Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's Curse

By Revolution

Walkthrough by MaGtRo 

January/April 2014


Gameplay:    This is a point and click game.

The main menu has continue, new game, restore, options and exit game.

Options are for audio settings, visual settings, game settings, speech text language and speech audio language.

Credits and Facebook link are in More options.

The audio settings are for music volume, speech volume and sound effects volume.

The visual settings are for speech text, speech subtitles, UI, Achievements announce and fullscreen selections.

Language audio selections are English, German and French. The language text also have Italian and Spanish.


A tutorial is an option at start of a new game. Do the tutorial is you want.

Inventory is a suitcase at bottom left of the screen.

Right click to examine and get a description of an item or hotspot in the game.

Move the cursor to top left of the game screen to see the in-game menu. Display the main menu by clicking on the hammer and spanner icon, hints on the question mark icon and achievements on the gold cup icon.

Catalonia, Spain 1937:    See a car drive to a hacienda where fascist soldiers forcibly enter the gate. The soldiers fire at the residence.

Inside the residence, a man fires back. A young boy is given a medallion by his father and is told to escape now. The father takes the painting above the fireplace and tries to escape with the other man. They are cornered and killed in a room. The boy is warned by Ramon a servant boy that it is too late. The boy drives off with his mother. Inside the room the man in the car takes the painting - La Malediccio.

Paris, Present day:    George Stobbard is in a Parisian gallery talking to Nico. A pizza delivery man enters and brandishes a gun. He takes the La Malediccio painting from the wall. Henri, the gallery owner tries to stop him and is shot dead.

Nico chases the murderer.


Le Lezard Bleu Gallery


Check Henri:

George's company insured the gallery exhibition. There's a cell phone in inventory.

Priest:    Talk to Father Simeon to get him away from the body. Simeon says there's evil here.

Henri:    Look close and examine Henri's body. You can open or close Henri's eyes.

Check the crumpled note under Henri's left hand. 2:30 PM be ready.

Take the Eau de Toilette from the pocket of Henri's vest.

Examine the wall of the stolen panting:   

Go to left wall.

Label:    Check the label of the stolen panting. It is La Malediccio painted by el Sero in 1937. It is priced at 40K.

Check the alarm exposed by the removal of the painting.

Alarm:    Open the door of the alarm and click on the cut wire. It is an inside job. Achievement - Found evidence of sabotage.

Check the pressure pads, speaker and press the test button. The alarm blares.

Other paintings:    Check the other paintings and see that the prices are all more expensive than the stolen painting.

The painting below the stolen one sounded an alarm when touched.

CCTV camera:    Check the security camera above the door. Check the office door and see that it is locked.

Get the door code:

Pizza box:    Check the pizza box. Take the slice of pizza.

Hector Laine:    Check on Paris foremost art critic - Laine. He fainted.

Use the Eau de Cologne on Laine to wake him up.

Take the nail clipper that fell out of Laine's pocket.

Talk to Laine. Laine wants food. Give him the pizza slice.

Talk to Laine again. Ask him all the questions - click on the dialogue icons.

Continue to talk to him to get the door code.

Show him the nail clippers to show that he might have sabotaged the wires.

Laine says he retired early last night. He starts to sweat.

Break the alibi:    Exit the gallery. Look around.

Go left to the Le Tricolore cafe. Talk to the waiter about the gallery, Henri and Laine.

The waiter gives the unpaid bill of Laine. He was here at the cafe after midnight.

Go back to the gallery and show Laine's drinks bill to Laine.

Laine gives the door code - 6397.

George tries the code on the door but the police arrives - Inspector Navet and Sgt. Moue.


Enter the gallery:   

Nico has cell phone and press card in inventory.

Nico is stopped by Sgt. Moue. Talk to Sgt. Moue. Learn that Inspector Navet is an expert in blood spatter. Learn that Moue is tired and wants a drink.

Cafe at Rue Orsel:    Go left to the corner cafe. Talk to the waiter completely.

The waiter will serve only the thinkers and philosophers. Show the press card to the waiter. Now the waiter is nice.

Talk to the waiter and ask for a cup of coffee. After drinking the espresso, ask for a takeaway coffee. See Sacre Coure at top left.

Sgt. Moue:    Go back to the gallery and give the takeaway coffee to Sgt. Moue.

Another "incident" happens and Sgt Moue runs to the petit gendarme room at the corner. Nico enters the gallery.

Achievement - Send Moue to the bathroom.

Distract Navet:

Nico is warned by Inspector Navet.

George updates Nico to what he found out. He wants Nico to distract Navet. Remember that Navet is an expert in blood spatter.

Check the pizza box. Nico places the box on the table. There is a tomato stain that has a gum.

Click on the tomato stain and Nico steps on it to spread it like a blood spot.

Use the press card on the chewing gum to get press card with chewing gum.

Talk to Navet. He's only interested in gore. LOL.


Search the office:

George enters the office. Get a call from Rickenbacker, George's boss.

CCTV:    Check the CCTV monitor on top of the file cabinet. It needs a passcode.

Find the passcode:    Look around.

Check the calendar. Henri circled his birthday 27 May.

Desk:    Look close at the desk. See that there are a lot of items that are active.

Open the drawer. Read the folder. It is about the Vera Security. They are not the security firm recommended by George's company.

George takes the Vera Security Completion Note.

Use the CCTV:    Go back to the CCTV.

Look close at keypad. Enter 2705 on the keypad. Bingo.

Watch video:    Click on "previous frame" button to go back to see older shots.

Press the next frame button to see newer pictures. Watch frame by frame.

- Click on the La Malediccio painting to learn about the snake eating its tail. Achievement - Discover the Ouroboros.

- Click on the thief stealing the painting.

- Click on Henri and then thief with gun. There's writing on the helmet of the thief. Click on the alarm. George wonders about who sabotaged the alarm.

- Click on thief when he was getting away. Look close at the helmet. The logo on the helmet says Waterloo Motors.

- Click on George checking the alarm.

Click to the end of the frames.

Henri's statue:    Check the statue by the window. It is Henri.

Check the fig leaf and a safe opens at the base. It needs a key.

Waste basket:    Check the waste basket left of the desk. It has a credit card notice.

There is a lot of charges to an expensive boutique. Get Henri's address.

Navet:    The Inspector enters. He says that George tampers with his evidence.

Lie to Navet (right picture).

Talk to Navet about Vera Security and the CCTV.

Coffee shop:

Nico and George are at the coffee shop. Talk about everything.

They separate; for George to follow leads and Nico to write the story.

Vera Security


See the map. Go to Vera Security.

George enters a dead end alley in a mall.

Fix the neon sign:   

Stall:     See a stall and stallholder across the office.

Check the stall. Talk to the stallholder. Bassam has a resounding headache.

Ask him about his migraine and then neon sign.

Look close at the neon sign.

Pull the loose wires at bottom left to stop the flashing.

Rearrange the letters to form a new one - Aladdin. Achievement - helped Bassam to name his business.


Get rid of the cockroach:   

Enter Vera Security at left.

Matchbox:    The woman behind the counter screams and tells George to get rid of the monster.

Check the table by right wall. See a filled ashtray and a crumpled Russian cigarette pack - Romanovs.

Take the matchbox under the pack.

Try to use the empty matchbox on the cockroach. George says to entice it.

Bassam:    Exit the office. Talk to Bassam again.

Bassam gives rich tea biscuit to use as bait for the cockroach.

Learn that Vera Security is a new business.

Cockroach:    In inventory, combine the tea biscuit and the empty matchbox to get baited matchbox.

Look close at cockroach. Use the baited matchbox on cockroach.

Once the cockroach enters the baited box, take the matchbox.

Annette:    Talk to Annette with yellow gloves about the gallery.

Annette denies that the gallery is their client. Show her the Vera Security Completion Note.

Check the office door behind the counter. Annette stops George.

Distract Annette:

Check the black book and radio on the counter. Annette listens to the races.

Use the cell phone. Call Vera Security.

Click on the radio at end of counter and George changes the station.

Annette resets the radio.

Click on the black book close to the telephone. George takes a photo of Annette and Laine.

Talk to Annette about the race and the photo. Learn about his little Hector and about her job.

She has not seen the owner. He just faxes her.

George says to put pressure on Laine.

Find Laine:

Exit the office and the mall. Jump to gallery.

Cafe:    Go left and talk to the waiter. The waiter says that Laine was going to console Henri's widow.

Show the waiter the photo of Laine and Annette. They were here the other night, didn't pay the bill and then went to the gallery.

Henri's Apartment

Confront Laine:

Go to the metro right of the gallery. Click on Henri's apartment in the map.

Rue Le Chevre:    Check the cafe and Sasha's Boutique. Sasha was on Henri's credit card notice.

Bois de Boulogne - Park is at end of the road.

Henri's Apartment:    Check the locked door.

Use the intercom. After convincing Laine, enter the apartment.

Laine:    Show Laine the picture of himself and Annette.

Talk to Laine about Vera Security and Annette. Learn that the owner is an angry looking Russian chap.

George gives him the photo. Annette must be lying about not meeting the owner.

Bijou Dubois:    Talk to Bijou, Henri's wife.

Look around. Note the nude paintings in the room. Click on the nude painting above the turntable. It shows Bijou's birthmark in her rear.

Bijou stops George from checking her dressing table and the music box on the bookshelf.

See Henri in his coffin. Check the stuffed dog on the table at left.

Talk to Bijou again. The music is Jasmine by the Hairy Lobsters - Henri's former band. The stuff dog is Fifi.

Vera Security

Enter Vera Security:

George automatically goes to Vera Security. Look around.

Check the shutter of the office and the shutter control left of the lowered shutter.

Check the electrical box above the shutter and the girder-bar running across and above the hallway.

Push the box on rollers beside Bassam's store once.

Click on the girder above to get George to climb the box and shimmy to the left.

Open the electrical box.

Vera Junction box:    Look close at electrical box.

See the fan connected to power supply at right. The power supply has an on-off switch.

The shutter motor at bottom left is connected by wire to the shutter master controller.

Turn off the fan by using the switch of the power supply.

Use the nail clipper to cut the wire connecting the fan to the power supply.

Use the nail clipper to cut the wire connecting the shutter motor to the master controller.

Use the wire from neon light to connect the wire from power supply to the shutter motor at bottom left.

Flip the switch of the power supply. The shutters rolls up. Achievement - opened the shutter to Vera Security.

Search Vera Security:

Enter the office.

Drawer:    Open the drawer at left. Take the Q-tip.

Back room:    Enter through the door behind the counter. It is dark here.

In inventory combine the matches with the matchbox. Use the matchbox and see a light switch right of the door.

Use the light switch to get light.

Check the scooter similar to the pizza man-murderer rode on.

Shredder:    Check the shredder on the table right of the door. There is a letter jammed on the shredder.

Open the lid right of the jammed paper. Check the gears.

Pull back and see a patch of oil on the floor. Use the Q-tip on the oil to get oily Q-tip.

Go back to the shredder. Use the oily Q-tip on the gears of the shredder.

Press the green button and automatically see the shredded paper.

Arrange the papers to form the complete letter.

Pick up a paper and drop it where you want it to go.

Pick up the paper clip at top right.

Learn about a generous offer and the name of the owner of Vera Security.

Get the shredder letter.

Air vent:     Look around. Check the air vent left of the closed window.

Use the paper clip from the shredder on the air vent. Open the air vent.

Get the gun used to shoot Henri.

Inspector Navet arrives with Sgt. Moue and arrests George for planting the gun.

Nico's Apartment


Learn about La Malediccio:

Nico is in her apartment and talks on the cell phone with Ronnie, her editor about the murder article.

An elderly man knocks on the door and sits down.

Talk to the elderly man, Tiago Marques. He says he owns La Malediccio. Learn about his life.

Tiago is the young boy that was taken away by his mother in 1937.

Tiago shows Nico a family portrait with the La Malediccio above the fireplace.

Tiago wants to see the picture taken by Nico of the robbery.

Click on each picture of the robbery. Nico and Tiago make comments.

- George, Henri and thief.

- Thief with painting by door.

- Thief with tattoo. The tattoo is Head Hunter. That is the only clue to go on. Achievement - spotted the murderer's tattoo.

- Badly framed photo. Nico gives the photo to Tiago.

Bring Tiago to Adam's (neighbor) apartment:

Nico wants to keep Tiago around while she checks what he revealed. Tiago is to stay next door.

Hallway:    Check the doormat to get the key to Adam's apartment.

There is no key but the floor creaks and there is a floor crack.

Use the press card with gum on the floor crack. The key is retrieved by the gum.

Use the key on door.

Nico gets Tiago inside and then leaves automatically.


Look for owner of the painting:

Nico is automatically at Rue Orsel by the cafe.

Laine:    Talk to Laine at the cafe. Learn that Henri did the deal on the painting and kept a manifest.

Accept his offer to go to the gallery.

Office:    Laine and Nico enters the Henri's office. 

Laine sits on the sofa. A folder is exposed under the cushion and is seen by Nico.

Get the folder:    Sit on the sofa and talk to Laine. Ask for a glass of champagne.

Take and use the glass of champagne on Laine. Achievement - spilt champagne on Laine.

Take the folder at left end of the sofa and learn that Mr. Medovsky is the owner.

Nico's apartment

Confirm ownership of painting:

Nico's editor Ronnie gets apprehensive upon learning that Medovsky is the owner of the painting. He warns Nico about the danger.

George arrives. George updates Nico on his adventure. Medovsky is both owner of the security firm and the painting.

Tiago arrives and meets George.

Study the picture:    Tiago shows the family portrait to George.

Click on the statues on the mantle and La Malediccio.

Click on mother, child and father. Click on father again.

Tiago shows the medallion given to him by his father before the fascist killed him.

The medallion is an Ouroboros, the symbol of the Gnostics. Tiago's father is a leader of the Gnostics.

The painting has travelled to Madrid - Berlin - Moscow and was lost until now.

If they can confirm that Tiago owns the painting, George's insurance firm need not pay for the theft.


Find Medovsky:

Nico:    Talk to Nico about owner, painting, Vera, tattoo and Waterloo Motors.

Nico checks the internet about Waterloo Motors. It is a garage in London.

Use the cell phone to call Rickenbacker.

Waterloo Motors: Use the cell phone and call Waterloo Motors.

Learn that the guy that bought the helmet brings his boss' car there for service. He gives the address.

Achievement - discovered Medovsky's address.



Get in the mansion:

Nico and George talk about the plan to get inside and meet Medovsky.

Use the intercom. No answer.

Gardener:    Talk to the gardener trimming the topiary.

Check the large topiary the gardener is working on.

Talk to gardener again; ask about the topiary. Nico and the gardener have a philosophical discussion.

Select - thumbsup/good and then eagle. It's a 2 headed eagle symbol of his boss.

Talk to him again about Medovsky. The gardener calls Medovsky.

Nico and George are allowed in.

Medovsky:    Select the brick-hard response to Medovsky.

Talk to Medovsky. He got the painting in an auction. He has never heard of Vera Security. Ask again.

Hobbs is his restorer.

Shears the gardener tells Medovsky that Hobbs is here and needs him. Medovsky leaves.


Search the library:   

Nico stands watch by the window while George searches the library.

Cigarette box:    Check the cigarette box on the round table.

Click on the broken catch of the box.

Cabinet:    Go to the corner cabinet and see the opened door at bottom of cabinet.

Check the business card of W. Hobbs, Fine Art Restorer. Get his address.

Read the note left after Medovsky took the portfolio - el serp drawing for you to check.

Pick up the coin at left end of cabinet.

Check the Russian imperial egg.

War and Peace book:    Read the Presentation note on left side of the book. It is a note from a British politician.

The book's title (War and Peace) is in Cyrillic with numerals 1869.

Wall:    Check the photo above cabinet. It is Medovsky with Libya's Gadaffi.

Check the Privatization Voucher on the left.

The left door is locked.

Bookcase:     Check the bookcase and the Cyrillic typewriter left of main door.

Open the cigarette case:    Go to the cigarette box with broken catch on round table.

Use coin on broken catch.

Take the key on the cover of the box. Check the cigarettes. They are Romanovs - same as the ones in the Vera Security office.

Search the study:

Open door on the left with the key from cigarette box.

Look around in the study. Check the paintings. Check the opened drawer and see candybar wrapper.

Desk:  Examine everything on desk.

See Cyrillic characters on the front panel of the desk.

Typewriter:    Go to the Cyrillic typewriter at corner of bookcases.

Note the characters that corresponds to the numbers in English typewriters.

Note the characters that corresponds to the printing of the War & Peace book - 1869.

Secret drawer:    Go back to the desk in the study.

Press the Cyrillic characters on the front panel of desk that corresponds to 1869.

From left to right: press fourth, second, third and seventh. Achievement - opened secret drawer.

Documents:    George examines the documents in the secret drawer.

Shears must be the one that committed the murder at the gallery.

Nico hears the return of Medovsky.

After placing the items like before and back at the library, Nico warns about the coin that George took.

Medovsky returns. Talk to Medovsky.

Hobbs' Studio

Enter Hobb's studio:

After leaving Medovsky's mansion, they walk outside Hobbs' studio. Look around.

Knock on the door.

Letter:    Check the mailbox and take the letter hanging on it.

Right click the modelling agency letter in inventory. The modelling agency informs Hobbs that they are not sending anymore models here.

Check the drainpipe at the corner, the dumpster and junk.

Navet:    Get a call from Navet. He wants George to be at the gallery for crime scene reconstruction.

Van:    Check the window of the van. The rear door is locked. The van is empty.

Check the cab of the van. Take the whiskey from the glove compartment.

Check the horn on the wheel. The horn is not working.

Flip the bonnet catch under the wheel.

Get the horn working:    Open the van hood-bonnet. The wires of the horn are not connected to the battery.

See wiring loom at top left. Check the blue horn box with 2 loose wires at bottom left.

Go to the junk at bottom right to get 2 lengths of wires.

Go back to the bonnet-hood.

Use the nail clippers on one of the green long wire to make 2 short wires.

Use one short wire on left wire of the blue horn box at bottom left. It attaches the horn to the wiring loom of the dashboard.

Use the long wire on right loose wire of the blue horn box at bottom left. This connect the blur horn box to the battery at right.

Use the second short wire to the top of the battery to connect the battery to the battery terminal. The horn has power.

Get Hobbs' attention:    Enter the van cab and use the horn on the wheel. Hobbs comes out and then goes in again.

Use the horn again. Use the modelling agency letter and Hobbs mistakes them for models.

Heat Hobbs studio:

Hobbs wants George to strip while he paints Nico.

Screen:    Go to the screen behind Nico.

George meets a naked Lady Piermont. After donning her negligee, Lady Piermont goes out to the studio. She is cold.

Thermostat:    Talk to Lady Piermont and she asks George to sort out the heat here.

Go to the thermostat right of the glass doors. Hobbs scolds George. George snitches to Lady Piermont. Lady Piermont threatens Hobbs.

Hobbs warns about the wiring. George raises the thermostat and wonders if he can use it to his advantage.

Distract Hobbs by blowing the fuse:

Hobbs:    Check Hobbs. He's drinking whiskey from the glass beside him. The portfolio is beside his easel.

Get Hobbs drunk:     Use the whiskey bottle from the van on the whiskey glass beside Hobbs.

Stereo:    Look close at stereo under the landing and left of Lady Piermont.

The record is Jasmine Breeze by the Hairy Lobster (Bijou's favorite). Turn the power button. Raise the volume. Click on the record to play it.

Elevator:    Check the balcony door at top of stairs. It is locked.

Press the lift button right of blue door. The lift goes down. Hobbs warns George about tripping the fuse.

Go down and talk to Lady Piermont. Lady Piermont is very cooperative and excited to help George.

Ask Lady Piermont to enter the elevator - to lend weight to the lift.

Go upstairs to the lift button again. Press the button to raise the lift. Lady Piermont on the elevator stops the lift halfway; the fuse blows and the light turns off.

Hobbs:    Hobbs turns the fuse box on and wobbles to the easel. Achievement - got Hobbs drunk.

Elevator:    Press the elevator button again to bring it to the top floor. That blows the fuse again.

Learn about the painting:

Portfolio:    Hobbs fiddles with the fuse box again.

Immediately click on the portfolio. George goes downstairs.

See a sketch of Bijou's birthmark portrait. Hmm...

Turn the pages by clicking on the blank left page. Flip through until the drawing of La Malediccio.

Take the sketch of the La Malediccio's Ouroborus.

Painting:    Talk to Hobbs. Be soft with Hobbs; he's Henri's friend and was just helping him.

Learn about restoration, the painting, Medovsky and symbols. Medovsky has provenance from the painter himself. Laine must have the provenance.



Crime scene reconstruction:

On the map, go to the gallery.

Navet:    Navet and Moue are trying to fix the investigator machine.

Laine:    Talk to Laine. Learn that Bijou handles the business side of the gallery. She has the key to the safe in Henri's office.

Machine:    Try to leave but Navet does not let him go until the reconstruction is done.

Talk to Navet about the machine. He still would not let George take care of the machine.

Check the wire leaving the machine to the socket. Go left and unplug the wire.

Talk to Navet again.

See the close up of the machine. The aim is to get all lights to be green.

Flip the switches to see which lights are affected.

From left to right, flip switches 1, 5, 4 and 3.

Press the red power switch. Achievement - fixed the forensic machine.


Navet nominates George to be the body. George thinks that to get this show moving, he needs to look like Henri.

Nico and Father Simeon arrive. George talks to Nico.

Look like the victim:    Enter Henri's office.

Take the glasses from Henri's statue's head by the window.

Go back to Navet and tell him about the glasses.

Father Simeon:    Talk to Simeon. Learn about the Gnostics and the painting. Simeon is a Dominican - the Hounds of God.

The painting La Malediccio is evil because it is filled with Gnostic imagery like the Ouroboros and false saints.

The Ouroboros has trees inside which means there are hidden secrets. Simeon believes it should be destroyed to keep those secrets hidden.

Show the sketch taken from the portfolio to Father Simeon. He gets very agitated. He talks to Navet about Tabula Veritatis. He wants to leave.

Interpol:    Richard Langhan from Interpol enters the gallery. Father Simeon exits.

Langhan tells Navet about the pizza sauce and invites George and Nico to coffee.

At the coffee shop, George updates Langhan. Langhan warns them that Medovsky is extremely dangerous.

Gehnen's name is familiar to him. Gehnen is the one that wants to buy the painting from Medovsky.

Bijou's apartment

Get music for Bijou:

Jump to Bijou's apartment. Use the intercom. Enter when the door is buzzed.

Record:    See a drunken Bijou crying. Talk to Bijou about her and Henri's song. Learn that the song title is Jasmine. See the record on the floor is broken.

Exit the apartment and exit the place to be in the map.

Find Jasmine music:    Jump to Vera Security.

Talk to Bassam. Check the items in the stall. There's sandwiches, spools of threads, pots, etc.

Check the musical greeting cards. Talk to Bassam again and ask about the song.

Bassam gives a musical card that plays Jasmine by the Hairy Lobsters.

Bijou:    Exit the mall and go back to inebriated Bijou. Use the intercom and enter.

Give the musical card to Bijou.

Change George to look and smell like Henri:

Bijou wants to dance with Henri. George should be Henri.

Go and sit at Bijou's dressing table. Study Henri's picture.

Take wax strips.

Go to Henri's coffin. Take the white flower from Henri's lapel.

Use the wax strip on Fifi the stuffed dog on the table to get waxed dog hairs.

Sit in front of the dressing table again.

Click on the brown eyeshadow and George changes his hair to brown.

Use waxed dog hairs on George's mouth to get goatee.

Use Henri's eyeglasses on George's eyes.

Use white flower on George's buttonhole at right side of his shirt.

Use Eau de Toilette on George's neck.

Henri/George dances with Bijou. Achievement - danced with Bijou.

Henri asks for the safe key. Bijou gives the key.

Bijou collapses and falls asleep. George automatically leaves the apartment.


Father Simeon and the Tablet of Truth:

Father Simeon stops George and talks with him.

Learn that the Tabula Veritatis is the Tablet of Truth based on Lucifer. The Dominicans eradicated the Gnostics but failed to take the Tabula Veritatis.

La Malediccio has clues that points to the location of the tablet.

The Ouroboros has a tree which means hidden knowledge.

The Cathars were not all destroyed.

The Gnostics might be around.

Simeon will follow George to the gallery later so that they can speak privately.

Get the provenance:

Go to the gallery. Use Bijou's keys on door.

Enter Henri's office.

Open the safe:    Go to Henri's statue.

Move Henri's fig leaf to open the secret drawer.

Use Bijou's key on the safe.

See a diamond ring.

Read Hobbs' note to Bijou. It looks like there's more to the relationship.

Take and read the paperwork.

Examine the provenance:

George places the provenance on the desk.

Use Hobbs' sketch on the provenance. The papers are side by side to show that they are from the same paper.

See a part of a coffee stain on both papers.

Click to turn the provenance and get the stains side by side.

The coffee stains match and the tear of the paper are the same. Hobbs' made the provenance. It is a fake.

Get out of the office:

Hear a gunshot. George tries to open the locked door. The documents are back in inventory.

Look close and open the safe. Take the diamond ring Henri gave to Bijou.

Use the diamond ring on the window. Achievement - cut your way out of the office.


Father Simeon:    Enter the gallery. Find Father Simeon shot by the office door. He asks that George stop the Gnostics because they were going to raise Lucifer.

Simeon dies. Take the paper he's holding.

Manuscript:    Examine the manuscript. Read the text as translated from Latin by George.

Check the illustration. The blue and green figures are in control and the red figures are the crowd.

The cover note states that the above scan is the only one that mentions about Tabula Veritatis. This is from statement of Nicholas Eymerich.

Laine:    Laine thinks that George murdered Simeon.

George gets a call from Nico. Something happened at the apartments.

Nico's neighbor's apartment:

Nico is mopping the blood from the floor.

Nico was attacked and Tiago was taken. The place was ransacked like someone is looking for something.

Search the apartment:    Look around.

Check the blood on the floor.

Check the overturned red chair. George takes the Marques' medallion.

Check the mess on the carpet to get Marques' family photo.

Check the sofa to get the scribbled photo taken by Nico of La Malediccio. Marques has labeled the tower of saints with the names of the saints that he questions: Judas and Magdalene.

Nico answer her cell phone. Navet warns Nico that George is dangerous.

Seek refuge:

Fleur shop:    Fleur was expecting George and Nico.

Sgt. Moue is standing outside talking to Adam, Nico's neighbor.

Fleur gives George a ball of yarn that he might need later.

Adam:    Adam enters to wait. He places his CD player on the counter.

Talk to Adam. He's a coin enthusiast and just came back from a coin fair. He's listening to crashing waves and tinkling forest stream on his CD layer.

Show the old coin taken from Medovsky's library to Adam. It is a Platinum 12 ruble. George gives it to Adam so that he can decorate his apartment. Adam says his apartment doesn't need decorating.

Adam leaves to go to the coin shop to have the coin valued.

Get Sgt. Moue away from the door:

Talk to Fleur. Learn that Nico's favorite flower are yellow flowers.

Take flowers from the floor at left. Give Nico the bouquet of flowers. LOL.

Nico explains Moue's problem with his plumbing.

CD player:    Look close at the CD player with the tinkling music. Remember Sgt. Moue's problem.

Press the stop button and then the eject button. Take the Ocean Dreamscape CD.

Stereo:     Check Fleur's stereo. Use the Ocean Dreamscape CD on the stereo.

Moue is affected by the music but not much.

Boxes:    Check the boxes at right. Pee pee?

Take the Manneken Pis statue.

Fleur says that it is a replica. It needs batteries and water and watch it tinkle. Just the perfect Moue item.

Manneken Pis:    Look close at the CD player again. Press the eject button. Take the batteries from the battery compartment.

Combine the Manneken Pis with the batteries. Now it has power.

Use the whiskey with the powered Manneken Pis.

Place the filled and powered Menneken Pis on the trolley.

Push the trolley outside. Achievement - presented the Manneken Pis to Moue.

George calls Nico for the all clear.

Bijou's apartment

Confront Bijou:

Use the intercom and enter the apartment.

Talk to Bijou. Show Hobbs note taken from the safe to Bijou. Bijou loves both Wilf and Henri.

She has been lovers with Wilf since '75. They got Laine to sign the provenance.

They approached Medovsky so that he can sell the painting and get the insurance money.

Hobbs called Bijou about his plan. The original painting is in a secret place. The original is behind Bijou's behind.


Enter Hobbs' studio:

George picks up the chain on the ground. The gate was forced open.

Pick up the crowbar on the ground by the van.

Knock on the door. No one answers.

Use the horn on the wheel of the van. The seagull on the drain pipe flies away.

Drain pipe and seagull:    Climb the drain pipe at the corner right of the door.

The seagull returns to its nest and attacks George.

Talk to Nico and ask her about van horn. Nico uses the horn in the van. The seagull flies away.

Balcony:    Use the crowbar on the crane at top of drain pipe. George swing to the balcony and lets Nico in.

Open Hobbs' secret room:

Look around. Take the dust sheet from the easel at center of room.

George and Nico see a Manet forgery with Nico, George and Lady Piermont as models.

Balcony door:    Go upstairs to the blue balcony door and try to open it.

Use the chain on the blue door. Automatically, George presses the lift button to bring it up.

George attaches the chain to the lift and presses the button to bring it down.

The door is pulled open.

Search Hobbs' room:

Look around. Check the sink, sofa and sandals.

Phone messages:    Check the phone.

Hear the message left by Medovsky. Hear that he's at the airport and the call is for flight BA470 to Barcelona. Hobbs wants to be released in their association. Medovsky sends his man to "tie up loose ends".

Bijou is staying in Paris to clear up Henri's name.

Open the cupboard door below the phone. Take the cola bottle.

Find La Malediccio:    Look at the painting left of door.

It's the painting of Bijou's behind. Remember what Bijou said was Hobbs' clue as to where he hid the original.

Use the crowbar to pry the painting off the wall.

Take and look at La Malediccio. The center of the painting was cleaned by Hobbs. Underneath the cleaned tree is a face with a mark on the forehead.

Hobbs:    Go right and find Hobbs' body.

Examine Hobbs' body. He's been strangled.

Take the mints from his pants' pocket.

Easel:    Look at the easel with empty frame on it.

The frame looks like La Malediccio's frame. The painting was cut out from it. Whoever took it has a forgery.

Pinboard:    Look close at the pinboard left of the landscape at back wall.

Click on top left sketch. It is a sketch of the old man in La Malediccio.

Click on the article about Castell Catala. It shows a human pyramid.

The article has an arrow to the sketch of the human pyramid on La Malediccio. Hobbs wrote Castell on the sketch.

Click on the sketch of the Ouroboros.

Click on the top right sketch of the people in the tree in La Malediccio.

Click on the map of Catalonia. Click on Castell dels Sants (noted on the photo by Tiago) at top right of map.

Achievement - decrypted Hobbs' map.

Questions:    George still has unanswered questions.

Exit the building:   

The building is on fire.

Open the skylight:    Check the skylight on the ceiling above the drip bucket. It is partially opened.

Check the skylight mechanism below the skylight. It is old and corroded.

In inventory combine the cola bottle and the mint taken from Hobbs.

Use the trembling bottle on the skylight. George places the bottle upside down on the drip bucket. The cola rocket opens the skylight.

Get up to the skylight:    In inventory combine the crowbar and the dust sheet.

Use the grapple and line on the skylight.

Nico and George climb to the roof.

They call out to Langhan. Langhan waves at them. He must have been the one that started the fire. He wants to kill them.

George says that they will go to Spain in search of Castell de Sants and Tabula Veritatis.

Achievement - Mystery deepens; finished part 1.


Castell de Sants


Nico and George arrive at the gate of Castell de Sants. They are greeted by gunfire.

Nico is to distract the shooter while George moves into the compound.

As Nico:

Make a distraction:    Inventory has phone, press card with chewing gum and mop.

Examine the crumbled wall above Nico.

Pick up the helmet by Nico's feet. Combine the helmet with the mop.

Use the helmet with mop on the crumbled wall. Go!

As George:

George sprints inside the courtyard and meets an old nemesis.

Look around and see apple tree loaded with apples, old car with side mirror, old brandy bottles, pile of apples and goat attached to a tire.

Pick some apples:    Try to get some apples. Ouch.

Try again - pick apples and immediately move the cursor to the left of George and dodge. Pick up the apples.

Get the side mirror:    Try to get the side mirror of the car. It is too far away and the goat is closer.

Use apple on the bottles. Then see if you can get the mirror. No go.

Use the apple on the pile of apples. He couldn't reach.

Use apple on the bottles again. Then move the tire.

Now you can get the side mirror of the car. Achievement - Outwitted the goat.

Get to outside of house:    Use the side mirror on sun above the Castell. This blinds the shooter at the window and George runs closer.

Ramon:    See a wind chime made up of tin cans.

Talk to the shooter. Learn that Senor Marques is here and alive.

Eva:    Meet Eva. Talk about Eva and Marques. Eva is his daughter. Show her the La Malediccio and she brings him to the house.

Marques:    Marques places the La Malediccio on the frame above the fireplace.

Figure out the painting's secret:

Nico goes out with Eva.

Talk to Marques about everything; learn about the Gnostics and painting. Marques allows George to keep the medallion for now.

Old picture:    Study the old picture of the family by the fireplace. Click on the family.

Click on the statues. See that the 2 statues on the mantle are missing.

Fireplace:    Click on the statues of the young man and old man kneeling in front of fireplace.

Click on carved tree left and right of fireplace.

Painting:    Study the La Malediccio closer. Click on all active spots.

Ask Marques about the old photograph. He mentions about the missing statues.

Great hall:    Examine the room and see shield on the wall with coat of arms.

Talk to Ramon by the window. Goodbye.

Find the statues:    

- Go left of room. Take the green statue on the floor by the candelabra.

- Exit through door left of fireplace to be at inner courtyard. Take the broken green statue from short wall at right. Check the locked library door.

Go back outside via the front door. See Nico and Eva talk. Learn what Nico found out about Eva.

- Take the blue statue from shrubs at right.

- Take the broken blue statue from fountain.

Talk to Eva.

Place the correct statues on mantle:   

Look close at mantelpiece. Read Simeon papers in inventory.

Study the first passage. It states the Perfecti in blue looks east at the Tree of Knowledge while the Credentes in green looks the other way towards the Tree of Life.

Go outside and check the sundial. George says the main door of the house faces north.

Look close at mantle of fireplace again.

We have a complete and a broken statue of each color. So which one?

- Place complete blue statue at right and broken green statue at left.

- Turn the plinths to get the blue statue to face east-outward and green statue to face the wall.

The fireplace opens. George and Marques enter, climb up and see a chapel.

As Nico:

Wolfram, Gehnen and library:    A paper flies off the closed fireplace door again. It's a paper with Wolfram written on it.

Ramon curses the name Wolfram. Nico talks to Ramon. Senor Xavier's favorite saint is Saint Ramon; the patron saint of the falsely accused.

Wolfram is the Mining Company run by Gehnen. Gehnen killed Xavier and his friend Hernandez.

Xavier tried to escape in the library. Gehnen studied in the library with books and maps. One day he left and never came back.

Ramon locked the library. He got drunk that night and lost the key.

Find the key:   

Check the brandy right of door to inner courtyard. Where did we see brandy bottles?

Exit through main door at right. Go to car. Check the bottles right of the old car.

Open the car door. Look inside.

Check the dashboard, radio, lining, bottle, shoes and sardines tin can keys. Hmm...

Check the pillow. Read Ramon's diary. He will hide key in a safe place after he eats.

The goat made his opinion clear about Ramon's poetry.

Go to fountain. Look close at the wind chime made of tin cans by the window.

Check the sardines tin can. Get the key.

Go back inside the house. Talk to Ramon again.

Check the library:

Go through left door to inner courtyard. Use the key on the library door.

Look around in the library. Check the suit of armor, tapestry, barred window and trunk.

Open the trunk. Take the map. Study the map with scribbles.

As George:

Gnostic Chapel:

Learn about the Cathars. Marques explains the fresco at back wall.

The Cathars fled after the persecution taking with them the Tabula Veritatis. There are several routes taken by the fleeing Cathars.

Study the 2 statues. Marques explains about Jehovah, Lucifer and harmony - balance.

Find the Cathar - Bons Hommes trail:

Meaning of statues:    Read Simeon's papers in inventory again.

Study the second passage. Light of Knowledge is blue, the Light of Life is green and the Light of Man is what... They must be intertwined.

Light of Knowledge:    Look close at the glass lens of Jehovah at left.

Remove the leather cover. Turn the glass disk to get green light to beam out.

Light of Life:    Look close at the glass lens of Lucifer at right.

Remove the leather cover. Turn the glass disk to get blue light to beam out.

Light of Man:    Look close at the candelabrum at point of triangle.

Use match on the single candle. Use the medallion on the candle.

See the Cathar trail; the sacred trail taken by the ancestors across the Pyrenees carrying the Tabula Veritatis.

The trail ends at a monastery with a familiar coat of arms.

George and Marques exit to main hall. Nico tells George about her discovery. Achievement - Found the route the fleeing Cathars took.

Check the shield's coat of arms:

The route taken by the Bon Hommes from Montsegur ended at a monastery with a coat of arms.

Check the coat of arms at the corner of the wall at left. The label says Berga.

Decipher Gethen's map:

Take the La Malediccio painting off the frame. Go to the library.

Learn about Gehnen. See the connection of the circles in the painting with the circles in the map.

Gehnen's trunk:    Check Gehnen's trunk. Remove the items until the note over the shirt.

Read the telegram in inventory.

Decipher the telegram:    Click a letter on the telegram. Then select a letter from bottom of screen that you think is the correct decrypted letter.

See that all similar letters are marked. If an error is made, just chose another letter.

Remember that Gehnen is looking for the Tabula Veritatis.

The Tabula Veritatis was smuggled out of Montsegur to Catalonia by a group of Cathar survivors

stop I have confirmed this from confessions extracted by the Dominican Inquisitor Eymerich of

Girona stop Wolfram stop.

Locations in painting:    Study the painting in inventory. See the 4 small circle and one large one at center.

The 4 circles have location pictures. The large one has the face with the Tabula Veritatis etched on the forehead. Click on each location to get a description.

Look in the map. Place pins in 4 key locations.

- Place pin on Montsegur, the starting point of the Bon Hommes - Cathars. It is the top location in the painting.

- Place pin on Berga as shown by the coat of arms on the shield and fresco.

- Place pin on Girona where Eymerich is from. The Hound of God - Dominican with head of a dog in the painting.

- Place pin on Sant Ramon. Ramon is named after Xavier's favorite saint. The saint with the padlocked mouth in the painting.

Montserrat is at center of the cross. It is a monastery in the mountain. Achievement - Discovered the hiding place of the Tabula Veritatis.

Exit the library:

Gehnen's grandson with the Marques at gunpoint enters. He fires a shot before they left to go to Montserrat.

Examine the bullet hole made by Gehnen on left wall. Use the false door. Aha!


Find another way:

The 3 sees the guards with guns. Talk to one or all of the guards standing by the Cathedral. Nico tries to talk to the guards.

Langhan-Gehnen:    Go down to bottom right of screen to the stairs.

See the top station of the cable car. Try to enter through door.

Langhan comes out with one of his goons. They think the Tabula is in the monastery and he orders to block all the ways out. He wants the Marques to be interrogated. Eva follows them.

Check the door and see that it is locked. There is a keypad.

Open the door:

Go to the left and check the scenery. See a railroad track, canopy of the building and a cable car.

The cable car is hanging midway. There's light flashing from it.

Telescope:    Use the free telescope. Click-hold-move the arrows.

- Click on the station at other end of the cable.

- Click on Santa Cova, the chapel left of the mountain.

- Click on rock face between the station and Santa Cova. It is the head on the painting.

The tabula is in that rock. Use the telescope again.

- Click on the cable car. See that the couple in the stuck cable car are Duane and Pearl Henderson.

Cable car:    Use the side mirror on the glint seen on the cable car.

Pearl wrote something on the door. The code of the lock is 0797.

Open the building door.

Open the talking lunchbox:

Hear a voice crying for help.

Check the lunchbox by ticket counter and locked door. Hear a woman's and then a man's voice asking for help. George takes the lunchbox.

Check the closet door. Someone doesn't want to come out.

Check the control station at left. Check the console and learn that it is not powered up and something smells burned.

Check the lever by the green pad. It turns on the cogwheels at right.

Check the hatch on side of the console station.

Use the lunch box on the cogwheels. Use the lever back at the console station.

Check the strawberry jam and then take the lunchbox. George takes the 2 way radio.

Get Kat:

Learn about Kat the cable car operator.

Check the door of the cupboard by the ticket counter. Kat does not want to come out of the cupboard.

Use the 2 way radio with the cupboard door. After a short musicale, Kat comes out of the cupboard.

Fix the console:

Kay shows George that the fuse at the back of the hatch is fried. They need to connect the 2 prongs to get power back on.

It is far in the back and it is dangerous to reach in there.

Trevor:    Use the paper clip from inventory on the strawberry jam that spilled on the cogwheels at right.

Use sticky paperclip on matchbox that hides Trevor the cockroach.

Look close in hatch again. Use the matchbox that carries Trevor the cockroach with sticky paperclip inside on the front part of the hatch.

Use tea biscuit on the prongs at front right of the hatch. Go Trevor Go! Buzz. Achievement - Get the cable car working.

Santa Cova:

The Hendersons:    Nico and George examine the face in the rock. Enter the chapel at left.

Learn why Pearl is crying. Duane tries to comfort Pearl.

Talk to Duane. Pearl knows all about the Santa Cova chapel. Pearl wants a spiritual experience after the accident.

As Nico states, a spiritual experience made up of smells, bells and heavenly light. Pearl can be a mine of information if George can cheer her up.

Give Pearl a spiritual experience:

Talk to Nico.

Smells:    Take some wood shavings from the floor left of the scaffold. Check the wood shavings in inventory. It is aromatic sandalwood.

Combine the wood shavings with Bret - Eau de Toilette = potpourri.

Go left to the altar. See a builder's mug.

Use the potpourri with empty builder's mug.

Use match with builder's mug. Sweet aroma comes out.

Heavenly light:    Check the black Madonna and the candelabra at ceiling.

Use the crank handle left of door to lower the candelabra.

Use matches on candelabra.

Use side mirror on candelabra. Use the yarn on the side mirror perched on candelabra.

Raise the candelabra using the crank handle. Light shines on the Black Madonna.

Bells:    Go right and see Duane sing to Pearl. Study the notes sang by Duane.

Talk to Duane. Duane and Pearl met at a Campanology class.

The song Duane is whistling is Ave Maria. The notes are G, F sharp, G, B, A and G.

Open the tool box right of the scaffold. Take Mason's hammer.

Check the scaffold. See different items hanging and around it.

Use the Mason's hammer on the 2 paint cans hanging on scaffold. Left produces a promising sound. The right paint can sounds like an A.

Use hammer on fire extinguisher. It is a B.

Use hammer on oil drum on the left. It is a G.

There is a traffic cone and industrial grater that sounds wrong.

Left paint can:    Take turpentine from lower shelf of scaffold. Use turpentine on left paint can.

Use hammer on left paint can with turpentine. It is now an F sharp. Now we have all the notes.

Make music:    Hit the items that makes G, F sharp, G, B, A and G in sequence.

Hit:     drum, left paint can, drum, fire extinguisher, right paint can and drum.

Nico plays with the items with her mop.

Pearl receives the spiritual experience she expected. She prays to the Black Madonna about poor Timmy. Pearl is now back to her usual self.

Talk to Pearl about everything. Try to give her the flowers. Learn about the Ouroboros that the workers covered here in the chapel.

Duane gives the other radio to Nico. Poor lost lamb. They leave to continue their pilgrimage.

Find the entrance to the secret place:

Find the Ouroboros:    Examine the altar.

Use the hammer on the front panel of the altar. See the Ouroboros.

Recess:    Check the recess right of the Madonna. It has Puritas etched above it.

Go right and take a candle from the votive candle stand.

Place the votive candle in the recess right of the Madonna.

Light the candle. Hear a noise.

Press the Ouroboros on the altar.

Gnostic shrine inside the face in the rock:

The door closed behind them.

Move the cursor to far right side of the screen and feel a stone object with oily smell in it.

Use the last match on the stone object with oily smell. There's light.

See Gehnen. He shot himself.

Mary Magdalene:    See Mary Magdalene in red robes sitting on the pedestal.

Check the 2 pillars framing the pedestal. Right is the blue Tree of Knowledge. Left is the green Tree of Life.

Jehovah and Lucifer:    Check Jehovah and Lucifer framing the Tabula carving.

Right is blue Lucifer and left is green Jehovah. At the center is the Tabula.

Check the carved relief of red supplicants at bottom.

Gehnen and the Tabula Veritatis:

Gehnen:    Check Gehnen's corpse. Take the rusty pistol. Check Gehnen's fedora at left and the old water canteen at right.

Take the Tabula Veritatis. Achievement - Found the Tablet of Truth.

Photograph:    Take and study the photograph right of Gehnen.

It is a picture of a clay tablet. Gehnen translated it already. It tells the story of a Sun King.

The glyphs are similar to that etched on the Tabula Veritatis.

Click on the glyphs and note that 5 glyphs have red letters noted beside them - a, b, c, d and e.

Map:    Take the map Gehnen is holding. Gehnen wrote his suicide note on the map.

Note that certain letters are in bold black. Note the words of the suicide note.

Decipher Gehnen's note:

Map:    Remember Gehnen's words: in the light of the day these words will fade.

Use the map on the lamp. See that the note disappeared leaving only 5 letters: a, b, c, d and e.

Correlation with Photograph:    A is upper west - Sun City, d is west - Sunset Mountain, e is south - Young City, b is upper east - Mountain Kingdom and c is east - Three Rivers Region.

Translate the inscription on the Tabula:   

Use the photograph with translated glyphs with the Tabula Veritatis. See a translation graph.

Study one glyph on the Tabula seen at top of the page.

Note any similarities on the translated glyphs at bottom.

In studying the translated glyph, note that each glyph is made up of 2 or more glyphs. The translation text matches the number of parts-glyphs that formed as one.

A Tabula glyph can be translated by combining the meaning of each-parts of the glyphs that make it one.

Select the glyph at top and select the translation from one of the list at right. Click the page list at bottom to cycle the list. It has 3 listings.

Top row (left to right):

Glyph 1:    It is a glyph that looks like one of the glyphs at bottom - JI-IP-KU (second from left middle row) - except it is on the left side. This one is translated as ending. So the glyph is beginning or begin.

Glyph 2:    The glyph is part of LA-HA-XE (4th from left top row) with letter a. This is translated as Sun City.

Glyph 3:    The glyph is the middle part of KU-IS-AI (right end top row). This is translated as travel.

Glyph 4:    Take note of the translated glyphs that are numbers. Three look like an F, while four looks like an L. This is translated as five.

Glyph 5:    Note the glyphs in LA-JI-SHI (5th from left middle row). See that sunset has a cross on one side while the glyph in question has cross on both sides. This is translated as day (both sunrise to sunset or east to west).

Glyph 6:    This glyph has a cross on the left (sunrise or east). It is translated as east.

Glyph 7:    This glyph is the river part of DU-AA-XE (5th from left top row) and AA-XU (right at middle row). It is translated as river.

Translation of top row:    Begin - Sun City - Travel - Five - Day - East - River.

Bottom row (left to right):

Glyph 1:    Travel as noted at top row.

Glyph 2:    This glyph is mixture of Young Cities, region and look. This is translated as south as noted also by the red letter e.

Glyph 3:    This is a number because of the similarities with the other numbers. This is translated as number 6.

Glyph 4:    This is day as noted at top row.

Glyph 5:    This is a glyph made up of burning (KA-IP-HA) and region. It is translated as desert.

Glyph 6:    (Gave me problem). The glyph is a combination of begin and river. It is translated as source.

Glyph 7:    This glyph is a number (DO-OO). It is translated as four.

Glyph 8:    This is like the glyphs from Blood River and Two River. It is translated as river.

Translation:    Travel - South - Six - Day - Desert - Source - Four - River.

Find a way out of cave:

Nico finds a secret button on the niche of the Tabula. It doesn't work.

Look close at the ornate lamp. Translate the writing at base - Out of light - truth.

Use the medallion on one of the holes of the filigree frame in front of the lamp.

--- Place the medallion at bottom right and see that the light is focused on the green Jehovah.

Go to the statue of Mary Magdalene and click to turn it until it faces the green Tree of Knowledge at left side of pedestal.

Press the secret button on the tabula. Rumble.

--- Place the medallion at bottom left and see that the light is focused on the red supplicants.

Go to the statue of Mary Magdalene and click to turn it to face the front.

Press the secret button on the tabula. Rumble.

-- Place the medallion at top right and see that the light is focused on the blue Lucifer.

Go to the statue of Mary Magdalene and click to turn it to face the blue Tree of Life at right side of pedestal.

Press the secret button on the tabula. Rumble. The door opens.

Take the medallion from the filigree. Exit.

Take care of the guard:

Langhan:    See Langhan here with a beaten up Marques. Eva is also caught by the goons.

Use the rusty revolver taken from dead Gehnen on Langhan. It didn't fool him.

Langhan shoots the Marques. He wants to kill Jehovah. Langhan takes Eva with him.

The Marques explains that 4 rivers flows out of Eden. Eva knows how to stop Langhan. The Marques dies.

Balcony:    Go out to the balcony and look around to see what to do.

The guard stands by the door. There is a drainpipe at right.

Climb down the drainpipe and see the drain cup at the bottom.

Use the radio on the drain cup. George talks to Nico first about his plan. George climbs up the drainpipe.

Wait until the guard is by the railing below - then drop the hammer on him (click the hammer on guard). The guard is knocked out.

Go back inside and exit through door. Achievement - Got rid of the guard blocking the path.

Climb inside the cable car:

Nico and George are outside the cable car.

Try to open the door of the cable car. It is too far.

Use the yarn on the door handle. George opens the door and enters the cable car.

Nico is still outside. Try to open the window. It is stuck.

The cable car is riddled with bullets. As soon as the cable car stops at the station, Medovsky enters and demands his painting.

Learn the value of the coin that George took and has given to Nico's neighbor.

As Nico.

Talk Shears into helping:

Talk to Shears the bodyguard-gardener. Have a philosophical discussion about choice versus determinism.

Select a dialogue until it is grayed out. Go left to right on the dialogue. Shield is having an epiphany.

Medovsky says the wrong things. Achievement - Persuaded Shears to help you.

Back at the station, Kay comes out of the closet. Langham flies away in a Black Hawk helicopter.

Shears offers to take Nico and George to Mesopotamia in Iraq on Medovsky's Learjet 60.

As George:

Dream:    On the way, George dreams. He talks to the Marques at the Gnostic chapel at the Castel.

Father Simeon and Hobbs join the discussion.

George wants advice. Listen to the recommendations. Marques says to maintain the harmony - protect the balance. He says that you have the answer in your hands. George wakes up holding the medallion. Achievement - Have a dream.

Outside Eden:

Shears joins Nico and George. Talk to Shears and Nico.

Go left and see the goat trying to get fruits from the fig tree.

Guards:    Go left past the large stone head.

See the 3 guards outside the dark hole in the cliff.  They're nervous especially when the earth rumbles.

Look around:    Shears can't help because he is now a reformed man.

Examine Shedu framing the dark hole at side of mountain.

Knapsack:    Check the truck at end of path. Take the knapsack at back of truck. The knapsack is full of military items.

Show the knapsack to Shears. Take the TNT, dynamite sticks, duct tape and fuse wire. Take the last one - it is a sausage. Take the petrol lighter from the pocket.

Scare the guards off:

Langhan's men are already nervous.

Get some figs from the tree.

Use fig on path near the truck. The goat ambles along and eats the fig.

Prepare the path:   Use a fig on the henchmen.

Use a fig on the bottom of path at right side of the mountain.

Prepare the goat:    Use fuse wire on sausage.

Use sausage with fuse wire on Donna the goat. George calls Nico to help with the goat.

Light the fuse with the lighter.

Use fig on start of path close to truck.

See the goat eat the 3 figs scattered by George.

The henchmen run away. Achievement - Let slip the goats of war.

Stop Langhan:

Enter the dark hole. Use the lighter on dark hole.

Get screamed at by Nico. She takes the explosives from George.

Now - use the lighter on the dark hole.

Eden:    See Eden entrance, Langhan and Eva.

See a dead bush and vines holding the ladder. Try to take the ladder.

Use the lighter on dead bush. The fire didn't reach the vine holding the ladder.

Use the Eau the toilette on the burning bush to get a bigger fire. It shoots fire that burns the vine; dropping the ladder.

Walk over to the entrance now that the ladder bridged the gap.

See Langhan use the Tabula Veritatis on the entrance. The globes held by the statues light up.


George tries to talk Langhan to maintaining the balance. Langhan throws George into the water.

Langhan is in a bubble held by the rays beamed from the globes of the statues: Light of Knowledge and Light of Life.

As Nico:    Cross the ladder to go to the entrance. Nico and a bobbing in the water George ask Eva what to do.

Eva says her father always recite - Pure light, white light, will conquer. The third passage in Simeon's notes.

Examine the large crack that lets ethereal light through at right of Eden entrance.

Use dynamite on the crack. Beam of pure light pours in the cave.

George uses the medallion to focus the light through.

The third ray - Light of Man beams pure light through to the bubble. Langhan perishes. Achievement - Saved the world.

Free Will

"Dinner" is served!

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