Broken Sword 4: The Angel of Death

(Secrets of the Ark)

by Revolution Software and Charles Cecil

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    September 2006 version 1.5


Gameplay:    The game comes in DVD-ROM disk for the European release and 3 CDs in North American release. The game can be played with no CD in the drive. It is best to read the manual to learn the game manipulations. The Main Menu has the New Game, Load Game, Options Menu, Extra Gallery and Exit.

Under Options Menu; the control preferences, graphics and sound menu can be found. The control preference has the selection to change the game settings (keyboard control and character movement) and also the mouse wheel run option. The graphics selection has options to change the resolution, refresh rate, windowed, antialiasing, detail, AMBX, language and subtitles. The sound menu has the master, speech, effects, music and ambient volume controls.

The gameplay or pause menu can be accessed using the ESC key. It has the resume, save, load, options and quit selections. Saves can be overwritten or make a new save by selecting a slot labeled 'new save' or delete a saved game by clicking on the X box of the saved game. The saved game folder is in 'My Documents'.

Game manipulations can be done using the mouse alone or by combination of mouse and keyboard. The movement of the characters can be controlled when the mouse wheel is enabled under the game settings. The mouse wheel forward makes the character run; mouse wheel backward returns to walk. If using the keyboard, the arrow keys will move the character to those directions. The left CTRL key will make the character run.

The neutral arrow cursor changes to a cross when placed over an active object. The possible actions are seen as different icons beside the cursor. Left mouse click-held down on an object or place will make the character move directly towards that place or object. Right mouse click will toggle it back to normal mode of walking.

Once an item is right clicked selected, the radial menu control will appear and the appropriate actions can be selected: examine, take... Right click will close the radial menu.

The inventory is accessed by placing the mouse at top of the screen to show the inventory bar. Select an item using the left mouse or right click the item to examine it. Once selected the item's icon will be seen beside the cursor and can be clicked on the object or character as needed. Right click will deselect the item. Place the cursor below the inventory bar to close it.

PDA has the progress of the game, can be used to make phone calls or hack computers and websites. Read the manual to get the explanations of the icons and actions needed to perform the hack puzzles.


Mount Horeb, 1338 BC:    Watch as a woman is changed to the Angel of Death. 3 years ago, a skeleton is found.


New York

Note: Read the notebook to follow the story and also reference the information obtained by hacking.

New York Bail Bonds

George meets a new client:    George enters his place of work, the Bail Bond Office while being watched by goons. Meet Anna Maria, in need of rescue from the bad men that wants to kill her because of a manuscript.

Escaping the goons:   

George's Office - Look around for a way to get out of the office. Take the 9 iron golf club right of the door. Check the door at other end of the room and see that it is padlocked but the brackets are loose. Take the golf club from inventory and use it on door.

Storage room - Move the file cabinet and George will push it to block the door. See that there's a hole on the ceiling. Climb on top of the cabinet and climb up to the hole in the ceiling.

Elevator - Anna Maria rushes to stop the elevator and now needs help to hold the elevator open on this floor. Use the golf club on the space below the elevator door.

Fan Grill - Go to right side of the room and try to pull off the fan grill. Open inventory and click on Anna Maria icon. Click Anna Maria icon on grill. She helps pull the grill out. Click on the fan box again and George pulls it out.

Elevator again - Pull the fan unit until by middle window. Right click to release George from fan. Move George to the side of the fan unit and move it towards the elevator. Right click and move George to front of fan. Now push it under the elevator door. Don't forget to take the golf club. Enter the hole on the wall.

Ledge - Walk the ledge until the fire escape. Go right and climb the fire escape ladder to get to roof of building.

Loading joist - Climb the ladder to get to top of the metal platform-loading joist. Walk to the end and release the chains from the loading joist. Use the golf club to get the chains. See George swing across to the next building's roof.

Get Anna Maria to this side - Go to the wheel handle on a stand behind and right of the tower (the left one is broken). Turn it to get both loading joist together. Anna Maria crosses to this building.

Finding a way to street level:    Anna Maria hires George to decode the manuscript. And you do Medieval, don't you?

Third floor - Go to the left of the room. Jump up to catch the metal on the top of the wall. Shimmy to the left. A pipe breaks and flips a lever to turn on live cables. Continue to the left and right click to jump off. Walk around the room, jump over a break on the floor, shimmy on the ledge until a break on wall.

Enter through break and see an open door. Try the door and see that it is tied open. Take the string that tied the door. Close the door. Slide the bar top left of the door. Right click on door and select the use-gear icon. That gets Anna Maria to cross.

Go down to the first floor and find out that the door is blocked from the other side.

Breaker switch - Go up the stairs to the next floor. Go across the room and look at the rusty pipe. Go down to the next level by going around the room and jumping down. Go forward and see (left-right click) live cables on the floor.

Go back to top floor by the rusty pipe. Check (left-right click) the second breaker switch on the left by the wall. It won't stay off. Click Anna Maria Icon on breaker switch. You have to see and click on the live wires below for Anna Maria to continue holding the breaker switch.

First floor - Go back down to lower floor and cross by the formerly live cables. Go right, push the big box blocking the door and open the door. Anna Maria joins George.

Shutters - Go to the roll up door on the right. Use Anna Maria icon on handle right of door to roll the shutters up. Click on door to get George to hold it up. Now, Anna Maria can exit.


New York Hotel: Hotel Alfonso in Brooklyn

Trying to get upstairs:    Anna Maria recognizes one of the goons. George will find a way to get her to her room #23 second floor while she stays in the alley.

Lobby - Go to the double doors on the left end of the lobby. Click on double doors and the man behind the desk will say 'you need a key card...' Look around at the 3 out or order pop machines and the grandfather clock.

Talk to Alfonso, the manager completely. Get a hotel flyer. Check-right click the flyer in inventory and get the hotel's phone number.

Go to the right and talk to man reading a book. Talk to him completely and learn that there's a keycard used as a book mark and that he's waiting for a phone call. Learn also that his name is Thelwell Minster. Click to touch the book. Touchy!

Bathroom - Go to the bathroom right of the out of order pop machine and use the PDA. Select the cell phone on the PDA and call Alfonso's Hotel. Ask to talk to Thelwell Minster.

Exit bathroom and get the book on the table. The hotel keycard is in inventory. Use the keycard on slot right of the double doors.

Getting into Anna Maria's room:

Second floor - Climb the stairs and get a call from Anna Maria. She is trapped on the fire escape. She wants George to open the bathroom window.

Look at the yellow 'currently close for fumigation' sign across the stairs. Pick up a 'death watch' beetle.

Go to the left hallway. Check the first room on the left that the banging sound is coming from. Talk to the Elvis look-alike guarding room 23 door at end of hallway. Check the dried plant on the table. Open the window at end of hallway and then go back downstairs. See that Elvis double closes it. Plan brewing here.

Lobby - Use the keycard on left of double door. Talk to Alfonso. Hmmm...the beetles eat wood. See the lighter behind the glass partition. Place the death watch beetle on the clock. Talk to Alfonso about the clock. Be quick - go to the right, open the glass partition of reception desk and get the lighter.

Second floor - Go back to the window at end of hallway. Look up at the overhead sprinkler. When Elvis look-alike is doing his a-hah-hah dance, open the window and immediately go to the plant on the table. Use the lighter on the plant. My hair, my suit! Enter the room left of the plant.

Getting Anna Maria into room:

Bathroom - Go to the bathroom. Look at the fan system on the wall. Press the button left of the fan to stop the fan. Attach the string on the fan. Turn the fan on again by pressing the button. There it goes!

Searching for clues:    Anna Maria loses hope when she sees the manuscript is gone. Take the pen with a black cat logo right of the bed.

Cleaner's closet - Exit the room. Go down to the first door on the left where the banging sound comes from. See a key code panel right of door. Elvis is watching from the open elevator. Use the hotel flyer and pen on door. The pen and the flyer come back out from bottom of door with 5837x written on it. Click on key code panel. See Juanita, the receptionist tied up. She described Elvis with the snake tattoo. And away he goes...

Back at Big Bros:    Virgil is upset about his MP3 player - really, really upset. Talk to Virgil about music. :)

George's office - Go to the office and look around. Take the Italian cigarettes at end of the desk.

Exit to next room and out the door. See a map. The only other place is Hotel Alfonso. Go there.

Back at Hotel:   

The hero returns. Talk to the policeman - Officer O'Halloran. 2B's 2 T's. With the tattoo description - Yes, a salami, I say... Ah - the Martino gang is identified. Click the Italian cigarettes on Officer O'Halloran. Learn that they are black market cigarettes. Talk to the policeman again to learn about Mama Martino Meat Packing at East River docks. Talk to Alfonso and Juanita. Exit the hotel and select the meat packing on map.


Mama Martino's Meat Packing:      

Gain entry to factory:

Salami store - Enter the salami store. Look around. Talk to Chico Garella. Mama Martinos retires you. Give Chico the Italian Cigarettes. Get a trade of Vintage Salami. Exit the store and stand by the pallets right of the store window. See Chico enter the green door and smokes outside. Use the take icon on the bloody apron hanging behind the counter.

Searching factory for clues:

Factory - Wearing the apron, move George to bottom of screen, left of truck, climb the ramp and go right to talk to the guard. Look inside the truck and see a pig and a sack of ice.

Enter the factory and look around. The shutter-roll up doors are all locked. The one at back at left side with a red light on top has people talking behind it. Enter the doorway on the right of the guard. Go downstairs and take the fire proof blanket from wall across the conveyor belt. Check the shutters on the right of the conveyor belt. Hear strange noises like someone is being beaten up. Enter the doorway right of the shutters.

Aria - Enter the aqua-blue door on the left. Hear an aria. Open the medicine box on the wall and see an electronic card reader. Exit room.

Dumpster area - Take the machine safety keys from left of the big white bone cruncher. Go outside and see an air vent on top of the building where the music is coming from.

Forklift - Check the forklift. It appears to be dead. Use the machine safety key on the lock of the forklift below the red-green buttons. Go to the green dumpster right of the area and push it onto the forklift forks. Press the buttons to lift the dumpster close to the vent. Climb the back and roof of the forklift and then on top of the dumpster.

Office - Look through the air vent and hear Fingers talk to Mr. Spallacci. The manuscript is to be filed under F for found. Have to find a way to get the guys out of there. Go down and enter the factory again.

Main Factory - Climb the stairs pass the conveyor belt. Go left of the hanging pigs and see a control panel. Click on panel and see the hanging pigs move on the overhead carousel. Go left and now see that the earlier closed shutter is open with green light on top.

Smoking room - Enter, go down the stairs and see a room with logs. Try to open the metal door on the left. Aaaaagghhh! Use the fire proof blanket to open the door. Enter and look around. Get grease on hands when the pork being smoked is touched. Use the fire proof blanket to pick up the smoldering log by George's left foot to get fire blanket holding smoldering wood. Go back to the vent above the forklift.

Smoke the baddies - Climb up the dumpster on the forklift. Place the smoldering log on the air vent of the office. Need more smoke.

Go down the forklift and go to the truck outside. Save game here. Take ice and run back to the air vent. It would be best to have the mouse wheel 'run' enabled here. If the ice melted before getting to the air vent - get another one. Place the ice on the smoldering wood at the air vent. <choke>

Watch the family leave.

Getting to secret office:

Main factory - Go to the hanging pigs in the main factory. Press the control panel left to get the carousel going. eek! See Tony, the one being beaten up behind the shutters. Search Tony to get a keycard.

Side room - Go to the room with the aqua blue door and medicine box on the wall. If you haven't yet opened the medicine box, do so now. Use the keycard on the electronic keycard reader. See the secret doorway.

Getting manuscript from cabinet:

Office - Enter through the secret doorway and climb up the stairs. Go to the desk. The side drawers are locked. Open the center drawer and take something wrapped in silk hankie. Go to inventory and right click the silk hankie to get a photograph of Lucy Chu and silk hankie.

Check the metal cabinet where the manuscript is kept and find it securely locked. Right click the metal cabinet and select the push icon - the wheels are rusty. Look through the open glass window and see the bone crusher below.

Smoking room - Go to smoking room left of the pig carousel. Enter the metal door and use the silk hankie on the hanging meat to get grease soaked silk hankie. Go back to the forklift

Forklift - Take the keys from the forklift by right clicking on the keys and then selecting the pick up icon.

Bone crusher - Use the keys on the bone crusher. Turn it on by pushing the buttons left of keyhole.

Secret Office - Go up to secret office and use the grease soaked silk hankie on the metal cabinet. The wheels are greased. Right click the metal cabinet and select to push the cabinet towards the glass window. Watch cabinet vs. the bone crusher. Go down and take manuscript and mp3 player.

Leave the factory.

New York Bail Bonds

Research manuscript:

Examine the manuscript by clicking on the (can be found at PDA's notepad under red Latin):

Latin Header - Below the fortress of the one true patriarch awaits the angel. For he who is worthy follows the path of the righteous...

Latin part 1 - The first - Find the knights who share a horse, And grasp the stone that opens the way.

Latin part 2 - The second - Address the arms upon the shields, And close the circle for the knights to let you pass.

Latin part 3 - The third - Follow the Master's worldly route, and prove yourself worthy to lift.

First, the fortress where he did fight, but overwhelmed by Mamluk's might.

Then he travelled to Longshanks' fair city, and as Grand Preceptor he was received.

To the Temple of Villeneuve where he was appointed as Grand Master of the Order.

Before journeying to the island where he holds his court.

Latin part 4 - The last - to see the light, turn from Holy Sion to face, The great fortress of the empire of the East. The seat of the Holy Church in the West. The learned Coptic city to the South.

At left side of the manuscript, click on the fleur-de-lis that is in some kind of pattern. Check the castle with Holy man and King, fires of hell. 

At right side of manuscript; check the coat of arms, fortified city with minarets, holy man and idol at tower Knight-St. George and the Angel.

Click on the Anno (1307) and black symbols (cross, Star of David, crescent moon and cross) at bottom of the page.

When all parts of the manuscript are examined-clicked on, the back arrow at bottom right appears.

Further research is needed and access to Lobineau's site is blocked.


Virgil - Give Virgil the mp3 player. Talk to Virgil about everything. Virgil gives a flash card to be used on the PDA. It is automatically installed on the PDA.

PDA - Click the Connect to access Lobineau's Private Server. Hack the firewall. Virgil gives an explanation. Listen well.

Hacking - Review the manual to learn about hacking. The aim is to get a data stream from the PDA to the data server to be hacked (square with lines).

The stream should pass once only on network point(s) (3 monitors icon).

The stream can be directed or diverted by several items: mirrors that can reflect or bounce the data stream 90 degrees and splitters that takes in the data stream on one end and out the other ends. The mirror can be one sided or double sided. The splitter can be 45 degrees or 90 degrees.

The squares with X are walls and the data stream cannot pass through them.

The circles with slash line are no nos. The data stream should not pass through them. A few seconds only are possible.

To move the diverters, click-hold-drop a mirror or splitter on the square you want it to go. Click on them to turn it the way you want.

Study the set up and plan ahead before moving the diverters.

Hack Lobineau's firewall - One possible solution to hack into Lobineau's firewall:


Check the PDA's notepad and click on red historical database. Scroll the text using the mouse wheel and read about Baphomet, Knights of Templar, Philippe IV, click on continue. Then read on Clement V (mentions the fortified city in the manuscript), Knights Templar again and Jacques de Molay. Click on the X at top right to close the PDA.

Look at the manuscript again on the table and click on the Clement V (holy man), Baphomet (idol), fortified city with minaret and the Knights below on the right side. George deduced that Istanbul is the fortified city. Click on door to go to Istanbul.



Pasha Palace Hotel

Locating the citadel:    

Learn about the Citadel - Talk to the snotty receptionist completely. Go to the dining area and talk to Mevlut, the waiter completely. Learn that the old Citadel is under the Topkapi Palace which is closed at present because of a world conference. Take the knife from the middle table on the right.

Topkapi map - Look at the tourist map right of the reception area. The map shows the Topkapi Palace (seen only after talking to the waiter). Click on all the active spots in the map: entrance, courtyard, harem, fountain (aqueduct), Lover's vestibule (maybe the waiter knows) and museum. Talk to the waiter again and learn about the Lover's Vestibule and the gates.

Exit the Pasha Palace door and select the Topkapi Palace from the map.

Topkapi Palace - Talk to guard and learn that the only one that hasn't signed in is Eamon O'Mara (BS3 fame). You need his ID card.

Get an ID card - Go back to hotel. Talk again completely to the snotty receptionist. Learn that there's an important letter for Eamon from Topkapi. Try to take the letter at end of the desk. Hmm...Talk to Anna Maria about Eamon or use the Anna Maria icon on the letter.

Click on the framed picture beside the computer and note the receptionist swinging a golf club. Talk to the receptionist again especially about golf. Then, click the Stobbart golf club in inventory on her. While George is showing his form, see Anna Maria take the letter.

Talk to Anna Maria and get the map and Eamon's ID card. In inventory, right click to separate the map and ID card. If you haven't yet, take the knife from middle right table at the dining area. Use the knife on George's Bail bond ID card to get photo of George. Combine the photo of George with Eamon's ID card to get ID for Topkapi and Eamon's photo. Go to Topkapi.

Topkapi Palace

Gaining Entry:

Get to the wall - Talk to guard. Up your alley. The other guard at the gate has a poster of Eamon in his home. Uh oh. The guard by the gate will not let George pass. Try passing through the patrolling guard or the guards by the arch. Still no go. Talk to Anna Maria and she will distract the guard. Walk behind the distracted guard and see scaffoldings.

Scaffoldings - Climb to the top of the right scaffolding. Wait until the guard starts to move to the left and take the cell phone seen on the ledge above the lamp. Look-right click the cell phone in inventory to learn the guard's cell phone number. Place the phone back where you got it.

Go to the left end scaffolding and climb up. Go to the right end of the top scaffolding and use the PDA. Call the guard's cell phone. Watch and wait for the patrol guard on the left to just turn away and then climb up on the broken part of the wall.

Sneaking through palace:

Harem garden guard - Wait until the guard turns around. Follow close to him to the arched opening on the wall ahead. Climb the arched opening.

Distract guard with dog - George faces a window. There's a guard and a dog at the other hallway.

Click on the blue spot on the window sill in front of George and George will note that there's loose plaster here and rubble underneath. Use the knife on the loose plaster and it falls on the ground. The guard and his dog check the noise. 

Run to the other hallway where the guard was and click on the cup on the window sill. George will drink the tea. Run back and hide at the other hallway. The guard leaves to make a new tea but leaves the guard dog behind.

Distract the dog - In inventory, use the knife on the salami to get slice of salami. Go to the windows at the corner. See a clothes line hanging from the third window from the corner. Pull the string up and attach the slice of salami on clothes line. The dog comes to the bait. Go down to the garden and walk through the open archway.

Museum - While at the balcony, see the fountain and the museum entrance below.

Hack the Museum computer - Go down the stairs and see a computer. Use the PDA to connect-hack into the Topkapi Security Management.

Select System, Laser in test mode for 1 hour, Doors unlocked. Then click OK.


Getting through museum:

Laser puzzle - Go to the door at opposite end of the computer. Read the sign on the right about infrared alarm system.

Enter and right click the metal box right of the door. Open the door of the ventilation system. Place the hotel flyer on the grille and George closes the door. Use the lighter on the flyer. The smoke fills the hallway. Now the lasers can be seen.

Go down the hallway. Wait for the laser lights to go off and walk a few steps until the next one. Do this until the end of the hallway.

Door lever puzzle - Talk to the door on the left to learn that Anna Maria is at the other side.

Pull the levers on the left to lower the bars. From left to right, pull down levers 1, 2 and 4.

Macabre head door puzzle - Go to the door left of the statue. Right click one of the macabre head planking the door. Click the Anna Maria Icon on one of the macabre heads. Together George and Anna Maria open the door.      

Below the fortress of the one true patriarch awaits the angel. For he who is worthy follows the path of the righteous...

Courtyard fountain:

Get to the fountain - Look across to the right of the area. See a control panel on the wall right of the guard standing by the museum door.

Walk over there by keeping behind the columns. Use the power switch and the water drains out. George moves to the right but the guard pulls the power switch backs on.

When the guard goes back to sit down, go back to the control panel. Use the paper clip on the power switch. This shorts the power switch. Move George to hide.

Wait until the guards talk and move away. Immediately go down to the dry fountain and click on the center statue. Need another pair of hands. Use the Anna Maria icon on the statue. Together Anna Maria and George push the statue and a hole is revealed. Go down the hole.

Searching the catacombs:   

Pipes - Walk the walkway with the pipes running on the wall. At intervals are red valves that change the flow of the water in the pipe. Close to the end of the pipes at lower pipe, there's a gauge that shows some amount of water running through the pipes. Click on it and George says not a lot. At the end of the line of pipes, there's light colored block on the wall. Let's divert all the water to the pipe close to this light colored block.

Divert the water flow - Starting from the rightmost red lever, turn the valves to get the water to flow: left, down, top-down and bottom- left. Then turn the red round valve to close. Check the gauge on the left and note that pressure is very high now. Now, turn the last valve on the line to valve open.

 See the light colored block pops out.

The first - Find the knights who share a horse, And grasp the stone that opens the way.

2 knights on a horse - Climb through the hole on the wall. Go forward until the ledge. Climb down to the citadel floor. Look at the white drawing at the center of the floor - 2 knights on a horse.

Following the manuscript clue - click the Anna Maria icon on the button right of the closed door. Move George to stand on the drawing of the knights on the horse at the center of the room before Anna Maria presses the button. The door opens.

The second - Address the arms upon the shields,

Knight 1 - Go through the door and forward to an open chamber. Go left of the open doorway and see a statue of a knight holding a shield. Look close to see a puzzle.

The black symbols at bottom of the page of the manuscript showed cross, Star of David, crescent moon and cross.

The next progression from that icon arrangements would be moon, cross, star, moon.

Click on the Roman numerals to turn the icons to show = moon, cross, star, moon.

The entryway opens on the right to reveal another knight statue.

Knight 2 - Study the manuscript and note the position of the fleur-de-lis on the left of the text.

Note that the red fleur-de-lis on the manuscripts shows 2 top and then 2 left. Logically, the next set will be 2 red bottoms.

The blue fleur-de-lis showed one bottom, 2 right blues and one top. Logically, the progression would be 2 of blue at a position. So the next in sequence would be one top and one left blue fleur-de-lis.

Solution - Arrange the top circle with blue on top and red at bottom. The bottom circle should be arranged to have the blue on the left and the red at the bottom.

Knight 3 - Study the coat of arms at top right of the manuscript.

The top left quadrants of the manuscript shields in order left to right:

1. Showed blue fleur-de-lis, the next gold fleur-de-lis and then blue. The logical next color will be gold fleur-de-lis.

2. Showed gold background, then blue background and then gold background. The next logical color will be blue background.

The top right quadrants of the manuscript shields in order left to right:     Showed 2 gold lions in blue background, then 2 blue (from previous background) lions in white background and then 2 white (from previous background) lions in red background. The logical next one would be 2 red lions (from previous background) in gold background (from lion colors).

The bottom left quadrants of the manuscript shields in order left to right:     Showed 2 white lions in red background, next is one red lion in gold background and then 3 gold lions in blue background. The logical next one would be 2 blue lions in white background.

The bottom right quadrants of the manuscript shields in order left to right:     Showed 1 gold fleur-de-lis in red background, next is ?# white fleur-de-lis in gold background and then 2 gold fleurs-de-lis in white background. The logical next one would be ?# white fleur-de-lis in gold background.

Solution - Arrange the tumbler: top left to 3 yellow fleurs-de-lis on blue background, bottom left to 2 blue lions on white background, top right 2 red lions on yellow background, and bottom right to one white fleur-de-lis on yellow background. Hear a click.

And close the circle for the knights to let you pass.

4th puzzle - See that the 2 alcoves planking the Knight 3 puzzle are now active. Note the angel inside an alcove at bottom right of the manuscript.

Click the Anna Maria icon on one of the active spots on the ground in front of a side alcove.

George and Anna Maria enter the alcoves. See the floor lower to another chamber.

The third - Follow the Master's worldly route, and prove yourself worthy to lift.

First, the fortress where he did fight, but overwhelmed by Mamluk's might. - Acre

Then he travelled to Longshanks' fair city, and as Grand Preceptor he was received. - London

To the Temple of Villeneuve where he was appointed as Grand Master of the Order. - Paris

Before journeying to the island where he holds his court. - Cyprus

Worldly route puzzle - Enter the new chamber and see the Angel on a stand. The door closes. Do not pick up the Angel yet or you die.

Click on the different buildings on the floor. See that it is a map of sorts and learn the different cities locations. 

Based on the manuscript clues and the hacked historical data base, right click and use the gear icon to stand in order on: Acre, London, Paris and Cyprus. Pick up the Angel.


The last - to see the light, turn from Holy Sion to face,

The great fortress of the empire of the East. - Constantinople

The seat of the Holy Church in the West. - Rome

The learned Coptic city to the South. - Alexandria

Find the exit or to see the light - Based on the manuscript clues and the hacked historical data base, click the arrows on the central stand so that it points to left to Constantinople and press down arrow (hear a click). Then get the stand to point down to Rome and then press down arrow. Lastly, get the stand to point right to Alexandria and then press down arrow.

After a night of interlude, George reminisces on how he reached his present situation.

Jailbird George:

Jail cell - The inventory is empty. Look around the jail cell. Look at the damp wall, the mortar is crumbling. See a rat run inside the rat hole at bottom left wall. Check the rat hole. Ouch! Check the rat hole again and get a bracket. Use the bracket on the loose mortar on the right wall. Right click to pull the block.

Escaping cell:

Father Nicolas and Sister Immaculata come to visit. Father Nicolas gives a bag of marbles, mechanical mouse and squeaky toy.

Before Sister Immaculata leaves she says - On the roof, one hour - be there. In inventory, right click the bag of marbles to get piece of cloth, marbles and string. Look at the table on the left by cell bars to see moldy cheese.

Take care of the guard - Look at the drain system on the floor and see that the drain system runs out of the cell.

Place the marbles on the drain. Go to the next cell. Click on the jail door to call the guard. Oopsie!

Go back to next cell and take the cell key from the napping guard. Use the cell key on door.

Use the piece of cloth and string on the guard. Now he can't follow you.

Guard dog - Go up the stairs. On the way, George thought that his things were on the table on the left of the hallway.

See a dog and a can of beef on the table. Right click the mechanical mouse to get mouse key and mouse.

Use the squeaky toy on dog and immediately get the can of beef. Use the mouse key on can of beef to get open can of beef. Use the open can of beef on dog bowl. Now the dog is busy.

Go to the right and climb the stairs.

Escaping palace:

Museum - See that you are back at the museum computer area. Click to find out that the computer has additional firewall and can't be hacked.

Go back up the stairs and look on the first open railing on the balcony. Click on balcony to see that George will not climb the rail if the guards are not distracted.

Distract the museum guards - Go back down to the museum grilled door where the laser alarm system is on. Use the mouse on the grilled door.

 Immediately go back to the stairs and climb up. With the guards distracted, climb the railing and the vines to get to the roof.

Crossing roofs:

Now to find the nun. Go left and click the front wall to see that is has loose stone.

Use the squeaky toy on the loose stone. The toy will talk and the guard comes to check.

Go right of the dome, forward, right and see a nun at far right. Go over the wall and meet - NICO!

Just like old times - Yeehah!

Pasha Palace

Gaining entry:    Dumb and dumber... I smell a trap.

As Nico -  (You take the walk from a nun but not from Nico). Talk to the receptionist. There's no room available now.

Continue to talk about Eamon. With the elaborate story told, get the key for room 505. Take the elevator and go upstairs.

Looking for clues:   

Get to room 304 - In room 505 and as George, climb to the ledge outside the right window. See the window you want to go to.

Go right. After the canopy, jump down to shimmy the ledge. Drop down to the balcony on the fourth floor. If you go left, a scream will be heard from a lit window. Go right and climb over the railing. Drop down to the 3rd floor ledge. Walk to the left until you see a policeman's shadow on the window. Drop down and shimmy the ledge. Shimmy left and climb back to the ledge after passing the guard's window. Enter room 304's window.

Pick up the rosary on the carpet. Look and right click the rosary in inventory. At the back of Anna Maria's rosary, it says Memento Mori.

Enter the bathroom and take the credit card receipt from the trash can. Watch the Mevlut - waiter - the priest... interlude.

Hack the Credit R Us - George talks to Nico. Check the credit card receipt in inventory. Use the PDA, connect and hack Credit R Us.


Get Anna Maria's address.


Rome Apartment

Try to enter building:   

Brother Mark - Walk to the door on the left. Look at the sign and then try to open the door. The man sweeping the street says it's a matter of keys. Talk to Brother Mark completely. Look at the yellow car. Talk to Mark about the car and find out that he's a big fan of Lucy Chu.

Talk to Archie, the drunken tramp sitting on the steps. Learn a lot about key and Mark. Look at where Archie keeps on looking. Try to take his bread.

Bread - Talk Nico to distract Archie and then get the bread. That didn't work. Talk to Mark completely. There's God and there's Lucy Chu.

Try to move the left shrub by the apartment's front door. Mark will complain. Get Nico to talk to Mark. Then take Archie's moldy bread.

Use the moldy bread on Mark's yellow car. Bad George!

Go to the left shrub and move it. George takes the apartment key. Use key on door.

Gain entry to the apartment:

Go up and try opening the door. It's locked. Mark's apartment is at the lower part of the hallway. Go through the double doors to the balcony at end of the hallway. See a nun at the building across the road. Shimmy up the ledge and go left. There's a break on the ledge. Go back and shimmy to the right and to the end of the building. Jump down and shimmy on the cable from this building to the building across the road. Nice shadow graphics.

Get pass the Nun - Jump down on the first balcony. Save game here. Remember there's a nun on the next balcony. Try the door of the first balcony. Wait until she turns to go in her apartment. Immediately, go over the railing and shimmy to the right.

Anna Maria's apartment - Then shimmy to cross the road and drop down on the balcony with a locked double door. Look through the window.

Use the Stobbart telescopic golf club on the bar on top of the double doors. George opens to let Nico in.

Searching apartment:   

Click on the picture of the nun - Anna Maria on the mantel. Nice repartee. She is standing on a Vatican wall, the words are Memento Mori.

Enter the bedroom and look around. Take the metro ticket to Cipro Musei Vaticani from the bed.

Go to kitchen and take the airline ticket stub for Phoenix, AZ.

Exit the room and talk to Mark about a package. Go out the building and go to the end of the street to the right and go to Vatican.

Rome Monastery

Finding a way through wall:   

Go forward and try the double doors to the right. Listen to George the tourist. Ring the door bell and talk to Sister Serena.

Go forward and talk to the nun, Sister Angelica through the window left of the doors. There's a paper on the desk that is active. Try the double doors again so that George will go through another tourist bit. Go left towards the guards. Read the metal plaque right of door - Monastery of the Order of St. Michael. Talk to the guards and hahahahaha. Sorry.

Talk to Sister Angelica again. Ring the doorbell and talk to Sister Serena. This is the Sister of Mercy Communion Wafer Supplies (Wafer Factory).

Hack the Vatican server - Go back to Anna Maria's apartment. Use the PDA, connect and hack into the Vatican Server.

For a fun dialogue - try calling the Wafer Factory from here at the apartment. Go back to the Vatican.

Getting through Wafer Factory:

Sister Angelica - Hiding beside Sister Angelica's window, call the Wafer Factory. Sister Angelica leaves her desk. Take the schedule paper right of her desk. Ah, the health inspector is coming. Talk to Sister Angelica when she comes back. George is now Henry Steiner, the health inspector.

Inspect the factory - Listen to Sister Serena's tour. Look around after the tour.

Go to the area where the wafers are packed; the clean area with boxes that is across Sister Angelica's room. Click on the protruding box on the shelf on the left and Sister Serena states that those are wine and wafers for emergency.

Try to touch the open box on the table. It is a food free area. Tilt the light colored box that is on top of the pile by the wall. Take a box of wafers from the open box on the desk.

Tilt the light colored box again and place the moldy bread in the open box. After the health inspector's scolding, use the knife on the emergency wine and wafer box on the shelf. Take a miniature bottle of wine.

Climb up the metal stairs and walk to the end. See and open the dough mixer. Pour the bottle of wine in the dough mixer. Go down the stairs and watch what happens.


Rome Monastery

Information on Anna Maria:

Yard - Go to the hall behind the clean area, pass Sister Angelica's office and out the door to the yard. Go up the stairs and see that the gate is locked. Go down and climb the crates at the corner of the yard. Shimmy up and move left to the break on the top of the wall. Climb and see the Monastery garden.

Get pass the monks - There are 3 monks working in the garden. George needs to get to the door at the other end of the garden. Watch the routine of the monk close to the door.

Note that the monk at center can see the door. He needs to get distracted. Note that there are birds around.

Walk to the left side of the top left plant stand. Then wait for the best time to go to the plant stand at top right. Use moldy bread on the top right plant stand.

Quickly go back to the top left stand. When the birds distract the monk on the center, move to the center path directly in front of the door.

You might need to get the best timing with the third monk by the door. He turns a bit. When the monk by the door is busy working on the shrub on the right, click open the door while still standing at center path. Do not run and move forward to the door.

Monastery offices - Inside the double doors, note that there is a large trap door on the floor.

Go up the stairs on the left and walk the hall. Enter the door at far end.

Study the painting behind the desk. Turn to the desk and open the top right drawer. Look at the blue journal with Anna Maria's name on it. Cardinal Gianelli walks in and catches George. He calls the Monsignor.

Monsignor Devlin and Father Gregor escort George out of the monastery. Learn that Anna Maria worked there but stole a manuscript. Father Gregor gives his business card.

Finding clues about Anna Maria:

Mark's apartment - Go back out of Anna Maria's apartment and go to Mark's apartment down the hall.

Talk to Mark. Show him Father Gregor's business card. The Big Enchilada! Talk to him again. Get the package for Anna Maria.

Show him the pen from hotel in inventory. It came from the Black Cat Massage Club at the Old Town. Talk to Mark again to learn the address of the Black Cat Club.

Go back to Anna Maria's apartment. In inventory, right click the package to get an unmarked DVD. Use the unmarked DVD on the computer on the table. Learn about monatomic gold in Phoenix, AZ made by Maynard. It is a white powder gold that even Moses used in the desert - manna. Nico goes to check it out.


Black Cat Club

Entering club:

Try ringing the doorbells on different houses. Talk to the man by the Black Cat Club plaque. You need a membership card. Go back to the apartment.

Mark's apartment - Talk to Mark again about the membership card. Show Mark the picture of Lucy Chu. Talk to Mark completely and learn that he wants a personal picture that would show that 'it was meant for you'.

Move away from Mark's apartment, use the pen on the photo of Lucy Chu. Go to Mark's apartment again. Talk to Mark again about the club and give him the forged signed picture of Lucy Chu. Kiss kiss, kiss. Get the Black Cat card.

Black Cat Massage Parlor - Show the Black Cat card to the bouncer. Go down the steps and enter the club.

Searching club:

Try to enter the doorway right of the receptionist. You need to change.

Go to the shower and locker room on the left. See locker 17 is open.

Go to the shower area to the right. Check the middle occupied shower and try to take the towel. Nope.

Go outside to the locker room and look around. See a painting by the corner wall. Move the plant stand left of the painting. Turn the valve. Ah, hot water.

Go back to the now steamy shower. Take the towel. George will automatically change.

Go to the doorway right of the receptionist.

Go down the hallway and enter the steam room on the right. Talk to Duane of BS2 fame. Spallacci owns the club. Go to the exit and get caught.


Spallacci asks about Anna Maria and money. A call is received on the radio about what to do with Nico. Oh No! George is hit unconscious.

Use the wall plug on the lower left wall. The pink bunny drops a long hook on George's head. Talk to the metal box.

Now click on the hanging strap twice. Click on the oil bottle on the table to make the floor slippery.

Save game here to replay the next fascinating sequence. Click on the wall plug again and watch.

Finding clothes:

Use the curtain on the wall and hear Spallacci talk with Cardinal Gianelli.

Right click, look and use the button left of the window. Door opens. Exit.

Pssst comes from the steam room. Go down the steam seating area. Click on the central drain and talk to Duane. He can't give you the key to get out of here because of the drain.

Go back to the locker room and click on locker 17 to get dressed.

Escaping club:

Go back to the steam room. In inventory, attach the paper clip to the rosary to get rosary with clip. Use rosary with clip on the drain.

In inventory, right click the rosary with the key to get rosary, key and paper clip back.

Go out and walk the hallway. Use the key on the first locked door on the right to enter the laundry.

Exit, walk the road and George has a moment of despair.

Rome Apartment

Defuse bomb:

Mark greets a drunken George with the news that the gasmen came and fixed his leak. Uh oh!

At the apartment's kitchen, see a bomb. The military has knowledge on how to defuse the bomb. You have 10 minutes. Save game here.

Use the PDA, connect and hack the US Military database. Note the use of double sided mirrors at 2 points below.


Read the notebook. Scroll down with mouse wheel to get to the hacked notes faster.

Read the 2 notes: Self Protection and Defusal. Then talk to Mark and ask for his shocking pink gloves.

Save game here. Click to look at the bomb.

Use the paper clip on the bottom blue wire and attach it to the 'Live Trigger Wire'.

Use the knife on the top blue wire. We did it!

George keeps the C4 explosive as souvenir.

NICO! George faints.


Play as Nico. Read the PDA notepad to find out Nico's thoughts.

Getting into compound:

Entry - Try to open the gate. Look inside the jeep and get jack handle. Use jack handle on gate.

Enter and look around for any entry to buildings. Go forward and right behind the right building.

Going up - See a dumpster below a break in the gutter of the first floor building.

Pull the crate right of dumpster. Climb over the pulled crate and go behind crate to the wall.

Push the dumpster. It wouldn't budge. Use the brake lever of the dumpster. Now push it to the left.

Position Nico to move the crate under the broken gutters - pull left and then push back the crate.

Climb up the crate into the roof of the first floor.

Go to the green ramp at right and climb up to the second floor.

Shimmy up to the metal bar and go left to the metal ramp. Climb up and jump to the left metal ramp.

Go around and climb to the roof. Look around and see nothing to gain entry.

Look for access to other building - Look across to the other building and see a red lever by metal ladder.

Gain access to other building - Pick up stones-rubble from the floor.

Turn the antenna at center of roof to position it to slingshot the rubble to the metal ladder across the road.

Click rubble on the hook of the antenna to shoot it. If the aim is true, the metal ladder is released when the red lever is hit.

Go down to the ground and climb the metal ladder.

Crack on the roof - On the roof, see a gaping crack that separates this side to the other side. To check how deep the crack is, push the crate down the hole. It's deep.

Then push the big pipe to the place where the crate was. Click on pipe to get Nico to crawl inside the pipe to the other side.

Hole in the roof - Right click the hole in the roof. Check how deep this hole is by picking up rubble and dropping it in the hole. Not that deep. Climb down the hole.

Searching loading bay:

Look through the window. Check the gold plated name tag on the desk and picture on the wall of Ronald Maynard, Director of Engineering.

Hack the secretary's computer - Check the computer at other side of the room. Hack the computer. Use PDA, connect and c.jenkins_office1

Read the recovered Files from Secretary's PC. One of the e-mails states to change the codes - reverse the dates at the very least.

Locked door - Look at the framed wedding picture on the left table. The date is 12-08-91.

Go to the locked door. Click on the keypad left of door. Enter 91-08-12.

Entry to the lower level - Enter the loading bay. Walk the ramp, jumping over the break in the ramp. Jump down to the metal grill and shimmy down and left. Jump down over the crates at the end. Look at the gaping hole on the floor. Check the large hopper on the floor. See a piece of something on the edge of the hopper. Pick it up and ooops...

Investigating facility:

Elevator room - Hear something; someone is here. Look around and see 'quite a mess'. Exit the room.

Kitchen - Enter the lit room across the hall. Look at the hook above the sink - one of the hooks is empty. Take hook. Something is on top of the right wall cabinet. Move the table closer and climb up to get the stick of gum. Exit and go down the hall.

Men's locker room - Someone closed the door. Try to open the 6th locker from left. Use the jack handle to open locker. Take the engine oil. Look-right click at the keypad (electronic lock) by the door.

Hack the electronic keypad. Use PDA, connect and admin.pc_office7. Exit the room.

Open the door at end of hall. Go down the steps. Enter the door on the next floor. The first 2 doors are locked the old fashioned way.

Elevator room - Enter the open door on the right and get locked in again. There's an elevator here that needs a key.

Try the door again and hear a nasty laugh. Meet Spallacci's goon. Maynard ala Rambo with his AK47 to the rescue.

Maynard shows off his centrifuge that makes monoatomic gold and the safe with the money.

Trying to open safe:

Help Maynard move the safe. Talk to Maynard. Climb the counter on the right and up the broken ceiling.

Pulley control - Look around and see rollers and a pulley overhead. Click on the control panel and note that the chains are rusted in place. Use oil on the right red panel below the chains.

Move the safe - Now use the control panel to move the pulley over the hole on the floor. Using the arrows below select: right and then down.

Go down the hole and off the safe. Use hook to attach the pulley chain to the handle of the safe.

Go back up to the panel. Use the control panel to move the safe: up and then left. The safe is now on the rollers. Maynard comes up from floor.

Fix the roller control stand - Go right of roller, right again and up the control stand platform. Check the roller control stand and find out it is dead. Not wired. Talk to Maynard. He says wires need connecting. Go back to platform stand. Click on the front side and look-see. The wires are loose. Use the gum on the panel wires.

Now, use the stand - still doesn't work. Talk to Maynard again. He'll fix it. There you go, good as new.

Move the rollers - Using the arrows, move the rollers to get the safe as close to the centrifuge opening. Click on arrows: left, left, down, right, right up, left, down, left, left, up, up, up, up, up, up and up.

Centrifuge - Push the safe. Ask Maynard for help. Watch what happens.

Enter and pick up the paper from the main floor to get: Maynard's keys and plastic folder (bank statement from St. Michael #3 and technical drawing). Right click the bank statement. Hear the goons blocking escape.

Escaping the goons:

Centrifuge room - Exit the centrifuge. The steps to go up is watched by the goons. Exit through the door across the centrifuge stand. Use Maynard's keys on the door. Climb up to the next level.

Access elevator room - See a light switch on the left wall. Open the door and see a goon guarding the elevator door. The goon checks the noise. He left the door open using the doorstop.

Get rid of the goon - Use engine oil on the doorstop. Turn off the lights using the switch on the left. Use the doorstop to close the door again and hide at left corner. Watch the goon come in and slip on the oil.

Elevator room - Immediately go to the second room on the right. Close the door and use Maynard's keys on the door to lock it. Listen to the goons. Ha, he left the keys in the elevator. Use the elevator by clicking on the circle of the left panel.

Escaping the loading bay:    Go left of the ramp. Fingers will answer to Spallacci.



Rome Apartment

After Nico's report about a possible weapon and George's still hopeful belief that Anna Maria is not evil, they decided to go back to the monastery without Mark.

Rome Monastery

Breaking back in:   

Archie - Talk to Archie and learn about a secret stash. Try to take the bottle of meths from the ground. Talk to Archie about the meths and trade. Nothing you have he wants as trade.

Go left and left again. Search the trash bin left of the guards. Take a half full bottle of Krueg champagne from the trash bin.

Go back to Archie, talk to him and trade the champagne for his meths. Take the half bottle of meths.

Distract the guards - Go back to the trash bin left of the guards. Use the bottle of meths on the trash bin and light it with the lighter. Automatically, George and Nico hide. Run to open the wafer factory and enter.

Searching for clues:

Look around and check the earlier closed door across the conveyor belt. Enter and see Sister Angelica watching a back up processing machine.

Nico takes Sister Angelica for a private talk outside.

Look around the room. Check the wafers on the conveyor belt. George eats 1 or 2 wafers. Play with the control panel and George messes it up.

Go between the 2 tanks at the backend of the room. Look at the monoatomic gold on the floor between the 2 tanks.

Sister Angelica and Nico comes back in. Talk with Sister and learn about the Holy powder used to make special wafers. It is for Il Papa.

Someone is coming - it is Cardinal Gianelli going to the monastery via the backdoor.

Following Cardinal Gianelli:

Go out the backdoor and see the Cardinal up the stairs. Climb up and watch the Cardinal sneak back to the office.

Sneaking pass the monks again - There are 3 monks patrolling the garden. Watch the monks' route and plan how to get into the far door.

Watch the pattern of the closest monk patrolling the closest path. Enter the middle garden path and hide on the shadows made by the hedges and the plant stands - best to stay on the left side hedges.

Be careful of the 2 monks at center paths. Run to the top left dark corner and watch until the monks are gone. Click to open the door from afar and run to the door.

Inside Monastery - Meet Nico. Climb the stairs on the left. Walk the hall to the open door on the left.

Enter Monsignor Devlin's office and Oh My! George was really manipulated. Learn about Monsignor Devlin, the Ark and the purpose of the weapon.

George is awakened by Mark. Cardinal Gianelli has more information to impart. Study the new manuscript book in inventory.

Go next door and look again at the painting on the wall. Study the painting; especially the bottom corners of the frame. There are 2 angels with a crack on their necks and 4 hour glasses in various positions.

Finding Nico:

Trap door - Go back downstairs to the room off the main monastery door. Look at the trap door on the floor.

Use the Mark icon on the lock; then use the golf club on the lock of the trap door. Go down the stairs.

The Vatican

Gaining entry:

2 Angels - See 2 angels. Turn the hourglass' position similar to that seen at the bottom corners of the Ark of Ashod's painting.

Turn the right angel's hourglass: left hourglass is upright with sand down and right hourglass is on its side with the sand on the right.

Turn the left angel's hourglass: the same way - left hourglass is upright with sand down and right hourglass is on its side with the sand on the right.

Climb up and pull at the neck of both angels. Do the left angel's neck first before doing the right angel's neck. Thanks Pokey!

Ah, a satisfying click and the head is now in place.

A stone slab opens but closes immediately. Use Mark's icon on throat-neck of last angel. Go down the stairs. Be careful, George!

Catacombs' heavy door - Go to the door at the end of the hallway. It is very locked.

Touch the light bulb in socket. Hot! Use the fire blanket to get light bulb.

Look at the junction box with plastic cover on the wall back at the corner. Use knife to remove the plastic cover. Wear the pink gloves to loosen the wires.

Go back to the empty socket. Place the C-4 explosives on the empty socket.

Go back to the junction box. Wear gloves again to connect the wires. There you go!

Pushing on:

History of the Ark - Go through 'open' doorway. As George reads the Latin verse, George is face to face with a gun.

Mark and the cavalry arrives but Mark...

George talks to Anna Maria. Nico is in danger because of the planned ceremony to empower the Ark.

Read the 14 Latin verses and learn the history of the Ark. Talk to Mark and Spallaci by Latin verse 8.

Enter the open doorway on left passage. A monk arrives but now a new hero - Archie. Find out about Archie's secret stash - the ole boy's wine cellar.

Searching for the Ark:

Review the manuscript book.

Cross puzzle - Look at the wall on the right and see crosses. There are 3 empty squares and 3 middle crosses are movable.

The manuscript book shows pictures of Jesus: Carrying cross, putting it down and the actual crucifixion.

When the cross manuscript pictures are superimposed on the puzzle: the top crosses turn counterclockwise 45 degrees and the bottom crosses would turn

counterclockwise 135 degrees. The middle row should turn 90 degrees counterclockwise.

Using the manuscript's middle manuscript cross that is leaning to left, arrange the 3 movable crosses to 90 degrees difference counterclockwise.

The door opens.

Manuscript crosses Solved cross puzzle

Floor tile puzzle - Enter and go forward to the symbols on the floor. Walk the floor without any uh ohs! Use the second Latin text as guide.

Second Latin text: 

The battling armies ensure

Strict rules that they respect

No Mamluk can follow Templar or Hospitaller

Of lowly breed, Mamluk must follow Turk

To escape the Assassin, sidestep to right.

Templar and Assassin must never follow the other.

Always move forward and never back.

























































 Start at Hospitaller at bottom and walk up to end at Hospitaller on top.

Floor trap puzzle - Go forward to the next puzzle. Walk George on the skinny path and he falls into a trap and is being crushed.

Anna Maria will need to release the trap.

Use the same second Latin verse clue for the sequence of icons.

Push the lever of the: dagger (assassin), crescent moon (Turk), lion (Mamluk) and cross (Templar).


Templar Master statue puzzle - Go forward to next room and see a statue of a Knight to the left.

Use the clue of The Fourth:     The master shall show the way through the warmth of his heart.

The Templar Knight must be Jacques the Molay. The show the way (map) and warmth (fire).

Place the map on the statue's hand. Use lighter to burn it. The door opens.


Ark room - Go forward see an empty base at the center of the room. Anna Maria states that was were the Ark was. The first Angel was taken from Mount Horeb.

In frustration, Anna Maria kicked the stand. Poison gas starts to seep in from the walls.

Click to look at the base of the stand - it says Memento Mori. Remember Anna Maria's rosary. Use the rosary on the base of the stand.

The Rescue:

End puzzle - Go to the hallway. Listen George, the Mass has started. Go forward and see Nico tied to the stand with the Ark. She will be the Angel of Death.

Finally:     Thou must prove thy self to be true.

Watch... To save Nico, destroy the 2 angels using the golf club.


I never told her...

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