BARROW HILL: The Dark Path

By Shadow Tor Studios & Matt Clark

Walkthrough by MaGtRo    October, 2016


Gameplay:    Barrow Hill is a first person point and click adventure game.

Before the game starts; see a game setting selection frame. The display frame has device, colors and antialiasing choices. Run in window; maintain aspect ratio and use desktop resolution can also be selected. The sound frame has a choice of the sound device.

The main menu has new game, load, options and quit selections.

Options has a selection for subtitles, inventory description and audio descriptions. Change the x to check mark if chosen.

In game screen, move the cursor to the top to see the menu link at top left. Resume and save game selections are added to the menu.

Bring the cursor to the bottom of screen to show the inventory.

Right click an item to get a closeup of the item.

NOTE: This game is non-linear. This walkthrough is just one sequence of gameplay.


Eerily similar to the start of the event 10 years ago, a car drives to the ancient woodlands of Cornwall. The radio is tuned to Emma Harry of Barrow Hill Radio. It is Autumn Equinox. Emma mentions the lives lost, her experience and the disturbance of ancient powers at this time of the year 10 years ago. A woman draws a symbol on the floor and starts an invocation. Emma and the family of those lost want, need answers. Keep looking. Keep searching.


Barrow Hill Service Station:

The car stops in front of the service station that was the location of the event 10 years ago. It has changed tremendously. The station is fenced with rusty wire mesh. Look around.

The radio is still on in the car. The channel can be changed using the arrows. Some clues can be obtained listening to the advertisements.


Mia Kendell:    Go towards the shrine.

The phone rings. Answer the cellphone in inventory by clicking on the green phone icon. It is Mia Kendell. She is running away from something. You're a journalist. Emma gave her your number.

Shrine:    Look at the pictures on the shrine. Look at right side of the table. Take the box of matches.

Look close at Ben Kendell's missing poster. Poor Ben met the Sentry stone in the office 10 years ago.

The center one with missing text is that of the family in the car that met the Sentry stone 10 years ago at the station's pump. To the left, Jonathan was last seen at St. Awful and Sorepoint road.

To the right is a child's drawing of a brother with q306 written on it. Mia must have drawn this when she was child missing her brother Ben. Aw...

Look close at the votive candles at left side of table. Light the red candle using the matches in inventory. Take the lit red candle.

Cafe:    Go to the back door of the old cafeteria and look through the circular glass. See tables and candles.

Find out what Mia is involved in.

Back side of station:   

Go right of the rusty swing set. Go through the broken fence pointed at by the "free hugs" sign arrow. With a lit candle, look around.

Turn left and see the locked electric box.

Mia:    Continue to the right behind the broken window of the old kitchen.

The cellphone rings. Answer it and listen to Mia again. She wants to know what happened to Ben.

Continue forward by the tires. At right, see a path between 2 trees - very dark there.

Turn back around to the rear of the office. See a fence with a yellow arrow and tires.

Go forward to jump down to the fenced in back side of the station. Uh oh. Lost the candle.

See a locked door with danger sign. This is the garage.

Office:    Turn diagonal left and forward to the door of the office. Push-click to open the door. Enter and look around.

Poor Ben met his demise here. Take the electric utility key from table.

Box of mugs:    Back up and turn left from garage door. Look close at box behind the rusty bicycle.

Remove the mugs from top to bottom. Take the slingshot.

Mia:    Back up and turn around. The cellphone rings again. Answer Mia's call.

Gus, Olly and Mia are hunted. She drew a pentagram and followed the Dark Path but it didn't work. She wants you to guide her out of the wood. She could see the old tractor. It's close. It's coming for me.

Wood area behind station:

Go forward past the fence.

Cairn:    See a pile of stone. Remove the stones from top to bottom. Take simcard#1 labeled Barrow farm.

Gus sign:    Turn left and see a fire in a drum at end of path. 3 bicycles are parked at right.

Turn left and see graffiti made by Gus on the wall of the garage.

Gus' graffiti has his name with a geometric shape above it. A green arrow points up. Look up and see a weather vane on the roof.

Barrow Hill Quoit:

Read the Barrow Hill Quoit stand right of the graffiti. The Quoit is a chambered tomb built 6000 years ago.

Turn right and look close at the Quoit by clicking on top of it. See a hole on the rock.


Mia:    Go forward to the Quoit. See a light flash inside and hear a scream.

Emma:    Enter the Quoit through the hole at the base of the rock. Hear a cellphone ring. Go forward and pick up the purple cellphone.

It's the DJ, Emma. She scolds Mia thinking she was the one who answered the phone.

Mia's cellphone:    Pick up Mia's purple cellphone. After this, your cellphone is gone.

Right click Mia's cellphone in inventory. See the time and weather at top of the screen.

The phone is middle left but can't be used. Middle right are messages.

Check the messages sent by Gus and Olly. Mia tells the boys to bring the objects, wishes and then meet here at 6 PM.

Read Emma's message. Mia insists on knowing what happened to Ben.

Read Bobby Rob's message about not being able to open Ben's case and the missing CCTV footage.

Click home icon. Bottom left are music tracks. Listen if you want.

At bottom right (top) is the video. There's no transmission.

There's a compass at bottom right (top).

Notes made by Mia is at bottom right (bottom). Read all 4 pages.

She needs 5 metals to charge the pentacle.

Emma was her old babysitter.

List of 2006 victims:    Ben, Emmet family, Conrad Morse, Winsey, 3 protesters...

Gus is hesitant to help and Olly will do anything for Mia. Mia believes the Dark Path is the way.

Check the map at bottom right.

The Barrow farm has a red marker, the Quoit has a green marker and the radio station has a purple marker.

Click on a marker to see a closeup and then click again to get a description.

Click the power button to exit the cellphone.


Look around. Go forward to the pedestal at back. See geometric symbols on the walls. See a round hole on the wall.

Pebbles:    Look close at the stones arrangement inside a ring of evergreen branches. Take the pebbles at center. A ring of pebbles are left.

Mia's clothes:    At right is an empty shopping bag from Bygones, Old Vicarage Place, St. Awful.

There is a purple hoodie with a Sorepoint insignia, socks and a pair of shoes beside it.

Check Mia's size 5 shoe right of the hoodie twice. Take simcard#2.

Check the sales ticket on the hoodie and learn that Mia bought an Edwardian night dress. Looks like Mia changed clothes.

Pull back and pick up Mia's Sorepoint Academy ID card. Mia likes her things purple colored.

Pull back and click on right wall to see a dirty poster.

Dark Path items:   

Pull back and look close at the box with Dark Path leaflets and clipboard at right.

Tablet:    Pick up the tablet with Sorepoint wallpaper.

Watch the YouVid video at school and the wishing stones. See cairn with offerings (?star made of wood) and Mia asking for help from the stones.

Click on orange marker at left side of the tablet screen to see the Dark Path leaflet. Follow the teaching of James Tregowen,

Clipboard:    Pull back and read the Dark Path Hit list on the clipboard. It is a list of people and places the kids will leave leaflets to.

Book:     Read the Cornwall - Ancient Antiquities book at right. Learn about the Quoit. It is locally known as the Witches prison.

Backpack:    Open the front pocket of backpack to get Mia's hairclip with some of her hair.

Move the cap on top of the backpack to get the hand wipes.

Dirty poster:    Pull back and go back to the dirty poster on the wall right of the pedestal area.

Use the hand wipes on the dirty poster. Read Ben's missing poster.

Sitting area:

Go to the laptop area at left side of the chamber. See tires used as seats.

Book:    Look close at the book by the wall lit by a torch. Read the Dark Path book written in 1965 by James Tregowen.

Summon the dead pentacle:     The book opens on how to summon the dead.

Create a pentagram using a natural substance like salt, flour or chalk.

Mark each point the symbol representing the elements, metals or specific deity. Do not leave the circle until the ceremony is complete.

The offerings are placed in specific order around the pentacle: gold, copper, tin, lead and iron.

Next page is torn. Binding pentacle:    At right page, learn the colors needed to do binding pentacle.

Wishing Stones:    Click on the witches tab at top of book. Read about wishes and the wishing stones.

Learn that wishes are made on stone cairns. Read the rhyme for wishing. The reversing the wishes rhyme is torn off.

Wood effigies:    Click on the geometric shape tab at right.

Read about the shapes and uses of the wood effigies. A successful wood effigy is a shade of the individual and can be used to harm them.

Note the different characteristics and shapes of the wood effigies at right page. Remember Gus' graffiti; the shape above his name means brave.

The symbols in the chamber means powerful.

Take the torch/flashlight.

Laptop:    Look close at laptop. It needs a password.

Password:    Read the postit. The password for the video feed is the event that started it all. It has 4 digits.

What started this? 4 digits... Remember Mia's drawing at the shrine; it has a 4 digit code - q306 and text "when my brother went away".

Using your computer's keyboard type in q306. Click on submit button.

Note that the symbols for the hooded characters on the wallpaper are for: cowardly, powerful and brave.

Web:    Click on world icon to see the recently visited and recommended sites.

BHR Barrow Hill Radio:    Click on radio web page.

Under games, you can play a HOG titled Strange Mystery of the Haunted Winnebago CE.

Spooky button opens the forum. Read the posts. Note Elsie Prestige the White Witch's post about the girl, boy and other.

Click on Home button at top right of screen.

The Dark Path:    Click on the Dark Path website. Read about the missing, mystery, pictures, conspiracy and members only.

See the list of the missing and how or where they disappeared.

At Ben's page, note that Mia is the head of the revived Dark Path. Click on Home button at top right of screen.

New Pics show the kids went inside the fenced in area of the station.

Cornish Messenger:    Read the newspaper. Click on Home button at top right of screen.

Purine Balance:     See ad for Purine Balance.

Sensation:    Move and then drop sachet into the cup and see what each blend does.

Power:    Click on each sachet to see the ingredients that each blend contains.

Emails:    Go back to desktop. Select email icon. Read e-mails.

Incoming mails:    The White Witch Elsie writes to Mia about Baibin, the combined feminine crone, maiden and mother.

Read Emma's mail asking Mia not to go out. Check the 2 incoming pictures attached at Emma's mail at left.

Sent email:    Mia's mail is just in case something happened to them. Find Gus' simcards to learn everything.

Trash:    Olly writes about Mia doing a summoning spell at the old farmhouse. Gus Bevan writes that he will be late.

Saved:    The White Witch informs Mia the exact time the true equinox will occur. She warns Mia not to deviate from the Dark Path. Elsie says that a woman stole ancient treasures from the barrows and Baibin is angry.

Go back to desktop.

    School projects:    Click on the books icon at bottom right. The project is Film Studies. They do short films.

Click on Edit Project.

Capture film:    Click on top icon. Select film clips from the 2 simcards already collected at bottom. Then click on play icon at bottom left.

See the leaflet being distributed and Mia's obsession with the powerful symbol.

There are slots for 6 more films. Go back to desktop.

    Pictures:     Click on the picture icon at top left of the desktop. See pictures of Olly Tindle, Gus Bevan and Mia Kendell.

    Mia looks close at a rock with spiral patterns. Olly and Gus stand in front of the wishing stone area.

    Note the last picture at bottom right of a spirit woman.

    The video icon doesn't have transmission connection. Click on "sleep" button to close the laptop.

Hole on the wall:

Pull back. Look close at the hole on wall above the laptop area.

Olly:    The cellphone rings. Answer Mia's cellphone and hear Olly.

The beautiful woman is after Olly, Gus and Emma the DJ. They made wishes. He is locked in the motel at the service station. He lost his glasses by the picnic area close to the motel. He asks for you to contact Sad Barry to get the CCTV working and guide him out of the motel. The security camera is watched by Goshawk Security.

See the security camera pan around the area. See the Groshawk Security sign with the phone number - 5557869 on the rock shelf.

Find Olly.

Get map:

Exit the Quoit.


From the Quoit, turn left and go forward, use the torch on the dark path. Go forward on the path once more.

See a 4 way crossroad with road signs.

Emma calls and talks about the event 10 years ago.

Left path goes back to the Quoit.

At diagonal left is a road narrows sign. It goes to a 3 way crossroad to access the picnic area, Druid Pool and Wishing stones.

Ahead with a rockslide road sign is the path to oak tree stump used to make effigies.

At right is the path that goes to tractor and another crossroad (back of service station, tower and red phone booth).

Go to red phone booth:   

Turn right at the 4 way crossroad.

Go forward once before the wood steps and turn left to see the path to the tractor. See orange cable on the ground.

Continue down the wood steps and go forward again.

See the 3 way crossroad. Ahead is the fence with the tower, diagonal left to the red phone booth and diagonal right to back of service station (dark path seen earlier).

Go diagonal left to the red phone booth.

Forestry and Woodlands stand:    Look close at the green stand. Read the text that mentions the Druid pool, Quoit and the Barrow Farms.

Open the cabinet at left to get a Barrow Woods map.

Study the map and note the places. Note that the event 10 years ago is called q306.

Phone booth and road sign:

Check the phone booth and the bus stop sign by road. This is the St. Awful and Sorepoint road.

Bring power to the service station:

Go back to the station by going forward on the road. See the car. Go through the hole on the fence by the swing set.

Turn left and look close at the electric box. Use the electric utility key taken from the office on the keyhole.

See red, green and blue wires. The aim of the puzzle is to connect same colored wires to similar colored outlets on both sides.

Click each plug to turn it. Power is back on.

Contact Goshawk Security:

Olly wants us to contact the security company.

Go to the office via forward twice behind the station and left to go over the fence with the yellow arrow again. The lights are on.

Go diagonal left to the office door. Click to enter.

Error message:    See that the screen is on. It shows an error message - No signal/access.

Spymaster 1988 codes:    Check the orange edged paper under the monitor.

See BH 2673 site address code written on top.

The error code for "No signal/access" is 475.

Pick up the phone receiver to automatically connect to Sad Barry at Goshawk Security.

He wants the site address. Using the number pad at bottom right, click BH 2673 or 24 2673. He doesn't want to come here at the station.

He wants the error code. Enter 475.

Barry can see the monitor on his side so he diverted the feed through another venue.

Guide Olly out of the motel:

CCTV:    Look close at the monitor at the motel - cam#5 at top center. See Olly rambling. Use the arrow cursor to point at bottom left to get Olly to exit the motel.

At cam #4, click at bottom left to exit the rear of the motel.

At far view of cam#4, Olly states it is Mia that is chasing him. Click at bottom left exit.

At cam#7 pumps, see the spirit-Mia appear at the main station. Guide Olly through the break in the fence into the main station.

See the spirit block the way to the back area. Click at bottom left, to get Olly to move around the car.

At cam# 3 woods, Olly is now behind the fence of the garage area. He mentions Baibin. Get him to go through the hole in the wall of the men's toilet.

At cam#2 private, get Olly to exit through the toilet door at right.

At cam#1 garage, get Olly to go through the garage's double door. Mia appears intermittently. When Mia turns around click on the garage door. Olly enters the garage.

Olly's fate:

Pull back and hear Olly say he's out now. Then hear that Mia catches him. Olly tells Mia that he's got a present for her. He cries.

Go outside and see a magicked Olly surrounded by plants and purple mushrooms, His body is covered with designs.

Examine the symbol on his forehead - coward.

Take Olly's school ID from his left hand.

Gus sees Olly through the fence and he says he will call the police.

Who is causing this occurrence and why.

Open the garage door:

Office:    Go back to the office. Listen to Maggie's message on the answering machine. It was left there 10 years ago. She is still sick and left the garage key on the boss' armchair.

Click on the armchair left of the monitor. Get the garage key.

Check the open drawer of the desk. Click-hold-move the papers to the side. Take the box of lead pencils.

Check the garage:

Garage:    Go to the garage door with the danger sign. Use the key to open and enter garage.

Radio:    The radio is on. Lady Tregowen of Barrow Moor calls in at Emma's broadcast. She talks about Baibin and Baibin's world (place of the dead). Bernard her dog barks in the background, runs away and the call was cut off. Emma taunts Baibin on the air.

Look around the garage. Look right and take the crowbar propped on the wall.

Wiring chart:    Turn right to the wall left of the door. See several plans tacked on the wall.

Click-drop the plans to the side to see a UK plug wiring chart. Remember this chart.

Worktable:    Look close at work table left of car. Take the screwdriver.

Open the car boot:

Car:    Check the car boot and see that it is locked.

Power:    Check the lift panel right of the POWER sign. It has no power. <grin>

Go to the area in front of the car and see that there is power as shown by the green light (and radio). There's a panel hidden beside it.

Remove the ivy covering the hidden panel. Use the screwdriver on the screws of the cabinet door.

See that the correct wattage is 240w but it is reading now as 710.

Bring the setting to 240 by adjusting the knobs at right.

Move knobs on the left column to the left.

Move top 2 right knobs to the left.

Move bottom 2 right knobs to the right.

Raise the car:    Go back to the panel right of the car boot.

Use the top button right of the arrows to raise the car.

Look close at the grill revealed under the car. See car keys.

Get car keys:

Look close at worktable again. See an antenna held by the vise at left.

Click on the thread spool to get a length of thread. Attach the top tip to end of the antenna on the vise.

Take a magnet and attach it to the end of the thread. Take the fishing magnet.

Look close at the exposed grill. Fish with the fishing magnet and catch the car boot keys with ADH initialed keyholder.

Search the car boot:

Lower the car using the down button on the panel.

Use the car boot key on the lock. Examine the contents of the car boot.

Journal:    Read Agatha Dunn-Harker's journal completely. She is an archeologist with an eye for profit and prestige. She got interested in Barrow Hill and the different ancient sites therein. She was warned about disturbing Baibin and to stop digging.

She located Barrow Farm with its entrance made of upright stone and lintel. The farm was built on top of a burial mound.

ADH Agatha dug a skeleton of a female. Aggy was nearly choked by the skeleton. She left the dig.

Read the paper tucked in the journal to learn the 4 grave goods she took from the skeleton. Remember this list and description.

Chart:    Open the rolled up paper above the journal to see the locations of the grave goods taken from the skeleton. Remember this.

Ant of Cornwall book:    Read the book borrowed by Agatha from the Royal Society Survey. Learn about Barrow Hill and Baibin.

Note the rhyme at bottom of right page. To wake Baibin will be death. (Agatha woke Baibin and stole from her.)

Celtica, Age of Mystery:    Read the green book written by Arwen Tregowen. Hmm... Read about Baibin.

Look at pictures of Agatha. Take the archeology trowel right of the pictures.


Go to the double door of the garage. Move the galvanized sheet at right. Look through the hole.

Use the fishing magnet to get the red oil can. Exit the garage.

Do what Gus asked.

Find Gus:

Search for Gus:    Outside the garage, turn left and go forward once. Go forward once towards the Quoit and turn right to enter the woods.

Go forward twice to the crossroad and turn right for the path to the main road. Go forward.

Gus:    Get a phone call from Gus. Mia is possessed because of what she did at the old farm. Gus has eyes in the buildings. Follow the orange cable. Find the transmitter and fix it. He will leave instructions at the phone booth where he is now. Mia is coming. Gus also asks to collect all his simcards to learn what happened.

Phone booth:    From where you are now, go forward once to the metal fence. Go diagonal left and forward to the red phone booth.

Open the booth and take the transmitter setting note.

Search for more simcards and information:

Go back to the rear of the service station. From the road at phone booth - road - fence hole by swing set and forward once at back of building.

Kitchen:    Turn left and see a door with the Dark Path - powerful symbol.

Use the crowbar from the garage on the door. Enter the kitchen. Look around.

Radio:    Hear another caller to Emma's show. The farmer talks about the lady of the leaves. Grave robber took things from her back in the 60s. She's here. She's beautiful. The call was terminated.

Note:    Look at the note at the chopping block held by a knife. It is from the White Witch (WW). The lady watches from the trees when the sun and moon doth meet save their souls the souls of three.

Microwave: Check the microwave at left corner by sink. It is broken. There is no plug at the end of the wire.

Freezer:    Hear a sort of knocking. Go to the freezer at right. Open freezer. Ugh!  Flies!!! Flies everywhere.

Get rid of flies:    Go to the corner by the stove right of door. Look close at switch on wall and flip it.

It turns an insect repellent UV lantern on. The flies are zapped. Don't turn it off or the flies come back.

Go back to the freezer and open it now. Take simcard#3.

Cafeteria:    Turn around and go forward. Turn left and through the door to cafeteria. Look around.

Cash register:    Open the till of the register. Take the fuse.

Table with chestnut:    Go to the table with candles. Se an unripe chestnut and pentagram with candles.

Read the note Mia left on the magazine: From top to bottom: spirit-water-fire-air-earth.

Read the Dark Path book in inventory. Click on pentagram tab. Study the colors and connected element at right.

The drawing shows where those colors-elements are placed in the pentagram

The object of the puzzle is to light the candles in the order stated by Mia's note:

Each candle emits different colors.

Use the match. Then in correct sequence: Light the top-purple first; bottom left-green; bottom right-red; top left-blue and top right-yellow.

The leaves turn brown and the chestnut opens. It is autumn.

Click on chestnut twice. Take simcard#4.

Door:    Look through the circular glass of door. See Mia outside - searching.

Table by door:    Look close and check the menu on the table by the door. Take simcard#5.

Gas station hallway:    Exit the cafeteria through the glass double doors.

Turn left to the door. Note a bell on the ceiling.

Cart:    Look close at cart. Take simcard#6 from the top shelf of the cart.

Shrine:    Turn around and see another makeshift shrine.

Look through the cards and poster on wall.

Pagan prayer wheel:    Take the pagan prayer wheel from the left table. Read it in inventory using the turn arrow. Right click to pick in inventory.

A prayer, a message is hidden within. The water must flow from the woods to live, yet the spring has dried so long ago. You must seek the key that turns the rings, for only then the water sings, from the moorland up high, to the pool down below, the water is sacred, everyone knows. To turn the key correctly, is what you must learn so burn me with lightning, my message revealed. The metal threads that weave to and fro are a pattern, a message from me to you. WW.

Right table:    Check the right table. Take the rune stones.

 Learn hidden message of prayer wheel:

To turn the key correctly, is what you must learn so burn me with lightning, my message revealed. The metal threads that weave to and fro are a pattern, a message from me to you.

What burns metal to produce lightning? Aha!

Kitchen:    Go back to the kitchen. Turn around to door.

Look close at cart left of door and under the switch. Remove the mixer and take the plug hidden at the back.

Fix the microwave:    Go to the broken microwave at corner. Microwaves do not like metals in them - sparks are produced.

Look close at the cord. Attach the plug to the end of the cord.

See the opened plug. Place the correct wire to the correct slot. The chart at the garage wall shows the correct way.

Click a wire and then click the slot to place it on.

Place the blue at bottom left. Place the yellow-green wire at top. Place the brown under the top slot.

Place the fuse found from the cash register on slot at right.

Pull back and it will be plugged automatically. Hear a beep; the microwave is working.

Place the pagan prayer wheel inside the microwave, close door and click top button at right panel.

Take the burned prayer wheel. See patterns and shapes of the toasted metal wires that run through the burned prayer wheel.

Search the Woods and complete Gus' tasks.

It is time to search the woods. Exit the kitchen, turn around. Go back to the back of the station, right to go out the broken fence by swing set and to the road. Go left to the red phone booth.

This is where we will start. Note that each points have a marker to mark the important locations. Study the map.

Transmitter tower:   

From red phone booth and Forestry info stand, go forward twice. Turn left and see the metal fence.

Click on tower to look up.

Look close at the box at base of tower. It has Gus etched on it.

Use screwdriver from garage on the 4 screws of the box. Take Gus' MP3 player. It has distress signal track.


Back up from tower and turn right. Go forward to the wood steps twice.

See the hiking picnic sign at left. Turn right and see a path to the tractor. The orange cable runs through here.

Tractor:    Look close at tractor. Take the iron horseshoe from the side of the tractor.

Blocked path to farm house:    Turn right from tractor and see that branches move to block the path. The orange cable run through there.

Spiral etched rock:    Turn right again and see a rock with runes and spiral maze etched on the face of the rock.

We saw this on Mia's laptop. A photo showed her studying the etchings.

Pick up the paper on the ground. It has runes similar to those on top part of the rock and a central drawing similar to the pedestal with hole on the wall seen at the Quoit.

Study the etching on the rock. Look close. The runes B Y H light up.

Click on each spiral. Starting from left to right, hear music with distinct sound at end: owl hoot; leaves in the wind, fox bark, bat wings and deer call.

Find Gus' Transmitter and fix it:

Follow the orange cable. Go back down the steps at right from the spiral stone. See the picnic marker.

The cable goes to the rocks left of the sign. Look close at rock. It's Gus' transmitter.

Study the transmitter setting paper Gus left at the phone booth. Set the transmitter as instructed.


Turn the transmitter on. Set it to video.

Turn the str (strength) knob to the highest setting; at 5.

Turn the right knob to point to AB.

Flip switches: to REC, Monitor, Digi(tal) and N. Hem(isphere).

Signal Live!

Explore the rest of the woods:

Turn right and forward to see a discarded orange drink container. This is the 4 way crossroad.

4 way crossroad:     Turn left from drink container is the path back to the Quoit.

Turn right and see the 3 other paths. Right is where we came from (tractor, tower and red phone booth).

The rock slide road sign goes the tree trunk.

The road narrow sign goes to picnic area, wishing stone and Druid's pool.

Tree stump of old oak:

Go forward to the rock slide path. Look close at stump. See that it is covered with moss. We will work on this later.

Go back to the crossroad.

Wishing stones:

At the crossroad, take the road narrow sign path. Go forward once and be at another crossroad.

Ahead goes to the wishing stones.

The curve road sign at diagonal left goes to the picnic area and Druid's pool.

Owl tree:    Go forward at path ahead. See a broken trunk with a red hand. The right tree has an owl nest hole at top. There are pentagon shaped wood effigies.

Look close at hole. Take simcard#7. One more card to go.

Turn right and go forward to the wishing stones.

Emma:    Get a call from Emma. She wants you to find the 3 kids.

Wishing stones:    Study the 3 wishing stones - cairns. See that each cairn has a wish.

Right has Gus' letter from the hospital about his sick mum.

Middle stone has Olly's letter about his crush on Mia.

The left one has wish for Emma.

Picnic area:

Go back; forward 3 times to get back to the crossroad. Take the left road narrows sign path again.

This time take the left path with the road curve sign.

Go forward once and see a rock slide sign at left and a danger (exclamation point) road sign at right.

Emma:    Get a call from Emma. She feels that something ancient is woken and it feels like what happened 10 years ago.

The danger road sign goes to the Druid's pool.

Take the path ahead with the rock slide sign to be at the picnic area.

Olly's glasses:    Remember Olly said that he lost his glasses here. Look at the BBQ to see Olly's glasses.

Try to open it and see that it is stuck. Use oil taken from outside the garage on the grill.

The grill is lifted. Take Olly's glasses.

Picnic table:    Look right and close at moss covered picnic table.

Use archeological trowel on moss to see Olly's wish - MK 4 OT.

Newspaper:    Exit the area; go forward towards the wood steps, turn left and click on trash barrel left of the picnic area sign.

Read the September 2007 newspaper that tells about the service station closing.

Druid's pool:

Continue up the steps. See a break in the wire of the fence at left.

Go through break of the fence to be in a pool loaded with junk. Ugh!

Sign:    Turn right and see the graffiti covered sign.

Use the hand wipes from Mia's backpack to clean the sign.

Read the text. Precious items were thrown in the reflective pond during ancient times.

Look close at the depiction on top. See a cup rising from the waters.

Restore the Druid's pool:

Pool:    Turn left to the pond. Click the junk to remove them from the pond.

Small cairn:    Turn left and see 2 shelves above a dry canal.

Look close at lower shelf that has stacked rocks.

Take the rocks from top to bottom. Take the crystal pendant.

Read the note from the White Witch. The water will flow once the spring key is found and used. The spring key is lost when thieves tried to take it. The crystal pendant will find it.

Use the crystal pendant:    Take the pendant from inventory and see it swing on the screen.

Click on suspected places on the ground and hear a squeak when it is the correct place.

Click on the wet area on the ground right of the purple flower. Get the spring key.

Use the Spring key:    Pull back and click on top shelf.

See 3 rings with 4 moons and space on each ring. It looks familiar.

Study the burned pagan prayer wheel from White Witch taken from the service station.

The aim of the puzzle is to move the rings to form the same configuration as the burned prayer wheel.

Pull back to reset the puzzle.

Insert the spring key on the central hole.

Turn the middle light colored ring 2 times to move the large moon position.

Turn the inner light colored ring from center 4 times to move the small moon and get the spaces aligned.

Water flows and the pool is again reflective.

Follow through the spiral etched stone clue:

Go back to main path. Turn left and forward 4 times to get to Quoit-station. Enter the Quoit.

Pedestal:    Remember the drawing left by Mia at the Spiral etched stone; it has the runes, hole in the wall and circular item below the hole.

Place the rune stones on the pedestal with red candles, ring of branches and stones.

Place the runes stones that light up when the spiral stone was clicked on inside the circle. Use rune stones BYH.

See the owl, bat, fox, deer and leaves appear inside the circle on the wall. Remember this.

Go back to the spiral stone by the tractor. Exit the Quoit.

Spiral etched stone:    Turn left, forward twice, right, forward and left to the tractor.

Turn around to the spiral stone.

Click sequentially on the different etchings that represent the things that appeared on the Quoit pedestal after the correct runes are placed.

Click on bottom left (owl), top right (bat), top middle (fox), bottom right (deer) and bottom middle (leaves).

Ah, the branches that blocked the path recede and open the way to the farm house.

Barrow Hill farm house:   

Go through the now open path. See the farm house with the 2 upright stones and lintel as stated in Agatha's journal.

Door:    Go to the door and see Dark Path leaflets littered on the ground.

Check the door and see the do not enter sign.

Check the pile of stone - small cairn by door. Take off the pile of stones from top to bottom and place them at right side of floor.

Get simcard#8 (the last one).

Mia:    Hear Mia chanting inside the house. Pull back and follow the orange cable to the open window at right.

See Mia-Baibin block entrance. You're transported to the wishing stone area.

Check if the last simcard taken from the stone is missing. If so, go back to farmhouse and unstack the pile of stone by door again.

Watch Gus' video:

From wishing stone area, turn around. Go forward 4 times to be back behind the station. Enter the Quoit.

Now we have all of Gus' simcards and the last of the task he asked us to do.

Look close at Mia's laptop.

Make a movie:    Click on the books icon at bottom right. Click on Edit Project.

Click on capture clips to download the rest of Gus' simcards.

Arrange the clips in order of deducted occurrence. Click the arrow to play the clips.

From left to right:     Click-hold-drop a thumbnail to the square where you want it to be placed.

1. Burn a leaflet.

2. Bike scene with Gus and Olly.

3. Spray can use on wall.

4. Insert a leaflet in mail slot.

5. Knock on door.

6. Mia draws pentagram on floor.

7. Mia showing book.

8. Mia is possessed.

Click on middle icon make movie and if correctly arranged get a lost scene. The last blank square has a new thumbnail - Mia's eyes.

Click play button to watch the movie. Click on sleep button to exit.

We have done all what Gus wanted us to do. Exit the Quoit.

Gus' fate:

The phone rings. Answer Gus' call. He says Mia is possessed. Baibin will be coming for anyone who says her name. Baibin wants what was taken. Mia-Baibin catches Gus.

Go to the red phone booth. Outside Quoit, turn left, forward twice, right, forward twice diagonal left and go to phone box.

See Gus surrounded by leaves. Take Gus' school ID card. Check the sign on his forehead - brave.

Find out how to save the kids.

Farm house:

Go to the farm house. From the phone booth and stand; go forward until the step. Turn right while at the steps, go forward to the tractor and then farm house.

Enter through the window. Mia is gone.

Check the camera Gus used to record Mia.

Use the matches in inventory to light the candles at right wall.

First room:    Look close at the pentagram. Read the Dark Path book at right.

Pentagram tab:    See Mia's notes. Remember 5 metals are needed.

Witch tab:    Read the torn part of the Wishing Stone page. It states how to reverse a wish.

An effigy of each wishmaker is needed.

A personal item.

Learn also that an ID of each person is needed.

Effigy making:    Review how to make an effigy.

Room at left:    Go to adjacent room left of the video camera stand.

Fireplace:    Check the picture of the farmhouse 1854 above the fireplace.

Look in the fireplace. Move the burned coals. Take the pieces of paper.

Attach the pieces to the fixed piece at top left. Take the map to Barrow Hill Station.

Find Emma:

Study the map to BHR. Go to the car in front of the station. Go to main path, go left, forward until the road-phone booth.

At the car, hear Emma on the radio. Mia is there and catches Emma at the station.

Go to BHR:    Exit car. Go forward at road and then turn right. See a path through the brush just across the shrine.

Go forward. Take the plank just crossed and place it on the open space. Go forward until the motorhome-radio station.

Emma's fate:

Enter and see Emma magicked like the boys.

Look close and see there's no symbol on her forehead. Emma has leaves in her mouth. Hmm...

Take the Wincey pendant from her neck.

Exit the motorhome. Go to the chair at the pier. See a newspaper with Emma's picture at top right. Her mouth is covered by "silence".

Click on picture to get Emma's photo.

Reverse the wishes to save the magicked ones.

Recall the procedure on how to reverse wishes made as seen from the Dark Path book at the farmhouse.

Make effigies:

Go back to the station. Go to the oak tree stump via path at phone booth. Go forward until the 4 way crossroad close to Quoit. It is marked by that discarded orange drink container.

Old oak stump:    Turn right and go forward to the rockslide road sign.

Look close at moss covered stump. Use the archeological trowel to remove the moss.

Effigies:    Review the shapes in the Dark Path book we need to make for the magicked ones .

Gus needs brave shape. Olly needs coward shape.

Emma is silenced and her mouth is covered. Use the orator shape for Emma.

Make one for Mia just in case - powerful - the Dark Path sign.


To make an effigy, click on the required lines to make the shapes.

Make brave, coward, orator and powerful.

brave coward orator powerful

Wishing stone:   

Go to the wishing stone. From the stump, turn around and forward once. Turn right twice.

Go through the road narrow sign path. Go forward at the next crossroad to be at the wishing stone area.

Identify each cairn-stack of stones. Add a personal item, ID and the effigy for each one.

If correctly done, see light shine over the items.

Right cairn is Gus'. Click on the flat stone to make space. Place his ID card and MP3 player on the shelf and the brave effigy on the side of the stacked stones above it.

Middle cairn is Olly's. Click on the flat stone to make space. Place his ID card and glasses on the shelf and the coward effigy on the side of the stacked stones above it.

Left cairn is Emma's. Click on the flat stone to make space. Place her photo from the newspaper and Wincey's pendant on the shelf and the orator effigy on the side of the stacked stones above it.

Turn around and exit.

Get a call. Answer Emma. She is freed. Emma wants you to free Mia. Emma will look for Gus and Olly.

Go forward and get another call. Answer Gus. Gus asks that you free Mia also. Precious items were stolen from the angry spirit that possessed Mia. Replace the stolen things with something similar.

Go forward twice and get the third call. Answer Olly. Olly thanks you.

The three magicked are now released.

Locate items needed to free Mia.

Find items needed to replace the treasures stolen from Baibin:

Recall the 4 items taken from her grave by Agatha: a small dagger, bowl with wild fowl or game, beaker that has brew that invigorate and restore energy and glass ball jewelry.

Glass ball:    Go forward to the back of the station. Enter through the fenced in area.

Turn twice to see where Olly was magicked. He's gone.

There's a Celtic Corner shopping bag. This is his present for Mia. Take the glass ball pendant.

Small dagger:    Go back out and through the woods.

Go to the phone booth via right at crossroad and forward from then on.

Pick up the multi-tool left by Gus at the phone booth.

Search Emma's motorhome:

Emma's radio station:     Go to Emma's place at the swamp. Take the path across the shrine by the road. Go forward to the motorhome.

Enter the motorhome and see that Emma is out looking for the boys.

Computer:    Look around for needed items. Check her computer. It has the same links as in Mia's laptop.

Purine balance:    Review the Purine balance link.

See at the sensation link that the green-purple sachet invigorates while the gold-brown sachet restores.

See that in the power link; the gold-brown sachet has barley as an ingredient while the green-purple sachet has heather.

Beaker that has invigorate and restore energy brew:    Go to the kitchenette.

Move the top shelf items to reveal the red I heart BHR mug.

Place the mug on the coffee ringed counter top.

Open the Purine balance box at left. Take green-purple sachet and empty into the mug. Take a gold-brown sachet and empty it on the same mug.

Pour water from kettle on mug.

If correctly done, the liquid shine for a moment and turns purple. Take the invigorate and restore drink.

Container with wild fowl or game:    Remember the ads made on the radio, as well as seen in newspaper about the Moshi Noshi noodle food.

Go to the multi tape player right of Emma's chair. See a picture of Emma and Matt.

Move the photo aside. Take the Moshi Noshi Uncooked Duck Noodles.

Go back to the stove. Place the duck noodles on the counter. Pour hot water from the kettle on the cup.

Get Moshi Noshi Duck Noodles.

Magazine:    Go left towards the rear of the motorhome. Read the Freaky Times magazine to learn more about Baibin.

Castaway fishing rod:    Go to the closet at rear of motorhome. Take the castaway fishing rod.

Locate items as offering to tempt Baibin:

Review the pentagram tab of the Dark Path book. The metals needed are: gold, copper, tin, lead and iron.

Tin:    Exit the motorhome. Go to the trash cans at rear of the motorhome.

Get a discarded open tin can.

Go back to the gas station across the way.

Iron:    If you haven't taken it yet, the iron is a horseshoe located at side of the old tractor.

Lead:    If you haven't taken it yet, the box of lead pencils are in the drawer at the gas station's office.

Copper:    Go to the Quoit via woods or back of the station.

Outside of the structure, look close at Gus' graffiti on the wall. Click on the green arrow to look up at the old weather vane.

If you have pebbles and slingshot, use the slingshot on the weathervane.

Hit it 3-4 times to get it to fall to ground. Take the copper weathervane.

Gold:    Go to the now clean Druid's pool.

Use the castaway fishing rod to fish for the cup illustrated on the sign.

Automatically get the gold cup after the several failed attempts.

Appease Baibin.

Give offering to Baibin:

Go to the farmhouse.

Answer the phone and talk to Emma. Emma says to give Baibin offerings and whatever she wants to save Mia.

Enter the house through the window at right.

Look close at pentagram.

Review the metal positions in the Dark Path book at right.

The book at right as noted by Mia has the power order: air (blue), fire (red), spirit (purple), water (green) and earth (yellow).

Deduce the locations for the metals based on the color of the diagram.

Note that the drawn pentagram is upside down compared to the book.

Place the metals in order: gold, copper, tin, lead and iron.

Gold cup at right point.

Tin can at top left.

Iron horseshoe at bottom point.

Copper weathervane at top right.

Lead pencils at left point.

Baibin's skeleton:    The floor cracks. Move the tiles to expose the soil.

Use the archeological trowel at several places of the exposed soil to reveal the skeleton.

Return the treasures stolen from Baibin:

See Baibin's skeleton.

Recall the location of the stolen grave goods from the drawing made by Agatha.

Place the items taken in order:

1. Place multitool at foot of the skeleton.

2. Place the duck soup at back of skeleton.

3. Place the invigorate-restore red mug by her knees.

4. Place the crystal ball by her skull.

Save Mia:

Mia appears. Help me! Help me!

Use the powerful effigy on Mia.

She collapses. Look close at Mia. Pick her up.

Go through the window.

The sun is shining. The birds are singing. Autumn Equinox is over.


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