receptionist-porter-owner. Go up to Angelina's room.

Darren talks and does a photo shoot with Angelina.

Exit the room and see the stranger asking about Angelina Morgan.

Talk to the porter.

Develop the pictures and make prints:

Darren says to use his mom's bathroom to develop the film. He needs 2 trays, red light and a projector.

Red light and fixer:    Go to Biba's diner.

Click on a red bulb from the string of lights. Darren gets a red safelight bulb.

Enter the diner. Take a slice of bread and vinegar from the counter. You can talk to Mrs. Biba if you want.

Junk shop:    Go to the junk shop right of Fuller's. Talk to Eddie, the blind man.

See a slide projector at top shelf.

Click on the radio-walkie talkie above a ham radio setup that is on the left side of the counter.

Talk to Eddie again about all dialogue, being blind and the projector.

An old coin:    After a while, Eddie gives the old coin to Darren for identification.

Click the old coin on the coin catalogue on the counter. It's a 1793 coin worth 2500 dollars.

Darren tells Eddie about the coin.

Cane:    Eddie wants Darren to get his cane he lost playing poker with the owner of the Wild Coast Hotel.

Go to hotel. Talk with porter completely. He gives the white cane after being threatened with Rosie.

Projector:    Go back to Eddie at junk shop. Give Eddie the white cane.

Eddie loans the projector.

Go home and enter the bathroom.

Now that you have all the items needed for developing, Darren automatically develops the film. Darren keeps a single picture of Angelina.

Angelina and Darren talk at the Diner. Darren tells Angelina all about her mom and Willow Creek. Angelina opens the jewel box. Inside is a picture of Darren's mom and a man at Willow Creek outside the gate of Black Mirror Castle.

Darren has a nightmare. Darren, help me.


Capt. Conley of Police Dept. arrives and talks to Darren. He asks about Fuller. Fuller was stabbed to death early hours of the morning. Angelina was found standing over Fuller, full of blood. Angelina is in jail.

He asks Darren to do a photofit of the stranger.

Make a photofit picture:

Exit the house. Be at the police station working with the policewoman on making a composite of the stranger. Select the appropriate features. Then click on 'save and exit' button. There is a reset button if a mistake is done.

Darren's notes have a drawing and description of the stranger:

Brown, combed-back hair

Small straight nose with wrinkles on the sides

Deep -set eyes, dark eyebrows

Thin mouth, small moustache

Slightly droopy cheeks

Get a photofit of the stranger in inventory.

Angelina is brought in and she begs Darren to help her.

Proof of Fuller's dealings:

Daren needs evidence to prove that Angelina is innocent and others have motives.

Exit the station and go right at Main Square to Biba's Diner. See Mrs. Biba throw something in the trash bin.

Check the trash bin and get paper snippets.

Mrs. Biba's torn letter:    Put together the torn pieces of paper.

Right click the paper snippets in inventory to see the puzzle.

Left click to select a piece and then right click the snippet to turn it.

Correctly connected pieces cannot be separated anymore.

In easy mode, a skip icon can be seen at bottom right.

Read the reassembled letter and see the evidence that Mrs. Biba is being blackmailed.

It is not enough evidence. Darren wants to know what she is being blackmailed about and that can be found in the store.

Enter the diner and talk with Mrs. Biba about everything: Fuller, blackmail and letter.

See that the doctor is here. Talk to Doctor completely.

Enter the photo store:

Go to Fuller's store. See the police tapes. Go to the backyard. Look around.

Check the window grill at right and the grating below it.

Use the tow rope taken earlier from the old car at left on the window grill. Darren ties it to both grill and grating.

Use the metal tube taken from dock outside the souvenir shop on the rope loop. Darren applies an old ancient Egypt technique. The grating is raised.

Enter to the basement.

Open the secret door:

Clips of the last poster need to be undone:

Check the photo backdrop. See that at top left corner of the backdrop are 5 hanging ropes that raise and lower the different backdrops. Click the ropes and see the pictures of locations.

1st rope is a beach scene. The 2nd rope is Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany. The third rope is Great Wall of China. The 4th rope is Monument Valley in Arizona. The 5th rope is the Sphinx in Egypt.

Go upstairs to the backroom office. Check the world map behind the desk.

See a note stuck to the frame by a chewing gum: My World Tour - Arizona, Hawaii, ---, ---, Europe.

Click on map and Darren checks the lines tacked on the map itself:    Utah/Arizona, Hawaii, Egypt, China and then Europe.

Go back down to the basement.

With the clues seen from the map, click the rope in the order seen on the world tour.

4th rope - Monument Valley in Arizona.

1st rope - Beach in Hawaii

5th rope - Sphinx in Egypt

3rd rope - Great Wall of China

2nd rope - Castle Neuschwanstein in Germany

The backdrop rises to reveal the secret door.

Check the door and see that it has a numeric pad lock. Darren wants to check Fuller's belongings in the morgue for clues.

Access to the morgue:

Go to hospital. Talk to the nurse about everything. Learn that Fuller is in the morgue.

Security guard:    Talk to the security guard monitoring the cameras at left.   

Check the delivery note for liquid soap at corner of the reception counter.

Distraction:    Darren needs a distraction. Visit mom in her room.

Check the monitor and see the cables. Pull the cables on the floor.

Immediately exit the room and take a delivery note from the corner of the reception counter.

Talk to security guard again. Darren gives the delivery note but does not have a box.

Box:    Jump to souvenir shop. Talk to Rosie for the latest gossips.

Take the empty package on the floor by the center island.

Talk to security guard again. Darren gives the delivery note and shows that he has a box. Now he needs a pass.

Pass:    Go to Biba's Diner.

Talk to Doctor completely. Learn about the ID and Dick the security guard.

Talk to Mrs. Biba and ask for coffee. Give the coffee to Doctor and Darren spills the coffee on him.

Mrs. Biba hangs the rinsed white coat on the counter. Take the ID badge from the white coat.

Go back to Dick the security guard at the hospital. Go through the checks: delivery note, package and pass.

He now allows you in the morgue.

Look through Fuller's belongings:

Take the syringe at bottom shelf of the pushcart.

Which box is Fuller's?

Look at the clipboard on the wall. Read all the clipboards and deduce that #448 box is Fuller's. Click on #448 clipboard again to be sure.

Check the cartons on top of the cart.  Open #448 and take Fuller's bunch of keys.

Open the secret door (continued):

Go back to and enter Fuller's store.

Check-right click Fuller's keys in inventory and see a small hexagonal key.

Go upstairs to the backroom office. See and check a cuckoo clock left of the office. It has a hexagonal hole at bottom right of the clock face.

Use the keys on the hexagonal hole. A carton is pushed out. Open-right click the carton and get 4 transparencies.

4 transparencies:   

Go to sales area. Look at the counter and see a light box.

Place the transparencies on the light box. See that the transparencies have lines.

Left click to select a transparency and right click to turn it.

Then overlay one over the others until all 4 transparencies produce a set of numbers.

The position of the transparencies randomizes.

Turn the transparencies this way and then overlay it over the others.

See that 2482 is formed.

In easy mode, a skip icon will appear at bottom right of the screen after several turns of the transparencies.

Go down to basement and enter 2482 on the numeric keypad left of the secret door. Press the bottom right enter button. Nothing happened.

Check the floor board in front of the door. It looks like a weight scale. Fuller's weight has to be known.

The guard has gotta go:   

Go back to hospital. Go to mom's room. Take the scales from under mom's bed.

Go to morgue-mortuary. Use the scale on Fuller's stretcher-corpse. Darren wants to divert the security guard's attention first.

If you haven't yet, take the syringe at bottom shelf of the pushcart with cartons.

Go back outside and get a soda pop from machine right of the guard.

If you haven't yet, take the laxative from the bedside drawer from mom's room.

In mom's room, use the syringe on the laxative bottle. Use the syringe with laxative on the soda bottle to get soda with laxative.

Give the soda with laxative to Dick the guard. Dick leaves.

Enter the morgue. Use the scale on Fuller's stretcher-corpse.

Then use the scale on the stretcher at foreground. Darren deduces that Fuller weighs 134 kg. So he needs to add 45 more with his own weight.

Dick arrests Darren because he is not used to be given a free soda. LOL. Darren is released at the police station.

Open the secret door continued again:

Go back to Fuller's basement.

Click on the floor board and Darren adds 45 more weight on floor board.

Click on door and enter 2482 on the numeric keypad left of the secret door. Press the bottom right enter button.

Search the secret cellar:

Enter the secret cellar and look around. See all the devices, cameras, chains...

Check the cupboard-cabinet at left. It cannot be opened.

Check the curtain at right. See a metal plate with a hexagonal recess.

Check and then take the brass ball of the footboard of the bed.

Use the brass ball on the metal plate on the wall. That opened the cupboard.

Open the cupboard and take Mrs. Biba's blackmail pictures.

Go to police station across the hospital.

Search Angelina's room:

Meet Reginald Borris a private investigator. He took Angelina's pictures from her room as proof of her motive.

Get in Angelina's room:    Jump to Wild Coast hotel. See the porter shoo off the seagulls from the veranda.

Enter and talk to the porter. Exit the hotel.

If you haven't yet, go to Biba's diner and get some slices of bread from the counter.

In inventory, right click to crush the bread. Use the bread crumbs on the veranda.

As soon as the porter goes to the veranda, enter the hotel.

Take room 5 key from the case back of the desk. Climb the stairs to Angelina's room.

Search the room:    Look around.

Check the lampshade and find a bug. There has to be a transmitter somewhere close.

Open the ventilation grate above the drawer. Take the radio transmitter.

Exit the room. Talk to the porter.

Locate Reginald Borris:

Go to Eddie at the junk shop beside Fuller's store.

Ask Eddie about everything especially about the radio. He intercepted a Morse code about a girl. He will transmit again at 1800 hrs.

Parts for directional finder:

Copper wire:    Buy the wire cutter from the case in front of Eddie's counter.

Go to Biba's Diner and use the wire cutter on the string of lights.

In inventory combine the wire cutter and cable to get copper wires.

Metal bar:    Go to the backyard of Fuller's shop and take the metal bar used to open the grill to the basement.

Headphones:    Go to mom's house and take the headphones right of the TV.

Compass:    Go to mom's house and take the compass from top of the telescope at left.

Go back to Eddie's. Talk to him to give him the parts.

Use the directional finder:

Click hold turn the dial until the loudest sound is heard or get the arrow at top to the farthest red zone.

Press the red button at bottom right once the correct direction is found - ~73.

Back at Eddie's, Darren plots the direction he got and what Eddie found to see that Borris is on a boat off shore.

Find information about Reginald:

Darren is on Borris' boat. Go through the door to lower deck. Look around.

Check the laptop. He's got picture of Black Mirror Castle.

Check the folder right of the laptop. It is a file on Angelina. There is a transparent foil with lines on it. The folder has pictures of Angelina and her route in US.

Take the pictures on the wall below the painting left of the kitchenette. The surveillance photos are of Darren around town.

Look at and swing the painting to see a safe.

Safe combination:    Look close at safe and see that the dial has directions/cardinal points - not numbers. Pull back by clicking on the right.

Check the map of Africa with the notation about - Road to El Dorado by the porthole.

Use the transparent foil with lines on the map.

See that the foil and the map have lines with heavily marked asterisk at one end of the lines.

Move the foil so that the end of lines is connected to one of the asterisk.

Right click turns the foil. Click on the foil when you think it is correctly placed.

The lines are: SW, S, SE, E, NE and NW.

Open safe:    Look close at safe.

Enter: SW, S, SE, E, NE and NW on the top bar by turning the dial.

Left click to SW, right click to S and so on.

Take the ring with Celtic symbol and diskette.

Get more power:

Use the diskette on the laptop. The laptop and lights turn off.

Look at the seat at right. There's a lock on the base.

Open the bottom drawer below the laptop. Take the key.

Use the key on the lock under the seat. See the generator with fuel tank. Open the tank and see that it is dry.

Go outside to upper deck. Open the drawer-box under the bench to get gas can.

Use gas can on the generator. Click on generator to start it. Save game here.

Use lap top and see Mrs. Michaels' medical records from the questionable car crash in 1973.

See also a set of pictures of Mr. Biba at Fullers, Angelina arriving and other pictures. This proves Angelina's innocence.

Reginald Borris:    Borris surprises Darren. He wants to take Darren with him. The initial escape didn't work.

At upper deck, immediately, click the sail boom to swing it on Borris. Darren takes the oar and hits Borris who falls in the water.

Angelina says goodbye and leaves to go back to England.

At the diner several days later, Mrs. Biba tells Darren to go to the hospital. Exit the diner and then run to other side of Main Square to hospital. Go to mom's room. It is empty. Her heart failed.

At home, Angelina calls and mentions that Reginald Borris is there at Willow Creek and that there is a conspiracy. Then Angelina was cut off while asking for help.

Darren has another nightmare.


Darren flies to Willow Creek, UK. He is at the only hotel in the area - Gordon's Palace.

Enter the hotel and talk to Murray, the owner of the hotel (former pawn shop owner in Black Mirror 1).

Learn that the hotel was formerly the sanatorium. Darren checks in and gets room 12 key. Angelina is in room 13.

Check the things on the reception desk. Buy a picture postcard with a map of the murder location.

Go to the rooms through the door at left. Darren left his backpack in his room.

Get key for Angelina's room:

Check the wall at end of the hallway.

Check the bookcase and clock above it at sitting room at right.

Pick up the newspaper and matches on the glass coffee table at right.

Go downstairs using the exit across the room doors.

Pile of leaves:   

Look at keyboard behind Murray. Darren says that he can't get the key while Murray is there. Talk to Murray completely and learn about the museum, castle, soul key and Angelina's room key. Exit the hotel.

Look close and click twice on the pile of leaves at left beside the car.

Use the matches and Darren makes a comment about the dryness of the leaves.

Use the newspaper on pile of leaves. Then use the matches on the leaves.

Go back inside and talk to Murray.

Click on keyboard to pick up Angelina's room 12 key.

Find pointers to Angelina's whereabouts:

Take the flask-bottle of alcohol and knife from the coffee table across the reception desk.

Go to rooms. Use room 12 key on door. Look around the room.

Take the sleeping potion from little cupboard under the TV.

Check Angelina's picture on the wall. Take the blank notes behind the picture. Check the notes in inventory.

Check the bed and take the woolen thread from the blanket.

Look at glass of water on the table and slices of lemon. Ah, the notes are written in invisible ink.

Use bottle of alcohol on glass. Place the woolen thread on the glass with alcohol.

Use match on the makeshift wick. Use the blank notes on the make shift candle.

Read the note in inventory. Learn about the Gordons and the tree symbol of the secret society that wants to summon some kind of dark power.

Exit the hotel and go to the village of Willow Creek.

Willow Creek:

Miss Valley the Librarian:    Meet Miss Valley and ask her about everything. She will show Darren around.

She gets scared when Darren asks about the tree symbol of the Order and upon learning that he's from Maine.

Museum:    Enter the museum.

Talk to Bobby completely. Learn that Tom, his brother is formerly a thief (as he was in Black Mirror 1).

Check everything. Check the broken display cabinet at left, the cupboard at right and the display cabinet with old book inside.

Read in the Chronicles of Gordons:

Read the book in the display cabinet and learn about the Order of the Tree. The aim of the Order is still not stated. It might at other pages. Darren wants to open the case. Check the lock of the cabinet.

Talk to the tourists. Check the old bureau right of the tourists. Learn about the sewer-drainage system underground of the village. There is also a bunker.

Check the Black Museum. Check the mannequins.

Get Bobby to take jacket with key off:    Talk to Bobby again about the chronicle and the broken display cabinet. He has the key for the book cabinet.

The broken display cabinet had a black ball in it. (It is the black ball seen in William's chest in Black Mirror 1).

Check the bubble mixture on the counter under the lamp. Try to take the bubble mixture. Ask Bobby about the bubble mixture. He's hungry.

Chili:    Go outside to the Chili stall left of the fair.

Talk to Tom about everything. Learn about Miss Valley and his anger about Bobby. Order chili.

Go back to Bobby and give him the chili. Bobby gives a sparkler in return. The chili was spicy hot.

Get Bobby to stand away from jacket:   

Talk to Bobby about the bubble mixture again. Take the bubble mixture.

Open the cupboard left of the book display case and automatically pour soap in the bubble mixture.

Exit the museum and go right to the hotel. Use the bubble mixture on the bird bath.

(The bubble mixture can also be filled from the end of the pier at Willow Creek. At the end of the pier is a rope hanging down into the water. Pull up the rope, on the end of which is a full bucket of water. Fill the bubble bottle from the bucket. Thanks, Rushes!)

Go back to Willow Creek and the museum. Give the bubble mixture to Bobby.

He stands to face the window. Take the key from his jacket hanging on the chair.

Book:        Use the key on the book display case lock.

The museum closes and Darren is asked to leave.

Warnings:    A drunken tramp accosts Darren. You are DEATH!

Talk to the tramp sitting on the bench and he says there's evil in Darren.

Go back to the hotel and meet Miss Valley. Every 12 years something happens.

Read Angelina's letter:

Learn about the mail for Angelina posted yesterday. It must be the backup written on the blank notes. Murray places the letter in the lock box.

Go back to reception desk and click on lockboxes. Darren makes a comment on getting the letter from the lockbox.

Open the lock box:    Who can help open the lockbox but a thief.

Exit the hotel and go back to the village. Enter the pub.

Talk to Tom sitting by the window with Bobby.

Talk shop and beer repeatedly until drunken Tom's head is on the table. He gives the lock picking tool.

Go back to the hotel.

Take care of Murray:    Note that Murray is drinking his tea. Use the sleeping potion on the cup of tea. Murray falls asleep.

Lock pick:    Go to lock boxes.

Use lock pick on lockboxes. See a close up of the lock cylinders.

The aim of the puzzle is to shape the lock pick to press down the cylinders so that the cylinder lines are even with the red line at the back.

Click-hold-move parts of the lock pick so that it is shaped and can be inserted above the cylinders.

Then click-hold-move parts of the lock pick so that those parts will lie over the tube and press them down or raise them.

Click on the cylinders to insert the lock pick on top area.

Quickly note which cylinder is high or lower than the red line. I did this by taking pictures of the puzzle.

Adjust the lock pick accordingly until all cylinder lines are aligned with the red line.

In easy mode, a skip icon is seen on this puzzle.

Open shaft:

Take the letter addressed to Angelina. Read the letter.

Clue:    There is scratching noise under her bed. She gives a clue using the stories by 2 brothers from Germany and GFT/62/17/1/25

Go back to the rooms hallway. Look at the bookcase and Darren will get the Grimm's fairy tale (GFT) book.

Darren tears the table of contents page of the book. Look close at the table of contents in inventory.

The Queen Bee - 62

The White Snake - 17

The Frog Prince - 1

The Seven Ravens - 25

Enter Angelina's room. Move the bed by clicking on it several times.

Hatch:    See the hatch with symbols.

There are numbers at the center circle.

There are 4 outside circles with bee, snake, frog and raven pictures on them.

Turn the numbers to get the clue numbers: 62, 17, 1 and 25 to be under the outside circles.

Turn the outside circles so that the correct picture is beside the matching number.

In easy mode, a skip icon is present in this puzzle.

Look in the hatch and the stench of the sewer is commented on. He needs a light to go down there.

Organize some light:

Go down to reception. See the tourists complain about the stink in the room.

Look through the souvenirs on the counter. Take the soul key - batteries not included.

Go back to the rooms area. Check the clock above the bookcase at the sitting room.

Use the knife taken from the reception coffee table on the clock. Take the batteries.

In inventory combine the batteries and the soul key.

Search the sewers:

Go back to Angelina's room. Go down the hole.

Sewer maze:   

Go to background intersection - 'round the corner'.

Be at an intersection. See a ladder to go up to parking lot; left to 'back that way' and 'to the right'.

Go 'to the right'. Take the iron bar at right side of the platform.

Go back 'to the left' and be back at the intersection.

Go left - 'back that way'.

Go 'back left' and be at a tunnel.

Go 'backwards'. Take the wooden beam propped on the floor.

Go 'forwards' - back to the front of the tunnel.

Go 'back' - at right.

Go 'back right'. See a grate door.

Use metal bar to raise the grate.

Use the wooden beam to keep the grate up or else 'you die'.

Crawl under the grate.

Go 'back left'.

Go 'right'. Go 'right' again. See a pipe on left wall in front of the chained grilled door.

See and take a piece of cloth. It might be Angelina's.

Go through the pipe and slide down. Someone greased the pipe.

Sort out some light:

The soul key broke.

Press the space bar to see the hotspots.

Take the cloth-old rag at bottom right and right of the broken soul key.

Take the metal tube at bottom left.

In inventory combine the old rag and the metal tube.

Use the rag-metal tube on the bucket with oil at what is now bottom left beside the hose.

Use the last match with the homemade torch.

See that this is a water tank room.

Check the switch box left of the door. Check the cables under the box. Darren sticks the cables back on the box.

Check the door and see a metal bar holding it close. Take the metal bar off the door.

Go back to switch box. Click to get light and open the metal door.

Find a way out (cell):

Go through door and the metal door is closed behind you. The masked person has trapped you in the cell.

The person points to a bloody locker when Darren asked about Angelina.

The masked person will come back for Darren in 5 days and leaves.

Take chain and screwdriver. Check the water bottle.

Escape the cell:

Check the cell lock twice until Darren says that he can use a welding torch right now.

Check the bars of the grate. The bars are very rusty. Check and take the aluminum dish.

In inventory, combine the knife and aluminum dish to get powdered aluminum.

Use the knife on the rusty bars of the grate. The rust is combined with the powdered aluminum to get welding powder. Use welding powder with the cell lock.

Take the igniter hanging on the shelf. Use the igniter on the camping stove.

Use the burning sparkler given by Bobby on the powdered cell lock. The cell lock falls off the grate.

Exit the cell.

Examine the corpse:

Go to left and click on anything. Darren will turn on the lights.

Open the bloody locker. It's Reginald Borris. He's been stabbed.

When Darren checks him - his last gasp: Don't let it happen... Stop the evil...

Check Borris' body and get a piece of paper with words: years gone... his son... his blood... a rage... the court... end in sight.

Check him again and get insulation tape. Darren closes the locker.

Open the tank's lid:

Check the hatch. Turn to open it. Go down the hatch.

First try:    See another hatch. Try to open this one. It is very rusty. Look around and then go back up to main room.

Open the left locker and get a stick of dynamite. There's another stick left in the locker.

Open the right locker and see a box. Get a fuse cable from the box.

Go to the junk right of the metal door. Click junk to see detonating device.

Go back down the hatch. Place the dynamite on hatch. Use the fuse cable on dynamite on hatch.

Go back up. Use the fuse cable (on dynamite) on detonating machine.

Press the detonating machine. I always wanted to do that.

Go down the hatch and check what happened. The hatch is still intact.

Second try:    Check the concrete beam left of the ladder.

Go back up. Get another dynamite from left locker and another fuse cable from right locker.

Go back down. Attach the dynamite on concrete beam. Attach the fuse cable on dynamite on beam.

Go back up. Use the fuse cable (on dynamite) on detonating machine.

Press the detonating machine.

Go down the hatch and check what happened. The beam covers the opened hatch.

Move the beam:    Go back up and go to the shelves right of the lockers.

Check the blue package. Take the blue rubber dinghy.

Go back down the hatch. In inventory combine the chain and rubber dinghy.

Use the rubber dinghy with chain on the concrete beam. Click to inflate the rubber dinghy.

Climb out of the pipe:

Go down the now clear open hatch.

Check the grate on the left side. There's no ladder to get up there.

Cover the exposed cable:    Check the orange cable right of the ladder.

Climb up and pick up the gloves and wrench on the floor left of the ladder to main room.

Use insulation tape on the gloves.

Go back down to big room. Use the insulated gloves on the exposed orange cables.

Open metal door to water tank room:    Go back to main room.

Go to the levers right of lockers. Pull up the left one. The middle and right one should be down.

Flood the pipes:    Take the hose below the levers. Take the magnesium flares box from the middle shelf right of the levers.

Go to water tank room behind the cell. Pick up the other water hose.

In inventory, combine the 2 water hoses. Use the long hose on the outlet at bottom right of the left water tank.

Go back and down the hatch. Use the longer hose (on the water outlet) on the hatch.

Go back to the water tank room behind the cell. Turn on the tap of the outlet.

Climb out of the pipe:   

Go back down to the hatch. Go down the hatch to the flooded big room. That should refresh Darren after the sewer.

See Darren under the grate. The grate is bolted shut. Immediately use the wrench on the grate or you die.

Find a way out (mine area):

Look around. Check the door at top part of area.

Pull the grate off the crevice:    Check the crevice on the left. It has heavy bars.

Check the old wagon beside the stones. One wheel is missing.

Open the metal door on the right by pressing the button on the left side of the door.

Take the heavy chain from the platform right of the door.

Enter the bunker. Use the wrench on the compressor wheel to get the flywheel.

Use the flywheel on the old wagon outside. Push the wagon and the planks over the shaft fall off.

Move the floorboards-planks to clear the hole-shaft.

Use chain on grate over the crevice. Place the other end on the wagon.

Pick up stones to automatically fill the wagon.

Pick up the plank propped on the left side of the big boulder.

Use the plank on the wagon full of stones.

Enter through the now opened crevice.

Meeting room:

Look around and see the meeting room of the Order.

Check the fire lamp, coats at right side, the banners and the wooden door.

Try to exit and a man shoots at Darren.

Darren has another nightmare.


Undo Bonds:

Look around and note what can be used to free the bonds.

Check the window and see a daylight streaming in.

Take the wooden strip from under the desk with lamp.

Take the bottle on the floor by the wall left of the pool of light. Darren places the bottle in the light and learns that it is kerosene.

Take glass shard from the floor. Use the glass shard on bottle to break the bottle. See pool of kerosene.

Take the old cloth from under the desk with lamp. Use old cloth rag on pool of kerosene.

Take glass shard from floor again. Use glass shard on stream of light coming out of window. Way cool!

Use wooden strip on burning rag. In inventory, use burning wooden strip on bonds.

Darren burns the rope and frees himself.

Look around (room):

Check the windows. No exit there.

Take the pieces of rope and longer rope.

Check and take the white sheet at right and see the Gordon family tree. Study the tree.

Exit the room and get a flash back of a woman talking to Samuel.

See Bobby answer the cell phone. Tom talks to Bobby.

Knock out guard:

Open the strange place-cabinet and take the toy car.

Check the carton on the shelf right of the door and get a head.

Check the bale of cloth on the floor and the beam on the ceiling.

Take clothes dummy right of the family tree.

Place clothes dummy on chair. Place head on chair-clothes dummy.

Cover the chair-dummy with the white sheet. Not bad at all.

Use the long rope on the beam on the ceiling. Click on rope and use it on bale of cloth. Now they are tied together.

Use the toy car on exit door.

Bobby climbs up to check. Darren waits and knocks Bobby out. Bobby is now tied to the chair.

Get belongings back:

Go down and look around the room.

Pick up the toy car.

Check the chest at foreground. Check the lock and the check the decoration on the lid of the chest.

Take the sandwich-greaseproof paper on the dining table.

Check the fireplace and then take charred piece of wood.

Chest lock's code:   

Look close at chest again. Use greaseproof paper on decorations and automatically use the charred wood to make a traced carving.

Study the traced carving. It might be simplified notes.

Click twice on the wing-piano at left. See a close up of the piano keys and the traced carving.

Play the notes on the paper and if done correctly automatically hear the rest of the notes.

Press keys:    1 3 3 2 5 3 2 3.

Darren says that - always the same notes are repeated after the initial set. In the journal he wrote: same note 3 times, twice and 5 times.

Look close at chest and enter 3 2 5. Hear a click.

Open the chest and Darren takes his belongings.

Follow Angelina's trail:

Front of castle:    Check the castle front area.

Talk to the boy hiding at left end of the yard. Find Van Helsing :) and learn that this is the castle in Wales of Richard and Eleanor Gordon.

Learn that the toys in the castle are the boy's. Learn that Angelina was here and searched the castle and summer house' lab. Angelina took blood from the lab at the summer house.

Go to the garden at bottom left.

Summer house:    Look around at the burned summer house.

There's a water faucet here. Pick up the garden hose and see that it has a tear.

Back of house:    Go to the back through the archway.

Darren climbs the tree and lands on dry marsh. Go under the tree and check the door with hook.

Check the water basin, trees and monolith.

Crypt:    Enter the crypt. Look around.

Study the 3 statues - Veine, Odire and Malite (Black Mirror 1) and the sarcophagi.

The right sarcophagus has been moved. Angelina moved the lid.

Break into the lab:

Pick up the carrying sling on the ground. Use the carrying sling on the sarcophagus and Darren places it on.

Exit the crypt and pick up the pulley on the ground left of the left statue.

Go back inside the crypt and click the pulley on the carrying sling. Darren wants a crane now.

Crane:    Exit and look at the tree.

Go back to the castle front area. Talk to the boy about hatchet. Give the boy the toy car. Pick up the hatchet from the ground.

Go back to the crypt front. Use the hatchet on the trees.

Use the pieces of rope on the felled trees to make a tripod. Pick up the tripod and Darren positions it on the sarcophagus.

Use the pulley on the tripod. Click on pulley to raise the lid.

Enter the sarcophagus.

Open the safe:

Take the folder from the cabinet. Read the newspaper clippings about the death of William and Richard Gordon; Vic Valley and Samuel Gordon.

Check the safe. It has a combination lock but with letters.

Check the poster on the wall at right. Read the poster and it (erroneously) states that AB is the most common blood group, followed by B, A and O. (O is the most common - so this can be for a clue only).

Look close at safe and enter: A B B A O. Click.

Check the contents of the safe. #1-5 tubes are gone: William and Richard Gordon's blood.

Go back to the crypt through exit at left.

Disable Tom:

The boy is here and warns that Tom has come back. The boy left to call the police.

Go to the castle and see Tom's car is back there. Tom comes out.

Repair the garden hose:    Go back down to the sarcophagus.

See a welding set on the right. Check it and it still works.

Use the hatchet on the worn out garden hose to get 2 hose ends.

Pick up the plastic pipe-small tube on the ground in front of the cabinet.

Use the small tube on the checked welding set.

Use the heated tube with the 2 hose ends to get mended hose.

Make a trap:     Go back to the crypt.

Use the hatchet on the hook left of the back door of the summer house and get hook.

Go to front of the summer house. Use the mended hose on the water faucet.

Go back to the back and use hose (on the water tap) on the marsh.

Go back to the water tap and turn it on. That ought to do it.

Now - click to go to the castle. Hey, Tom!

Tom gets caught in the marsh, throws the gun in the swamp and gives the car keys to Darren. Ask Darren about Angelina and the order.

Read the chronicle:

Darren drives to the hotel and is given a letter from Angelina.

Darren reads the letter. Angelina wants to meet Darren at the lighthouse.

Darren wants to read the Chronicles of Gordons in preparation.

Go to the village museum. See that the tourists are here and blocking him from opening the display case.

Check and then hide in the cupboard left of the book display case. Darren fell asleep and wakes up at 9 PM.

Use the display cabinet key on the lock.

Turn the page of the book by clicking at bottom left of the left page. Read the chronicle and learn the purpose of the order.

They are followers of the work of Father Matthias. They are trying to protect the academy, key, sacrifice room and the scriptures. Mainly to prevent Mordred from gaining power again.

Break out of museum:

Check the door and window and see that they have alarms.

Check the trash bucket beside the counter and take the chewing gum wrapper.

Take the wooden plate from the displayed sewing machine right of the book display cabinet.

Go to the back Black Museum. Check the pivoting window.

Place the wooden plate on top of the shredding machine. Click on pivoting window to climb up.

Use the gum wrapper on window. Darren escapes.

Eavesdrop on meeting:

Meet the tramp. The tramp recites the poem from the paper found on Borris.

Darren wants to learn more about the Order and goes to the meeting place at the mines.

Darren has another vision of 2 'ghosts' trying to contact him.

Members of the Order arrive. Immediately hide at extreme left - left of elevator by the entrance to the crevice.

Hear that this started because they opened the grave and found no body of the boy. Angelina is still snooping.

See that the others are masked except for Miss Valley, the leader.

They hear Darren and give chase.


Mine:    Immediately enter the crevice at extreme left.

Bunker:    Immediately enter the big door at right and click on door to close it.

Take the metal bar from inventory and use it to block the door. Do this fast or you die.

Open the metal door to the water tank room by flipping the left lever up and flipping the middle and right levers down.

Immediately enter the water tank room and close the door using the switch box.

Take water hose and iron bar under the switch box. In inventory, combine the water hose and iron bar.

Use the hose-bar on the pipe sewer at right. Darren climbs up the pipe sewer.

Sewer:    Go back to Angelina's room at the hotel.

Go 'to tunnel' at left.

Go 'left'.

Go 'left'.

Go 'front left'. Be at grill door. Take the wood block to close the grill.

Go 'to the tunnel'.

Go 'front right'. Be at the intersection.

Go 'to entrance' at bottom left.

Climb the ladder and be in Angelina's room.

Angelina's room:    Murray stands in wait for Darren and kicks him out of the hotel. Darren talks Murray to let him stay.

Meet Angelina:

Darren is at the old lighthouse. Check the lighthouse.

Check the tall grass and see Angelina, a burnt body.

Darren has a nightmare.



Darren wakes up outside the lighthouse. The place looks different.

Check the tombstone and see that it is Fuller. See Fuller's ghost.

Check the tree and see another vision; it's mom.

Check the lighthouse and several Reginald Borris confront Darren.

Darren faints.

Search the ruins:

Darren wakes up in the ruins of the academy.

Talk to Ralph, a former patient at the Sanitarium and friend of Samuel Gordon. Mr. Bubby is here too.

He saw Angelina, the masked person, fire, police and the black car.

Chess pieces:    Go to the right and check the ruins.

See a raven, chessboard pedestal with holes and the gate.

The chessboard has 4 holes at cardinal points and a central one.

Search the grass at base of the pedestal and get the queen.

Check the pile of stones right of the gate and get the pawn.

Go back and talk to Ralph about the raven that likes shiny things and chess pieces. He has the knight-horse. He will give it in exchange for a musical toy.

Go to the lighthouse.

Read the note attached to the vine on the tree. It gives a clue: king went to north, pawn to south...

Search the crevice left of the entrance to lighthouse and get the king.

Take the knife sticking out of beam by door.

A present for Ralph:

Go back to academy ruins at right.

Check the bush at right side of the area. Use knife to get a branch. Combine knife and branch to make a whistle.

Give the whistle to Ralph and get the knight.

Open the gate:    Go back to the chessboard pedestal.

Using the clue from the paper, place the king at top hole, the pawn at bottom hole, queen at left and knight at right hole.

The gate opens.

Angelina's notes:    See the raven fly away through the hole at ceiling.

Check the stone plinth standing in front of another gate.

Check the oil lamp and the Angelina's backpack. Take and read Angelina's diary. Learn what she says about her stay in Maine. Learn that Mrs. Michaels is not his mother.

Read Angelina's message to Darren. She wants Darren to collect the 3 tiles. Darren is the last of the Gordons. One tile is in the backpack, one is in the castle and the third is tied to a Maximillian Mortimer Gordon.

Check the backpack and see that the tile is not there. Check the sleeping bag at right. It is not there. The raven must have taken it.

Exit and be outside the castle.

Enter Black Mirror:

Look around at the nymph statues and mailbox.

Pick up the branch at extreme right of screen. Check the side gate and then use the branch on the gate.

Enter and talk to Louis, the gardener.

Bates the butler talks to Darren. He introduces himself as Inspector Falk (Peter?). Talk to Bates completely.

After showing Angelina's picture, Bates allows Darren to talk to the ladies.

While waiting to be introduced to the ladies, Darren gets a vision from the mirror.

Talk to the residents:

Talk to Lady Victoria completely. Learn that Bates is terminally ill and there's a new help at the castle. Darren is given permission to look around.

Talk to Lady Eleanor. Learn that she is the widow of Sir Richard and their castle is in Wales where Darren was kept. Louis is very attached to the castle in Wales.

Look around. Check the locked door at bottom left. Lady Victoria stops Darren.

Go to the kitchen at right. Talk to Sally the housekeeper.

Go outside and talk to Louis working under the black car.

Find the first piece of mosaic:

Look around and see the muddy area in front of the fountain at right.

Check the raven above the fountain.

Take the ladder propped on barn wall.

Take the hammer from toolbox beside the car.

Use the ladder on the fountain. Click on nest and have problem with the raven.

Go back inside the castle. Take the teaspoon from the cupboard at right.

Go right to Lady Eleanor at the hall. Click on her knitting basket and get thread.

Go back to the stables through the kitchen.

In inventory combine the spoon and thread. Use the spoon on thread on the wooden stairs right of the barn door.

The raven pecks to get the spoon. Click on nest now and get the first piece of mosaic.

Find the second piece of mosaic:

Go back inside to the entrance hall.

Check the paintings of Mordred and Marcus hanging on the wall.

Check the door on the left. Overhear Lady Victoria on the phone talking about Darren.

Check the globe at the center and look close at the stone slab under the globe. The first name is Maximilian Mortimer Gordon - Angelina's clue. So the second mosaic is hidden here.

The railing-barrier around it has pointed columns. Darren says as long as the ladies are here, he can't search the globe.

Distract the ladies:

Enter the kitchen at right. Click on teapot at far corner of the kitchen range. Darren says that he can ring for teatime and that will get the ladies out of the hall.

Try to take the teapot and Sally stops him. Bates went to the village to get tea.

Go back to hall and enter the library. Check the table at left beside the chairs. There is a tea service with no teapot and tea.

Take the teapot:    Go back to hall and climb the stairs to second floor.

See a nymph painting and telephone left of the entryway.

Enter the bathroom left of the painting. See how nice and clean the bathroom is. Check the floor. It nice and shiny.

Go back down to kitchen. Take the clean rubber boots by the door.

Exit to the stables. Use the rubber boots on the mud by the fountain and get dirty rubber boots.

Go back up to the bathroom. Use the dirty rubber boots on the floor of the bathroom.

Go back to the kitchen and talk to Sally. Learn that the car left that morning and the locked door being off limits. Tell Sally about the dirty bathroom. She runs to clean it. Nasty!

Take the teapot from corner of the counter.

Go to the library and place teapot on tea table at left. Darren says time to get tea from village but he needs to get the Order away from village.

Get some tea:

Lure the Order away from village:    In the library or at second floor, use the telephone and call Murray to tell him that he will be at the hotel in half hour.

Time to go to village. Exit the castle; go right to the castle gate and to the village.

At the village, see Bates talk to Tom. Hear them talk about 'looking for them'.

Enter the pub:    Check the pub door and see that it is locked. This is the place to get tea.

Lock pick:    Use lock pick on pub door. See a close up of the lock cylinders.

The aim of the puzzle is to shape the lock pick to press down the cylinders so that the cylinder lines are even with the red line at the back.

Click-hold-move parts of the lock pick so that it can be inserted above the cylinders.

Then click-hold-move parts of the lock pick so that those parts will lie over the tube and press them down.

Click on the cylinders to insert the lock pick on top area.

Quickly note which cylinder is high or lower than the red line.

Adjust the lock pick accordingly until all cylinder lines are aligned with the red line.

In easy mode, a skip icon is seen on this puzzle.

The wire snapped.

Enter the pub and look around. Take the tea from the table close to the window.

Exit and to go back to the castle.

Go back to the library and place the tea on the tea table.

Go to the kitchen and tell Sally about teatime.

Find the second piece of mosaic (continued):

The ladies are gone from the hall and having tea in the library.

Check the globe's stone slab and the barrier.

Go upstairs to the bathroom. Look at the mirror and get a vision. See Samuel come out of the mirror and points to the wall back of Darren. Darren punches the mirror.

Check the tiles on the opposite wall facing the mirror.

Use the hammer on the tile a close to bottom. See a cavity.

Read the diary page. See a drawing from William's diary that has pyramids. From left to right: the second , fourth and fifth pyramids are crossed out.

Go back down to the globe.

Press the crossed out pyramids on the barrier. Raise the pyramid Darren pushes down.

Press from left to right: the second, fourth and fifth pyramids.

Click the stone slab and get the second piece of mosaic.

Bates arrives and will rest in his room.


Talk to the residents (continued):

Go upstairs and knock on Bates' door at end of the hall.

Talk to Bates completely. Learn more about the locked door and the fire. The cook -Mrs. Michaels hurt her back when she jumped to escape from the fire. Learn about Samuel and his 2 faces.

Get into Bates' room:

Go to the bathroom and take the mop head. Check the bath tub. There's no plug.

Use the mop-wash cloth on the bathtub. Turn on the water tap to cause an overflow.

Tell Sally at the kitchen about the bathroom.

Go back up and knock on Bates' door to tell him about the bathroom overflow.

Search Bates' room:

Enter Bates' room. Look around. Check the drawers and desk.

Examine the drawer at far corner and see that it is locked.

Check the bed with the oxygen mask. Check the bedpost and get the brass key.

Use the brass key on the corner drawer.

Get a metal box and documents. There is a picture of servants labeled Christmas, 1969. Darren's mom was not pregnant. So Mrs. Michael is not Darren's mother.

Read the documents. Bates is the one sending money to Mrs. Michaels. Read the aide memoiré used by Bates to make him remember the code for the jewelry box.

Open the casket:

Exit the room and see Sally and Bates leave. Check the bathroom.

The builder's oldest sister:

Go to the library and talk to Lady Victoria about everything.

The modern castle renovation was made by Frederic Arthur Gordon.

Go to the family tree at right. Look for and click Frederic Arthur. See that the eldest sister is Rose.

Portrait of Sir Egmont:

Talk to Sally in the kitchen. Ask about Sir Egmont. She wants Darren to clear her brother's speeding ticket first.

Go back to the hall and talk to Bates sitting on the couch. Ask about speeding ticket-brother. Sally is from Sussex.

Go upstairs and use the telephone. Darren talks to Rupert Woods from Sussex. He's 34 yo.

Go back to kitchen and talk to Sally. She checks Darren about the speeding ticket. Since Darren knows where the brother is from and what age, Sally believes him.

Sally shows Bates' favorite breakfast cereal. Sir Egmont on the brand has a medal in a shape of a cross.

Bates' first name:

Go outside and to the gate.

Check the mailbox. Open the mailbox and get a letter to Bates. The address does not have Bates' first name.

Open the letter and see an order for a gravestone with the name Edward Bartholomew Bates.

Go to the library and ask Lady Victoria what Edward or Bartholomew mean. Bartholomew's symbol is a knife.

The four nymphs:

Go back to the gate.

Check-click all the 3 nymphs by the gate. Left is marked with 20, middle has 19 and the right one has 1.

Go inside and upstairs of the castle. Check the painting above the telephone. It has 18 marked on it.

Darren deduced that the numbers correspond to the alphabet and make the word - STAR.

Casket:    Go back to Bates' room.

Look close at the jewelry box. Select the correct symbol by pressing the button

Arrange the symbols in order stated in Bates' memoire going clockwise: top - cross, right - rose, bottom - knife and left - star. Press the center button.

Take the large key. See a medallion with Darren's picture when he was a boy and the name Adrian. So Darren's real name is Adrian; the name called by Mrs. Michaels at the hospital.

A secret room?

Go to the locked room at bottom left of the hall. Use the large key and enter the forbidden area.

At the last room, look around at everything.

Pick up the wooden disc on the floor in front of the covered painting at extreme right. It is part of a game and has Ralph written on it.

Check the wall mirror at far wall. There is an elaborate mechanism at bottom of the frame.

Exit the castle and through gate to go to the ruins and Ralph.

Ralph:    Talk to Ralph about the wooden disc. A nice 'religious' lady gave it to him.

He gives the sliding tile puzzle.

Wall mirror:    Go back to the castle and the locked door. Go through to the last room.

Sliding puzzle:

In inventory combine the sliding tile puzzle and the wooden disc.

Arrange the gold lion's heads and the silver goat heads to correspond in number to the lit squares at top and left side.

The top row should all be silver goats - no gold lions.

The second row should have 2 gold lions only.

The third row should have all gold lions.

The bottom row has to have one gold lion only.

Check the silver at top for the necessary colors for the columns.

In easy mode, a skip icon is available for this puzzle.

When arranged, press the button at bottom right square. Get a ball.

Use the ball at the mechanism at bottom of the mirror frame.

Ball puzzle:    The aim of the puzzle is to move the ball to end up at the center hole.

The side wheels lower the walls so that the ball can move inward.

The bottom left wheel lowers the second from outer circle.

The top left wheel lowers the next inner circle.

The top right wheel lowers the second from the inner circle.

The bottom right wheel lowers the inner circle to the hole.

The ball is released using the circular button at bottom left.

In easy mode, a skip icon is available for this puzzle.

The secret room is opened.

Find the third piece of mosaic:

Look around the secret room.

Check the drawer of the desk at right. The third piece of mosaic is taken.

Play the music box. Darren has a convulsion and nightmare.


Meet Cathryn, Adrian's mother. Learn about the twins: Adrian and Angelina.

Angelina thought that she is destined for something better. The Order was formed to protect and keep Angelina away from Darren.

Being in the castle changes Darren. The members of the order are Lady Victoria, Lady Eleanor, Cathryn and Bates. Miss Valley has some of the villagers' help.

Darren has to leave on his own accord.


Bates says to ask Louis about the plane ticket that Sally asked him to get.

Go to kitchen and exit to stables. Talk to Louis who is under the car. He hasn't seen Sally.

Look for Sally:

Go upstairs to the bathroom and find Sally. She is dead. Her finger is pointing to the side of the bathtub.

Close the window and turn on the bathtub water tap to get hot water.

Look close at Sally. The steam shows a letter on the side of the bathtub - B. Click on the tile with the letter.

Someone is trying to frame Bates. He is not strong enough to do this.

Fire:    Try to exit the bathroom and Darren sees that the castle is on fire.

Open the cupboard's drawer and get a towel. Turn on the bathtub tap. Use the towel on the water.

Use the wet towel on the exit to the corridor.

Go down and see Bates lying by the globe. A male ghost is chasing a female ghost.

Bates tells Darren that he wants to die in the castle and leave to get away from the castle.

Open the entrance to the academy:

Outside see Louis. Louis brings Darren to the Academy and Angelina.

Angelina explains to Darren her intentions. She wants to wake up Mordred and have power. Learn what happened in Biddeford. She needs Darren's blood to open the gate.

Cathryn is here and is used as hostage by Angelina.

Open the gate:

Place the 3 mosaic tiles on the stone plinth.

Take the oil lamp on the ground and place it on the stand in front of the plinth with tiles.

Take the lit candle on the wall. Use the candle on the oil lamp.

See the tiles' light shine on the symbol on the gate.

Under Angelina's order, Darren sheds blood and smears it on the lion head on the gate. The gate opens.

Symbols everywhere:

There are 2 closed doors on each side of the hall. The top of the stairs has a grilled door.

See 8 slabs on the floor arranged in a semicircle. Take the notepaper at right on top of the stairs.

The paper has a sort of manual that shows the drawing of the 8 slabs:   flower, door, knife, sun, water, door, block of stone and snowflake.

8 stone slabs:

If you stand on a wrong slab - you die. There's an autosave for another chance.

Click on any slab and Darren tries the 7th slab from the left. A block of stone drops from the top. It is as shown in the note drawing.

The note showed 2 slabs with door symbols. Let's try the left one.

Stand on the second from the left. Talk to Angelina and mom stands on the slab for the left door.


Enter the left door. See 4 painting of trees during the 4 seasons with plaques on them. The plaques have riddles.

From left to right as written in the journal:

Spring: It wears a dress of green and white. It cometh out of snow and ice. Let wind the little bells swing soon will the first bird sing. - Spring flower (Lily of the Valley).

Summer: I make things hard, I make things gold, I make both rich and poor, so I am told. I am loved, but come not too close, for too close will ruin all but do without and death will befall. - Fire.

Autumn:    I have wings, guess me child, yet only in circles fly. And sing I do when the wind calls me as it goes passing by. That which you from the fields acquire, I eat too in my own way. Yet - that which passes down my throat you will consume too one day. - Windmill.

Winter: In the air it flies, on the ground, it lies, it adorns the trees, makes old men wheeze on the stove it melts from grey skies it pelts. - Snowflake.

Check the mechanism at center stand.

Riddle puzzle:   

Enter the answer to the riddles based on the symbols beside the knobs.

Select the symbols by turning the knobs at outside frame.

In easy mode, a skip symbol is at bottom right.

Turn the top first to place the fire. Then turn the left knob to place the Lily of the Valley flower.

Turn the bottom knob to place the snowflake and lastly turn the right knob to enter the windmill.

Left is Lily of the Valley flower; top is fire; right is windmill and bottom is snowflake.

The columns open secret compartments. Take the 3 ornate staffs with colored symbols (yellow, green and blue). One of the compartments does not have one.

Put weight on the slab:

Disable 3 slabs: Go back to the grand hall.

Using the colors and pictures on the note, place:

Yellow ornate staff on the leftmost slab's slot.

Green ornate staff on the 4th from left slab's slot.

Blue ornate staff on the 8th or rightmost slab's slot.

Thanks Rushes!

That disables 3. There are 2 safe door slabs.

Click to stand on the third from left slab (middle of the left trio); the one with the knife symbol. The trap was sprung and a knife was dropped. Pick up the knife.

A manual?:

Stand on the 6th slab from the left (middle of trio at right). It is one of the safe door slabs. Ask mom to stand there.

This opens the right door. Enter and be in the trap mechanism atop the grand hall.

Look around and see ropes and symbols beside the ropes. The set of symbols identifies that rope.

Rope symbol puzzle:   

Look at the mechanism left of the door.

We need to deactivate or drop one of the traps so that there are 4 slabs for the 4 people present.

See symbols similar to those that are on the wall and identify the rope.

The symbols can be moved-slid right and left. The bars are where the selected symbols are to be placed. The switch at the center is flipped to point either right or left at a selected symbol on one of the bars.

Enter a set of symbols seen beside a rope to identify what that rope is attached to.

Press the white button at bottom left to see the answer at bottom slot.

Darren will say which set of symbols entered is the correct rope to work on.

Enter the set of symbols seen (counting from the puzzle mechanism) at third from right close to the mechanism.

Counting from the puzzle mechanism, go to the third from right rope. (The first from right set of symbols is for opening the side doors and the second from right set of symbols is another stone slab but the wrong one).

Use the knife to cut that rope.

Darren runs down and sees the stone block drop from the top.

Angelina's lackey:

There are now 3 slabs deactivated by the ornate staffs and one pressed by the stone block. That leaves 4 slabs (3 safe ones and one still booby trapped).

Talk to Angelina. Watch as Darren traps Louis.

Open the Summoning Chamber:

The family stands on the remaining slabs. The gate opens.

See a holder at right of the door to the summoning chamber. It should hold the black ball that was stolen at the museum.

Click on the holder twice and Angelina places the black ball.

They enter the chamber and Angelina is greeted by Mordred's voice.

Watch and see what happens to give you a chance to escape, after you try to escape and then come back in to the demonic gate.


The blood!

To be continued.

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