Broken Sword: The Angel Of Death

By Revolution Software

Walkthrough by abe_myth September 2006



Broken Sword: The Angel of Death is a classic Point-and-Click adventure game; the game is completely in 3D environment. Left click to move and do actions, right click for item or character information.

NOTE: The character ‘run’ movement is different from other games. You have to press-hold the LEFT-CTRL key and click on a destination so the character can run to that spot. You can modify this run key in the game controller options. You can also activate the “mouse wheel run” option which allows characters to run using the mouse wheel turned up.



New York Bail Bonds

George Stobbart comes back to his office, finds a beautiful young woman, Anna Maria, waiting for him. Meantime, some gang like people break into the office when Anna begins to tell George something. The thugs have guns so they have to get away from those guys.

Pick up the golf club at the corner of the office.

Use the golf club as a pry bar to open the door on the other side of the office.

Push over the cabinet and move upwards to the attic which seems to be abandoned.


Stop the elevator from going down with the golf club.

Pull the grille off together with Anna by moving the mouse to the inventory, click Anna Maria icon and then click on the grille.

Pull the air conditioning unit out by clicking on the unit again to grab it and drag it to the elevator door to stop it. Now George can get the golf club back.

Go out from the vent.


Stay close to the wall and move to the other side.

Climb up the ladder to the roof and then climb the gantry. Release the chain.

Swing to the warehouse building roof by using the golf club on the chain.

Interact with the handle at the foot of the gantry to link the two parts so Anna Maria can get across.


George and Anna are now in an abandoned warehouse. Grab the pipe and move to the other side.

Make way to a cracked part of the wall. See a door and open it.

Get the string attached to the door.

Open the door and move the sliding bar to lock the door.

Right click the door, select the gearwheel icon and…BANG! Anna rejoins your party!


Go downstairs to the second floor and then go to the first floor. George sees some sparking wires blocking his way.

Go to the second floor. George finds a switch which controls those sparking wires. Try to switch it off but the switch automatically jumps to the on position. Ask Anna to hold the switch so George can pass the electrical wires to the first floor.

Go downstairs and pass the wires, push over the cabinet in front of the door to meet Anna.

Notice a pull system at the right side. Ask Anna to operate the handle and then George to hold the shutter. ESCAPE!


New York Hotel

Talk to the manager Alfonso in the reception desk and get the hotel flyer. Right click the flyer to get the phone number of the hotel.

Try to open the security door but Alfonso tells George that he needs a key card to enter.

Talk to Minster, a guest who’s sitting in a sofa, reading his book.

Go to the toilet, make a phone call to Alfonso and ask for Minster. This will make Minter leave his sofa.

Get the security card in the book Minter left.

Go upstairs by using the security card in the card reader next to the security door.

Examine the yellow fumigation sign. Pick up the dead bug lying below the sign on the second floor.

Anna Maria’s apartment is guarded by an Elvis Presley looking guy. Talk to guard.

Go downstairs and talk to Alfonso.

Place the dead bug on the old clock.

Talk to Alfonso again about the clock. When Alfonso’s leaves, open the hatch of the reception desk and get the lighter.


Go upstairs to the window at the end of the corridor.

Pay attention to the “Elvis”. When he’s dancing, quickly open the window. Then walk to the dry flowers next to Anna Maria’s room and light them. WOW! Now George can enter Anna Maria’s room.


Pick up the pen in the ground.

Go to the bathroom and examine the extractor. There’s a button on it, push the button to turn off the extractor. Then use the string on the extractor and turn on it again.


Go to the cleaners. George can not just open the door when “Elvis” is guarding it.

Examine the keypad next to the door. You need a password.

Pass the pen and then the flyer under the door, a few seconds later the two items come back with a password written on it.

Open the door, George save the receptionist of the hotel.


New York Bail Bonds

Go to George’s office. Take the cigarette on the desk.


New York Hotel

Talk to the receptionist, the policeman and Alfonso. Show the cigarette to the policeman and talk to him again. You can go to the next place now.


New York Meat Packing

Let’s play the DEMO again. Try to enter the truck. The guard tells you that you must have an apron to enter. “NO apron, NO entry!”

Go to the deli, examine the salamis and talk to Chico, the shopkeeper.

Use cigarette at Chico and get salami for a deal.

Go out of the deli for 10 feet, you can see Chico going outside the backdoor to smoke.

WALK into the deli, take the apron. Now you can enter the factory.


Pick up a bunch of keys from the bone crushing machine.

Push the trash container onto the forklift pad. Insert the keys and operate the forklift so the container will be lifted.

Climb onto the container. Work on the vent.


Get the fire proof blanket from the factory wall.

Go to the smoke room. Open the door with the fire proof blanket and go inside. Pick up a smoldering wood on the ground.

Return to the vent and put the smoldering wood in the vent. George need more smoke to get rid of those thugs.

Remember the truck at the main entrance? Go inside the truck and pick up some ice.

Now you need to RUN all the way to the vent. Use the ice on the wood when it hasn’t totally melted. If you haven’t reached the vent on time you have to try again.


The thugs have gone, now is the chance for George to enter the office!

Go to the meat carrousel device, operate the button on the left and you can see a corpse coming out. Examine the corpse to get a keycard.

Use the keys and turn on the bone crusher to active again. There’s a blue door near the bone crusher, go inside and examine the first-aid kit. It reveals a hidden card reader! Use the keycard on it, a secret door is revealed.

Go upstairs to the office; examine the safe and the window near it. George can not open the safe but it seems it can be moved if the wheels are not rusty.

Search the desk drawers, George finds a handkerchief that wraps something. Right click on the handkerchief in inventory to get a handkerchief and a photo of Lucy Chu.

Go to the smoke room where you get the smoldering wood. Use the handkerchief on the hanging meat to get some fat.

Return to the office; grease the safe wheels with the grease-covered handkerchief and then push the safe through the window. Make sure the bone crusher is active.

Go to the bone crusher, what an excellent SafeCracker George is! Pick up the MP3 Player and the manuscript on the ground. Leave the factory.


New York Bail Bonds

Check all the hotspots in the manuscript. But this is not enough, George need more information to decode the manuscript.

Ask Virgil for help. Get the “silent treatment”. Give Virgil the MP3 Player and talk to him again. George gets a PDA hacking chip.

Open the PDA, connect to Lobineau’s Private Server and hack it. Pay attention to Virgil’s demonstration of the hacking process.

Now hack the server. When finished (see picture below), George gets some background information about the manuscript.

Check out the historical database and all its branch red subjects. Pay attention to the Clement V page.

(You have to use the mouse wheel to scroll the pages instead of pressing the arrow icon in the PDA interface).

Open the manuscript again. Check the Holy Man at the right and then check the Fortified City.

The next destination is: Istanbul. Here we go!


Pasha Palace Hotel

Pick up the knife in the dining table.

Talk to the receptionist and the waiter in the hall. George learns that maybe the Topkapi Palace is the Fortified City they have to find.


Topkapi Palace

Talk to the gate guard about everything. George needs an ID card to enter the palace. Maybe Eamon O’Mara could help?


Pasha Palace Hotel

Try to pick up the letter on the reception counter, but the receptionist will now allow George to do it.

Ask Anna Maria to steal the letter when George talks with the receptionist about his golf club. When Anna gets the letter, talk to Anna. George gets Eamon O’Mara’s ID card.

Use the knife on George’s ID card to free the photo of George. Then use the photo of George on Eamon O’Mara’s ID card to get the fake Eamon O’Mara’s ID card. Now who’ll know George isn’t George, but is Eamon?

Examine the big map near the reception counter. Find a place called “Lovers’ Vestibule” in Topkapi Palace. Ask the waiter about this place.


Topkapi Palace

Enter the gate with the fake Eamon O’Mara’s ID card.

There are several guards in the palace. The one guarding the main entrance is a problem for George.

(If you Show him the fake Eamon O’Mara’s ID card…Watch what’ll happen.)

Try to go left but there’s a patrolling guard. Ask Anna Maria to distract the guard. Walk George behind the guard, when Anna talks with the guard.


There is a scaffold left of the garden. Climb it to find two gaps in the wall. First go to the right gap. Notice there’s a mobile phone on the gap. Pick it up and examine it, George will get the phone number. Now go to the left gap, use the PDA to make a phone call to the guard. When the call is over, the two guards’ patrol path will change slightly. It’s easy to find a chance to go up the wall now.


Now George is hiding behind a wall. There’s a guard patrolling. When the guard’s back is to George, follow him. When the guard begins to turn left, it is time to climb up the window. Go through the way.

Inside the palace, see a guard with a dog blocking the way. George notices that there’s a piece of plaster on the windowsill (see picture below).



Use the knife to scrape some plaster.

The guard with the dog will go downstairs to check the yard. During that time, get George to run to his tea cup and drink all the tea. When the guard comes back, he’ll leave again to make himself a new cup.

Go downstairs to the yard and see the dog is guarding the door. Everybody knows dogs like salamis, right? Use the knife to cut a piece of salami. Notice that there’s a clothesline hanging from the balcony above. Go upstairs, grab the line up, tie it with a piece of salami and then release it. The dog goes after its meal.


Let’s continue our further adventure with George.

Now George is at the museum area. There’s a computer server at the corner of the room but George can not access it. Time to do some hacking. Use your PDA to hack the system. When finished (see picture below), operate the computer to open the door of the museum.


Go inside the museum. It has a laser security system. There are lasers all on the ground. George can’t just walk through.

Open the vent next to the door, use the hotel flyer on it and then light it with the lighter. Smoke goes all around the museum so George could see the lasers on the ground.

Go through the laser area. Talk to Anna Maria behind the door. Here must be the “Lovers’ Vestibule”. Pull the levers to open the door, from left to right: down, down, up, down.

Move the macabre head in each side of the “lover’s door” with Anna to open it. Go out to the courtyard.


George finds a fuse box on the wall. Use the clip to short circuit the pump switch. The fountain will stop working. The guard sitting near the fountain will turn to another guard.

Go in the fountain, move the base with Anna and then go down to the sewer.


There are several valves here in the sewer. The citadel is somewhere around here.

The stone in the wall is loose in the left side of the sewer. So try to adjust the valves and levers to direct all the water to the loose stone. From right to left: horizontal, vertical, vertical and horizontal. From up to down: close, open (this should be done at last). When the adjustment is all right, the water pressure moves the loose stone out of its position. A secret path is revealed. You can check the water flow by the water meter in picture below. When George says “The pressure is very high now,” that means the adjustment is OK.


Enter the hidden citadel. From now on, the puzzle hints come from the manuscript.

Ask Anna to press the button next the door, move George to the center of the chamber and stand at the “two knights share a horse” pattern. The door will open.

Enter the next chamber and examine the Knight Templar statue. Move the block from left to right: Moon, Cross, Star, Moon.


A new statue appears. Examine it and adjust it to the combination of: blue up, red down, blue left, red down.


The third statue appears, move the 4 blocks like picture below.

When all are done, two alcoves are revealed. Ask Anna to stand in one of the alcoves and George to another alcove, down…

At the final chamber see a cherub in the center. The ground is a huge map.


Interact with the following four places: Acre, London, Paris, Cyprus. Get the cherub.

Move the plinth to point to these following three places and click the down icon after pointing at each place: Constantinople, Rome, Alexandria. The door opens; George and Anna can now leave this place.


After the night, Anna is gone with the cherub and George is arrested.

George is in jail with no items. Let’s escape the jail.

Examine the rat hole twice, get a bracket. Examine the block on the wall. George finds the mortar crumbling under the damp environment. Use the bracket on it, pull the whole block out.

A priest and a nun come to visit George and give him some toys. Examine these toys and see that they are very useful items, George receive a mechanical mouse, a mouse key, a squeaky toy, a piece of cloth, a marble string and some marbles.

Put all the marbles through the drain onto the floor, clamber to the other cell, and interact with the door to call the guard.

After the guard is unconscious, go back to the left cell and get the cell key from the guard.

Open the door with the cell key, gag the guard with the piece of cloth and tie him with the marble string. Now the guard is just like a toy. Leave here.

A dog is guarding the exit, use the squeaky toy on the dog to distract it and quickly pick up the beef can on the table. Open the can with the mouse key and use it on the plate. Now it is time to go.

Return to the museum area, notice the vine up by the balcony. George needs to distract the guards in the courtyard and climb up to the roof.

Use the mechanical mouse on the museum gate. All guards go into the museum. Climb the vine onto the roof.

There’s a loose stone on the wall (see picture below). Jam the squeaky toy in it to attract the guard. Take a detour to avoid being seen by the guard. Jump to the other side and meet the nun. Man…She is…Nico!


Pasha Palace Hotel

Now you control Nico. Talk to the receptionist and get the key of room 505.

Go upstairs to room 505. George has to find a way to Anna Maria’s room 304.

Open the window and clamber out. Let’s play George as the Prince of Persia.

George can not be seen by the guards in other rooms. When George gets to the left corner of the third floor, open the window and enter the room.

Examine the room. George finds a rosary on the floor. Go to the bathroom; examine the waste basket to get a credit card receipt.

After the dialogs with that “waiter”, examine the credit card receipt in inventory. Open the PDA to hack it. When the puzzle is completed (see picture below), George and Nico get Anna Maria’s home address. Head for Rome!


Rome Apartment

Try to open the apartment front door. Then talk to the man, Mark, who’s sweeping the street with a pink pair of gloves. George knows there’s a spare key to the apartment, but Mark refuses to tell more.

Examine the yellow car, knowing that this car is Mark’s favorite.

Try to take the bread next to the tramp, Archie, but in vain. Then talk to him. Archie knows where the spare key is and he tells George the place: under the left plant pot at the front door.

Move the plant pot but is stopped by Mark. Ask Nico to talk with Mark. Now George is free to take the bread when Archie stare at Nico.

Use the bread on the car to attract birds, Mark will be distracted. Move the plant pot and get the spare apartment key. Enter the apartment with the key.


Go upstairs to Anna’s apartment, but it is locked.

Go to the public balcony, climb and move to the right balcony, then to the opposite building. There’s a nun standing on the balcony, George can’t just pass her without being seen.

Clamber into the balcony on the left, interact with the door and quickly clamber out of the balcony. When the nun enters her room, move to the rightmost balcony then to Anna Maria’s balcony.

Examine the small window, there’s a bolt on top of the kitchen door. Use the golf club on it, open the door and enter the apartment.


Search the whole apartment, George find a metro ticket and an air line stub. Examine the picture on the fireplace; Anna surely has something with the Vatican. Leave for Vatican.


Rome Monastery

Talk to the nun Angelica sitting in the office.

Examine the golden plaque and learn that the place is the Order of St. Michael.

Press the doorbell and talk with the young nun Serena. She is from the Sister of Mercy.

Talk to Angelica again. Return to Anna Maria’s apartment.


Rome Apartment

Open the PDA to hack into the server of Vatican. When finished (see picture below), George changes to someone again. This time, the “health inspector”.


Rome Monastery

Make a phone call to Wafer Factory, ask for Angelica.

Go to the office window, pick up the schedule on her desk and then put it back after examining it.

NOTE: You can not stand in front of the office window when you make the phone call.

Talk to Angelica, now George can enter the factory!


Go to the corner of the factory. Check the shelf and see that there’s an emergency box. Maybe there’s something useful in it

Push over the white box on a pile of boxes. When Serena is cleaning them up, put the bread in the box on the table.

Now use the knife to open the emergency box and get a bottle of wine.

Go up the stairs to the end, open the hatch of the dough mixer and pour the wine into the mixer.

Call Angelica, whack the Safer with wine…


Go to the garden. There are 3 monks seen gardening.

Use bread at the “1” flowerpot, quickly go to the other side out of the garden area (“2”) and stay calm. When the monk near the door is gardening at “3” flowerpot, open the door and enter the monastery. (See picture below.)

Go to the end of the corridor and enter an office. Father Gregor will come in when George is examining the upper right drawer of the desk.

After chatting with the father, George will get Father Gregor’s business card.


Rome Apartment

Return to Anna Maria’s apartment. Go to Mark’s apartment, it’s next to Anna’s apartment. When Mark opens the door, show him Father Gregor’s business card. Talk to him and George gets Anna Maria’s package.

Examine the package. There’s a DVD in it. Play it with the laptop in Anna’s apartment. After that Nico will head for Phoenix for further information.


Go to Mark’s apartment again, show him the pen. Mark tells George the logo on the pen is a club called “Black Cat Club” in Rome.

Leave the apartment. Let’s check the club.


Rome Black Cat Club

Talk to the guard, he will not allow George to come in without a member card.


Rome Apartment

Remember Mark’s favorite Lucy Chu. Let’s do something special for him.

Use the pen on Lucy Chu’s photo to make a fake but passionate signature. Show the photo to Mark when he opens the door. In exchange, George gets the Black Cat Club Member Card.


Rome Black Cat Club

Enter the club with the Member Card.

Go to the left room, there’s a guest having shower. Notice the towel next to the shower room but George can’t take it.

Find the plant pot in the corner at the other side of the room and pull it away from the wall. A valve is revealed.

Turn the valve, now take the towel.

Go through the door near the reception counter to the bathhouse. Duane’s there! (Remember the same guy in Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars?)

After talking to Duane, George goes out but was caught.


George is tied to a chair. But he has to escape.

Touch the switch on the wall, a hook will come in handy.

Interact with harness and then interact with the oil bottle on the table to pour the oil on the floor. With the oil George can go to anywhere in the room.

Interact with the harness again, then touch the switch again, watch the fantastic happening. George is free!

Move the curtain of the window; listen to the 2 guys talking about something.

There’s a button inside of the window frame, press it and the door will open.

Go to the locker, get dressed again and retrieve all items.

Return to the bathhouse, talk to Duane down the drain. He has a key.

Combine the rosary and the paper clip in inventory; use it on the drain to get the key.

Leave the club through the middle door in the corridor with the key attach to the rosary.


Rome Apartment

George has to defuse the bomb in 10 minutes! Hurry up!

First, open the PDA to hack the US military database for bomb defusion information. When finished (see picture below), read them all with mouse wheel and learn how to defuse a bomb.


Second, you can’t defuse the bomb with your bare hands. Ask Mark about his rubber gloves and he will give them to you.

Third, let’s defuse the bomb. Look at picture below, there are several wires on the bomb.

Use the paper clip on the “1” blue wire and then select “Live Trigger Wire”.

Use the knife on the “2” blue wire. You did it! George gets a C4 explosive.

Nico comes back this time. Let’s see Nico’s adventure in Phoenix.



Search the jeep to get a jack handle. Open the gate with the jack handle.

Go inside and see a container under a wall gap. Move the 2 wooden boxes to reveal the safety brake of the container. Interact with the brake to move the container away. Move one of the wooden boxes under the gap and then climb up.

Continue to climb and move up to the roof. Pick up rubble lying on the ground. Use the radar arm as a catapult, use the rubble on it and shoot it to the fire ladder.

Go down and climb the fire ladder.

Push the box and then push the pipe. Go through the pipe to the other side. Examine the rubbles near the crack and then jump down.


Inside the building, Nico is in an office. Examine the computer, open the PDA to hack it.

Examine the keypad. You need a password to open the door.

There’s a photo on the secretary’s desk, examine it to get the date password.

Open the door with the password 91-08-12.


Go to the ground, interact with the paper by the hole and…


Go to the opposite room, the kitchen. Take the hook, move the table and clamber it to get the gum.

Go inside the other room on this floor and the door is closed without any sign! Open one of the lockers with the jack handle and take the engine oil inside.

Examine the electronic lock. Open the PDA to hack it. Open the door and go downstairs.

When Nico enters a room, the door closes again! There must be someone here.

Try to open the door, thugs appear. But a man with an AK-47 cleans them up all. Talk to him, his name is Maynard.


George is an excellent Safecracker, but what about Nico?

Climb the safe to the workshop. There’s a control panel on the wall. Try to operate the block and tackle system but the chains are rusty. Use the engine oil to grease it and try again, select “right” and “down”. Use the hook to link the safe and the chains. Operate the control panel again to move the safe to the rollers. Maynard will join Nico.

It is time to get the rollers working. Try to operate the control panel of the roller system. Nico is told that the panel is dead because no wires are up. Check the wires, they are loose. Use the gum to hold the wires together. Operate the panel again, but it still doesn’t work! Ask Maynard to fix it, after that, operate again and the system works.

Select LEFT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, RIGHT,UP, UP, LEFT, DOWN, DOWN, LEFT, UP, UP, UP, UP, and push the safe into the centrifuge together with Maynard. Watch a terrific event that happens…


Go into the centrifuge cabin; pick up the folder on the ground. Examine it to get the bank statement and Maynard’s key.

Use Maynard’s key to open the door. The stair is guarded so Nico can not go out of the lab through the stair.

Go upstairs, open the door. There’s a goon guarding the elevator room.

Use oil on the doorstop, press the switch to turn the light off, loose the doorstep again and now quickly hide from the guard!

The guard will slip unconscious into the ground. Go to the elevator room, close the door, and use Maynard’s key to lock it. Operate the elevator to escape.


Rome Monastery

Try to pick up the bottle of meths by Archie, which makes Archie angry.

Talk to Archie about the meths, he want something to exchange.

Examine the trash on the left of the gate, there’s a half full bottle of champagne in it. Pick it up.

Exchange the champagne for the meths with Archie.

Pour the meths into the trash and light it with the lighter to distract the guards. When the guards are checking the trash, open the wafer factory gate and go in.

Go back to the factory again. Enter a room which can’t be open before, Angelica is doing something inside. Nico will “talk” to the sister outside.


Now’s George’s turn, examine the gold between the two mixers. Then pick up a wafer and eat it. When Nico comes back, go to the garden.

There are 3 monks patrolling in the garden. Go into the monastery without being seen.

Go to the office whose door is ajar. Go inside it. Watch what happens, after the gun shot. George learns who is the boss behind the curtain.

Nico is kidnapped, George receive a manuscript book. Go to the next room, examine the picture on the wall, it’s the Ark of Ashdod. Notice the two cherubs at the corner and the orientation of the four hourglasses.


Now is the time to rescue Nico. Ask Mark to hold the door on the ground and use the golf club to open it. Go downstairs to the catacomb entrance.

Two huge cherubs are guarding the entrance; adjust the four hourglasses on the cherub to the orientation you saw before in the Ark of Ashdod.

Move the head of the left cherub, and then move the head of the right cherub. The entrance opens! But George hasn’t enough time to go inside. Ask Mark to hold the head, go into the catacomb.


The Vatican

Let’s try to “open” the stone door.

Get the bulb with the fire proof blanket.

Open the control panel with the knife at the corner.

Loose the wires with the rubber gloves.

Put the C4 explosive into the socket of the bulb.

Connect the wires with the rubber gloves again. BAAANG! Keep going and George will meet Anna Maria again.


Let’s go after Nico. Check all the Latin sentences on the walls and the pillars; they are important background information of the whole story.


From now on, George has to solve several puzzles to the final chapel. Hints to the puzzles are all in the manuscript book.


The first one - move the templar sign like picture below.


The second one, go as the route shown below.


The third one - select Assasin, Turk, Mamluk, and Templar.


The fourth one - put the map onto the Templar statue and light it with the lighter.


In the final chapel, the ceremony has begun. Stop Gianelli from summoning the Angel of Death!

Use the golf club to smash the two cherubs. But Anna Maria is…


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